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Delivery and set up
Unfortunately my wife had to argue with the delivery team to have them bring our pro-form into the house. Pro-Form wanted her to open the garage and they would just place it in there and then just wanted to leave it on the driveway since she wouldn't open the garage. They reluctantly brought it into the house after being told I would be home in a few minutes to talk to them.
Set up was not particularly difficult, but we could not get the display system to work properly without first registering for the iFit program which neither one of us wanted. We just went through the registration process and then immediately cancelled once it started working.

Great quality products
I love my proform bike! I have nothing but good things to say about my whole experience with this company. Quick shipping, easy setup, and amazing quality! All of their equipment comes with a free family membership - (for a whole year!) to the Ifit app, which includes so many different workouts & things to keep you busy and interested. I would absolutely recommend this company to anyone. I received this product at a discounted rate, in exchange for my honest opinion.

No Service - No response
Purchased Pro-Form Coachlink E9.0 Elliptical from Went with Costco as a trusted provider. After a month of use (and getting past their sleazy attempt to force purchasers to sign up for IFit) the unit began to produce a load "click" on each revolution. The click volume increased as ramp was raised. I attempted to contact tech support at Pro-Form... insane hold times so wrote long description of problem to them via their web site service request. Received immediate response from automated email saying Pro-Form would have someone contact me, so I know they received my request. No one ever contacted me. This was back in March, 2020, Have made numerous attempts since then, as the problem has continued to worsen, and the exact same "no response". It is now August, 2020. Called however their "phone tree" does not support their exercise equipment and they say to contact manufacturer. There's your classic vicious cycle! Left message at and so far no reply. I feel they're going to wait until the unit is out of warranty and then tell me it's out of warranty. I do of course continue to get emails and even one postal asking if I'd like to purchase extended support. Like that's going to happen. Seriously considering taking the unit to local Costco and dumping it on their front porch to deal with. So disappointed.

ProForm can turn amateurs into pros
I've had a blast with my ProForm bike. As soon as it arrived, we had it assembled in about 20 minutes. The individual pieces are all of sturdy construction, so the bike as a whole isn't flimsy or cheap feeling. Even while riding at high speeds, it stays put and doesn't wobble or creek. All the necessary tools for installation were included, so it was very convenient. It's such a game changer being able to work out in my own home! I look forward to riding my bike every time. ProForm sent me a discounted product so I could thoroughly test it and provide my opinion and recommendations.

Great Equipment
Proform's equipment is excellent. Although heavy (which was expected), the equipment was easy to set up. After setup, it took a few minutes to get used to the buttons and settings but once I was familiar with it, I was ready to go. I've had my treadmill for about 2 weeks and I love it. It's super compact and my running on it does not bother my neighbor downstairs who is home all the time since Covid, which means I can run late at night or early in the morning without worries.
I received a discounted product for my honest feedback.

Wonderful Company
What a wonderful company. My Proform Treadmill came quickly. Having this treadmill while the gyms are closed during this pandemic has really helped me and my daughter. The Programs Pro-Form have with it are great. My daughter loves to run i tell you she runs and enjoys this so much. Their customer service is outstanding. I needed some help setting up my subscription and they responded quickly and walked me through what I needed to do. I received a discounted product in exchange for my honest and unbiased opinion.

Still Great
I grew up with my family only buying Proform fitness products (I believe Sears sold them pretty exclusively then), so I was hoping the quality of my elliptical would match my expectations. No worries, because Proform still makes quality products. This was pretty easy to put together-about an hour and a half and my husband and I are not tech savvy- and it feels sturdy. The movement is quiet and smooth. The size is pretty compact so it fits right in to a smaller space. The equipment comes with a free trial of iFit. If you've not tried it, definitely do the trial, if for a y reasonbut to see some beautifulplacesin the world. I'm really enjoying both the physical and global experience from the safety of my home. I received this item at a discounted rate for my honest opinion.

Lifechanging during Covid
I was very depressed and isolated and no gyms were available around me during the COVID lock down. The proform treadmill I invested was the best investment I could have made for myself at anytime. The quality of the machine, the heavy duty design made it impossible for me to screw up. The iFIT subscription was like getting the peloton experience at a fraction of the cost. I really felt empowered to use it and felt better about myself as I gained confidence.

Perfect indoor bike
Love the Proform bike. It makes workouts so much nicer. There are a variety of videos and workouts you can use to enhance how you train. When my Proform bike arrived, the box was a little damaged. Upon opening it, I realized I didn't need to be worried. Pro-Form had packaged it so well there was zero damage to the machine. Reaching the company was easy and they were very easy to talk to and resolved my issues quickly.
For my honest feedback, I received this product at a discount.

Great home equipment
I have both a elliptical and exercise bike by ProForm. The bike is the newest addition and have been using it with the iFit app and it's been awesome. My daughter and I set everything up in about 1.5hrs. Instructions were very straightforward. I love the personalized options available on the app. Instructors are very engaging and motivating. This is a great asset for those such as myself who are stay at home parents. The convenience is unmatched. I received a discounted product in exchange of my honest feedback

Worst customer service
Please do not business with them. Pro-Form will keep you on wait for 2-3 hours for every call. If you buy a treadmill you will have to deal with the company for shipping, delivery and maintenance, if you want to spend 5-6 hours of your life doing this then do business with them otherwise stay away. I was forced to cancel my order because they refused to do doorstep delivery and they charged me 400$ to cancel my order which was not even delivered. Save yourself, stay away from them.

Very Disappointed
I received my Proform HIT Trainer in January 2020. Since this time I have been able to use it only 4 months as the machine has broken three times with repair downtimes of approximately 4-6 weeks on each occurrence. I love my machine when it's working but the down times for service are unacceptable. Proform delivers parts timely but the service even with an extended service agreement causes dislike for the company, product and Ifit as a whole. I am considering selling my machine or potentially just giving it away and purchasing a more reliable product. I read the reviews but unfortunately on the Proform website Pro-Form apparently censor the reviews because my initial statement of disappointment never appeared. So spend the extra money on a better product you will be much happier in the long run.

Top Quality Again!
This is the second Pro-Form bike we purchased and once again, we are LOVING the quality of this company's products! The bike is solid and made to last! Shipping was fast and set up was a breeze, it took less than 30 minutes from box to completion with their great instructions. Being an active family of 5, someone is always working out and we love adding Pro-Form equipment to our line up in our home gym!
Disclaimer, I was given a price reduction on this product for my honest and unbiased opinion.

Beware of buying the warranty plan
I purchased the Proform treadmill from I then purchased the 4 year extended warranty service from 2 years into the warranty, my belt is broken. I contacted Profrom, Pro-Form assigned the warranty to Icon Fitness, Icon Fitness sent the parts for the belt. But assigned the actually repair job to Altitude Fitness Repair in Colorado. But it's been a month, no one would call and schedule an appointment to come and service the treadmill. I sent emails, texts and web live chats. Everyone is kicking the ball around and no one would respond to the repair. Basically, I paid the money for the warranty plan and will not receive any after-sale service. Costco is willing to take the treadmill back. But I just wish ProForm, Icon Fitness and Altitude Fitness Repair in Colorado would step up and honor their obligation.

Pro-Form Treadmills = Cheap Low Quality Junk
This is an initial review of Pro-Form Treadmills. My specific experience includes 4 different models.

Including both the 400 Series & 600 Series.

The website touts "Professional-grade construction", along with other claims of quality materials and workmanship.

None of this is true. Pro-Form Treadmills use inferior materials and inept Chinese workmanship. Pro-Form are pieces of junk. Some are dangerous pieces of junk.

One 400 model in particular will change speeds - haphazardly without warning. This malfunction is inherent at the point of manufacture. This problem has been reported to Icon Health & Fitness (Customer Service for Pro-Form Equipment), but they do nothing except continually offer empty apologies.

In summary: Pro-Form markets nothing but cheap junk. If you own one, get rid of it while you can. If you have the option to get your money back, get it while you can. Eventually these pieces of junk will begin to malfunction, becoming useless garbage long before they reach anything close to a useful life potential. I repeat - Pro-Form = Junk.

NOTE: I will edit this review soon to include video of these machines in use so potential buyers can see for themselves what horrible products they really are.

Solid Quality Equipment
I absolutely love my ProForm bike. I received a discount for my honest review which I am leaving now that I've used it for awhile. Putting this bike together was a breeze. Took one person less than an hour. All tools were included and parts clearly identified. The ride is smooth, sturdy, and it's easy to increase resistance while riding. I originally thought I wanted to replace the pedals to the ones that are for clip in shoes but the toe cages are actually perfect for the workouts I am doing. I had to call customer service when the bike arrived because the package was a bit damaged by the shipping company when it arrived. Pro-Form were incredibly helpful and walked me through the steps if there was any damage. Much to my surprise it's packed so we'll that not a single piece was dented. I enjoyed the 30 Day free iFit trial and immediately purchased an annual membership. There are literally hundreds of classes destination rides to pick from.

The machine is ok the software is NOT!
I purchased a Pro-Form elliptical machine this fall. The equipment is fine. It feels solid and performs well. The iFit software is really bad. So bad I want to take it off my machine but you can't. Please beware if you purchase from Pro-Form the ONLY option is to use iFit software. From what I can tell Pro-Form are not the same company and Pro-Form has out sourced the software. It is hard to use, the trainers are (I think) annoying but it is the only option you have to use iFit and is not free once you use up the promotion period.

The other question I had is how is Pro-Form and iFit using your data? Your machine has to be connected to the internet at all times in order to function. Are they selling your workout and and heath data to advertisers or insurance companies?

I would never recommend Pro-Form.

Don't buy
Received pro form treadmill. No wheels came figured I'd just let them know. No owners manual again, I'll let them know. However, went to set it up with Wi-Fi wouldn't except my Wi-Fi wouldn't except my password took over 30 minutes for it to finally kick in. So then it moved over to looking for updates. Three hours later still looking for updates. Tried to work on it bypassing Wi-Fi, and it would only provide me with a cool down mode of two minutes and 47 seconds. Call customer service told him that I would really like to just return the product was not happy with the fact that nothing worked. Over an hour and a half later after proving to them via video and pictures that I wasn't lying about the condition, I finally was able to get a confirmation that Pro-Form would refund my money but get this, the treadmill came without wheels they want me to move the damn treadmill out to the street or the garage. I will completely disassemble this piece of $#*! into 100 separate pieces and they can come pick it up. I will never do business with customer service that can't resolve any problem to a customer satisfaction. Oh and by the way white glove delivery room of choice sweaty fat men stinking up my house knocking things over in the process treadmill was shaky as hell.

Great Product from a Great Company
My proform bike arrived and I was immediately excited to get started. I was able to unpack and assemble without any help. I reached out to the company via facebook and Pro-Form were super responsive. I have always wanted a spin break and this is a reputable brand. This bike comes with one-year subscription to IFIT which provides interactive training, beginning to advanced training sessions and tracks your results. I love these features. I would definitely recommend this bike based on the quality and company customer service. I received this discounted product in exchange for my honest feedback.

Compact and complete
This brand offers great product which are compact and yet packed with complete features. Usually such exercise machines are bulky and takes a lot of space for a home gym setup but this brand offering is really nice for people who would want to setup gym at home. Pandemic not only hit businesses and jobs but also exercise routines for some people like me. I badly missed gym not until I came to know about this brand. The machine itself is really nicely made and can be easily moved around. It's very compact and takes very less space. I really enjoy working out. I received the item at a discounted rate for my unbiased opinion.

They Do Not Care About Customers
I ordered a Proform elliptical on 13 March.

That week I was told that I should expect delivery around 04 April.

On 10 April, according to their customer service, the elliptical had been in a warehouse since 31 March and was going to take another 2-3 weeks to arrive after Pro-Form shipped... which they were probably, no guarantees, going to do in the next few days. This was complemented with a terse insincere apology of the sort Grubhub sends when your food will be ten minutes late.

As of writing, they refuse to answer any further emails about the ongoing delay. I don't know if the elliptical is good or not, but the company clearly work on the principle that once they have your money (which will be over $1000 in most cases) you're just a sucker who will have to deal with whatever they feel like doing to you.

Friendly customer service
While setting up my new Proform elliptical I ran into an issue where I couldn't figure out how to attach a piece. I reached out to ProForm and not only did Pro-Form quickly help me figure out what I was doing wrong, they also gave me even more information about it! They wer le extremely friendly and helpful. I've seen ads for Proform products for years but always just went to the gym instead. Since Covid happened and there are so many new rules and regulations it was clear that working out at home would be the easiest thing for me. I finally but the bullet and got a proform elliptical and am so happy I did! It's super durable, it's great quality. It comes with more features than I could ever imagine and i get to use in the comfort and safety of my own home! I could not be more please with this company and would recommend it to everyone! I received a discounted product in exchange for my honest and unbiased opinion.

Durable and solid power tower
I recently purchased a Proform Pro Tower directly from Icon Fitness/Proform. I have been satisfied not only with this product but also with my previous items that are almost 9 years old. These are quality products that are durable with thick heavy metal frame components. The product has been engineered for both home and small office fitness center use by the manufacturer. This power tower was very well packaged and had no issues with any of the components despite having a box that was broken and taped by the carrier FEDEX when it was delivered. The customer representative assigned to me on this order was very responsive and provided this product at a discount in exchange for my honest opinion after using the power tower for 30 days.

Great investment
Having the Proform cycle has been great for keeping me active while being at home during times of quarantine. The cycle, although stationary, does provide me with lots of motivation due to the different types of workouts that I can complete (app vs manual, indoor vs outdoor style classes, different trainers, high intensity vs laid back).
I am very pleased to have this cycle, it is well worth it. Don't worry about spending major bucks on other name brand items, Proform makes great products too!
I received discounted product in exchange for my honest feedback.

Amazing Customer Service
After gaining the dreaded COVID weight I decided to work on my personal health this fall. My dear friend has a ProForm bike and raves about it so I decided to purchase one myself. It arrived quickly and after unpacking the box I was called away to household duties. In the time between unpacking and assembly, my four year old found the instrucition manual and decided it was a coloring book. Unfortunaly his amatuer artistry make several of the pages illegible. I immediatedly called customer service and Pro-Form were amazing at immediately emailing me a link to the online assembly instructions, which were super easy to follow by the way! I am now happily riding my way to better health!

I received a discounted product in exchange for my honest feedback.

Great quality at an affordable price
I purchased a pro form folding treadmill because I wanted to continue my fitness routine but wanted to stay out of the gym during Covid. This is a sturdy and well made treadmill that's perfect for those just starting an at home fitness program as well as those that have been working out at home and are looking to upgrade their equipment. I personally was looking for a treadmill that a beginner could use and was space saving. This treadmill fit the bill. It was simple to set up and I can fold it up once I've completed my workout. It has all the normal display functions that a treadmill should have as well as a shelf for a tablet or phone. This treadmill comes with a free 30 day trial for IFit which works in conjunction with the treadmill to alter the workout. I found this to be extremely motivating for me because I was able to choose from various trainers and workouts to keep me interested. I'm very happy with this product and have no plans on returning to an overcrowded gym anytime in the near future.

The best Spin Bike I've ever owned came from Proform
Everyone talks about Pelaton... Well, I didn't want theirs so I went with Proform The price is way more affordable and the bike is amazing! The workouts available are crazy fun. There are outdoor workouts and studio workouts so everyone can be happy. The large variety of workouts is great. I'm shocked at how much fun it is. The variety of iFit workouts has to beat the competition by miles. The best part is that the trainers are super nice and motivational. I haven't heard any bad language or anything. Super great workouts and safe for your kiddos to listen to them.

So far my experience with Proform has been really great. The bike I bought several months ago is in great shape. A call to customer service with questions was met with politeness and concern. I was given a link to turn on a video so the man could walk me through the steps I needed to do. Made it so easy and quick to help this beginner cyclist out.

ProForm has great equipment
ProForm offers great exercise equipment for great prices. I have been wanting a spin bike for a while and decided to go with their performance bike and I'm so pleased with my decision. The bike was easy to assemble and move around. It is very user friendly and offers so many great options for any spinning experience. I can't wait to work my way up to the more difficult classes and rides. I received discounted product in exchange for my honest feedback.

Happy with product
I got a spin bike and have been pleased with the product. I am impressed that even though I am pretty heavy the bike doesn't creak, groan, or feel tippy even when I'm doing the standing style pedaling. I truly think this is a great beginner bike to be introduced to the fitness world. The ifit membership that came with it is pretty invaluable, I wouldn't have had any idea on what to do to get full potential from the bike. Assembly was reasonable and manageable. I've needed to move it around a few times in the space we have it and that was easy as well. The screen really gives the opportunity for more variety. I was given the opportunity to procur this product at a reduced rate as a trade for an honest review.

Great alternative to the gym
I love that I can exercise at home and still have all the fun. I get personalized work outs, goals, challenges, and so much more. Their customer service is easy to get in touch with and quick and friendly. I received a membership with my treadmill and just love it. The treadmill is foldable so it isn't in the way when I'm not using it. The incline and speed change automatically. I received a discounted product in exchange for my honest feedback.

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