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Stay Away from this place!
We placed an order for a bar set and chairs in Late April. With a shipment date of May. When that scheduled delivery date arrived, we received notification that it would be delayed until Mid June. We were slightly annoyed as we live in the Northeast and the summers are short but we realized there was nothing we could do at this point. June came and went and we did not receive our set until late July. When it finally arrived, my husband noticed upon assembling the chairs that 2 or the 4 were table chairs, not bar height. We contacted Premium Patios and Premium Poly Patios sent us at a new set (another 2 weeks), and we were told we had to disassemble the incorrect ones and ship back.
We finally have a full set for the last week or summer. Totally unacceptable.
Unless you want constant aggravation and awful customer service, stay away from this place!
Final Notes: After I posted this I was contacted by the company and they did offer financial compensation. However, when it came time to credit out card, they failed to do so and also ignored all attempts to contact them.
Please do not use this company!

Tired of waiting!
I ordered a eight piece lounge set in May 2020. I did not receive the lounge chairs and tables until late July. I had contacted them many times with no response. I understand the corona was closing everything. So the late delivery was understandable. But Premium Poly Patios still should have keep communication open. I did not get the lounge cushions with the set. They said it was running late. OK! No communication I tried at least 10-15 times. Well it is now November I got the cushions. Great. I was going to just put the box away but decided to take a look. WELL. They are grey! I order NAVY
All the accessories I bought were to go with a navy set! I try every day to text their help line. God forbid the man the phones. The set is definitely beautiful. But this company deserves a ZERO rating. You can get these sets in your own towns. Just take the time to look around. Photo1. What I ordered 2 proof navy cushions 3 How the set looked without the cushions I didn't get. 4 The color they sent for the set. I can not get them to contact me. I want the look of the set I ordered. I paid a lot money for it. Please buy elsewhere

No customer service
Wanted to buy American made so I picked this company and chairs and side table for outside made in USA. The furniture is well made and amazingly sturdy. No problem putting it together - I am 64 yo F and not particularly handy. But I had an issue with a table I ordered not showing up despite the email saying both of my chairs and the table had been shipped. No phone customer service. Took 1 week for a response by email. The rep had a snotty tone to her email. Then notified the chairs and table are different companies. OK with that. Got the table after 5 weeks wait and there was an issue with the table not having the legs fit right to assemble properly. Left a message with pp's, still waiting. Called Berlin Gardens and Premium Poly Patios are amazingly responsive. Fixing my issue right away. Guess what? Still waiting to hear from Premium Polys. Order from someone else next time.

I ordered from this company and have had nothing but problems for furniture at a premium price. Partial order took over a month to ship after charging my credit card immediately on ordering product. Premium Poly Patios have disabled their phone system and chat feature and when you email they either don't respond or take weeks. I emailed re: wrong hardware. Their instructions described bolts that included a square head screwdriver and they provided carriage bolts. When I emailed to ask about the discrepancy I received no response. When I messaged them they were rude and denied receiving my email despite the fact that I provided them with their reference numbers. Check their FB page and look at the comments. People are being charged for products and are not getting their products nor are they getting responses to e-mails. They have turned off ratings on their FB page. Stay away.

Horrible to deal with
Place order on April 19,2012. Premium Poly Patios said it shipped 6/14. Taking for ever to reach someone - never pick up phone, never respond to email. They do if you are lucky engage in a chat session. Finally after a month of trying to contact them, I was able to chat with someone - they are looking into it but for some reason have gone radio silent. This is the worse experience I have ever had in purchasing items from the web! I have now submitted a complaint through PayPal (which I used purchased the $1800 worth items) and hopefully that would provide some motivation for them to resolved and refund me my money.

Worst customer service I've ever experienced.
I really hope I like my chair when it finally arrives. I ordered and saw that I'd receive an email when it ships. I never heard anything do I decided to call. I got a recording saying that their phones service had been discontinued during covid (this was a year after covid started). I tried emailing only to find the response time was 3-4 days. No response. Finally after a month of nothing I sent an email saying cancel my order. I thought it was time to look elsewhere. That got the nastiest response from a CS rep I've ever received, insinuating I'm an idiot because I failed to see tiny print saying orders ship in 6-7 weeks. I worked as a CS manager for 8 years. I constantly heard from people who had failed to notice information given to them. I politely answered their questions. I would have been fired if I hadn't.

Hi Thomas
I am so appreciative of your response!

It was order #PLF-00043266

I was a customer service rep for 8 years
And I do get what you're saying. And this has been
A horrible year for sure. I agree with everything you said.

What I wrote was accurate. I placed the order at the end of April.
Didn't realize the order response said that orders ship
In 6/7 weeks. I waited a month and thought I'd call
And find out the status. That's when I got a message
Saying due to covid there was no phone service.
I emailed but got no response. That's when I got
Suspicious that I was never going to get my order.
I emailed again and said I need to know the status or I
Need to cancel and look elsewhere. That's when I got
The nasty response implying I can't read. I responded
And said I would have been fired for such a response
And don't know how you stay in business.
I've dealt with angry out of control contractors and I
Would never think to answer in an unprofessional way.
My email was an angry one because by that time I was
Pretty frustrated but I've received a lot worse.
I figured after all that time I might as well wait for the chair.
I heard nothing so after 9 weeks I saw that my cc had been
Charged but I never got the promised tracking number.
I emailed again and said it's now longer than the lead time
I was given and I need status this week. If I hear nothing
I'm going to contact my cc company. You've charged
My card but I have no chair. I still heard nothing so I
Called Capital One. I admit I kinda thought your company
Was a bunch of crooks. Premium Poly Patios charged back the order.
A few days later the chair arrived. When I had successfully
Put it together I called Capital One and said I received
The order and all is well. They have put the charge back
On my card.
The funny thing is I bought the chair for my 100 year old
Father so he could sit out on the porch. He says it makes
His back hurt so I ordered a different one and I am giving
Yours to my brother. These are crazy times!
I understand none of this was your fault and I do thank
You for getting back to me.

Please enjoy your day,

Suzanne Bonne'

Don't be scammed, buy elsewhere.
I placed an order on June 1, and was given a three week delivery date, my credit card was immediately charged. It's August and I still haven't received the order. You can chat if you want to place an order. But if you want to make an inquiry about an existing order, well you're out of luck. You cannot talk to a person and email goes unanswered. Premium Poly Patios have a Covid excuse on their website and they updated their shipping time for the item I ordered to 6 - 8 business days. This is B. S. unless they work 1 day a month! I just want my Visa account credited.

Products great! Customer service/shipping reprehensible!
Received my Loggerhead chairs today. The product is as expected. Looks good, hoping it will last as Premium Poly Patios say because customer service is deplorable. I ordered my chairs June 8. The site says ships in 5-10 business days. Chatted online after 7 days because I was so excited. I was told the factory was doing maintenance(what? During peak production time?) and my shipment would be delayed. I asked if they would arrive before July 4th, as I was having a party. They rudely said I could phone early the next week and check. I did just that and was rudely told what did I expect? This was their busy season. I expect they should arrive as promised. I checked their website and the product still said ships in 5-10 days. I was told they should arrive June 27/28 the latest. I emailed them on the 28th because I still hadnt heard. They emailed back that the shipping label was created and they would arrive July 3. July 3rd at 5pm I received a txt that said they would arrive July 5. They arrived the 5th. There are so many other places that offer the same product. I would have cancelled early on had I known they 1) wouldnt arrive on time and 2) have such poor customer service.

Customer Service
I recently purchased two chairs and was having issues with applying the discount. I went ahead and purchased the chairs simply because Premium Poly Patios are the most durable and comfortable. Daniel C. A customer service agent reached out to me several times to rectify the situation. He was very diligent and consistent trying to contact me and make it right. I appreciate the extra time and service he provided. He is an excellent customer service agent and this company should be extremely proud to have him on their team.

AWOL customer service
I order a set of rockets around Memorial Day. After a few weeks I emailed on the status and Premium Poly Patios said things were delayed due to COVID issues - no problem but I did ask if I could just cancel the order - we have a local guy who stocks some models. After 3 weeks they replied with a discount to stay on board which was nice but they didn't realize they had already shipped the chairs! One arrived missing a piece so it can't be assembled. I emailed them the issue and have sent pix and what I thought the options were -- there's been no reply for 3 weeks! The product looks ok but I'd warn anyone dealing with them that they seem disorganized. I understand the strains company's have with COVID but non replies to simple issues is just poor business

Horrible customer service response
Ordered two rocking chairs. One was fine, but the 2nd one had production defects and would not assemble correctly. I can understand quality issues if the customer service is helpful. However it's been 3 months and still don't have a replacement. I sent pictures of defect as requested and get no response. I finally spoke with a representative that said Premium Poly Patios would email me with details for a return, etc. and still waiting two weeks later. I just want to sit on my porch and can't get my second rocker. There are other Polywood furniture companies out there. I would never order from this company again. They don't care about customer satisfaction or the quality of their products.

Not on the up and up, you have been warned
It takes them FOREVER to ship and any information on that is buried in fine print. Dealing with customer "support" was a lesson in rudeness and snark. Who needs this? Not me. Not you. Based on their level of "customer support," I'm guessing Premium Poly Patios hired people from United Airlines. There are plenty of other places to get the same furniture. Wayfair for example. Here's an idea. If you are a Premium Poly Exec, try placing an order and contacting your support dept and tell us what you think. Or maybe you don't care and are the root of the problem?

Swing seems solid, but missing parts. CustService... no response. Overall?... mediocre at best.
Purchased porch swing and upgraded mounting hardware. Took almost 3 months to get. Hardware wasn't included in box. Got a swing, can't use it. Emailed multiple times because phone service is non-existent. I keep getting help ticket emails back. Premium Poly Patios focus on sales but obviously have problems with fulfilling basic business duties: customer service order fulfillment. Not sure how they can survive on this. They are not giving me any reason to give them kudos.

Customer service run around
I expected delays in shipping since Premium Poly Patios were upfront on their website. After week 6 passed, my husband tried getting an email response from their customer service. We waited the 3-5 business days and have not received an email response. I then left a message since their site does not allow you to talk to a real person. Then after leaving a message they give the same response that we'll get an email in 3-5 business days. I'm feeling that we just got swindled. Has anyone been able to get through to this company? Very frustrated with the run around! We still have NOT received our chairs.

AWFUL! Cancelled order in Aug.; still sent the order & charged me in Oct. & are now unreachable
This is some of the WORST customer service I have ever experienced. I have tried to have patience given the pandemic, but when you turn off your phone lines, tell everyone to email you but then are COMPLETELY unresponsive, publicly sharing this TERRIBLE customer service experience seems to be the last hope of getting some kind of resolution to my experience. I have sent probably 20 emails to the company without response. Below is the last one I sent, which also explains why this has been such a miserable company to try to work with. (As a note, I have done lots of online shopping during the pandemic and other companies that were also overwhelmed were at least able to be reasonably responsive. And while I recognize this issue is small in the big scheme of our world right now, I am currently out $500 and have no idea how to recoup this.)

Here is the most recent email I sent to the company:

I am at my wit's end; I do not know what to do here. If you look back through communications associated with this order - both via this helpdesk email and on the chat function on the website - you will see that I tried to cancel this order on August 9th via email (since there was no way to call). I received no response, so I sent a follow up email on August 17th. No response. On September 28th, I received an email apologizing for the delay in shipment. I responded right away and again said I wanted to cancel the order. Someone replied to say Premium Poly Patios had requested cancellation. What they did NOT say was that on that same day, the order was shipped and my credit card was charged. On October 10th, the chairs I had cancelled two months earlier were dropped on my porch by Fed Ex. I immediately reached out to this Help Desk. I heard NO response. So then I sent several emails to the chat function (which always says it is busy) on the website. I again heard NO response. However, Fed Ex came back and took the chairs, saying they had been "sent to pick them up". I have reached out SEVERAL more times via the contact page on the website (since this customer service function was unresponsive), but as it stands, this is the situation:


You do not have operating phone lines. You do not respond to messages on any of the platforms you tell customers to use. I literally do not know what to do.

Order placed June 2nd... never received but they charged my credit card.
Please think twice before ordering from this company. I have been trying to get in touch with someone to find out about my order that was placed on June 2nd. I still have not received my order it is now Sept. 12 & I can't get in touch with anyone to find out... Premium Poly Patios charged my account $642 back in June, immediately took payment for it but never sent my merchandise. I have emailed them more times than I can count & no one responds... Can't call customer service because they are not taking calls (I get a recording saying customer service is not taking calls at this time). So I got ripped off for $600... Save yourself the aggravation & find another company to deal with... I strongly recommend not dealing with them at all...

Worst Business Ever
This was a horrible mistake to use this company. I paid $1595. 00 6 weeks ago to get an order of Patio furniture. The took my money and charged my credit card and disappeared off the face of the earth. Their phone doesn't answer and an their address no longer gets email. I am so angry that I am investigating any chance at criminal charges. I reported them to MasterCard and Premium Poly Patios are investigating. This stress is unnecessary at this time with everything going on.

Nobody at this company answers the phone or responds to emails. I placed an order in March of 2021. I STILL DO NOT HAVE IT. I have been charged on my credit card yet still no product. I can't get a hold of anyone at this company. STOP USING THE COVID AS AN EXCUSE. Get the shot and get to work. I am reporting this charge to my credit card company as fraud and reporting you to the better business bureau if I do not get a solid date in 24 hours. This is ridiculous.

Very Strange [BAD] Experience
In mid-Jul 2020, we ordered a custom cushion for a Polywood chaise. We checked a few times over the following months after that, and it was explained that Premium Poly Patios were running behind and it would ship at some point. Since it's been 4 months, this week after again checking with them (since they last said it would ship in mid-Oct), they advised that "Your account is showing that you were never charged and that our cushion department was not able to fulfil your order, so they canceled it. Therefore, there is no order that will be shipped out. We are very sorry for this!" That was the explanation - we have no idea if the "cushion dept" went out of business, closed for the season, nothing.

Buyers Beware
BUYERS BEWARE. While I can understand some delay in shipping items given current circumstances, I was quoted an estimate of 7-12 days from a representative of the company when placing my order. That timeframe came and went. Phone lines have been disabled and any email correspondence takes multiple attempts and days to get a reply. When I finally got a reply, I was told my items would ship within the week (Premium Poly Patios didn't). I recently got an update that my items are now backordered and won't be shipped for another 4-6 weeks. Complaints left in the comment section on their Facebook page were deleted TWICE. I will not be buying from this company again and have requested a cancellation of my order.

Premium Poly Patios is Great!
Premium Poly Patios is an awesome company. Not only do I love their products but Premium Poly Patios offer top of line customer service. I never had to wait for more than a couple of hours to an email inquiry. They are also so pleasant to speak to and truly make the customer feel appreciated. I will recommend Premium Poly Patios to my friends and family and will definitely be back to buy more!

Still waiting...
I placed an order going on three months ago. I cannot get customer service on chat, on phone (Premium Poly Patios seem to have disconnected their phones) not on email. My order status has been ‘in production' for three months. But they charged my card immediately, not waiting to charge until my two bar stools actually ship. No updates, no live people to talk to, I'm beginning to think I've been scammed and this is not a real company.

COVID is forcing a number of companies to perform to their expected levels.
We received a confirmation of ordering a small table. When we saw that it would take14 to 16 weeks, We called and cancelled. We were told a refund would take about 7 days. It didn't. Covid has struck not only individuals but also whole companies; affecting production and their employees. We were angry at first, but after talking to Thomas he explained the "COVID" effect.
Finally Thomas called us and reviewed our issue. He was very cordial & expressed his wanting to rectify the problem. It seems that the credit was delayed between the bank and credit card company. Thomas, we thank you! 5 star rating for Thomas correcting and following up... good customer service.

Terrible customer service
Ordered 5-5-20. Received shipment 6-19-20 but it was the wrong color. Contacted them immediately via email and Premium Poly Patios didn't respond for weeks other then to send form emails saying how busy they were. Posted a negative review on Facebook and that prompted action. They sent me a text saying they would have the wrong items picked up the next day but the shipper never called or showed up after we waited six hours. Since then they have not responded to texts or emails.

I ordered a patio set from them on 6/4/20 and was told online that it would be shipped out within 48 hours. It is 12 weeks later and I have not received the set. I tried contacting the company over 4 times via email since Premium Poly Patios don't answer their phones and no replies. I want to cancel my order because the summer is almost over. This is the worst company ever.

They charge you months before they ship items, and then no communication-
I ordered and was charged over $1900 for a polywood bar set and two rockers in March of 2021. I received the rockers in June. Now it's September and no bar. I understand that items everywhere are on backorder but my complaint is there is no way to get information on the rest of this order. I've called and e mailed several times, I've tried chatting to no avail. I can't even cancel the order for a refund because there's no way to get in touch with anyone. If I hadn't been charged in March I would be more patient but that's a lot of money for them to hold onto without delivering the product. Premium Poly Patios should not charge until order is shipped.

No communication and does not reply to "tickets"
We ordered 10 chaise cushions on July 8,2020 (a purchase totaling more than $1300). Premium Poly Patios were supposed to ship within 2-4 weeks, but with COVID, everything is delayed. So I waited 10 weeks to contact them. When I called the toll free number, its a recording that you can NOT check the status of your order via phone because their customer services workers are working from home (aren't we all?). Rather, you have to reply to the email confirmation for your order, and a "ticket will be opened and someone will reach out to you within 4 days. HA! Four days. I waited a full 7 days. No reply. I sent another reply to open another "ticket." Now another week later and I have not received any update on EITHER ticket (one of which is now 14 days old). I went in earlier this morning and somehow navigated to a page when looking at my order and saw that the order was CANCELLED. They never notified me via email - they just canceled the order. It doesn't say when it was cancelled. It could have been cancelled 2 months ago. I would NEVER buy from this company again. Awful service. I learned from my mistake. Beware! And think twice before purchasing from Poly Premium Patios.

Filed complaint with Attorney Generals office and finally got a refund
I placed an order for patio furniture last June 19,2020 and the company immediately ran my card for $1,795. Nearly 3 months later, September 2nd, I still did not receive the furniture. After weeks trying to reach someone in customer service (phone is disabled and rare responses from the strange email Premium Poly Patios use), I finally took the advice of the reviewers at, I filed a complaint online in just a couple of minutes with the state's Attorney General's office. Google to find the office for your state. Within hours after filing the complaint and forwarding it to Poly Patios emails (daniel at and helpdesk at, I received a full refund.

Sorry I have to give this review.
I realize we are in the middle of a pandemic and everything is harder but their communication and customer service is the worst. I ordered $3000 worth of furniture in early June. I understood that it would take longer than usual and Premium Poly Patios said it would ship "within 30 - 40 working days". This was 6 - 8 weeks which I was fine with. Eight weeks passed and I heard nothing. They do charge you credit card immediately so you have already paid. I contacted their customer service via email rather than phone, as they requested, and you get an immediate automated response that it may take up to three days to get a response. I even understood that. A week later I still had not heard from them and emailed again. This time they answered and apologized but said they checked on production and it should ship within two weeks. That would have put me at around 10 weeks. To make a very long story short, the furniture finally arrived at the 16 week mark. Of course, one item was missing. I just emailed them and the saga continues. Hopefully this will go better. Again, I understand the challenges that businesses are under at this time. However, they still need to communicate with customers. If they are having issues with manufacturers they should let us know. For my items, their website is still saying 8 weeks for delivery. Don't believe it!

I understand COVID problems, but I called, e-mailed...
I understand COVID problems, but I called, e-mailed and tried chatting for two weeks without a response. Refer to support tickets #528085] and 614316 as well as phone and chats. I feel this is unacceptable. When I clicked on Discounts, it said "MEMORIAL15" for 15% off... this was during the week approaching Labor Day. The code did not work, but I couldn't get anyone to give me more information.

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Description: PLEASE READ BEFORE WRITING A REVIEW: During these unprecedented times, the health and safety of our customers and employees is at the forefront of our thoughts in everything we do.
As we couple employee safety with a major increase in customer support and sales inquiries, our customer service response times might be slightly delayed.

Please reach out to us by responding to your original order confirmation email. This will create a Help Desk Ticket, if you do not have your confirmation email, simply send an email to helpdesk(at) with your order and contact information and we will respond as soon as possible.

We are OPEN and working around the clock to make certain you get the products you love as quickly as possible.
To find out more about lead times and the latest Covid-19 updates, please visit our Contact Us page on our website.

Please know, we are behind the scenes working diligently to get you your answers and your product. We have been in business for over 18 years and take great pride in our customer service and strive for 100% perfection.

Thank you and stay healthy

Our Poly lumber furniture store offers premium polywood furniture at the best price possible. We also offer Premium Poly Patios for indoor & outdoor use.

Address: 44654


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