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Terrible do not buy things from this website!
I ordered 5 things from this website and i got 2 of them i'm still waiting for the other three so that i can return everything. I bought a medium in everything, which is what i usually wear, when i got the 2 products fit okay but the sleeves were so short. The picture on the website showed long sleeves but they were way to short. And if i were to get a large the shirt would be to long and to baggy. So now i have to return it. Also the quality sucks. I got a sweater that in the picture was knitted but when i got it it was some cheap material that was coarse and rough. And then one of the items i ordered had a picture of a model wearing a really pretty kitted blue, grey, and white knitted open front cardigan i went on the track my order, which doesn't work either but i will get into that next. When i went on to track my order the picture for this product changed to some cheap ugly shirt that i would have never bought in the first place, it wasn't knitted anymore it looks like the same cheap material as the one i already got. I am NOT looking forward to getting this item. Then tracking your product doesn't work. For the first two products it worked pretty well but i can track my order it said it was going to ship on friday but it is tuesday and it says that it didnt even create the label yet and i keep checking it and it hasnt changed at all. I am extremely unhappy with this website and i am never ever going to purchase anything from them again. And now i have to go though the process of returning them which is probaby going to be difficult. I put up some pictures the one with the model is what it looked like when i ordered so that is what i thought i would be getting then when i checked my order the product changed to the one on the website! THEY LOOK NOTHING ALIKE! I am not looking forward to getting this anymore. I will put up another picture of what it looks like when i get it.

BEWARE! BEWARE! Romwe are Thieves and Scammers!
You may have read my original review of my shopping experience with Romwe titled "Terribly Disappointed!" dated 6/22/15. This review detailed the appallingly poor quality of the merchandise, inaccuracy of the garment size in relation to the size chart, and the site images not being an accurate depiction of the products. Please see the review for more information.

At the time that I wrote that review I didn't think that my experience with Romwe could get much worse. I was sorely mistaken! In an attempt to return this garbage that try to pass off as clothing, I have had the absolute worst customer service experience of my life! To start, I had made several attempts to speak with a representative via email and live chat on the Romwe website over the course of several days without success. However, I did receive a reply to my original post on ReviewFeeder. (this reply can be reviewed below my original review but don't be fooled by it!)

In this reply the representative appears to be apologetic and interested in resolving the issue making statements like "you are our valuable customer", "we are willing to serve you", and "we will be responsible for any problems caused by us". Unfortunately, follow up correspondence proved that that apologies and explanations were simply BS and lip serves, as have done absolutely nothing to resolve this matter and have caused me undue aggravation, stress, and still have not issued a refund of my $$$$$.

The reply also explains that the reason for the inaccurate depiction of their products on their website is due to "light and pixel problem"……Light and pixel problems are not my problem at all and reason enough to provide a full refund! In response to the inaccuracy of the sizes of the garments in relation to their size chart, they requested that I "take photos of your clear measurement and send these images to us so that we can confirm with our factory". In my follow up email I explained how terribly inappropriate it was of them to ask for me to take measurements of my body and send the photos to them! Sorry…. This is never going to happen! After receiving my reply they requested that I then take measurements of each of the items and send the photos to them. Doing such a thing serves no purpose and is simply a stalling tactics in my opinion. If they want the garments measured then they can measure them themselves either from their inventory or when my return package arrives at their facility.

I have now been emailing them back and forth for weeks without resolution. With that said, they had the audacity to add this statement to the end of one of their emails to me…."And it may be a little offensive but could you kindly give us a chance and revise the comment as well as the star ratings into positive ones for us please?" I am appalled that they would think that I could be dumb enough to change my comment or rating to something more positive without a resolution to this situation or that I would be awful enough of a person to deceive the readers of these reviews to fool them into doing business with this company.

I DO NOT under any circumstances recommend that anyone do business with this company in the future! It is evident that they are dishonest scammers who do not value their customers or stand by their products. To date, this issue has yet to be resolved! STAY AWAY…. Unless you are interested in throwing your money away or in need of some additional stress in your life.

I love, love LOVE IT! - Honest review - Use your own judgment!
I'm 16 years old and I found out about this store while looking for some cool, edgy, but affordable pieces that would match my style, and I sure did hit the lotto with Romwe! (This is all my own opinion by the way, and if I had not been so satisfied, I would have said differently.)
A lot of critiques tend to say the same things about their orders, but there are explainable reasons for them.
Shipping takes too long - plan ahead of time! This is a Chinese based site, so be considerate of why it might arrive a little longer than you thought.
Poor Service - Let me just say, every time I spoke to the helpers, but I was AMAZED by their kindness. I don't know where people are getting that, but to me, I really do enjoy Romwe's customer service. Just be considerate that are in fact an Asian based company, therefore, might not speak that well of English:)
Clothing quality is bad - This is what made my ENTIRE experience worth while. EACH and EVERY one of my clothes turned out wellmade, and I will post pictures below to show! The material is thick and soft, on the Anime outfit and the one with the blue haired boy, while the Superman shirt had a nice, unique texture which fit the style! The pink game shirt surprised me because I thought it would be a much thicker material, but it was still great nonetheless!
Sizing is inaccurate- I know things may be different since this was produced in China, but the sizing chart shows exactly what you will see when you recieve it. Trust me, just get your handy tape measurer and ensure that you are measuring yourself correctly, and you won't have any problems. ALL of my clothes fit, all of them!
I'm your average size, if not a little more at over 120 pounds, so I'm not a skinny girl who fits in everything, and still got great shirts:)
Overall, if you disregard all of the slanderous remarks about this site, you will hit a LOT of jackpots!
Thank you Romwe! I will definitely be shopping here often, and am waiting on my second order!

Order didn't turn up- but was resolved
I posted this review a few days ago, and romwe have responded and refunded my missing items. Big thanks to romwe for getting back to me, even if it did take a while. Other than the slow responses, the quality of the items I did receive and the time it took to receive them was worth the money I paid, and if romwe manage to find a better courier I would order from them again.

[original review]
I ordered a few things with romwe at the same time, and half of my order came quite quickly (within a week or so). The items were good quality, although a bit on the small side (their sizings are a little off, you need to check the exact measurements before buying.) when trying to track down the remainder of my order, the site was little to no help. In their help section I was advised to check with a neighbour or the post office, which I did and still no answers. I then attempted to submit a ticket to complain, but was met with technical difficulties from the website. I then tracked down a contact email and complained directly, to which I had a very slow response which still didn't answer any questions or give me any indications of where the remainder of my order was. I was then told the rest of the order was on its way and to wait another week. I have since contacted them twice (more than a month later) stating my order still hasn't turned up and I have had no response and no indication of whether it is coming or I will get my money back. I'm not sure if it's an issue with the company or the courier, as my items are being displayed as delivered, but the fact is I paid £45 for items I never received. I just want my money back, but it's looking like that won't happen. I wouldn't use this site again, mostly because their customer service is shocking.

I don't want a refund, I want the sweater that I ordered
I ordered 11 items early-mid April. I'd gotten a new job that required black colored clothing so I figured it was a good chance to get a few black colored items and a pink sweater I'd been wanting for several months. I didn't want to buy the sweater alone because I live in Canada and shipping is not worth it. (11.99 for sweater + 9.99 for shipping)

I had enough items to get free express shipping so I expected it to arrive in a week. However, a couple weeks later, only 10 of my 11 items were ready to ship. Everything I picked was listed as in stock and/or priority dispatching so it didn't make any sense to me. Finally on May 8th, I got an email saying everything was processed and shipped except the one shirt. "We are writing to inform you that your order will be shipped in separate packages, as some of the item(s) are in popular demand and will take a while to arrive."

I received my package on May 12th and, sadly, my pink sweater was not inside. I opened a ticket with Romwe and while were kinda nice, it didn't feel like they read or cared about what I was asking for.

May 12- Me to Romwe
Today I received my package and the pink crop sweatshirt was not inside. I should've received 10 items but I only got 9.
I'm still waiting for one more shirt to be shipped, is it possible to have the pink crop sweater shipped with it?
Thanks in advance!

May 13- Romwe to Me
Hello xx,
Thank you for contacting us!
We are sorry for that this item has been missed by the shipping company when shipping.
So how about we can refund the money of it to your wallet as compensation, is that ok?
Also for the last delayed item in your order, we can cancel it and refund to you together if you do not want to wait, as it has been out of stock in our warehouse this time.
Thanks for your cooperation.
Waiting for your fast reply.
Romwe Customer Care

At this point I was upset because I didn't ask for a refund at all, I wanted my items. I ordered them for a reason. I also checked the page for my other shirt and it was still listed as IN STOCK. What? Horrible.

May 13- Me to Romwe
The pink crop sweater was the item I was looking forward to the most so I would like to receive it rather than a refund... I don't mind waiting, is there an estimated time for the delayed item?

May 14- Romwe to Me
Hello xx,
Thank you for contacting us!
We are so happy to resend a new item to you. But it may need 3-7 business days to prepare this item and will need 5-28 business days for the shipping days.
Actually since it must be quicker for you to place a new order directly, we suggest you a full refund of hte pink sweater to save your time. Is that OK?
Any questions, feel free to contact us.
Romwe Customer Care

What? Save my time? Why on earth would it be faster for me to submit a new order completely?

In the end, I just accepted the refund because I felt like they were going to continue giving me BS reasons on why the refund will be better for me and I don't have time for that. I'm guessing they were trying to save on shipping.

Even though the other items I received were good (other than missing buttons on one shirt that I opened another ticket for), I will never, ever order from Romwe again.

I was satisfied, UNTIL...
I ordered over $100 worth of clothing from ROMWE mostly consisting of sweaters & cardigans. I was very careful to look at the sizing charts since I had read so many reviews about things arriving too small. I wasn't expecting it to be super high quality, but assumed that the clothing would be "Forever21-ish" in terms of materials and attention to detail. I was right! The fabrics were really nice for what I paid for them. I see so many people here complaining about poor quality but when you're paying so little, what did you expect? I was satisfied with my purchases in terms of materials and size, but there were 3 things that really bothered me.
1. The stitching is awful in some places (loose strings and stuff like that). A lot of Forever 21 clothing also have this issue, so I was just glad I didn't over-pay for it; nothing that a little clipping and burning can't fix.
2. The clothes smell REALLY strange. New clothes never smell good, but this smell is something else entirely. At first I was like oh that's fine, I'll just wash them... BUT THEN
3. Three of the five things I ordered don't even have care instruction tags on them! And the two that do are extremely non specific (& not to mention grammatically incorrect).

I'm scared to wash these items now. The closest thing I've gotten to a solution is spraying them with body spray and hanging them outside in hopes that the fresh air will get the stench out. I have done research on the ROMWE website and gone back over my items to see if I could find what materials each item is made of. However, I'm not sure if I believe that the materials listed on the site are accurate. For example, two cardigans I got apparently are made of "tweed." I know what tweed looks and feels like, and this is not it. In the meantime, everything fits well and the quality is not bad, but I have no idea how to wash anything and am afraid that if I try I'll end up shrinking everything (or all the dye will be washed out as well.)

My only hope for ever wearing these items is that the fresh air will work its magic...
Or maybe a few spray bottles of Febreze.

How unfortunate.

Terrible Delivery/Customer Service - No delivery yet!
I placed an order over three weeks ago with Romwe. The next day my order was listed as 'shipped' on their website. pointlessly supply you with a so-called tracking code which doesn't work, nor does the tracking site, so I was unable to track the progress of my delivery. A few days ago I messaged Romwe through their ticket service on their site asking for an update on my order, eg, when I should expect it to arrive. I received a message back which made very little sense: Dear Customer, Thank you for your message. This is customer service from We feel sorry that your parcel has been returned on the way. We can resend the parcel to you once our Service providers receive it. Now could you please confirm the full address with us? Recipient: contact number: address details: city: states: zip code: country: Your early reply will be highly appreciated! Sincerely, Customer service From what I can gather, they seem to be saying my delivery is NOT en route but appears to have met with some catastrophe along the way. I highly doubt that it ever left their warehouse after reading this. Asking for my name, address and contact number three weeks later also seems highly suspicious and totally unprofessional to me as I messaged them through the ticket service attached to my account, which holds all my delivery/billing details. Since I placed my order I have been astounded by the negative reviews I have read online in relation to Romwe, not only in regard to their poor quality garments but their appalling delivery/customer service. The fact that this is my first experience of them has confirmed my belief that the majority reviews are totally accurate. Professional companies do not: List orders as 'shipped' when they are not! Provide bogus tracking codes which do not work! Fail to contact you if there is an issue with your order! Ask for your delivery details and contact number when you contact them, weeks later, through your account! Romwe's facebook page allows minimal interaction by the public, which I suspect is for damage limitation in regard to negative reviews. Their customer services feedback amounts to utter nonsense messages that simply make very little sense. Buyers Beware! If I could give zero grade I would and I haven't even seen the clothes yet. I dread to think what is in store for me, IF I EVER RECEIVE THEM!

Not worth it.
I ordered two sweaters and a jean jacket. One of the sweaters was practically see through and the other had a sleeve that got frayed when I took it out of the bag. The jean jacket was okay, and by that I mean that it looked like the picture. The main point is that the quality is extremely lacking. I've shopped in other bargain sites like Forever21 but their quality wasn't this bad.
As for customer service, this is where I'm very frustrated. I've attempted to contact the company twice already to return the sweaters considering they're not good quality. I have not received any e-mails back.

Takeaway point: Just avoid the mess of buying cheap clothes from here. And actually, they're not even that cheap.

I really regret not having read reviews of this company before I bought from there. Now I'm stuck with two low-quality sweaters that I'll never wear, and the frustration of having never heard back from the company.


UPDATE: I finally received a response from a representative after about a week. I spent $26 on the sweaters that I mentioned previously. Their response was to ask me to accept a credit of $8 to my account and for me to keep the sweaters. The whole point of a return is to not keep what you don't want. I just want a full refund.

UPDATE: This time the response was more timely, but it's unfortunate that you are treated better when you're complaining instead of straight off the bat. I was offered a full refund for the torn sweater and I was told that I could return the see-through sweater but that I would have to pay for shipping. In other words, it's not worth returning.

More of a 3.5
Before ordering on Romwe, I did my fair share of research where I was met with mixed reviews. However, I gambled anyway because the clothes were really cheap and there's a 60% discount for new buyers. So, I figured if the order were to go wrong, then I wouldn't be losing too much money.
I ordered three items, all of which would ship in 24 hours, on the 24th of October. Now, alot of the reviews I read said that needed to send a direct message asking Romwe if they had sent their order, however Romwe really did ship my order the next day, which is actually really impressive. I also purchased the shipping insurance just in case something happened during shipping. It arrived to me, in Australia, exactly two weeks later. Now, I wouldn't say that shipping was long nor was it quick, so I guess it was average(?). However, it did take AusPost a whole week to process the package after receiving it from the overseas carrier.
The items I ordered were either one-size or M. Alot of people said that the clothes ran small, but to be honest, the clothes are a bit big on me but not to the point that I wouldn't be able to wear it out. And I wouldn't consider myself to be entirely petite, so maybe I was lucky? However, seeing that it was an online order, finding the perfect fit isn't always likely. Two of my orders did have colour variation, but it's like the tiniest bit darker and it doesn't make the shirt look considerably different. Another shirt I ordered was meant to have white details and it ended up being yellow, which is dissappointing but the colour doesn't affect the shirt greatly. However, this shirt was very thin - not so thin you'd have to wear a singlet, but alot thinner than most shirts and what I expected. I would expect that within a few washes, the shirt might end up stretching. The last article of clothing was a sweater (despite being Summer in Australia). There's wording on the front off to the side, but it's pretty hard to see the first letter of each line. This is most likely due to my body shape. However, the detail of each letter is great so overall the sweater is probably my favourite purchase from Romwe.
I don't know if I would recommend Romwe, especially to new online buyers, but I would only buy something again if the total price of the order wasn't expensive.

First Preference!
I've spent almost $500 worth of purchases on Romwe over several orders (of course not in one go), and I'll continue to buy from Romwe for the following reasons.

1. Trustworthy. Unlike the site I used to buy from (YesStyle), you can be reassured that the products sold on Romwe are completely genuine and true to the images and descriptions. I've purchased more than 20 products and all of them have been authentic. Aside from a few colour expectations not being met due to a slight change in the colour of the image presented on the site, however warn us about the possibility of colours being a bit off. But he products overall is not a scam.

2. Benefits. Depending on how much you spend on an order, Romwe is always offering discounts but this only applies to orders above a certain amount (AUD $82). It also allows you to have free standard and free express is you spend over a minimum amount, which is great because some sites don't even offer free express at all regardless of a minimum spend.

3. Prices. Products are so inexpensive for great quality. I mostly buy shirts on there and they have a wide selection. Most of them are under AUD $10-15. So although the minimum spend for a discount/free standard or express shipping isn't exactly classified as cheap, you'll find yourself purchase a lot of items for a great price. I spend roughly AUD $140 to $180 and have about 7-9 items per order.

4. Customer Service. Their customer service is absolutely amazing. When you send in a ticket they will get to you within 24 hours as promised. You'll always get a swift and professional response to any of your enquiries or issues with orders.

5. Order Handling. You're given so many options to handle your order. There have been times when I needed to cancel my order, and they easily handle it buy cancelling your order and returning your money back into your Romwe wallet. From there you have the option to withdraw your Romwe funds back into your bank account, or just keep it there to use for your next purchase.

6. Shipping. I've actually never experienced a problem with shipping, because I'm either always qualified for express shipping or I pay about AUD $19 I think it was(?) for express which I don't mind doing. Since I'm in Australia, my orders come in about a week (cosidering business days only) or a bit longer but never more than 2 weeks. This may take longer if you're in the US like most people who've left a review about ROMWE.

7. Priority Products. The site actually shows you what items are currently stocked at their warehouse (it'll say "priority dispatching" and have a small truck icon with an "L" inside it next to the product name) and don't need to be attained externally which will usually add and extra 2-3 days to your order waiting time. Whenever I go on the site to make another order, I make sure to add to my cart only products that are "priority dispatching" only so my order can be shipped out asap. If a product I like isn't prioroty dispatching I just save it to my wishlist until it does. Note: priority dispatching is different to being "in stock", if a product is out of stock it'll state that it is and you won't be able to add the product to your cart.

8. Variety. The site has a whole section dedicated to what items are added to the site daily. You can even browse by date which is great. They always have something new to add to the site.

And that's basically it. Overall, one happy customer and I will always be loyal to the site. I kind of wish they had membership benefits like YesStyle where gold members have a certain amount off all products on their site. But since Romwe already has such cheap clothes, it's not really that big of an issue.

Worst Quality, Bad Customer Service
My shopping experience with Romwe is definitely the worst shopping experience I've ever had. By far, the worst quality products I've ever seen in my life. And I don't tend to exaggerate. I ordered a few swimsuits on their website, it took a long time to arrive (over two weeks), and the swimsuits didn't even look like the pictures online. It's misleading product presentation at best. However, "at best" is not reality... The reality is that their products are tattered crap being displayed online as decent "fast fashion" clothing. I know "fast fashion" products are usually cheap and poor quality, but Romwe has reached a new level by finding a way to legally sell trash.

The stock photos of models wearing the garments look fine, then come in the mail and they're basically discolored rags. They were not even the same cut/shape as the picture online, I basically got sent swimsuits that look almost nothing like what they did on the website. Without even trying them on, I could hold them up and see that they were a different shape/cut, color, and were all really thin cheap material. I felt like they were going to fall apart in my hands.

I did try them on because I saw they had the protection tape in the crotch, and I left underwear on like everyone's supposed to when you're trying on a bathing suit. Long story short for the quality aspect, their stuff is complete $#*!. Not to mention they didn't even fit even though I was diligent in looking at their sizing chart and it turns out they were wrong.

As for customer service, I sent in one of their ticket requests (an idiotic excuse for customer service) to explain my shopping experience and requested information on how to return the items. Their response was simply that they don't allow returns for swimwear. After checking the website again, and after searching for quite a while, I finally found their return policy on bathing suits. It's just my opinion, but I think policies like that should be a little more accessible and clear. I'm sure they hide that information strategically, to sucker people into buying their $#*!ty products.

Seriously, do me a favor and your wallet a favor. I don't care how "inexpensive" their stuff is, and that they're constantly "claiming" that everything's 65% off. You're paying for rags. I would be genuinely happy if customer reviews such as these cause people to stop shopping on their website, and they eventually go out of business (I've read a lot of the others and it seems like there have been plenty of people who have had the same experience as me). I think businesses should uphold at least a certain amount of integrity, and Romwe does not make the cut.

Don't worry! Honestly a great experience =]
After seeing all the negative reviews I HAD to tell about my POSITIVE experience. A lot of the things said about Romwe are over-exaggerated and completely unfair.

I shopped on Romwe after seeing all of their ads on facebook and was amazing at how cheap everything was and how unique and cute their products are! I spent around a 100 dollars (including the 60% off discount you get with your first purchase) I then realized that I knew nothing about them! I read a ton on review after my purchase and got extremely anxious with bad reviews I saw. I even messaged customer service that I was concerned but hopeful. got back to me the next day! Which I didn't expect. All of my products came in the mail about two and a half weeks later (which is longer than they said but I am patient I mean they come all the way from china!) I once ordered a costume from china from a different site and it took two months! So this was very fast for me =] plus your package is very closely tracked, you can track it from a number and website they give you after your purchase!

Now, the clothes I was also nervous wouldn't be what I expected, HOWEVER they were GREAT! The materials were the exact same as any forever 21 I've shopped at! The fit was good (some skirts gave my a little muffin top but thats because I just got back from vacation) The measurements I checked for each size matched up to what I received. If you like forever 21, charlotte russe, and unique cute stuff you will love Romwe. Same exact quality as forever 21 seriously. This store just made me realize what a $#*!ing rip off forever 21 is. Selling the same china made stuff for like double the price, and don't get me wrong its still cheap but I would never have been able to get what I got at Romwe for the price I paid there.

My ONLY criticism - they should be more honest with shipping time, good customers understand the wait, I mean how much of a brat can you be expecting something from china to come in three days. ALSO, there was one peice (a unique romper with a lace top) that did not look the same in the picture, however its still cute I just need to make some changes to the top there are these weird pads over the nips that look out of place but its easily fixed.

For $112 at Romwe I got:
1 pair of highwaisted jean shorts
4 skirts
1 kimono
2 rompers
3 shirts

=D I highly recommend shopping here! I would suggest adding an inch to the waist size of the skirts! Unless you have abs XD

Awful. Simply Awful.
The first time I ordered clothes, I spent $75. The shipping was exceptionally late, and I almost didn't get it. The clothes were ill-fitted and extremely poor quality.
I decided to shop again during a sale, so that the clothing price was not nearly as much and would make up for poor quality if it happened again. Exiting my basket before check out, I received at 55% off coupon to use "right now" to get 55% off my order. Obviously, I used it.
I did not get 55% off, and I contacted customer support. I got around 2% off. said that because of the sale items, the coupon would not work (after I had already paid). Offering this coupon for use "RIGHT NOW" was false advertising and there was not asterisk explaining that this could happen or that sales don't count for coupons depending on sale price. I was denied my request to get the refund of 50% off of my order, even though that is exactly what should happen since it was false advertisement and they are the ones would messed up.

Do not order from this website. They are $#*!ty and unhelpful.

[Attached are pictures of the original cart price, coupon, and price after applying the coupon]



The "appropriate" response romwe is discussing in their reply is a $10 coupon off my next purchase, which I will *never* use since I will never be returning to their store.
I told the customer representative that and they told me to make sure the delivery person knows so they can get a refund on the coupon. So with that, I will absolutely accept the coupon so they do not get a refund.

Also: romwe's reply somehow is missing a sentence where they asked me to edit my response and give a more positive review. How professional! I'll attach a picture of the email I received when this reply was posted to show.


As of today (July 21 2015), I have recieved at least four emails from ROMWE asking me to take this review down. I will not be doing so. They messed up and deserved an awful review. I will keep updated on how many I receive until they stop sending me emails.

SCAM avoid
I give 1 start because I cannot give less than that. send me the clothes damaged, very bad quality and badly sewn, completely different to what the pictures show. I told them that I would like to return my items for all the stated reason. They accepted me to return the items. Now the problems are as follow;
- I asked for full refund as it is not my fault that they sent to me clothes that were damaged, so I shouldn't be losing money with this transaction, not even the money for the post.
- To return the items, they sent me a pre-paid return label, and they told me that with that I would be given a receipt with a tracking number that I should send to them afterwards. My first surprise when I first went to the Royal Mail (as suggested by ROMWE) is that they warned me that for the type of return label ROMWE provided me, they wouldn´t be able to give me a tracking number as ROMWE told me they would do. In the Royal Mail advised me to go to the Post Office and try there. Therefore, I went to the Post Office. Again there, they told me that the label provided by ROMWE was free of charge so that they wouldn´t be able to provide me with a tracking number. I asked them how much would that cost me to have the package tracked, and in the Post Office they told me that that would be extra £10! Moreover, they showed me how a return label that would enable tracking should look like, the one they show me was from ASOS, and it was clearly different that the one provided by ROMWE.
With this I had to risk and return the package without tracking and now I am concern that they won't give me back my money. So please, I would like to report that ROMWE are completely SCAM, they send products that are not as described/damaged and customer service is awful and wouldn't even give me the option to claim my money even though they did something wrong.

Not at all what i expected! In a good way!
I bought about $150 worth of clothing from romwe and after placing my order I decided to look up some reviews. The reviews were NOT good and I got very scared, then placed a ticket for romwe to cancel my order. However, due to the extreme time difference, I did not hear back from them right away and while I was awaiting their response, I found a blog that gave a fairly decent review on them so I decided to change my mind and keep my order.

In the blog I read, she talked about how the sizes are WAY smaller than what americans are used to so I submitted another ticket to customer service to change the jeans I ordered from a Medium to a Large (I weigh 120lbs, never thought I would be a large in anything!). The customer service ticket was taken care of within 24 hours, so that was impressive!

The blog I read also talked about a lengthy shipping time since the clothes come from china and that even when you get the clothes, are of poor quality. I shrugged my shoulders to the latter and decided to just be patient with the shipping.

Low and behold, two weeks later I get a package with half of my order! I was surprised in a good way! Also was surprised by the material of the shirts. NOT CHEAP material at all and so very soft. I wore one of the shirts the next day and could NOT stop touching it throughout the day, it was so comfortable.

A short week after that package arrived, the rest of my order came in. The pants I changed from a medium to a large were in the correct size and let me just say, they are the most comfortable pair of jeans I have EVER worn. I have wide hips so sometimes jeans can be too constricting and by the end of the day I cant wait to take them off. With these jeans though, I was actually sad when the end of the day came. My only complaint is the the distressed knees of the pants (the slit/cut at the knee) was not at the knee. I ended up just taking a razor blade and making another slit at where my knee was, no big deal. (If any Romwe rep is reading this, tell your clothe-makers to put the pants on the mannequin to determine where the knee part of the jean is, it is obvious they just assumed and made a cut, which was wrong)

Overall, my experience was AMAZING. I will definitely be ordering from them again.

Ok so to begin with and are the same website so dont be fooled nor buy from either site. I ordered £135.58 or for you american people $176.78 worth of clothes for, only to be sent clothes that i cant wear.
Before actually ordering anything, i picked out all the clothes i wanted, checked all the measurements for each item and then ordered the next size up from the measurements listed on each item. Even though i checked measurements i wanted to triple check so i used the online chat, to speak to someone. I told them my measurements and my uk size (12) and asked them which size thought i should buy. They sent me a picture of a size chart of which they told me i should buy a medium as i wanted room in case it was to small but they said a medium was a uk 14-16 which i ignored because of hearing the sizing was small. I ended up buying an XL in every item apart from two items which were in a L.
I ordered my items 19 to be exact and after waiting 15 days for my "3-7 day express shipping" i finally received my items, only to be disappointed.
There is not 1 item that fits me, not one and i wouldnt write a review like this but to spend such a big sum of money for nothing, i honestly dont know what else to do but to warn others about what you are going to recieve. Some items come with many lose threads, extremely thin and see through but some item were good quality but that doesnt matter to me since i am not going to be able to wear them anyway (size).
I know a member of is most probably going to reply to this and say how your terribly sorry that you have let me down, but please dont apologise because your only going to tell me that your going to help sort out a return in which i have to pay for. After spending all my money on your website, how do you expect me to pay to ship you bad items which is 6kg back to china with tracked delievery?
Anyway sorry to anyone that has actually just read this whole rant and life story but please unless your buying for your young child/ you are a size 6 or below do not and i repeat DO NOT buy from this site.
If your wanting to buy some good quality, nice fitting, and cheap clothes head over to missguided or boohoo or something cause you actually get things you can wear.
Anyway have a good day and spend your money wisely <3

Horrible service
UPDATE as of 11/11/2015: romwe keep on emailing me asking me to REMOVE my negative review, and keep on offering me a discount code despite being rejected about 5 times. They keep on pestering me to remove this comment

For those who has ordered "ship in 24 hours" items from romwe but has yet to receive tracking number after more than 24 hours, DO NOT TRUST THEM if they said they have shipped the item.
I ordered mine on Tuesday, spent over $240 on the website. All my items are shipped in 24 hours item, however, as of today ( 4 days later), my items have not been shipped. The previous days, i checked with 3 customer service, 3 of them gave me different answers. One said that my items were being prepared and will be shipped soon, one said that the had been shipped, another one said that it's on its way to the shipping company. Well, so who should i trust?
After complaining via email directly to *******, the person tried to convince me that there has been a misunderstanding and that my items have been shipped, however, as of today, i HAVE NOT RECEIVE MY TRACKING NUMBER, and they said that the tracking company needs time to update the number. I then proceed to check with dpex/toll ( the shipping company that romwe use), toll/dpex claimed that they do not have my parcel and normally they will give a tracking number the moment romwe handed in the parcel to dpex/toll for shipping. SOOOO, WHERE ON EARTH IS MY CLOTHES NOW? DUDE $240 IS NOT A SMALL AMOUNT OF MONEY. Pls stop lying and DO NOT OFFER ME A 50% OFF VOUCHER FOR MY NEXT PURCHASE BECAUSE I WON'T SHOP WITH ROMWE AGAIN, also you EMAILED ME, asking me to take down / alter my NEGATIVE REVIEW to positive review ( i wrote a negative review on ReviewFeeder as well), nah no thanks, i guess one customer being fooled is enoough, people please don't be lured with the cheap prices and the ship in 24 hours service thing, they provide horrible service and shipping takes forever, and i've read a lot of review about money not being refunded, so pls don't bother to ask for refund as well. Well, there goes my $240.

You get what you pay for
I ordered from romwe because of their cheap prices and cute clothes. I ordered a striped shirt with eyes on it, a choker with a moon on it, a black button down, black skinny pants, a grey v neck, a black long sleeved shirt with a white collar, and a black mid length skirt.
The shipping was great. I got the standard shipping, everything arrived in a week. The order was sent in two parts, but the second part arrived 1 day after the first part.
I made sure to order my clothes a size up just in case, however I didn't do this for the mid length skirt and I wish I did, it's a little tighter than I wanted it to be. Still wearable and comfortable, but would've been better had I ordered as size up.
Everything is made kind of cheaply, which I expected, as I only paid between 5 and 12 dollars per item. Some of the items, like the collared and b neck shirts, were made with a thicker fabric than I expected and I was very pleased with that.
The pants that I ordered were what I thought were dress pants but were instead made from a $#*!ies type fabric, are very starchy, and resemble jeans. I feel are different than what I expected based on the picture. They're still cute and wearable so I think I will just keep them. I have heard this company makes you pay for return or exchange shipping so I don't think I will attempt to exhange them.
I will probably order from romwe again, however next time I will make sure to order a size up with each item and pay closer attention to the measurements and fabric details that are listed.
Ultimately I am happy with my experience, and I believe this is because I came into it with low expectations, understanding I paid a cheap price and would get cheap clothes. What I got was very cute and the fabric was better than decent for its price.

It doesn't get any worse than this, stay away! Beyond disappointed and angry.
Ok so finally, after weeks of waiting despite the 24hr guarantee, I received my package of three jumpers. It was my first time ordering off this website and will also be my last, I have never been so dissatisfied in my life. I was so excited to receive them because the designs on the website are amazing, but I was SO disappointed. I had ordered either the size large or one size, I carefully checked the size chart and compared the measurements given to my other jumpers to see if would be the correct size for me. I am not a size large, usually a small or sometimes medium, but i like having my jumpers baggy and therefore i order them big. So i wasn't going to be too concerned if they were a little smaller than a large, but when i got them they may as well have been labelled extra small! I felt like i had ordered kids clothes! The charts are very misleading and totally ridiculous. The quality of the blue and white hoodie I ordered is disgusting. You could spit through it, it is not the thick, snugly hoodie portrayed on the website and also the stitching was coming out of the back of the hood. The colours on the website show a blue fading into a grey/white in ombre tones. When i got the jumper it was a solid divide between the blue and white, there was no gradient or grey colour. At first i thought i had received the wrong jumper but then realized the website is just misleading. There is no excuses for the size errors and when it comes to online shopping what you see should be what you get. I feel very angry and will not be recommending this website to anyone, in fact ill be warning anyone to stay well clear of it. Lets just home i get a refund with no further problems or excuses..

1. The details of their products are ALL wrong. Size, color, material, you name it, it's wrong. What you see online is fake.
2. Have a question about a product? There's a live chat option online! BUT WAIT it's not a live chat it's a box where you put your question and never email you back- VERY HELPFUL!
3. The stitching of the clothes is disgusting. If by a stroke of luck your garment fits you it will most likely fall apart. Don't wear in confidence.
4. Not to be rude but these clothes are meant for little pre pubescent chinese girls who don't have boobs, a butt, or a waist bigger than an inch. Perfect for flat stanley though.
5. Good luck receiving your order. It'll take forever. Need a dress for an upcoming event? Order 3 months ahead of time- and then you'll have perfect timing!
6. Need to make a return? No problem! Submit a ticket online and they'll get back to you withing 24 hours! OH BUT WAIT they'll actually never respond to you until the clock runs out for your 30 day deadline. My favorite part about shopping IS the deceit, after all!
7. I bet you saw people blogging and making videos and leaving reviews about Romwe that were almost too good to believe? You guessed it they are! They PAY people to talk highly of them. Every great store has BRIBERY, doesn't it?
8. Their emails come in as spam. I could only wonder why...
9. What a coincidence the HOUR after I place an order with ROMWE my card get's fraud on it!
10. My last way to try to contact them has been thru disputing a claim thru paypal. I never thought I'd have to try so damn hard to get my money back. ROMWE=CROOKS

You get what you pay for. For the price, Romwe provides exactly what you would expect.
I came across Romwe and was enticed by the great prices for what looked like high quality clothing. I made a purchase of about £120 and only after doing so did I think of looking for Romwe reviews- I immediately wished I hadn't. I was worried about what I receive and whether I would be waiting for months for it. It arrived in just under 2 weeks so I was pleasantly surprised! Upon opening the parcel I found the products nicely packaged in separate bags and nothing was damaged. The twelve items I ordered (two jumpers, two cardigans, a pair of jeans, a pair of trousers, dungarees, two scarves, a top, and a kimono) are really the same quality as things I would buy in retail stores for triple the price! Some things are more Primark than TopShop quality but all are definitely wearable and great for the money! If you are only spending an average of £10 per item, you can't complain about the quality in my opinion, unless of course the items are completely unwearable (which mine definitely are not!). There was only one item which I had an issue with, the pair of jeans. I ordered a small because I am tiny, and the measurements provided would fit me. The jeans I received are absolutely minuscule, I can squeeze into them and are wearable but they are not a small. They are an extra small or child size in my opinion. My advice would be that tops sizes are fine but trousers will be smaller than you expect so order a size up at least. Also the style of jeans I was sent was different to the ones I ordered. I ordered jeans with turned up bottoms but the ones I got had frayed edges on the bottom. I like them anyway and it's not much of a problem, but it is obviously not okay to send the wrong item so I contacted Romwe with a picture of the bottom of the jeans. They responded asking for a picture of the packaging (so they could see the labels) and I sent one. They then asked for a full picture of the jeans and I obliged. They offered me a 10usd refund and said I could keep them, I spent £9.16 on the jeans and they gave me £6.52 back, that means that in the end I only spent £2.66 so I am definitely not bothered that the style is sightly different than expected. With regards to the customer service, I was expecting nothing, previous reviews say that they are terrible and will not help you. I found them helpful and they solved my problem in 5 days which is not bad at all. Overall you get what you pay for. For the price, Romwe provides exactly what you would expect.

Return Process - CONSUMER BEWARE
So a month ago, I ordered clothes from Romwe worth $214.56.

I waited a few weeks, no rush on my part, to receive the package from them. When I got the first shipment in the mail, I was even ecstatic to open it and try the items on. I was devastated to see that the items I ordered were defective. There were black and brown stains on the dresses and loose stitches were all over the place. The quality of the items in terms of material and tailoring were inexplicably poor as well - not at all as pictured on their website. Upon receiving the first shipment, I immediately opened a ticket to cancel the shipment of the rest of my order (2 shipments still in queue at that time), but responded to me saying they shipped out the rest of the items already. Hmm... well, okay. Their Customer Service assured me that I can just return the items if they don't meet my expectations after I receive them.

Here comes the rest of the items - the same issues: defective, poor quality material & tailoring, not as pictured. Etc. Now, I opened a new ticket to start the return process which was two weeks ago. It took about 2 weeks of exchanging messages back and forth with their Customer Service before I finally shipped back the items yesterday. They asked me to send pictures of the defective items and so I did. They offered to give me $10 as compensation and keep my order. Of course not, I paid $214.56 and I want my money back. I do not want the items and I cannot even wear them so what am I going to do with all those clothes. And seriously, $10 compensation for $214.56 worth of clothes? You have got to be kidding me.

After much deliberation, they told me they were going to refund me for the items I will be returning and they will put it to my ROMWE wallet. WHAT? First of all, please check with your customer first how they would like to be refunded whether thru this "wallet" or back to their original method of payment like their PAYPAL or credit card account. I actually got very mad at this point because it felt like they were dragging the entire process or return sooo long as if they don't want to accept returns. And when they finally agreed, they prefer to place the refund to their store wallet. They were presumptuous that the customer will just agree to that. So, I responded mad that I do not want my money in their so-called wallet but back to my PAYPAL Account. After that, I have not heard back from them. I have sent 6 messages already and nothing... no response...

So, I returned the clothes yesterday, Monday 4/24 and it is expected to get to their NJ warehouse on Thursday, 4/27. My other dilemma is I have not received a response since Sunday 4/23. I have sent 6 messages already and they have not given me any response yet. Their return process is ambiguous so please consumers, beware buying from their website!

Don't do it. Leave site now, and don't look back.
The first time and second time I ordered from, I had made the purchase before checking any reviews. Even before checking the reviews, I had very low expectations, due to the cheap prices. After the reviews, my expectations were even lower. Both times, I received the order just after four weeks, but I didn't mind, I wasn't in a rush. Tracking the order was not easy though, because the link didn't actually direct me to the right shipping site. Still, I didn't mind. The first order, I received my two dresses, were of the caliber I was expecting. One of them had a hole in it. No problem. I sewed it. The sizing seemed off for both orders, but I passed it off as perhaps I had measured incorrectly.

Now my third order... I ordered 4 dresses. Before anything was shipped, I was informed that one of the dresses was out of stock, and I was asked if I wanted a refund or if I would rather pick another item. I opted to pick another item- I chose a swimsuit. The swimsuit cost less than the dress- they did not refund the difference. I contacted them twice about the difference in price, but did not receive a response. It wasn't a HUGE difference in price, I eventually gave up- I decided that it wasn't worth the fight. No big deal.
Then, one of the other dresses I chose- the photo for that dress in "My Orders" magically changed to a photo of a completely different dress. I had chosen this dress specifically because it covered my legs. The new photo that they replaced the old photo with is a mini dress, but has a sheer fabric going to the ankles. The top of the dress is completely different as well. I had taken a screenshot of my order shortly after purchasing (intuition?), so luckily I was able to compare the before and after. Definitely not the same dress, although the SKU number is the same.
I contacted several times about this issue, before it was shipped. I was not demanding that I get the dress in the original photo. I was merely asking that they exchange the item for another item before it is shipped (after explaining that the photo was changed).
They shipped it anyway without exchanging the item. I spoke to someone on their live chat, I was told there was nothing they could do.
I spoke to someone else on their live chat, I was told to submit a ticket. I submitted a ticket, and I am waiting for their response. Based on the reviews, and's general attitude and false advertising, submitting this ticket will most probably be pointless. The item has already shipped, and I assume that it will be a huge ordeal (along with the cost of shipping it back), in order to receive something that I will actually wear.
I consider myself to be a patient person, I don't sweat the small stuff. I am not high maintenance, nor do I have unreasonable expectations. And I still advise anyone and everyone that is contemplating ordering from, to leave the site and don't look back. I am not saying this out of irritation, or frustration, because I have chosen not to feel either of those emotions. But, even if you are patient, have a laid-back personality, and have the lowest of low expectations, it is still not worth it. Save yourself the time, energy, and money. Do yourself a favor, exit the site before ordering, and do not question whether you should have tested it out.
Let this review counter the little voice in your head that says "Oh, but maybe I should try it anyway. The prices are so cheap. It might be okay".

I'm here to say, don't do it, leave the site now, and don't look back.

"ships in 24 hours" should read "ships in 13 days, MAYBE
I ordered items all with the label "ships in 24 hours," and even paid for express shipping. After 3 days with no word of the items shipping, I began communicating with ROMWE about my options and where my order could be. said September is a busy season for them so the warehouse is backed up. (Please let me know what holidays requiring an excess of young women's clothing are in September, I'd love to know.) Their communication back to all of my "tickets," were vague and didn't answer my questions regarding refunds. I eventually gave up and have yet to receive my items. Going on 14 days now with no items... 24 hours-HAH!


ROMWE customer service has emailed me and requested I change my review into a more positive one including requesting that I change my two stars to three. I replied and told them that simply because my order arrived, does not mean any of their mistakes are corrected. The items I chose all had a "ships in 24 hours" logo next to it and the fact is they did not ship until days later. When I began communicating with them via their ticket system after realizing my items had not shipped for at least THREE days, I was not able to get a clear answer for any of my questions after several ticket transactions. In response to their email requesting that I alter my review, I asked them not to respond and that I would not change my review, however, they replied anyways still requesting that I change this review. Since they had to ask me again after I requested they leave me alone entirely, I am dropping the original two stars I left to one star. I have since blocked their email from my account. Good luck to anyone planning to use this company!

Would come back, very happy.
After placing an order on, and then reading many negatives reviews about sizing, shipping, customer service and quality, my expectations were definitely very low! However I can honestly say I am beyond impressed with Romwe after my first experience, and here's why.

SHIPPING: I am in Australia, I placed an order on a Friday afternoon, and received my package to my door the NEXT FRIDAY! I paid no shipping as my order was over $100 and received it in 1 week! Cant complain about that especially from China. 5/5 for shipping. Everything was packaged nicely as well.

CUSTOMER SERVICE: After I placed my order I received an email immediately from and another email as soon as my order was shipped.

SIZING: I am not sure whether I got very lucky because I know a lot of people have a trouble with clothes being too big or too small but for me all my 9 items I ordered fit perfectly. I ordered my usual size which is a small or a 8/10 AUS size and even the one size items fit perfectly as well. I did order a size up in the hoodie, because I wanted it slightly bigger, and that fits perfectly. So pretty happy with that considering I was worried about things not fitting.

QUALITY: I must be honest and say I was very surprised by the quality. All my items were very decent quality, well made and all the fabrics were lovely and way better than I thought would be. Pretty comparable to many clothes stores in Australia.

Overall very happy with 9 items for $103, cant complain at all and I will ordering again.
I guess be weary about what you choose to buy, and make that judgment before and if your bigger than a size a typical small/medium then the 'one size' option probably wont fit. But I recommend giving it a shot, because I am happy with my order.

Disappointed to say the least.
I ordered on March 23rd and my items didn't ship until the 28th, which is when I received my tracking number, and that was all good. 5 days for processing was fine by me, the tracking number worked and all of that was good. I received my items today, the 7th of April, so it was about 10 days since the package was shipped, and because of Easter, I didn't receive any mail over the weekend. So, 10 days, including weekends, for my items to be shipped from China to Canada. Shipping was painless, and that's where the good stops.

When I opened up the package, right away I could tell that the "one-size fits all" 'sweaters' we're very not one size fits all. One of the 'sweaters' depicted as a crew neck style sweater was not even a sweater at all. The material was listed as polyester which I thought would be okay but what I received was not anything like the picture.The material is very shiny and not a sweater at all but a thin, almost shirt like material, nowhere near what a crew neck sweater should be and certainly not like the picture. Way too small and badly made. The second sweater I ordered was also very thin and way too small as well. The material was better but not the quality that I was expecting. The title of the item stated it as being "loose" the only way that could see it as being lose is if it was on a very small child or my dog. I measured myself to make sure the item would be okay, since I am wary about one-size items and based on those measurements, would have fit comfortably.

I will not be buying from Romwe again. I was so excited for this order and I am disappointed to say the least. The only saving grace was that I had a 60% off code for my first order and this will be the last order I ever make on Romwe.

I don't care to read an automated response and go through the hassle of returning my items, I will simply not be ordering from this company ever again. And tell others to stay away.

Clothes for miniature people - and dishonest support team!
Edited to add: Romwe did contact me to try to fix the issue, but I've decided to just keep the tops and donate the pants to charity. The reason I've decided not to just let them fix this issue is because of the response I received from them, which looks like the response they've posted here, except also include, "Maybe it is a little offensive, but would you please do the favor for us to remove or revise the comment as well as star ratings into positive one on That is really important for our company's development." Romwe: You are correct, this is offensive and unacceptable. If you want to improve your company's development, market the clothes you sell in sizes that your customers are accustomed to. What you are selling would be considered petite size in the US.

I would guess that all the positive comments here are shills or people who they've asked to edit their reviews. Because of this, I have downgraded the review to one star.

Original review:
These clothes do NOT come as pictured and the sizing is not true to the measurements they list on their own site. It appears they take these designs from other sites and make the clothes to the closest replication that they can get, because they are not what is pictured. They are often not very on the mark. All of the tops I ordered I can technically wear, but they don't fit the same as the pictures. I even ordered larger than I should have and stuff still fits snugly. I'm a size 6 and a small or medium top in the US. These clothes don't fit me. One of the long sleeve tops looks like the sleeves are 3/4 length and it is supposed to be very long. It was supposed to be tunic length and it covers only my waist. And then there are the pants! Don't even bother with the pants. I measured myself carefully since it was in centimetres and I wanted to be sure it was correct and then ordered based on that. I could have ordered the largest size, XL and I think they still would have been too small. I didn't expect that these clothes would be top quality, based on the prices, but I did expect them to match up to their own sizing charts. Even at this price they are unacceptable. I gave two stars since I will probably wear the stuff that fits okay, but I will not order again and do not recommend to anyone. I have submitted a ticket through their customer service, we'll see what happens.

Out my point of view, prices are not product related
Out my point of view, prices are not product related.
(not sure if i am allowed to do what i am going to do, but-)
I compared two pair of similar shorts: /> And*******597.html
Obviously, they're VERY similar but not the same(in this case)
ASPECT: I'd rather buy the wholesale ones because seem alittle bit better printed(assuming you'll get what you see)
PRICES: Romwe's ones are 30$ while W020 has them for 7$(let's say shipping makes it double the price, like 14$/15$)
-even like that, it's half the price.
**Had to mention, the Romwe ones are probably Romwe "brand" but I can guarantee they're no better than "no-name".

Then again:

But wait, there's more /> And*******023.html

**Out my experience with W020, I bought two pairs of shoes, creepers. One pair was bad quality, but exact thing as the picture & the other was impresive good, as the photograph aswell.
NOTE: Romwe seems more like a trend&fashion store nowadays, which i believe is. But in between the good stuff they also have some low quality things.
Depends on what you pick maybe?
Per ansamble, Romwe is good! I sympathize it pretty much, though why not get something at same quality cheaper?
(yeah i know the risks on wholesales but i say risk! With small orders)

I SAY: disagree with me, prove me wrong 'cause I don't mind. What I've said there is out my experience but if you got something to mention go ahead: D
(also, i may have mistaken stuff, sorry if so)

I have mixed feelings but I lean more on the good side-haven't given up on it yet.
The Bad
I ordered 4 items. 3 hoodies, and a t-shirt. I am a small/medium size (depending) and I typically like my hoodies to be at least a medium. I'd rather them be bigger and comfy than snug. It's partly my fault I didn't take into more careful consideration before buying them that two of them said "one-size". I did see this before I bought them but I expected, since only came in one size, they would come in a bigger size. Probably a medium or large, since those are good in-between sizes. Boy was I wrong! There's no way I could wear those hoodies. They would fit a 9-12 year old girl. What in the world?! I mean, it's fine if they only have one size of a product, but at least say what size it is! I'm not shopping for middle schoolers here! I'm not returning them cause I don't want to go through that trouble, but I definitely want to figure out a way to sell them to someone else so I can get some money back. So far they've just been hanging in my closet doing nothing. It also took the items almost a month to get to me. Maybe 3 ish weeks? That was a little irritating. But I understand some things just take longer to ship.
ALSO one more thing--I noticed some of the picture of the models wearing the clothes are very obviously photoshopped. Sometimes they look really bony, their arms are oddly long, their boobs look too pushed up and the overall picture just looks like someone either smoothed it out or you can see pixelated areas where it was tampered with. I've seen a couple of picture where it looks like someone just pasted a design onto the model's body. As if the clothing didn't actually exist only the design. I'd be worried for anyone who ordered that dress.

The Good
The other hoodie I ordered did have a size option and I got a small. It looked like it would be bigger judging by the picture but it was just a tad more snug than I hoped. But I'm not complaining because it turned out fine. I just misjudged the picture which happens when you order things from online. The T-shirt I ordered is fine as well. I really like the T-shirt. I also, I had accidentally ordered two of one item and was able to write a ticket and get my money back. They put it back in my "wallet" which I think is nice. They got back to me really fast so I was pleased with that. Also, I love their discounts. The 4 items I ordered all cost about $70 with a coupon (can't remember how much it was). Even though I can't wear the two hoodies I ordered, they would have been perfect if they were the right size. And I just kept thinking, I wouldn't have been able to get all these items for as low as $70 if I were at a different store. I like how the shipping is not overpriced either.

I also just recently ordered a dress for a total of $18 (shipping included)that I'm really excited about. I'm really hoping it turns out ok. A little worried it might not but we'll see. Crossing my fingers it'll get here before a wedding I'm going to this weekend. Doubt it will but ya never know haha.

Pretty good!
Alright so I ordered two shirts and a skirt from Romwe. Despite being shipped from China and paying for the cheapest shipping available, my order arrived in 12 days from the day I placed my order, so I was very pleased with the shipping.
One of the shirts I ordered was very nice quality, though it did smell a bit funky (nothing a wash couldn't take care of, of course). The skirt was also pretty nice, though I thought the fabric would be a something more like cotton based off of the picture, but it was a bit of a thicker, stiffer material, but it's not big deal to me. The second shirt I got was a good bit different from the way it looked on the site. I figured it would be some kind of sheer material, but it ended up being kind of like the inside of a sleeping bag, and the fit was really weird. I figured out that the way had positioned the shirt in the picture was done in such a manner that it looked different from how it would look on a real person, no matter the body type. The fit was pretty weird too, as the fabric had absolutely zero stretch, yet was completely straight on the torso, leaving it really baggy around my stomach and really tight on my hips, considering I'm pretty curvy. It was a one-size shirt, but even on someone with a slim, non-curvy frame, it would probably look like a tent. So yeah, not too crazy about that shirt, but the other shirt was absolutely awesome and I like the skirt as well!

One feature I wish they had was an option to review a particular piece of merchandise, because I may have been able to see that the fit of the shirt was different than what the picture made it look like and I would have bought something else.
Another thing I was disappointed in was the lack of free shipping, as every other online clothing shop I have purchased from has free shipping.

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