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Buyer beware! It's the best way to describe this outfit.
I had one issue to resolve and the RESTORO folks scanned my system nd claimed to have found 54,000 corrupted files. I agreed to let them do the repairs and then further agreed to a one year subscription for 24/7 assistance if needed. Total "free" services came to almost $500. What Restoro did do was download some software that automatically scans you system and whenever it encounters a file it didn't like it replaced it with one from somewhere else. I did this five times, and wound up with my desk top now serving as a door stop. I've been fighting for refund after cancellation for a month and keep getting a runaround. Stay with the legitimate vendors, and don't try to save a few bucks... it's another expensive lesson.

Agressive sales tactics and unnecessary upselling
After encountering operating issues with the DVD/CD-ROM player in my desktop PC, I found a reputable tech website that recommended Restoro to fix potential registry issues to resolve the problem. I purchased Restoro's 1-use-only licence for AU$34.95 as there was no free trial available and I was not convinced that it would resolve the issue. When I applied the licence key it ran the scan but when I selected the fix option, it threw me back to the sales page to upgrade to the "Pro" version without running any fix. I called support and started a LogMeIn Rescue session so the support person could review the licence key issue - she ended up having to apply a temporary licence key to force it to run the scan and fix identified issues. When the scan raised literally hundreds of issues, she investigated further and identified numerous trojans via Sysinternals and thousands of warnings in the event log. (Note: I later found this statement on a Tech advice forum where the magnitude of warnings was the topic of discussion "If you haven't noticed anything wrong with your computer, you shouldn't worry. You will always find errors in Event Viewer. In fact, a classic ploy that scammers use is to point the user to Event Viewer to trick him into thinking something is wrong with his computer"). The support person then began pushing the urgency of fixing the issues without delay. At this point I stopped her from proceeding and asked about the cost involved with the clean up. She quoted $350.00 for what she estimated to be at least 3 hours work on the existing Rescue session. When I queried the cost she placed me on hold to "speak to her manager" after which she said she could do a special deal to have the $350.00 cover a year of maintenance which would involve her logging into my pc every few weeks to continue to run scans and cleanups as necessary. I was immediately wary of this and told her as much. When I then told her I would consult another source for a second opinion before spending that amount she said she would wait on the phone while I called for a second opinion. I told her I preferred to be given a case number so I could call back when I was ready to proceed and she became very aggressive, insisting that the problem was urgent and could not be delayed. She began being incredibly rude, accusing me of not understanding anything she was trying to tell me and continually referred back to the thousands of Event Log warnings, attempted to talk over the top of me and continued to push hard for an immediate commitment to purchase the maintenance deal. She then told me if I purchased 2 years coverage for AU$700, she could include a 3rd year for free, but I had to accept right then. I told her I was more concerned with having the issues resolved in an appropriate way than getting the best deal she could offer. She was obviously becoming increasingly frustrated that I was not allowing her to corner me into a panic-buy and became even more aggressive, rudely accusing me of not understanding anything she was saying or the seriousness of the issue. At that point I ended the remote session and the phone call, which had lasted approximately 1 hour.
The post script is: after the call I immediately conducted my own research online and found a Microsoft Youtube tutorial in "Malware Hunting with Sysinternals Tools" and also found a 14 day free trial of CCleaner software, which was recommended by several reputable tech websites. After running CCleaner and following the MS tutorial to check my PC for any remaining threats, I had resolved all threats and fixed the registry issue which prevented my DVD/CD-ROM from operating. The only cost involved was AU$14.34 to upgrade my Norton service to include Secure VPN and the whole effort took about 2 hours, including research time.
My conclusion is that the Restoro support person was trying everything she could to keep me on the phone and scare me into making an impulse purchase because she was aware she was overstating the difficulty of resolving the issues and also aware that, on seeking additional advice, I would discover that she was overselling.
All that aside, comparing the effectiveness of the single-use Restoro licence to that of the CCleaner trial software, the former was largely ineffective whereas the latter completely solved the threat issues (though I had to do a little further digging to finally fix the DVD/CD-ROM registry issue). Further to that, CCleaner costs only AU$39.95 for a full year subscription if I choose to use it again in the future.

Restro installation
Computer still freezes for several minutes on every site now. Worse than when program was installed. I have called the 24/7 phone number given and been placed on hold
For up to 10+ minutes before being told that all agents were busy and Restoro would get back to me which they have not done. Have requested a full refund from Paypal because the program does not do what it was represented to do by the Restro agents.

Mixed Bag
I dont know how good this product is. I am not a techie but I did have trouble in activating the license... so I called and Restoro spent a lot of time with me and fixed the problem... My problem is that they wanted me to spend $290 to "fix ' problems outside of the capability of the software. When I told them I could not afford that they said they had a technician who would do it for $190... These kinds of tactics make any software company look bad... the same thing you get from certain window companies
Even more alarming is that Avast warned me that several of the files contained malware... I know these anti virus programs can sometimes set of false alarms so I am wondering. But the software did get some good reviews on line... Jury is out

Waste of time and money
I bought a basic restoro plan because my pc was having issues and I needed a fix immediately. It's been 12 hours since I purchased it, and I did not receive the license key, just the receipt.
And no, I did not use the wrong email address (it's the same address as the one that is connected to my paypal that I paid with) and nothing in my spam folder.
I ended up resetting my windows and all is good now.
Restoro say on their site that in a few minutes you will get your license key, which wasn't true in my case (and others', from what i am reading here), and that is why I purchased it! If I knew it takes so much to receive a license key, I would've not bought it in the first place.
I want my money back.

Does not repair BSOD's
Downloaded this product to see if it works before I bought it. Restoro give a 24 hour free edition before you buy.

It goes through a wizard of scanning your PC and comes back with a summary of your PC (PC profile, crashed programs, Malware, junk files, broken registry, privacy traces). Each of these have a individual "repair" button, or you can purchase the full product to "repair" it fully.

My issue on my PC has been BSOD's, so I was mostly interested in the 'crashed programs' section. I ran the scan, clicked the "repair" for each of the crashed programs, and it comes back quickly with an appearance that it did repair them. I also fixed the registry as well, in case this was related in someway to the BSOD's for my machine.

After all this, I continue to get BSOD's on my machine. After my PC comes back up, it fails to find the new crashes but it does find the broken registry entries again. While it doesn't actually fix my BSOD's, it did give me some ideas of what to look at.

On the bad side, my PC did crash 3 times during me trying to right this review. I would not recommend this for troubleshooting BSOD's.

Smoke and Mirrors
I had a computer issue, 'Boot loop situation' which was apprised to 'Restoro Tech' who advised me that i had a virus, trojan, my ip address status was exposed, cybersecurity threat and to install a premium and updated protection, advance firewall. I could take the pc to a Bestbuy for service, but Restoro could preform
Everything online and then forwarded to a 'Restoro Engineer' who again was apprised of my issue. No interest in what i said but that i had been to 'porno sites, resulting in pop-ups. Again advised to the contrary none visited and not the issue. Repeatedly advised not the issue. No response from customer
Service on any refunds. Bait and Switch tactics, nothing ethical with these folks. #1 Scammers.

I bought a years worth of service from RESTORO for around $50. It all starts with a phone call. Restoro requested with my permission to scan my computer which they did and of course found 2-3 viruses that there program would not cover because it was outside the system. This would cost an additional $300.00 and would take at least 3 hours over the network. My problem is they would not take NO for an answer. I almost had to just hang up, it was really bad. Just for that I do not recommend them even if the program is good, you will only be pressured more.

Removal of viruses from desktop and cellphone
Restoro responded to my query through their website. Spent well over hour fixing/restoring email and computer, in general, to working order. Technician was a good communicator, patient with my questions, and it would appear quite knowledgeable. Email problems - with MS Outlook -- have not reoccurred since the January repair. Signed up for a 3-year service contract, very expensiveat $499, almost as much as the desktop itself..

Took money i didn't want to give them
Last year I purchased a subscription from them seeing that it was set for automatic resubscription I called to insure that the charge would not be made, Restoro assured me that they had taken care of it, last week I was charged 350 dollars that I was not comfortable being charged by this company, because of this I sent emails to two sources in attempt to get a refund and have not gotten a response within a week.

Unfortunately after having my laptop fixed by a technician and having spent a lot of money for that (I have also purchased McAfee), it's got still problems and doesn't work properly. It's still very slow.
In addition, I have renewed my licence for another year and I keep receiving pop up messages from Restoro saying that "my licence is expiring and I need to buy a new one".
Last but not least I did not like that after fixing the laptop you're forced to write a review straight away, which is not fair because you can't possibly know whether the laptop is going to work properly or not until you start using it.
Thanks for the attention

I got a blue screen error problem, and when I google the error code that come up, Restoro was the first solution to pop up. I paid for the product, it literally took hours to download, and then the problems started. That however was not the most frustrating part of this whole ordeal. No. When I rung for help, all 3 of the customer service reps that I spoke to refused help and hung up on me saying that someone would get in contact with me in the future to help me with the problems I was having. Restoro didn't listen to me AT ALL, didn't care that I needed help now not it hours/days/weeks time and were so rude it actually blows my mind just thinking about it. DO NO USE THEIR PRODUCTS. They are not worth the drama that will ensue.

Not Worth A Penny!
Remember the good old saying let the buyer beware. Or how about this one if it sounds too good to be true it usually is! And that's the case with this POS software and definitely the customer service. I had the unfortunate experience of allowing one of their texts to take control of my computer because this program was all screwed up and it screwed up my computer. I asked for help and boy did Restoro help me as a matter of fact they bent me over and gave it to me good! The tech was on my computer for 5 hours and didn't even have the courtesy to tell me what was wrong after 5 hours. The only thing she could say was that the program had a bug and said I would get an email when the tech department resolves the issue. It's like a month now and I requested a call back but do you think anybody would call. If you guess no you're correct. This so-called program bug wiped out numerous processes on my laptop and I haven't had a moment's rest since! So let me warn you a company is only as good as the customer service or the tech support. The customer service sucks! The tech support totally sucks!

Restoro: Stay away! Don't believe fake/paid reviews
Well, as free edition, Restoro found a truckload of problems and a virus. So I ran my antivirus and it found nothing. Then I ran MSERT special antivirus and it found nothing. I searched for the virus file Restoro said I had, Emotet trojan, and it was nowhere to be found. But then the next day, threatening messages from Restoro popped out when I was watching a movie, closing up my Firefox browser, then popping open my other browser Brave to ask me to buy the full edition because my computer was under threat.
Just stay away from that crap if you don't intend to pay big money. I actually believe the great reviews on some sites have been paid.
Oh and after I uninstalled it, I run a search on "Restoro" to see if it was all cleaned out, and there was still an. Ini file left to track my moves for marketing.
As I said, just stay away.

RESTORO has restored itself
Restoro finally answered my initial request for a full refund. It came through about the same time I was turning on my computer and the program came up as an autofail. The part I disliked most, they had a lot of control over my computer... BUT... the program did not work for me and now I have my money back and their program has been deleted. So for some this program may work for you and know that if it doesn't you will probably get a full refund like I did so like the old commercial says..."try it... you might like it" like Mikey did..

Total waste of time and money
I saw after two hours that this program was not for me but getting a refund can be quite a headache. Restoro provides a lot of information about your computer that is already available on Windows. I don't like the interface as it starts a long scan as soon as you open the program with little to no control from you. The interface cannot scan your USB drives for problems or why Windows cannot restore to a previous point due to a missing file. Restoro show you long lists of supposed problems to impress you and hook you. Good security software like Norton do a better job with more controls and at a lower cost. I can only send my Paypal receipt because the original email with my purchase info has disappeared from my computer the first day. I usually keep those and it is not in my deleted emails.

Toooo long to install.
My machine was running slow, so I searched for a utility to speed it up. Restoro seemed to be an affordable choice and I purchased the single use option. It took 2 hours and 35 minutes to install and run. After restarting my computer, the speed was slower than when I started, so I uninstalled it. My computer would not reboot. It took me another 4 hours to get my computer back to the condition it started from. I do NOT recommend this product!
GR Elder

Deceptive and potential malware
While experiencing computer problems almost a year ago, I purchased a "One Time" subscription based on positive reviews I'd seen. It proved unhelpful, so I uninstalled it -- or so I thought. A few months later, I got new anti-malware software that discovered more that had not been uninstalled. But that was not the end, it gets worse. A couple of days ago, I got a notice from "Paddle" (who "peddles" their wares) that the "One Time" subscription was set to renew soon. Huh?! "One Time" subscription was going to autorenew? So, I clicked on the link thinking that it might have a way to cancel that renewal. (In hindsight, that was probably a mistake) That webpage showed no option to cancel, so I replied to the email indicating my displeasure in strong terms (but not swearing or anything), then shut down for the night. The next morning, when I booted up my computer, I got a message that the Trash Bin was corrupted. Hmmm. When it finished booting, I did a quick internet search for a solution. The very first "hit" was a website that was promoting Restoro as a solution... coincidence? You decide. (Note that I found an easy fix elsewhere not requiring purchase of additional software)

Restore crashed my hard drive
I am unable to boot Windows, even in basic Safe Mode after Restoro scanned my hard drive, found issues and then asked to reboot. Attempts to run PC Diagnostics returned a message that the process failed. Attempts to return to a prior Restore Point returned a message that the process failed. My hard drive was obviously corrupted by the Restoro software app. I would show proof of purchase. But it is on my corrupted hard drive.

"The complete system solution," what a joke!
"The complete system solution," as Restoro define it. A "Full Money Back Guarantee," as they define it. I had a relatively simple issue, one of my Outlook email accounts wasn't syncing and I showed the service technician the problem before we got started. While she was still running the diagnostics on my computer (about 5-7 minutes into the call) she informed me that my issue was more then my operating system and that we would need to get another technician involved (more money). I informed her that I was not having problem with my Windows 10, I informed her that my problem was with Outlook and I reminded her that I had just showed her that 5-10 minutes earlier. She began to get belligerent with me and I asked to speak with a Supervisor. Supervisor called me back about 20 min later and the same story. I explained again to the Supervisor that I wasn't having any issues with the speed of my computer or the operating system and I reexplained that my issue was with Outlook and one of my accounts not being online for some unexplainable reason. I know this companies reviews appear pretty positive but based on the service technician and Supervisor in the Philippines that I spoke with, I would not use or recommend this company. By the way, I'm 57 year old male, graduated from a major US University and am fairly proficient on computers. This is the second review I've written.

I downloaded your program & after the analysis it took me to the page with 3 different plans to choose from. I paid $30+ & after 3:28 of analysis my screen went blank & a few minutes later came back on & the program had disappeared. I downloaded again but to use it the message asked if I had a firewall & if so, take it down. I gave up. Today I tried again, success. Except this time it was free. After over 10 hrs it was completed & instructed me to restart my PC, while at the same time my Norton Advance program messaged that it had quit running - beats me. I hit restart & nothing, I turned it off & started up again. Has it improved my PC - no, still slow but at least everything seems to be intact. I purchased something that may or may not have been better than the freebie, I'll never know. Oh, FYI - you cannot copy & paste the key - it has to be done manually. I learned a lesson & hope there are no surprises.

Rip Off... tried to get me to agree to analysis of my PC
Purchased the restoro app but was transfered to an agent for activation but was put through an analysis of my laptop which I thought was part of the service. Restoro then tried to get me to purchase a scan and repair of the PC which I turned down after a very push sales agent tried her best to get me to proceed. After that I was not only charged for the restoro app but also for the analysis of my PC which I never agreed to and which never was done. Very scammy operation. Would not recommend.

Scam Artists
Had a small issue with computer. Checked Restoro reviews, all good, so paid $30+ for scan. Informed that I had a serious virus. Paid over $300 for fix & two yrs. Service. After Restoro accessed it, more problems than it started with. At times inoperable. Requested refund within time they give for receiving one. Assured of help, but given complete run around & no refund. Tried to uninstall program, but always says system is updating & needs to reboot. Around & around we go! Will be reporting them to every agency that might have the means to put them out of business. Kept all emails. Record of purchases on CC invoices. Phone is not downloading to my computer, so can not send proof of purchase.

Absolute Scam!
Purchased Restoro and was given a key that didn't work. Therefore, I had to call in to have my problem figured out. After spending upwards of an hour and a half talking to a "technician" while he remotely searches my computer for problems (he does this by opening and closing browsers, so not actually doing anything) he concludes that the only way my computer would be fixed is if I spent $400 dollars for the repair. It is also important to note that he asked me "do you watch porn?". I am still waiting on a refund that was promised to me, however, it seems unlikely that a company like Restore upholds their promises.

Not a good experience- support is a sales pitch
My home PC is admittedly old (a Dell Optiplex 755 that I bought restored 8 years ago), but I don't do much with it and all I was looking to do was to get it to boot up faster and be able to do more than one thing at a time. It was just generally slow all the time. I had found a lot of processes running in the background and loading on start-up (I only have 4G of ram) and just wanted to confirm which ones were needed and which were not. A quick google search explained how to correct this, and this software was recommended and seemed legit. Along with removing unnecessary programs/processes from the startup menu, I downloaded and ran this software, which found a lot of errors but no viruses. Once I paid the $26 to have the errors repaired, the software stopped shortly after with no explanation. The page that was showing results of the scan/fix just disappeared. Had it repaired the errors it found? When I tried restarting the program to see if the initial scan would still show errors, I got a message to restart my computer in safe mode, which I'd never seen in the 8 years I've owned this machine.
I then called the support number that I found on my receipt, and that's when the fun started. My computer took a good 20 minutes to boot back up (windows is restarting, do not turn off your computer), and this was after the tech told me to power it off and start it again because it seemed to be hanging during the first restart. Once it booted after the 2nd try, it was still in safe mode. Once it was back up, the support person then remoted in and was running a bunch of diagnostics but not explaining anything she was doing. Why did the software crash? Why was I being told to start in safe mode? I never got answers to those questions. The high pressure sales pitch started. I found the tech extremely annoying, a fast talker who was condescending and interrupted me whenever I tried to speak. She said my IP address was 'exposed' and there were viruses on there and I needed to get them looked at IMMEDIATELY. (But your software said there were no viruses. She didn't have an answer for that). She said I should bring it to a computer repair shop to have it looked at. But then I was put on hold several times while she talked to 'her manager' and miraculously Restoro were going to be able to fix it remotely. But I didn't have the $150 they wanted to do the repair and I made that very clear. I said I was going to call back in a couple of weeks when I could afford that, but she would not let go. Put me on hold a 3rd time and I finally just hung up. I was on with her for more than 90 minutes. She hadn't even rebooted the machine to see if removing the excess programs on startup would fix it. I did restart the computer and found that the background processes went from 75 down to 28, and it's been running great ever since. I have no idea if the software did a thing. I was completely turned off by the sales pitch and the threat that I needed to have someone look at this 'immediately.' She had also made a list of things that a tech service would need to fix, but once it became clear that I wasn't going to pay the $150 on the spot, she deleted that document without saving it on my machine. The software itself seems legit. I'm not sure I needed it to fix my issue.

Never keep appointments
My initial contact with Restoro required 4 online visits for them to cure one of my problems Restoro created a new one by installing a MacAfee virus protection software that was SO strong I couldn't open any documents of any type from my own e-mail account. Since then, every time I want a new appointment with them, they ignore (never call) and then set up another appointment by notifying me by e-mail. After my initial disappointment with them, they were supposed to cut 60% off of my subscription price but they lied and it never happened. They never missed a step of trying to get me to buy hundreds and hundreds of dollars worth of protection that they never intend to fulfill.

Do not buy Restoro it does not work and they don't supply any real help
I purchased Restoro to help fix some computer errors it was supose to fix. It worked a couple of times. When I tried to up date my computer and reinstalled the program the security key did not work. I emailed them Restoro sent the key but the program would not let me type lower case letters. The software converted them into upper case. Tried emailing them no answer. Then finaly found a phone but the kept telling me everyone is busy leave a message they would call back. THEY NEVER CALLED OR EMAILED. This company is one of the worst customer services ever. DO NOT DEAL With them

Destroyed my hard drive
Restoro were working on my computer and it went so late I finally went to bed. When I got up, my computer would not boot. Took it to my local repair shop and hard drive doesn't even know it's a hard drive any more. Totally destroyed along with info I only had on it. Was never able to restore it or retrieve info. They now have the gall to contact me about "renewing" their service. I WOULD NEVER ALLOW THEM TO TOUCH MY COMPUTER AGAIN.

Very expensive
I did not get the results I was hoping for. My computer is still running slow, I did not get the item I was calling about in the first place. I have had 3 sign on notifications from Microsoft, Amazon and Pay Pal. Restoro range from cities in the US to Poland, Switzerland and Seychelles,
It was pretty high pressure sales to get you to buy "their expertise". I feel like I was suckered into their program and am not happy.

Sucks big time.
Restoro is one of the worst mistakes I've ever made in using computers since 1989. It sucks big time. Restoro did not fix my original problem. And they messed up my machine big time. Deleted files necessary to run AutoCAD and other programs. Installed B/S malware, at least it wasn't there before and it was after. Changed settings in various apps.

I would advise never contacting these people.

In addition, when I was told I would be called, I wasn't. It wasn't until over an hour later I received the call and then the operative argued with me about not calling, when I had the evidence they hadn't called on my recent calls list. Or should I say, no calls from Restoro or any other number I did not recognize.

I realize there are a lot of "reviews" that list Restoro as #1 or #2 best, but as a result of those "reviews", I no longer trust any of them.

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Description: Restoro® is a world leader of internet-based system repair solutions. The highly acclaimed Restoro® repair solution scans, assesses and repairs the Windows operating system improving speed and ensuring system stability, in addition to restoring settings and registry values compromised by viruses and other forms of malware. This unprecedented technology draws upon its remote online data base of over 25 million updated, authentic and pristine Microsoft files, ready to repair or replace any Windows system file to restore your PC to its full potential.

Our award winning PC repair software and patented technology first appeared on the market in 2018. The success of our product spurred us to further develop this powerful software and create an affordable, simple to use, solution to empower users, enabling them to repair their PCs, at home or at work, fast and at a fraction of the cost.

As always, Restoro® remains as dedicated to its users as it is to its product. We are ultimately committed to our core values: Honesty & Reliability, Innovation & Simplicity.

Our developers at the Restoro® R&D Center are consistently updating and improving our software, to assure compatibility with every new Windows build and Microsoft security patch, from XP to latest Microsoft supported edition of Windows OS.


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