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Worst customer service/no service ever experienced
Received wrong case a month after order. Got it reshipped & wrong case again. Won't return my calls, answer phones or return emails. I should have checked BBB rating first before ordering. You guessed it. Punk Case got an F from BBB. Don't deal with this company. You might not get right product or color or case or all contents and you won't get your money back either. This company should be investigated. They are scamming people. They do okay business because they made their website look really good but that's just a cover up for their poorly ran company.

Terrible service
Ordered on the UK site. No warnings that the case would ship from the states and have a long wait. After 3 weeks I emailed. Was told could take up to 4 weeks. Emailed after 4 weeks asking for a redund was told could take up to 6 weeks and no refund could be given until after this period ( robot like responses to every email). Emailed after 6 and said again that I wanted a refund. Was told could either get a refund or the case reshipped. Emailed again saying I wanted a refund and eventually got my refund. Except Punk Case still charged me for the shipping!? Only 2 quid but come on Punkcase. Why should I pay for shipping on something that didn't even arrive. I will never buy anything from them again. Shocking service and although I do have another Punkcase product I would say it is OK at best and definitely not worth the money. That is if you actually manage to grt anything from them in the 1st place. Other option is to donate 2 quid to their company which is essentially what I have done

DO NOT TRUST THIS COMPANY! IT IS A SCAM! BUYER BEWARE! I ordered a case and received a broken screen protector instead. Punk Case said I would have to return it and pay shipping. I refused and said they need to send what I paid for. As a replacement I got more broken screen protectors and A USED CASE I CRAP YOU NOT! Now they think it's a game and are responding to my detailed emails saying "we will send you a new screen protector" "your item is on its way" then they copied and pasted the ORIGINAL SHIPPING/tracking number so when I click on it it takes me to the original delivered status. This is a predatory person posing as a company. He/she is beating around the bush. When I sent photo evidence of the USED PHONE CASE with a sticker on it they say "it's not used you need to peel off the film, the instructions tell you that". It's all nonsense and this has happened to SEVERAL PEOPLE! The person on the other end of ******* is not going to help you and will make it into a game! Now this person has my card info, my full name, and my address! DO NOT EVER PURCHASE FROM THIS FAKE COMPANY IT IS A SCAAAAAAAAM! They will filter the comments on their Facebook page and remove anything negative! That includes comments by upset buyers across all their social media platforms! You will not get a refund and will receive items you didn't order. It's a total joke!

Call it the Spartan Case for the S10E
I order a Spartan Case for the S10E. Waited a week. Package sent to me on a Saturday opened it up its the wrong case Punk Case sent me the Studstar case the way it looked would have held my phone I don't like it.So I sent PunkCase a message saying they sent the wrong case. They want me to send it back for someone elses mistake I would have to pay to ship it back NOPE and I mentioned they should send me a return label On June 25th I was told they were going to send me the correct case. I sen Punkcase a message asking if the Spartan Case was on its way.Its June 4th no word from them when to expect my case and still waiting unhappy with the case they sent me and not happy because its taking so long to get my case.

I order a blue case with kick stand for my Galaxy Note 9 directly from the PunkCase site. After weeks and weeks of waiting, I received a black case, without kick stand. I never bother to unwrap it to see if it even fit because I intended to return it. I emailed customer service and, after several days wait, was told that Punk Case regretted having made the mistake and would either offer me a 20% discount on something I didn't want or give me a refund if I paid for the cost of return. I found either offer to be outrageous. Then it occurred to me that the scam might be to send cheap unordered product and then offer a discount and keep the balance or make return too costly to be reasonable. Total scam. Stay away at all a costs.

Non Existant Customer Service
I have not received an invoice for this purchase. I do not even have an order number! Punkcase is not answering their phones nor are Punk Case responding to emails. Upon further research there are literally hundreds of negative reviews posted in the last 60 days about the company not sending products for months and no responses to emails or voice messages. Punkcase should stop selling items they do not have or cannot obtain. Covid is NO excuse for taking someones money and not responding to customers concerns. Shut it down until you can handle the demand once again. Ship my item or cancel my order if it isn't available.

Don't buy from this company
I order from a site that clearly miss represented themselves as an Australian company, product took 5/6 weeks to arrive, when it did it was blue when I'd ordered purple, of which I have proof. Once fitted the phone does not function, after repeated ignored attempts to contact company I lodged with PayPal, Punk Case proved useless because I'm expected to pay to return a product I didn't actually order and is not fit for intended use which is against Australia consumer laws. Funny the very few positive reviews in the heap of negative reviews don't supply a name or proof of purchase. Shipping gave 5 stars even though it too 6 weeks

Terrible... Stay away
Terrible customer service and quality control.
I purchased a IPhone 7+ phone cover for my daughter as she was paranoid about smashing it. It took 4 weeks to arrive and it was the incorrect one.
After trying to contact them through 3 or 4 different channels Punk Case finally replied after a week. After numerous emails they expected me to send back the incorrect case they had sent at my expense before they would send the phone case that I paid for. This would be a 7 week turnaround at the pace they work at. Still waiting on a reply after I told them this would not be good enough.
Beware... Do NOT buy. Terrible customer service. I'm pretty sure its a 16 year old working from his Mum and Dad's basement due to the lack of understanding of customer service and terrible responses. It's a shame because the cases seem decent quality.
They seem to filter out and delete bad reviews on there Facebook page, I think you can tell by the amount of angry Emoji faces.

12 0 5 21
I've been complaining about it they've been asking me for my number so I complained again all Punk Case asked is your number number the 2 phones about it's a joke trying to get my money back and I probably won't because they're a bunch of $#*!s. I did review on them and there was nothing positive saying then positive saying I went on their website and is there website and I saw my complaint they complaint they literally took my review and I review and what I said to them they literally took it and turned it around like they were wonderful So there reviews that we read they're all bogus that is my opinion And I'm just saying people beware I got screwed by them JM

It has been over a month since I purchased my punkcase case. Punk Case failed to send me the right case I ordered and instead sent it in a different color. Okay no problem I sent the case back with an attached note on the case i should have received. What happems next? They sent me the SAME CASE BACK. Wrong case. Wrong color. Upon emailing and calling NO ONE ever gets in contact with you and I am still waiting for my refund PLUS the money I should be reimbursed for having to pay shipping to ship something back that they messed up TWICE. 100% unprofessional. Its as if the site is run by complete monkeys who lack common sense. If i didn't know any better its a scam just to get your money. I wish I would have read the reviews before purchasing because I am not the only person who is having issues with punkcase for the same things.

The case I ordered and the case i received twice are attached in pictures. They do not match.

Buyer Beware with this HORRIBLY DISREPUTABLE CROOKED company
This company is HORRIBLE. Punk Case do not respond to or care about customer problems or complaints that THEY'VE CAUSED. It took my filing a Better Business Bureau complaint against them to get them to respond to the BBB about THEIR MISTAKE, which they do not acknowledge or address. They act like they know nothing about the problem and are only just now reading about it with the BBB for the first time, despite my having emailed them 17 times.

You can only email this company. It's impossible to call and reach a human being, and even if you are lucky enough to leave a message on their answering machine, they will not call you back. I've also tried to contact them through their Facebook page, but that is also not possible, and they repeatedly delete the honest bad review that I post on their Facebook page on a daily basis. They only want consumers to see the bogus good reviews.

This is what we went through with them because of THEIR MISTAKE: They sent us the wrong item. I contacted them to advise them of this, and received one email back from them offering either a 20% discount OR an exchange. I opted for the exchange and then never heard back from them again. I keep sending them email after email, but they ignore me. I think they were full of you know what when they made the 20% discount option OR exchange offer, never intending to do the exchange, and who knows if they would have even done the 20% discount either. They probably expect most people to take the 20% off option, but my husband wanted what we ordered, and not the WRONG item that they sent us. I believe they try to run the clock out on you as regards being able to return items to them (despite it being THEIR MISTAKE). This is a pattern of behavior I've found out about them on other review sites.

Secondarily, they offer a 10% discount if you'll provide them with your email address. The first pop-up shown to you asks for your email address. This is misleading because they next require your telephone #. However, when you provide your phone # it doesn't state it needs to be a cell phone #, which I only found out that it did afer having provided my home phone #, which is a landline, the only phone that I have. After receiving my phone # it referenced sending a text message to you immediately with I guess an activation code for the measly 10% discount. They clearly want your phone # so as to be able to harass you with spamming text messages forever and ever after you purchase from them. Because I don't have a cell phone their activation message disappeared into the nethersphere of the world and I did not receive the 10% off despite having already given my email address as well as home phone #.

I wanted to call and ask for help in receiving the 10% discount, but funnily enough they don't list a telephone # on their website yet have the freaking nerve to want YOUR phone #. I did however find a phone # for them doing a general Google search. However, their phone system is an automated one, meaning there is no live human being to speak to. When you call that phone # it will only let you go to a voice mail. I ended up purchasing without obtaining the promised 10% discount, in the hopes that post-transacting with them they might retroactively apply the discount if I emailed them and explained the problem to them.

Trust me when I tell you they did NOT apply the discount, but LIED that they had. How do they think I'm not going to know that they didn't when I can clearly see the amount that I was charged and what I paid, none of which included that discount. I do I feel that it is discrimination against people with no cell phone #s to not provide a discount, and that their 10% discount offer was a "bait and switch" scam to obtain your cell phone #.

What reputable company doesn't have a telephone number listed AND that it is one that takes you to an actual human being? No one reputable, only disreputable companies and people.

After all of this, I read up more about this company on other review sites online, including the Better Business Bureau, and they have the worst reviews I've ever seen. Other people have reported the exact same issues I'm going through trying to deal with this company, and they have all been unsuccessful with doing so. As a result I have reported them to the BBB, will be posting reviews on every website that I found others' reviews on, and will have my credit card company deal with them as well. If I ran my business the way this company runs theirs, I'd be OUT of business!

Punkcase Does Not Honor the Warranty too good to be true
I returned my punkcase for warranty replacement after just three months of light use. It would no longer charge. I returend the case UPS with confirmed shipping. For the last five months Punkcase repeatedly claimed Punk Case had not received the item. I provided the tracking number and screen shots of the confirmed delivery. I filed a claim with the BBB Better Business Bureau online, which it took about 7 minutes. I emailed Punkcase that I had filed a claim and provided them with a claim number. 3 days later I got a full refund. I had threatened to file a claim two weeks earlier and they did nothing. You have to actually file. The BBB has quick automated response by email and they got me my results. I hope this helps someone get help and others not to buy from Punkcase, their service is truly terrible.

When I purchased a punkbox case for my phone the customer service was great. The case worked good for about four months, but one day I noticed the back was cracked send therefore no longer waterproof. The had never been dropped. I was disappointed with the product failure after such a short time. I contacted Punkbox, and again the customer service was good. I was instructed to mail it back with my original order number. I was told yes we warranty our cases and will send out a replacement. It has been over two months going on three and no response from Punkbox. I sent a follow up email a couple weeks ago, which has also not been responded to. What happened to the great customer service? Very disappointed.

Great protection
Hi guys, I picked up my new iPhone 13 today. I wanted a case to protect it as soon as I brought it home. The phone is not inexpensive so a good case is a must. I went online a few days ago to see what might be out there already. I came upon this case and based upon the description and the look of it I thought I'd give it a try. Compared to many other cases it was also much more affordable. It doesn't happen often but I feel like I hit the jackpot with this case. It is strong, provides a good grip in my hand (is not too bulky) and cosmetically it's just what I was looking for. I got the solid black case because I'm just not into what I find distracting in more ornate case designs. Quite honestly, I knew that had I not been pleased I would've had no problem returning it but trust me this is a keeper. I like it more than the otter box that I used with my old phone. I even was looking forward to buy another case from them for my old phone and use two phones at the same time ;)) ) But anyways, this is a really nice case.

My family and I all got iPhones together! We decided to order our cases online to save money. I found the pink case site and ordered a lovely purple case. Over the next few days everyone but me received their orders. Punk Case ordered from Amazon. It has been months since we ordered. I have already purchased a different case from my phone store and run through it. I was getting ready to order another one from Amazon obviously LOL and low and behold a package showed up in the mail today! Unfortunately the case is cheap and looks likeA toy at best. It is all black does not have any purple on it at all. This is not the case I ordered. Do not order from the site it is a joke. A bad joke on me!

Dodgy American company posing as an Australian business.
Don't be deceived by the AU and. domain; this is an American company shipping out of Boston, USA and you won't enjoy the protections of the Australian Consumer Law or local shipping/returns. If there is any issue with your order - which my experience and other reviews indicate is common - at best, you will be required to pay return shipping to the USA which is not cost effective. At worst you might end up with a damaged, incorrect, or faulty item, or even nothing at all and no recourse.

I ordered a Military Grade Aluminum Case | Atomic Slim 2 Series case for my Galaxy S10 plus, which shipped the next day and arrived after around a month. On unpacking the case, the clear plastic back had a deep scratch over a centimetre long. The packaging was undamaged, so the damage didn't happen in transit - it was packed and shipped like that. The damage is so severe I suspect the case is a return and not new.

I contacted Punkcase immediately by replying to their shipping confirmation email with the order number and photos of the damaged case. Their form response reply requested the order number and photos, making me suspect this is an automated response. Punk Case eventually offered me a replacement, but only if I posted the original case back to them in the USA at my own cost. Since that would cost more than the value of the case, I'm just stuck with a damaged case. So I'd say their customer service is about on par with their quality control.

The case itself is okay, not on the same level as lifeproof, otterbox etc., and far from 'military grade'. The buttons protrude a long way out from the side and snag easily when pocketing the phone. They also have a slightly loose, plasticy feeling and I expect they will be the first point of failure (though to be fair I haven't been using the case so can't really tell how long they'll last). Overall, if I had no issues with my order and the return process, I feel the case is a bit overpriced even with the permanent 'discount' (another breach of the Australian Consumer Law) and would rate the company as 2/5 if they stood by their product by covering return shipping for damaged or incorrect orders.

Generic item received with punkcase logo
My review is not biased. I got the alligator design mobile holder with punkcase logo printed on it, but in generic alligator clip product cover written "Alligator Clip Vehicle-mounted mobile scaffold" (check my trustpilot profile picture for this image) with Chineese letters and writings and nothing like Punkcase on it. This product appears with many other brands like Tomson, XO, Aeoss, Abbery, Hanbaili etc, and even without any logo. On this generic product, Punk Case print their logo and sell it as their own. But did it beautifully at an very high price. What else? Quality remains same and unacceptable. My review is purely based on personal experience. Punkcase knows what they did. I know what I got. See the uploaded images of the product I got and the cover it came in.

With the order #351929 for a black punkcase mobile holder, I got a blueone instead. In addition to that, this thing without punkcase logo, imported from China, is available in India for half the price, and the assurances seen at creates an illusion that the item itself is superior and is manufactured by punkcase. This is clearly misleading.

I am not an ignorant guy and only because I thought I will get the product manufactured by Punkcase, I shelled out extra $6 and shipping cost, and bought it from website. After getting the product in hand, I finally understood that the same Chinese product is available in India at half the price!

The cover reveals it is a Chinese product and has no indication of punkcase logo or writings on it.

I had to attach extra layers of 3M tape under and over the base of the mobile holder, to keep the holder pasted onto the dashboard while it holds the mobile phone, which finally looks ugly. It cannot hold itself firm even without any mobile in it, on the dashboard at least 3 seconds with the adhesive tape provided with the item.

Also adding the links to the same product available at cheaper prices from $4.44 (INR 305) with free shipping, in India and all over the world.

The trust put in punkcase went in vain. I understand I paid an undeserving $13.97 (INR 958) amount for this kind of Chinese alligator clip and am feeling cheated and lost my money. For the money I paid on, I can buy 3 alligator clip mobile holders from This is a product manufactured and supplied with out any quality assurance procedures. will simply won't publish any genuine reviews we write on their website, about the product's negatives.

After all punkcase customer care replied with an option to return the product where I will have to bear the return shipping fee, to get the product refund. Seeing the Punkcase logo on the product thinking that it is not the generic mobile holder, I decided to use it on the car dashboard, found the adhesive is very poor and cannot hold the mobile phone for even at least 2 seconds. Again the return shipping fee will be half the price of the item itself. So after returning the item, they promsed full refund around $9.98 where I already loose the amount I paid for shipping by punkcase and return shipping totaling $8, and paypal charges. So I simply lose more than $8 for getting a refund of $9.98.

Punkcase took 4 weeks to deliver the wrong product. Refused to provide a refund, even when returning the product. Did not provide a return envelope. In the end, it will have taken them 3 months, that's a quarter of a year, to provide the correct product - one month to send me the wrong product, one month for me to return their product via their courier, and the third month to send me the correct product. That's if Punk Case manage to send the correct product the second time! What good business thinks that is ok? What person is going to leave their phone vulnerable to damage for a quarter of a year waiting for this terrible company to do what they were paid to do. Don't waste your time or money.

Terrible customer service
On January 29th, 2018, I ordered a cellphone case from the website punk case. IPhone 7+ Plus Waterproof IP68 Case, Punkcase [Puple] [StudStar Series] [Slim Fit] [Dirtproof] × 1

Feb 9th, I got the case in the mail and realized I had ordered the wrong size of cell phone case. I immediately emailed the company and notified of the mistake and requested an exchange for the proper case.

10 Feb 21:14
We are sorry to hear that you are not happy with our product. Please keep in mind that we have lifetime warranty exchange policy if the case arrived defective. If you wish to return the case for an exchange or a refund, please ship the case and all of its contents back to the address below. We will need original receipt which include the order # or a note with your original order # and instructions for the reason of return. Once the product is received, we will issue a refund. Please note after 30 days, store credit applied only.
Attn: online returns warehouse
Original order #______________
1725 avenue m, 2nd Fl
Brooklyn, NY 11230

Feb 16th, the cell phone case was sent in the main with the instructions of which product I'd like to exchange as requested. Postage paid by myself.

Feb 18th punkcase was provided with the Tracking information for the package.

March 2nd, I received notification it had arrived at the returns warehouse.

March 3rd Punk Case asked which product was to be exchanged although that information was already provided in the package itself.

By March 10th I emailed the company again waiting for a response that they were sending me a new cell phone case.

Emailed again March 15th for follow up. Still noting advised if they are sending a new case. I also called the phone number on the website for returns.

March 22nd - emailed them again -- I contacted your phone number over a week ago confirming why I have not received my new case yet! I still have not had any notification about the new iPhone 7 case that I requested being shipped!
Please explain to my why I am getting the run around on a product that I have paid for and now am not receiving!
The replacement case I want is this one.
Please advise immediately when I will be receiving it!

March 23rd - I got the new case in the mail, and it was the exact same case that was the wrong size in the first place.

It is now April 24th, I have made several attempts to contact the company via phone, and email. And still have had no response.

Buyer beware, if you have any issues with your product, you likely wont get any proper response. I'm now stuck with a case that I can't even use.

First of all they sent me the wrong colour and I was so disappointment with the cheap quality!
I ordered the pink Punk case and ended up receiving turquoise. I emailed them and it took a couple days for them to get back to me. I sent them the order number and it was another 4 days later and no response. I emailed them and Punk Case asked for the tracking number for sending the case back. I told then I didn't have one because I shouldn't have to pay shipping of the return, when it was their error sending the wrong colour.
4 hours later and still no reply. I also tried calling the customer service line with no answer and a full mailbox.

I'm beyond unimpressed with their horrible all around service.

Save your time and money and just buy an Otterbox!

Awesome case horrible service
Don't get me wrong the case is awesome well-built and all the features are nice but if something goes wrong customer service is absolutely horrible. I was sent the wrong color case which isn't a huge deal but I was looking forward to the color I ordered so I reached out to them by email seeing if there's anything Punk Case could do for me. It took about 5 hours to get a response and after we sent e -mails back and forth it is now a day later and finally they offered to either exchange it or give me 20% off the one I got. I needed a second case so I thought I would ask if they would just give me 20% off that so it took another day for the emails and then they told me go ahead and make the purchase and then they'll take the 20% off afterwards so I did that and I sent them several emails letting them know I made the purchase. Now they're ignoring my emails. So I just want to return it at this point but they're not answering my emails so I can't it has been 4 days without a response. So if they screw up your stuck with their mistake and they won't fix it. This is been a horrible experience I will never buy from them again.

Will do anything to avoid honouring warranty
I bought a punkcase and on the whole i was happy with the case. That is until the power button broke away on the case leaving me unable to use my phone when in the case. It was within the warranty period so I contacted punkcase. Punk Case asked me to return the case and they would send me another. I sent the case back and waited, and waited and waited. I contacted them again and they acted like they didn't know anything about it. Even though the conversation trail was in the email I sent. Lots of emails back and forth, asking for an order number (Which was in the email subject), then saying it wasnt recognised, even though it's in the same email feed as the original purchase email from them. Now they have just gone quiet. Ignoring my emails. I will never buy from these scam artists again. Judging by other reviews they do it to a lot of people. Stay away well away.

Order wrong twice. Issue going on since beginning March. 10+ emails to this "just ask" later still not even an acknowledgement that Punk Case have read it and are dealing with the issues. Advice? AVOID, AVOID, AVOID! Also if you have a poor review to leave do NOT leave it on the punkcase website. I've left 3 - they delete all reviews that are bad. Surely that's not supposed to happen. If I could have reviewed these thieving, ignorant, incompetent crooks I would have but it wouldn't let me. I would like to make it very clear that I actually rate punkcase ZERO NOT ONE.

Bull$#*! company
I ordered a green waterproof phone for my vacation next week I spent extra on expedited shipping so I would get it on time, Punk Case sent me the wrong color they sent me white if it was blue or purple I would of just kept it but white the Plainest color ever and then when I email them and tell them they tell me they will give me 20% off me next order or I can send this one back and they will send the right one(maybe) if this was a legit business they would be sending me the RIGHT one with a shipping label to send back the WRONG one and if I don't send the other one back they charge you for it but no they want me to spend more money sending this back and not get the right one on time lesson learned NEVER ordering from them again DON'T WASTE YOUR TIME!

Ignorant, Arrogant SCAM
I received the case I ordered almost 2 months ago, it is NOTHING as shown & described on the Punk Case website. It is the cheapest garbage, thin piece of single layer plastic ever seen at an extreme expensive price. I called, left voicemails due to never anyone answering the call, numerous times, 1st email was responded to without a complete solution or any responsibility taken. After that when I had more question and a request for return label, total ignorance and arrogance, I emailed numerous times. NO reply. NO RESPONSE what so ever. Never, Never Fall for their False Advertising.

So I've used them for years. I've gotten many of cases and recommended them to everyone. But now it's tike to let the truth out. I ordered a case from themAug. 13th 2021 and have sent over 30 emails to them because Punk Case sent me the wrong case. I had to pay $16 out of my own $#*!ing pocket to pay to ship the case back to them that was their mistake in sending. I've sent countless emails asking for 1. Refund or 2. My correct case. They have told me for 3 $#*!ing months the case is out of stock and won't give my money back. So now I'm leaving reviews everywhere and getting a lawyer involved. They better get their $#*! together.

SCAM!! Mention distance selling regulations to get your refund!
In the UK you have 14 days to request a refund under Consumer contracts regulations - regardless of whether you've received the item or not. As soon as I mentioned this, Punk Case settled my paypal dispute (after previously refusing a refund in emails).
This company is a total scam - they don't say the product is being shipped from america, and only offer refunds on items within 30 days of the ORDER DATE. They say delivery can take 4 weeks - leaving 2 days to return a product overseas for a refund... total scam company. If you see their ads on facebook, amazon etc - REPORT THEM!

No customer service
About a year ago I was given a case as a gift and loved it. I recently got a new phone and wanted to get one. I ordered a clear one and got black which was the wrong color then when I received the email confirmation it was red a completely a different color then what I ordered. I tried to email the company which took a week for an answer. When I got the email I was suppose to pay for shipping back. I emailed and requested a label no answer. I have called and emailed everyday still no answer. No one answers the phone either. I am requesting a full refund and never ordering their product again ever. Thanks for nothing punk case

Wrong case
I have purchased several cases in the past and thought this purchase would be the same. I have read most the negative reviews and thought it just people being rude and obnoxious. I received the wrong item, provided the company with my order to get issue resolved. I have received no response after multiple emails and phone calls. I would like to continue doing business with Punkcase as I really like the product. The customer support for the company is not what I expected and may have to take my companies business elsewhere if this issue is not resolved soon.

Sent me the wrong item.
Punk Case sent me the wrong item and I emailed them hoping to get the situation solved, and they told me that I needed proof of purchase, which I provided, than I asked for a shipping label to return the item back and get what I ordered and they told me they would take 20% off the item they sent me. Which isn't gonna work… and than I told them to send me a shipping label so I could return the item and they won't respond to my emails, no shipping label has been sent. And I've emailed them over ten times to get a response. And nothing. Poor customers service, and very unprofessional. They can't even fix there own mistake! Will never ordered from this company again. Wasted so much time just to get what I ordered. Now I'm stuck with a case I can't use!

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