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Terrible Quality, Bad Fit-- Don't be Fooled by pics
I ordered two dresses from Retro stage for almost $100. However, when Retro Stage arrived, I was shocked to find that the seams are not well sewn (you can see loose threads everywhere), the fabric is flimsy and feels like material you would use on a Halloween costume. One of the dresses I ordered was so bad I didn't even try it on-- I paid nearly $60 for that one and it looks like a cheap Walmart costume for a 5-yo. The other was a little better, if you put it on and stood far away from the mirror and squinted it was actually pretty cute. Any closer up though you could see the shabby seams and the flimsy material of the dress. Felt barely sturdier than a trash bag. I'm really disappointed, the dresses looked amazing online and the reviews were pretty good. Don't be fooled.

Buyer beware!
I never write reviews but feel compelled to now that what has happened to so many before me, has now happened to me. The website states the company is from City of Industry, CA and that US shipping is 2-8 days. Fine, that works perfectly with my event. I order my dress for an event happening tomorrow and I get a confirmation email that then states Retro Stage need 1-4 business days to process my order. The next day I receive another email telling me my item has shipped and... will arrive in now 8-12 business days by expedited shipping. I email customer service, no response. 3 days later I send another email. I get a reply with "We will be out of the office for the weekend and holiday"... what holiday? 3 more days go by and I get not one but 2 emails with my tracking information, again I already have telling me my item is still in Hong Kong. I had to buy another dress from a more reputable company that delivered as promised. I am so disappointed by the false advertisement and very poor customer service. Oh... did I mention they failed to tell me the item is coming from CHINA! Please, buyer beware. Go to Amazon and order off from there from a company who does not operate like this. Curious to see how fast they will issue me a refund.

SCAM if you need to return something! Avoid this place and buy somewhere else.
SCAM if you need to return something! Avoid this place and buy somewhere else.

I needed to return a dress and wish I had read the reviews before purchasing from here. Retro Stage don't have any sort of "Cancel Order" option if you want to try to cancel your order before it ships out.

I contacted customer service and they asked me what was wrong with the dress... then said "Actually you cannot return it." And then said that if I must return it, I must pay for shipping and it's a very high cost so I would be better off giving my order to someone else as a gift.

Read the reviews of Retro Stage before making a decision to purchase! I wish I had.

Their phone number seems like a US number, but from their return page, it's full of broken English, so you can tell they aren't exactly being upfront with where things are shipping from.

Damaged dress
I bought a dress and underskirt during one of the deals about a month ago, and received an email saying it was out of stock. That was fine, I could wait as on the site it looked like a wonderful dress and I was excited to get it. When I did receive the dress (Tuesday 8th October) it was made from very cheap material, the top of the dress was fraying and had a hole in the lacework on the back. With the top of the dress, it wasn't meant to be made of lace, on the site it looked like a more solid flexible material but I could look past it being lace if it wasn't done as badly as it was. There was no elasticity to the top so it would have just hung limply around my elbows, the lacing on the top and around the sleeve edges was fraying or there were odd bits of string hanging off of it. The bottom of the skirt was made from what I can only describe as a shower curtain.

I have bought a dress from this site before and I think it was wonderful, I wore it to a family friends wedding and it felt like a quality made dress but this second order has made me lose faith that what I receive is a 50/50 chance of actually getting what I ordered or getting a cheaply made party costume.

And with the refund policy, to return the dress the customer has to pay the return shipping cost (which for where I am and where Retro Stage are situated costs me around $40), and the dress cost $33.59 so don't expect to get your money back if you want to return a product from this site.

Not what you think.
I ordered the 1950s Floral Long Sleeve Patchwork dress for my daughter's high school dance. I checked the address of Retro Stage and it is listed under California, USA. Cool, I paid extra for faster shipping and we waited. The dance date was approaching and no dress so I checked shipping location (which you have to download an additional app to do). The dress was in transit from Hong Kong! Then it sat in customs for a few days. Needless to say, the dress didn't make it before the dance. If I knew the dress was going to be made and shipped from another country, I wouldn't have purchased knowing the time frame we were in. The dress arrived today and here are a few problems noted: hanging threads, the dress neckline is unequal, thin fabric, waistline measurement off from what I ordered, the entire dress on the hanger is lopsided (the sewing is not exact measurements on both sides). Cute dress, poor quality and took longer than expected in shipping. I do not recommend this company.

What you see is not what you get.
Email conversation with retrostage bree:

Just received these 2 dresses after having to pay 150 skr for customs.
According to your size charts I am a size large, exactly. Bust 98 cm, waist 79 cm and hips 103. I am 169 cm tall and a normal shaped woman.
But look at these pictures!
I would need at least four extra boobs to fill out the green one and the floral dress looks like an old lady swimsuit that could fit two of me.

Dear customer,
This is Bree From the Customer Service Department.
What about I apply 5 dollars refund for you and you keep the item to solve the problem?
You can return back to get the full refund.
I have to remind you that The cost of return will be paid by yourself. I will refund to you immediately when I receive the package.
Additionally, please make sure the items are in good condition and will not affect the secondary sales. Otherwise, we will not refund to you. Please provide me the tracking number of your return parcel. No tracking number, No refund. Please understand.
The return shipping address is to the United States:
15650 Salt Lake Ave. City of Industry CA 91745

I respond:
How will 5 dollars refund solve the problem?
You have sent me a faulty product I can't use for anything.
To send it back with tracking will cost me as much as I have paid for the dresses. So neither this will solve any problem.
Perhaps you could send me a dress that is made according to description and size chart on your website?

Bree answers:
Dear customer,
This is Bree From the Customer Service Department.
You can return back to get the full refund.
I have to remind you that The cost of return will be paid by yourself. I will refund to you immediately when I receive the package.
Additionally, please make sure the items are in good condition and will not affect the secondary sales. Otherwise, we will not refund to you. Please provide me the tracking number of your return parcel. No tracking number, No refund. Please understand.
The return shipping address is to the United States:
15650 Salt Lake Ave. City of Industry CA 91745

Great dress and very comfy
Very well made dress. The fabric is very nice and swings/ drapes well. It does have a fair amount of giving, so you can move in the dress without fear
Of ripping the seams. The color was just like the picture (I bought the dark blue). I am 5'1"", 175 and 36DDD girls and should have bought the XL not the XXL (a little too big is better than a too small). I did cut the tack threads at the bust line and gave the girls more room. I wore this dress to a wedding and my husband LOVED it. I got several comments on how well I looked. The only reason I did not give it 5 stars, is it had no pockets. I am an aesthetic and need a place to stash my inhaler. (note I did add a pocket myself) I was able to iron out the few wrinkles from shipping. I will buy more in different colors (dark red next) and a smaller size. Buy it you will not be sorry.

Strange size codes, but reliable customer support
I ordered 4 1950S dress from here. (order FD10064) One of them turned out to be out of stock, but the seven other were delivered home in France 6 days later, which is a pretty good performance from Hong Kong.
Unfortunately, the 7 shirts were too small. There is indeed something strange with the RetroStage size code, as I had ordered 3XL and 4XL sizes using their guide, when my usual size is a standard European XL, and despite this their 3XL and 4XL sizes were too small.
I hence filed a ticket with their customer support system, and I must admit their response was quick and very helpful.
I had proposed to return the shirts for an exchange. Their answer was I was to keep the shirts and Retro Stage would still refund 50% of the order, which I thought was a pretty decent deal since I had indeed ordered the wrong size to begin with.
So as a summary, be careful with the size codes, but RetroStage is a reliable on-line supplier.

Best swimsuits I've ever owned!
I recently purchased 3 swimsuits from this website in hopes that at least one of them would fit and I could return any that didn't. I got the Blue Halter Polka Dot Bikini, the Gray Plaid Criss Cross Pleated Bikini, and the Red Halter Polka Dot One-Piece. It took several weeks for the swimsuits to arrive, but the two bikinis are my favorite swimsuits I have ever owned! Retro Stage fit true to size (mine are size small) - they are so cute and extremely comfy! The coverage is great - I don't feel like it's going to slip and reveal more than I want to show, and these are the first bikinis I've owned where I don't feel like I have to wear shorts and a tank top over it to feel comfortable (and I LOVE the high-waisted bottoms)! The one-piece also fit true to size, but my torso is too long for it so it doesn't come up high enough. I did try to return that swimsuit and realized that the return policy is not the easiest (though their policy is listed on the website, so I should have just read more carefully). When I emailed customer service about it, they were very friendly and got back to me quickly - the options were that I could mail it back (me paying for shipping) and then the company would decide whether or not to give me a refund, or I could keep the swimsuit and they would give me a $5 refund and a discount code for future (I chose this second option). Overall, I am very happy with my purchase!

Update on Wrong Dress
I received the wrong dress, twice... and it was the same wrong dress, twice... which means it was probably a technical error... the dress(es) that I received we're poor quality, which was unfortunate because the material of the dress that I had ordered looked great! However, I can't review that particular dress since I never received it...

I had all of the documentation, packaging, receipts, communication from PayPal, etc... so I was able to access and send all of the information that the Retro Stage service center asked for. The communication was fast and consistent, which I greatly appreciated.

My first review was a 1. My second and updated review (this one) is a 3. My reasoning for a 3 is because of initially receiving the wrong dress, which was low quality, and my initial communication with the company combined with the fact that all other communication was extremely prompt and I received a refund AND I offered to send the dresses back to which Retro Stage said to keep them... I will be donating them.

Gorgeous dress
First off, this company seems to offer a bit more room in the hip area than the other dresses I ordered. (I ordered another XXL that was considerably tighter) I found that a better fit for me. I take a 16 in everything, and ordered the XXL to have a bit more of a looser, period look. That worked fine. I could probably have gotten into the XL, but it would have been form fitting. This just skims the body. The length was perfect - the slip came to just above my knee, and the fringe to mid calf. Again, if I had gotten a size smaller, it would have been tighter and shorter. The dress is well made, and the beading gorgeous. The sleeves are nice, and keep your arms from rubbing on beading. The neckline isn't too low, but will show a bit of cleavage with the right bra. All in all, a great value. I got this for a Gatsby party, it should be perfect.

Retro-stage upset
I didn't read reviews before making a large purchase of about $300 worth of dresses back in January... It is now almost April and haven't received anything at all and the tracking is showing is started off in China and has been shipped all over the US to random states and is still not showing that it's on its way to me ANYTIME soon! After reading the reviews, I am so disgusted and heartbroken. I feel I have just been cheated out of money that was used for my birthday gift and it's clear that the company doesn't care and isn't held accountable. If I don't receive my dresses soon and/or if I do, and Retro Stage are all too small and horribly made, then I am happy to go to court and will be happy to have anyone else wronged by this company to join. Especially since they told me that they're based in California. If it was only around a few dollars and wasn't something I really wanted and looked forward to, I wouldn't be as upset. But the fact that after months I am still empty handed and out $300 makes me physically sick to my stomach. I imagine that the few positive reviews are from people that work for the company of were paid to make nice reviews for them.

If I somehow come out of this unscammed and actually do receive my dresses I will be sure to update everyone.

Steals Photos of Other Brands' Dresses and Passes Them Off As Own Products. FAKE!
This company steals images belonging to vintage and retro Instagram influencers wearing dresses made by other high quality reproduction vintage companies, namely The Pretty Dress Company, Vivien of Holloway, Top Vintage Boutique and Unique Vintage. Retro Stage then pass them off as their own products. Check for yourself on the other brands' websites or look at the last two comments in the snapshot I took from Retro Stage's IG account! This is the reason there are so many complaints about the dresses not matching the pictures - THE PICTURES ARE NOT OF THEIR GARMENTS! The photos are often the official modelling shots taken in collaboration with these other brands and they have no right to use them or make rip offs of these companies designs. They also use snapshots from smaller Instagram accounts and pretend they are pics of "happy customers" but, AGAIN, they are pictures of normal people wearing the other brands I listed above (they did not buy from Retro Stage). DO NOT BUY from this company! Buy from the original designers instead.

Expedited shipping a lie
I ordered this dress for my first daughter's wedding, after she had already ordered all her bridesmaid dresses. She had such a good experience she wanted me to order my mother's dress through this website. Retro Stage guaranteed shipping between seven and 10 business days with expedited paid shipping. I did so and to this day still have not received my dress. The wedding is in two days most likely I'm going to have to go out tomorrow to buy a different dress. Absolutely unsatisfied and when I emailed them about the situation all I received was a return email giving me a different website to track my shipping telling me the same thing, that my package still had not been delivered to them! I want my money back. Make sure you order months in advance to make sure you get your dress when you need it

Gorgeous Dress!
I ordered this dress for a military appreciation ball that my husband and I attended back during Veteran's Day Weekend. I ordered at the beginning of October and didn't think twice about it. Than I made the mistake of Googling reviews for Retro-Stage and became nervous. Everyone was crying and claiming Retro Stage were scammed and that it took "over 2 months" for their dresses to come. Maybe that was their experience but it wasn't mine. My dress came within the time frame I was quoted - which was less than two weeks. It fit beautifully! I sort of got a bit of Princess Diana feel from this dress, seeing how it fit me. I felt so elegant and beautiful as we danced the night away. I even got a lot of compliments on how pretty my dress was. I plan on taking this dress on a cruise we are going on with my parents this coming June to wear on the formal night. The dress is great quality! I love how it fits and feels. It catches the light beautifully. I love Retro-stage and will be making future purchases. The dresses are reasonably priced and my experience is a good quality dress. It also helps that I love retro and vintage styles which is exactly what this company specializes in! 10/10 WILL buy from Retro-Stage again!

Very good company
About half of the clothes I've ordered fit well and are good quality. I've had to return a dress because it is too small. I love the clothes that I've kept - Retro Stage are well made, of very good quality fabric and fit nicely. My advice is to order slightly larger than you measure. My waist is 40" and I find that the 3X or 4X fits - you have to check the measurements for each outfit carefully. I've tried to leave comments on their website (mostly good comments) but they don't show up. Not sure what is going on there. They send your order IMMEDIATELY - there's no waiting! But if you make a mistake and have to return something, you will lose big-time. You'll have to pay for postage coming and going. You end up with a big loss of something doesn't fit. So order carefully.

SCAM! Worst online shopping ever! I lost money from this!
Absolutely the WORST online shopping experience I've ever had. I was really excited to order a dress from them, so I paid. It's a shopify store, and I don't know if it's a scam with dropshipped cheap products from China or not. 30 days passed, no shipping notifications. I HAD TO EMAIL Retro Stage back to remind them to ship the products to me!

Email read:

Dear customer, Thanks for your reply. This is Linda from Customer service Dept. Checked for you, we are sorry to tell you that the item "1950s Ruffles Petticoat Underskirt - One Size / Gray " what you ordered is out of stock temporary. Would you mind waiting for a few days? Please don't worry, we will arrange the shipment for you once there is in stock. Thank you. Yours Sincerely, Linda Kuang Customer Service Department

The website states that the business in California, but THIS IS NOT TRUE. I received all my emails from them at times passed 8:00pm California time, so clearly they're working out of India or China. And the emails seem like Retro Stage don't speak very good English. The dress FINALLY came in, and it's the worst quality of dress I've ever gotten. I'm 120lbs 5'6 female, and I got the smallest size that was supposed to be US size 4. I'm normally a size 4, but this dress was way too big. The belt that came with it was even bigger, it didn't even stay on me. And the material was VERY CHEAP. There was frays, and the pictures shown on the website might actually be taken from third-party websites. So the I emailed them back, told them about the wrong sizing and that I wanted to return. They said I would have to pay for return shipping, and when I calculated the cost the return price was $60. So for me to get a different size, or even have a chance at getting my money back, I had to pay the full price of the dress. Here's the email communication for this: ---------------------------------------------------

Dear customer, This is Bree From the Customer Service Department. What about I apply 7 dollars refund for you and you keep the item to solve the problem? You can return back to get the full refund. I have to remind you that The cost of return will be paid by yourself. I will refund to you immediately when I receive the package. Additionally, please make sure the items are in good condition and will not affect the secondary sales. Otherwise, we will not refund to you. Please provide me the tracking number of your return parcel. No tracking number, No refund. Please understand. The return shipping address is to the United States: 15650 Salt Lake Ave. City of Industry CA 91745Recipient: Retro-stage. Shop Return TeamTel: *******006After returning the products, please inform us the following information:


Then I replied with:

Return shipping is over $60CAD for me. There's no way you will pay for this? I have to say I've been extremely disappointing with the customer service at Retro Stage. When I placed my order, over a month went by and I heard nothing about the product being shipped. I had to email customer service to even get it shipped. Which means I missed the event this dress was intended for. Then when I get it in the mail, the sizing is way too big, and the quality of product is very poor. They are over 8 places on the dress where the material is already fraying and the material is very cheap. Also, I matched my sizing to the smallest size on the sizing chart (a small), and it's way too big for me and the belt is even larger. I would like more of a refund please, or I'm going to be leaving some terrible reviews on third party websites.

And "Bree" replied with:

Dear customer, This is Bree From the Customer Service Department. I sincerely apologize for this inconvenience and beg your forgiveness. What about I apply 15 dollars refund for you and you keep the item to solve the problem?

And I replied yes. Cause getting $15 from an $80 purchase is really worth it. THANKS RETRO STAGE. Anyways, very furious about this company and I wanted to warn you before you go shopping online here. Expect to not receive your dress for many months, and difficult returns, and sketchy customer service, and cheap and incorrectly sized products!

I was very hesitant ordering from here! Let me tell you trust your gut! I order and dress late November To wear for New Year's Eve it was cheap and looked nice on the website. I decided to pay to have it expedited just so It was here on time. About a week later I got an email that it shipped I could not track it even a week later after receiving an email so I decided to send them an email and see where my dress was... turns out Retro Stage are out of stock! So not only did they lie and say my dress shipped they weren't even going to notify my that they didn't even have it in stock! No where on the website did you it say my dress was out of stock! I even went that night and put the same dress and size in my cart and still nothing saying that dress was out of stock! I asked for a full refund immediately and ordered a better dress on amazon and guess what the amazon came 2 days after I ordered it! I advise that you never buy from this scam of a website!

Very satisfied
When I ordered my dresses I accidently ordered one as a small. Very awkward since I actually needed XXL. I frantically send an email to customer service to which Retro Stage responded a few hours later. They changed the size for me and were very kind about it. The dresses took a bit longer to arrive than I expected. I figured it would take 3 weeks for them to arrive but it ended up being two weeks longer. I've ordered from more expensive vintage sites before and I'm not going to lie, you can tell there's a difference in quality. The fabric is thinner and the stitches on the inside are messier. On the outside though? Can't tell the difference. Considering that these are half the price of my more expensive vintage dresses I think it's a decent trade-off. So low price for beautiful dresses but the quality is a bit lower and they take somewhat longer to arrive.

Better than expected
I recently ordered a 20s style dress for an event I will be attending in January. I was expecting basically a Halloween costume. What I received was a really nice dress for a very inexpensive price. I was pleasantly surprised at the quality, and the speed of delivery. I figured it was so inexpensive, it was probably coming from China, so it would be months before I received it (which is why I ordered it in September). In less than two weeks, it arrived. It's way better quality than I anticipated (there are a few loose strings, but otherwise it seems decently made). The fit is flattering, and it just looks nice when on. Very unexpected! It's not something I will be wearing a lot, so I expect it will hold up well enough. Another plus: my husband loves it and can't wait until I wear it.

True to size
I normally wear a medium, but I ordered a large to be safe. I am 5'8" tall and weigh 128 lbs. short torso long legs. L Just giving you stats so you can order the right fit. I could have easily ordered a medium. This dress is true to size. Since it had the wide belt it was no problem it was a little big on me. I think because it is a stretchy material bustier women would be fine. So order the size you normally would. The material is thick. It does not feel cheap. All seams are with a serger. I did not have to wear a slip, the material is thick so you cant see through it. Glad! The dress hit me right at the knee it was perfect. It flowed and swung just like a swing dress should. I loved wearing it to the 50s themed party. The belt is wide and long so you can tie jt in a bow. I chose to tie it on my side and up a bit from whwre my waist is. But you can do whatever you want. Oh! It does not smell when you get it. It comes folded up very small. All I had to do was reiron it. It has a nice bit of starch on it. I did iron the collar to my liking. It was up to high for me. I washed it on gentle the next day and hung it to dry. It washed fine. It needs ironed now, its not bad wrinkly but it needs starched again. Lol So I am glad I didnt wash it beforehand otherwise I would have had to iron it before the party. I got it the day of the party so you can imagine my excitement that it all worked out. And I will wear this dress again.

Half Baked Company Horrible
I purchased a dress on Nov 25th with expedited shipping (6-10 business days). Which means latest it should have arrived the 9th. I did not receive that package until the 12th. 13 business days after purchase. This was due to the fact Retro Stage did not ship my package until Dec 2nd.

Since I no longer needed their dress I wished to return it, on their website they stated they would also refund return shipping costs if the cause of the return was because they did something, as is the case here.

Retro stage is trying now to say they will not refund my return cost. Bree in customer service has taken since Dec 14th (it's now the 24th) to understand I'm asking for my money back and has still said no. She also refused to forward me to her supervisor since she clearly cannot understand me.

This is the worst customer service I have experienced in a long time, it is not hard to follow your own policies. Then again this is half of a company considering they even still have the template boxes from the website creator they used on some of their pages, their contact us phone number is different on different pages and one isnt connected. What a joke.

God hope you dont need to return something because Retro Stage has absolutely no customer service or organization.

Nice selection, poor shipping standards
I ordered two dresses for an event. I was pleased with the selection, pricing, and ease of shopping on the site. I ordered six weeks prior to the event I needed the dresses for and received an email saying it had shipped one week after ordering. Pleased with the turn around.

The dresses never arrived. Retro-stage help suggest I check with UPS as the product was shipped and it wasn't in their hand. Retro Stage said the tracking number I was given was the wrong format and they had no record of the package or of a shipment.

Tried re-engaging the help address with no response. I lost the amount I paid and don't have the dresses. I'm sure this is more a random fluke than a normal occurrence since others have lovely dresses they enjoy. I still think the selection and price is exceptional. I'm not saying don't buy from them, but beware if issues arise.

Be aware! Fraud!
What can I say.If I could give this company 0 stars I would. Get so exited by looking at the beautiful dresses fro Retro Stage web and order2 of them. Paid over a $115 dollars for it and never received them. From the web it is looks like they care about they customers but they not! My package was lost in a mail and I did conformed that by FedEx. This company refusing to return my money back and send me at least 10 the same email, so looks like Bree is just a Chinese computer. They never offer any solution to the issue.Be aware of this company because they will not refund your money. Needles to say that you only find out that they ship from Chine after you place your order. I am disputing my payment through my credit card company, but they feeling that I been treated like $#*! and not like a customer who spen a $100 buck on a dresses. Save your self a time and money and shop somewhere else.
Order#FD212836( to prevent a usual comedy from the company that they never heard from me)I send millions of emails and spend a good amount of time on the phone with FedEx and Post office since they give me all wrong numbers)

Second time being horribly disappointed.
This is my second bad experience with this company. The first time, I never received my dress and Retro Stage only gave me a refund after I posted a negative review. Then they offered me a free dress if I took down my bad review. I thought their dresses looked cute so I tried them again. My confirmation was in the wrong size and I immediately emailed them to ask that the size be corrected. They did not respond for two days, until after the order shipped and then said they couldn't do anything because it had shipped already. Once the dress was received they said they would take a return but only if I pay shipping. I was also surprised at how thin the fabric on the dress received is. It much less nice than it looks on the website. Not that that matters since I cannot wear the size they sent.

Terrible Customer Service and Quality.
I ordered two dresses on December 2nd to wear for the New Year and paid for expedited shipping as I was only going to be at that address for another two weeks. One dress arrived but the second one didn't. I have been trying to get a refund for three months now. Retro Stage are saying they won't give a refund unless I can provide a tracking number. But I NEVER received the dress. The tracking number they sent me to track that dress says it was unable to be delivered and was returned to the sender--them! Yet they still refuse to give me a refund for something I never received and was returned to them!

Besides that, the dress that did arrive I wanted to return and I JUST got that money back this past week.

The quality of the dresses is low, but since I was going to use this for a costume I was fine with it. I'm not fine with the fact that you can't get anyone who speaks English/is willing to help. I want my money back. This is beyond ridiculous.

Not worth the price at all
Ordered three dresses for almost $100 but the material of the products definitely do not reflect on the price. The dresses made of cheap material that smell strongly of chemicals and looks like Retro Stage were hastily sewn together as some of the hems were fraying and thread was hanging out. Two of the dresses came with belts that were of such poor quality that the creases were incredibly noticeable where it was folded.

They're more akin to what I would expect from discount websites, rather than from a store/website claiming to be a boutique. The clothes are cute, but the material is really lacking. If the price reflected the cheap material, I would consider buying again. However, it is much too inflated for what it is actually worth. The website claims that they have strict measures of quality control; there definitely is not. I was bamboozled.

Save your money!
Save your money!
I ordered my package about a month ago and I've gotten very little information about it. I was expecting delays because of COVID19 so that isn't the main problem. What I'm upset about is the lack of information on shipping delays on their website and I paid for expedited shipping and can't get a refund on it even though Retro Stage didn't uphold their claims on the website. When I try to get information on my ordered dresses I get emails that come several days later and are filled with typos and grammatical errors. And on top of that they won't directly respond to any of my questions on where my package is or how long they expect delays to be. Overall this company just screams unprofessional and I especially don't trust them because I found out they base their production in China and I personally don't believe they can get these low prices while having good working conditions. Don't waste your time and money buying dresses from these people, save up and buy a hundred dollar dress from a reliable source instead.

The dresses looked so picture perfect online. Reality: it's a terribly executed COSTUME. It's astonishing how different the photos online are from the actual product.

I never been more disappointed in a purchase. The dress looks and feels like a costume and the material itself is horrendously low quality. Even the execution is terrible as it has strings hanging off it.

I contacted customer service asking for a refund and for them to send me a label to return them. Their response:...
Dear customer,
This is Bree From the Customer Service Department.
What about I apply 8 dollars refund for you and you keep the item to solve the problem?
You can return back to get the full refund.
I have to remind you that The cost of return will be paid by yourself. I will refund to you immediately when I receive the package.
Additionally, please make sure the items are in good condition and will not affect the secondary sales. Otherwise, we will not refund to you. Please provide me the tracking number of your return parcel. No tracking number, No refund. Please understand.
The return shipping address is to the United States:
15650 Salt Lake Ave. City of Industry CA 91745
Recipient: Retro-stage. Shop Return Team
Tel: *******006...
Again, I told her how badly the dresses were made and her only response was to send me the link to their refund policy...
This is Bree From the Customer Service Department.
Thanks for your message.
Please kindly refer to our return policy:
I looked at their policy and a full refund should be issued if the item is "faulty or damaged due to our fault." It quite obviously is and yet Retro Stage refuse to allow the return. It will cost me more to return the item than it was to purchase. This website is a scam.


Terrible customer service, never issued refund after a return
I bought 2 dresses from Reteo Stage in July 2020. One didn't fit so I followed their strict return process that Retro Stage seemed unwilling to even tell me about, making it as difficult as possible to return the dress. They ask for an item # for the dress which can be found no where on their on website, only the name of the item. Of course I had to pay for the return shipping, and I included the shipping # as instructed. Here it is 3 months later and no one has contacted me to confirm they recieved the dress, let alone issue a refund. All I've gotten is dozens of spam emails. They should have just said "no refunds" instead of making you send back a dress you paid for so they can RIP you off and sell it to someone else. I'd have been better off trying to sell the dress myself than return it to them. Boo.

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