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Use Roomster they are the best
I subscribed to Roomster and found it to be a great site. It is incredibly easy to use and I received so many responses I ha no problem finding roomies !

I tried many times to pay without success...
I tried many times to pay without success...

So I contacted the "Help" which is just "automatic answers" which di not help...
Roomster said to check my account, which I did several times, that maybe I had no money on my account... bla bla bla...

When contacting again... no reply...

So I used again Master card in case of Amex (which they said I can use use with "correct numbers & correct AVS"... thanks... but this I know:-(

Can I first say that I'm usually not a fan of using...
Can I first say that I'm usually not a fan of using online services like these but a friend of mine knew I was looking for a roommate and suggested I try out Roomster. I was a little hesitant at first but I decided to give it a try and made an account. I was very pleasantly surprised by how easy the website was to use and navigate. Their prices were very reasonable and after a few days I found a great young professional for a roommate. Happy to say that Roomster made me a believer. Thank you!

This site is a scam, you will never find a place to live, I have been on there three months looking into many, cities. All of the sudden you will get some one who says call or text them, Roomster are the owners of the site, how I know, I played their game, they sent me a picture of me with my home address and it was not posted to be seen on the site, told me one name then once we had an extended conversation, it was another name, too stupid, to remove my address, they showed pictures of the apartment they had to rent, with my complex address, and we don't have such floor planning, or appliances, area space, they had the nerve, to say they were out of town, just wanted the security deposit for now and would send the keys, and get the rent money when they get back. I asked to see their picture, I wanted to compare it to the one on the site, totally different, and on the site, the person had not been verified in any manner. The first scanner, I played along also just to get more written information, never told me their name, show almost the same pictures as the second one, never gave an address, yet wanted me to send them the back and front of my ID, these people are fraud. When I began to flip the script, ask questions, they never responded again. It is my fault, I should have read the reviews before, I gave them my money.

Are the postings even real?
Was lured from Craigslist with deceptive advertising. Roomster advertise on craigslist asking you to create an account to apply for the Craigslist advertised room. I created an account and paid for a week subscription. I Sent out 13 messages about open rooms on the website and didn't get a single response. I'm not even convinced that the advertised postings on Craigslist were real; they're really just looking to lure you into a paid subscription. I don't mind paying for a legitimate service, but this reeks of deceptive advertising and foul play.

Don't use roomster, there are free options that work much better. I initially signed up for a 5 day membership only intending to keep my account for 5 days. I just wanted to message some people about places I was interested in. Not a single one got back to me. All I got from roomster were places that weren't even in the right geographic location for where I was looking. 5 days later, after pretty much wishing I hadn't paid $7.95 for the 5 days Roomster charged me another $24.95 for a reoccurring monthly membership. I tried to get a refund as I was no longer using the site and the site had failed me, but was not successful and was told all sales are final and that I had agreed to a monthly membership. This is a terrible site and is a scam. I personally had success with but I'm sure there are other free options like roomies that will actually work... unlike roomster.

So far I've only gotten nibbles from people who appear...
So far I've only gotten nibbles from people who appear to be of the following types (after I interview & background check them):
Thieves (with burglary / assault records)
Unable to pay second month's rent & then sneaking out in the middle of the night with my notepad which, stupid as such ppl are, not realizing I work project for the Pentagon (w top secret clearance) and thus have GPS enabled on all my electronics), and one guy, late 30s, who locked himself in his bedroom & would not come out until the police MADE him come out. I realize that these days it is not like in the 1980s when I could find a good roommate with excellent AND REAL references and who could pay the rent, but that was in San Francisco where no one could afford a month's rent on a two-bedroom apartment as such rent was over 2000/mo (in the early 1980s) but here in Fort Worth in 2021, only deadbeats cannot qualify for an apartment, it seems. I'm giving it one more shot then moving back to Florida.

My boss recently had his nephew from London come in...
My boss recently had his nephew from London come in to work at our company. We run a digital ad agency and are a full service advertisement solution. The nephew was going to lead a new mobile division and I was tasked with finding him a place to stay when he got here. I used Roomster to find him a room to rent in a beautiful place a few minutes away from our offices. The whole process was super easy and painless and it was super convenient when he arrived we were able to get him setup in his new place right away. Great site, great service. Extremely simple and easy to use. Highly recommend.

Well, it's so tough out there right now what with the...
Well, it's so tough out there right now what with the covid and everything. I hav e been vaccinated 2 times and feel great about all it does. I see the gyms are opening up ( thank God) so maybe the housing will too. It's just been so frustrating so far. I am a great, fun, clean to a fault GWM and I hear from nobody. Why? Can't tell you. I don't run long on the texts cause Roomster get redundant and boring so I try to keep it inviting. I hope to hear from
someone in my price range 500-550. So we'll see. Thanks here *******295

Have good kitchen skills, good customer service with...
Have good kitchen skills, good customer service with good communication, and I also have good office experience. For my work experience, I work as a professional with no drama with others. Volunteering and fundraising, Competitions, Entrepreneurship, Part-time jobs, Full-time jobs, teamwork, problem-solving, motivation, and time management; are all soft skills that are essential to have in the workplace and are highly valued by employers. Prepare students for the demands and expectations of the working world. Help students make informed career decisions by assessing their aptitudes and interests and exploring potential careers. Improve students' maturity, confidence, and self-reliance. A quick way to determine if a job is considered a professional one is the level of learning required. If the job customarily requires a bachelor's, master's degree, or Ph. D., it's considered a professional job. Professional jobs include teachers.

Your page allowed me to send messages, but did not...
Your page allowed me to send messages, but did not inform me that IA would have to pay to have access to responses. I found that out by asking tech support. Also, I wanted to sign up for 30 days but the only option is recurring.
Better communication upfront will prevent you from looking disingenuous. I am certain you weren't trying to trick me, but I bet you have a lot of abandoned carts because of these facts.

I dont like that i take the time to make a listing...
I dont like that i take the time to make a listing and then AFTER the fact I find out I have to pay to receive messages, not cool. Also the search function for finding roommates is weak, I can't narrow down who would be a good candidate, the location under each roommate - I dont even know if that is where Roomster are now or where they want to live, it is not clear. Also the questionnaire for setting up a listing is poor, for instance is asks if i am male or female when actually in my apartment there is one of each gender and there is no option to choose that. Weird.

Not to repeat everyone else, but it is definitely a scam
After paying for a few months (canceling my subscription after every payment fortunately) my account was suddenly deleted. No email saying I did something wrong (I had only sent inquiries out to people to see if Roomster had interest in my room or answered inquiries), and no way to contact them as everything is automated AND requires having an account to access (thanks for deleting mine). Now I am out the rest of my subscription period and people I hope were real leads, but given the amount of bogus inquiries I cannot be sure, I cannot follow up to set up house tours. Please avoid and if you do use the site for some reason be SURE to cancel your subscription after paying because I have seen a lot of other people with similar issues. Definitely would recommend to avoid once again.

I’m currently studying for the LSAT’s and my roommates...
I'm currently studying for the LSAT's and my roommates are extremely inconsiderate of the fact that I am trying to study! Roomster come home making a huge ruckus at all hours of the night and I just had enough of it. I searched the internet for a solution and came across Roomster. Bought a 7 day subscription just to try it out but I ended up finding a great deal on a room to rent and jumped on it. Now I can study in peace!

Roomster is full of scams
I registered with Roomster a few days ago to find a place to stay. Just after paying expensive fees and activating account, at least five scammers called or texted me. Roomster claimed that they have rooms to rent, and then sent nice photos to show the beauty of their rooms. I knew that most of the photos were downloaded from real estate websites. But when I asked to see the houses, they made up lies that they were not in the town, if you really want the room, send their one month rental plus deposit and application fees. I said I have to look at the room first, and then send the money to you. They just randomly sent me a address and said that just driving by and seeing the outside of the house as there are no one in the house. If you don't like it, the money you sent to them is refundable.
But I must praise their staff who treat customers with care and patience and help solve problems promptly. Generally, Roomster isn't a right place for room hunters, because it can only bring you troubles and even money loss.

Is it good to try
So you want to find a room, right? Probably you would like to try! Let me tell you my experience with, OK? On the 29th of May, I was so desperate to find a room. Then I paid $7.95 for trial period and got a receipt. When I tried to access the room list, I was prompted to plug in Google extensions. At that point, I got stuck and moved nowhere. I got no help from customer service. Too bad I did not cancel my subscription right away. On the 4th of June, charged my card for $24.95. Roomster sent me no receipt. They claimed if I did not cancel the subscription during the trial period and will be billed again for the regular monthly service. So what is
The point of trial period. Do you think showed efforts in making service? Do you agree is busy in raking money?

It would seem your method of letting people sign up...
It would seem your method of letting people sign up for free but charging them to read messages is ineffective because there is a huge majority of people who create profiles who never proceed further and makes this site less effective than other free sites. Either that or as suspected by many most of these profiles are fake to encourage people to subscribe. You've also removed the ability to enter numeric characters in the listing so you can't tell people the price of a Room if there's more than one or the ages of occupants which is absurd.

The reason why I gave a one star is because this company...
The reason why I gave a one star is because this company charges fees to even look at your mail, but don't regulate all the scammers. Ppl tried to scam me multiple times on here. Even when I thought a person was legit because Roomster sent a copy of their license and information, wanted $1400 and claimed to be a Dr. I called the real Dr's office and spoke with him, it was a scam and the lady stole his ID and been using it to scam ppl. I don't recommend this company.

So far I HAVE TO ACCEPT cookies, and I, as a tenant,...
So far I HAVE TO ACCEPT cookies, and I, as a tenant, HAVE to buy a subscription to interact with specific landlords. But it is clearly landlords who have a vested interest/recurring need for an ongoing arrangement with you, as Roomster have to keep coming back to access more tenants as the previous ones vacate their properties. So your business model seems to "sucker" tenants into a deal they're not keen on.

Everybody wants money before they give any help, so...
Everybody wants money before Roomster give any help, so I never give 5 stars. Make Sense? If I made money FIRST before being asked to pay anything even if it was just a 7 day trial proving to me that it works because I find a tenant for my room, then this would like to client thinking maybe I should pay? So here it goes, I paid for 7 days and if I do NOT get a renter from the 7 messages in my inbox for APRIL then I won't be spending anymore money on your website! Make sense? It means you need to give people longer periods of free trial for ongoing customer service or else they will be a time use person and then gone! Take care, hope that all made sense to you?

My navigation skills on Roomster are not yet up to...
My navigation skills on Roomster are not yet up to speed. I must spend some time in my search before I can give a knowledgeable opinion. And if I'm blessed I won't have the experience of being familiar with navigating your site as I'm looking forward to contacting Kate from this site and going to have a look at her room for rent. Although I appreciate your service very much. I have a few stories of being judged and disrespected by renters on Craig's List. Oh well!

I was very surprised to not be able to access the message...
I was very surprised to not be able to access the message without purchase of your program.
Being forth right is what I expect from my tenants and would from you as well. You should have required an up front cost and not at the back end. Being unable to access messages was pretty trickie to me.
Your Roomster Corp. Terms of Use is very detailed and up front. That tells me you understand how you tricked me... stop already!

I can recommend
At first, the search for an apartment was long and painful.
I work in an office, five days, I could look for an apartment only on weekends, while you find ads (I want to from the owner) until you get through, but many have already been handed over, those that are interesting to me or say call back, I already have applicants (
I decided to look for a way out, read all sorts of forums on the Internet, find out how people are looking for apartments for themselves. I came across one article from the founder of the Rentor website. She impressed me and decided to pay for the assistant. I paid the bill and immediately received several options, then the manager called and offered to change the search criteria and there were twice as many options.
A huge plus is that I can choose apartments from the selections and send them for verification to specialists, then I receive a report when a show is possible
I can recommend and I am pleased to write a review. I recommend that you specify your search criteria as broadly as possible, then there will be many more options.

The process of finding a match on roomster was intuitive...
The process of finding a match on roomster was intuitive and easy - but this whole deal about subscribing is not upfront and clear. Only when hitting the transmit button of my message, when it won't transmit that the customer is taken down the snaky, windy, dark rabbit hole of "You have to subscribe to use our service to actually DO something about the match. It is so easy to display this message clearly up front. IThe whole experience would be so much better from the customer's point of view if you dealt with that simple message up front.

You services suck because most of these people are...
You services suck because most of these people are frauds you want money just to check messages for potentially fraud fake individuals that claim Roomster have a space which I been on here no places yet because I asked and pleaded with people to show me these places no response they want money but won't show you the places your company wants money but fail to check out if these listings are true and real you want us to pay for messages and the service to look for apartments or rooms when it should be free to look for a place check all y'all facts and guidelines for these people putting rooms for rent and charging for a service for fake landlords

Fraudulent Site
I saw Roomster available at $7.99 I purchased through Apple Pay.

My bank was immediately ‘hit' for $14.99

The application is faulty and regarding the 24/7 callback via text within 4-5 minutes was untrue.

The application does not show within iPhone Purchases (to enable non recurring charge - which you only learn off after you've made the initial purchase!

Apple being the good and honest folk Roomster are, are refunding me the full $14.99 PLUS opening a fraudulent case. DON'T use ROOMSTER... SCAM!

Almost all of your listings look to be some kind of...
Almost all of your listings look to be some kind of modeled home that is really just a fancy SRO. Few real humans use the site and you have an army of scammers one Craigslist that are all the same "I am the landlord and for security reasons please fill out this application form for more information". After turning on incognito mode and a VPN (obviously) one discovers that the link is just to a Roomster search. So, what's your deal as a company anyways?

Oh, and your filter is, I'm sorry, a joke. Range, age, gender... zodiac sign? That's it? Whatever executive thought that would be useful, funny, or express a "chill vibe to our site" should be disciplined and made to live for a month in the first listing I find offered on Roomster. Lmao

I am a club promoter and work very late nights during...
I am a club promoter and work very late nights during the week usually until about 5am. My previous roommate who I had met through my old college roommate was constantly complaining about the hour at which I would get home to which I would respond “If you want to pay my bills then by all means go ahead and I wont have to come home at 5am”. Needless to say that didn’t go over so well. One time it got so bad we got into a huge argument that almost got physical and finally I decided I couldn’t deal with it anymore so I knew I needed an alternative. My colleague told me about Roomster, apparently he knows someone who works for them, and suggested I try it to find a new place. I created a profile and was surprised by the number of rooms Roomster have listed. I ended up finding a great deal on a room to rent and because I was able to include some details about myself on my profile detailing my nightly work hours I found a perfect match with someone who also worked nights.

Avoid at all costs. You have to pay to join, you have to pay to have your identity "verified", and you have to pay if you want to communicate with anyone else on the site. You're going to have to communicate with others on the site if you want to rent a room. Is that not true? So, the "free" site isn't free at all. It's a scam, going after the low-hanging fruit. That's you, if you make the mistake of joining.

The messages I was getting when I had my subscription...
The messages I was getting when I had my subscription previously were either not serious or from candidates that I would consider in my search. The process was not selective and anyone could message me. The site is also too expensive for the roommate options it gives, but I would like to see the messages I have received. I think it's extremely unhelpful and deceptive that messages cannot be read before paid subscriptions since that's not initially advertised.

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