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I enjoyed doing this survey. I believe the questions were of importance and I glad my opinio was heared. Easy to complete and overall great experience.

Excellent Surveys Provider
The Survey was very interested and informative I like it do it more and more in future and I hope you will give me more and more opportunity and invited me for surveys again and again Thank You So Much REVENUEWALL if there were 10 stars I will give you 10 of 10 once again thanks,,,,!

Great experiense, thanks
Simply asked questions that are easy to answer and represent my opinion. The status bar of the survey could be more precise. All in all well done. Many Thanks.

Philippine Economy
The Philippine Economy has declined Last Year Due to Corona Virus disease -Covid 19 Pandemic. As forecasted by ADB, it is expected to rebound this Year 2021 as the outbreak WILL be contained, the Economy is further opened and more stimulus measures are implemented with recovery on trade, investment and Overseas Filipino Wirjersremittance.

I like the site cause even when you get disqualifications at times you must get some surveys to do and RevenueWall are always simple and easy to do highly recommend it to friends thanks

Easy Questions
I love most of the surveys. The opportunities through this company to make some money is so welcome! I lost my job due to covid and have not been able to get unemployment or another job, due to my having to look after my granddaughter. This allows me to make a little money( keep gas in the car for instance) while at home with my granddaughter. I would, however suggest a tweak in the payout for certain surveys. Some surveys take more time to complete than the payout is worth. And RevenueWall say, on average, I should qualify for one out of five surveys. Its actually more like one out of 10. However, I am happy with most of the surveys and will continue with them.

Loved it super enjoyable
It's very easy you just restoc and sell well you also have to make the apple protects but thats the only hard part it's super fun you also get free apple things

It sucks.
RevenueWall literally blocked / flagged my account for no reason. Just because i literally wanted to check out the website on another computer or cellphone. It's just annoying.

Mental load
There were problems with some of the data you entered in the survey. You will find the questions with errors below; please follow the instructions attached to each question.
How many children in any of the following age groups currently live in your home?
Please select an answer.
Select one in each row

Reminded me of my hard work
This survey took me many years back in my life and reminded me of my hard work I have to do. It was nice to get the opportunity to complete this survey. Got paid in a minute as well.

Nice survey!
Excellent polls in general. In this survey, I answered questions about supplements that helped me understand a few things. One of the best polls I've ever done!

Online Surveys
I have been participating in RevenueWall online surveys for almost two years and found your online surveys relevant and informative about present-day life. I like the fact that all your surveys are precise and to the point. I love the instant payment once the survey has been successfully completed.

Very nice video and presentation
Very nice videos and presentation. Make more and more this type of inspirational videos for the parents and children to increase their interests in studies.

The brand of whiskey
I once worked within the liquor store, it was really nice to know the difference type of the whiskey, wine etc. The survey about the whiskey brand was very fruitful as I also drink alcohol

Too long, seriously
Too long, seriously. I wanted to stop many times. It should be reviewed for redundancy. Who/what is Lincoln president, insurance company car or what?

I had enjoyed answering the survey on e-Commerce since it is very relevant on this pandemic. I encountered an auto changing of questions which is very convenient unlike clicking the next button every time you proceed on the next question. Yet, it's quite long but informative.

Very good
Those who did not read the account of the 1992 Navigation Conference in the July issue of the Survey Review, and who have not been involved recently with ‘navigation' in its currently extended scope, may wonder at the relevance of such a conference to mainstream surveying activities. Let me make it very clear that almost every branch of navigation has some interest for the surveyor, and for the competent firm this could be a source of good and increasing business. Those who did not read the account of the 1992 Navigation Conference in the July issue of the Survey Review, and who have not been involved recently with ‘navigation' in its currently extended scope, may wonder at the relevance of such a conference to mainstream surveying activities. Let me make it very clear that almost every branch of navigation has some interest for the surveyor, and for the competent firm this could be a source of good and increasing business.

Do you like your job?
This survey will definitely make you reflect on your current employment situation. It's a good time to question whether you're going to stay at your job or find something new.

For the most part i am able to complete surveys, makesure u allow some time to pass before proceeding to the next question, that way it doesn't exit u out!

A very good and well organized platform
A very reliable source of extra income
Give this a try and you will never regret. Great surveys and task to complete, infact the easiest way to make money onkine

Comfusing company
It is a confusing company, many surveys that you complete with them do not credit the points, and others that were accredited in their day, over time the points are deducted, it is a scam, RevenueWall steal the information and sell it, you lose your time and money They should ban such companies, as they are a scam.

Have you ever searched for step-by-step instructions on how to delete a Google review? If you read a negative review of your business and feel your stomach churn, you are not alone. On the flip side, when a customer gushes over your company publicly, are you liable to do your happy dance?

It is very rare to find the site with quite a few interesting surveys. There are quite a lot of them for any profile and make this enjoyable. Keep the good work!

Revenue wall is motivate rhe everyone to learning something from fine and fentastic survey. Once anybody enter into revenuewall never forgot and leave it.

Thought that the survey itself was alright.
Well this is what I really have to say about this survey here I rated it 4 stars out of 5 stars just because it was just a bit to draged out or a bit to long conserving the questions but besides that very good and thought out survey.

Banana Republic
Democracy was misunderstood in Africa. When I look at how foreign countries still control Africa, I realize now that there is no Democracy. Africans are still colonised.

Excessive alcohol consumption, a problem of contemporary society. Exclusive alcohol abuse surveys should be heavily publicized to raise awareness of the dangers.

Professional in their work!
Provides professional, practical, yet effective survey,
Of course, sometimes there are mistakes and problems that are often inevitable. But RevenueWall have to try to get rid of this one bit! :)

I do not recommend it, it is a very confusing site, you complete many surveys and RevenueWall do not accredit you, and others that were accredited over time deduce the points of the surveys that were completed in their day correctly, They steal the data and sell them to third parties, they have very bad practices, totally a fraud, and all the positive votes if you realize they are of themselves with multiple accounts.
Watch out!
All the positive votes you have on the trustpilot site of this company are false, trustpilot is dedicated to eliminating negative comments compice with these scammers.

About covid outbreak affecting the jobs.
The questions were so true and the pandemic details given are so helpful. The way the questionnaire was prepared and presented was amazing. Loved the survey.

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