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Incorrect info
I ran a report on myself as I got a notice that something is puling up in a background check, the data was not provided by the employer. I pulled this report thinking I would get some answers. My bankruptcy that I filed for is not even listed on their report, making me question if there is other info missing that I am not aware of.

Not up to date
Signed up to find out the owner of a car with a teenager texting and driving. Records Finder found a phone number associated with the license plate, but when I reached out to the "supposed" owner I was told that they had sold that car two years ago. That means that the current owner of that car has a license plate that Record Finders associates with a non-owner. I requested a refund from Record Finders with no problems.

Car serial number
Went online to look up a vehicle identification number for a 1963 Buick Riviera. Wanted to know it's history. Punched in the 9 digit serial number and your website "supposedly" found it. I paid you for a month and after awhile tried to look it up. Now your site only accepts 17 digit serial numbers. You did't tell me that before I paid you. I should have known you were just another rip off website. Glad I only paid for a month.

In the generic reading, before I made the mistake of...
In the generic reading, before I made the mistake of sending you money, your interface showed that Adriel Medrano was married to Anthea, which is correct.
Then, after I throw money away, your pdf shows complete ignorance of everything that couldn't be found via a google maps search and general calculations; NO ACTUAL RECORDS SEARCH!

What a SCAM!
When I began searching, there were Canadian results and I wanted to see the details and therefore made the payment to continue. But after I made the payment, it says no record was found. Why? Only after I made the payment that the results disappeared. And then, it forces me to enter an American city and State. I'm Canadian and I will only be searching for Canadians. It is no use to me and I want a full refund!

Says it finds info but then reports nothing once in a membership. After that it begins to send out bogus notifications that more info is found. Guess what? It's not true! There is absolutely nothing. I have no idea how these people even try to pull off such a bogus operation. I've taken screenshots of their lying and false statements. Should be shut down. Should go out of business. Should not even have the guts to send renew request. Total scam.

Very generic information provided
I performed the vehicle search. The information provided after paying for a monthly subscription was nearly the same as the free information - generic. Then, if you wanted specific information, you had to pay ten dollars for the premium search for one record which did not actually reveal anything. I would recommend using other sites. Their people search also seems to lack in detail compared to the free information found on other sites.

Info wrong
I plugged in a specific person who I know has recently this year been brought into court for major charges. I wanted more detail which I thought was the reason for signing up on this web site. What I got was not accurate and if I wanted more details it would cost more. I will be cancelling any further need for this web service.

First you pay the 14.95 but j you oh can't receive any information you need. You are than told to purchase the premium which cost 19.00 or more can't remember the exact amount and there is a list of all tff he e info you can get. To me this is nothing but a scam. I would not recommend this company to anybody.

Worst results/Bait and Switch Scam/: Baldfaced Liars
This site produced almost no results at all when I searched for information and records related to a friend of mine. The most basic info that any background/ records search engine can turn up was conspicuously absent. I needed to find out if my friend was listed in any family court records in my state, because he suspects his ex defrauded him by falsely reporting that he had abandoned his children so her second husband could adopt them without his permission. This site promised to return court records, civil records, vital records and more. It told me next to nothing. He's been married 3 times, but it found zero marriage licenses. It found no facebook profile for him, when he has three. One of his sons was killed in a car wreck, but records finder couldn't locate any records associated with his death. However, lo and behold, a message popped up saying there was additional records found that could be made available for an additional $19. The records it promised to reveal were the same records promised for the initial $15. I wonder how much more it would try to get out of me if I paid the second fee. I absolutely am not paying another dime. Being lied to and cheated out of $15 is enough to teach me a lesson. This is the classic illegal tactic of Bait and Switch. I absolutely will be reporting this to the Better Business Bureau and to the attorney general of my state. The people who created this scam of a website should be ashamed, except Records Finder lack the character and integrity and ethics, and above all a conscience, making them feel nothing but happiness over lying and cheating. I spit on you, recordfinders.

Vin Search
I was led to believe Records Finder had a report on a VIN that was not being found on other sites. To view the record I was required to pay $12.95. I was at first hesitant based on my experience with previously explored sites. The come on, "we have your record ready to review" encouraged me to authorize a payment with a credit card. Much to my disgust I discovered Records Finder came up with the same result. Nothing. For which I paid $12.95.

From this experience I find the Records Finder site to be fraudulent. I cannot recommend them at all. I am challenging the credit card payment.

Good Records & Information - When available
I would objectively rate Records Finder 4-stars overall as Records Finder have a great range of searchable data points and when data is available they have returned more detailed information than other services I have used. I would have given 5-stars overall, however, it seemed to me that there were more instances where my searches returned "no available data/information not found" thank some other services. That said, the depth of available information returned when search info was matched was better than most.

Great Customer Support
People say this is a scam, but when you actually look up convicted felons, their information is there. I believe this is a good site and their customer support was amazing. I cancelled my automatic renewal and Records Finder confirmed within 2 minutes. I recommend this. But I think it only searches the United States area.

Blocked Me Stating I was Abusing the Site- Never Used It Before!
I attempted to pay for a simple, straightforward background check on someone I met online and it got through the WHOLE long process of questions and searching just to get to the payment page and when I entered my credit card info, a pop-up box stating that I was in violation of something or another and had abused the website or information and would be reported to authorities. It also said that if I thought this was in error, to try a different payment method or call a customer service number. I tried another credit card (both in my name) because I had never used this site before and the same thing happened. I called the customer service number and the woman I spoke with wasn't surprised or concerned and told me to wait an hour and try again. I did. Same thing. Screw this website. It is a scam. I don't have a criminal record. I have never used this site. The customer service person wasn't surprised or concerned that I got this pop-up box so clearly this is not something uncommon. Bogus site.

Service only in US
Hello, I thought Records Finder was a service available for Canada as well. Unfortunately not,. Only for a US search. But I will be charged only for a minimal welcoming fee of $7.00 for 7 days. I appreciated the sober presentation of Records Finder. I was provided with an excellent service afterwards with a Customer Service agent so patient with my French accent, although unable to help me in Canada. Thank you. Celine Beauchemin

Scam cite
I did a search for someone in Canada. It came up with a couple names of what I wanted and had 3 telephone numbers with the last 4 or so x'd out. Seeing as where these were the names I wanted in order to get the finished results I had to pay $14.98. Ok I felt it would be worth it. I paid. Then when the search came back after I paid it said something like "names not found". I said "WHAT?. Then I got on 'live talk'. Got a run around for about 1 hour. Then was told "What you initially saw before you processed the payment is the preliminary search which is provided as reference material only. It concludes that the information exists, but the availability of the report depends if it is publicly displayed or tagged as private/confidential". Therefore I paid $14.98 for nothing. Records Finder let you search, find what you're looking for, and when you pay and search for same names... nothing there. What a farce, a fake cite, a scam etc. don't waste your money or your time. They did give me a refund.

Empty Search
I completed this search in order to obtain a title history, which was over and above the information that was provided by the free service in the VIN Check website. A title history was listed as being included in the service I was paying for; however, under the title history section of my report it merely directs me to the Indiana BMV, where I had already been and who will not help me as I am not a resident of Indiana.

Don't waste your money
The initial screen that pulled up on the website when I entered only my name, city and state - was correct; it showed my correct age as well as my correct relatives.

Then once I clicked on the link for the report, it prompted me to pay for a subscription to be able to open the report. So, I paid the $14+. Then it offered another link to open the report, and when I clicked on it - it said there was nothing available on me.

I called and spoke to a representative and explained the experience. He took down my name and age - wanted my birthdate but I told him I shouldn't have to give it to him since the website showed my accurate initial details without providing my birthday, so I gave him only my birth year.

He stated the backoffice would be in touch with me via email within a few hours.

And, Records Finder were, however the report is for a person who is 53, I am 52; their middle name is shown on report was not my middle name - I told Patrick what it is.

It indicates many data lines for Texas - I have never lived in Texas.

Clearly their company does not have the ability to access valid records with only the fields of the 1st and last name, city and state, as it eludes to being able to do in their initial screen - before tricking the person into signing up and paying the initial $14+.

Thus, I do not have confidence that their service is valid at all.

I've now come back in to edit this review and provide a screenshot because when I clicked to save my review, it changed my star rating to a higher one!

They are clearly running a scam here.

Got my report pretty fast compared to those other sites...
Got my report pretty fast compared to those other sites where you would usually wait FOREVER just to get your report! I hate that! Reminds me of when I have a doctor's appointment and I'm having to wait around the waiting room for eternity! Drives me crazy! Well this app doesn't do that. It's fast, reliable and accurate. I highly recommend it.

Said there was a report then no report once I paid
Hi there

The site had said there was a report ready for me to view of the person I had searched, so I made a payment only to be presented with a "there are no records" message after the payment had gone through!

Not sure if that's your way of scamming people to get their initial payment but it's utter bs if you ask me.

Refund would be nice, but I highly doubt you'll be issuing one.

Thanks for wasting my time and money.

I put in the information and it looked like you found...
I put in the information and it looked like you found something. So I paid $3.49 and there was no report. I had to input ALL the information again and there is NOTHING. If I have signed up for something long term (beyond $3.49), CANCEL it. I don't need this. What a waste of time and money. Don't give people the illusion you've found something when you haven't AND remember what Records Finder put in!

Very dissatisfied with Records Finder
This site is the basic bait and switch. After signing up you dont get what was initially promised and then you get a solicitation from them to upgrade for more money of course to get access to very thing you signed up for in the first place. I am going to ask for a refund but doubt if I will have any success. Very dishonest approach that Records Finder take

How is this legal?
How the hell is it OK for a third-party to charge money for family members to look up an inmate at a correctional facility? The only reason you're getting away with it and all the click bait it's all over the damn website it's because it's privately owned. That makes me sick. All of you make me sick. Profiting off of other peoples pain. There's a special place in hell for people like you all.

Extremely upset with this company! Stay away from it!
I went on this site... but decided against paying for the research. NOW, EVERY TIME I go on my computer, I have to delete large annoying ads from this company. I wouldn't mind an email ad or an instant message ad, but this company's ads are obtrusive! Sometimes I have to delete a series of NINE ads from them before I can get to my work. This practice should be OUTLAWED! I'm sorry I ever responded to their initial ad.

Misleading and False
I began the search and it came back with the normal stuff, a generic location and another thing or two. But most of the information had a Green Check by it followed by a "View Report". But in order to view the report you had to pay. Well I thought it might be beneficial, so I paid the fee. Only to find out that Records Finder had NO INFORMATION. And of course if you want to engage them to go deeper and use their service you have to contact them and ask for it. If there is NO INFORMATION to be given in the first place, they should NOT Indicate that there is Information. Their initial page was False and Misleading. I wouldn't use their service at all because they will not be able to get or give you information unless you already have it, and if you already have it, then you don't need them anyway.
Note that I would give it a score of 0, but the lowest it will go is 1 star. But I had to come back to review this and edit it because when I clicked on the submit button it appeared that I had given them a much higher rating than I really had given them. Watch out for this company, they appear to make things up as they go along

Click bait, don't fall it like I did!
This site offers you a free search, tells you it found information click here to view. Once you click it, you're told in order to view you must subscribe for 14.98 So I do. I click the file to view and I'm told Records Finder found no background information. I tried a different search and everything I clicked on informed me for an additional amount I can see this info. I'm so u happy, I'd be a rich man if I could get away with scamming people out of their hard earned money

Not worth the time or money. Very deceptive advertising.
We had a car hit us in a parking lot and our dash cam picked up the license plate. Princeton Police were worthless, so we are taking the investigation into our own hands. Google ad says Records Finder can provide owner information, but all this site was able to provide was the make and model of the vehicle (which we already knew!).

False advertisement
The Google search entry stated free. I clicked and your site loads up and stated 4.95 for seven days unlimited search. I really wanted to find out who was sending me threatening emails so I agreed to a seven day trial. I then entered my payment information etc. Then I entered the email address connected to a threatening email towards me that was sent to my company controller where I work. You produced no relevant information connected to the email address I entered. Your database was no help at all.

It's a scam to get your money
I was looking for a particular piece of information. When I put in the data (before I had to pay) the site indicated that it had found the information that I was looking for. So I put in my CC # only to have the search then come back with "no information found". If I had known that the data wasn't actually available, I wouldn't have paid the money. Total scam.

Deceiving. Holder of title not provided
Most people using these site are looking for name of person who owns the car. The site description say it will provide that info. But it would be nice if Records Finder said "hey we aren't going to be able to provide this data" before the product is purchased. Otherwise it gave a all the other info related to the vehicle. They also gave me a full refund with out hassle, thank you for that.

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