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Misleading Website, YOU pay for returns PLUS restocking fee!
This company uses a misleading website -intentionally or not- that tricks consumers into buying the wrong product then charges the customer to return the product and adds up a restocking fee. I am a computer engineer, I followed the link provided by their website to purchase an LCD for my phone and it clearly offered only one option that I can buy with no mention of a model number. I received the wrong LCD and I lost $20 for restocking fee and shipping the part back. RepairsUniverse need to refine their website, so future customers will have faith shopping there again.

Stay away from these people!
I've been a long time customer with these people until this one last experience just did me in. I'm going to go into details so be aware, but these people ripped me for a screen and my money. I sent a defective part back that was tested to be "just fine" and I knew it wasn't because after I shipped the iPhone screen back I went ahead a purchased another display so I could fix the lady's phone while the defective one was going through the return process, and I put the new display in the phone and it worked perfectly. After sending the display back RepairsUniverse emailed me with the test results and then I asked them to retest the screen because I knew for a fact that it was faulty and I never heard anything else from the company again. I contacted them back a while later via phone and the "customer service manager" listened to my issue but then placed me on hold for about 10 mins and then came back on the phone and told me that the defective screen was shipped back and then I proceeded to ask him if he could provide proof of shipment and then he beat around the bush with a bunch of bull$#*!. I told him that I never received the screen and they have my money still and he told me that the screen was shipped out and I continued fighting with him over the fact that there is no proof of shipment and I never received an email with information stating that it was shipped or even being sent back. After demanding that I need my money or screen back the manager proceeded to tell me it's to difficult of a process and I just simply stated "I'll make it easy for you, I'll just take my damn business somewhere else" and then hung up the phone.

This manager was a complete douche and did not hold a strong backbone for the companies customer service view point at all. I was never offered my money or Defective display back so I'm out both. And I was basically called a f***** liar in the process.

And this is for you RU:
I'm taking my business to mobile defender where the warranty process is not a pain in the ass and the customer support is 5 starts vs sub zero with you people. And they provide top quality parts vs parts with a 60% defective rate. And to the customer service manager I hope for the sake of the company you learn that your team may have possibly made a mistake vs arguing with a customer about the proof of shipment that never existed. And the fact that the customer may not always be wrong in situations where your team may have just $#*!ed up somewhere in the process.

No Joke, you can fix it!
I am not handy whatsoever. I live by the slogan... if you can't do something really well, farm it out. I bought this replacement camera part for my smart phone. Beyond accurate, beyond simple. I will never go to buy a new phone or even make an insurance claim unless absolutely necessary.

I don't like to brag, but I saved money AND got my...
I don't like to brag, but I saved money AND got my phone fixed at the same time! was easy to find online so I got on live chat and got hooked up with a technician who became like my guru. Whatever he said I got it! When we finally decided that I just needed a touch screen digitizer for my iPhone 4, I ordered it right there on my computer! Fast and easy. Few days later I get my items and tools I purchased. Now I need help! Immediately went to and got a live tech on the phone. He told me about the videos on youtube and gave me some personal tips. My phone is all good now and I saved a few hundred bux. All I know is this site took good care of me and RepairsUniverse will you, too!

Horrible company
HORRIBLE COMPANY, HORRIBLE PRODUCTS, HORRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE. This company sent me a defective screen for my IPhone X. The screen worked great for just about 48 hours, then the screen went dead. The phone still worked (I could hear text messages being received and phone calls). I contacted them and sent the screen back. During shipping it apparently (according to them) became cracked. RepairsUniverse are now stating they will give me a refund of $7 (screen was $70) and will no longer return my phone calls or emails. Buy from anywhere else!

DO NOT ORDER from this website. Save yourself the time and money. I had the screen in my phone for ONE week. It stopped working completely one day. I contacted the customer service (online since no one would answer the phone) and RepairsUniverse told me I would need to ship it back for a replacement. (you have pay to ship the DEFECTIVE screen back) So I ship it back. A week and a half later I haven't heard anything so I contact someone on the website again. I get an email back stating that an email was sent Dec. 19,2019 (I did not get this email at all) and that the return could not be processed because there were "scratches on the screen". There were NONE. I had the entire screen covered the one week it was used. It was defective, so now this "thousands of five-star ratings" company has my money, the screen I payed for, and I have been without a phone for nearly three weeks. HORRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE, HORRIBLE PRODUCTS, STAY AWAY AT ALL COSTS.

The first thing I noticed was how easy the site was...
The first thing I noticed was how easy the site was to maneuver! AND RepairsUniverse have everything you would need to fix your phone or update it. All kinds of protective, functional and good looking cases, conversion kits, iPhone bicycle mounts, waterproof WiFi speakers etc. FUN stuff as well as serious parts. Good idea. I found my part quite quickly and just to make sure, I called and got a TECH on the phone. Really, need I say more? Who does that anymore? So, I am one happy man and I feel like I was treated like a VIP. Customer service is out of this world. I recommend them to everyone. You owe it to yourself to at least check them out, you will NOT be disappointed!

No delivery - arrogant customer service
Failed to deliver - appalling customer service. Package sat in courier's van for two weeks with no attempt to deliver. Customer service refused to chase, and chose to believe courier's story that the address was incorrect which was, or course, untrue. I now have to wait for the refund which RepairsUniverse will only give once the goods are returned to them by - guess who? - the dishonest courier!

Highly Recommended
I highly recommend this web site to buy items for repairing mobiles phones.
The service is very good and the time for shipping the product was very quickly.
The product has a very good quality. The replacement of the touch screen was very easy thanks to your video tutorial on youtube and it works perfectly, of course!

Awesome service
The website is super easy to navigate and placing an order was a breeze. I was amazed at how fast I recieved my order as well and also being able to track my package with pin point accuracy was awesome. High quality product and I will absolutely be ordering again. This is my new go to.

This site will knock your socks off!
This site will knock your socks off! RepairsUniverse have quality parts, great people, fast shipping and the return policy makes sense and is easy to understand. I recently had to return a screen I broke during my install. I just sent an email from the site, someone responded, I received some paperwork, sent it in and boom-got my new part and they had their old one back. Finished the install without a hitch and now am a happy guy! Now I have a place to go when this kinda thing happens! Cool!

Just cruising your website and found Repairs
Just cruising your website and found Repairs And glad I did!
I have been putting off getting a new screen for my old iPhone 4 thinking I could just get a 5 instead. Hahahahaha! Dream on! So, ok, I call this place up and RepairsUniverse tell me it is actually easy to fix by your self! Dude, I believed them and ordered what they said to. Coupla days later, here are the parts and I am on youtube watching videos on how to do this thing. Funny part is, I am getting it! NOW it is done and I am feeling pretty good about myself AND my phone. Thanks a lot to my friends at I will tell everyone!

Good product, very poor customer service experience
The products are good. My 2 star review is solely based on customer service while trying to resolve an issue. I ordered supplies for a project and paid the extra for the 3 day priority shipping to have it here and get the repair done. The shipping got held up and it took 7 days to get the package I paid extra to have in 3 days. I understand it's not the companies fault but through numerous emails asking only to have the difference in shipping refunded, I even offered to accept the difference as store credit knowing I'd make more purchases from them, I was told that because the post office won't refund them the money RepairsUniverse will not refund me the money. So they charged my credit card for priority shipping and then refused to make it right through refund or store credit for a shipping service they offered on their site. The products are good but this customer service has left me buying from a new supplier from now on.

Blown Away by their service
I am not one to leave reviews but I strongly believe that when someone deserves something you must give it to them. Repairs universe deserves this review. From the moment I went on your site I was blown away. There were literally so much options to choose from and the prices were unbelievable. I spent almost 3 hours browsing your site before making my purchase. You had me in heaven for a minute lol. I had ZERO complications making my purchase and ZERO complications with shipping. I received email notifications re shipping and delivery and I received my package on the day it was scheduled for delivery. I opened my package and guess what? My item was inside and in good condition. I am very happy. All thanks to you. You don't have to ask if I will shop again or not.

Go to
Go to If you need any electronic device fixed or you want to DIY, this is THE place. Lots of good stuff and awesome staff. Fast to ship and quick to answer questions. IPhones, iPads, iPods, Kindles, etc... all parts are here.
Shipping awesome and quality parts. I am having fun just looking thru the website! Maybe I need to change the color or my phone... hmmmmmm?

Refused to replaced faulty part they shipped me.
I ordered several parts from RepairsUniverse arrived in a reasonable amount of time and were packaged well for shipping. One of these parts was a screen digitizer for a galaxy tab 3. There was a hairline crack in the ribbon that rendered the digitizer useless. Repairs Universe does have a customer service phone number which informs you to go online or email them. When I tried live chat I was directed to email. When I emailed them, it took 2 week t reach the conclusion of email chains where they requested pictures several different times. The conclusion they reached is that there was no way for them to help. This is a service I will never use again. I repair damaged mobile devices frequently. For a 15 dollar digitizer this company has lost my business.

Battery disabled my phone
Supposedly OEM battery for my LG G2 left my phone unable to power up. Immediately upon powering up, phone shuts down with error message about battery overheating.
Closer inspection of the battery sent by Repairs Universe - LG logo covered by black tape, and a smeared ink stamp that may have read "fail". In any event, it did fail. In the worst possible way.

Do not buy from them... read on if you want to know why
Their charger port cable is 2mm short... which makes it useless. I bought a replacement charger port for an iPhone 7 Plus. This requires the entire phone to be disassembled in order to replace the charger port. Upon assembling the phone with their new charger port installed I found out that the cable to connect it is 2mm short as a result it will not connect. This means I have to order a new part from someone reputable and then reassemble the entire phone. Repair universe idea of customer service is that I should mail the part back, but make sure it is brand new and unused. Well thats not possible as in order to fit the part you have to install it. Who would think someone would go to the trouble of making a part with a cable that is 2mm too short.!? RepairsUniverse would then like me to mail it back to them. The postage charges are worth more than the $6.99 the part costs. Save your money and buy from someone else unless you too would like to waste an incredible amount of time and money.

Defective parts
RepairsUniverse must not have tested the part. It came with burnt out pixels. Tried to get a new part and was told I'd have to buy a new part and remove old part in which I was told very difficult to remove without damaging. If it is damaged it voids warranty. Could have been voided if they test their crap.

Received Faulty Product, Customer Penalized?
Everything shipped and ordered was as described on the site, EXCEPT a replacement battery I ordered for my phone. The so-called new battery was draining considerably much faster than my current 2 year old battery. I immediately reached out to their customer service and hoped to get a replacement due to a defective product, but with their policy I would be responsible for shipping the faulty merchandise back and pay for shipping the new replacement. At this point, it may not be guaranteed that I would even receive a fully operational battery the second time and if I don't, I would then be responsible for the shipment of ANOTHER, 3rd replacement battery?!

There is too much inflexibility with their nonsensical policy when it is NOT the customer's fault. JUST BE WARY that YOU are responsible when you receive something defective or faulty, which I thought would not happen to me, but definitely consider that if you decide you're feeling lucky enough to roll the dice and purchase from this company. Keep in mind many other reviewers have consistently gone through the same ordeal I went through as well.

I just love technical stuff but what I do NOT love...
I just love technical stuff but what I do NOT love is fixing my Kindle Fire myself!
My Kindle seems to have averted the inevitable for a very long time and this time I was out by the pool and well, you know! The crack was like spider webs to me and I was sure I should just throw it out! Seems some kid at the pool knew of this "magic" place that would actually fix it for me... and for cheap, too! I checked out and called a tech. WOW... smart guy this one! I filled out some paperwork and sent it right to them. RepairsUniverse kept me in the loop the whole time and sent it back when it was done... correctly! Price was good and the quality work was evident. I will definitely let everyone know about and keep them in my contact list! Thanks to the entire staff for their patience and humor. Kudos to you all!

Broke no more
After attempting to repair my own phone, I soon realized I was over my head when my borrowed screwdriver stripped out. I called a few places locally and the last place recommended fix it. I called them and RepairsUniverse accepted the challenge. They used my parts and only charged me labor. $75 and 45 min later I was back in business. I was very pleased! I ordered parts with them after that

Shout out to!
Shout out to! Since I found this site I do not ever worry about finding parts for my Google Nexus or any other device for that matter!
I got a human on the phone (a first for me) and we spoke about tech stuff and I found what I needed and decided to buy it because it was such a good price!
It came in really good shape... like new! I actually put my phone together with youtube vids... easy! So, if your looking for great service, selection and help, is for you! Rock on RU!

I am all over this website!
I am all over this website! I love their people, quality parts, fast shipping and overall business dealings! RepairsUniverse help you and guide you and have most quality parts ever!
Very fair pricing and good deals! They have tiny parts to big parts and ship them anywhere in good order. All I needed to do was change a screen and I did that in less time than even I ever thought. The site is GREAT and easy and I will be using then for a long, long time. Go there now!

Used, damaged parts and horrible return policy
I was looking for a replacement headphone port for my 5th gen iPod video. So I found RepairsUniverse online and purchased, what RepairsUniverse called a replacement port for the 5th gen iPod video. Shipping was quick, price was right, item received was clearly used, the ribbon was kinked, and based on the shape of the port itself, not originally even from a 5th gen iPod video. I did not notice the slope of the port housing until after having installed the item, expecting to have been sent the correct item. Upon installing the replacement part my Ipod would only play stereo if I left the headphone jack half out of the port. I test 4 different headphones with the same results. Upon contacting RepairsUniverse to ask for an exchange part, I was informed that I could either 1. Buy another replacement and send back the original at which point they would decide if I would be getting a refund on the original part. Or 2. Ship back the defective part, at my cost, and again wait for them to decide if they would be sending another replacement. RepairsUniverse, what a joke. So they send out a non-original, used and defective part and then want you to buy another part and maybe you will get refunded the original purchase. NO Thanks. I am not spending anymore money with them. Beware the quality of the parts and their return policy.

Nano 6th gen Battery
I ordered a battery for my IPod Nano 6th generation. After successfully installing the battery it was time to reassemble the IPod. The battery that was shipped to me was pillow shaped and over twice the thickness of the original, needless to say there was NO way the Ipod screen was going to seat on the unit as it should. I could not even get it close. UPDATE: 7/10 Repairs Universe sent a complete refund, I am sorry this didn't work out because my IPOD worked after following the directions for replacement.

Repairs Universe POOR
Tried to cancel the order less then 24 hours after ordering it and RepairsUniverse said they couldn't which I should of just denied it on the credit card. Then get the LCD installed it and it didn't work thousands of specs on the screen. Tried to remove the end where I started to install it and didn't re heat it (never though the end was that attached) and cracked it. I'm out 150.00 good luck to ever else purchases them. Buying one local now!

Got it as expected
Everything was great! The package arrived as planned and in great conditions. When I first ordered, RepairsUniverse email me letting me know the item was out of stock contact customer care and they were very professional and responded quickly. I was refunded my money within 2 days. Them ordered again and my package came as described.

I ordered an iphone 6 complete screen and digitizer replacement and the build quality, shipping and packing quality, and overall quality is excellent. Alerts have had great experiences with the seller, never have any issues with products, would definitely recommend if your a do it yourself

Good quality, price, and accurate order.
I have used this site for my amateur phone repair of about 20 phones. Delivery time is usually about 3-5 business days. The website is easy to navigate. Each item always has the initials from a quality check. Some of the phone screen options are confusing because there may be 3 options that appear to be the same product, but are different prices- this is due to aftermarket vs brand name parts within the part (such as OEM grade lcd/digitizers with aftermarket or brand lcd screens or glass). Their return policy is pretty strict. Unfortunately RepairsUniverse are not as easy to reach on the phone as they used to be for questions. I also was unable to use the chat feature because no operator answered. Overall, however, I've been consistently satisfied and will continue to use them.

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