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"Unfortunate customer relations bungle on the part of PS Management"
CC Knudsen
Yesterday, after 35 months of renting three large lockers & after spending over $25,000.00 to this company, I asked the on-site manager if she could give us a 2 day cushion in emptying the third locker as I am disabled and had logistics issues in getting a couple of strong youngsters to finish the job till the weekend. She noted that their company policy would not allow her to do that but because I had been such a valued customer for so long, she volunteered to call her district manager, Dan Frohock, to see if he would authorize an exception. I was filled with optimism for the five whole minutes it took her to return my call. He said no. I then spent three hours trying to speak with anyone in CA at their corporate office in an attempt to find a real person who valued good customer relationships. Those three hours would have been better spent playing miniature golf. Because of this absolute inability of any management personnel to recognize that not only can exceptions be made, but that there are times when it would just be the right thing to do. Now instead, Public Storage has a long time customer who will not endorse them to friends, will not sing their praises and will never do business with them again. But I will devote myself to making sure that EVERYONE I know understands that Public Storage Reviews should never give any business to Public Storage. It's simply a shame.
(It should be noted that the on-site management, Maryann, cannot be faulted here. It is the completely tone-deaf corporate management who doesn't care about good customer relationships and cannot see the benefit of "word of mouth", even in today's world. It's no longer just the guy on the corner, but we each now have a platform by which to convey thoughts and ideas to others instantly and en mass.)

Raised prices 4 months after move in. Staff not available at random times.
Public storage raised their prices 4 months after I moved in. That was
The sole reason I moved out, not to allow Public Storage to take
Advantage of my patronage, otherwise Public Storage Reviews would have had me for at least
Another 6 months. My second BIG gripe is the countless times I've
Arrived to find the employees are "out to lunch" or simply not available
Because they are off cleaning the premises. This means you don't have
Access to carts to move things in or out. Do you -Public Storage-
Seriously expect your customers to wait around or come back in 30-40
Minutes? This is a random experience too... it's not like they close
Down from 12-12:30... it's luck of the draw... happened to me 3-4X.
Lastly, being hit with the surprise of "adding required insurance,"
Which was not in the advertised price was the first dishonest practice I
Experienced with Public Storage and I should have walked out the door
Then and there. Never again, I despise this company.

Watch out when dealing with the 833 Call Center
The Call Center people are the worst. First, I call to reserve a unit, and even though I didn't need it for a week, I offered to pay for it that day. Public Storage Reviews say "oh no, you don't have to do that. I get an email that says my move in rate will be 25$ because of their "special." Then I get a call from the property manager but can't answer the phone. I call back - it goes straight to VM- I thought I left a message but no class back. I called again on the day I am supposed to pay and same thing. So I call the 833 number - sit on hold for 35 minutes. Start to tell the person the issue (starting with, I have tried to call the site with no luck) and I realize the person I am speaking to wasn't listening because she very rudely got snippy with me saying -- "they tried to call you several time (NO THEY didn't) and the unit is gone" I tried to say something and she cut me off and basically told me that it was my fault and all I could do is call the site - I said again that the number that I keep calling goes to VM to which she responded "I'll just dial it" when the site manager picked up, I tried to ask the cust. Service person what number she dialed and she just hung up. Second. The site manager on Ebenezer rd. In Rock Hill, SC was great and helped get me into another unit at the same price - but then she hit me with the "fees" that the 833 sales people won't tell you about and my 25$ move in rate and 81$ a month quickly became a 61$ move in rate and 96$ a month. And of course, I am stuck! I am moving and have to have a storage unit this week. So I will be using it for at least a month

Nicolas, the district mang. For Las vegas
I put my stuff in storage when my lease ran out of my apt. And was td it will not be renewed due to the owner turning all units into an air b&b. The day I put my belongings in storage I got a call from back east that my elderly mother is sick and I left that nite. While I was back east my girlfriend was going to go stay with her mother while I was gone. She went to the storage unit to get some of belongings she would need for her stay. She was in the unit a good 2 hours going thru boxes and when she was taking a break she sat on the couch and put her head back when the property manager came by and accused her of sleeping.
She told my girl to pay her balance of the month and pack up and move our stuff out. Because we are now evicted. Now, I'm in New York tending to my mother and the stress I'm already going thru, I can't just go back to Vegas to move my belongings someplace else without even a home yet. When I couldn't do anything about that except hold my payments so Public Storage Reviews wouldn't put my stuff out of no one was comming to move it. This is what I thought and was stressed out even more until I called Nicolas, the district manager and he is a good human being who cares about his customers and the company reputation. He assured me everything will be fine. I don't have to move out once I become current. I was holding off paying until I got home so I can be there to move my stuff instead of strangers because my girlfriend was told after we pay we have to be out that day.
Nicolas explained to me that's not how they do things and I have nothing to worry about.
He even took off the late fee because I thought if I paid my stuff had to be removed that day which is not the case. If you ever have a problem at the property your in or if you're thinking about renting at public store I would say go ahead and look no further because having a guy like Nicolas to go to should you need to resolve things, he will be there for you and he wi do everything in his power to make it right for you. I can't say that about a whole lot of people. Thank you Nicolas for eliminating a big chunk of stress I've been carrying around lately.

I have lost 2 storage units with this company when I had lost my apartment. The first time I had a huge tote with all my personal info in it basically my whole life... and NOPE THE BUYER DIDN'T RETURN MY PERSONAL STUFF SO THAT GIVES THEM THE CHOICES IF Public Storage Reviews WANT TO RUIN MY LIFE AND CREDIT.SO the second time I LOST MY APARTMENT WHEN COVID CAME ABOUT I had no ID AND HAD TO PUT THE STORAGE UNIT INTO MY FRIENDS NAME AND THEN SHE GAVE ME ACCESS TO THE UNIT... DUE TO COVID I LOST MY JOB AND GOT REALLY SICK AND THE STORAGE HAD A LIEN ON IT WELL I PAID IT IN FULL AND MY FRIENDS NAME WHO'S IT WAS IN CALLED MULTIPLE TIMES AND GAVE ME PERMISSON TO PUT NEW LOCKS ON THE STOFAGE AND THE LADY WORKING AT PUBLIC STKRAGE IN WEST VALLEY UTAH NAMED SANDY HAS NO CARE IN THE WORLD SHE'S NOT EVEN ONE BIT OF EMPATHY THAT I HAD PICTURES AND mine n my two kids SOCIALS AND birth CERTIFICATE S my dead FATHERS DEATH CERTIFICATE HIS AUTOPSY AND ORIGJNAL DOCUMENTS THat no one had I needed to prove his murder... I can never replace these things ever ever again. So I tried multiple times to go and put a new lock on the doors after I paid the balance in full and they was being shady about me getting into the gates because she said they was having problems with break ins... I feel like she was hiding more than that but she made it difficult to get my stuff out of there because my friends who names on the unit works 2jobs and had no time to go and change the LOCKS but have

Gave me permission too Sally wasn't making this easy for me at all. I tried to make the payment but I needed to renew my license so I could cash my check well I couldnt because she wouldn't allow me to get my social m

N birth certificate to do so. I HAVE NO OPTIONS AT THAT POINT and when I told Sally about it cuz on your guys website it
States that the buyer of who buys your storage unit had to return their personal belongings and we hAVE. 30 DAYS TO PICK IT UP! WELL SHE SAID "WELL WHY WOULD YOU PUT THAT KIND OF STUFF IN THERE?" WHY... BECAUSE I HAD NO WHERE ELSE TO PUT IT. RUDE! I'VE NEVER FELT SO SHUT DOWN AND Violated and there's nothing I could do about it besides cry cry cry I hope no one else has to go through I am currently trying to find a way to get the buyers to return my personal stuff, it's messed up and cruel I just received a call that I had a mountain America CREDIT bank account that I owed that the first time I LOST my storage unit before that's ruining my credit and now this storage unit again the buyers are doing FRAUDULENT ACTIVITY WITH MY LITTLE FAMILY'S IDENTITY I'M A SINGLE MOM STRUGGLING FOR OUR PERSONALL STUFF I URGE PEOPLE TO GO WITH ANOTHER COMPANY DO NOT TRUST YOUR PERSONAL BELONGINGS THERE! THE WORKERS GET INTO YOUR STUFF WHEN EVER THEY WANT AND Take what they want and that's because they hired people who are criminals and non trustworthy who do not care FOR people in my situation. I have talked to multiple people who gone through the same issues and our victims just like us.

Terrible customer service
I had a great experience with the local Public Storage and things didn't go downhill until after I moved out. I vacated on the 2nd of the month but had to pay for the entire month due on the 1st. That was fine as I was assured I would be credited back the remainder of the 28 days I paid for, Public Storage Reviews said this would take a max of 3 months. After 3 months I contacted them to see where we were in the process of getting my refund as I still hadn't received it. They informed me that no one had ever sent in the paperwork for my refund, but they would expidite the process and I would have it shortly. This was the beginning of the end for me. I called and emailed them so many times to find out where my money is as no one can ever give me an answer. They promise a manager will follow up with me, that's a lie. They promise it will be here by friday, another lie. We are now almost 4 months out and I still don't have the check. Never again will I use Public Storage

Horrible Customer Service - Moved Out in the Dark
I moved my stuff into a small unit a couple of years ago. Over the course of my time at Public Storage, I didn't have any significant problems with the company. Public Storage Reviews hike your rate by $5 every six months a couple of times, but apparently that's pretty standard for storage units. The unit that I rented was pretty dirty - it was an inside unit but not temperature controlled, and the top of the unit was open to the building's rafters. Needless to say, I found A LOT of bird droppings and nesting materials all over my stuff, so make sure you cover your things if you move in here.

My real problem with Public Storage didn't come until my move-out day. I walked into my unit and the light bulb was burned out. The unit is pitch-black because it's an interior unit, but I wasn't too worried about it at first - I'll just head to the office and they can change out the light bulb, right? I walked back to the office, passing an employee who is sweeping the aisles. I had driven passed the same guy as I drove back to my unit. He seemed busy and didn't look up as I passed, so I kept moving to the office. I get to the office and the door is locked, and no one will be back for another 45 minutes. Again, this is more irritating than anything. Apparently I just have bad timing.

I walk back to my car/unit to wait, but on the way I see the same guy still out sweeping. Now, my unit is all the way down the aisle from the office, but it's in the same building, which means this guy could see me enter the PS facilities, go to my unit, head to the office, and then head back toward my unit. He jumps in his golf cart to drive away as I approach, and I have to step toward him and give a bit of a shout for him to stop. Now this is where things get fun.

-Excuse me, do you change light bulbs?
-Nope, I can't do that.
-We're all out and I can't order any more
-I'm sorry to hear that, but I'm trying to move my stuff and can't see anything
-Well what am I supposed to do? I'd have to go out and buy light bulbs out of my own pocket

This goes back and forth a bit, before I finally tell him that this really isn't my problem, asking for a light bulb is well within reason given that I'm paying for a unit with a light in it, and I'd appreciate some solution. I ask if there is someone returning to the office soon. Nope, he's it! He finally agrees to grab a light bulb from another unit to put in mine for the time being. That's a perfectly acceptable solution! I'm not sure why that was so difficult to come up with. As a side note - these bulbs are up way higher than I am able to reach, so this isn't something I could have just done on my own. This guy had to use a long pole to get the job done. Unfortunately the new (re-used) bulb wouldn't work either, and he determined that there was an electrical issue in my unit. Again, no solutions. No one he could call, and no flashlights or anything similar for me to borrow. He left me standing in the dark to figure it out for myself.

Not only was this employee incapable of engaging in any sort of problem-solving, he also watched me struggle to find someone in the office and would have buzzed right by me in his golf cart, knowing full well that he was the only employee on the property at the time.

I pulled my bird-dropping covered possessions out of my unit, and I swore to never use this company again.

Can't get away from this company fast enough
I rented four Public Storage units six months ago. I used the autopay for all four units. All was well until this month. Public Storage decided to change a security setting on their website (and didn't bother to let customers know until way too late). All of a sudden, my autopay was cancelled and I was told my bank was declining my payments. This was not the case. I literally spent six hours on four calls to "customer service." Every single time I was told it was "fixed" and my payments would be correctly debited. Every single time it was not "fixed." Finally, I went to the Public Storage location and was told, again, that it was "fixed." I was also charged $60 in "late fees" even though I was not the reason for the late payment. The very next day, I get a text from Public Storage saying my payments were due and I was going to be charged late fees because of it. My autopay was cancelled for the third time. Another 90-minute call later, I'm told it's "fixed" again. I sincerely doubt it. All I know is that I've lost $60 and I keep getting increasingly rude calls/texts/emails saying I'm not paying my bill. I can't get my items out of these units fast enough. I'm ready to pay over $1,000 to rent a moving truck just to get away from this terrible company.

Vehicle vandalized, horrible customer service
Rented a parking space for my 2012 Toyota Tacoma at the Public Storage facility at 3673 South Redwood Road, West Valley City, Utah, on Aug. 18,2020. One month later—one month—my wife and daughter went to this Public Storage facility to retrieve the truck and when Public Storage Reviews arrived discovered that the truck had been broken into, vandalized and had the catalytic converter and oxygen sensor cut out. My wife and daughter were deeply traumatized when they discovered the damage to our vehicle and the drug paraphernalia on the ground beside the truck. They immediately called the police, filed the appropriate report, called AAA and had the truck towed to Mark Miller Toyota for the extensive repair required to make the truck drivable again. The repair bill was $1,471, which was covered by my State Farm comprehensive insurance with the exception of my $100 deductible.

I chose this facility because Public Storage is a national company with a good reputation. The information about this particular facility noted "property manager lives on site for added peace of mine." This "well-lit facility is state-of-the-art and features a sturdy electronic gate with keypad access."

My vehicle didn't survive 30 days at this state of the art, well-lit facility with a property manager who lived on site.

I can't undo the trauma and grief my wife and daughter experienced after discovering the abominable oversight and security at this poorly run facility. But I can request a refund of the $50.67 I was charged to have my truck vandalized by drug addicts, and the $100 I had to pay toward its repair. I have been told there is no way Public Storage will not refund one cent to me. Abominable customer service.

The unwritten fine print that effects your pocket book!
Dear Public STorage,
I have a huge complaint with your billing processes. No where in the agreement when one first signs up to rent one of your units does it state that the rental price is subject to change. After speaking with your customer service, Public Storage Reviews confirm that it does not clearly state you can change my rental fee but I am suppose to assume that is exactly what Month-To-Month means. Had I known the rental price is subject to change I would not have rented from your company in the first place. In order to improve your customers experience you should consider training your on-site employees to communicate that information to us before receive the first payment and have it clearly document in your legal paperwork. This is an extremely irritating situation and I will no longer promote your company to the general public as being a good option for anyone with storage needs.

Note for the general public-I've been told u typically have 6months at the rate you originally agreed to. After that, they will send you a notification that your rental fee will increase. So if you plan to rent over 6months, it really will only give you more of a headache then it's worth.

DO NOT STORE YOU BELONGINGS HERE! Unless you want to donate your stuff to thieves. I moved in a month ago & my prized possessions were stolen ($5-$8k worth). Public Storage & their employees don't give a rats ass about you as long as Public Storage Reviews get their rent. There are many issues w this place. 1. The side fence has been cut at least 8 times & that's how thieves get into the property after hours. 2. The empty units do not have locks. Public storage puts a plastic ID on the locks which can be removed by the new owner. Until the new owner moves in it is literally unlocked. All the thieves need to do is access one of these units and tunnel their way through drywall to access the other units. On 2/3/2021 I got a call from Orange PD. They called me because I actually work w police officers on a daily basis. This is blatant disregard for their customers who pay hundreds of dollars a month to secure their possessions. 3. Drywall is what separates your unit from ur neighbors unit. So if your neighbor is a thief, he has access to yours also. If the public storage employee is a thief, he can just tell his/her buddies how to get into these units. It is not safe. I've talked to many tenants and this place has been broken into several times. DO NOT RENT HERE IF YOU CHERISH YOUR BELONGINGS! I sold my home and I stored my valuable possessions here until I relocate. I have photos and videos. Only idiots would run a business like this.

Horrible, predatory rates
I rented a 7'x10' unit for a beginning rate of $153 per month. The door is poorly sealed and there is a thick layer of dirt covering everything in the unit. A little over a year later my rate is $196. To add salt to the wound, I receive daily ads in my yahoo email for same-sized units available for $91 per month. When I called customer service to inquire about switching to the cheaper unit Public Storage Reviews told me those were promotional rates for new customers only. I asked if the new customer who gets that deal will be paying $196 after their first year and they stammered, not knowing how to reply, then said "Well, everyone's rates are subject to change, that's how this business works." I strongly suggest folks look elsewhere for storage solutions. This company is akin to something you'd expect from doing business with the mafia. I can't stress enough how much Public Storage should be avoided. You're better off taking your property and burying it in the woods.

Looking for Justice
If I can do a 0 star I would as of this moment. Please don't rent at Public Storage any of there facilities I never done Google review but I do need people to hear me out. Public Storage are just Scam artist. I feel your items will be safe more at a stranger backyard or at shack. My friend rented a parking spot he decided to cancelled because the rent went up 70.00 more. When he went to get his trailer it was stolen yes stolen 01/31/2020. I felt so bad when he called me because all his hard work was gone just like that. We called and Public Storage Reviews say they're not in charge of anything that has beed stolen. Now tell me why they are saying that they are not responsible for anything that gets stolen... So your basically storaging your items for the theif. So they change the name and called it Theif Mall. I'm very sad because it's not fair people work hard for their items so why trust your belongings to a company that wants only your money. Please to who ever is reading this I'm not lying think about it twice I'm not going to stop posting until we find justice... Yes its material but 9yrs of hard work gone and he always paid his rent on time bc it was autopay.

There is no way public storage rated 4 out 5. You know those company pay for fake reviews.
There is no way public storage rated 4 out 5. I don't belief it. You know those company pay for fake reviews. I have been dealing with public storage for a long time. Reason being, because I moved across the country (2,000 miles away). It is depressing and painful to think about the amount of money I paid or should gave to those idiots. It would have been easier to accept it at least if the service was good. But, the service is horrendous. I decided to write this review today(April 6th, 2020) which is long coming. Because for the life of me, I can't phathom why public storage chooses to raise rent on customer right now. We are in the middle of pandemic. Millions of people lost their jobs. Me personally, last time I worked was first week of March and Public Storage Reviews are thousand of other people across the country just like me. As a matter of fact, on March 26th, I called public storage customer service to asked them if they have any help for customer who cannot pay rent on time this month or if there is anything their can do to help in any capacity. I was told "NO, but customers can make payment over the phone for free to ovoid late fees". Like said, I have been dealing with public storage for a longtime, I NEVER receive a text from them. Suddenly, a week after I called them to ask question about payment alternative, I got a text reminded me that payment is due on May 1st, or late fee will applied. However, the biggest shock for me, is that my payment went up this month from $244.00 to $ 256.00. Shame on you public storage. I understand paying a storage unit is not priority right now. But, when you made the mistake of moving across the country and place everything you own in a storage unit, it's not that easy to just let go. I never meet anybody who have anything good to say about this company. To my defense, I did not rent form public storage. I rented a unit from Extra Space Storage, which later sold to public storage. Yes, business is business, but without your customers there is no business. Don; t worry, we will remember how you treated us public storage.
I can not load the picture but here is the proof. Given them one star is a favor to them.

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On Feb 24,2019, I went to my storage located on N. Cashua drive Florence SC. To my surprise, my storage locks had been changed so my keys which are Public Storage keys for Public Storage locd on my storage didnt work. So I went to the Public Storage on grounds and informed the Agent that my keys were not working. He told me there were no notes on my account that indicated any lock change. I asked are you sure and replied by asking me to show him my picture id again in which I was shocked and replied back to him saying I just showed my picture ID and confirmed all, why doesnt my key work and he just looked befuddled as I walked out of the office to try the keys I had again without success. So I went back to the office only to see that he had locked up (5pm by this time) and left. I called customer service and explained all to them and Public Storage Reviews gave me the District Manager (Daniele) phone number which is only a voice mail service. I left 2 or 3 messages pleading for a reply but she called me on Tuesday morning 26 Feb and asked if she could help me and that she doesnt work on Sundays. WOW... I replied to her on the phone saying how can you help me on Tuesday when I called you on Sunday. She replied to me saying "ok have nice day" and hung up. GREAT CUSTOMER SERVICE

Needs corporate policy!
My credit card was stolen so I had to get a new one sent out from the bank. On the third day of being late on an account that has had auto payment for 2 years, the office manager decides she's going to call a family member on the other side of the country looking for payment.
(3 days) Totally embarrassing to have a family member call you to tell you someone's trying to collect money. I called their corporate office and the CSR (Kelly) said it's up to the district manager to determine when Public Storage Reviews are going to call your emergency contact person listed on the contract. The district manager called me and said most people are happy when we call other people to remind them they are late. I think Public Storage needs to implement policy procedures rather than every district making their own. In fact, I don't believe that is the case. But with Kelly and David telling me that is the case, I am left to writing a review in hopes someone above these two will care.

Very disappointed
We rented a storage unit, we have had it a little over a year. After 5 months our bill went up $30/month. I called and she told me that Public Storage Reviews can change the price whenever, she said in the summer storage units are in higher demand and they raise the price which means I will have a higher Bill. She said once the summer is over the price usually goes back down. I asked so does that mean our bill will be cheaper? She said yes. That never happened and now our bill has went up another $30/month and it is spring time. So in a year's time our bill has went up $60/month. This is ridiculous when I asked if I could get a smaller unit they said they didn't have any but it was only $40 cheaper a month and that it really wasn't worth it, if you ask me this company is very greedy this should not be a policy. When you sign up you should have a locked in rate they shouldn't be able to Jack up the prices whenever they want.

Bait and Switch
Worst company I have been exposed to in a long time. This was Not a 1x bad service experience, but institutionalized extortion. Public storage lured me into a rental on Camelback Rd. (Phoenix) then raised my rent 3x in 1.5 years, equating to a 39% rate increase then refused to discuss it and began charging a late fees while I tried to discuss my challenge. I thought surely this was an accident? After great effort I spoke to someone at corporate, who said nothing she can do since Public Storage Reviews don't set pricing there at that office. If you don't set pricing at HQ, and not at the local office, then who sets it? It's a lie. I finally paid the balance just to get out and communicated to the local rep (the one guy who returned my calls) for a Saturday exit, then they charged me for another full month because I moved on the 3rd instead of the 1st despite my coordinating with the local rep. When I complained about how poor the service and ethics of PS is, he laughed, "You're not the first person to tell me that. You're definitely not the only one!" This is a class action lawsuit waiting to happen.

When dealing with the corporate agents+supervisors are UNETHICAL.
Well just do your research online from their lawsuits for the use of "penalty" late charges... raised rent after your there for several months.
As soon as it happened to me I closed the account when the corporate agents used their script over the phone tactics to over charge a "penalty"instead of a simple late fee. Which 5% of a unit of 134$ is fair. Not 20% which is not labeled on the contract and if it was I would have never signed (which is why Public Storage Reviews don't label it) (UNETHICAL) so until it is clear on the contract that I agree to 5% only. I was not given the full contract until after I signed a small electronic pad in the office and it was on my account after login but not available until after I signed.
No upfront information explaining this and when asked it was just a few dollars... so to me it felt good being that it's just a storage unit not leasing a car here.
Look at the store in Illinois that closed down for one day for the cold temps which fell on the day at which fees would be assessed they were open the day prior it was cold out and then reopens the next day and it was still the same temperature outside and ALL cash customers were not allowed a next day grace period to pay the late fee causing a huge amount of fees for them to charge. UNETHICAL.
Just for my further experiences when dealing with public storage agents Over the phone I would either be verbally pushed around met with "just deal with it attitude"so to me that just screams that a company doesn't care of their employees. They never once instructed me to email a dispute team at ******* which I found after reading some fine print for 30minutes. Which you have to to at least try to resolve that way before taking up a lawsuit with them so this was all sent to that email for review. This review helps with clarity for everyone.
No one was helpful at any point but when I set up my unit.
When a email is sent through the only way they allow "their website form" with no ability to CC yourself or anyone else or keep track of them (which is another unethical tactics) (so I record by video and screenshots to hold my information.
When speaking with agents I demanded a supervisor call back or email me for a phone appointment being that the agent said they are unavailable at that time... which it's been 48 hours and I sent 3 emails during that time to remedy the issue with no response. No call backs. No voicemails. No texts.
I Immediately closed the account being I will never do business with company's like this and everyone needs to follow to not allow them to continue unethical practices.
When you Look at your contract it will say they assessed the late charge on the 7th and will not give any reasoning behind how they came up with the assessment and one agent said he " just doesn't know" To me unknown assessments By my business standards this is unethical. Auto pay can help but if for any reason a lapse happens in a deposit it can cause more fees from the bank being which doesn't match that we are dealing with a storage unit that is supposed to be clear in pricing.
They do not record calls as to not allow any evidence to be used during a lawsuit nor will they CC any emails back to you that was sent to them when asked.
All Company's that are truly ethical will label ALL fees by a " clear number" that is expected to pay if that happens everyone has a right to know the fee amounts up front.
Also when a demand is made to speak with a supervisor and that falls on deaf ears is a huge problem in any company.
Along with simple agent training methods to allow clients the ability to solve a problem with them.
The only reason it gets one star is I have to at least put one.
However the manager at the Charleston location was nice in setting me up with an account so she deserved at least that and I'm sure hears all of this but is just trying to get by herself. They don't pay well from when I looked on indeed for more reviews about them.

WORST experience EVER!. 1st of all I prepaid for a unit and the day before I was supposed to move in the manager told me my unit had water damage, so she had to move me to another location down the street. I understand things happen, but I was charged again for this new unit and now they're giving me a hard time about the refund for the old unit that I never used… And on top of that, the old unit was supposed to be $148 but this new unit is $174. I was told by Teresa (Property management) that I would only be charged $148 but my account still says $174… I have been on hold waiting for customer service to pick up for 30mins now because for some reason I cant get a hold of Teresa. This is a disaster, I just want my money back and to be charged the correct monthly rate. And customer service just answered my call and transferred me to a voicemail after waiting 30mins for someone to pick up… (UPDATE 2 MONTHS LATER) Public Storage Reviews still haven't refunded the money from the unit I never used which was $200, and when I went to pick up me things on Sept 4th they said I owed $159 for those 4days when I was told it would be prorated. I refused to pay it because they still owe me $200 and its ridiculous to charge $159 for 4days. I called the corporate office and customer service, and left several messages. I was suppose to receive a call back with in 48hrs. No one EVER called me back, instead they sent the remaining balance to COLLECTIONS stating that I now owe $198! THIS COMPANY WILL RIP YOU OFF! STAY FAR AWAY!

They do not care about the Covid 19
I have been paying for a unit in Miami Gardens for about 3 years. I have been left without a job and without a roof previously and, to value my personal things I have paid my rent and even the extra fee's that are attached to the loss of the unit and Public Storage Reviews put my things for sale. They have no heart to see us for what we are paying and much less with that of the Covid19. I have paid my rent, but for not paying the extra fees (just in the Covid 19) they want to sell me my things, they call you, they send texts, they harass you when they do not touches there heart I am paying the rent (not the extra fees that is around $125, they took $25). We are not working gentlemen. I have paid the rent for my unit preferring to pay the rent than to do a supermarket and eat. Many gentlemen do not let their things go simply because we had a hard time obtaining them and we do not have a roof in my situation to store them. They do not respect that I have my things for almost 3 years and I have paid every month with a lot of sacrifice, even the penalties and extra fees that they add to it and in this situation of Covid 19 they treat us as if nothing was happening. Gentlemen, we do not have money coming, we are not working. Be sensitive to this situation. NO ONE WANTS TO STOP PAYING OUR UNITS OR NOT BE WORKING!
The review app forces me to put 1 for me I put 0

Moving is hard, Public Storage makes it harder
I called on 11/30/20 to upgrade from my 5x5 unit to a 10x10. Shana tells me that it's not possible to upgrade, she would have to "vacate" my current unit then I would have to make a new reservation for a 10x10 unit - the problem with that (other than it not making sense) was that I hadn't moved in yet so it couldn't be done until I moved in…and I had to come in to the office to do it. I mentioned I didn't mind changing my move in date from 12/3 to 12/1 and coming in but I wanted to make sure I didn't lose the 10x10 unit…she couldn't hold it for me (of course) but at least she offered to speak with her Regional Manager (didn't get the name).

Shana calls me back later that morning to say that her Regional Manager confirmed that I need to "vacate" my current unit but not to worry I would get a full refund. I then asked her about the 10x10 unit to which she gave me the price of $162, though online it was $171. Shana was not able to explain the price difference and said she couldn't reserve it for me…I again had to come in. I reserved the unit online because it was obvious I was about to lose both units (this was used against me later on). As Shana finish the "vacate" process she realizes that she didn't have the option to refund the $24.00 Admin Fee. She again says she will call her Regional Manager.

I later receive a call from Patrice who introduces herself and pauses as if I should have expected a call from her. She then tells me that the $24.00 Admin Fee is non-refundable and what I should have done is upgrade my unit not "vacate" and book a new one online…(screams on the inside!) I keep my cool and waste my time explaining what actually happened earlier that morning. I am again promised a call back because the Regional Manager has to be consulted…again. The next call is to tell me that I will in fact get a full refund. When I bring up the price difference, I'm told that because I booked online Public Storage Reviews couldn't offer the lower rate of $162…what a joke! Did I mention how much this interrupted my work day?

I call again the following day after waiting all day for the return call that was promised. Patrice had no update for me just the "promise" that I would receive my refund, and before hanging up she informed me that I would need to ask for Sue if I called later in the week. Great, a third person to do absolutely nothing!

Sue leaves me a message the following day (Wed 12/2) saying that the $24 Admin Fee was credited back. I waiting until it showed up on my bank account. It never did. I called again on Sat 12/5 and left a message for Sue because I had yet to receive a refund for the first unit and they had already charged me over $200 for the second one. Sue leaves me a message later in the day to say that the credit had been issued - I'm surprised she didn't defer to her Regional Manager.

When I showed up on Thursday 12/3 I had to drive around aimlessly looking for my unit, thinking that I had the wrong address because again their untrained employees that cannot do anything without consulting the Regional Manager, failed to tell me that they have two facilities, each located on opposite sides of the street (not easily seen from the street unless you know what you're looking for especially at night). I finally walk in to the unit only to find the lock inside the dirty unit with no packaging…their lock return policy says it has to be in the original packaging in order for a refund to be issued…this is yet another way they stole my money. Oh! And the place reaked of naphthalene! I hope someone tells them that does little to get rid of rodents and termites...

As of today, Monday 12/14, I have yet to receive a refund for the $24 Admin Fee. I noticed, however, that next month's invoice was reduced by $24…so I am being forced to pay for a second month if I want to be credited for their mistake and inability to train their employees. Needless to say, zero compensation has been offered for this awful experience…at this point I just hope to eventually get the money they stole from me.

Do not rent here. The units are dirty, the staff is untrained, and you pay for their mistakes - even if I eventually get my money back, it's simply not worth the hassle.

Renters beware...
Renters beware...

I rented a small unit to hold some larger things during a move. Since this is Florida, in addition to the security of the location, I also inquired about pest control and was told all measures were taken to keep my items safe.

Everything was packed appropriately. Most items were in plastic Rubbermaid bins and taped boxes (top and bottom). Even my dressers were wrapped with plastic wrap to seal the drawers.

Fast forward to yesterday when I went to remove my things- AND HAD TO LEAVE HALF OF THEM BEHIND BECAUSE OF A ROACH INFESTISTATION. I cannot even begin to explain how utterly disgusting AND devastating this was. I could barely stomach taking pictures and videos with the amount of bugs running around. Most ran to a corner that had a small opening that led to the adjoining unit.

The items we removed before finding the bugs were the only items the moving company would allow on to their truck. And we were lucky Public Storage Reviews even allowed us that much. But we already knew that under the boxes and tape that they were probably just as bad. We immediately notified the front office employee of the situation, who conveniently was on the phone with her manager. They presented me with a form to sign that would allow me to abandon the items left in the unit for disposal.

That's it. Too bad, so sad- but thanks for your business over the last year that would turn out to be just a giant waste of money since everything would inevitably be ruined anyways.

As for the things we were able to load, they're currently sitting outside under a tent getting bombed. And we'll just have to pray it doesn't rain for the next few days. Because a quick search of the items proved right- there were live bugs and eggs in everything.

Simply put, I regret the day I ever trusted your site with my possessions. That decision not only cost me the things that I'll never, ever be able to replace, but also thousands in dollars for the things that I can. But as for now, I have no clothes, no bed... Nothing but a stack of increasing bills that all stem from my poor decision to store my items with you. Fortunately I had insurance on the unit, but I don't expect much from it. So that too will turn out to be another giant waste of money and false security.

Ethical Practices
Michelle England, District Manager advised that if payment wasn't made in full my property would be auctioned. She shared that there was nothing else that could be done and that Public Storage doesn't have any policies in place for waving storage fees due to COVID19. It is my opinion that ANY business making demand payment phone calls during a pandemic is one that should not be operating. Where's the empathy, ethical efficacy, and compassion? To be a District Manager representing Public Storage and overseeing employees, Michelle England is rude, abrupt, and lacks professionalism. Her closing words were, "If you have no plans on paying the balance that went delinquent only after the Stay Home Order/Pandemic, and no additional questions for me, have a nice day.

Perhaps Michelle EnglandDistrict Manager, in this case can take a lesson from Eugenia. She's ALWAYS helpful, professional, she goes above and beyond to ensure customer satisfaction, offers resolution and provides resources to helping if all else fails. During times like this, common courtesy, compassion and respect goes a long way and is greatly appreciated.

Thieves with a mold issue!
Rented a unit in Cincinncti, Ohio on Westbourne Dr. Was late on a payment so Public Storage Reviews cut my lock and put theirs on my unit. Then when I paid the balance owed... I took a new lock of my own there to replace theirs. When they removed their lock and opened the door I was in complete shock because half of my belongings were gone! They robbed me of everything that was in boxes and electronics. And left only furniture. Not sure why they decided to leave my furniture... Im happy they did. But very unhappy about everything being covered in mold. It was awful. So then I filed a claim with the insurance co. For the insurance they make you have on your unit... Im sure its probably owned by public storage because they said I had no claim at all! This location has not one camera on the property for security. Awful customer service. The buildings are very dated and dirty. I would never recommend Public storage or use them for starage again! Lost over $5000 worth of belongings. The worst thing I lost was all my family photos of my 20yr old son who passed away in 2013. I can never replace them. Steer clear as far as you can from Public storage!

Bait and Switch
On September 9th, I called in. I told the person over the phone that I'm looking for a deal to replace a storage space I have now. She found me a 10x15, climate controlled, drive up space for $86/month. That's much cheaper, so I agreed to leave work early to go in the next day and get my unit before the sale ends. This is a permanent price, not a first month deal, so it was worth the trouble. I did that, wasting 90 minutes and leaving work early to go and walk the space.

First of all, the person was lying, it wasn't climate controlled. But I can get a second floor climate controlled 10x15 for $92. So I walked that one and then went in to sign the papers.

Next, I had to buy their lock. I have a lock on the space I'm vacating, but I was told that I can't leave it without a lock until I move in, so I have to pay $19.99 for a lock. I looked it up, Amazon has the same lock for $7. Anyway, I'm still saving money, so I kept going.

Then comes the switch. That's right, Public Storage is a BAIT AND SWITCH company! I have another, smaller, undiscounted, space at a different facility, and that makes me inelligible for the discount? Public Storage Reviews want to charge me double what they told me. Of course, the person over the phone who quoted the rate knew about this, but suddenly the next day this is a problem?!?!?!?

I called their corporate number, and the person who spoke with me was rude and unhelpful. Then she said I could hold for a supervisor, but instead she transfered me to a voice mail box. No one has called me back.

This is a breach of verbal contract, it's illegal bait and switch, and it's generally the sign of a crooked company.

Horrible Experience!
I emigrated to the USA 30 years ago from Europe, of which 25 years I owned a business in Chicago and dealt with clients and employees of various ranks...
A year ago I retired and moved to Denver, where I rented Public Storage (5788 W Sixth Ave, Lakewood, CO 80214)
I had experience in renting similar public storage locations and have always been happy with the service...
Unfortunately, this Public Storage location, which I chose, turned out to be a huge mistake...
The territory is kept in horrible unsanitary conditions.
During a snowfall, the snow and ice are not removed and the ability to use the warehouse is reduced to zero for weeks...
At the end of April 2021, someone drove a car into the door of my compartment, which completely deprived me of access to my unit for a month...
It's almost impossible to call or catch someone in the office...
Today 05/29/2021 I had a very unpleasant conversation/interaction with the manager Amelia whom I would not only trust to run such a business, but even my TV remove control. This young lady is extremely rude, absolutely incompetent, and I would even say arrogant and awfully sarcastic. Such people not only should not take such positions and serve customers, but should sit at home and not stick out...
I am attaching a photo by which you can judge the state of the territory for today...
Just absolutely horrible experience... unfortunately...

I wish that I could give 0 stars.
I wish that I was able to give 0 stars. Stay away from this place. The entire operation is unprofessional, and seems to care more about money, and not providing great service for customers whom patronize with establishment. While visiting my storage unit, there was snow packed high in front of many units, including mines. I called the office to make a complaint about it. I was told by staff that it isn't in job description to shovel snow from in front of units. I was puzzled because, you would think that would be the bare minimum done, so that customers can safely be able to gain access to unit. Never the less, the staff person gave me the phone number of his District Manager Doug, I called several times within the last couple of days. Yet, I still have not received a call back. Even though, I could not get inside my unit, there was still no sense of urgency to call and take care of issue. With that being the case, I had to get a shovel and dig up tons of ice myself, just to get inside my storage unit. And to make matters worse, I'm getting a system generated messages stating that I have a balance because, I moved out on the 4th, instead of the first. Never mind the fact that snow covered up my unit and I couldn't access it. In all my years of conducting business, this was by far the worst experience, Again, stay far away from this company. Don't waste your time or money.

Lack of compassion and timeliness
03-31 Makaila Pappas rented storage unit F54 at Public Storage located at 8601 East 67th Terrace, Kansas City, MO 64133-5671

05-18 Makaila was in a terrible car accident on highway 40 and Denton in Independence, MO. The car accident killed her mother and broke every bone below her neck except her left arm. The keys to the unit were lost in the accident and never recovered. The accident resulted in a very lengthy hospital stay at Truman Medical center. During this time her father and I were unable to obtain any form of power of attorney due to her age, state of mind, and heavy pain medications that she was taking.

The storage bill remained paid and up to date during this time.

08-01 I physically went into the location and paid cash to change the lock and for rent for the month of August. Public Storage Reviews stated they would call us when the lock was switched so we could get her and her mother's belongings. We called them a few times and it was not done. They assured us that they would call once it was completed.

09-10 Luke called Makaila to advise that storage was past due. She told him we paid over a month ago to get the lock changed so we could remove her and her mothers items. He stated that the lock was changed on August 24th but we had to pay for sept before we could get the contents. I called Luke and explained the gravity of the extenuating circumstances and that the contents were the last of her deceased mothers belongings and asked if there was any way that we could just come the next day and pick up the contents. He stated he would call his manager and call me back. I still have not heard from him.

09-13 Luke called to advise the storage was past due and she asked what she was supposed to do being crippled and having no more money. He stated he was just letting her know.

I have had the necessity to use storage units regularly. I've tried the competitors to Public Storage in Stamford and I must say that Public Storage is the best of all the Storage Companies. As with most businesses, it is also the people you deal with that make the experience. I've dealt with Joe, Matt & Kent at the new Stamford Public Storage location on Leon Place and Public Storage Reviews are quite the team. They are all always happy, friendly and very helpful. It's nice to deal with people who know their job, understand Customer Service and put in the extra effort to make sure you are happy. The facility is always clean and in todays times that is extra important. They offer contactless rentals through their website and the website was easy to use. No one likes paying for storage but at least they have made it a pleasant experience. Thank you! Try them out. You won't be sorry. Thank you again Joe, Matt & Kent for everything you do each and every day. This review was the least I could do for making my experience so positive!

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