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Non pet entry
I enjoy posting my pets photos. However when you come across a non pet photo its a bit strange people acting dogs it should not be allowed it takes votes away from other pets. Some people may not mind but some do. Petvote should monitor the site better. Read the rules people. If you need attention that bad there are dating sites and contest for humans.

Fun to see the leaders
I added my dog to the contest. He's getting old and we'll soon have a decision to make (joint and mobility issues). I keep voting for him, and some of my friends did as well. He may not win, but at least his beautiful pic is there! It's fun to see who's leading in my province and Canada wide!

New visitor review
New to the pupvote site. We vote daily And ask our friends however We have never asked for money votes or have purchased ourselves. Until disclosure of charities I find it hard to pay for something I'm unsure as to where to money is going to. How is fun to see all the other pups!

Amazing contest!
I absolutely love participating in this contest, it's amazing to see everyone's beautiful pets all around the world and see everyone supporting one another, it shows me the world isn't completely dark, in the love for all fur babies Even if you don't win it's such an amazing fun experience to participate in

Fantastic fun for all cat and dog lovers
This site is very easy to use. Very fun. We have loved using it. The children have been so excited everyday to how many votes both out kittnes have gotten. This site its self is set out very good. Easy to understand i love you can vote and help out animals at the same time

Why Pay for votes? Where does the money go? Any proof?
I love the concept but why pay for votes? Where is the money going? Any proof that it goes to pet society that needs help for food? And price is so little. If you pay $500 for votes you only get $450 for a cat? But for dogs are like 1000$ more. Doesnt make sense. Why cant it be equal? Whats the difference? EXPLAIN
Dont be greedy!

I'm happy since I put my little fur baby's photo on this website
Since I took my Bella home I knew she was special. She's so pretty, in and out, sensitive and playful, and I can thank her enough for helping me through this COVID-19 situation, because thanks to her instead of being bored and pity myself, I have a cute little princess waiting for me at home who loves me and want to play with me and needs my attention. It fills my time, and I just cannot feel bad with myself. Also, she's so smart and can guess sometimes what I'm thinking. So I think for her it's great that she can be on this site for the whole world to know how she blessed me and my husband's life from the moment we picked her at the SPCA. Cheers!

This is the feel good website of the Internet
Having a bad day? Do you need to smile? Do you need a break from the stresses in life? Pupvote is the place to go. A pet is more than a companion, Pupvote are family. It is so amazing to go onto a site to see such loving pets and their families. You will laugh and best of all you will feel great afterwards.

Pet photos
I enjoyed posting my pet photos on this website. The site was neat and user friendly. Moreover, I could see a lot of other pet photos. That makes my day go brilliant! Watching those lovely pet photos is absolutely a stress relief. Mental health matters not only during these unprecedented times with COVID19 but also otherwise.

So much fun
It's so much fun to use the site and showcase our lovely furbabies. I love looking at all the gorgeous animals on the site as well. It's very easy to navigate once you get started. You also may get hooked as i keep checking to see how my babies are rating. Pupvote also appear to have different competitions within the main one, of that makes sense. We all take multiple photos of our furbabies, so why not share with the world how gorgeous they are.

Pippa never stops giving
How charming to see so many puppies. Looking their best. Not all had the same start in life. My favourite is Pippa Brightstar. Bless her she she had the spirit and the will to live. Pippa deserves a reward for the hard live she had to endure before being rescued and brought back to health mentally & physically by Marie. Pippa is always the winner, she's a champion.

Great idea but ruined with vote purchases
Great site and great setup but contests are rigged for spenders to win and doesn't make it fair at all. 30min in a contest already have pets with 2k votes (paid) and like 9 real votes.
Should be call pupspend and not pupvote...
Takes the competitiveness away and pushes people away from the contest, as there are 0 ways to win without spending money to get votes.


Pup vote Review
Love this company's dedication to the well being of our fur babies. Their heart for animals encourages others to give and do good for their community's shelters! The creativity of this company to implement contest as a fundraiser was/is ingenious!

Appreciate what you do pupvote. Keep it up!

Y & R

A great website
This website is amazing. When I first saw this website I was skeptical, but after seeing how cute and spunky all the animals are. I have always thought website like these were scams to see how desperate people were to get noticed but after all the nice comments I've read I have had a change of mind.

Great community
I came across this page on Facebook and decided to give it a go, glad I did because 8 love the community spirit of it! People leave some really nice comments and I also live the face you can see the ranking of your dog in your region and the whole of the country! Really easy to use and love seeing everyone else's doggies!.

Cool Contest
This is really the coolest contest here in Canada as I get the chance to see other dog breeds and their cute photos captured by their beloved masters. Seeing my dog ranked in the whole Canada and Alberta alone itself made me become a more proud parent and the comments on the photos made my day too! ;) arf!

Pretty cool
Pretty neat site to show off your pet. I love being able to let the world see my beloved pet and I like that you can view other peoples and Pupvote have their own bio. Some are hilarious! I love reason for four stars is that I can't add more than one picture as I would like to add at least ten to show off my pet. BH utbither than that I think this is pretty cool! I have invited my family to join Along in this and to enter their pets as well!

Like the idea but shouldn't buy votes
I really like the idea of voting on our pets. I don't think that you should be able to buy votes. It seems that then it is only good for those that can afford to buy them. In this day of corona and people not working, it's a fun uplifting way to make people smile, but when Pupvote can't afford to buy votes for their pet then it gets them down again. I really believe in pet charities, but you should donate from the heart not to give your pets votes.

A bit of fun
After reading some reviews I'm a little confused as to what is going on! I popped my fur babies on for some fun and to share the fabulousness of my babies! If Pupvote win it's a bonus! I also love looking at all the other pictures on here as all fur babies are beautiful!

An awesome feel good site!
I just joined the Pupvote community, and i e found it to be an awesome and exciting community to be a part of, the f the l good vibe from everyone's beautiful comments makes this a wonderful place to be involved in and seeing everyone's fur babies are just the best feeling!

Cute and adorable
This is a very cute and adorable contest to enter your pets in. People all over the United States get to enter their pets and everybody gets to join in and see everybody is pets advantages of fun simple and honest contest that the community gets to come together. It doesn't cost anything and it's a fun and honest contest.

Enjoy & Fun Make your Heart Smile
I enjoy so much and love competition to all different type of cuties and adorable pets. Pupvote are parts of our family and they make you Happy, out stress Every time you see our adorable pets. We do everything to give them our love and care and secure family they have. Thank you PupVote I enjoy your website and Game you make everyone happy and interested and make us proud to show the world our Adorable pets. Win or lose important we show it and we share it. God Bless us all

Benji is the best!
This is a great website to show off your pup. There's a lot of great dogs on this contest beautiful dogs. I like it because it is so easy to use and to vote for your pup everybody is so nice in their comments. My dog Benji is a Labrador Chihuahua mix he is a year-and-a-half hold we got him from the shelter. He's very playful he loves his people and loves meeting new people. Likes to play tug of war and love getting his belly rubbed and he also loves his baths

I believe...
Truthfully I believe its a good idea, but I believe the people running the app pay or use votes to put other animals in first place. I believe its a money grabber. If there was an actual site that did something like this, while also providing meals to homeless or in need animals. It would be a great idea.

An Interesting Concept
The idea is cute to have people vote for who has the best pet, more so if people can leave comments. As for people talking about having to pay to get votes, I can understand their annoyance and frustration, more so for those who can't afford to do it. However, so long as that money is going to a good cause, it's not a bad idea. Could have been done a little differently, but it at least does something.

And to top this off, here's a photo of my boy Lester looking after his baby sister, Spirit while she naps. That or he's about to pounce her so Pupvote can tussle.

Love it so far
This is my first time participating in any sort of pet contest and I was super extra that I could show off my fur baby Frank. The site is very easy to use and shows the votes as Pupvote update so I can always see where we are placing compared to the other pets. Thank you Pupvote for the chance to show him off and for the chance to win money to buy Frank all the salmon and treats he deserves!

Gotta love pupvote
This is such a great site to post your cute pups. Definitely takes you away from everyday life it helps bring joy to your household. Every email I get someone voted for me makes me so happy in every way takes you away from all the stuff going on in the world. Seeing all the pets and the love.

Pupvote the best side wyth Animals
The best website with photos of animals, where the vote helps another Dog or Cat in need, in addition, the owner of a pet participating in the competition can also win not small money and prestige. I recommend to all owners of my Pupils, it costs nothing but a moment in your life.

What could go wrong?
I absolutely love pets. Cats, dogs, horses, anything! Do what could possibly be wrong with a website that is full of pictures of beautiful pets! And what's even better is the fact you get to vote for the cutest looking ones! So so happy that I've found it accidentally and I am happy to get more comments and look at extra pictures of everyone's lovely pets!

Lots Of Fun
I have found so many wonderful pictures of dogs here and I love meeting and chatting to all the moms and dads about their pups and I am hoping Layla gets enough votes to at least place as she is so photogenic and loves to play for the camera and I enjoy capturing so many moments with her
The voting is easy! Sign up was a breeze!

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