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So I was a very devoted roblox player/aspiring developer and then this happened.
So I was a very devoted roblox player in my youth, and spent quite a lot of money in roblox and had been playing roblox at the time for over 3-4 years so knew all the rules or most of the important ones basically.
I was trying to make and develop a game at the time from the ashes of my previous group that didn't end well.
So I basically spent tons of robux in the game and still had a few thousand when an unfortunate event occured. So through my continuously long hour spent on developing(It may also be good to point out that I use many uncopylocked games to examine and expand on the coding Roblox use and also for map ideas)
I went and played a few games (on roblox) for a whole day to rest and the next few days when I finished making my gun model which I have to say was very high poly and was the first proper gun I have ever made and when i say it took me days, I mean it!
I equipped it my inventory and for the past few days right after or around two days after that one day rest, it would be good to mention i have been trying to upload my newer version of my development game to roblox the console would always state errors so after putting my gun in the players inventory I went to log onto the game and found out that I was banned.

I was banned for absolutely no reason, like really no good valid reason (In my case) so of course like any normal person I tried to appeal and the sadest things was that a few days ago I just invested more into the game so basically no refund for me.

But when I appealed the roblox appeals department a guy named "Anthony" basically told me to take a hike, and that they weren't going to unban me saying that I put inappropriate content in my games, btw first of all I only had a few games available for everyone to play and all of them were my broken games so they was no way that that could be the reason. Second of all I got no warnings (no email just nothing) to tell me to remove or delete the inappropriate content, I would have if i did, and they could state which game it was so i know which one to delete or remove, and if I did I get any sort of warning i was basically developing for a whole week so i would have never seen it and i am pretty sure roblox has their ways to see that.

Last thing I would like to say is why would I ever do something like that on what was at the time my main roblox account while first of all clearly knowing the rules, and have been coding for months but also creating models for years and go on to spend even more money in the game. I thought as a paying customer at the time that they would at least give me a chance to fully explain myself which they didn't even allow me or care enough to do, this basically shows how greatttt their customer service department for appeals is. Literally what they did was state my offense after my appeal and when I gave them what i saw as a valid response even now after reading it again, and what he basically said was that he was not going to continue with this conversation and please don't appeal this again.

So please please please I urge people especially if they are young not to spend to much money on a game like this because as a child you won't exactly be treated well or fairly and it would be insanely hard for you to come up with an argument against their decisions that they see as viable and also to watch out for uncopylocked games as they could get you banned, like me.

My account name was, Kenko15

Listen... Everyone here is just- misreading everything.
Everyone is blaming roblox for scams and all that. WELP, you think its roblox's fault that you get scammed? It isnt at all, its your own fault- the PARENTS fault, about not addressing the kids to not fall for these kinds of things.
Secondly, Roblox said that people like to "swear" and there are Online Daters. WELL, didn't you also know. There is an option which DISABLES chat- yep, you heard me right; DISABLES. There is a thing called parent controls(how these people don't even know...), which gives a million choices for your kids safety, including disabling inappropriate and rude content; and all that other stuff which is bad for younger kids.
Next, I know hackers are a problem, but most of the time. Do you even THINK that roblox can monitor EVERY. SINGLE. GAME? Listen people. Hackers are very often in roblox, but every once in a while. They will ban or even delete their account for exploiting. Even hackers that steal your money and all that, I'm just saying. Maybe it IS true that sometimes Roblox doesn't address the problem correctly, but hackers that steal your robux and all that, you will get a refund. One day.
Lastly, I see A LOT of reviews saying that a lot of their money sometimes suddenly dissapears and stuff like that, but you shouldn't blame it all on roblox. Its your own fault that you gave your children the ability to use money from your bank. The child probably DOESN'T EVEN KNOW that they are using real money. Its the parents own job to monitor the kids.
And for those things about hackers changing passwords and all that, Roblox cannot deal with it, so its better not to blame them, but if you really want to quit. Then just quit.
So, to all you people out there, I hope you understand and can address the situation a little bit better. Thank you.

Watch your purchases/awful customer service
My daughter loves roblox. I am not keen on the game at all, but I occasionally play with her. She enjoys it. Most of the time, we are playing "adopt me". She enjoys collecting pets and creating her own character and home. I decided to purchase her the guardian lion in the lunar new year adopt me world. It was 500 robux. I was prompted to make the purchase, so I purchased 800 robux, and the guardian lion was supposed to be deducted from that total. The page to purchase after entering my information and confirming it continued to load repeatedly. Eventually, it stopped loading, as it would when a purchase is complete. However, she received no robux and no guardian lion on her account. I checked my purchase history on my Xbox one and it showed the purchase, as did my Chase bank app. I was charged immediately but had no robux or pet. So I used their customer service request form explaining the problem. I got numerous auto responses before getting someone that asked for information I already provided in the request form. I sent all relevant information. I received another email stating Roblox needed a screenshot of the transaction receipt, so I attached both the receipt from my Xbox and the transaction from Chase bank. I was specifically told to respond and attach to the email I had been in contact with. I sent off my response only to receive an auto response stating that they no longer support direct messages to that email address and I needed to use the support form... excuse me but what? I was incredibly frustrated at this point, and used the support form again. Mind you, it has been 8 days since I requested help. I attached all relevant screenshots, and included my information for Xbox, roblox, email address, etc. I received a response from Caiden that said he checked my account and the robux were accurately applied. I logged into Xbox yet again, checking my daughters account. She has 55 robux from a previous purchase, and no guardian lion. At this point, I am so angry and disgusted with a children's game that is casually stealing from them, and have the nerve to imply I am lying for a 10 dollar transaction? I sent a response to his useless email implying I am a liar trying to get free digital currency for my daughter. I will never spend another cent on this hideous game. My daughter is welcome to play, but I caution anyone using this game to watch your purchases. If a mistake happens, even if it is their fault, you will receive no help from their so called "support" team. Your only possible course of action will be contacting your bank or credit card and disputing the transaction.

I'm an adult user, who stood by what was right, and...
I'm an adult user, who stood by what was right, and just. I desired to protect the children on that site. Roblox are very fraudulent, and their terms of service is designed to trap you. "What ever the moderators deem in their sole discretion to be wrong, or unfit." Is Roblox Safe for Kids? Not Sure So I Blocked It

(Note - I have an update to this post after a conversation I had with Roblox's CEO David Baszucki on Friday October 2,2009. He was very professional, but Roblox is still blocked for my 9 and 7 year old kids)

We were over a good friend's house the other day and their kids were really into this online game called Roblox. So while at their house I let my two kids start accounts because it looked to me like it was owned by Lego (I found out later on it is not). The kids played around with Lego like characters in sparse environments and generally looked like they were having a good time. Both kids provided my email and I received one back fairly quickly. Things seemed simple enough until today...

My security system on my son's laptop kept flashing a warning about it not being Parental Safe. So once I figured out what my password was, I realized that it was not the site itself but the URLs from the advertising that was being served. (ROBLOX FAIL)
I've been buying online advertising since 1998 so I started to get worried. The ads were being served by your typical ad networks and the ads themselves didn't seem kid friendly. In fact a lot of ads were from Verizon and AT&T. Then I thought to myself - cookies...
As this screen shot shows the top 728x90 banner ad hasRoblox the name Chicken7578 which my son kept saying that's his friend's name so that it must be his friend's ad. Once I saw that, I clicked on the ad but it was blocked by Bit Defender (my security system). (ROBLOX FAIL). Seems a little bit of a stretch that was his friend's account, but I've seen worse in online advertising and I know that can be done in Facebook so why not Roblox... speaking of social networking
I reviewed what Roblox is and it is a moderated game/forum where user's can generate games. Sure it claims it meets Government restrictions for being kid privacy safe (1998 COPPA) but as opposed to liberal minded folks that think bureaucrats in Washington can determine what works for the masses, I don't; especially when you view that game right in the middle of the homepage (ROBLOX FAIL)
User generated game content means that well you are never sure what will pop up. Like this game entitled "Can You Blow Up The Eiffel Tower? - Nuke". That's not something I want my little kids playing or even seeing - especially surrounded by a suspicious looking banner ad that looks like it is using a friend's account in the ad. (ROBLOX FAIL)
When I examined the sign up process againRoblox2 I realized there are no real confirmation checks to get parental permission. Your kid can open up a moderated account without your permission. BTW - that Blow up Eiffel Tower game still appeared on the home page for an account not confirmed.
Finally, this isn't a game built by a company you know has a track record for being kid friendly. It uses Lego looking avatars but has nothing to do with Lego. Their About Us link has very minimal information which again worries me. Google only turned up info that they are funded by a venture capital firm and angel investors - again not a big return on searches. (ROBLOX FAIL)
Is Roblox safe for your under 13 year old kid? Well I uninstalled the game and left it on the block list. That user generated game about blowing up the Eiffel Tower surrounded by suspicious looking banner ads was enough for me. Throw in that they try to look like Lego, I can't find out much about them online (other than Googling Roblox Sucks), and they stand behind a Government Act as why they are child privacy safe was too much for me. This was a review as close to perfected as I can find. Link: To elaborate on this, not only do they fail at age verification, but they DO NOT care to moderate anything that happens there, unless it happens to be an innocent person, reporting pedophile activity, in which the pedophiles are still on there, and I am banned with no reason, or offensive item, or any reason, other than that they cover their own rears for wrongful banning through the TERMS OF SERVICE they so readily abuse! David Baszucki, the CEO has a red colorful criminal history, and even though the wiki got rid of one shameful act to protect him, it still can be found if you type as follows: David Baszucki Arrested on charges of using BUILDERS CLUB MEMEBERSHIP profits, or money made with membership purchases to PURCHASE COCAINE! It is a public record! So to all parents, there's the kind of man so deceitful you trust with your kids! If he is that inept, how could anyone still let that site stand?

Good, but could be better
Pros: Roblox is a great platform for people to create games for people to enjoy. Most of the games are fun, and the genres run the gamut from obstacle courses, to roleplay, to tycoons, to simulators, and much more so it's easy to find the kind of games you prefer. Robux, the premium currency, is moderately expensive- not too bad but not too good. VIP servers are available for Robux, which means that if you want to play a game solely with friends or siblings you can get a private server and just play with the other people you invite. You can also play on a private server by yourself, which makes it easier to build up your character without getting bugged, which is especially helpful for games that include PVP. Most* players are generally likeable, they're just there to play the game the same way you are.

Cons: Bullying is a major problem, and most reports aren't taken seriously or even acknowledged. It's even a running gag among the badly behaved players on the site, most of them taunt newer players with something along the lines of "What are you going to do? Report me? Roblox never do anything when people are reported." Swearing is actually pretty easy to do around the filter, which is either over-secure or not secure enough. My little sister went to say the word "cat" in one game and it blocked it, but she can tell people how old she is and where she lives in other games. The filter isn't the same throughout every game.

Many higher level players are either rude to newer players, or are constantly bombarded by newer players especially in games where trading items is an option. A lot of people jump onto these games for the first time and just expect people to give them stuff so that they don't have to work as hard.

Spammers run rampant, often tricking younger kids into those phony websites that "give you free Robux" but which really just take your password and give those people access to your account. Little kids are especially prone to these people, and again reporting usually does nothing. They pop up in most games.

There is no regulation for what creators can and can't do when it comes to the prompts to buy premium items in their games. I've began playing several small games but quickly stopped when prompts kept popping up on screen asking me to buy such and such item or donate X amount of robux. This can get very distracting and takes away from the game experience, but it's pretty much allowed since games are pretty much run solely by their creator/ creator's friends and they get ultimate control.

Overall, if Roblox became more centralized it would operate a lot more smoothly and it would be a much better experience. A platform-wide moderating and administration system would be very beneficial to all of the players that are just trying to enjoy themselves. Roblox has the potential to be great for everyone, but it needs a bit more work to get there.

Not a good game at all.
This game is not child appropriate. I am a mother of a teen and he is very honest with me, and I'm proud of that. He said that there was to much swearing, to much sexually dirty jokes and inappropriate hints at sexual abuse.

So, I took matters in to my own hands and made an account on Roblox to see what he was talking about.

I knew that if I was a 'noob' that I would be ignored. So, I bought the package with 2,000 robux and something called builders club.

I found a few items that looked appealing and joined a game.

The first thing I see when I join in on the chat was 'dirtyxx$#*!'.
I see people dressed as if Roblox were strippers. I sat around at the spawn point where everyone seemed to hangout and had someone walk up to me.

He said I looked cute, and I told him ''How do you know?"' And he said he had to go, and left the game.
I seen people always using the winky face ' ;)' and saying things like, 'she xy ;)' Or something worse.

Whe you looked to the side of the screen, you could do 'dances'. There was a dance called 'chill'. I pressed it and the emote allowed me to lay down with my avatars legs spread open. This made me uncomfortable when some guy used the winky face, he did the chill emote too, and he put his avatars legs in between mines.

I spammed the words 'Be kid friendly'.

To many people would talk about suicide, or hurting themselves.

I also encountered some cyberbullying and it made me very angry. There would be 'Pros' with that 'super super happy face' and some lava themed wings, calling a person wearing the free clothes a noob, and telling the new player that she was ugly, and stupid.

To be honest, the robux isn't worth it. I wasted $24.95 dollars just for 2,000 robux and builders club.

My review for this game are 0 stars. This game is so inappropriate, it's unbelieveable. I would not recommend this game for anybody.

The fact that you have to worry about your children being cyberbullied, or sexually abused ONLINE makes me angry.

I do not like roblox and I had my son erase his account. He was happy to do so. Do not like this game at all.

Doesn't get any worse than this. Stay away!

Roblox does not care about users
Good day,
I played Roblox for quite a while now, and I am not very happy about the game. Let's see what categories I criticize:

1. Money for Robux
2. Support
3. Community
4. Games in Roblox
5. Chat filter

1. Costs for Robux
I think many people will agree with me, when I say, that 4.99 Euro for 400 Robux is just too much. Just check the website for things you can buy with that amount. You can probably just buy (very) small game passes and Avatar stuff for your character. 4.99 Euro is really too much for this. And if we consider, that Roblox is mostly played by little kids (more in Community) who ask their parents for this expensive stuff, then I think Roblox price is nearly a scam.

2. Support
Everybody who contacted the Roblox support for 1 time in his life will know, that the Roblox support is one of the worst supports available. It just feels like you write with bots, not humans. They always give the same copy and paste answer that doesn't help you at all. It does not matter with how much detail you write your ticket, after 7 days of waiting you just get a crappy copy and paste answer that a bot could write faster than Roblox moderators.

3. Community
If you played Roblox, you will probably know, that Roblox is mostly played by 8-year-old kids on their smartphone. You just occasionally find somebody older than 15 in Roblox. If you do not want to play with 8-year-old kids who spent $200+ with their parent's credit card, then better do not play this game.

4. Games on Roblox
The front page of Roblox is complete trash most of the time. Just weird Anime games and other 8-year-old kid stuff. It's hard to find a game that is made for people over 10 years. "Adopt me" is a perfect example of a game made for 8-year-old girls whose parents pay for everything.

5. Chat filter
Like many other things on Roblox, also the chat filter is complete trash. It blocks nearly every message that you write. It also blocks completely random. Example: Sometimes if you write a number everything works fine, but other times the number will get blocked from the filter. Roblox does really everything that the parents of the 8-year-old kids think that the kid is "safe".

Final words:
Roblox is a money making machine that just wants to have the last bit of cash in your pocket. Roblox can be sometimes fun, but I would not recommend to start playing the game (just if you want to play crappy games with 8-year-old kids and spend $200 on crappy things). If you pay money for Robux you will regret it very soon.

Have a good day

Roblox is ruining everything
At first it seems fun but once you get more familiar with it, you realize how sad it all actually is. Roblox doesn't care about anyone's opinion. Every update just makes it all worse. Roblox are literally sucking the money from KIDS. I recently made my own group and once something started to happen, they announced about "new update" so basically you have to pay now 50 robux for uploading the item and 50 robux to put it on sale... excuse me? Do you all realize that small groups don't make as much money as big groups like Aesthetic Vibe? And it's literally impossible to pay off or moreover earn something from designing. But of course why would they care when it comes to money? Huh? Never enough? Moving on to exploiting and hacking. Exploiting in a game is a one thing, yes it's annoying sometimes and should be banned, but hacking is completely different! Hackers can just log in to your account with no problem and the "2 step verification " or " pin" NOTHING WILL HELP YOU! If they target you, then you're dead and if you have limited items which are REALLY hard to get, you will just lose everything. Once you email roblox support, they might help if it's all about small amounts of robux like lower than 100 000 rap but if you had more, oh god don't even try, roblox team won't even bother to help you. But why are we even surprised? We all know how hungry roblox is for money. Moving on to safe chat, ok I get the major part but please someone explain me what's wrong with numbers? Huh? If you're under 13 then you're not allowed to say or know numbers? What kind of a brain dead monkey came up with that rule? So in the end ROBLOX TEAM IS RUINING EVERYTHING AND ROBLOX IS ONLY FUN BECAUSE OF OTHER PEOPLE WHO CREATE GAMES, UGC, DESIGNS, GROUPS AND ETC... ROBLOX TEAM HAS NO IDEA WHAT "FUN" MEANS AND I HOPE EVERYONE STOPS PLAYING SO YALL FINALLY REALIZE AND START USING YOUR BRAIN.

ROBLOX has got some problems.
I'v been a player on ROBLOX since 2011 and I have watched it go down hill
Basically ROBLOX has issues with Online daters and Roblox don't care, The thing is, To be a online dater, you gotta use this virtual money, named roblox, You need to use actual money, that money is given to ROBLOX and Most of ROBLOX is online daters and they just reuse the formula of Online daters giving them money.
I'm gonna list some issues with the game.

1) Events
This year marks the last year of ROBLOX events and that would just be not nice to newer players of the game.

2) Online daters
I'v talked about them already.

3) Marketing
Much of the website claims To say "Be anything!"...

As long as you have robux and a credit card
The website sure needs money but most of there money either comes from online daters or Builders club (Builders club unlocks other special things)
So What point would ROBLOX have to make expensive items but still get thousands of Dollars, Pounds, Euro, Etc.

4) How ROBLOX is just not safe

ROBLOX is "PG Friendly" But the issue with that is you can still find games that include Sex, Violence, Etc. The main Problem is that it still has a PG rating, along with a Black list filter that is really unfair with what things you can say, You cant say numbers unless you're 13+ (But even then if the other person you're talking to is Under 13 they cant see the numbers you said), A lot of Words are black listed and are really stupidly picked, You couldn't say meet so If you told you're friend "Hey, Lets meet in that game" then it would look like this "Hey, Lets #### in that game" And still it would rather look wrong or would be strange, ROBLOX is marked as social and making friends but with a Black list filter that's complete crap, then the game doesn't have a full social stance, This is because of Public and news black lash but the thing is ROBLOX doesn't care, They still get popularity. ROBLOX wants to be more modern with there new updates but that also comes with a issue that some people won't like the updates.

I Would not recommend it but I still think there are good parts to ROBLOX.

Roblox is fun, but otherwise can be very bad.
Roblox is a fun game, it is not so harmful to kids like the media describes it.
For a person that has played roblox for 3 years it is fun, but i'm not saying everything is. You see, roblox for people like me can get very bland at times due to the amount of originality the website has. No originality at all. Games like simulators are the worst as all you do is click or repeat an action, and that isn't even a simulator. Roblox moderation is also total bull crap. People can get banned for the worst reasons and can even get banned for no reason at all! And roblox doesn't even pay attention to the community and only interacts with it a tiny bit. If you wont your son or daughter to find a fun game, this is ideal but there is exceptions, Roblox can prefer other things. But you must monitor them closely as sometimes they can do inappropriate things on the platform. However this does not occur commonly, so the website is not a bad place for children. But naive children are especially vulnerable to scams and sketchy predators. Many people will try to scam players and steal all their progress and just leave it. And they do it just for the sake of it, as a person who has been scammed by these people, I can confirm they just take your account and then leave it. They just do it and leave it. Disgusting. And plus, even if you try to retrieve your account roblox won't even bother. Other than that, roblox is a great place for children, they can play games or make games and even learn to code. But usually games end up like bland simulators or an unoriginal cash grab game. Many kids are unaware of what is actually happening in roblox. The virtual currency in roblox is called robux, and can be used to buy certain upgrades or accessories to their avatars. But sometimes they use it for other reasons. Sometimes people will use robux to look attractive on the website and sometimes people will bully other people for not having robux. And also, roblox is a very hateful platform. There are many toxic people on the website who are very mean, arrogant and naive. They usually tend to insult people by calling them noob, and they have a very bad temper. Many users on roblox usually tend to hack the website by using hacks to give them great advantages in game, making it very unfair to other fellow players.

So overall, I wouldn't really recommend this game if you want to have a fun time interacting with the community, but roblox can be fun sometimes. You can make friends, lasting for months and they can become very loyal, but sometimes you can get scammed, insulted and all bad stuff that happens on online platforms.
2 stars.

Just my opinion
I think Roblox is a relatively safe and good game. In my four years of experience of playing Roblox, I have never seen any inappropriate or adult material in Roblox, to be honest, the first time I have ever seen inappropriate material on Roblox was when I was casually scrolling through Youtube. First of all, for all the "responsible" parents out there, if your child finds 18+ games that's because she or he had searched specifically for it. Roblox deletes adult-related material almost immediately and usually within a few hours. If your child is actively searching for inappropriate games on Roblox, I am more inclined to believe that it's the parent's fault for not protecting or restricting the child. Otherwise, how would a child find adult games which are nowhere near the front page, have only a handful of players, censored titles, and have only been up for a few hours if not minutes? On a side note, I have also brought gift cards for Roblox on multiple occasions on REPUTABLE websites and every single time I have received the money I paid for. I highly doubt that Roblox would rip someone off of a few dollars to ruin their reputation. In addition, there was a time where I got locked out a new account I made for my cousin as his birthday present. I had let him choose his own username and password, then I purchased some Robux on it. Unfortunately for some reason, he couldn't log in to his account the next day. We couldn't reset the password either because he had not attached an email or phone to his account yet. I contact Roblox using their Customer service system and in two days Roblox responded back. After giving valid information, they gave us back the account with a week (it was actually four days). Therefore I conclude, Roblox is a decently good site.

P.S. It's not a Roblox's, or any company, the responsibility to refund money on unauthorized purchases. Also, please read the damn terms and services and do some research before greeting us readers with your appalling and ridiculous reviews.

Some people hate Roblox JUST because of the toxic people...
Ya, so basically people say that Roblox is bad because of the hackers, bullies, exploiters or those kind of people. And Roblox blame ROBLOX on that, not the people. That's just extremely unfair! They also say that if you're under 13 you can't chat, trade or other things and apparently, that's ageist for some people. To be honest, that's just trying to keep your mind innocent and prevent you from being groomed or anything else bad. People also say that when buying Robux, their number gets saved and there are additional charges which don't exactly make sense. I know a lot of people who buy Roblox and there are no additional charges. My guess is their kid just remembered the number and used your money. There's also these people who say that when you report someone the moderators don't do anything cause they're lazy. But think about it, there are more than one million people playing this game, and that would mean quite a handful of people would've been reported, AND the moderator team is quite small. It shouldn't surprise you it might take a while for the Roblox team to get your message!
Removing Tix: I perasnally wasn't in the Roblox community back then, but I know Tix was kinda like a cents to dollars. Ten Tix were worth one robux. When Roblox removed Tix, people said they were greedy and wanted money. That COULD be true except there is a bare chance. As some of you know, whenever someone joined your game, you would get a certain amount of Tix. These days, there were botted games that would've allowed you to accumulate a bunch of 'players,' which are mostly just bots. Then, you'd get Tix for basically just that, and that's unfair. Roblox probably just knew that this was going to happen along with many other possibilities, so that's why they probably removed Tix. Also, they were very open about it, too. They wrote an entire post about it, and said in 30 days Tix would be removed. They even made an event. They were very patient about this and they didn't just say: "Oh yah, so you now have a day to convert your Tix to Robux or your Tix will go bye bye!" 0
Mind you that, these are just a few.
Also, I don't mean to stir any hate but I hope while reading this you will see a better version of Roblox, not just what some people see it as. My overall review for this is that the community has been ruined by bots, 'toxic people,' and those who can't seem to be able to grasp the truth.

A Thorough Review of ROBLOX for Adults
The free platform ROBLOX is renowned as a website in which individuals of a large quantity of ages socialize and communicate. However as this occurs many parents ponder if the website is suitable for their children. As this website is directed towards the vicinity of ages 6-10, many of the reviews are uninformative and questionable. Many individuals simply have the deliberation of others believing their opinion rather an overall basis. As you would find it favorable, it is my intent to define a number of issues while regarding the website. Please note that I am not directly associated with ROBLOX or any of its affiliates.

Prior to its release in 2006, ROBLOX's erection begun in 2004, being established by David Baszucki and Erik Cassel. Originally it was intended to be titled "Dynablox" however that was altered. The deliberation of ROBLOX was a hub in which users could erect games, obbies, and much more. While it was not associated with the learning of comprehension of coding, it did permit one to use a modified version of Lua, a coding language. These games are supposedly used to power imagination, though many use this feature to plagiarize content. Eventually however ROBLOX altered itself from a educational platform to a business standard.

ROBLOX is a cross-platform, permitting usage on any Windows device, PC, Mac, Xbox 1, and most phones and mobile constructs, however many active players stated that the most innovative experience is on the average house computer.

Another controversial feature is the chat system. The chat feature was established in early 2007 as a way to socialize with other individuals and befriend them. Many games such as "Adopt Me" or "Robloxian Highschool" are dependent on this, as roleplaying games might be perceived as pointless as you cannot communicate, and essentially cannot "play" the game. You may use this on any platform with the disclusion of Xbox 1, which was removed so ROBLOX could maintain a E10+ rating from the ESRB. While generally this is neutral commenting many individuals use this maliciously, which could negatively impact your child/children. Also to supposedly conserve time many speak with broken or incomplete sentences alongside with inaccurate spelling, punctuation, and grammar. For example, "I am going to visit the store." might be "i go to store". In a quantity of predicaments these children had developmental issues in their vocabulary that in some cases even affected adulthood. While you might accuse the other users of causing this, ROBLOX has not publicly noticed or responded to this issue. The peoples of ROBLOX are, like many toddlers, preteens, teenagers, and some adults cyberbullies. While ROBLOX attempts to filter this it is most often ineffective. For example, altering, removing, or adding characters that resemble "$h*!" or "dumb as" are uncensored. Despite the attempts of the chat filter in this dispute this issue seems unresolvable. Roblox would simply block what they deemed unacceptable with hashtags, though many individuals comprehend what they mean with the chat around it or the amount of hashtags. They also filter numbers as to prevent one from sharing their age, social security number, ec cetera, however you may avoid this filter by speaking in roman numerals. Acquainting that, they filter a questionable number of words that shouldn't be filtered regardless of how it is acted with, sexual words and names, and most language ROBLOX does not support. ROBLOX claims to consistently and relentlessly assess this predicament, however its efforts appear to be in vain. Most individuals state that the chat is "garbage" and "should be fixed".

As ROBLOX permits one to create attire, games, clubs, and much more, content may be perceived as sexual, unsuitable for young audiences, and much more. For example, when you alter your avatar's appearance you might find questionable clothing, depicting images such as blood, violence, and much more, occasionally including nudity. The next example of non-suitable content is "Adopt and Raise a Baby" is a roleplaying game in which you take the role of any family member of your choice or a pet. However, as a result of this online dating has become a popular occurrence in ROBLOX. Another example is "Murder Mystery 2" or "Murder Mystery X", with X meaning 10 in roman numerals. These games begin as you are randomly selected to be a sheriff, innocent, or murderer. As a sheriff, you acquire a gun at the start of a round, and you are to use that weapon to kill the murderer. If you die, innocents may move to your corpse and obtain the gun, altering their title to a hero. If you shoot an innocent both you and the innocent die. There is only one sheriff in a round. The innocent is simply instructed to deduce who the murderer is and avoid them. They may also describe them in chat. The final option is the murderer, who has a role that is self-explanatory. Kill everyone in the server assuming they do not reset their avatar before the vicinity of 3 minutes pass. They often hide their identity, though they often reveal themselves as a pose to committing a thing. There is only 1 murderer in a round. We might perceive this as the promotion of violence which is strictly prohibited by ROBLOX's policies. ROBLOX is quite aware of this predicament as "Murder Mystery 2" is one of the most renowned games on ROBLOX, with an accumulated 3.3 billion views as of writing.

As a free videogame, parents might ponder how ROBLOX sustains on the market. ROBLOX permits usage of gamepasses, boosts, microtransactions, and more with a substance known simply as "robux". To the average individual of the middle class, it might seem expensive. For example, the sufficiencies to admin gamepasses in tycoon games might be seen as absurd, with many being retailed for 1,000,000 robux. The quantity of 2,000 robux would require $24.99. For 1,000,000 robux it could cost as much as $24,950.00, which is over 22 times as much as the average american revenue one would make in half of a year, although economic values differ from state. There is also the accumulating threat of scamming, and as children aged between 3-7 are in a developmental stage in which they only apprehend their thoughts and deliberations, their minds are rather feeble. If they do not acquire robux, they may become desperate and due to this are typically easy to scam. Also, a child might use your credit card multiple times, being able to purchase up to $200.00 of robux in one transaction, you might be opposed by unpayable bills. Thankfully ROBLOX will refund the money that your child has not yet used.

In conclusion, ROBLOX is a good game. It is creative, innovating, and sometimes addicting. While I have not stated all of the issues in this predicament, I have explained many major issues. While it is very much dangerous, I believe it is suitable for any individual 13 or older. If you found this favorable, you may assist me by subscribing to my YouTube channel, Mr. Troublemeyer with this link. Do not mind your currency, it is retailed as a free purchase.

I wrote a one star review so these idiots can learn that roblox isnt all that bad.
I'll start with the good stuff.
Debunking claims first
1.the games are real fun and if you ask me, buying robux is not a scam and hey, it helps out to buy stuff. How else do Roblox make money? I dont think you can complain about that. If your stupid kid buys a buttload of robux without your consent, then that's THEIR and YOUR fault, not roblox's. You weren't supervising them and neither did the kid know what buying robux even does.
If roblox doesn't care about your situation then that's a different story.
2. uh, about hacking, scams and forgetting passwords, thats just something you'll either be stupid or sane enough to fall for or avoid. So yeah. Get a good password and dont be stupid enough to get scammed.
I dont get why people blame roblox for their own faults of getting hacked or scammed. I got scammed then hacked once - and it was of my own stupidity that i fell for it. Live and learn.
3. about inappropriate games that include things like sexual content or nasty stuff like that, roblox takes those down fairly quickly. How is it roblox's fault that they made that game? How are they supposed to stop it so fast?
Online dating is just. Whatever. They're just stupid kids roleplaying and thats that.
4. they have sex? So what? How is it roblox's fault that their players just like doing that ingame?
5. there are some really beautifully made showcase games that really push the boundaries of a lego game, and some real fun games to play. I love them.
6. predators? No worries, they're quite rare. Even if you do encounter one, just shoo them off. Be mature about it and stop whining to the reviews about it.
I mean it when i say actual predators. The majority of people who attempt to do sexual things ingame are just trolls looking for negative attention/backlash. Feeding into their acts only makes them continue doing it. Just ignore them and they'll get bored and run off.
7. bullies that constantly stalk and harass you? Block and ignore them. They get bored easily, and don't whine about it either. Like i said, be mature about it.
Ok yup thats all. Now the bad stuff. Lots of it.
1.the moderation system is GARBAGE. Roblox cant even give a crap about hacking and some scammers(scam bots are terminated quickly), yet they're slapping players' wrists for uploading memes or content that isn't even anywhere close to inappropriate. My sister once even got her account permanently terminated for the name deoxly'. Luckily she had her account restored after an appeal. It's also stupidly easy to exploit ingame - anyone with a computer could do it.
2. also, reports dont do anything. NOTHING. I mean roblox gets a lot of false ones anyways - i guess its hard for them to keep up. To be fair, they'd have to investigate every single one of the chat logs to find out if the report is legitimate. And with the large amount of false reports, i doubt they can really keep up with it anymore. I dont even know why the system exists.
3. i've also found countless accounts for the sole purpose of just adding people to then do sexual stuff with them, and roblox hasn't banned them for months, YEARS. And yet they spend their precious time banning people with gibberish names. For gods sake i once saw someone banned for saying hi'.
4.and about the chat filter players always complain about, it works just fine to protect kids from predators, some scams and rude people.
Otherwise it's pretty annoying. It can censor out words such as
Ok well for me too hoo small big hi hello for some reason
And just any kind of gibberish word. Meanwhile people find more and more ways to bypass the filter.
5. i find it quite odd that roblox continuously suspends this one game i like because of gore and the coronavirus being educated in there. Though, there are many other popular games with gore and dedicated to the virus, yet roblox lets them walk free.
So yeah. Bad moderation system.
6. i cannot give advice on customer service, as i have no experience in it besides when my sister had to email roblox to get her account back(they did).
Many people mostly complain about the customer service, so unfortunately i can't say whether or not it is as bad as they say it is.

Keep in mind though that these terminations are rare occasions. Most sex accounts are terminated fairly quickly - roblox just missed some i guess. And falsely terminated accounts can be easily appealed.
So overall, go play roblox if you havent already. Its fun, just be warned that their moderation system is crap.

The Positives and Negatives of Roblox
I enjoy Roblox and think it is a cool game, but it does have it's up and downs. Let's start off with the positives. One of the things I like about Roblox is that you can create your own game and can make it advanced and really cool and you can invite your friends to come play in your game. You can customize how your avatar looks like. You can earn lots of cool badges from games you can play. You can make your own online friends and so much more! Now let's talk about the negatives. A huge thing nowadays with Roblox, is the Chat system is CRAPPY. I remember one time, I was playing a game with one of my friends and I said mill, as in Lumber mill, but mill got moderated. I heard a rumor that someone got banned for saying "Hi" in the forums when Roblox existed, now that is just STUPID. Another thing I don't like is the reporting system. It's not very good. I remember someone was calling a girl player, "A noob" and so much more, in total by the end of the day, I have reported him 6 times. A few days later I went to see if he got banned, but he hadn't been banned. Another part that the system lacks is accuracy. So basically Roblox bans people innocent players that don't do stuff that isn't even wrong, but they leave a bunch a cyberbullies roaming around. Cyber Bullies are everywhere. These online bullies do stuff like false report people (reporting people for stuff they didn't do), make up lies and tell them to people, nag you, call you names, judge you for your age, making other peoples opinions look bad, and etc. It takes Roblox forever to actually do something about the situation and makes them seem like they just ignore reports. And Finally, Bad Influential games. A few examples are Murder Mystery, Jailbreak, Prison Life, The Normal Elevator, and Assassin. Those games could have an effect on children that makes them want to do what's inside the game, like to Steal and Murder, and that's not good for children. I almost forgot about online daters. Those ODers are a pain in the butt. They always seem to date everywhere they go. They can say some very inappropriate stuff! Personally I haven't had and]y experiences with the online daters, but I have seen them on YouTube videos doing bad stuff on them. That is my review from my own Roblox experiences.

Update: Now Roblox has really done it. They are constantly banning Roblox Youtubers even though the Youtubers aren't doing anything wrong. Like giving away card codes for free and that is ok with the new Terms of Service, but people are getting banned for that. A lot of players think Roblox is doing that for more money and I'm starting to wonder if that is the case too.

It is safe
In my opinion I think roblox is a educational and fun game in roblox u can make your own games and learn how to make models and code to make really awesome stuff some reviews say there is bad language in roblox but now in the year 2019 curse words are replaced with hashtags ---> # and it is almost impossible to bypass it and also pll have been saying there is sex in the game but that's because Roblox have dances and emotes (not in all games) and when u combine two it looks like your having sex but in most games the creators take those dances out so the chance is slim that u will run into that and pll say there is violence yes there is knifes and guns but nothing too too crazy there is no blood or gore it is pretty funny how they die because they dont bleed THEY JUST DO A BELLY FLOP ON TO THE FLOOR :D and pll say there is drinking and smoking but ive been playing roblox for 4 years almost half a decade and I have never seen any of that but one thing u have to worry about is online dating your kid might date on roblox and some times those pll can be pedophiles so u should go on there account every now and then then go to chat n party and if they talk about personal stuff then on chat n party click the 3 dots and go to profile then unfriend them. People also say there is cursing in it those reviews were from years ago before roblox had hashtags but now they do also numbers also become hashtags so u don't give out phone numbers or other personal stuff (also some reviews say there is bad laungage and the review was made this year those pll are lieing i dont know why but u can test it your self try to say a number or a curse word in roblox it will be tagged ---># do it in your own game tho so u dont get a possible ban) I think roblox is 100% safe for your kid

Incompetent Staffs
Let's face it, Roblox support is terrible. If one doesn't know that Roblox support is terrible from the reviews and youtube videos, then Roblox know it from personal experience. Any customer, player, or parent that has dealt with Roblox support knows how scripted and terrible their responses are, however, it wasn't always like this. Back in late 2009, Roblox used to ban players just for simply spamming "lol" or simple phrases in the chat and moderator notes for more serious inqueries were a lot more human and a lot less robotic and soulless. I understand that manually moderating players is quite a hazel to do and tedious, however, this isn't 2009 anymore and Roblox is now a multimilllion dollar company. One would think that a company of such size, popularity, especially amongst the kids, and networth, they would have just as much quality to back it up especially in "core sectors" or departments in their company. NO, they do not. If anyone remembers Roblox's twitch incident where the admins got a little too human, it really goes to show how the, now, ex-staff members really think of Roblox. Unlike the early times of Roblox where they actually listened to their playerbase and had consumer friendly practices, ever since they removed a free currency in their platform, tickets or "tixs," the focus has been shifted to making money. The platform's main target audience is children, so anyone else, that isn't an angry parent threatening to make bad PR, an influencer(like youtuber) or a known developer, then, you don't matter. As someone who has played Roblox since 3rd grade in elementary school, it's sad to see something that had so much potential waste away and lose its identity like this. Nearly every single update they've been putting out lately is targetted for more money or something that nobody asked for(like removing account statuses) and despite the negative feedback, they don't even listen to most of the developers on their forums anymore for input. Furthermore, their marketing and advertising is misleading to newcomers(showing anthro characters when nobody in roblox uses them) and whether purposefully or notit goes to show how disconnected they are to their community. Lastly, I'm also here because they terminated one of my accounts under suspicion that it's compromised and despite providing as much proof as I could, emailing them on all the emails I had linked on it, account details, and etc, of course, I get the scripted response and a vague rejection. Call this review a rant but I hate the people that works in Roblox support and development. This game has lost all my respect, and it's lost its identity, to which, it's clear that they are only focused on making more money now. Stay away from this game, it has no soul and certainly doesn't appreciate the many developers that try to put some soul in their games on their platform because Roblox is basically EA the second.

What has this game become?
Long ago (Like 10 years ago), Roblox was a good community, you could easily make friends, just by saying "Wanna be friends?", everyone looked the same, so you couldn't be judged by your look, Tix, or Tickets, was also a good feature, you can earn it easily, well, of course I don't know about the old community, All I know is it is better than the community today. Reports worked, the chat filter was good, no spam bots, I really think it was that way...

But now, it is some random and weird community, most of the players are alts, accounts that got terminated for no reason, and scam bots spamming group walls! Also, just like any other game! REPORTS DON'T EVEN WORK! No more lifetime builders club! Even Roblox moderators and all staff would be losing their own brain cells! If Roblox even had any! OBC Or outrageous builders club, would cost $240 a year! Also, 35,000 Robux costs 199.95! More expensive than a 12'x30" Frame pool set, which costs $146.86! UNBELIEVABLE!

Now what? You can't message, trade, or even talk much if your account is <13! WTH Roblox?! WHY CAN'T KIDS MESSAGE PEOPLE!? Also, if you accidentally set your account to be <13 or below 13 years old, you can't change it! Of course, this would be a HUGE problem when creating a map for the Roblox game 'Silent Assassin'... Why can't kids have the same abilities as adults?! No reason! THIS IS UNFAIR! ROBLOX IS RACIST AGAINST LITTLE KIDS!

No I am not going to scream about online daters, read other reviews...

Reports... They don't even work! Someone kill me please...

Here are some stupid and annoying issues with Roblox:

Scam bots

1% of accounts are actual people, 30% of accounts are deleted, alts, and unused accounts... 89% of accounts are spam/group/followers-hack bots...

Now you should know NOT to play Roblox, and I forgot to mention, Roblox bans people because what they do on YOUTUBE not Roblox!

Nice, but has flaws.
Ive been playing roblox since 2013, its a pretty neat game. Theres many children on here giving the game bad reviews, some because Roblox fall into the pit of a youtuber called "greenlegocats123", who only uses scare tactics to get kids to spread lies. Anyways, the games very fun to play with friends. Many games to play on the site, some are good, some i dont like. Many people say these bulls** lies about "OnLiNe DAtErS" which sounds bad until you realize its just little kids wanting virtual girlfriends to seem cool. There is people on the game who take it seriously, with something called "roleplaying" (like acting in a play but in a virtual game/other platform with other people). I recommend monitoring your kid on the site to see what they are doing, thats the number one flaw with parents and this site, they dont bother to monitor their kids to see if what they are playing/doing on the site is good. There isnt really blood and gore, its a kids game but some games can be a lil violent but nothing should be mature rating on a video game type experience. There are annoying people, but you can block them or mute them in chat by doing "/mute [insert username here]". There are scams on this website like "GET FREE ROBUX" (robux being the currency used on the site), they ask you for your password or they ask you to go on a suspicious website, dont let your kid fall for these, its an easy way to get your account stolen. Sometimes you may come into contact with people called "Exploiters" or "Hackers", these people use cheating engines to put custom code into the game, sometimes harmful, sometimes just giving them an unfair advantage. They are being cracked down on nowadays. Moderation has always been an issue on the site, with a big playerbase you cant have 24/7 moderation for a huge site like roblox, dont expect fast replies from the costumer service.

I have been using this website for almost 8 years now
I have been using this website for almost 8 years now. I can say this website is SAFE, this website is SECURE and this website is NOT A WASTE OF TIME.

This website uses a sweet heavily modified open-sourced engine for their games. Content creators (who can be anyone) have access to some of the best starter tools in the world, for FREE. A variation of Lua with a lot of their own APIs is what is used to code in the games, and it is surprisingly stable.

Yes, you can PAY for more, but for the most part if you are paying, that means you are probably a content creator, who wants more slots to publish more games.

This is the absolute best way to express your creativity and grow all kinds of skills including, but not limited to, marketing, coding, update management, content management, gameplay design and overall communication. People say this website is full of a "bad community", but it's really just a majority of children using the on-site forums. It's a kids website, expect that.

Roblox now have a developer forum dedicated to the top developers of ROBLOX, which tend to be the older and/or more mature audience of ROBLOX. This company does try a lot of things to get money, but that does NOT make them a scam. They are a BUSINESS. If they provided everything free, they wouldn't stay online for long.

Ontop of all this? You can actually CASH OUT for your hard work up to $50,000 USD per month. Now, that's not to say getting that $50k a month is EASY. You need the skills and the ability to create and manage a top game to earn that much per month, but it IS possible. You just have to take it a bit more seriously.

If this engine is still around in a few years, you can bet my nephew will be introduced to it.

I highly recommend READING about it, and PERSONALLY looking through the website and trying to use its tools. Your kids will love it, you might love it, but you will need to help your kids manage their time spent on it, like anything.

Roblox is amazing but has a few flaws, parents please read.
Roblox is a massive multiplayer online video game and game creation system that allows users to design their own games and play a wide variety of different types of games created by other users.

This is what comes up when you search ROBLOX. However there is more to it. I have enjoyed this game for 6 years and want to help you make a decision to buy this game or not (it's free).

Starting out!

In ROBLOX you start as a normal player with a small amount of items and accessories to customise your character, recently, these hats, shirts, pants etc have gotten better. Such as the new free headphones and drone that you can get in the catalog, which brings me to...

The Catalog:

The Catalog is not required for a fun game experience, it has clothing items for your character that cost ROBUX, you have to pay to get ROBUX, but again it is not required for a fun experience.


There are a wide variety of different games you can play in ROBLOX, such as lighter games like: Tycoons and Simulators where you can develop your base or player and fight other players if you want.

Or medium games such as: Roleplay and Combat, in combat you fight other players but some people on there may be toxic but ROBLOX censors a lot for under 13s. Roleplay involves no combat but is prone to having people who troll and prank along with inappropriate roleplayers, I recommend you make a choice on whether you want your child to play this.

Heavier games are: Horror and inappropriate games that don't belong on the site. Horror includes heavier themes that I recommend for 13 and up and inappropriate games are taken off the site very quickly and will never be on the front page.

Chatting with other people:

For under 13s, chatting is censored a lot, numbers, swears and individual letters are tagged. For over 13s only swears are tagged. You can disable chat in settings so your child cannot talk to people and see the chat.

That is my conclusive review on the basics of ROBLOX. If you want to learn more, the ROBLOX help page can guide you to make sure your child is safe, that is all, goodbye.

Read this if you want to play Roblox...
0verall, Roblox is an ok game. (my o key is broken, so i have to copy and paste the lowercase o, my apologies.) There are many pros and cons. Let's start with the pros.


Realistic economy: There are like job roleplay and groups. People can start Roblox companies. This in a way prepares them for the real world. It also enables them to earn robux so you don't need to buy too much of it. However, starting Roblox companies cost money (like a irl one) so be prepared to commit to your child if you decide to.

Powering Imagination: Game Creation: Roblox does power imagination. You can build and script in Roblox studio. The scripting language is rbx. Lua (a modified version of lua 5.1) and Roblox can learn a lot. You can earn robux and if you are 13+, you can cash it in for USD with the DevEx program (Rates:, is roblox official and only admins and certified editors can edit it. So it's reliable. However, isn't by roblox and isn't very reliable.)


Online daters: Many games consist of online daters. So as long as you stay away from High school games, any game with "Boys and girls" in its title, Meep City, and any games with "adopt and raise" in its title, you should be fine.

Chat filter: Even without safechat, there are still stuff you cannot say. It gets really hard to talk with safechatters. If I tell a safechatter, meeting at the meeting center game at 5:30pm PST, it will come out to them as meeting at the meeting center game at ####pm ### or so.

Moderation: Moderation doesn't work, and roblox only banned one oder game that I know of, Adopt and raise a cute kid (Fans of the banned version created a new version similar to the banned one). I also hate the fact that jailbreak is supported by roblox (Saying that it stole ideas from Prison Life v2. 0. 2).


If you are careful and are cautious, you should be fine.

-DaWarTekWizard (

Amazing games, Horrible Company
Amazing games, love Roblox in general and have since I was a little kid. Almost anyone that normally plays Roblox with think this, until you have any issue to the slightest and Roblox screws you over and doesn't care at all.
Recently my account that I not only monthly paid for, but also spent a lot of money on that I have had for a long time. Out of nowhere when I make a simple audio that is completely censored and doesn't violate Roblox TOS, I get terminated? When I contact customer support I have to wait a week and a half for the first response saying that my account was correctly terminated, and that I needed to read the rules. So I read the rules comparing the rules to my audio and I saw nothing wrong with it so I email them back saying I saw nothing wrong with it and that Roblox should give my appeal another look. About 3 days later a different person responds saying I need to fill this out and my appeal would be looked at closer:
User Name
Ban Description
Link To Asset
Copy Of Audio File
I then fill it all out in an email and send it to them, wait about 3-5 days, and I get another email from a different person saying that I should stop emailing them so many times and that my appeal would not be changed because it was already denied? So I then email them again saying that I had no idea that they denied it because specifically in the email from when they said that my appeal would be looked at closer, it said they would update me when my appeal was looked at again. So I then complain about their lack of effort in trying to help me with my problem and continue to say how many people are allowed to break TOS on Roblox today and get away with it but I can't make a simple audio that is completely censored in every way? I then get an email in the same day (for the first time ever), again from a different person saying basically the same exact thing the last person did.
So annoying and I have been through this horrible customer support tens of times, like when my account got hacked and I emailed them from the parent email (before it was a 13 account) and they said that I needed to contact them through the parent email, which I already was... I was locked out of my account for 3 years and then finally when it was a 13 account I was able to get back in after just one simple email that took them almost an entire month to respond to.
Mind you, I love the creativity of the people that play this game, and make games in Roblox. I would love to see Roblox thrive and be a top competitor in all of games, but I feel like they have taken the game from a decent game for everyone, to a baby game that you have to revolve your life around the worst possible customer support and company you can ever imagine.
Not only is customer support slower than any company I have ever dealt with, it is almost as if I am talking to a robot/repeated message when trying to resolve my problem with someone, but rather it being just one person, it is a different person each time they respond to my email, confusing themselves and making it even worse of an issue.

There is always room for improvement!
I have been playing Roblox for about 6 to 7 years (I am 13 almost 14) so I have been around long enough to notice trends and experience many things on the site and in game. I have always loved the games offered to players and the games range from PvP (Player versus player) to family games. The PvP games are fun (Although I do suck at them lol) the games usually have violence (Obviously) since you are trying to defeat the other player/ team. Other shooting games include zombies, but the zombies shooting games are more violent and gory. In the zombies games I have played when you shoot a zombie there may be blood effects and the zombies tend to look more graphic along with the weapons. If you have young children I advise you don't let the play the zombie shooter games at the least (its still your decision)
I am far more worried about the family and role play games. I have played many role play games ranging from family to fantasy. The family games are not very child friendly. Obviously most families have a mom, dad and kids and maybe even a pet or 2. These family games do encourage online- dating.
I would encourage your kids to play many of the fantasy games though, Roblox are really fun and more child friendly (accept for the occasional online dater)
Over all the site will never be perfect, there will always be bad people everywhere.
Parent who are leaving bad reviews, don't always blame the site for something that you could have prevented by teaching your children about the internet. It is your job to keep your kids safe along with teaching them about the ever growing world around them, tell them to never give out personal information and never do anything that would get them in trouble weather it be online dating or bullying/ harassing others. Don't complain about the adults who play this game, without those adults there wouldn't be any games on the platform. Many of the people who make content related to Roblox (YouTube or making games) are adults, making games and videos for kids is what they do for a living it's their career.
Over all you shouldn't base your reviews on the idea that the site should do all of the work for you.The moderators are doing there best but things will always slip through but it is always taken care of. I have never bad any bad experiences on the game but that is because I know how to stay safe on the internet. Most schools teach internet safety if your kids doesn't you should teach them. It's your kids fault if they give away their password and get hacked. It's your kids fault they get into inappropriate situations. They don't know any better to teach so they know.

Side note: Sorry for any spelling/ grammar mistakes I kind of suck at spelling.

There is this stupid game called "Adopt Me" I used to love it until I got scammed for something. First of all I purchased bucks with Robux and the next day the bucks had gone and I never got a refund! This stupid trading update is no use I know you can report a trade but you can't get ur stuff back! I had chat on then. That is why I quit Roblox. It was also affecting my schoolwork and making me get low grades on my examinations because I used to play on my pc after my mum went to bed without telling her. My friend Olivia is OBSESSED with Roblox and logs on Adopt me EVERYDAY! She is too bothered about her login streak. Who cares? Its not the end of the world if you miss a day. I also have two friends who ARE CONSTANTLY on Adopt me 24/7. There are more people like that too. Robux are an ABSOLUTLE WASTE of money. When I was obsessed with Roblox I spent my own b-day money on Robux with my card. First of all its not real life and you can't touch them like a real item second of all when I got scammed, it was that frost fury thing which cost 800 Robux which is exactly £9.99 Luckly I didn't buy it, I traded for it on Christmas but for example if you buy a Robux item for example a lemonade stand or a Robux pet you could just get scammed. There are also fake adopt mes or vip where some of my sisters friends have believed are true for example a fake mega neon unicorn for 400 Robux and a vip access on a game which i've tried and has completely nothing apart from a blue sky are all complete wastes of Robux which is technically stealing ur money. I had an old account which had robux on. I changed the password for a reason but then the next time I tried to log on with the CORRECT password said it was wrong so I could never get on that account again. There is this stupid Roblox aesthetic thing which is really. Not cool.

Sure. There is some online daters, and other things I won't mention. I've been playing Roblox for 3 years. The community normally makes new games. You can also make games. The app to make games is called "Roblox Studio." I made a story of this bacon hair (The default skin in roblox) named Su Tart, eats bacon. It has a single like and visit. There are also dislike bots people make for new and upcoming games. But as long as you stick to stories that most likely won't happen. Roblox has a kinda good moderation system for mods (Which you can apply to roblox when you're 18), for example, if someone posted something inappropriate, the mods will most likely ban it and ban the user who made it, as long as you stick to simulators you won't see anything inappropriate, and only some people cuss, and in my 3 years of playing Roblox, I have not seen one person say a bad word, well, normally, Roblox normally type f*** etc. and/or, just to be funny: (Insert bad word here) or (insert bad word). There are funny roblox youtubers and thats basically it, funny roblox youtubers, people also make tutorials on how to do things, and they sometimes make a tutorial inside the game, roblox has millions of players, and there are scam bots, which you should not fall for, they will hack your account, and I would recommend 2 Step Verification, and be careful while trading, people will sometimes ask for your password, don't fall for that either. There is a currency called "Robux," or as I like to say it, "roux", I would recommend watching Flamingo, Jayingee, DenisDaily, Sketch etc. You can make Robux off of games you make, and there is a thing called Builder's Club, where you get Robux Daily, there is something for OBC, called DevEx, (Developer Exchange) where, you guessed it, exchange robux for real money. Also, don't give items for real money, you will get banned, Roblox sometimes breaks their rules, but they normally fix it in the time of 1 week-1 month, some people bully others, if so, just leave the game, I wouldn't recommend dealing with it, unless you really think you can do it, just try and do it, I'm not your dad/mom. Remember the thing I said earlier on that you should stick to simulators? You should also stick to Welcome to bloxburg, which is in beta, 25R$. I don't know, I bought it. Also there is some horror games like Camping, Field Trip, Highschool, before the dawn etc. If you can take how scary the games are then just play, but you don't have to. I have nothing else lol k bye

The Stakes, and The Price
I never thought that I would be writing a review for Roblox or any game in general since there wasn't really much to complain about. As a platform for the so said "younger generations" there's only so much you can expect. Sure there may be a few disappointments along the way, but that's to be expected in every game. Nonetheless, here I am giving it a one star. Did Roblox deserve this? Maybe not. I guess it's just me writing up a review out of my own hatred from personal experiences. That itself is a sin. Yet nevertheless, as great as the community and the game itself may be, there are a few things to be aware of, and the price of not knowing them. Treat this reveiw as a lesson, more than anything else, because there is always something to improve and build upon.

So straightaway let me start off with the game itself. Just as a bit of quick refresher or something quick to get to know when it comes Roblox and newcomers is that it is a multiplayer online platoform where members of the community can play, as well as create games for other members of the platform. Thats about as simple as it gets, and Roblox stays true to that sense.

People of all ages can interact with each other in a lot of ways, which makes a great platform for a child to explore with their imagination or a teenager (No means of stereotyping with the term) looking to have a good time with their friends. It expands in to an immersive world of creativity which can be enjoyed by practically anyone with its expansive variety of genres and playstyles. Developers get to share their creations as well as enjoy other creations, making it the perfect way to showcase your different talents.

But when we do talk about the community, there are a few problems. One of the most commonly seen problems is the "toxic" or not so welcoming players. It can be annoying at times just to deal with someone who starts swearing just because Roblox lost to someone else. Other times, it can be uncomfortable and not easy to deal with, especially if the situation gets out of hand. But, it is a multiplayer platform after all.

Another problem is the exploiters. It's always a hassle to deal with them. Accounts are stolen. Children are scammed. People are manipulated. In the end, Roblox couldn't exactly keep that part of the community from doing what it does. It's frustrating. Players themselves have to deal with a problem that should've been taken care of already. And so much was lost. And people lost the sparkle and joy Roblox once had for them because some idiot decided it would be funny to hack into their 2008 account.

Another problem that I have with the community is appropriateness. I know there will be many who say that I am immature to use this as an excuse, but I don't think I'm wrong. It is the responsibility and liability to comply to the terms of service of Roblox, yet people violate them anyways. One of the most controversial periods in the Roblox community when it comes to this type of problem were the predators and online daters. The fact that other players have to deal with those who haven't agreed to the terms of service isn't right. And what makes the situation even more serious is the extent of the problem. There where countless cases of people being "exposed" for doing something such as listed above. Pedophilia, child predators, crude content creators, are only some of the many problems that sometimes make the security of the platform questionable. The response to those said events was also handled very immaturely. Irrelevant and sensitive rumors sprout out from nowhere, and it's quite a while before someone stands up to stop it. And by that time, it's already on the news, maybe even the police involved. I just find it very annoying to have to deal with such trivial things.

On the topic of moderation though, there really needs to be a change. Filters don't even work most of the time, because people always want to find a way to bypass the filters. We can't stop them. It's their choice to. But the least you could do was find a way to filter it for those who didn't want to confront that type of content.

Enough said about the problems with the community. But one thing I really wanted to talk about was the customer support system and reliability of the platform. The bugs. There are many. I lost an account along with a thousand dollars worth in-game transactions because of a bug. I don't mean to be a sally-sob-story, but I just hate the thought of losing something I spent so much time on because of a bug. And what makes it worse is the so-called "support" Roblox provides. There wasn't so much as a bat of an eye when someone sends in a complaint or a report on abusive players. It's all left to people having to bore themselves with articles with the information they already know. Is it so hard to provide an open customer support system? It would've solved a lot of problems. They just send you an email saying, "Don't worry man, we got you covered. Just let me get back to you". That cover never came. Are we to believe that they care? Are we supposed to do everything ourselves? Is that how it works?

But it worked out for others, even if it wasn't me. The game itself is phenomenal. It's iconic. It gave a whole new meaning to interactions. It got people together who would've never met if it wasn't for the game and it's magic. This kids will find it fun. The "teens" will find it comfortable. The adults will find it convenient. And in then, everyone just want's to sit down and enjoy the beauty of lego style animations.

If you read the entire review, good job. You are now biased. Don't be. It's nothing more than a disclaimer to things that won't always happen. My point of writing this review was passing on a "wisdom" so others could enjoy the game in ways that I couldn't. In the end, it's for the best. So give it a shot and put on your thinking caps. It's time to get creative. :)

The most inconvenient experience
Roblox is unable to comprehend the existence of alternate accounts and muddles up log in information as a result. I've tried every password I knew to access either of my accounts but none of them have worked thus far, and every time a password is incorrect, it sends me through this 3 minute long verification process just to tell me my password was wrong. Surprise, surprise, I had to go through this more than 10 times. So much for saved passwords. I've tried to reset my password but it doesn't work at all. In fact, it locked me out of my alternate account and won't take the new password. After trying the reset again, I would be asked to send a verification email, which I did. I only received an email for my alternate account and when I clicked a button to verify, I was sent to the log in page only to have to go through the same verification process multiple times for no reason. As for my main account, I tried asking for customer help, waited two days for a response, and got the most p*ss poor answer to my problem. I was told that there was no email associated with my main account which is completely wrong because when you create an account, you have to use an email to make it. I literally wasted two days and two hours of my life just to get no where with this inconceivably terrible situation. How do you fix this? Maybe NOT have the world's most inconvenient verification process activate whenever a password is wrong and tell it to me upfront. Also, why do you have to verify your email? I understand if the Roblox was of a much more serious sort but it isn't; it's a kids game simulator for God's sakes not a government level site, though I wish it was because I'd get better customer service that way. Why can't you delete your own account. Why should it matter so much to keep it? As far as I can see, multiple accounts only complicate things. Lastly, reports don't do jack**** and the censoring makes no sense. You can find a plethora of hackers and bullies and can't find a way to inhibit their behavior.

The ups and downs of Roblox
First, I'm going to talk about the ups (good) about Roblox. I am a kid by the way, but that doesn't mean I'm going to give Roblox 5/5 and say It is the best thing that ever existed. If people say that Roblox don't like it because it is dry, that is totally fine, its their opinion. But my personal opinion, shooters on Roblox are my favorite. If you're a parent and you want to protect you're child, you can go to Settings > Security > and turn on 2 step verification and a pin if you want. And, on top of that, you can go onto privacy settings and turn on everything in there, to "No One." Now, in people's eyes when they first join, they might just see the oh boy simulators, but that's not Roblox at all. There is some good games that you have to do decent searching for, heck, I'm going to name some: Strucid, Apocalypse Rising, Nerf FPS, Brickbattle Royale, Build a Boat for Treasure, Q-Clash!, Super Nostalgia Zone, Survivor, and so many more that I can't possible name them all. Now, I can't talk about all the games, but I want to talk about Survivor. "The show features a group of contestants who are marooned in an isolated location, where they must provide food, water, fire, and shelter for themselves. The contestants compete in challenges for rewards and immunity from elimination. The contestants are progressively eliminated from the game as they are voted out by their fellow contestants until only one remains and is awarded the grand prize and is named the "Sole Survivor." It's just like that, except, its virtual and they don't need to deliver water, fire, and shelter. I think this game is very good for socializing, because it deals with friendship, trust, honesty, and generosity. I'll leave a link at the end of this review if you want to play it. Now, lets talk about the downs (bad). This might be were the adults try to back their point, but I still got claims for downs. Scam Bots. These have started to exist in late 2016 I'm pretty sure (I joined in 2014) And I won't lie, they have done some damage. You used to be able to actually comment on places that you can play. Taken down because of bots. Now, Roblox kind of recently implemented a captcha that was really easy for kids, but bots bypassed it in like a week or so. Roblox scam bots are going to be a thing for a VERY long time, but if you have half of a brain, you wouldn't fall for these things. They just tell you to go to a certain website which "generates" you Robux then it tells you to do a survey so the owner(s) of the website makes profit off of the surveys you do. Please, just don't fall for them or even go to them because they can be dangerous sometimes. All you have to do is ignore them and you'll be ok. 2. Violence. No, I'm not complaining about it. It's just very annoying people talk about it on Roblox reviews. Yeah, you're a parent and you don't want your child seeing gore, its ok. But you shouldn't give a review on just violence, I mean, what would Roblox be without it. It would just be simulators and role playing games. Half of its player base would be non-existent. 3. The removal of the forums. These don't exist anymore because of the following reasons: The toxicity, raids, and just childish behavior. Now, I didn't really use the forums, but oh god there was SOME horrible people in there I'm glad it's gone. 4. Hackers / Exploiters. They just ruin the game for others. That's it. Just leave the game and fine a new server. 5. Toxicity. Now, there are some actual saints on Roblox that just enjoy the game and have a good time, but here comes trolls and toxic people. If you don't know what toxic means, it's just people that talk bad stuff about people and is just downright rude. A troll definition is someone who just wants to give maximum disruption to others and is usually not funny. The Roblox community is still very toxic. For example, you eliminate someone in a video game. They rage at you and tells you they hope your mom dies. The end. I can ignore this pretty easily, but to some kids it might personally offend them. But I mean, its everywhere in gaming anyway. Call Of Duty, Overwatch, CS: GO, and many more. Anyway, I think that concludes my review, just one thing though. I didn't talk about online dating because heck, its a role playing game and I don't really care about them. Do you not expect to see a family on an Adopt and Raise a Baby games? Here is some Survivor if you wanted to play it by the way, really good in my opinion. Just got to find a good lookin' server. Here:


Not secure, potential serious risks (pornographic images), and AWFUL CUSTOMER SERVICE
We allowed our daughter (age 10) access to Roblox because the website claimed that communication could be limited to only people whose profiles were accepted as friends for kids under 13. THIS IS NOT TRUE AND IS VERY DECEPTIVE. Only private messaging is limited--communication with ANYONE playing the game is available at all times, just not private, leading to a much greater privacy risk than we had anticipated. While she enjoys the game, she has also experienced (to our dismay) her first online bullying due to this inability to control who interacts with her. (You can report people, but not unless you do it immediately when the event occurs and know their username, which is not always on display).

Also, many of the games within Roblox are more violent than we had expected from a platform that markets itself for children. Some users are even attaching "particles" that blast audio bits or visual images that are sometimes pornographic. This is not allowed but it can happen before the game shuts it down.

Which brings me to my last issue: Our experience with Roblox customer service has been truly one of the worst I have ever seen. You cannot call to speak with someone directly; you have to call and leave a message for a callback, so I tried the email function. I exchanged multiple messages and each time got a reply from a different person, and even after six or seven replies from different people, there was no interest in helping with a relatively simple question--how to reset a lost password. Roblox would not allow her to do this through the password reset button because we did not have a credit card on file, even when I offered to add one through customer service and to verify her account ownership by answering any questions they wanted to ask (list of friends, device IP, recent logins, etc). Now my daughter cannot ever log out of the game or she loses everything she has created in the game. I cannot believe that she is the only young child who has forgotten a password and does not have an open credit card attached to her account. When I pointed out that the question had not been answered even though I had politely asked each of the 6 or 7 people for help, I got the reply that "we cannot help you with this issue." Very disappointing. We feel a little scammed between the lack of actual security provided to the children's communication and the inability to provide a simple service like a password reset without a previously associated credit card.

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