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Aim Low...
Quora contributor's answers can be both interesting and informative. However, as a former contributor myself (not just reader), I can attest it's the "nasty" true stories that get the vast majority of reader's attention, while true stories on the positive side, insightful observations, or helpful advice are relatively ignored. On the other hand, that reflects American readership in general. I got a lot of satisfaction writing my answers and grew as a person a great deal both from composing my original answers and responding to comments. I did all the work and I got out of it only what I put into it (which was a lot), but Quora gets credit for providing such a substantial, widespread forum.

But the downsides are also substantial. Too often I've been proud of the good job I've done on my answers, only to notice answers of much lower quality being just as well received, or better. Reader comments constantly left me feeling alienated - positive or neutral comments resisted further dialogue (Quora were one-shot deals that never returned my own responses), or they were hostile, ignorant comments that would only escalate in reaction to my rational, respectful responses.

A final turning point for me came when Quora deleted an answer I spent 3 weeks working on (32 photos and captions from the Vietnam war) apparently after it was upstaging other answers too much (going by total views, upvotes, and quality of content). When Quora staff clearly lied to me about the reason for deleting it, they left me with the feeling that they lack integrity and have no real dedication to educating readers, only attracting them in maximum numbers.

Yet another issue arose with Quora after I tried to send a private message to another reader and Quora published it publicly as a question. I tried to edit it into a proper question 6 times and Quora never put through the edit. At the same time they sent me an alert that the "question" was worded wrong even after they gave me no way to delete it from public view or re-word it into an actual question. I'm not sure whether it was a case of incompetence by Quora or retribution, since it happened after my complaint about their removing my Vietnam photos.

The worst came after an answer I'd worked incredibly hard on was again becoming very successful. Up until then, about 2 dozen extremely hostile commenters to my answer we're delivering humiliating and harassing insults, which were allowed to continue by Quora without restraint. Then, when I began defending myself against those insults (and with much greater intelligence), Quora started blocking my responses. How disgusting is that?

In the end I stopped going on Quora, and felt freed by the decision. It reminded me of the dog parks I used to take my lovable spaniels to. The other dogs there - friendly, mean, and everything in-between - ran off-leash, and so did their owner's egos.The problem dogs and people poisoned it. The friendly owners turned out to be not so friendly. The authorities managing it almost never showed up - and when they did, they were unethical, making unfair decisions in favor of the troublemakers.

In conclusion, like almost everything else these days, Quora is a microcosm of what America's become, not what it's supposed to be.

I want bring to notice of all my friends and folks who go out there on this huge internet cloud of resources to acquire information which might help or make them aware, cautious in some or other way.

Lately with each passing days each these platforms are getting greedy dishonest corrupt and letting only false biased manipulated information float on their platforms...,, as Quora are been funded by these big and the powerful whether it be company, organization or an individual.

So when people gathers courage to pen out their bad experiences through social media platforms so to save others suffer from getting cheated, fooled, looted etc. By whether it be company, organization or an individual..., truth through their honest voices are suppressed or cut down through by blocking, banning, deleting or making their posts disappear hence touching the new low!

Now coming to my experience on asus device and their customer care people..., a detailed review is already posted on mouthshut, trustpilot and all places possible on web.

I have penning out my answers on quora and other platforms to help buyers so that they don't feel cheated fooled looted in future as me.

But guess what..., after 7 years on quora suddenly I get response quora moderation blocked and banned you from editing or using quora.

Further when I approach they provided no evidence or facts on blocking or a putting a ban on my account!

Subject: Re: [Quora] Re: Why I have been blocked or banned from using Quora
Date: Sun, 8 Sep 2019 00:32:53 +0530
From: subircozy
To: Quora

I don't think so and I completely do not agree to your false acquisitions to block ban my account and its totally motivated act which I can challenge it at any level...

With absolutely no doubt I'm pretty much sure now that Quora community platform is sold out and is now been funded by these big the powerful whether it be company, organization or an individual.

And each passing day Quora community platform is getting more biased molded in line with these powerful out there.

Anyhow this internet cloud is huge,, I am an honest fearless writer and truth will prevail can't be suppressed!

Will take this opportunity pen out my voice loud and clear how Quora team is cutting out honest voices in the forum for self motives.

Every bi-gee had risen from scratch whether it be company, organization, community platforms etc. or an individual..., same will see a downfall sooner or later with their dishonest corrupt attitude mindset...,

Where Google, Microsoft, FB etc are not spared what is Quora!

Let your CEO Adam D'Angelo know...

On 07-09-2019 22:15, Quora wrote:
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Your request (606762) has been updated. To add additional comments, reply to this email.
Leo (Quora)
Sep 7,9:45 AM PDT
Quora believes that all members of the community should make an effort to contribute helpful content to the community and, ultimately, make the site a better resource for all.
After reviewing your activity on Quora, we've determined that you violated one or more of the reasons stated above. Unfortunately, the ban on your account will not be overturned. This decision is final, and you will no longer be able to use Quora.
User Support
Sep 7,2:54 AM PDT
I have failed to understand why I have been blocked or banned from using Quora,, as I have been sincerely putting penning my personal thoughts and experiences unbiased for public welfare and nothing else...
I represent no company or firm,, all my reviews answers are my very own...
I seriously don't understand for this action from Quora admin team.
Anyhow it's my humble request to quora admin team please lift this ban as i am using quora platform only for public help and awareness nothing else.

Quora gives you glimpse of upcoming 1984 NWO world
Quora is like CNN. Hateful, full of lies, fabricated claims, false accusations slandering anyone who disagree with leftists and most importantly this trash site run by liberal nutjobs who present emotions as facts.
Quora are incredibly high on censoring everyone who dare to challenge leftists on their lies. Just three comments against them and booom they ban your account permanently.

Quora moderators act like thought police from 1984. A moderators job is to keep things balanced and mutual between 2 sides not censoring, banning one while giving free pass to another to say whatever they want no matter how wrong or abusive it is. This is Orwellian future of America if we just sit here and don't do anything about these silicon valley giants.

Now let me rant here

I am indian and i agree that this site ruined by indians specially indian girls who are not only stupid but biggest hypocrites in the world.

For example: do you think india need feminism?
Answer by Indian women; india need feminism because
Indian women are afraid to buy condoms from medical stores.
8K upvotes and 3K shares by stupid indian women and indian simps. Lol

You can see them endlessly whining about india, Hinduism, indian men like they are living in some kind of Guantanamo prison in india. None of them mention anything about numerous female privileges they are enjoying in india like free education from kindergarten to PhD only and only for girls not boys. Reservations for women in transport to education institutes to parliament. They write long boring answers after answers on "we want Equality" but dont want equality where women have advantage over men like dating and laws. They cry about rapes but none of them speak anything about false rape accusations which are more than 50% according to indian supreme court. They deliberately initiate fights with anyone who criticize feminism and then hide behind BNBR to "win" arguments. They know they have a free pass to abuse men because they belongs to "oppressed group" and its okay for them to talk trash about men but god forbid if someone use BNBR against them they cry "i am poor oppressed victim of misogyny". Trust me 90% of indian girls on quora are like that. I would like to mention about this particular girl who is also a moderator at q/mensrights space. She never post anything related to mens issues but the same feminist crap like sexism, patriarchy, toxic msaculinity etc on space created for addressing mens issue! This is an prime example of why MRAs failed because they allow women in their movement and dig their own grave. And when i call out her on her hypocrisy she throws usual feminist buzzwordsat me like misogynist sexist troll male chauvinist and incel. I mean you call yourself Anti feminist but you are using feminist shaming tactics on men then what the hell you are doing at q/mensrights? Whats the difference between you and man hating feminists?

Just stay away from this garbage website. Its full of misandry, double standards, leftists virtue signaling, hate towards men and conservatives, anti Christian, Hinduism but pro Islam and Judaism. Just block this crap website.

Quora: suspends user accounts based on religion and political ideology
Suspending someone's account for merely responding to a political post on Linkedin is a rather aggressive action from Linkedin admin particularly during this covid19 situation when 40% people loose their jobs such action by linked to suspend users is criminal, rather cruel and should be liable to accountability by the Department of Justice.

Given that linkedin today has become a monopoly and the only source of job market profile carrier acceptable by all companies hence it is become equal to food and water. What you are doing by irresponsible suspension of user IDs denying the users food and water or capability to earn his daily income which is equivalent to food and water. So your suspension of user ID is like denying food and water not just to the individual but to his entire family who is dependent on this person. Linkedin has become a monopoly and by the power it has got due to the monopoly position it is in, it can allow voice only to those whose political ideology Linkedin concurs with. This is why instead of suspending the persons who start such political discussion which get mass reactions, it blocks only those who respond to such posts there by Linkedin makes its position clear that it will suspend only those whose ideology is not same as Linkedin, the user who originated the political post was democrat supporter hence not suspended. Who has authorized Linked to become judge or courtroom. Is linkedin qualified to take sides, hence what linkedin should immediately do ban political posts and at the same time unsuspend all blocked user IDs it has blocked. You are not certified courtroom or judges authorized to make decision whose ideology or political views are right or wrong. I believe like Google, Facebook, Twitter Quora: Linked also should face congress hearing and if found guilty it should be broken into several companies so that big tech does not drive the life of ordinary and normal human beings. It does not force its political ideology and views onto others. My ID was blocked, linkedin does not even provide an option for appeal this to me is a very harsh action by Linkedin. My message to Linkedin with great power comes great responsibility if you cannot handle this stop taking sides or blocking people based on views. Cc: Department of Justice USA,

Exactly same happened on google, twitter, facebook, quora, this is not coincidence that all big techs have joined hands to block those who dont match the ideology of democrats

Already Bigtech has started algorithms to group userID so that those who Quora dont consider supporting Bigtech ideology should become less visible or insignificant even if they are users on the platform. The Big Techs want to control humanity in a way never seen before. Immediate intervention by governments, politicians and courts is becomes necessary. Social media regulatory act needs to be enforced on companies like Google, Facebook, Twitter Quora Linked Amazon Youtube and similar networking sites and also media like New york times, washington post, CNN, CBS, should be allowed to hijack the public view point.

Watch out for quora! Read this first!
I was an avid fan of quora for a long time. When I fell ill with chronic pain I had a post on the pain section, it was at the top for almost two months and it had well over 100 views and nearly 200coments full of things to help people with pain, there were alot people follwing my journey and regularly commenting. Then for no reason at all it was removed, completely for no reason whhat so ever. I contacted them to ask why this was and had a reply to send them the link, which it did, then I had no further responses from them at all. I am very upset about it because it was really helping me come to terms with my health condition and it was helping alot of other people who were suffering the same way as me. I am very upset with quora for not even telling me why Quora Had done this and they have ignored all of my requests and emails. My advice would be to stay away from it! There are many paid agents on there who are there to form public opinion and to harass and bully truth speakers so that other people won't believe what they are saying, they create fake posts to discredit things which have been put on there to inform you of specific topics. There is a clear agenda with quora for public opinion Intel gathering and the shaping of public opinions and beliefs, so watch out! My advice is don't use the app at all! And if u do use it be sure to be careful what you answer and what you put on there! My advice is don't use it to answer questions about anything you believe or like or disagree with, because firstly they are selling that information on and making money from you without telling you! And If you say anything contravercial thats when the paid agents step in to discredit you and with opposing posts to make yours look false! Don't say I didn't warn you. In my opinion quora is the one of the worst social media outlets because 1. They remove things for no reason,
2. They won't respond to emails about this, is a tool to shape your opinion removing free thorts and beliefs,
4, there are paid agents on there to discredit controversial truth,
5, they will make money from you!
6, they have thier own hidden agenda which directly invoves you're beliefs,
7, thier paid agents willl troll you if you say anything which they don't like,

Great for reading content, bad for posting any content, but you get support.
Edit 5: Alot of people at Quora really tried to help out in the process eventually. So, since it's free, and I really needed that support, I guess I can update this to two more stars.
If Quora can solve the trolling problem on the site, and I understand the point of the site is to connect users, but it would be helpful if they could find ways that people aren't forced to interact with other users, or see their content, it would really help the site.
Edit 4: All of this, I am not assuming, they bragged about it in answers.
Edit 4: Franklin Veaux accuses women on the internet, after going to their personal accounts where they have blocked him on everything possible, cause he feels entitled to blame them for him being a complete pervert and creep stalking them on marijuana, but can't understand it is more a mystery that how HE gets any dates, at all.
Edit: I have blocked Dushka Zapata on all my accounts too. Sane women focus on their partners, they don't stalk people from across the world for 1 year. She should get in therapy for menopause and talk to her boyfriend about her guilt on cheating on her boyfriend with Franklin, and maybe she did more, I don't know. Her standards for cheating for herself is having an orgy, but for strangers she doesn't know is liking articles (irrespective of whether they are in a relationship or not). But I guess this is her relationship after couple of marriages, she feels insecure.
By now, I have zero expectations from you all. Please leave me alone. I don't care, I will not get back my time back I lost in this. Let's just move on, there are more people like you in the world. Get new hobbies.

Edit 3: I also think Franklin Veaux was a pimp or a former anal pegged worker at sex parties in that industry (he knows quite a lot of workers since 2015), and a guy who operated silk trade drug dealer in deep web (wrote a lot of answers on how to get drugs from deep web when it was illegal in his country) and a former child porn collector or child sex offender, cause he was supporting pedophiles against being registered in sex offender registeries.He is also almost homeless and earns less than a fastfood person, so clearly he might have done some illegal things to earn money. He has no degree or skills. I think he is drugs and has some addiction, finance handling problems. He thinks he looks in his mid 30s at 50s. All of this is illegal in both USA and Canada. I also think his wife loves her lover more than him, they don't have a single picture together, but she has a lot of her and her lover since 2013.

He spends his time as an internet creep nowadays stalking and harassing minority female users on Quora who have threatened restraining orders against him. He is married. He also is a pathological liar, stalker, No one I know would ever ask him out. Ever. Is he mentally ill?

I guess he is already polyamorous, but I think he only talks about the all sex positive stuff cause one, he is supported financially by the network he has, two it helps him get laid with easily manipulated women, who are somehow okay with him, I really don't know how, don't they have issues shaking hands with him, and three cause he has build a brand and his work on the lifestyle. I don't think he believes a word he is saying.

I also think since he is not earning much, he is being paid or given some help by a user Dushka Zapata to defame users on the site for the last 9 months so that she could carry out cheating on her current boyfriend by having affairs on the site. He also has issues with being called a beta male. Don't call him that, he gets offended.

Edit: So a popular Quoran Dushka Zapata and Franklin Veaux had an affair on Franklin Veaux's wedding night (or bachelor party), I don't think their spouses knew. Franklin said for a long while Dushka was his crush, and Dushka Zapata attended their wedding, on her own. I think Dushka's first wedding was for "love".
Here Franklin Veaux wrote about it, apparently, they were pegging and having oral sex. Here he hinted at it.
He posted this afterward. Dushka also participates in Burning Man.
This is his crush (at that time it was Dushka and she was at his wedding)

Edit 2:

Dushka wrote these after that event. I am sure it's true.

Franklin seemed highly relieved after that.

They are both twice or thrice divorced, so maybe both are polyamorous, however, I don't think their spouses knew. I also think Dushka wanted to hit on users, maybe one Irish guy, and so was targetting users based on details from her life.

They both have 100s of failed relationships. They left their partners for being eye roving philanderers or for cheating. They were falsely targetting other users for a year so that they could find romantic affairs on the Quora site. So, bit surprised to see this surface.

Good things, the feed and ability to connect to great experts. Quora is great for having a high number of sources and information about things. They may be biased, but they exist and you can work the algorithm to what you would like to read. The experts are amazing, but they are being harassed out of the site.

I hate their moderation cause lot of good writers are being banned, sometimes on hate crimes, and they do nothing about it. The questions are extremely banal and trollish.

But it is just a website. Quora competes with feedly and medium. Compared to those two it is slightly better off, but there is a lot of bad content you'd have to go through.

But then user generated content is not exactly Quora's problem.

I edited my rating from 2 to 3, since the website is free. They don't really owe you anything.

Quora's network of users is also pretty good. So that is a plus.

I think they are now kind of doing surveillance on the site.And take more than necessary information for verification, so that is also a problem. It could be just an efficient system for knowledge discovery.

But, it is currently kind of a popularity contest currently between bullies and teens. The quora moderation behaves exactly like it's algorithm. Soon you start getting harassed, stalked, users troll you and mass report you on polite and helpful answers. There is also a kind of an echo chamber over there. There are some popular users who are completely insane and get away with it, because their harassment is within the lines of bnbr, and then flag you. If you are a female, expect harassment and yes, internet stalking. Worse, if you take it to quora mods, they will report you instead. The users there are highly pretentious, and think that Quora is actually legitimate place with laws, while harassing you. Most popular quorans aren't that successful outside that website to be honest.

You get stalked by users and trolls from the website. You don't know them, but the next thing you know they start to harass you offline and damage your reputation cause you rejected them, in some way. Especially if you write on controversial subjects.

But, I have to say it is still a great place to read about world experts. If you are a fan of science and technology, quora still is a good place.

Quora is a propaganda tool used by Soros and his community
I went through dozens of threads and noticed horrible abuse by the admins on the site Quora, comments removed by people who where prosecutors, attorneys, judges and the motive was clearly to animate what only quora wants people to think and believe, mostly to convince the public to accept political crimes, crimes against humanity and information that may lead to indictments of criminals.

Let me give you an example, anyone who says anything in the lines of information that would deliberately expose offenses against children (lets say a pedophile) will have their accounts blocked, receive notices of abuse etc., all Quora have to say is something like in the State of NY you have to so and so age to report an abuse... the comment will be removed, yet comments that are opinionated to convince the public what the law is based on interpretation is not removed.

The site supports the cruel psychopathic hedge fund investment bankers such as G. Soros, Padesta, Clinton and other networks that have already been exposed for abuses by journalists...

Besides political agendas the site promotes certain products and deliberately removes threads that expose any truthful information about the products that maybe negative., in general the site is criminal, its a good idea exploited for political and propaganda purposes in a perverse manner.

There have been comments where admins deliberately admitted that the site is a pro Soros site out to target the public, their opinions and control any information that may lead certain political channels into indictments, including FBI and other agencies on every level, this is not normal... there is already protocols put in place to prevent the exploitation of information and abuse of using internet as a political tool.

Sites offering free services should not be allowed to fish for information, target members of the public and filter everything in their own interests, other wise the site should be private, hidden from the public all together and identified as a group (KKK, Investment bank gang, whatever). Criminals should not use websites to exploit honest people.

Quora, by itself, can be a great website, though it...
Quora, by itself, can be a great website, though it is not to be taken seriously as a Q&A site to get real, legitimate answers to real, legitimate problems. It is like Facebook combined with WikiAnswers, and provides answers from real people to general questions users ask on the site. However, most answers will be more like advice, opinions and personal insight, than actual answers. Quora, in theory, is a really cool website for any intellectuals that love knowledge and hearing insight and experiences from other people. However... Quora is corrupted by a community of whiny, immature social justice warriors and adult children who strictly believe no one else is allowed to say anything Quora disagree with. The site is run by elitists and thin-skinned super-sensitive adult children and ANYthing you say that people in this inner circle may disagree with will be promptly and swiftly dealt with. To put it in other words, free speech isn't allowed on Quora. Only "consensus speech." You are not allowed to say anything that goes against the liberal, feminist, "men are scum", "all negativity and dissenting opinions should be outlawed" status quo of the ones in charge.

The problem is, Quora is run by a group of giant p-ssies and Social Justice Warriors who ban anything and everything they disagree with. Its is very much against free speech and you are not allowed to disagree with the status quo. It is very much like a hive mind. If you write something even marginally unpopular, your answer gets censored and voted out. And if you say something that anyone heavily disagrees with, you are flagged for "offending" someone. In other words, you're only allowed to express yourself if THEY approve of it. It is extremely against free speech and independent thought. It is filled with man-hating feminists and social justice warriors, essentially making it a slightly more intellectual Tumblr.

While MOST of the people on Quora are generally cool and down to Earth, it is the admins and power-users with thousands of followers who are condescending and very much anti-opinion. They will be quick to remind you that Quora isn't a democracy and that essentially, you're only allowed to say anything as long as others agree with it. As mentioned, marginal disagreements get your answers censored out ("collapsed"). And anything going against the hyper-liberal, social justice, whiny "my feelings matter more than your freedom" status quo will get you punished, blocked, or banned from the site. It is EXTREMELY restrictive against free speech. Keep in mind, this isn't Quora the site itself, but rather, the whiny, sensitive, selfish admins that control the site like a dictatorship. They are adult children who believe the world revolves around them and you are not allowed to express anything you feel that they disagree with. There are several restrictive rules set up on the site to prevent this. Humor is seen as "trolling," unpopular but detailed answers are seen as "unhelpful," and anything ANY one could disagree with is seen as "offensive" and a violation of their strict net-nanny rule "Be Nice, Be Respectful." Only anything that isn't in the consensus of the feminist, hyper-liberal social justice status quo is seen as "offensive" somehow.

Basically, the site in its barest form, is a mix of Facebook and Yahoo Answers. However, its run by complete p-ssies and social justice warriors who will censor, edit, block, or ban literally anything they disagree with. But sometimes, not before they try to "teach" you why you're wrong. Though its less common, sometimes, they are willing to try to "educate" you on your opinion or answer that they disagree with. But half the time, they'll just collapse, remove, or censor you.

As stated, the site itself is mostly full of decent people from all over the world. However, the childish, immature, whiny, hyper-sensitive, feminist, ultra-liberal, social justice warrior admins, as well as the popular power users and "future admins" restrict any and all free speech they disagree with. The site makes it feel like you can NEVER say anything they personally disagree with, because it will be "trolling," "offensive," or "unhelpful" in some way. Even the Quora founders left the site partially because of this.

Quora, in theory, is a cool site. However, its corrupted by crybabies, adult children, and social justice warriors who literally feel that feelings and hyper-sensitivity and agreeing with the status quo is more important than being able to express how you feel. The admins and powerful power-users ruin Quora and turn it into an elist liberal b-tchfest similar to Tumblr or Jezebel.

Quora would be cool if it wasn't administered by a bunch of immature, whiny, first world problem, hyper-liberal, hyper-sensitive adult crybabies. Avoid Quora. You may like it at first, until you realize you're not allowed to say anything anyone would disagree in any way. Avoid Quora if you like being able to express yourself. However, if you love putting down men, banning words like "bossy," and feel that feelings and sensitivity are more important than facts and honesty, then you'll feel right at home on Quora.

Good questions meet great minds..
Yes good questions from around the world all meet at Quora and find great minds. Great minds means years of experience coupled with great knowledge and expertise in any chosen field of human endeavor.

Quora is just that and operates in a simple. Easy to use manner. Once you register and confirm your account you can then start asking questions or answer avaiable questions. Each answer you give to a question can be upvoted or downvoted. Where you don't want to answer questions you can also place simple comments which should in no way answer the question for which you placed the comment.If by chance your comment is an answer you may receive a notification from someone telling you not to write answers to questions in the comment box.

Using quora is a good way of searching for answers to most of the questions that you may not find answers to anywhere else on the web. The questions are answered by knowledgable individual who may be company managers professionals in their chosen field of endeavours. It is truly an exciting place.

But unfortunately using quora means using your real identity. This means you must use your registered real life name and surname and other information to be able to use the site fully-that means to both answer questions and ask questions. Without this your account wil be banned from answering question until you update your information with your real identity.
This method has been questioned many times by quora users as many are not comfortable sharing real life information on a site that one day is and tomorrow might just disappear. But time and time again the answer is still the same that "it is the sites policy to require members to use their real identies when registering."

Seeing how much data theft goes on online I also do not feel comfortable sharing that much personal information as there is no guarantee that the information itself is well kept. For those who have no problem in sharing such personal information quora might be a great place to get valuable information and help in answering the many questions that are being asked.

1/ Quora is full of fake questions and answers made by companies, startups, lobbies. Then, Quora answer themselves to usually advertise a website.

2/ Quora is also the place of mythomaniac sociopaths who want to get attention and play the sermonisers. For instance, some people want to be seen as millionaires, CEO of big companies but in fact they are unemployed, retired or students. I have investigated their names of people and their references to discover that they were much smaller than what they wanted people to think. Quora is packed with story tellers. They upload a generic picture and they make up a sensational fake story. So, then, they get lots of +1 and they are aroused by the high score. You read stories on quora, of people who made 1 million dollars in 1 month, people who helped their entourage. In the answers of Quora, people are the best. They are always rich, clever, welcoming, caring.

I think that this is just a big lie. I think quorans pretend to be rich but in fact they are poor. I think quorans pretend to be a PHd and in fact they never went to university. Quora is the matrix. It is a virtual world.

3/Some of them just paraphrase your questions in the answer. (i must admit they are talented at it).
They may answer with mainstream opinions that we can find on wikipedia.
After reading 5 answers you discover that you have no answer is accurate for your question. In 90% of the cases, you get no real answer to your question.

4/If you need an advice from an expert, don't go to quora because there are no experts there. Don't be misled by the nice references like Phd in theoritical physics... If there would be experts on quora, the answers would not be as simplistic as now. The Quorans pretend to be experts in everything. But when you read the answers you understand that there is a twist. How is it possible to see so many PHd, engineers, senior programmers, system architects, CEO, CFO on quora with so many low quality answers?

They are liars obviously.

I noticed that when I asked precise questions about a serious topic I had no answers. I had no answers to serious questions and many answers to superficial questions.

If you are an expert about something, don't share you knowledge for free, create a blog. Otherwise, if you are a serious contributor on quora, by creating content on Quora, you help them to make money. You should better create a blog if you are an expert. You can also contribute to Wikipedia. Wikipedia is not perfect but it is a better source of information than Quora.

Be aware that quora is a time waster. You should block their emails because every time you read a Quora email you are wasting your time. If let's say 90% of the answers of quora are useless, it means that You waste 90% of your time when you read answers on quora.

Quora user reminds me of emperor's new clothes story
Quora have had some great contributors. Now they're thinning in numbers because of bad experiences and unfair moderation and it is because Quora management themselves have made the site totally unfriendly especially for newer users aspiring to succeed in the platform, especially if Quora have unpopular opinion. I will explain.

There are some really good writers in Quora. Not all of them are as successful or popular, unfortunately, which is a shame but the real problem is over the years Quora made it very difficult for new writers to have their own career without finding themselves at the mercy of power users. I think people should realize popularity of a user isn't always equal a sign of deep insight or good character and it shows. I can say for certain most popular users are average, and while some genuinely earned their place, some obviously just got lucky and are enjoying their platform with thousands of followers. That's not a problem on its own but what often happens because of the structure of the forum, some power users are prone to play god and think they decide who gets to be popular next. This naturally made some people feel moving around the lawn more difficult the more they get more popular because some users will start to pay attention to them and inevitably, if they said something wrong and accidentally offended some popular users either deliberately or by mistake, their career on the platform is practically finished.

That being said, when I see the newer batches of popular users it's like seeing the emperor's new clothes. They are being made to think they have their success because of their skill, talent, etc and they truly believe it. But that is not the whole story. As I said earlier, some people think they can play god. So some will decide in advance which new writer gets to be popular by deliberately promoting them regardless to make them feel good. Then they will trash the ones they don't like in the dumpster hopefully never to be seen again. No one dared to say anything, partially because of the BNBR rule and partially also because most people will find it's just not worth the time. A lot of people have seen many problems with the site and users and reviews will tell you that.

In the meantime Quora loyal users are like the emperor who thinks he's parading with his new clothes but little did he know he's being made a fool. Just like Quora users, it's only a matter of time until someone just call out that they got no clothes on, and they're being made to think they worth more than they are.

Literary Fascism personified
I'm a liberal but I believe in free speech. Fact is, Quora wished two topics didn't exist - politics, and gender issues.

Ironically, I have run into problems as a liberal with moronic conservatives whining to the moderators about how I'm not respecting them, meaning all you have to do is whine like a crybaby to mommy Quora, and you stand a good chance of getting your opponent in a discussion warned and then banned.

As a liberal man, however, I also have issues with rabid feminism, and quora will ban you so fast as a man questioning any sort of female dominance, that there really is no point in staying there.

Even though I'm a committed liberal, mostly based on economic policy, Quora is the worst example of politically correct horse hockey gone wild, and I need to get away from there anyway. Don't ask any questions about general female behavior, because you'll get accused of 'being insincere' in your questioning, and yes, you can get banned for a week and then permanently just for that.

I hate what has happened to free speech in this country. I agree that people should be able to ask questions about black people being violent against whites, or the self-obsession of trans people, or women being selfish and money-grubbing, but apparently, none of those questions are allowed on Quora. I probably can't ask questions about whether Christians are maniacs, like all religious people either.

Free speech is free or not. Banning swearing or racist epithets, fine. But to not allow a REAL discussion of REAL issues when Quora claim to be the 'answer' website makes them worthless. They literally banned me for a week for being 'insincere' and not even quoting the questions I asked that got me banned. If that is tyranny, I don't know what is. It's like being tossed in a cell with no charges. Their advertisers should be boycotted. Clearly both sides of issues are annoyed with them, which is too bad, because they are good for answers that have nothing to do with actual opinion.

Unfortunately, the little fascista moderators make their website a source of extreme annoyance, and a place to not return.

Dunno about CCP, but might be nest for commies
When I first hear about the website is a communist website ran by CCP, I thought that it's a lot of balloony from people who like to blow things out of proportion. Internet being what it is today when people disagreeing with you can be called a nazi, it's hard to take that kind of statement seriously anymore. But I realized something interesting recently after some digging. Obviously I can't confirm CCP involvement but if people say this website holds communist agenda, I think it holds some water. At this point I won't even be surprised if a lot of power users turned out to be secretly commies, at least in ideology.

You see in communism people have to be the "good commie" to be exempted from punishment. For anyone to live peacefully in a commie state you don't have to have merit or contribute to anything, you only have to blindly follow the rules as mandated from state. Freedom of speech is non-existent, and there are narratives and statements everyone has to keep in mind or memorize about the commie manifesto and what have you. One wrong step, and you will get either humiliated in public, blamed for disrupting public order for speaking up to yourself or sent to exile camps. Ring any bells yet? Just replace the word 'good commie' and commie with 'good Quoran' and Quora and the manifesto as 'BNBR' and you see the puzzle pieces magically piece together by itself.

Don't get fooled though, some of these people often pay lip service about freedom of speech, democracy and what have you to give the impression they're all about fairness and equality. But as some have said, action speaks louder than words and you only have to look at the evidence with sober eyes to see what type of behavior resembles what kind of ideology in practice.

Basically, no matter how good of a person you are, if you're not a good Quoran, you won't be there for too long. Does it sound familiar? Like you've heard about that somewhere?

Quora - Stupefying, Madness inducing Nihilism which epitomizes Capitalist Anti-Reason.
Nihilistic site which is the exact anti-thesis of everything which Wikipedia have taught themselves and the rest of us. For Wikipedia, the stringent editorial guidelines; fact checking; the insistence upon reliable references; the collective wisdom which comes about through good-faith dialogue as part of the "talk" section of every article etc means that generally the True and the good overcomes the false and the bad.
On Quora, the exact antithesis is the case. Textbook example of "crap in, crap out" in extremis"
Anyone can write anything. There is an idiotic notion that "down-voting>collapsing answers" is somehow or other an epistemically sound principle.
Moderation is conducted mostly by bots. Or else by giggling half-wits of the sort that make Infowars look like intellectuals.

All answers are stolen by Quora via data-farming and then the information is sold to mind-poisoning companies such Cambridge Anal.
There are many paid agents on there who are there to form public opinion and to harass and bully truth speakers so that other people won't believe what Quora are saying, they create fake posts to discredit things which have been put on there to inform you of specific topics. There is a clear agenda with Quora for public opinion Intel gathering and the shaping of public opinions and beliefs. Paid agents step in to discredit or to promote the agenda for which they have sold their mercenary "minds".

1. Quora are agents of exploitative and mercenary Capitalist anti-Reason. They data-farm and then sell this data to the highest bidder. These bidders are inevitably the power-elite of various stripes: oligarchical class-warriors; military colonial Zionist ultra-nationalist hasbarists; alt-fact Trumpite Cambridge Anal like companies of misinformation and agit-prop; climate science denialist lunatics; etc, etc.
2. Quora will remove all answers and questions which deviate from the agenda of their latest paymaster.
3. Quora is plagued by a military swarm of paid agents to discredit controversial the True and the Good, understood in *objective* and *universal* terms.
4. Quora is tool of propagating misinformation and agit-prop.

Inaccurate information and Poor Moderation
I started writing physics answers on Quora because I went to college for it and love discussing it. I found so many highly inaccurate answers on the site. For example, I wrote an answer on length contraction and included John Bell's Spaceship Paradox as support for my answer as well as other sources. Out of about 30 answers to the question only two were correct and Quora were not the most upvoted. I wrote to many of the highest upvoted answers and explained why their answer was incorrect and included sources to back everything up. Many of them got defensive and/or deleted my comments. Answer writers can delete comments in Quora and the main Quora feed only shows the one answer on a particular topic so many casual Quora readers will think the answer is factual. Answers are pretty much deemed "correct" by massed upvoting which is not how science or any discussion of topics where facts and logic can be used should be judged. One person did try to fix their answer but I went back to it about a dozen times and it was still wrong for yet a different reason. The person had an ideological belief on how Relativity "should work" and kept wanting to incorporate it into his answer. If people can become ideological on something as well-tested and as hard science as Special Relativity even in the face of overwhelming evidence and their answer is still massively upvoted there's a problem.

I saw another answer by an American hating European who stated UK houses are smaller than US houses because it's colder in the UK than the US. This answer had 2,600 upvotes and had dozens of other easy to verify false statements. There are many areas where statements could be debated as information may be incomplete or many different reasonings may have support (politics or economics for example) but saying UK houses are smaller than US houses because of heating is so ridiculously wrong. It only takes one person legitimately disputing a statement to falsify it. Voting by mob rule is very wrong as the mob on average is not an expert. Many laypersons just upvote answers because they sound good to them.

Answers with too many down votes get hidden from most people's view. Well-written answers are all too often down voted. People often upvote the answers knowing they're wrong. I pointed out factually wrong information on some answers and the person's thousand of followers attacked me with nonsense. They never addressed anything I said directly and mostly did ad hominem attacks. The worst one was the anti-American writer I mentioned earlier (I honestly thought they did not understand but later found out they were knowingly lying). This writer only cares about spreading anti-American propaganda. Too many writers seek upvotes and likes above everything else. Moderators do not care (if anything they are also pushing for views and upvotes).

The Be Kind Be Respectful guideline and other moderation guidelines are highly subjective. I've had moderators take down comments I've written when I included facts backing up everything I said and attacked no one. "Kindness" is very subjective. It's not "kind" to burst someone's ideological bubble by posting a countering view. Most people are able to rationalize views they hate as "unkind." The human ability to rationalize always amazes me. Someone says A and another person rationalizes they said B. Quora policy and the non-transparent nature of moderation makes it all too easy for moderators to rationalize the deletion of any content they don't like. History has shown us that anyone with the power to censor abuses that power. Only a very strong and transparent policy is capable of stopping rampant moderator abuse. Quora does not have this.

People who become moderators believe in moderating speech. Those who believe in moderating speech the most value "kindness" and "compassion" above "logic" and "reasoning." Those who believe in free speech and open debate the most are unlikely to become moderators. They feel it's their duty to stamp out all "hurtful" content. Except any debate or search for factual information will likely hurt people's feelings. Someone getting an F on a physics test is "hurtful" to the student but if the student legitimately gets the answers wrong then that's simply reality. I see Quora Moderators deleting content heavily based on ideological grounds. The content simply upsets the readers of the space (Quora is broken into different spaces for different topics). Different spaces in Quora also have different moderators and they use inconsistent moderation. All of this makes Quora overall somewhat left leaning but individual spaces become echo chambers that match the ideological leaning of the moderators of the space.

If you upvote content from a certain user or space Quora sends you more of that type of content. It makes everyone's feed into an echo chamber where many of the writers are actively seeking to push an ideological agenda and people directly countering the answers are suppressed.

I've had responses taken down by moderation and no reasoning is given (I've never had a reason given nor was I ever suspended from Quora). I do an appeal and give a lengthy reason why the content does not violate any guidelines and they almost always put it back up. I've had this happen dozens of times. The content is usually then flagged again a few days or week later and I defend it again. Generally, the moderators eventually decide to remove it for NO REASON given. I understand that bots and users can flag content but how does a moderator review the content and restore it multiple times but then eventually take it down? That's a human moderator doing that. It's also inescapable that moderators follow bias because of how different moderation is between the different spaces.

Moderating is bad, ideologically driven, and there is so much factually incorrect information on Quora to make it toxic to the general populace. It's most aptly described as a propaganda machine. People often like it because Quora is designed to get users to come back so they push content matching your ideology and likes/dislikes. It purposefully makes toxic echo chambers to maximize profit. However, if you're a user who digs deeper than their main Quora feed (I always read every single answer and comment on a question before upvoting so I never relied on Quora spoon feeding me) you'll quickly figure out how bad Quora is.

Google pushes Quora answers in its search engine and people often take Quora answers as fact. I tried working inside the Quora site to make it better but I can't do that anymore.

World's worst environment for bullying. AVOID this site if you are vulnerable.
I just closed my account down on Quora after several months. I had gone on there because I liked to write, and I am at home a lot due to health issues. But it didn't take long before I started feeling as though everything I wrote was being pecked at by other Quora members. I was regularly being insulted, presumed stupid, mocked, criticised, and just given a hard time when I never provoked it. And this includes Quora's own moderators, who would keep slapping me with violation notices for nothing - I had no idea what I wrote that was so wrong. But I would get the violation notice and it would not explain what I wrote that Quora felt was in violation. I also got violations if I tried to stick up for myself when someone attacked me. They were allowed to attack me, but I was not allowed to defend myself. Wholly dysfunctional, that.

Then I was made moderator by someone, which at first I thought was really cool, but within just one week, I was finding that the questions I would post to this space were being attacked by some of the other people - mostly men - in that space. I was trying my best to post good questions, but it didn't matter. They would get attacked. So I messaged the Admin, who was one of the few kind people on there, and told him I didn't want to be moderator anymore because of all the crap I was getting, that I felt bullied. So I was brought back down to contributor. But even when this happened, I would still get picked on when I answered anything or commented on anything. So I stopped being a contributor. The admin noticed, asked me back, and for him really, I came back on there, but I didn't really contribute much, purely to avoid more grief.

And so I would just stick to answering questions outside of that space, or commenting on posts outside of that space, and I would never be the one to start of being provocative. Not once. But soon as I would utter a word, I would be attacked by someone, and sometimes, a few people at once.

I had a lot of really nasty things said to me, none of which I deserved. I am not a nasty soul and I am not the type to be horrible to people, and I had been on Quora defending vulnerable people and challenging racist posts.

And it just got worse and worse, and Quora kept slapping me with violations when I was the target of the abuse, not the instigator, and I had enough. For my own sanity, I closed my account.

Quora is the single most bullish environment I've ever encountered in my life. Far worse than school, far worse than any job I've had, far worse than anyone I've ever worked with. It is a horrible, nasty arena.

If you are vulnerable in any way, avoid this site. Because these people will suss it out, and peck at you until you either close your account, or top yourself.

Shame on you, Adam (owner of Quora)

Moderation is dishonest and unfair
A few months ago, I posted an answer on Quora that some might find controversial. For several months, Quora didn't have a problem with it.

Yesterday, though, they deleted my answer for "violating" one of their policies. (I suspect that someone "reported" my answer because they just didn't like it.) Anyway, I appealed, and won. Today, however, they collapsed the very same answer for violating their "Be Nice, Be Respectful" policy (which is ridiculous--my answer is polite and respectful). Anyway, I appealed, and asked them how my answer violates their policy. They totally rejected my appeal with no explanation (obviously because they know they don't have a leg to stand on). Again, I think someone is merely "reporting" my posts because they don't like my opinion--so much for freedom of ideas on Quora.

Also today, they collapsed another one of my answers, and this time there were absolutely no details about why. So, I appealed and asked for clarification of what rule my comment supposedly broke. Well, they simply rejected my appeal without any explanation again.

Anyway, I'm done with Quora. It appears that the deceptive, dictatorial moderators just do whatever they want--they don't follow any logical or published rules. Apparently their BNBR policy actually stands for: "Bully Now, Bully Rigorously." ;) In fact, one person on there hit the nail on the head with this comment:

"In the end, Quora moderation's purpose is to mainly prevent views they don't approve of from becoming visible on the site even when it answers the question fully within their ambiguous BN; BR policy so that they can create an echo chamber where everyone nods and agrees with each other while simultaneously claiming the site is open to all views and opinions (something that they are clearly not, as I and most others have noticed)."

I would recommend staying away from Quora. Or at the very least, don't try to post anything of substance there.

Quora = Fascists, Needs to be Shut Down/Defunded Yesterday
I'd give them 0 stars if I could.

Quora even banned my alternate account for speaking up and asking questions about my main account getting banned. I and many others continue to get banned with no explanation or due process, and you're the disrespectful one - what an absolute joke.

They are 100% against free speech. My main account all of a sudden got banned and deleted 6/2/20, no warning, no explanation. 400k+ views, 3k+posts, 19 followers, all gone and unrecoverable. Apparently, this is a rampant issue, as I found out many, many other questions about getting banned on Quora already exist, as well as all the negative reviews containing basically the same story.

My ban happened the day after I said something anti-feminist, that is my only guess as to what may have caused the ban. I said something like "yeah, feminism makes you an@$$hole", as a response to someone complaining about their feminist mom being mean to them.

Many others have been banned as well under the same conditions; out of the blue, no warnings, and no explanations or due process. They just hide behind their "be nice, be respectful" policy while flagging your posts and banning you; all that policy really means is they can ban you at any time for anything they deem disrespectful and not explain to you a damn thing. There is an appeal decision option, but you will get an immediate declined decision after you click send, and is a total waste of time. It didn't even take a minute for me to get their declined response in my email.

How do these quoran admins still have a job after harming so many people? People spent their precious time on their site, and quora just $#*!s on them and there's nothing anyone can do but review them after the fact. How many more reviews and deleted accounts will it take for something to be done about this fascist behavior? What obviously oblivious company or individual would fund an organization with such consistently $h!++y practices?

This website can ruin your mental health
I have been on Quora to ask some questions about society and things that I can't seem to understand, but my naivety has gotten me into trouble with random psychopathic and abusive users. The site has an issue with racism and promoting racist viewpoints. Racist answers with clear white supremacist undertones get the most likes for whatever reason. Calling them out can get you in trouble with the mods, because Quora highly favor white supremacist content. Oftentimes random people will leave a snarky answer on your question that isn't helpful and serves to bully you in front of the whole community. On the opposite side you have "leftists" that pretend to fight for civil rights and pretend to be for social justice, but in reality they get really nasty with you because you're introverted, have poor social skills or neurodiverse (autism, adhd, PTSD). So these "civil rights warriors" have underlying ableism that you can't call them out on because of silencing by blocking and reporting you. Surprise surprise, most of these fake sjws are located in California! The flakiest and phoniest state in the entire country. There is also a large issue with xenophobia, too many users will think that they're somehow "better" because they're American or always push the fact that the USA is always the "best country" which is more of a personal opinion, but these kinds of people bully others who disagree with them. They also get a lot of upvotes for saying the most horrible ish. Mods love them! But don't you dare criticize the country or military for ANY reason. Not to mention the dirt flinging and toxicity on the topics of religion vs atheism and conservative vs liberal. It's just a shouting match full of slurs and insults, forget about a civil disagreements or respect. I've seen people refer to native americans as "primitives", people saying that black people or other POC incapable of inventing anything (civilizations, tools, electronics, etc), people blaming autism on the child and "feeling sorry" for the parents, dog worship culture, unsolicited pornography, victim blaming, child abuse, misogyny, apathy for the environment, etc, and the mods seem to be ok with it! The mods have allowed a once civil and educational website to turn into a dumpster fire by accommodating to former Yahoo Answers, 4Chan, Reddit and Stormfront users. YOU are the one who gets punished for calling these people out. It's toxic, hate filled, anxiety inducing and bad for mental health. Unfortunately I don't believe that there are any better Q and A websites at the moment that are moderated well.

Ex-Quora Administrator and Moderator: Quora is now an intentionally abusive site.
I am a former Quora site Administrator and moderator. Yet, Quora still list me as active. Quora has dramatically changed from what it once was.
There's an ungodly amount of hackers. Complaints about hackers, pedophiles, and Quora's recorded attempts to alter member contents are well documented. Many of the site admins deny they break their own so called rules and policies.
It is definitely not a safe place for kids or any humane human being. Complaints intentionally ignored and USPS snail mail not responded to. Allegedly they are moving their home office from Mountain View, CA.
The site "management" routinely follows IP addresses to engage and block complaints. I, myself, have documented proof. NEVER provide links or pics of any sort. They have a nasty habit of altering profiles while insisting you be truthful. Truths and facts are routinely ignored and flagged if it goes against their new normal of intentional cyber hacking and whatever they consider truth. The 13 and over policy is routinely ignored. Most all the hackers and nasty persons are telemarketers and paid posters.
There are people pretending to be ex-officers and federal agents. The FBI does indeed ignore evidence presented as proof. And proof is extremely hard even when you know what to look for. I am a veteran USN intelligence who served in Submarines as well. Gaslighting and willful encouragement of such is common theme. I have personally met with Atlanta FBI of DOJ and was turned away being told they don't investigate "singular" cyberstalking despite me stating and having tremendous amount of evidence this is a world wide racketeering site of the worst sort as well as evidence on other sites to include FB and twitter. Most specifically a now unsafe site known as Literotica.
A handful of us have been fighting back; but the Quora site is not the place to do it. I no longer check to see how much of my data has been intentionally changed. Got all I need.
The worst part is the site is now heavily toxic with political agendas and misinformation in areas and topics that have expressly forbid it.
No, I will not provide any links or pics of any sort. It's so bad in my area, that other Quora members are physically stalking persons they disagree with and engaging in scams of all sorts from real estate to falsified reports of people unaware of such scams. I personally have had 3 phones this past year been hacked and shut down every time I complain.
I brought a lot of people to Quora and not a single one of them participate today. Several were hacked and their laptops or phones were shutdown remotely after heavy bombardment of telemarketing calls to private and restricted #s. The membership numbers are heavily inflated.

Are you kidding me?
I was on Quora for exactly two months and developed a pretty good following and got tons of upvotes and positive responses. Today I got booted off because I didn't use my real name. I used the name of Apollo Dawn and I didn't see anything wrong with that. I didn't even asked to join.My Google account opened up that door. I tried to access them and Quora gave me some bulls**t of having to send them documented proof of my real name. Okay, you want me to send your veriification of my 'real name"? That would mean sending you sensitive info over a website that is isn't very secure. (You have guys sitting in their bedrooms accessing the top institutions in the country with frightening ease and you want me to send you documentation of my real name?... Don't think so). The name that i used was okay for two months, now you find fault with it? I did my research and found out two disturbing things going on here.
One was that only "privileged" members were allowed to use names that were not theirs. Privileged Members? This is a site you can go on to have fun, seek info on certain subjects and hopefully make someone's day. You're either gonna' treat everybody the same or close up shop.The second was that if someone else on Quora suspects that your name is not real, they can rat you out to the administrators and have you locked out. Sounds like a bunch of old women going after each other at get together. What business is it of anyone's if you choose to go with a another name outside of your own? Being on Quora was fun while it lasted and I'm gonna' miss the questions. But i refused to give any sensitive info like identity proof to a site that is wide opened to be hack with ease.

Totally biased and overly politically correct website that should be banned from google results
Quora perfectly represents the overly-sanitized and politicaly correct times we live in. Get ready to read some of the most patronizing, condescendant answers you have ever read, written by extremely pretentious hypocrits who obviously never put what Quora write on this moralizing bull$#*! website in practice in real life.
The answers are extremely unrealistic, hypocritical and written by pretentious mormons who love to hear themselves talk. The weirdest thing with quora is that all the answers share the same characteristics: written by ultra moraly advanced people that see the good in every situation and who don't suffer the negative traits of regular people like frustration, anger, annoyance... problem is you NEVER run into people like that in real life. Outside of the internet, these moraly-perfect gems of people simply do not exist. And dont even try to say anything negative of emit criticism on quora: your content WILL be censored. Quora is overly, almost worryingly optimistic about everything in life, and it just comes off as really fake and uncinsere. And I'm tired of seeing this $#*!ing website pop up every time I ask google something. Quora is a megaphone for hordes of boring politically correct, overly enthusiastic and dead inside people, which really don't represent reality at all. And once again the condecendence... OOOOOOOoooh the condescendence. This website should be closed down. Quora I think is trying to normalize people and turn them into a boring mass of jello that says yes to everything and never criticizes anything. You know, mindless idiots who never put anything into question and blindly follow orders, just like our politicians would like us to be. So really I'm starting to think quora is a political tool to turn the masses into docile, servile sponges to whom you can do anything you like without risking consequences.

Just Awful Moderation
Hi, I'm Lily Rimes.

I used to be an avid writer on Quora. Had been for two years. I wrote in a wide variety of topics, mostly about Historical European Martial Arts and swords. I LOVED Quora, and over time earned 3K followers and made many friends. It was like a family to me, and became me favorite social site for it had so much to offer. And then suddenly, without warning, I found meself banned for "policy violations". I couldn't believe it. Two years of writing, gone in the blink of an eye.
I made an appeal, asked for a legitimate reason as to why I was banned. I was give the classic "boilerplate" response and was NEVER given a legit reason as to why I was banned.
A petition was even put out for me from a friend I met on Quora, and a few hundred people signed it and made their comments, many also stating Quora saw no reason for my ban and felt it was unjust.
Over time, it has gotten me to think and observe. As much as I love and adore Quora, there is one super glaring problem. THE MODERATION. And no, I'm not saying that cause I'm salty over me ban. It's a bloody fact. They're awful. They allow trolls, report spammers, and catfish to roam free on Quora with 0 problem and yet good writers are constantly banned. And if ye do some research, you'd find out there are some real snakes in the grass. I've heard several rumors of "rogue" moderators banning people who they dislike, or bots just making bad decisions and banning people for no good reason. And does Quora ever own up to their mistakes? Pfft... extremely rarely. From me understanding and research only one guy I know of ever got unbanned and that's just because he was insanely popular. 100K follower popular.
It's just bloody ridiculous and I don't understand it. From the time I was on Quora I came across many profiles that should have been banned, legit reasons, bullies, trolls, catfish, etc, etc. And those accounts are still there. Meanwhile, I and other good writers get wrongfully banned.
And it hurts cause Quora was very near and dear to me heart and to get thrown off it, like some piece of garbage for no good reason is an insult. Cause here's the thing, as I mentioned before, there are some real snakes in the grass on Quora and if you tread on those snakes the wrong way... they will bite... and you will be banned.
Quora is without a doubt THE BEST question and answer site on the web at the moment, but if ye be interested in joining it, be careful. Do your research, Quora is more tainted than you'd imagine.

Pedophile Haven
At first, when I joined Quora, it wasn't that bad of a website. It seemed like just any ordinary place for people to ask questions and answer them. Well, here lately, things have taken a great turn. I've gone down a few rabbit holes on Quora and have found really disturbing questions such as people asking if it's normal for daughters to have sex with their Dads, and Mothers to have sex with their sons. I'd find pedophiles replying to these questions, admitting that Quora have sex with their underaged daughters and how it's an acceptable activity every Dad should try out.

I've reported these pedophilic comments, as well as profiles I've found of young girls posting their nude pictures to Quora, which counts as child pornography by the way, that Quora also does nothing about. But if I dare make a comment toward the pedophile calling their actions sick, or even so much as saying I've reported their profile, my comment gets removed by Quora for "violating their policies." WTF? I found one guy in particular who talks about how he has sex with his 7 and 9 year old daughters, posts their pictures calling them "sexy", and no matter how many times I've reported, his profile is still up and about.

Quora seems to be a safe haven for pedophiles to say and do whatever they want. It would be one thing if these pedos were just no contact pedos, venting about their taboo attraction to children, but this is way more than that. I've found so many other sick and disturbing things that Quora refuses to take down, I've seen people say really nasty things, and then if I were to so much as tell them to be quiet in response to their thousands of cuss words and slurs thrown at me or someone else, I'd get my comment taken down. Quora is a biased, pre-judice website that only adheres to their guidelines when it's convenient to THEM. Whoever is running Quora seems to be a sick minded person themselves, and this website should be rightfully boycotted. My advice? Stay away.

Very Repetitive questions, Too many immature, childish or scary questioners
At first I thought Quora was interesting, but then I got deluged with very childish, immature questions, VERY, VERY repetitive. (I found out that people get paid(?) to generate a trillion garbage questions.) Many questioners avoid searching for the same topic & existing answers--Quora want attention or $, and custom-written responses JUST for them. If you put in any links-to or quote from science-websites, they report you for "Spamming" & the answer gets hidden--the attention-seekers want responses more than quality information.
And due to the nature of the questions, shows that most of these immature folks don't have ANY human contact or experience. (Topics: love, romance, Bizarre or scary questions on What goes through the mind of the opposite sex, college life, human mentality, how humans operate, Shyness, Social Awkwardness, etc.) The questions and a lot of the answers say a lot about the writers: LOTS of self-obsession, isolation, catastrophizing, and especially fantasizing that they are "psychotic/sociopathic" like it's cool, asexual/gay/bi, incels & women-haters, suicidal threats, whatever. Many of the males have really nutty or scary attitudes towards females, and I fear for the women around them. And MOST of these immature folks will never seek help, or create or join a self-help group, or any other effort to make their lives better. QUORA: make it easier to flag repetitive questions, or flag Really Great Writers (to weed out the horrid or very immature or attention-seeking ones.) Make it easier to route all the thousands of "askers" needing mental health help to a centralized forum area with curated, quality help.

Lot of very good, lot of very bad, and one major systematic problem: REVIEWER BIAS
Quora CAN be an excellent resource for conducting research, exchanging ideas, and finding intelligent/ well thought out/ well written/ informative answers presenting different sides of major issues.

In THEORY, it is a wonderful forum for free speech and debate--giving everyone a voice to express their opinions and positions on a wide variety of issues, regardless of how good, bad, well/poorly thought out, taboo, or outright bizarre that opinion or position may be. That being the case, you will find questions and answers on a diverse array of issues ranging from the important to the unimportant. The ridiculous to the sublime. The intelligent/ well though out/ well written to the downright idiotic. So you have to do some sorting of your own--essentially, you have to take the good with the bad. This sorting thru to chaff to get to the wheat is easy to do and essentially impossible to eliminate in the context of the free and open exchange of ideas.

However, in PRACTICE, Quora falls far short of living up to its potential because of its apparent complete lack of protection against the personal biases of the people who review the questions and answers (and therefore decide if a certain question or answer will be allowed or removed). Because Quora provides almost no substantive information on it's posting rules or review process in general or it's decision-making process in specific situations (choosing instead to cite it's woefully ambiguously and generic "Be Nice, Be Respectful policy"), it is impossible to conclude whether 1) there is a general, institutional bias within Quora on issues in one direction or another, OR 2) proposed questions and answers are subject to the vagaries of happenstance, I. E. - which particular reviewer reviews your question on a particular day (and what his position is on the issue, what mood he's in, etc).

Because of this, as it stands today, Quora is generally like a poster boy for PC-ism at its worst. So, while it does have a lot to offer, Quora falls way short of its potential. Unfortunately, it's highest and best use is checking whether a particular question/ answer/ position/ argument/ etc is politically correct.

So, if you have a thought and need to gauge how politically correct it is, simply post it on Quora. The longer it stays up, the more PC it is. This is a shame.

CENSORSHIP -- #MeTooQuora (The serious consequences of censorship in a democracy)
#MeTooQuora I, Too, Was Censored on Quora -by- Angela V. Woodhull, Ph. D.
In 2018, I devoted a lot of my life to Quora Digest. I wrote literally thousands of informative articles. Most of these essays took me, on average, five hours of my daily time to compose. I was awarded for these creative and informative writings with a substantive audience of about six thousand followers, and more than 6 million total views. Even in 2021, my past writings (even though I wasn't publishing so frequently on Quora) were now getting a lot of views about 100,000 hits per month. Quora also named me "Top Writer in 2018" and then invited me to become a question writer in their Partner Program. However, three years later, with no noticeable change in my writing style (although I was writing much less frequently), I was suddenly and unexplainably banned. And what is a "banned" writer? A "banned" writer is a censored writer. Let's talk about censorship. Censorship is a serious slippery slope that will not make the world a better place of knowledge. Instead, censorship turns the world into a place of fear and Fascism. Quora's alleged mission statement is "to share and grow the world's knowledge. Powerful, simple, and easy to understand." What's not easy to understand is that the same knowledge I devoted to sharing with the world on Quora that earned me "Top Writer 2018" is now collapsed knowledge, and the word "banned" appears before my name. Baffled Quorans who used to follow me wonder if Quora are next when they notice that even a top writer who painstakingly shared her knowledge on a vast array of topics can whimsically get banned/censored. Additionally, of the nearly 40 complaints listed on the BBB (Better Business Bureau) website from other Censored/Banned Quoran writers, Quora (with a C- BBB rating) merely replies with generic and nebulous statements to the multitude of egregious and serious complaints. The replies, neatly written by Quora officials, once again place only fear and apprehension in the average Quoran reader/writer. "After reviewing our policies, we have determined that the ban was accurate, blah, blah, blah." The average Quoran reader/writer then concludes, "Maybe I shouldn't express my opinions on 'that' topic. Perhaps I, too, will be censored and banned if I write on 'that' topic." Confidence Turns into Apprehension. And Apprehension Turns into Banality. Joyful writing then turns into fearful and apprehensive writing. Soon, "that" topic can become almost "any" topic. As more and more writers are banned and answers whimsically collapsed, many writers then conclude that only the most timid opinions should be published. Perhaps, just the weather. And maybe even the weather is not so "nice." Ultimately, many writers conclude that only the most guarded and polite topics should be (yawn) written about. Ironically, I once read that during WWII in Germany, the daily detailed government logs consisted of the most banal statements. While thousands were being daily executed, government officials would simply write about the weather and what they had eaten for lunch. "Growing knowledge" and "banning/censoring top writers" are at diametric odds with each other, especially in the United States of America and all it allegedly stands for. And, so, what does all of this whimsical banning leave, in the end, for Quora? It leaves a plethora of trite writers whose bland, nice, and tasteless one liners to Quora's drab "polite/nice" questions will, most certainly, effectuate Quora's ultimate demise. (As a former paid Question Writer for Quora, I was shocked to discover that most answers to most Quora questions are very half-assed, uninteresting one liners. It was rare to find someone who would actually take the time to write a quality answer (something of merit) to the thousands of questions I posed on a plethora of topics.) In the end, the pathetic slogan of Quora, "Be Nice," will absolutely lead to its demise. "Be Nice." For, in reality, most of the world's top world-changing writers have not been so "nice" at all. The world's top writers wrote with bold pen strokes, determined confidence, and courageous resolution. Censored writers and their censored books have changed the world. Therefore, I have joined the ranks and proudly now wear that mighty badge: "Top Quora Writer - Banned" ~Angela V. Woodhull, Ph. D. "Withholding information is the essence of tyranny. Control of the flow of information is the tool of the dictatorship." ~Bruce Coville "Censorship is the child of fear. The father of ignorance. And the desperate weapon of Fascists everywhere." ~Laurie Halse Anderson "Censorship in any form is the enemy of creativity, since it cuts off the life blood of creativity: ideas." - Allan Jenkins

Real Name Policy?
Hiya! My name is Victoria and I started using Quora not too long ago. Within less than a week I am already close to 200 followers and to be honest, I am thoroughly enjoying myself. However, at the same time I have a-lot of holiday free time at home to spend my days doing whatever, I was hit with the bull$#*! "real name policy block".

Like wth? My name is Victoria Octavia. Kinda cool sounding I suppose, but not fake. It's the name I was born with. Victoria Anise Octavia. But I suppose some asshat with nothing better to do, decided to report my name for apparently it sounds fake. And what does Quora do? Edit Block me. I can't do anything on Quora right now. I can't write answers, make comments, do posts, nothing. I can't do $#*! and it's infuriating.

So what? Now Quora is the name police? Who the absolute $#*! are Quora to declare whether someone's name is right or not? Sure, I can see Batman or something as obviously being fake but Victoria? Like come on! So now I am unable to use Quora all because they declared my name is fake. That's straight up bull$#*! and downright ridiculous.

So I contacted Quora through https :// help. Quora. Com/ hc/en-us. Sent out 5 appeals. Haven't heard back from them at all and it's been over 24 hours. I did some research into this thing and have heard some people say Quora will even ask for your personal ID... PERSONAL ID... to see if you're using your "real" name or not. They will ask for person information... that's NOT a requirement for any other user, all because some pos $#*! stain decided to report your name. Victoria Octavia is my name and I am proud of it. And I'm not gonna change it to a name that's actually fake just to squeeze on by and appease Quora moderation. Nor will I show personal information just to make Quora happy either. That's not right.

Of all the stupid policies Quora has this is by far the dumbest. So anyone with an interesting or unique sounding name is a target. Hey! Your name is Aaradhya or something? Pffft, ya right. I'm gonna report you and get you edit blocked, even though that name is a common name of Indian origin meaning "one who is worth worshipping". Oh! Or what about "Moon Unit"? That's surely a fake name. Think again, it's the name Frank Zappa named one of his daughters.

See the lunacy here? Anyone with a deemed 'weird' sounding name could randomly get edit blocked. So now I am just waiting, on these holiday days of pure freedom to see if my MULTIPLE appeals will get accepted.

However, there is good news. For what Quora is, a Question and Answer site with the ability to chat with people and create spaces, it's by far the best website out there. Yahoo Answers is a sick joke and nothing else compares to Quora. It's truly a fun website. It's just that moderation sucks.

Great product ruined by empowering lunatics
I stumbled into quora looking for something different, and, in all honesty, found the Q&A approach not only different, but productive.

Unfortunately, there are some serious issues with the administrators of the site that are, IMHO, fundamentally undermining quora. A brief search turns up numerous issues with moderation and administration. However, I had no idea moderation could be bad - so bad that calling it moderation would be misleading - it's more like empowered trolling.

Here is what happened, all in less than two weeks.

Up front: not only am I a combat veteran (both Iraq and Afghanistan), and I remain on active duty.

I stumbled into quora and began looking around, and found some fairly thoughtful answers to religious questions, and, initially mistook the comments section for something more like a standard discussion forum. No worries. I will state that anyone who has attempted to discuss religion online in any forum is aware that you need some thick skin. When I asked, innocuously mind you, how someone could know at the age of five that Quora were right (user happened to be atheist, but the question would apply to anyone claiming to have the entire religious issue figured out 30 years ago when they were five years old). Rather than get a response... I was accused of being an army of sock puppets harassing the user. (Really, I am just one guy and it was one question that set the tirade off. OK. A guy to clearly stay away from, and, in this day and age, a fairly simple issue to address and resolve for even the most incapable of moderation teams.

Unfortunately, that is where the administration of quora stepped in. Apparently, zealotry is fine, because I suddenly found myself being attacked by an admin, openly and brazenly after that incident, accusing me of 'stolen valor'. Its good to know that one's supposed affiliation with a particular religion is the keystone in determining whether or not someone served in combat. (I assure you, people of all faiths have served in combat). The admin's attack was based on my disclosure of having served as a combat advisor where I was embedded with Iraqi forces. That the admin was unaware that this strategic practice occurred, indeed its what Colin Powell did in Vietnam and is a cornerstone of counterinsurgency strategy, was met with a brutal series of accusations - all public. Eventually, when the comments were reported, they were deleted - but the admin just keep coming back and pursuing groundless accusations for stolen valor.

I attempted to ignore it, and just keep answering questions about the military - enough so that the community could tell I had served (and continued to serve). The accusations kept coming from the admin though. I contacted the moderation team, from my military account, and offered to share my ORB (Officer Records Brief) - which should have ended the fracas. Nothing going. The admin just kept attacking.

Instead, in disclosing the information, I found that the admin was recruiting posters who began flame baiting me. Even innocuous comments like 'bugger off,' where slapped as violations by the admin. Worse, the admin was disclosing information ONLY provided to the admin team, information that was coming back to me through a seres of recruited trolls. Reports of this activity went without reply.

When the accusations of stolen valor continued, I looked a bit more closely at the admin's postings, who claims to be a combat veteran in his own right. It turns out, if not stolen valor, he has clearly exaggerated his own service. He insinuated that he was an officer, demanding things like IOBC and Ranger School Dates, in addition to DD214 (which you don't have when you are still on active duty). He also claims that he 'shot people' after 'watching a movie' and 'in route to bed' (that is certainly quite a bit different than the combat I faced)... in a way that would have required him to shoot through walls. He also claims to have attempted to shoot a mother firing a pistol from behind a child with an open bolt weapon system... that did not discharge when he pulled the trigger because the links were upside down (that is not how a machine gun works). There was no ROE discussion, no commentary from our hero's Assistant Gunner, etc. It rapidly became clear that our admin was enlisted (nothing wrong with that, but why would he strongly claim to be an officer then?) and that he served in the early part of the war... and came home to a ticker tape parade no less - a experience not shared by many vets, especially when you return home from our current forgotten war in Afghanistan.

Not only do we have a hyper aggressive admin on a personal crusade based on religious bigotry, we have a hyper aggressive admin who attacks combat veterans and thinks a single enlisted man should provide the sole picture of the complex realities of the wars we have fought and how they have evolved.

Again, should have been simple for the admin 'team' to fix. Instead, they allowed him to ban me, refused to respond the appeals, have offered no explanation for atrocious behavior, and have allowed the admin to lie with impunity (despite repeated presentation of evidence that the admin was callously lying). A little digging, and it rapidly became clear I am not the first vet who has been treated like this by this guy. Quota's response? Silence.

How hard is it to hold someone accountable for being a jack hole? Impossible for this organization. So long as it allows its 'leaders' to treat people this way, quora will... only go so far.

Wish them the best of luck, and really admire the format - but the moderation/admin is out of control. I'd love to see quora respond to this with some semblance of integrity, but... I won't hold my breath.

Horrible echo chamber full of pretentious people
Don't get me wrong the site actually has a lot to offer to you if you are here ONLY to read and do so very selectively, since there are many people from all over the place so you can learn about a lot of things if you know what to look for. But then since a lot of the answers were answered by regular people (not experts/professionals) it might be good to keep in mind that what you read might not be always objective nor accurate. However, if you're here to write your own answers, and plan to do so routinely all I can say is that you are up to a lot of rage and disappointment. First of all there are a lot of snobs on the site who think Quora know everything there is to know and just don't know when to shut up. Then the worst thing is that since the site works like social media the consensus made by the crowd might come off so ridiculous you'll wonder what's the average IQ of the users there when totally dumb answers get more votes than the more informative ones. Also, the amount of circlejerking between users could shock you. If you are serious there and want to get readers you really have to make friends with the peeps and maybe lick some of the popular users' asses to get attention or audience otherwise forget about it. The site seem to value social interaction so much more than quality of the content (since more users means more content and traffic). You'd be better off making your own blog to write if you want to avoid unnecessary rage from seeing your well-written answer got less valued than some jackass with sub-par fiction writing skills that somehow managed to charm readers with some phony autobiography you'd had to have half a brain to believe it. The moderators also did jack $#*! to moderate the site which tells me that they have other priorities.

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