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10/10 recommended
So im a paranoid person when it comes down to my money and trusting people to do right by me. And i can honestly say that this site hasnt let me down yet. Ive been buying from them for a couple of years now and i can honestly say that Pvpbank work fast to give you what you paid for. Excellent service and for pretty cheap price. I would 100% recommend they're services to anyone looking to buy gil or whatever it is you're looking for.

Outstanding. Reliable. Diligent.
Yeah, yeah... we've all heard it before "fast and friendly service". So lets take it up a notch to phenomenal and friendly. These guys are no joke; Pvpbank are all quick to respond to any questions you have, amazingly easy to work with, and they understand that you have sh%$ to do in the game too, so they work around your schedule when it's really needed. They're interested not only in getting the job done, but getting it done well. First time I've ever encountered people in this line of work who realize that treating customers well and doing the job exceedingly well will bring 'em back for more. Me...? Yeah I've been back 6 times, always to my same account rep. Yeah... ACCOUNT REPRESENTATIVE. I have my own, he knows me, understands what I'm looking for, offers suggestions for other things of which i may have been unaware, and above all, he plays QoS Manager for my orders. These guys are incredible. In a nutshell... you will not have a bad experience.

Truly Amazing Service
I wouldn't buy in game currency from anywhere else. Pvpbank is reliable and quick. The customer service team is super kind and quick to respond! I purchased FFXIV Gil and it took less than 30 minutes! I've purchased multiple times and plan to buy from them whenever I need Gold/Credits/Gil/etc. Any game you name it, Pvpbank got it!

Easy and Reliable.
Messaged them through two sites to ensure a clear line of communication (naturally apprehensive given the nature of the product). One didn't respond immediately, but the other did and secured my order. Second line of communication followed up later to ensure everything followed through citing order number and other pertinent details. Good way to establish trust with a customer. All this in less than 30 minutes, so yeah; pretty fast and has earned my confidence.

Good Service, Fast Deliver 1h
With the constant increase of the item level, needed times for his characters a lot of gold to upgrade things or to get, there was only pvpbank for me in question, Pvpbank deliver within an hour all possible gold sums if they have them in stock with me 3000k in less than an hour. For me there is only one option pvpbank and the price is unbeatable.

The company specializes in mmo items and of course ingame currency.

Purchase of Gil.
PvPbank is an incredible website for Gil for ffXIV. Bought from twice and Pvpbank have not disappointed. Both time the delivery speed was astonishing, it only took them about 5 minutes. Their customer service is also on point. They have helped me correct mistakes halfway through. The support group (at least the ones that I've talked to) have been extremely nice and helpful. I strongly recommend this website for any of your in game currency needs.

Great service!
I ordered some gold to make my game experience a bit more pleasant as my intetion was to not spend to much time with the game and just have some fun while playing. The price is great and to order it's straight forward and the instructions are very clear. The delivery of the gold was fast. And the follow-up by sales if everything went ok was also a plus! Recommended!

Quick and Professional!
I was unsure about whether or not I wanted to pursue buying their products but eventually gave in and tried it out. The representative who spoke to me was polite and patient with all of the questions I had, which made me feel a lot better. Once I ordered I just waited a couple minutes before receiving a request to meet up. The trade went smoothly and the person trading with me was very polite, ending our transaction with a "Have a good day!" I don't know about the power-leveling services but I would be inclined to try it, given how quick Pvpbank were to deliver the items/currency I wanted.

Everything is always perfect: fast deliveries, very good customer care, reasonable prices
Sometimes, depending on the game and on what you order, Pvpbank have no stock
But they have an instant refund policy i. E if you go with paypal and I can tell you the refund is instant (or you can simply wait they got the stock for your order.)

Overally very smooth
Great Service, very fast deliveries and confirmation system to ensure everything went smoothly while offering fair prices and occaisonal discounts. The site also gets updated frequently according to the in-game ecconomy, so prices are fair in context to the state of the game. Would recommend to anyone as a safe way to buy gold.

Pvpbank are trust worthy
Delivery is mostly quick
Then you always get what you ordered.
I had to review it since it did help me in certain games, it's good to be rich in games without much efforts, it's a wonderful back door for someone who doesn't enjoy trading or some certain ingame money making techniques. It has leveling and more things, yet In my opinion the ingame currency is all I needed

First time.
First time using Pvpbanks. Found them through reddit because well always short on gold lol. Did three purchases in the first hour. A small purchase to test pvpbanks out then after it arrived within minutes i did two larger purchases which also arrived within minutes. Great deals, great prices, a lot of gold recieved and pvpbanks will definatley have a returning customer. 10/10.100/100 definatley reccomend! :) get that gold my friends.

I won't ever use anyone else.
I work full-time, have other commitments, etc. as many of us do and unfortunately don't always have the time to keep up in MMOs. You hear a lot of bad experiences with certain sellers so I was nervous when I first turned to pvpbank but in the years I've been using them there hasn't been a single problem. Every conversation with the employees has been pleasant and Pvpbank help address any concerns that might come up. I've never had to wait more than a few hours for delivery either. It's really great that there's a trustworthy service like this I can use to stop myself from falling behind.


Quick and Easy
It was a quick process it is very practical for someone like me who has to balance my job, school, and hobbies this allowed me to not have to spend hours upon hours to make just 300 coins but with only a little bit of money I was able to allowed to focus on other aspects of the game 10/10 great website and I will definitely be buying from them in the future.

WOW what a fantastic service.
WOW what a fantastic service. First time using a site like this for such services, so i was a little pesemistic. I placed my order and was happy to see paypal option to pay for my peace of mind.

Within 10 minutes of ordering the company contacted to thank me and give an eta of how long i would take until the order was fulfilled. My order was delivered ahead of time. Since my first order I have now used the site several times and will continue to do so.

5 Stars from me.

100%vouch for this site
Placed 2 orders since finding these guys, 1st one was not complete at first but Pvpbank made it happen within the same day (was like 5 hours of wait for the rest of the delivery). Second one was delivered as a whole, and damn fast too. 100% recommend these guys, adding a personal approach rly did the trick for me to be a happy and returning customer.

Best Service Ever
It's rare you get one of these companies to deliver the said item within 24 hours. Yet, this company made full delivery in less than 2 hours. Pvpbank even contacted me personally to ensure delivery had been made prior to closing the order.

That's quality customer service right there and very unexpected from if this field. Highly recommend.

PvpBank 5-star rev.
Probably the only trusted place I come to to get my stuff, quicker and more reliable than most of the other sites out there too. I wait probably 3-10 minutes tops and they're there quick, so I'm not twiddling my thumbs in anticipation then worry if it's been over 10 minutes. Bottom line, they're efficient and will satisfy your order. And on top of that they're super friendly and will do their best to make sure your delivery was completed and will even throw in a nice discount for the next time you order. Don't know about some people but I'll definitely be around that next time. Quality service.

Don't trust this site or the false reviews
This company illegally sells in game items and stolen/hacked accounts/currency. RMT or real money transactions violates the terms of service for most online games because it upsets the game balance and other wise gives an unfair advantage to players destroying the games balance. This is not a safe site as it collects your personal information and financial details. If Pvpbank are out of stock they will usually lie about it and make you wait until they restock so you can't believe the 1-10 minute delivery promises they make. Be careful as this site has black mailed players in the past for using services that could get your account banned.

Just amazing
I bought ingame currency but something went wrong when making the purchase so the status wasnt updated and remained on unpaid, because the money was from my bank i was a bit worried but quickly received confirmation that all was fine and that i would receive my product soon.

Once i received the email that i could receive my product i couldnt come online but it was no issue to do it the next day, a simple message on the live chat was all that needed to seal the deal.

Overall just an amazing service and 5 stars is not enough to score them. Pvpbank deserve alot more!

This service was legit I got what I paid for in like 20 minutes no fuss at all and Rick from their team personally checked in with me to make sure everything went well. Charlie in support helped me verify my purchase in like 2 minutes and the prices were awesome. I usually have to deal with some kind of hang up with these things but this was genuinely 10/10

PVPbank! You guys are absolutely amazing! This is a real and honest review. I will be very straight forward. At first I was very timid on ordering gold however customer service reassured me with everything I wanted to know. Their online 24/7 chat was very quick with responses. I chose the in game mail delivery option. Within a few hours I had my gold! I will definitely be using this service again! Thank you!

Helpful and Trustworthy!
As a World of Warcraft player I need a bit of help here and there! I 'Turakius' really am very thankful for the service of this website! Pvpbank are very good at sending Gold, not to forget the prices! With friendly people who always help you if you get stuck on the website!
This website is very trustful for everyone and I would really recommend it to both family and friends who play WoW :)

Fast and easy
Very fast, very easy and Pvpbank use PayPal. My experience: Received order in about 10 mins. Right after ordering I talked to customer service in chat to see when my order would come through. They said the delivery guy was on lunch break but should be back in 30. He was back in like 5 instead :D. He msgd me in game, added me to a party, sent his location and traded with me 3 times. Was fast and easy.

Risk worth taking!
So I got me some 3 mill gil in the final fantasil, the xiv, the other day, from the good folk over at pvpbank (ssegold to be specific) and the whole process was quick and painless. Might I add, so was the livechat on their website, to which I sent a question and received an answer, good enough! It was imporatnt for me to minimize the *risk*, so I opted for the marketboard option of delivery, and not even an hour later, some lalafell actually bought my $#*!ty mid-level boots at the named price! Try to manipulate the market now, ya crafting dinguses! Well, the question remains whether my account will get banned now, but so far it hasn't, and it's been 3 days at the time of writing (if Pvpbank do, I'll edit this review of course). Highly recommended for all who want to play just the fun part of the game and not waste countless hours grinding against well-settled omnicrafters with years of experiecne!

Gr8 website
I go on pvpbank to buy ffxiv gil. Gil is hard to get, and there's a lot of cute glamours that I want. I've purchased gil from them several times and I always get it within ten minutes. If there's something that you don't see listed on their website you can add their discord, or email them to work something out. Sali has been a great help when I messaged them on Discord.

Quick :D
Heia Got it pretty fast, was the first time I've bought currency on ESO, in other games usually I have to trade face to face with the company trader, but I've appreciated very much the think you are delivering orders by mail. Basically I can pay and then go away, my stuff will be waiting. The Live chat operator was also very nice and patient

First time buying gold in Lost Ark, trusted service!
This was my first time using an online service to buy gold ingame and it was a good experience. Website is user friendly without any extra steps to confuse you. Credit cadd payment went through straight away and I received the gold via mail in a couple of minutes which included the transfer fee. Will be using again in the future!

Best way to buy gold
I've always been skeptical about purchasing anything from third party services, but PVPBank was the best gold service I have found in the 5 years I've played ESO, I used Pay-Pal so that I could track it and even cancel if something went wrong, and within 10 minutes I logged onto my DK and had all the gold I paid for. For the price… you can't go wrong especially if you are trying to become a master crafter like myself. I recommend this product to all my fellow Tamriel citizens… even the Dunmer….

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