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Buy the physical book
So I really like online books because I dont have to physically carry a hard copy and I can import or crop the pictures to put into documents. However, you spend nearly the same amount for the book on this site and RedShelf will not let you print more than 20% and acn only download once offline. I did the offline download however the file never made it to my coputer and now I cannot redownload. On top of that it doesnt download the full content. For the particular book I have I need to be able to reach the content online and off and be able to print. Waste of money. Buy on another platform or get the physical book.

If your reader was a bit better, I would have kept...
If your reader was a bit better, I would have kept the publication forever. There should be study aids included that would help learn the language. A vocabulary flashcard deck, better controls would be helpful.

Recommended: RedShelf
I was extremely satisfied with the quality I received at RedShelf. I can also say that from my own experience that Victoria is the best customer service representative I have dealt with ever. She was very professional in processing my request in a timely manner. I will definitely come back to RedShelf in future and will definitely recommend it to anyone for shopping.

I could not find anything that would explain the all...
I could not find anything that would explain the all access version and then when I tried to pay it kept telling me a code was wrong and never highlighted the issue. I retyped by address and all information again but same error message. Finally paid through googlepay

I love this website
I love this website. Many of my private clients are now seen virtually. I have been scanning pages from manuals to use but it is really good to have resources you can use fully online/print email pages for clients to work with for practice.

I have no idea where I am going to be able to read...
I have no idea where I am going to be able to read this book. I'm in the military. I go on deployment... I don't always have the ability to have internet on MY devices. Using this book offline seems impossible.

It's extremely frustrating to read any book on this platform. There is no app or mobile view, so it's nearly impossible to read anything unless on a computer. It constantly freezes and you have to refresh the page. It took me about twice as long to read my book as it should have. If you have the opportunity to use any other platform to read or purchase your books, I recommend you do so.

Pro-ed listed the product I was looking for as available...
Pro-ed listed the product I was looking for as available via ebook on RedShelf... so I immediatly opted for lifetime access to the digital version. One less resourse to keep track of makes a big difference when you are a traveling Speech Therapist!

The procedure to pay this book with my Colombian credit...
The procedure to pay this book with my Colombian credit card during my stay in the USA was absolutely bizarre and exhausting. Vishaal tried throuhg different ways and for several days to help me, but every attempt was frustrating. You should seriously revise some kind of technological problem which is directly affecting purchases from other countries.

I have used Redhself in the past at my old school (Maryville...
I have used Redhself in the past at my old school (Maryville University). After a disastrously awful experience with Chegg, I decided to use Redshelf again which is what I should have done straight off.

I've been in school for over 20 years and it wasn't...
I've been in school for over 20 years and it wasn't until 2020 when I was made aware of text to speech. This Service is so great. My only issue is that I wish I could click on any spot and it would start reading aloud. Right now it starts reading at the top of the page everytime. Sometimes I leave off in the middle or towards the end.

I was a bit confused with the procedures, but that...
I was a bit confused with the procedures, but that was because of errors on my end. Thankfully Vishaal came to the rescue for my technical difficulties. I followed his helpful instructions and I received my ebook literally immediately. Thanks to Marshall who helped as well, and connected me to Vishaal!

Red Shelf so far is a great service. Digital Books is...
Red Shelf so far is a great service. Digital Books is sustainable, Especially appreciate the self refund policy, market leader, because more often than not books are purchased in error and refunds made easy is much appreciated.

No supplemental materials for textbooks
While providing textbook for classes for university students, the organization has no agreement to provide supplemental files and data for the textbooks. Is that really a complete service when using a math textbook? It should be clear when accepting the 'Inclusive Access' that all textbook materials are NOT included. Along with the with the warning a path to get the materials or requesting them should be noted.
I have e-mails that redshelf cannot help me. A partial refund should be in order for my time searching for a solution to this issue.

RedShelf website is TERRIBLE!
I wish I read the reviews before buying my text book from $#*!ty website. The whole semseter I'm struggling with a stupid website. It takes forever to load, and it's ALWAYS BREAKING! You can't highlight neither copy or paste. Everytime I move from a paragraph to another the page has to crash. I had a miserable experience with it. Seriously a waste of money. Save your money and go somewhere else.

The site provided good information about what was included...
The site provided good information about what was included in the rental.

One issue, however, is that I got feedback that my zip code was not valid. When I deleted the four digits following the zip code, the message did not change. However, I was able to move on to providing my credit card number, etc.

Will Not Price Match
Redshelf is renting a textbook for double the price that Amazon is renting the same book. I asked them if RedShelf would be willing to price match or refund me the difference and was denied that courtesy. Despite bad company policy, the customer service was quick to respond and professional.

I just signed up for RedShelf and found the initial...
I just signed up for RedShelf and found the initial experience to be quite satisfactory. I liked the selection of books and purchased access to a few but found many more that I would like to read. It was a very simple process to get signed up for this service.

Is anyone in your helpdesk actually trained to resolve the issue in the first call?
I purchased a book with "lifetime access". It stopped working after 1 month! I have called 3 times and emailed 2 times over the last couple of days and RedShelf have "escalated" the issue each time. Is anyone actually going to call me back for this escalation? I have given up and repurchased the book from Kindle/Amazon because clearly I need it for a class. FLAWLESS experience. I will never comes to a 3rd party service like this one again. Rather pay more for RELIABLE customer service.

I haven't had a negative experience using RedShelf...
I haven't had a negative experience using RedShelf as of right now. If this is the site universities recommend for students, then by all accounts I think it is a great one. I've yet to try out RedShelf on iOS, I haven't had the need, but apparently there's some negative reviews on the App Store. Hopefully RedShelf pay attention to these reviews and fix whatever issues the app has before more people start using it.

It was very easy to look up and purchase this ebook...
It was very easy to look up and purchase this ebook for my Interpersonal Communications class! Checking out wasn't difficult at all! I have not reviewed the book yet so I can not comment on that! But so far so good!

LAW STUDENTS -- not ideal
As law student with a focus in environmental law, I buy all texts in e-version. This wasn't an issue last year when the software contracts were with VitalSource, but things have become nearly unmanageable since having to use RedShelf. The texts typically take over 15 minutes to load, and that's after having to force close and restart the app multiple times because it freezes &/or when it finally does load it doesn't import your highlights/notes so you have to keep refreshing app until it does. I have been in contact with technical support for over 5 months now, who have been extremely kind and communicative, but which has ultimately produced absolutely NO solutions to these issues.

Considering the $180+ price tags on these e-texts, it is absolutely absurd that RedShelf do not even work and that the company cannot provide any remedy or alternative option in the interim while attempting to resolve the tech glitches. Knowing that these texts are being sold for educational purposes, the company has an obligation to establish safeguards &/or remedies in these instances where their product is defective. The lack of such is a huge pitfall for me and will likely prevent me from working with them in the future.

I've only read one book so far on this program
I've only read one book so far on this program. It was easy to find page numbers and had the listening and highlighting options to help with study. However, I would appreciate the ability to copy and paste as well. Collecting quotes for papers would go much faster if I didn't have to type each one out.

This is awful
I am taking a Biology class and was required to have the Biology Edition #3 book. Online was cheaper than a hard copy, and so I bought that. I can't access it from my computer because I can only see half the page and the small Ipad that I can access it from keeps logging me out. And now I can't even access it from that. I really dislike this site. If you want a book, get a hard copy, don't download it off of here. Also when reading it's super hard to skip around it takes forever to find something, whereas a had copy, just flip a few pages and you're there.

Completing a payment was quirky, it wouldn't take any...
Completing a payment was quirky, it wouldn't take any other zip code except an incorrect one for another area of town I reside in. After 30 tries with all the correct zip/address info, I decided "well maybe I'll try this other zip code?...", and then it worked.

I have the following questions about my purchase:
I have the following questions about my purchase:

(I) How will the the book be delivered to me -- virtually, by e-mail, UPS, or FedEx or as a pdf; and
(ii) when can I expect to receive the book?
(iii) What does my permanent purchase mean (if I am obligated to return it to you, when and how)?

I have provided to you above only my billing address. If the book is to be delivered to me other than virtually, please send it to the following address:
1810 Rittenhouse Square, Unit 1203, Philadelphia, PA 19103.
Thank you, Rich Weiner

The online process is great and the tools associated...
The online process is great and the tools associated with the online text books are well done. While I understand the issues with copyrights, I believe there should be an option to print pages / chapters / graphics from the book because sometimes it's simply easier to read things on paper and not always be attached to a screen.

Ok so I already wrote a review after I first rented a book from Redshelf, but now it was gotten even worse and I can no longer even read the book.

Originally my complaint was that I paid 60 dollars (also wish it would have been clear that it was US and not canadian dollars before I purchased) for a book that I am renting and the features it braggs about - ability to highlight, make notes etc. all did not work properly and caused me more headache than anything else.

So I emailed Redshelf, a really nice service rep gave me a million things to try, spent an hour trying them all and nothing changed and now the guy wont get back to me.

Its frustrating because the new problem is this - I was in the middle of reading a huge chapter, got a few pages in and now the pages wont turn. Checked my internet connection, restarted my computer, cleared the cache, i tried everything. So I restart my computer and open my Redshelf book again, the page looks different so im hopeful, but nope, still cant access anything after page 25 of the book, only now... get this - all of the $#*!ty, half working notes and highlighting that i was able to make is now gone! Hours of work, gone.


Redshelf is a pretty $#*!ty website. Especially for textbooks.
Three things that stand out most. Leased e-books, No offline reading, and no copy and pasting. $50 to lose something in the future that i can't even read without wifi and a login. I recommend staying away especially if you are a student and are looking for textbooks. I am still finding more complaints after each login, and I'm only on chapter 1.

My order processing was not completed with my correct...
My order processing was not completed with my correct billing information because "my billing country does not match my location". I changed my actual billing country to match my current location and the order was processed without an issue. I am living in Europe due to the military and have not encountered this kind of hiccup before with online purchases.

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