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Get out of here.
%@#$ this app is soooo bad it doesn't even help with reading. The books are so boring and lame also.!$@#% this it takes an hour to finish one book. This is what i think about it. $%###@!@#$#@#$#@!~@#$@!#$#@!@#@$#@@!%$%#@@^%!%##$#$#@@##$$%$!$#%!@%$!$@#%#. There please don't use teachers.

This is a relly bad site
I do not like the photos and it is so hard i do not like the reading i need to read 6 pages and its super hard i get so mad because its so hard for me give us only 2 pages to read we need it pleas reading plus SUCKS like relly bad i hate it make not so hard

Why would I need this?
How is this going to help me in the future. It isn't helping my reading skills, some of the stories are all the same with just different titles. To much stress from Reading Plus and Regular homework. The site doesn't even work half the time. Overall... wasting my brain cells and overall mental health just to pass a class.

I hate this website so much it just causes may too much stress. The worst thing is the fact that you have to do MORE reading plus if you get under 80%. Its absolutely horrible and I want this website to be gone :(( (

Great Website!
I can't assimilate the reasons for all of this hatred towards Reading Plus! Yes, it does augment the amount of homework (one) has to do.(I'm a 7th grader) However, the program itself promotes mental retention and efficient processing. Students might initially be incentivised to finish the lessons through temptations to play on Nintendo Switch, but, through a growth mindset, students must remember that the goal the program has for students is to SIMULTANEOUSLY read faster and comprehend more material. (That's where the retention comes in). Psychologically, the program wants to help people accommodate to faster reading rates, allowing the brain to quickly analyze and implement "mental reading tools."
UPDATE: I have noticed that the vocabulary lessons are a bit flawed. There can be multiple definitions to a word, but only 1 definition would be considered to be veracious. It is infuriating, since this website appears to help you memorize sesquipedalian terminology within a few minutes! I always want to enhance my terminology! Yes, I still think the website is great, but the flaws in the vocab. Lessons are a hindrance to my typically-growing exuberance when I learn new words!

I hate this website.
THIS SITE SUCKS BRO. Istfg i HATE it. My teacher assigns me like 6 a week and I absolutely hate it, it stresses me out so much and I have no time to do anything. I can't hang with friends, I get barely any sleep, and I'm way too stressed out. Over quarantine, I've been struggling with depression and mental health and this just makes it worse, I would like it better if there were more interesting stories, I feel like then I would actually want to do my work.

Smd reading plus. ‍

Do not buy this!
This website doesn't let me read something I like, instead some boring things about mosquitoes and stuff like that. Second, this thing call Visual Skills is just a some junk. This is for kids, right? Nothing is fun in Reading plus, and Reading Plus just be nice so you can give them more money! Kids won't like this at ALL.

Worst thing created
Reading plus is the worst thing ever. Reading plus takes to much of my life. Reading plus took away all my bonus points. My teacher says it is going to help me grow in the future. I hate Reading Plus so much. Reading plus makes me lose a bunch of my brain cells. This is start up trash. I was doing reading plus when i was at a kid's birthday party. I starting a strike for reading plus. The pigeon is reading plus and the dog is me.

This Website Is Total Garbage...
OK, so first of all, it doesn't increase my reading comprehension. It doesn't even teach me anything. Second, The vocabulary is trash. Sometimes, there are multiple meaning to words, and it only shows as one meaning. Like, come on, man... and apparently, because i read at an eighth grade level, i am too fast for the actual reading plus. I am reading 20'000 leagues under the sea, and it took me an hour to get past almost five chapters. It takes me TWO HOURS to finish FIVE SEE-READERS! Honestly, this website is a waste of time. ITs stressful for kids, most stuff on this website is incorrect, and more. This website is complete garbage.

Review from someone in 5th grade who can actually spell, and not contradict themselves.
It's not the worst site, but apparently, it calculated my G-Rate wrong, as it always tells me I'm going too fast. (I read it two times.) It also doesn't have a lot of books that sound interesting, either. Reading Plus are pretty versatile for each student, though. The books are so boring though. I'm also reading books for level "H," but i'm currently level Z, so that makes no sense. Their website is also extremely ugly, but that's not really that big a problem for me.
TL; DR: Reading Plus isn't terrible, but not something to rave about.

Reading Plus is dumb
I am in 5th grade and reading plus is one of most boring things I have done. My teacher assigns me a tremendous amount of work that isn't even interesting. The stories are just tedious and dumb. I lose interest after only reading one paragraph. The stories that Reading Plus provide aren't even relatable. So I just want to conclude that Reading Plus is a dumb app that makes kids stressed about getting the questions all right and maintaining their good grades by giving them uninteresting, unrelatable, and tedious stories.

Tbh really fun! Not a bad program at all! Just one thing the scan progressively gets faster as you do it. So eventually you can't do it anymore cuz its moving about 200 words faster than for g/i rate. But if you ignore that and the ignorance on synonyms in the vocab part still pretty good

Actually its a 0 but idk if I'm allowed to do that.
It is so boring! It does not help reading or vocabulary what so ever! It's a waist of time and money! I hate it! So my class does thi every day except for like 3 day weeks or so what but, from when we started to the middle of the year our scores went down, proving my point that this dumb website doesn't help.

You know what $#*!? Go kill ur self reaeding plus. You take up way too much time of my like. I have to do 4 lessons a week. I got under a 80 percent this time and i had the bonus ten. You know what it did? It said that it had a problem and i couldnt do that so i failed the lesson. Reading plus sucks, dont waist ur time. And if this company is reading this, i got a message for you $#*! ass reading plus: GO SUCK A D! CK!

My $#*!ing teacher makes me do this and it's terrible i have anger issues and everytime i dont pass a quiz i get angry THIS WEBSITE MADE ME BREAK MY SCHOOL COMPUTER
GAY ass website and everytime i dont pass a reading quiz i lose the combo.
This website is just mean I just want to $#*!ing kill the people who made this.

My school makes me and do this and it's like misery i'm freaking dying when i do it. All of the people i know like my entire class and some other people from other classes HATE it. My aid teacher says that I have 2 more weeks left of school and that I wont have to do in 6th grade but I am still protesting for the fourth graders who will be inn 5th grade next year and will have to do THIS FREAKING APP. Sorry to hurt your feelings but its the truth no wonder you have 1.2 stars. Pls try to first get better and shorter books to read also in vocabs or vocabulary sometimes i press a word by accident and i get it wrong and then i cant go back so ya byeeee.

Pls stop my pain
I'm in 7th grade and my teachers assign me reading plus. My sister and I have always had trouble with it and we never get super good grades because of it. I used to be the best reader at my school and now I'm failing the very class I should be excelling in. It is because of reading plus because 1 NONE OF THE STORIES ARE INTERESTING! Last year I stayed up till at least 2 am trying to get all greens like what the flip?! I barely slept at all the night and I was super worried that I was gonna get in trouble. Please remove this app. All it does is cause pain and suffering to kids. All the kids at my school agree so uh yeah please remove this app thanks.

Reading Plus doesn't help. It just makes you hate reading. I love to read independently but now reading plus just makes me feel like every book is a test and that I can't enjoy reading because I'm not "fast enough".

If i'm being honest.
If were'e being honest this website is not the greatest for busy, young, kids/teens who are struggling with enough work as it is. I'm in 7th grade and can tell you this doesn't work in my experience and would rather read a book and do a book report after.

Really Bad
My school makes me do this all the time. What is the point of this? Can't we just do normal Comprehension? Also, when a book is really boring (which happens often) you can't get off it. You are literally forced to read it! That is really dumb. You're really trying to get people's money. This app sucks so bad that I'm going to rate it 1/5. Would not recommend.

At lleast try to make it more interesting
Lets be realistic, the passeges take WAY too long and the stories itself are boring. Nothing is relatable and all off the "achivements" you get really don't encourage anyone to continue. The site is outdated and NO ONE wants to do it. I got 2 F's on what normally would have been a B or C if it was not for reading plus. Reading Plus is boring, no one likes it, and it's just a waste of your lifetime. You have to get an 80% for every assignment in order fr it to "count", and even though Reading Plus try to make their users "read faster," it liturally hurts my eyes trying to even read 2 lines of the story. Also, I had to spend over 5 hours just to do 5 see readers, 5 HOURS! Plus, YOU HAVE TO READ THE SAME STORIES OVER AGAIN IF YOU ALREADY FINISH ALL OF THE OTHER STOIRES AND HAVE YET TO MOVE ON TO THE NEXT LEVEL. MAYBE TZRY AND MAKE THE STORY MORE INTERESTING, INCREASE THE PASSING SCORE TO AT LEAST A 70%, OR EVEN TRY TO ADD SOME STORIES THAT ARE MORE RELATABLE

Coming from a student, reading plus is horrible. The vocabulary section needs review and the stories are bland, uninteresting, and old. First off, the vocabulary is rigged in a sense. The words Reading Plus give you can have multiple meanings, and sometimes there appear to be two answers, but only one is correct. On top of this, the stories also have major flaws. Most of the stories are on useless information and are written by people who cant describe the topics well. The stories provide no interest to the reader, and overall the whole site makes my friends mourn about reading, not excited for it. Reading used to be my favorite activity, but because of reading plus, it seems to be the opposite now.

Do NOT recommend!
My school requires to do this weekly and I have to say that it hasn't helped at all with my reading skills at all. It actually makes me so stressed and makes it so I do not like reading. It doesn't have interesting stories or relatable stories so it makes it hard to pay attention to the article. DO NOT recommend it.

I have been forced to use this for almost 3 years now. I can tell you now I have never read such boring stories. I am one of the top-of-the-grade kids and I believe these stories (even at the top levels) are written for smaller kids. I am getting 50%'s in this program because I can't bear reading these. I was hoping each time for something like a end where all the characters die or something (sorry I read really gory stuff and all that) and every time I get a low score my rr goes down to an unbearable level so I can't focus. I have actually been a little scared of books because of this program and how boring and bland the stories are. Add a entire section with a ton of unlocked stores (marked with any triggers, of course) and maybe I'll get better grades here. This program is terrible in every way. My eyes hurt because of the background. More background colors would be cool too.

Sorry for a 1,000+ characters

TL: DR?- Stories are boring and bland; want stories with more death and stuff. Background hurts eyes, and more background color would be nice.

My review please I can't find anything interesting and that I want to read so I don't recommend this stupid and gay website. So if anyone is going through the same your not alone and also the rating of when you get one wrong is BullS**T cause it's like oh you get a red 10 deducted and a yellow is like 3-5 deducted so yeah kind of weird right so pls decrease that to like 5 for reds and like 1 for yellows so I don't keep getting gay 78%s when I do this and I also have no brain cells from staring at a screen for 5 years and cant even go back to the text whenever I want so reading plus if you are reading this please fix these.

1. If you repeatedly click on the pause button then it will make the "Box that unblur the lines from SR" reset to the beginning of the lines again.
2. Sometimes there will be two "SR Guided Unblur Boxes" that will jump two lines at once and I absolutely cannot keep up with it

Waste of my time and life.
This $#*!ing website needs to be shut down. A very LAZY way to teach your students I didn't learn a single $#*!ing thing from this god forsaken website its just like Alex LAZY and poorly designed to the point where you don't learn $#*!. Conclusion rest in piss Reading Plus!

I have to do reading plus at school. I have waaaayyy tooo much homework, and I also go to lots of before/after school classes, but the teacher ALWAYS makes me do the reading plus work. I stay up till 2am every night doing this stupid reading plus. There are only 3 things to do on reading plus. One is to choose a very $#*!ty 10 page story about something we don't relate to, like 'tHe HisTorY of BaSkEtbaLL'. The second one is to press the meaning of a word that pops up on the screen. And the third (the worst), is this $#*!ty thing where you have to press space whenever you see an c instead of an o. Apparently, the teacher says its to help us 'read better'. Well, its not helping me AT ALL! Also its 50 dollars per 4 people to do a boring load of reading plus. Whenever I don't do my reading plus (for example, I had wayy more important things to do like work on 3 assignments and do french homework, the teacher gets all het up. And because I missed 2 reading plus sessions (because I had to do important stuff), I got a B in my report instead of an A!

Its Unhelpful in future
Why do I need to learn how to read. I already know how to read. Why only 2 rereads? If I am given a handbook, I can reread whenever the (censored) I want. Why am I so limited. How is this helpful, because I sure am learning useless information that I will forget the next day. This has unhelpful resources. I can read the entire wiki and say "wow this sure was interesting" but the topics here are (a lot will agree) BORING! So 1 star and this should not be a big part in my grade. BABABABAABAAAAADDDDD

No wonder kids hate reading
Reading plus has no place in education. We could be reading real books, written by actually good authors. These "Stories" sound like Reading Plus where written by robots. No real person writes or speaks in the language patterns these books use. They are boring and tedious to read, a great way to ruin an English lesson or make kids further hate home work. How teachers think this bland drivel is education I do not know. So in short, its $#*!

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