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Great remote learning program for children
I have 2 kids, 7 year old boy and 15 year old daughter. Remote Learning School have been studying at this school because of the pandemic in addition to the public school that provides a subpar hybrid learning program.

Curriculum is constantly evolving and they are always adding new classes and lessons. My kids have learned a lot since joining the remote learning school and I like how the classes can be taken any time and at their own pace

Membership includes the whole family and also each of my kids gets their own email address for free as well as a student ID.

My kids take it in addition to regular school so that they are better prepared for life and the future.

Love the curriculum
I absolutely love this curriculum! We were faced with homeschooling during the pandemic and really frustrated with the virtual schooling provided by the district so we turned to other resources. I was informed about this curriculum through my aunt and I'm so glad I took a chance! Even now that my kids are back in school Remote Learning School are learning so much from this. THANK YOU!

Was put on a waiting list due to high demand
I was unable to register my son to the program because Remote Learning School said classes were full. I completed the registration online and paid the registration fee, then got the email that my son was admitted to the program, but around 10 minutes later I got an another email that classes are full and that to try again enrolling in 2 weeks. My fees were refunded automatically which is why I am giving 2 stars instead of 1 star. But I was really looking forward to having my son be part of the program because I've heard all the great things about it so it was disappointing to be turned away.
This is the email they sent me:
"Dear Parent, thank you for your interest in's education enrichment program for kids ages 5-17. Unfortunately, due to high demand, the program is currently at capacity. We received a record number of enrollments this week, and we want our admissions department to give new members the full attention they deserve as a student, and our staff takes great care to assign each new student their curriculum, JuniorFolio, student ID, and more, as they begin their new learning journey with us.
We have therefore placed your son on the waitlist, and we currently estimate the wait time to be 2 weeks. Meanwhile, we are refunding any fees you paid during the registration process."
Like I said that's a disappointment since my son was eager to get his school email address and write for the school magazine and learn classes such as Korean and guitar, never seen him so excited about learning! But at least they refunded my money fast without me even having to ask. I will try again enrolling in 2 weeks I really hope I get my son in this program.

Great virtual learning materials
The Remote Learning School was a lifesaver for my son and I. We started grade 7 last year as remote learners due to Covid and even after several zoom meetings in how it was all supposed to work we got a couple weeks behind due to assignments being placed differently by some teachers and we never could get caught up. After the 1st eight weeks I started researching for answers and was blessed to find this program. It couldn't go any smoother. He works at his own pace and I can check his work daily. My son is back to school now since schools resumed in-person learning and we still use the Remote Learning School in addition to public school, so he can learn a lot more than what he learns just in his regular school and stay ahead of the curve.

Ease of use, affordable, quality education
Simple to use and affordable. Curriculum are impressive and perfectly arranged for the age groups / grades. The setup of each class makes it easy to follow and easy to understand. Our family is new to online learning, and RemoteLearningSchool has proven to be an essential tool!

Awesome online school for kids
A virtual elementary school - all classes are online and can be taken at any time, which I found convenient. Also includes in the membership was a student ID as well as a school email address for all the kids enrolled.
What I liked best is that Remote Learning School don't make you pay for each kid, you buy a family membership which saved me a lot of money since I have 3 kids in my family and other online schools wanted to charge for each one.

Program is rich with features
I like it that it includes many features such as student ID card, remotelearning school email address, juniorfolio and many more. There are lots of lessons available for each grade level which the child can take according to their schedule and interest. Remote Learning School also learn second languages, coding, martial arts, musical instruments, and more, all is done virtually. Am using this as add-on to my kids' normal school

Great virtual elementary school for my kids
Enrolled my 2 kids (son age 5, in kindergarten and daughter age 8 in 3rd grade) here, because I felt Remote Learning School were not getting enough education from their regular school. So I use RemoteLearning School to supplement their regular classes so that they don't fall behind. This school goes deeper on the materials and offers lots of other subjects such as Astronomy and Music. Also I have my kids take the French course as a second language.
What I also like about this school is that they provide a student ID which can be used for discounts, a free school email address, as well as JuniorFolio which is a portfolio of the kids achievements.
Customer service is great they always reply fast through email or when I send them a message through their facebook page.

Very flexible program
I like the flexibility that offers. You can choose between various types of memberships like either use monthly membership or just go for the lifetime membership. There are lots of extra classess offered and the child can choose which ones he like. For example for second language Remote Learning School can choose Chinese, Korean, French, etc. Many modules are not offerred in regular school or even in other online programs. They also have music instrument classes included in the membereship which saves us money so we can spend less on private tutors. For example my son is learning to learn guitar. They also have many other special interest classes such as Entrepreneurship which my other son likes maybe he will be a young CEO when he grows up. You can use's program as full homeschool progam or as addition to regular school.

My Review- good online school with many educational features
RemoteLearning school is one of those programs that is a true must nowadays when public schools are failing with their distance learning programs.
I registered my 6-yo son there because he was not able to focus during the zoom lesson - all kids were shouting at the same time and the teacher did not have the class under control.
With this program, my son is able to take the classes on his own and at any time of the day when he is ready. And the lesson quality is much better then what he got in his own school. Plus he is getting to learn Spanish and French as well! Those courses are included free with the program and it's always good to learn more languages at young age it improves social and cognitive abilities.

Good addition to public school program
I love that the lessons are available every-day and my kids can take them at their own schedule also Remote Learning School have the best customer service to help with any and all technical issues that may arise. The district schools program didn`t have any help and left me frustrated and stuck, but RemoteLearningSchool actually gives me the peace of mind that they are working with us for our kids education.

Misleading advertising, fake reviews, lacks transparency
Misleading advertising: Remote Learning School advertise themselves as one of the most comprehensive online curriculums out there. In fact, not a single course offered by them could be considered complete. The French course comprises a total of 4 lessons. The Kindergarten Jr Math courses is a whopping 2 lessons. Ballet... 1 lesson. Korean... 1 lesson. Grade 8 Algebra... 1 lesson. There is NOTHING comprehensive about what they offer.
Fake reviews: The reviews scattered across the internet were written by the same handful of people. The vast majority of these "people" have only reviewed this "school". The photographs used by some of these reviewers are stocks photos. Alas, since the entire website, "viral" videos and instructor profiles also include stock photos this is unsurprising.
Lacks transparency: they have no sample lessons or trial period. The opportunity to try a sample, view a lesson or try before you buy is universal amongst educational sites. They refuse to answer questions on how they screen their instructors, if they screen their videos, etc. Additionally, the same "social media manager" runs an unemployment website (unemploymentpua) and a school review website ( It's dishonest to not disclose these relationships, especially when you run the rating website that gives your school perfect reviews. The only interaction on social media for is from the unemploymentpua account and a blatantly fake account with a stock photo.

They have now blocked my IP address from accessing their site due to my review. This doesn't look good for the company. If you aren't doing anything wrong, why would you block a user.

Excellent school, all parents should enroll their kids there.
I enrolled because needed to get a student ID for my 14 year old son so he could get student discounts. I bought the lifetime membership but Remote Learning School also have monthly and other terms. They also give all students their own school email address so that you can use it to verify online student accounts and get more discounts when buying stuff online. I've already saved hundreds of dollars buying my son stuff using the student discount.
The classes there are superb and my son has learned a LOT of new things, things that he could not have learned at school because zoom classes are so disorganized.
We also participate in all the fun competitions and activities the school runs such as the costume contest, art contest, virtual science fair and talent show. My son got 3rd place in the virtual science fair and won a gift card.
Overall highly recommended to enroll there you basically need this if you want your kids to get proper education.

Good educational materials for my son also always answered my questions when I emailed them
I'm doing hybrid distance/in-person learning due to high number of cases in my area and lack of mask mandate, but the way my son's public school does it is not so great and my son was having a hard time adjusting. His school district didn't know what else to do for him. My sister has been using RemoteLearningSchool for her children's education, so figured why not lets give it a go. He has been on it since August and is doing very well with it. I'm pleased with this program. It's easy navigation for both of us. The classes do good to keep his attention!

RLS is an amazing virtual elementary school
This school is amazing and I absolutely love it. The program is really comfortable and it's very comfortable that you can do the lessons at any time. Thank you very much!

Son won 2nd place in's annual science fair, should've been 1st
One of the reasons I registered my son in the Remote Learning School is that Remote Learning School have many good contests throughout the year. But I am giving one star because my son won 2nd place in RemoteLearningSchool's annual science fair, but I feel he should have gotten 1st place. He spent a lot of time on that project.

My son's project was titled "A Smart Device to Detect Potholes on the Road Using Machine Learning" and as I said it only got 2nd place. The first place project was titled "The Effect Of Magnetism On The Growth of Pea Plants" and it was good, but I feel my son's project was better. I mean, I think solving the issue of potholes is more practical than analyzing the effect of magnetism on pea plants. Since potholes affect us every day and projects such as my son's can actually contribute to people's way of life, while on the other hand not that many people care about pea plants.

I tried submitting an appeal, but was told that the judge's decision was final. The next competition they have is the Halloween costume contest, but my son is less interested in that since he likes science stuff better.

Good customer service
Very constructive communication and customer service - we had no problem accessing the classes, and I was pleased to see my children become eager to learn and expand their knowledge.

We used RLS while moving to another state, and we still use it
We used RLS while we moved across country, until we could get my 4th grade daughter into a local school. We are very impressed! The classes are fun and explain things well, and the subject matter was on point. When we finally enrolled my child in local school, she nailed her math placement exam, and slid into science and social studies right where she had left off with RLS. Thank you for making this transition in states and schools so much better. Even while in public school, we plan to keep using RLS for additional classes and so that she never falls behind.

Some unique classes like journalism and entrepreneurship
I was very impressed with the number of lessons and other features this school offers for the price. There's hundreds of classes for the children to choose from. It may seem a bit overwhelming at first, but there's no pressure since the students can take the classes at their own pace. And it is the variety of topics that ensures every child will find something Remote Learning School love - one kid may want to try the trumpet lessons, another may focus on the science classes, others on entrepreneurship and journalism.

Very affordable
It's a great program and affordably priced! I would like to see RemoteLearningSchool add a feature that lets us search for a subject area. That would really help those of us who use it to supplement. Also, when I use it for homeschooling, I wish there were more reporting options for parents. It would be good to see a snapshot of how much of the grade curriculum has been covered and what is still open. Percentage of completion.

My sons really enjoying and benefitting from this program
My sons love this program. One just turned 7 and is in second grade, the other is in 3rd grade. I like it that the program is self-paced and adapts to your schedule. Remote Learning School are also excited to have their own school email address which I let them use with the parental controls enabled. It is the first time they are using email and have already emailed their grandparents to tell them how much they loves them. Only suggestion is to make the parent portal a bit more parent friendly, however I understand they are focused on the child's learning and it is great.

Been with RLS for 2 years
My family has been with the Remote Learning School for 2 years now and have had only positive experiences. We begun the program last year when Covid19 forced us into virtual learning, we used the RemoteLearning.School program because it offered a much, much better curriculum then the online schooling from the regular school. Now that our kids have returned to in-person learning we still use Remote Learning School, in addition (as supplement to) their regular school because what you learn in regular school is not enough

Good investment in your kids education
Overall program offers many features, many not offered by other programs and schools, so its very good value.

School email address: Each kid gets 100mb of storage. Not a lot if Remote Learning School send lots of videos etc but should be enough for education and communicating with relatives etc. Has parental controls.

School ID - Every child gets a school ID. This is a digital school ID but you can also print it as well as use it for discounts on software and more, both online and offline.

JuniorFolio - This is where varous achievements and certificates are stored so you can showcase their accomplishments and be proud.

Press ID - if the child decides to write for the school magazine they get a very cool press ID

Classes - there are tons of subjects. Classes are pre-recorded and can be taken by the student at any time.

Membership fees - You can choose monthly, Quarterly, Semiannual or life time. Lifetime is probably the best value. Also covers the entire family/household so you dont have to buy membership for every kid in the family which saves a lot of money.

Registration - everything is done online and through email so very conveniten

Customer service - you can ask them anything through email or through their facebook page and they usually reply very fast though sometimes during a busy school week there can be a delay in reponse

Hope this review helps!

L earning is an adventure
Signup was simple you can enroll monthly, quarterly, or get a lifetime membership and all memberships include the whole family which was useful for me since wouldve been expensive if I had to pay separate fee for each child.
All the students also get student IDs and a free school email address. Those can also be used to get student discounts on educational software and a lot more.
There are many classes across many topics and Remote Learning School are always adding more.
Overall it's a very good online program am glad I enrolled my family in it, all kids are learning a lot.

Kids learning a lot more than what they learned at school
My children are on monthly membership and learning a lot. Good customer service. Also Remote Learning School get student Id and school email account. Used student Id to get some discounts already so paid for itself

My daughter learned so much new stuff
I am very happy with this virtual learning platform. My daughter was not doing well with virtual school from her public school, and also when she resumed in person learning. She is doing much better with the added materials from RemoteLearningSchool and has learned so much new stuff. This program is necessary for all children don't rely just on public school education, you don't know how much Remote Learning School are missing!

Happy with my decision to enroll
I recently enrolled my 10 year old son in the remotelearning program since was afraid to send him to school before vaccine is available for kids in his age. Very easy to enroll and also very affordable. So far extremely pleased.
When I first made the decision to homeschool I did was overwhelmed and had no clue what curriculum i'd teach him and was worried about him receiving a good education at home. The Remotelearning program solved this issue since Remote Learning School have all the classes and materials organized online and my kid can take them at his own pace. He also got a digital student ID which will prove useful for student discounts.

His 14 year old brother attends in-person school but also taking advantage of the membership since many classes interest him, as well as to strengthen his math skills since he is really excited about math and excited to be a mathematician when he grows up

Using RemoteLearningSchool for second year
This is our second year using RemoteLearningSchool for my 3rd grader we used it as a homeschool last year, and this year we are using it to supplement regular learning. RemoteLearningSchool is easy to use my son loves it he logs in on his own and does what is required for the day sometimes moves ahead I like that he is able to move on to more harder classes if the ones at his grade level are not challenging enough for him.

Virtual supplemental school program for kids
Solid online program for children. I have 2 siblings enrolled in this course. The older one, in middle school, takes this program as supplemental to his school, while the other one takes the course as a full curriculum for first grade.
Remote Learning School offer many classes including those not offered by other similar programs, such as virtual fitness classes, dancing, and musical instruments. My older son is taking the electric guitar class.
There's also many other cool features the program offers but my phone is almost out of battery so will end the review here thanks for reading.

Pros and Cons of RLS
My 7 year old son and 11 year old daughter have been part of the program for nearly a year now. Overall am satisfied. Here are some pros and cons of this program I hope this helps:

-Students get a school email address
-Students get a student ID card that can be used for discounts
-Lots of virtual contests the students can participate in such as a virtual science fair and virtual halloween costume contest
-Student can write for school magazine and receive press ID
-Lots of classes to choose from.

-The student email address has only 100mb of storage so can't send too many big attachments
-With so many classes, sometimes its hard to choose which one to do next
-A lot of competition in the contests making it hard to win one of the top 3 prizes
-sometimes the school magazine gets too many articles and your article may not get published until the next issue

I hope this helps everyone weigh the cons and pros!

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Description: RemoteLearning.School's Kids Education Enrichment Program (K. E. E. P) gives kids access to online lessons, JuniorFolio™, student ID, school email account, and more features to help your kids succeed and achieve their maximum potential. Our goal is to enhance and encourage learning and development and maximize the education of every child, while aiding them in achieving their highest personal potential through a remote learning program. Our lessons are best suited for kids ages 5-17. Many parents use our program to supplement their kid's regular school routine, while others use it as part of a homeschooling curriculum.


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