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Every time a negative experience.
I have placed orders on four separate occasions before and had problems more times than not, I'm not sure why I decided to place another order probably because I like their shirts. But it has now been 3 days since I placed my order and it still hasn't shipped. It is now Friday afternoon and all my other orders which were also T-shirts have shipped through UPS Mail Innovations which do not operate on the weekends. This means that if it doesn't ship today it won't ship tomorrow or the next day, so even if it finally would ship on Monday it would be nearly a week after I placed the order which is completely unacceptable. Even three days just for it to ship is unacceptable. And since I bought this for someone's birthday it will arrive much too late.
And to add insult to injury the customer service people who answered the chat option are about as useless as an AI would be since all Redbubble do is repeat the policy to you instead of offering a solution or getting in touch with the people that are supposed to ship the shirt. It's just another typical "once we have the money we don't give a damn about you" business.
This will definitely be the last time I will give them my money and I advise anyone else to spend their money some other place too.

Okay Service, But Don't Do Express Shipping
This is my second time ordering a phone case through redbubble.
The first time was great. My product was shipped in a quick and timely manner, I was up to date on everything that was going on, when my college mail service lost the package, customer service was quick and polite to work with, and replacement case was soon in my hands.
The product was good quality for the price, and was definitely my favorite phone case until I got a new phone.
Right now, I'm not as impressed as I was the first time.
I ordered the case on the 25th. At the time of ordering, I was told that I would get it on the 29th if I went with express shipping or sometime between the 30th and january 3rd if I went with standard shipping.
I decided to go with express shipping and placed my order.
Unfortunately, I didn't recieve a shipping email from Redbubble until the morning of the 28th, and UPS didn't pick up the package the evening of the 29th, when I was told the package would be in my hands.
When I check my order, Redbubble's site still says that I can expect my package to be delivered on the 29th, but UPS is now saying I won't receive it until either january 3rd or the 4th, which is the last day or even later than the standard shipping window.
Express shipping isn't any quicker than the standard shipping would have been.
Thankfully, Redbubble staff was once again easy to work with and quick to help me out when getting a refund for the express shipping.

Redbubble's customer service and product quality are both great, but Redbubble terribly misinform customers by putting false shipping dates on their items, giving the appearance that items will arrive quicker than they really do. Their 'express' shipping option is a rip-off and should be avoided.

Great products - bad customer service.
I made two orders with Redbubble. One was great, the other was awful. Not because the products were bad, the products were great, but with how issues were handled by customer service.

My second order was late. It was expected to arrive between the 25th and 27th of September. I was given a tracking number for Canada Post.

When the 25th arrived, I decided to check the tracking and see where the package was. Well, according to Canada Post, the tracking number I was given was wrong. I contact Redbubble customer service and Redbubble basically say "not my problem", and reiterate over and over that I can track my package using the tracking number - even after I told them repeatedly that it didn't work. I

Eventually, the tracking number was updated. Great. But the tracking said that my package wasn't coming until October. Again, I contact customer service. Again, I'm told that it's not their problem.

At this point, I was a bit upset. I pointed out that other online retailers try to fix problems that customers present and if they can't fix them, they provide some kind of compensation (e.g., coupon, discount code, free shipping) to keep customer relationships positive. I've worked in online customer service, I know how these things work. Still, they don't care. They tell me to just "be patient".

Never ordering from them again and not recommending to anyone.

Not a smooth experience
When needing assistance after a purchase, I carefully explored the Redbubble website looking for customer help (e.g. Real contact information for real customer help). I needed to inquire about what, at the time, seemed like a failed delivery. So I explored the entire website looking for help... to no avail. I could not find anything relevant or useful: everything was automated, there was no real contact information, there was no real customer support. Luckily, when I had made my purchase from Redbubble, I had chosen to pay with PayPal. Good thing! Because it was only when I decided to involved PayPal (in my impossible mission of trying to get answers from Redbubble about my order's delivery) that I began to get answers. After many hours of coming and going, I was finally able to get most of the answers I needed. However, it took a lot of work from my part, and (as I said) it took PayPal's involvement. Additionally, Redbubble made some strange mistakes both with the delivery details and during the email communications (that is, once I was able to start communicating with them). Having to work through those issues was time-consuming. So now that I know what they're like, I certainly will not purchase anything else from them again.

Overpriced, horrible shipping, low quality.
I recently ordered a bunch of stickers off of redbubble. It came out to be pretty expensive but Redbubble looked nice on the website and I wanted to support artists. I clicked pay and was pretty excited because they were supposed to come in the next 7-10 days. When they never came, I checked the order tracker and it just said it was shipped. 2 weeks after I ordered them, I got an envelope in the mail from redbubble! I was so excited, my stickers finally came! I opened up the envelope and THEY SENT ME THE WRONG STICKERS. I was very very disappointed. I wrote redbubble an email but to took me forever to figure out where to write it and to find the email address. I wrote them a complaint asking them to fix my order and they responded within a few hours which surprised me because my standards for redbubble were already so low. When they wrote back, it didn't really seem like it was a real person who wrote to me though. The reply said I would receive my correct order in 5 days. 8 days later, I finally received the right stickers. But the quality was terrible. The stickers lost their stickiness very easily so I HAD TO TAPE THEM. Also, the actual pictures had bad coloring and just looked way worse than they did online.

Overview, I definitely would not recommend buying from redbubble. Although I did eventually get all my stickers, it is very overpriced and is so not worth all the trouble. Next time I'll just order a pack of 100 stickers from Amazon for 6 bucks and get them a day later.

Is it worth it?
This was my first Redbubble experience. I was apprehensive as most of us are, because t-shirt sites like this can be wishy-washy. I extensively researched various websites, before finalizing my decision.

As I perused their extensive selections, it was fairly easily to tell which items were lower quality. I picked four shirts that fit what I was looking for. I chose to select two different styles. Two were to be printed on their classic t-shirt choice at about $23 a shirt. The other two on their premium t-shirt style at about $33 a shirt.

The two different styles shipped at different times which was not an issue. Redbubble did arrive well before the promissory date.

I was happy, but not totally thrilled with the Dr. Stone (classic) and Hisoka (premium) graphics. They look nice and much like what was promised, but the vinyl was slightly heavier (not a exceedingly so).

I was extremely happy with the Black Clover (classic) and the Pain (premium) graphics. They both came out really great and very natural.

Although many complaints about odor have been written, the shirts came with warnings on the website and in the package about odor from the pre-shrink treatment, and my shirts smelled straight from the store fresh. I did appreciate the warnings. It looks like the company is doing its best in that area.

I do believe Redbubble is worth it. Take your time to look through the designs you want. Multiple artists tackle the same design, but some do it much better than others, which could make this a hit or miss. Shirt sizes fit well, and have not shrunk after the wash. Expect large surface prints to be a little heavier, that way you won't be disappointed. For the price, timeliness, and quality I will definitely purchase from Redbubble again. I hope this helps!

Excellent product, perfect customer service
RedBubble's customer service is some of the best I've encountered. I've now purchased 8 t-shirts from them, and every single time RedBubble does everything it can to make sure I am satisfied.

After I received my first order of 5 t-shirts, I found that the medium size I ordered was way too big for me. I then went to setup a return with RedBubble, but instead of having me send back the T's, Redbubble sent me 5 BRAND NEW T's in small size, and they all fit perfectly! And not only that, they gave me free expedited shipping because I was leaving on vacation and they wanted to make sure I had them before I left! And now I have 5 medium free t-shirts that I did not intend to have, so slowly over the last few months I've been giving them to my friends.

With my second order of a graphic tee, after I washed the tee, some weird linting happened all over the graphic portion of the shirt. I emailed RedBubble with pictures asking if it was normal, and they pretty much said, "definitely not! We've already started production on your replacement. Donate the old one or give it away."

I can't think of a way that RedBubble could have done any better in both situations.

And any customers on this site with bad reviews of RedBubble are clearly in the midst of some confusion that I'm sure RedBubble has or will straighten out. I'd bet the farm that for every single bad review on here, RedBubble had done or will do everything in its power to rectify it.

Account suspended after I uploaded an ORIGINAL artwork that I created & OWN
I created an account, uploaded an original artwork I had created (I have proof it's mine as it's on my website). Shortly after, my account was suspended for copyright infringement or some such nonsense.

Having done some research after this happened, I've found that there are MANY people who this has also happened to. Some of these people had uploaded many of their artworks, only to have their account suspended. It is thought that RedBubble continues to sell the artists' works without their knowledge, stealing from them. This has happened to some of the artists leaving reviews. I am so very thankful that I only uploaded one of my artworks.

One artist created a blog to warn people against RedBubble because Redbubble were outraged enough to do so ( It's definitely worth a read and makes me question whether I'll hear back from RedBubble, and if I do, they'll probably just string me along for as long as they can.

Please also note the appallingly canned responses from RedBubble that are sent to people who rate them with 1,2 or 3 stars on this website. They are desperately try to keep up their image.

I'll be moving to one of RedBubble's competitors' websites, where, I have read, Customer Support treats you like a human-being. My hope is that people stop supporting the exploitative and fraudulent cesspit that is RedBubble, so it fades into oblivion.

Do not support RedBubble.

Order was not delivered in time and customer service was poor.
On December 1st I ordered a t-shirt from Redbubble as a Christmas gift for my boyfriend. When the t-shirt arrived on December 14th it looked terrible! Unlike the product image online, the graphic design was impossible to make out on the grey fabric. I immediately emailed the company to request an exchange be sent to me before Christmas.

Dealing with customer service was incredibly frustrating, and in the end also unhelpful. The company doesn't offer a customer service phone number, so I tried for four days to get ahold of somebody via email. Finally, the fourth person I spoke with told me that my replacement would not arrive for the holidays, but they'd be happy to give me a $10 voucher for my frustrations.

I ordered this t-shirt three weeks ago expecting to have a nice gift ready for Christmas. Instead, I'm scrambling last minute to find a new gift since Redbubble failed to deliver their product. After this experience I will not be ordering from Redbubble in the future, so the $10 voucher really just feels like an empty gesture.

I strongly advise you NOT to order from Redbubble! I can't believe that after this many attempts to get my issue resolved, my t-shirt still couldn't be delivered in time!

Vendors have just as bad experiences as customers
Here's my experience, as a vendor, with canned ineffective and unhelpful customer service, zero communication with vendors, no accountability on their part and their seemingly normal business operation of ignoring issues and the people Redbubble affect. After sending an email to them through their site many hours ago, i get a canned response back a little while later:

Hi there,

We're sorry to hear about your account troubles, though don't worry because we're on the case.

Redbubble suspends accounts when we believe they're made by robots, fraudsters, or users who violate the Redbubble User Agreement We usually get it right, but every once in a while a mistake is made.

Please keep in mind that requesting a review does not guarantee that your account will be recovered, so hang tight and we'll investigate as quickly as we can. Please note: due to the nature of the investigation for these inquiries, a response (if required) may take longer than the usual 4 hour window in which Redbubble aims to respond.

Redbubble Marketplace Integrity Team

After not hearing back for many hours I responded with a follow-up message:
ME: So, when will my account be fixed? I have a pending sale that is in jeopardy because of this as well as everyone who is clicking on my store links from my website, linkedin, twitter, facebook, instagram and pinterest all getting a message my account is suspended which is having a very negative impact on my business profile and is horribly embarrassing. There was no reason for this suspension so when will it get fixed before any more damage is done to my reputation and i lose more sales?

I have still gotten no response, at all. SO i went to their facebook page and sent a message there:

ME: I sent a message several hours ago as i was editing my links and then was mysteriously locked out. I tried logging in again and got a message my account was suspended. With NO notice or reason or even an email. I sent a message through the site, said nothing but a canned copy of the same thing the website help page said. Also said it would be 4 hours or earlier to fix. It is now 6 hours and there has been no response from my second email, it still isn't fixed, i have pending orders in peril, my business name has been tarnished as everyone attempting to view my store only gets an account suspended message. Why is it suspended and fix the issue!

To which I got a surprisingly quick response in about 20 minutes, asking for information:

Hi Elizabeth! Thank you for reaching out to us. For questions about a Redbubble order, please provide us with your order number, email, and/or shipping address. Thank you for your patience.
Store name ravencroft graphics 3d
Hey there Elizabeth, thanks for getting in touch with Redbubble. Oh no, I'm so sorry to hear about this. Not to worry a bit, I'm here to help!
Could you please provide me with the email associated with your account?
Awaiting your valued response! - Ashley

I gave them the information they requested, immediately. Withn in a minute of them sending theirs.

They never responded nor does it appear they even opened the messages. SO i sent them yet another message.

ME: I'm a vendor, and after selling my first item, which is (hopefully still) in pending status, you suspended my account. For no reason, with no reason given. No email sent to me, and it has damaged my company. I sent you 2 emails today about it, the first giving me a canned response it would be less than 4 hours to fix the issue, yet i still have no idea what the issue was as you still have not communicated with me. I then sent a second follow up email 6 hours later, to which you have completely ignored, not even a curtesy canned response back. So, I message you here (facebook), which you surprisingly responded to in 20 minutes. I immediately responded back with the requested information and now you have not even picked up and read them, you seem intent on ignoring the issue. I want my account fixed, whatever you did to it, immediately. Suggestion, STOP APOLOGIZING AND FIX ISSUES INSTEAD OF AVOIDING THEM.

And then when there was still no response, my account was still not fixed and there was still no resolution as to their screwing up my vendor account, I posted a comment on their page, along with a long list of others who have also recently done the same, mostly customers. But they all seem to be getting the same canned responses too so here i am leaving a review, maybe that will get a response and the issue fixed.

They are okay
Iv'e been purchasing from them for over a year, some shirts have felt like a different fabric at times but the prints are nice and clear and Redbubble smell nice too, you always get a free sticker too.
Edit: i recently got a duvet and the print was a bit pixelated, i was not happy with this since i paid $150 for my duvet. I expected better quality since i am paying top dollar.
Edit: okay I went ahead and purchased a lightweight hoodie and i was kind of disappointed, the print felt rough and it was slightly transparent, however. To be fair, the hoodie was black and the design was neon colours, putting such a bright print on a black hoodie sometimes can not turn out so great, so i decided to keep it instead of returning it, i expected better though.
I had to send a shirt back because of this problem but it was a really bad print, the customer service was great though, i had to send them a photo for proof but they sent me a much better shirt and let me keep the old one which was really nice.
I have purchased around 20 pieces from red bubble and i have only had a problem with 2, all others were fine which is why I will continue to shop there.
Edit: okay years later i got a post card of a persons face and they sent it to me with the entire thing blackened out... why even send me this? Ridiculous. I have had good clothing from them but the post cards are trash.

Shady business---Horrible, awful, terrible customer service too.
I have worked in the customer service field for over 20 yrs. Their customer service is a joke.
Redbubble refuse to give a phone number so you can speak to them. Just live chat and that keeps going off line, while you are "talking' to them. I had two charges for 1 item on my credit card. I told them I needed to resolve this and SPEAK to some one. She refused to give out a number. Then she only responded with canned responses. I couldn't order my item without joining them. If I didn't join, it couldn't send my item because the billing and shipping addresses are different. Couldn't fix that until I joined. I had to call my credit card company and block them. They said if there was another problem with them, that they would contact Redbubble. They said they would call them. I laughed and said good luck! They won't give you a number! He said there was one listed and we called it. It's a voicemail and its full--no way of getting a hold of any one if you have a problem.
So think about it people. If a company doesn't want to deal with its customers on a person to person level, they refuse to help you in any other way-except by chat, and that doesn't work, they charge your card --take your money---as many times as they want and don't want to help you fix this, MAKE you join to get your info---I could go on even more but... doesn't this sound kinda crooked?
I should have gone to other review sites and looked them up. It seems this is an on going problem that has yet to be resolved.

Worst Customer Service EVER!
I purchased an item with expedited shipping that I paid for in order to have it arrive in time for framing for Christmas. Didn't receive the item on the date it was promised or the day after. Not sure if it will arrive tomorrow, but it is now too late.

When I contacted customer service on the day it was supposed to arrive, I had to argue with them about refunding the money I spent to have the shipment expedited which Redbubble finally did after an hour of arguing. But, after understanding the situation, asked me to contact them if I didn't receive the package today so they could make it right.

I contacted them today and rather than make it right they told me to come back tomorrow. When I asked to speak with a Manager, I was told that I would have to get off their chat so that my conversation could be sent to a manager so they could email me. I wonder how long that will take... if ever.

They only do business by email and text. Evidently they don't have a phone in the building so that you can talk to Management. When asking where the package was sent, well somewhere in CA.

I wouldn't use this company. Sorry customer service, sorry people who don't care. If I could give it no stars, that's what it would get. Poor, Poor, Poor service! Don't use!

Redbubble POD Store as an income - A Scam for artists and designers
If you are un aware, there is a company called Its a place for independent artists to post their artwork and this company prints it on shirts, phones cases, mugs, etc. At first, Redbubble seemed pretty legit. I uploaded all my art work on their site. But then I noticed my items (haven't sold anything yet) then suddenly started to see many reviews. Hmm. I google search Redbubble scam and sure enough I found some things. Artists say that when red bubble sees that your store is doing well, they will kick you out of your account and continue selling your art. Here's some clauses in their legal contract that are fishy.
So please stay away from Redbubble!
(Article above is shared from another post here, reason being, for I also experienced the absolutely identical disaster, I was also scammed by Redbubble the very same way)

Let me explain my story: offers POD-business, you open a store on Redbubble, to have designs printed on merchandise. A commission based profit results selling such designs on merchandise, such as t-shirts, mugs, etc etc.
I had opened a store with them at, and invested over 100 hours in time to open that store, run an Instagram account just for that store, as well as a Pinterest site to attract traffic to my new redbubble shop.
Today, when i finally got traffic to my shop, in the matter of a mere 5 minutes, my 43 from 57 designs were taken down, shortly after that take down of these 43 designs, the store was shut down, with the bogus accusation that i had used cheap mass design.
It needs to be said, that i had so far 57 design up, these designs individually can also be purchased from other stores on REDBUBBLE.
As a matter of fact each of those 57 design would be sold as well around 20'000 times each, from other Redbubble stores. Making theses designs on my store consequently more than legit to sell as well.
Which makes this shut down not necessary at all.
Or is there a Scam behind this?
YES!,. Somewhere here lies a Scam. If not worse!
I gather that finally getting some traffic on new stores, and shutting down the stores of these artists the moment they get traffic, and, if these shut downs are done in masses, the now generated new traffic, by these new shops that were just shut down,. Will be redirected from an empty 404 shut down shop page,... to REDBUBBLE, and can create more business for REDBUBBLE themselves.
It is a pretty well thought through Con here!
I do see currently thousands! Of artists complaining their Redbubble store was shut down, also with bogus accusations, as a base for termination.
I have attempted to contact their Board of Directors, and would suggest anyone reading this should also do this as well.
LinkedIn does let you send messages to the CEO CFO CCO etc, "if" you write your issue in the message option, when you attempt to connect and link with them on LinkedIn.
They will get those messages, and read them, for they want to connect with new people.

I found below these Board Members NAMES and some email addresses for REDBUBBLE Board of Directors, which i would like to share here, so other artist in trouble can actually email real people, and not their ZENDESK, which is likely handled in the Philippines or in INDIA,... if not worse.

One thing i found out to be key, when attempting to contact these well hidden members of REDBUBBLE Board of Directors, is that one needs to email and link with all of them, in order to get one single person to respond.
So only tenacity, and having this lack of response rate in mind, might get you there!

Here we go information on how to contact REDBUBBLE Board of Directors:

CEO Michael Ilczynski:

Chairman Anne Ward:

Company Secretary Paul Gordon:
His LinkedIn page:

(CMO) Chief Marketing Officer Rebecca Zarate:

Investor Relations Louise Lambeth:
Her LinkedIn page:

LET THEM KNOW... and tell your story here.

Items are great, shipping times aren't
I've made a few orders with redbubble and had pretty much the same experience each time. The first time I ordered some stickers, Redbubble took at least a week longer than predicted to arrive but when they did they were good quality and still look nice a few months later.

Then I ordered three posters, great quality but didn't arrive until two weeks after the shipping window. Also one of them had a crease on the corner which was a bit frustrating as they were a gift but I managed to straighten it out. Those prints are now sold by a different company who I have much more faith in as everything I've ordered from them has arrived a couple of days after I've ordered it and I've never had anything arrive damaged.

Next order was again a couple of stickers, once more they took much longer than predicted to arrive but they look good.

The next order was made by my boyfriend, a sticker, a t-shirt and a canvas print. These were all shipped separately, the t-shirt and print arrived within a day of each other, again this was a week or so after they should have arrived. The quality is good, the print looks great hung in our hallway and the t-shirt has held up nicely after a couple of washes. The sticker took another week to arrive.

Most recent order is for a metal print, shipping cost on this was very high and the estimated delivery time was quite long. Today is the last day that it could arrive within the shipping window, it probably won't appear until next week. Hopefully the quality will be good.

Overall everything has been really good quality and it's nice to be able support artists but I really think redbubble need to improve their shipping methods, it shouldn't take two weeks for something to arrive. I've considered trying their more expensive shipping method but I doubt it would be much better and I shouldn't have to pay more just to get it within the expected shipping window.

On a couple of the orders I contacted support to see where my items were and each time they said it would be a few more days. Not overly helpful but they always answered quickly.

Misleading Advertising/Customer service sucks
I am on their email list, and it said, All stickers 50% off, and so I proceeded to spend over a couple of hours carefully choosing some stickers that I was going to use on a project. All thru the process, a pop up window would come up and say, Buy 3 more, and your order will be 50% off and I was excited that I was geting rewarded for buying more stickers! I got to the checkout, and no 50% off code was provided, and my order came out to over $979 for some stickers. So I thought, No big deal, write customer service, and theyll handle it. Kayla, from customer service, writes me back, and says, sorry, but the 50% off is for small stickers only, but Ill be happy to discount your order 20%, would you like to proceed with this order? I told her about my experience and the misleading advertising, and she didnt see it my way, so I cancelled the order. My way of thinking is wouldnt you rather have $480 dollars and a happy customer, than no money, and a cancelled order, and a customer writing you a bad review? Apparently those stickers are pretty sacred to them. Id think the margins on stickers are pretty high and why not make the sale, especially after I had ordered some from them 2 times before placing this order? What happened to the words customer service? Redbubble lost a customer today, and over what? Some stinkin stickers! How crazy is that!?

Avoid! Total scam
So after placing my order I contacted Redbubble with a question about the printing on the t shirt which was ignored. Later I found out through other online reviews that Redbubble do not screen print instead they use iron on printing which is cheap and ugly. I was given a tracking number from a shipping company called Landmark international (also seems to have terrible reviews online). The tracking history shows that a delivery attempt was made but "no safe drop off point." I have a perfectly fine mailbox and was home at the supposed time of delivery. The item was apparently returned to sender and tracking history hasn't moved since. The timeline with the tracking number shows the item was returned within 4 hours of my delivery attempt to a town over 6 hours away, even by air this is not possible as there are no direct flights between the cities. I waited weeks, no response to my question, no activity with the tracking number. I wrote to Redbubble again, as well as the shipping company explaining all of these problems only to be ignored. Their site says all inquiries will be answered within 24 hours, maybe they only answer if they haven't stolen your money yet. I have never complained about a company's services online before but think you all deserve to know about these theives

Poor service, slow shipping, false estimates!
A previous reviewer wrote: "The shipping of the product was extemely slow. If you have a deadline to meet, not likely you will receive the product when Redbubble said it would arrive. The shipping information on the site is not true..." and I wholeheartedly agree with this review. I ordered a product to give as a gift at a holiday party on December 8th. When I ordered, the delivery date said December 5-7, which worked out great for me! If it hadn't, I would have paid for express shipping! However, the item did not ship until nearly a week after I placed the order (despite the website saying production is approx. 3 business days). When production seemed slow, I reached out to customer service to see if the Dec. 5-7 estimate was still guaranteed and they assured me it was. Now, on Dec. 5, my tracking says estimated delivery on Dec. 9th, 2 days after the delivery listed on the site and too late for the occasion I needed the product for! When I reached out to customer service AGAIN, they essentially said "too bad!" and told me that the "deadline" (?) for my shipment is December 15th. What does this even mean?! Either way, the representations made on the site were false, the shipping is slow, and the service is poor. Such a bummer because the products seem great.

Customer Service issue (now resolved)
I've been ordering from Redbubble for years. Last year I purchased two phone cases which ended up being poor quality. I asked to send them back for a refund and was given two vouchers instead. Alright, that's fine. I tried to use one for a Christmas present and it didn't work, emailed redbubble and Redbubble told me they changed the voucher code format so my voucher wasn't valid. They issued a replacement which I was able to use with no issues. Here's the problem:

I had a second voucher on a different email address. I was under the impression that both of the original vouchers were invalid due to the voucher format change. My whole family became sick with covid-19 from mid December through the first week on January, so finding the second voucher and asking for a replacement was forgotten. When I found the voucher on my old email account, it was several days past the original voucher expiration. I didn't think this would matter since it was invalid before that anyway, right? I messaged customer service to politely ask for a replacement. First, they marked my issue as resolved without giving a response. I messaged them again, and received a copy/paste email telling me I could join their email list for savings codes. I replied again - still politely asking for help, and now I'm being completely ignored.

Redbubble, since you won't allow me to use the voucher code I was given, please do me a favor and refund my money that I spent for the phone case. I still have it sitting in a drawer and am happy to send it back. I really don't understand how you can treat loyal customers so poorly.

Edited to add: my request was escalated and I received an email providing help with my voucher code last night at 12:16am EST, 9:16pm PST, about 20 minutes after this review was published.

Stupid Policies Trump Customer Service
I like a few of their designs and had previously ordered several pillows with inserts. One day, I ordered a pillow for a party, which was shipped, but I neglected to order the insert (the thing that you stuff to make it a pillow). I went back to rectify that but you can't order an insert by itself. I contacted customer service and was told, "We are unable to sell an individual insert. We can do a return for the original, set you up with a Redbubble credit and then you will be able to order the cover and insert together." It made no difference that Redbubble had my order on file. It made no difference that this was a hassle. It made no difference that this was a rather environmentally/ customer unfriendly policy. I tried to offer feedback, but only had the chance to review the person who helped me. It wasn't her fault that she had to enforce Type A policies, but reviewing her was all that was offered. I ordered this because I didn't have the time to go shopping. This was a simple chance to please a customer who has spent money with them. They failed. It's still flat. Beware the run-around and rigmarole. To add insult to injury, I tried to review this company but had to provide my Facebook friends list to even post this review at 'Rate Redbubble.' It didn't accept it. Will this site?

I'm in the UK
I'm in the UK. I found the Redbubble website. It offered me to buy t-shirts in UK sterling, (£), it told me delivery would be a normal sounding £4.80, what I'd expect for domestic delivery, what it didn't tell me was that it was based in US and that I would get stiffed for £11.30 customs tax and have to wait over 3 weeks. However, to be fair, Redbubble did refund my £11.30 customs tax, but told me the following:
"You can find out the origin of your items and the delivery estimates on our shipping and delivery page... As customs rules in various countries can frequently change, this can cause delays, and at times, additional charges imposed by the receiving country. While we take all reasonable steps to comply with general world shipping standards, Redbubble is not liable for any additional customs import taxes or duties."
Why would I think of searching for this information when they make it appear like the merchandise will be of UK domestic origin by not informing me otherwise? Redbubble need to take the responsibility to tell customers before checkout where they are based, giving the customer the choice whether to proceed or not, but then they'd lose custom from EU countries so of course they're not going to do that. Also, as an ex-screen printer myself, I can safely say the print quality on the Redbubble shirts isn't so impressive. So, if you are not resident in US, expect a lllooonnnggg delivery time and a customs tax bill for an average quality product.

If you have read my previous review you will know I have a huge issue with Redbubbles Tote bags (To be fair their other products are great) but bags are my thing. I had hoped Redbubble would sort out their production issues but Redbubble havent. I have a loud and clear message to give Redbubble:-SOMEONE WITH HIGH STANDARDS AND A CONCEPT OF QUALITY CONTROL NEEDS TO CHECK EVERY BAG BEFORE THEY ARE SENT OUT!... In my opinion if Redbubble cant sort out the sizing on their borders ensuring they are symmetrical and even then they need to remove that option from the ordering process.

On the 16th of September 2016 Redbubble emailed me and claimed (direct quote) "99.9% of the time, people are satisfied with what they receive. But there are rare occasions when errors may occur, and in those situations we do our best to resolve the situation. I must say that in this case, it looks like we might have a bigger issue on our hands. Rest assured, we are looking into what the cause may be, and I'll be sure to notify you as soon as we have updates from the production partner "

I think it is important for Redbubble to consider that my experience indicates that a lot of shoddy bags must be being sent out unless they know that the entire production team is deliberately going:- " ah ha ha! That Kavanagh woman has ordered again! Let us all don our blindfolds, tie up our hands and make her bags with our teeth! "; a scenario that seems unlikely... In the situation where bag is ordered directly from Redbubble as a gift and purchased by the sender BUT not the receiver Redbubble will not be alerted or asked for a refund because many people will be too polite. They will just think why did my Nan/Pop/brother/ friend/ sister/mum/ dad/ aunty / uncle/mum/secret admirer; send me such an awful bag? They will politely put it in a draw never to be seen again because they don't want to appear rude to the gift giver!

In the end it is Redbubble that will suffer because word will spread and why not? This is why I do NOT have the confidence to have an online store. The stitching and craftsmanship has often been so shoddy it would be hard to provide a reasonable explanation even if it was a child sewing!

On September 27 Redbubble emailed and said (direct quote):- "It sounds like the issue should be resolved within the next couple of weeks. While I can't give you an exact date, I'd say you should feel confident with ordering new tote bags by the start of November."... On October 15 some replacement bags arrived and these were perfect however I decided not to order again till November as advised. Interestingly in a period Redbubble knew they had very serious issues with the production of their tote bags they continued to sell them. If they needed to advise me that I shouldn't order bags until November they should have (in my opinion) pulled the whole product until the issues had been resolved!

On the 21st of November I decided to Order 2 bags which I received last week. One bag was o. K. and the other was rubbish. I chose a wide black border around my cat design and was startled to find the cat way off center and the border not just reduced but on the sides of the bag along the seam, the border was only a tiny 1/2 a cm wide in one place and 2 cm wide in others when it should have been an even 4cm on BOTH sides! It looked very unprofessional! This was a custom designed order and the customer was not impressed and didn't want it, not even for free!

If I sell a bag to a customer I want them to be 100 % happy and I want the bag to look great. If I give a gift of a bag with my art work on it I want it to look as I designed it! I want it to look fantastic because I want the receiver of the bag to love it but most of all I want them to feel special and meaningful and lets be real here, giving someone a shonky bag with uneven stitching does not convey that message! As an artist I want ANYTHING with my art on it to look great because I need to be seen as professional! I hoped to sell the bags I buy from redbubble at the local craft market at a small profit but I consistently can't do this because the quality control at their end lets me down time and time again!

Redbubble NEVER gave me an explanation as to why the workman ship was so bad. They never answered my questions about whether the bags were checked before they were sent out but these are questions that need answering... unless of course the unlikely scenario I proposed earlier is actually true and when I order bags the production team is donning blindfolds, tying up their hands and making my bags with their teeth!... In which case any bags YOU order will be fine!

Really awesome shirts
I've ordered from Redbubble before and, although the prices are a bit steep, it's amazing the quality of the shirts I've received. The cotton weight is a bit thin, but the shirts themselves are ridiculously soft and wonderful and I personally like the weight of the shirts. Redbubble also have online chat systems used for asking questions; the employees are very knowledgeable, friendly, and helpful.
The best part about Redbubble is the fact that artists can make their own designs and sell them which means that everything you get will be unique.
I don't think the people on here that keep complaining about shipping times realize that they actually have to custom make the shirts per order before shipping them out, so the actual production time is included in the time it takes to ship the T-shirts.
I also see someone claiming that the people giving this site "4-5 stars" are Redbubble employees while simultaneously claiming that Redbubble isn't a real company because they got an email from a "nonhuman". I'm not really sure how those two statements coincide with each-other, but in any case, I'm definitely not in affiliation with Redbubble. I just really like the shirts I received and will be receiving another awesome T-shirt soon.

I am actually an artist and a seller on Redbubble,...
I am actually an artist and a seller on Redbubble, and though I've only been there a few months, the feedback on all the products I have sold has been positive. This has included Tee shirts, (Redbubble have been washed) greetings cards, postcards, canvasses, posters, iphone cases and photographic prints.

I think it is fair to say as an artist, I never just leave a company to get on with it. I always make sure I am following the trends and feedback on the sites. But from observation, sellers rarely seem to want to leave feedback or tell an artist direct that they are not happy with the product. I would much rather be told myself first, than have RB carry on selling the product. I offer my public zoomed in versions of my art that link to other art sites so the buyer has the opportunity to see the work in detail.

I am also resident in the UK. If you buy from outside the US, the chances are, will (at some point) face Customs Duty charges - this is NOT the same as shipping, so be aware that the price you pay for the product may come to a lot more.

Lastly, I have ordered my own work from the site. Much like any buyer, I assesed the quality and wasn't happy with one small detail on a particular product so pulled the work. This isn't something I can afford to do regularly, but I would advise any artist using a POD firm to do so. That way you can always be sure the buyers are receiving the best quality. I hope RB continue to serve me well, but just like any other buyer, if they don't I will seek other services.

Poor quality order and response time
I've ordered from Redbubble many times and have always been happy with the quality of the products, this order was different. The prints were sticky, rubbery, cracked, marked and had peeled off on some items.

I contacted customer service and asked if Redbubble have changed their printing process and if this is the quality I can expect in future orders (if so, this will be our last one), and sent pictures of the products. They admitted fault with one shirt, but said the rest was a problem with the artists uploads. Firstly, this doesn't explain why the prints feel different than previous orders, or why the print had peeled off some items. Secondly, surely redbubble has quality control to ensure that there are no problems with artists uploads. Thirdly, surely redbubble quality check the orders for errors before sending them out to customers. Fourthly, I went back to the site and could not see the errors on our shirts we received in the artists uploads, so the explanation does not make sense.

Redbubble, has never answered whether they have changed their processing and have been taking days to respond to me even though the website promises responses within 4 hours.

Very disappointed as my husband and I have loved our shirts from this site for years. Hopefully we just got a bad batch. We would love to receive reprints of our order, if the quality is of the usual redbubble standard.

Instant ban right when uploading my first work
First of all I'm an indie designer mainly draw vector based design for T-shirt and the like, goes by the name sadpanda, therealsadpanda if it was on redbubble, I have some of my work on other POD site. Today I decided to sign up with them as a vendor, it's not my first time signing up with them, I had my first account but after not active for about a few month it seem Redbubble close it, I didn't really consider the reason at that time but not right now, anyway sadly something goes really wrong when I submitted my first work on redbubble, I receive an instant ban notice, which really surprise me. I'd heard several major issue around the net regarding redbubble treatment with their vendor and designer but I never really thought that it was this bad, at this moment I don't really know what could the issue be, my friend tell me that redbubble doesn't allow a non verified paypal account for payment method, but mine is verified by paypal so I guess that not it, is it my work then, but I'm pretty sure it's not that because I draw the monster design myself, it's a monster design that I uploaded when it was banned, the monster name is Mauler and right now, I have no idea what the issue is. So did I just waste my time signing up and correcting the placement of my design on all that product which is take a lot of time only to be instantly banned with no reason whatsoever? It seem to be the case. But I'll try to send an email to their support and see how it goes.


Okay, it's been 3 weeks since I send an email to their support and there had no reply other than the canned response that they send to everybody else, so stay away if you don't want to waste your time and money. It's just my opinion but all of this make me think that they somehow support those art theft with their low quality copy paste while killing the original artist like us on their site which is quite crazy if I must say.

Huge disappointment
I gave this site a shot since it seemed to be the only place that sells beyblade characters. On July 28th I put my order through to buy two kids shirts and a bunch of stickers. I received a order number and a time frame that Redbubble would be delivered. It was Aug 3rd to the 6th. Well I received the two shirts but not the stickers. The shirts weren't even worth the price I paid because the iron on was faded in certain spots but I didn't make s sink about it. After the 6th I contacted them to tell them I never received my bundle of stickers and how the date said It would be delivered by the 6th the latest. They told me that the dates were not for the stickers. Mind you there was no way to track any of the stickers I purchased. So the rep told me to wait until the 13. Well I did just that and again I contacted them to tell them I still hadn't received it. So another rep told me I had to wait until 6pm on the 13th and then contact them again if nothing. So once again I waited until 6:30pm and contacted them. They wanted to replace then since they never showed. I said to the rep well if you don't give out tracking numbers how am I to know for sure that I will receive a replacement and her response was well the replacements usually show up. So what does that tell you? This must happen a lot. I didn't want to wait another week so they refunded me a portion of what I should have gotten back. It's really a disappointment because I really wanted to give them a chance regardless of the negative views.

Zero stars, not one.
As of 12/24 at 10 AM I continue to wait for a simple tote bag that I was told shipped 12/6--Redbubble passed the order to UPS MI, and has no way to track it. The tracking number Redbubble provided me is invalid, and I get vague promises that it "should" arrive today. This has been the worst online shopping experience I've ever had--the aggravation this whole process has given me has cost me a lot more than the retail cost of the item. In the future I'll be sticking with Amazon or Etsy or a similar company that can reliably and quickly get their merchandise to me, or that can give me a valid, verifiable explanation for delays.

UPDATE: So I ended up receiving my packageshipped out of a location 265 miles from my home on December 6thon Dec. 28th, 22 days later. Once I complained loudly enough, RB tried to ameliorate the situation to a degree. They offered me a $10 credit on my next order, which was pretty trivial, but more importantly, they shipped another item out from the same locationthis time it arrived in 3 days, a much more appropriate time.

The most frustrating issue (besides the dismal first delivery time) was that clicking on the UPS Mail Innovations tracking number RB provides takes you to the UPS website, which does not consider this tracking number valid. It took me a while to figure this out (and Im probably not entirely correct), but part of the issue is that UPS MI passes the item on to the USPS; its actually a USPS tracking number UPS is receiving through RBs link, and UPS is unable to interpret it before the item arrives. Customer service at RB needs to be trained to know this, and their web designers need to point the link to the right address. If I had been able to know that the USPS was running behind on 12/15-16, when my item was supposed to arrive, I could have alerted RB MUCH earlier and my wife could possibly have had her gift before Christmas.

For me, the gold standard of customer service remains Amazonfirst of all, Ive never had a bad experience with their delivery of purchases; and they are extremely conscientious and proactive about potential delivery problems Just today, they sent me the following email regarding another order, which Ive edited:

We are writing to let you know that shipment of the following order has not been confirmed by the seller within the expected timeframe:

Order ID: xxx
Merchant name: xxx
Item(s) to ship:
Name: xxx
Qty: 1

Because shipment of this order has not yet been confirmed by the seller, your credit card has not been charged and we are not able to provide you with shipment details.

If you would like to ask xxx for more information about the status of this order, including the expected ship date, you may contact them directly.

Thanks for shopping on Customer Service

Am I going to be angry at Amazon for this? Of course not, Im going to appreciate their proactive approach to a potential customer problem, and "Shut up and take my money" is going to remain my attitude to doing business with them.

Ill be returning the (now extra) second item next week to RBI have no desire to take advantage of RB or to get more than I paid for.

RedBubble... WTH? Your customer service is terrible... or better yet... non-existent! The chat line that I was encouraged to use when an issue arouse is either down or was never up! It is a dead link! There is no customer service phone number! There is no direct email customer service link either! Apparently I should have been able to message the artist directly but when I have tried to do that, I was told your site didn't recognize my email address... which is odd seeing as though I have received my bill from you, my PAYPAL receipt from the bill you promptly processed(NO problem charging me that was certainly efficient) and I continue to receive solicitations from RedBubble to make sure I get my holiday items ordered before the Christmas deadline. So apparently you have my correct email address... except when it comes time for me to reach out to you with a question-concern. I have ordered several items from you guys. I was lead to believe by your shipping calendars that my items would be arriving before Christmas. My concern is that the bulk of my order the 3 long sleeve shirts totaling $100 have not even been "processed" yet. The stickers I have ordered were "processed" but I was provided with no tracking number to verify where these items are in transit. Unfortunately... the big items... the expensive items, have not been "processed" which I am assuming means Redbubble have not even been put in the mail yet! If that is the case... then you dropped the ball there too... as clearly the stuff won't get here before Christmas. I understand mistakes happen... especially at this busy time of year BUT this lack of access to customer service solutions makes the whole thing unacceptable! The items you have are great... too bad the business end of this site is seriously lacking!

Horrible Customer Service
Customer service at Redbubble sent me an email after my review was posted. Which was no help at all. Redbubble refunded my shipping cost and then didn't do anything to help me find my package. So, I got in touch with USPS and they found my package and delivered it to me at 7:45 a.m. on Christmas Eve. At least the USPS understood the importance of this package. I can't say that for RedBubble though.

Original post:
Placed an order for my daughter for her birthday. Was told it would be here December 19 - December 21, which would be just in time for my daughter's birthday on December 22. It was shipped on the 15th. Well, it has been stuck in Georgia since the 17th. I emailed UPS mail innovations to find out what is going on and received a response that the shipper has to contact them so they can open an investigation. So, I contact customer support and was told that they won't do anything until the 29th. Well that's all fine and dandy except my daughter's birthday is the 22nd. All I want them to do is call UPS and get the ball rolling.

So I email customer support asking why the 29th and get the exact same reply as when I first contacted them. Is it really so hard for them to get in touch with UPS and find out what is going on with my package?

This is my first purchase with redbubble and like many others, I wish I had researched redbubble before I placed my order.

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