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PB lost a long-time cutomer
I have been a loyal customer to PB for years, making regular large and small purchases, and have always considered their customer service standards to be very high- until recently. I ordered a sofa from the in August 2019, and subsequently received email after email pushing back potential delivery date. After 3 months I started to become annoyed with the situation and called customer service. Each month when I called (we made it to almost 6 months total post-ordering!) I was told the same thing..."we are waiting for one piece of the sofa to come in, sorry"..."I'll send an email to our shipping carrier and follow up personally on the matter." I NEVER heard back from a single customer service agent in follow-up as promised. Finally, again after nearly 6 months of waiting for my sofa and having just received a fresh email stating another 3-4 week delay in potential delivery, I made yet another call to customer service. This time I requested immediately to speak with a supervisor- after waiting nearly 40 minutes to speak with a 'lead', he comes on the line with an attitude towards me and says the same thing I have been told for the last 3 months ("I'll send an email to the shipping dept, that's all I can do")... offering no assistance, apology, or solution to the problem. When I responded with an understandably frustrated tone, stating that I wanted to cancel the order due to this unacceptable level of customer service and that I would like an email with written proof of him stating that I would get a refund 'once the other part got to the shipping warehouse" (sorry, at this point I had no faith in this team of cust service reps and wanted written proof)... but rather than James taking the 10 seconds to send me the requested email, I was told that I was "not giving him incentive " to send me said email! I have no words.
I will never again make a purchase from this company, out of principal at this point. It seems customer service is dead, and I for one am choosing small over big and WILL find a company that cares about it's customers again. Save yourself the hassle and find a different company yourself.

Disappointed in pottery barn
Don't order from here if you actually want your order delivered to you in the actual 3 "estimated date of delivery" e-mails Pottery Barn will send you nor the 6-12 weeks they claim takes for production (I waited 16 weeks). Don't order from here if you want the ACTUAL item you ordered to be delivered.

I purchased the customizable Sullivan Deep Seat Sofa with ottoman on Labor Day weekend (last week of August 2019). The first estimated delivery was Oct-Nov. Then an e-mail sent with a delayed delivery date of Nov-early Dec. No follow up until I e-mailed that finally said new delivery would be end of December. When I received the sofa on Dec 20 the ottoman was incorrect. I placed the order for what I thought was the deep seat slipcovered ottoman with an associate (the confirmation e-mail showed the correct photo attached to the incorrect item name that I was unaware of at the time) but received the deep seat sectional ottoman. [However, I was told in store that the corners would be all squared off like how I wanted even when I looked online and saw the photo on the website did not match and inquired about it when I placed the order!] When I reached out to customer service they pointed out the error in the image to the item name and did an order replacement for the correct item. I received another confirmation e-mail showing the correct item with delivery date of Feb-Mar. Today I receive the delivery and it is the same damn incorrect ottoman. I waited another 3 months to get delivered the incorrect ottoman for the SECOND time. For an order originally placed in August.

Aside from my initial encounter with the associate at the Pottery Barn store and the guys that deliver the furniture this company is a joke. You spend a couple grand at this place and this is the service you receive. Their "rush delivery" on this next go around will probably take another 3 months.

Customer service on the first e-mail when I complained about delay in delivery AND wrong item said they would compensate after the item is successfully delivered and everything is considered. Please read this damn review and tell me what else are you considering? I don't think there's a debate on how $#*!ty this order was processed.

$#*!ensian cargo ship.
For whatever it's worth I'm sending this to the president on down. It's my God-given voice.

Subject: Retail jobs. What I did to survive

Wrote this about Pottery Barn on Yelp. This is what I'm reduced to. Indeed. That after all my hard work and sacrifice, I should be down to $13.22 an hour part time reduced to the abuse and disrespect to which I was subjected is what I have to thank UCLA. Par for the course that no one listens nor cares how little highly experienced and educated Hispanic women count in overcrowded Southern California. My student debt is a noose around my neck. My UCLA MFA a death sentence.

The one Yelp check mark is for the Williams-Sonoma/Pottery Barn corporate culture of putting profits above employee safety or common sense civility. I was a loyal customer when money was more plentiful so I thought it would be fun try and make ends meet as a part time member of the Pasadena store team. To say that it was stressful it's an understatement it was also humiliating. There are some super hard-working store managers there who cannot be faulted. But one of the managers was a male tyrant who terrified and berated me publicly and put me to process boxes endlessly in their dank basement. I got really super sick, couldn't breathe, had to go to emergency and thought I would die.

And did you know that PB sales personnel are supposed to clean the store with a broom? Think about it. Pottery barn corporate made me feel of no value for who I am as a woman, nor for my hard-earned accomplishments -- my three-language fluency, my long established experience as an accredited professional screenwriter, my UCLA MFA in film and digital media studies 2012, my dedication to a brand I have had on display all over my historic Glendale home. No more.

Pottery Barn is a kind of $#*!ensian cargo ship. My family and I will forever stay away. Caveat emptor. But it is typical of all retail jobs and the only jobs an educated Hispanic woman can get.

Misleading Shipping Quotes - Take It Or Leave It Attitude
I ordered about $4,000 worth of furniture and decor items and selected the option that tells PB to deliver them as Pottery Barn come in, and NOT to wait until all of the items were at the delivery center to deliver to my home.

They did the opposite, of course, and all of the items that i ordered that were supposed to be here before Thanksgiving are not here, and half of them are now supposedly backordered. In 2020, most every company has software that controls and tracks inventory in real time. Have they not heard of this?

When I called, I got a somewhat stern woman who basically told me to go pound sand. She told me that even though some of my items were sitting in the Delivery Center, they couldn't be released to me because they were "awaiting other items". When I explained to her that I had chosen the option to have the items delivered individually, I was told that they couldn't meet that requirement, and that there was nothing she could do about it. Go pound sand. Right?

So I scheduled a date of 2nd December for my delivery. Well, it's 2nd December, and I have zero of the items I was missing at the time. So I guess that date's out, as well. Of course, zero communication on their part. Nothing. No notification that they're not going to be bringing anything. Go pound sand?

So, I just called. I didn't want to be rude to the nice young lady with the nice accent on the phone, so I asked to speak to a supervisor, who asked the nice young lady with the nice accent to tell me that she was not available for phone calls. Horse-puckey. What kind of supervisor doesn't have access to a phone? Is she working in a parking lot in Kandahar?

The way NOT to do business is to tell someone that you have it, then give them options regarding shipping and delivery that you never intend to meet.

This is the last money we will spend with Pottery Barn. Ever. A smattering of my purchases are posted below so that you will know that my review is real.

Shop elsewhere! Misleading and over-rated!
With the expectation that receiving our 5 piece living room furniture would come within 4-6 weeks as stated on receipt and from sales rep, I am furious that I'm still waiting on two pieces. PB continuously pushed back the estimated delivery dates too many times to count, without any notice, on every single item I purchased. It soon became clear we made a horrible choice choosing PB.
We purchased in July hoping to have a brand new family room for Thanksgiving guests. Now I've discovered that two arm chairs won't be here until mid-December! This is completely unacceptable. Because everything has custom fabric I can't cancel or get a refund on this large purchase. Had I'd known PB was going to string me along for 4-5 months I NEVER would have shopped here. So over-rated. Ugh!
After complaining 3x for about 2 hours on the phone each time, Pottery Barn took 20% off the total and assured me the armchairs would arrive before Thanksgiving.
Uh, that ain't happening now! Where is my family supposed to sit? And in a half furnished room? How embarrassing. Maybe they could loan me a couple upholstered arm chairs until mine come in? It's the least they could do, rt? Or, just give me the chairs for free for being so completely unprofessional, unreliable and dishonest. This whole experience had been ridiculous and frustrating, to say the least.

Worst customer service
Ok everyone, get ready to read the absolute nightmare that has been my attempt to buy the Coleman beds (2 of them) from pottery barn. I needed these beds by 8/29 for a huge family reunion I am hosting. This has all been meticulously documented by me and is all true to the last detail. By the end you will be in such disbelief that I hope it convinces you to never order from this company again. Restoration hardware has some beautiful pieces and wonderful customer service in case you want an alternative. Here we go:

May 17,2018 - I ordered 2 Coleman beds with an estimated delivery date of 6/16-6/19.

6/19 - no beds arrived, so I called and spoke with Johnny. He said these beds are made by a "third party vendor", would not give me the name, but he would email the vendor and will hear back in 72 hrs and call me
6/22- no call back so I called customer service. Pottery Barn had no news, said there's nothing I can do, and they cannot contact vendor except via email
6/27 - I sent PB customer service an email - no response
6/29 - I called customer service and was told beds were in the dallas distribution center, I will get a call in 3-5 business days to schedule delivery
7/10 - no word so I called customer service and asked to speak to a manager. Spoke with Julianna. She could not locate beds at all. She sent a "priority email" to the vendor and will call me tomorrow with an answer.
7/14 - no call from her so I called again. They wouldn't let me talk to a manager, but told me the beds were "lost in transit" and I should cancel and re-order. I said no, I need to talk to Julianna first bc of conflicting info. I said these beds should be free after such a delay and so many calls, and was laughed at and said "that's impossible". They said Julianna would call me Monday (7/16)
7/16 - Julianna called me, said she's trying to locate the beds and will call me with an update "soon". She said she'd give me 50% off my order and "something else"
7/18 - Julianna called and left me a message, beds were received in Southern california facility, trying to locate them, will call me back "soon"
7/26 - no news so I called and spoke with Larry who couldn't get a hold of Julianna but said the beds were to be delivered to Dallas DC on 7/29. He said he is going to call me on 7/30 for delivery set up
8/6 - no call again, so I called and spoke with Alice. She said that Larry left no note in the computer and Julianna not available to speak to, so she will send her an email to call me
8/6 - I called again and spoke with Kathy Boucher, lead manager, who said they are not in southern california or Dallas and haven't even shipped from the vendor. She will not tell me who vendor is or where they are located. She states she cannot offer beds for free and can't even give me 50% off, and that Julianna "should never have said that, that's not possible". She is asking her boss to find out where the beds are and about compensation and will email me. I told her I must have beds by 8/29.
8/7 - I received an email from Kathy - no news, she talked to her manager about Julianna and Julianna should reach out to me soon
8/8 - I responded via email saying I haven't heard from Julianna yet and reminded her I must have the beds by 8/29. I asked if they could send me other beds to use in the meantime. No response.
8/14 - I emailed Kathy asking for news... again.
8/15 - I got a call from Courtney at the Dallas DC, who said only the bed frames have arrived but no head boards/foot boards, she will call me when the rest arrives
8/16 - I got an email from Kathy saying everything is in Dallas and I'll get a call for delivery soon. I emailed her back telling her what Courtney said and she answered saying it all should be there just "give them an extra day to check everything in".
8/17 - I called the furniture delivery - still only frames are there
8/19- I called again -still just frames there, other pieces haven't left the vendor
8/23 - I called customer service, Kathy was not in and he wouldn't let me talk with a manager. He stated the rest of the beds shipped on 8/20, but doesn't have a tracking number or who is shipping. He would not let me speak to the Dallas DC saying "I don't have their number", he wouldn't transfer me to someone who can talk with them either. He said if I need the beds by 8/29 I should just call on 8/27 and if no news I should have time to get other beds arranged.
8/23 - I emailed Kathy asking for a response.

In disbelief? Me too. By now these beds are over 2 months late, I have spend hours and hours on the phone and each time I get a different story. I am so frustrated and now have no time to arrange for beds to be here in time. I have several people who are elderly or have disabilities staying with me who may have no bed to sleep in. I hope this helps you decided who to buy furniture from in the future.

Terrible Customer Service
I'm actually shocked at the poor quality service this "high end" company has! I placed an order and immediately remembered a coupon I had gotten in my email. Called them within 5 minutes and asked to cancel the order so I could use my coupon (and would probably spend more because of it). Was told Pottery Barn couldn't cancel it because it had already been processed and sent to shipping...? I thought that made zero sense since I had JUST placed it, but went ahead and asked if she could just apply my coupon for me, then. She said we could try and then proceeded to hang up on me. My husband then called and was told that we should watch the website and when it said "shipping" we could call back and they could cancel it then...? Again, he said that literally made no sense, but they gave us no other option. Called back about 30 min later and then was told that they couldn't do anything because it was already shipping...!? As my husband was trying to tell them that's exactly what he had said to the other person, and ask if they could just apply my coupon, they proceeded to hang up on him again. Pretty frustrating to not receive any help in this situation, from a company that I have enjoyed and purchased from for many years.

If you want a pissed off customer this is how you do it...
Purchased two leather chairs from PB in store. My printed receipt estimated delivery 9-23 Oct. The store verified availability before I swiped my card. On 24 Oct I began calling. Probably 8-10 times between then and now, Jan 2020. My numerous calls were due to each call revealing different or conflicting information. Different dates, different reasons for the delay, assumptions, speculation, promised calls back from numerous furniture reps after "more investigation into the matter." Never once received a call, call back, or email from PB as a result of this order.

At one point in late October, I was told the chairs shipped out but to expect a couple weeks to clear customs (coming from overseas). Was told I'd be notified upon arrival and I'd be billed when items were ready for home delivery. Received that bill early Dec but no notice that items were ready. Looked up online and found that both chairs arrived but not ready for delivery because they're "awaiting additional items" (but I only ordered 2 chairs). I called for several days in mid Dec to speak to furniture section and couldn't get through after sitting on hold for half hour or more. Finally early this morning, I called and miraculously Pottery Barn are ready for delivery. I'm thinking now this was all intentional due to Christmas season, willing to bet backordered merch probably gets pushed to the bottom of the delivery list until the more recent Christmas purchases are delivered. So they just leave it alone and purposely not send out notice of arrival until things calm down for them after Christmas. The chairs were probably sitting there since mid November waiting on me to come looking for them.

Was also told back in Oct they'd waive my shipping charge for my trouble... Shipping charge was applied anyway. Luckily I demanded that in an email as proof. They didn't want to send it but did after I insisted. I had to call about the shipping charges today. I was cut off during 1st call after 15 minutes on hold while the rep reviewed the notes on the account, then I was quickly transferred to furniture without listening to my question on the 2nd attempted call, and finally got resolution on 3rd call and a total 1h and 25 minutes. Four total calls to PB in one day! Estimated 6hrs spent on hold or on phone with PB since mid-Oct.

After seeing all the sites and blogs titled such as "Pottery Barn Sucks"... I really regret buying from them. I won't step foot in their stores again. Lost a customer here! They already charge too much for dressed up junk but I thought how could you go wrong on a leather chair? We'll see. Lol. Im sure the story isn't over since I don't have the chairs in home yet.

The $8000 nightmare, well actually a $16000
We bought an empty home that needed to be completely furnished.
We bought from Arhaus(zero problems,) and Pottery Barn. We did it all online.
Our Pottery Barn order disappeared when we went back to check on delivery dates. A 2 hour phone call later, and it was all reorderd because Pottery Barn couldn't find it in their system. We had printed out our order so knew all the items and prices. Thought we had it all taken care of. Nope, they were sending it ALL to an old address! We had told them over and over what our address is. It was on all of the orders we'd placed.
Turns out they double shipped and double charged us for every thing! God save us all. Back to the phone. Three dropped calls later and we were starting to lose it.
Finally got someone on the line that had their $#*! together. Oh except for one huge detail. They sent us instore credit cards instead of returning money to our credit card. Oh hell NO! Back to another hour long phone call.
PB's shipping, and accounting departments are a train wreck. Please do yourself a favor and don't order anything online from them. I can't even imagine the hell i'd go through if I have to return any of this stuff.

Terrible wedding registry process and bad customer support
I signed up for a wedding registry through Pottery Barn because Pottery Barn had some things I liked. I am less than satisfied with the registry process and their customer service.

First, they don't notify you when items are bought and shipped. So you have to keep checking your registry to see if something is purchased, and you have to go to a separate part of the registry to see who purchased it - and you can only see that from a computer and not your phone. After 30 minutes on the phone with customer service, they said that they could not alert me every time something is purchased (like every other registry company), but that I could CALL IN EACH TIME TO GET DELIVERY INFO. I wanted to know when packages were delivered because I live in the city and was worried about package stealers. Apparently it's too much to ask to be notified when gifts are purchased/shipped.

Second, their customer service is terrible. An item was out of stock online after our wedding, so I called a store to see if they had it there because the item was a sham to match our comforter. They told me to call another store. Someone picked up at that store and asked me to hold and then didn't come back after 15 minutes. I hung up and called back. I then was on hold for another 20 minutes because they were checking on whether they had it. When they finally found it, they said I could either come get it by tomorrow (they will only hold it a day for me) or they could ship it for an extra shipping charge. I have a whole wedding registry with them, and they don't have the item online to purchase anymore. I'm very confused about why they wouldn't waive the shipping costs and just send me the item. I will probably never buy an item from Pottery Barn ever again.

No customer service and does not honor the free shipping coipons.
I have been purchasing from pottery barn for years and usually had great products. Especially for holiday items
I recently purchased a seagrass headboard, luggage stand, dining chairs and matching coffee table. 2 very large special order photographs along with Christmas tree skirt and stocking.
For the coffee table I had free shipping so it was on sale and no shipping. It did not say you needed a code and I did not see one. When I checked out it added $50.00 dollars. I immediately did a chat and email to explain but the Said "sorry, those are limited to time of purchase and couldn't change my order" I checked and explained the item was still there and said FREE SHIP. I did not receive a response.
Now it has been a month, even though it was in supply and ready to ship. I received email Pottery Barn would deliver on Saturday from noon to 5pm. I called them. I would like to change to mornings. They could not change. I ask them to deliver next week and get on morning delivery, again they said they had no delivery scheduled for the following weeks. I said then they should have been able to deliver on any day at morning. They said NO.
That was last weekend, I only have weekends to enjoy down time and was not willing to sit all day for a delivery. I still have not received my seagrass coffee table but I can assure you that is the last item that I purchase from them.
I explained to them that in the future I can find what I need on the Internet.
No customer service.

Terrible Customer Service!
I just bought a house in the area and thought I should go to my favorite store to get decorating ideas. With the logistics problems the US has been experiencing, I knew getting things in a timely manner was going to be a challenge, but I was willing to wait several weeks for my ordered items. I ordered drapes, rods and finials. Some things are still back ordered even as I am writing this review. Last week, I was growing impatient, so I called to see where my items were and how much longer I had to wait. Potter Barn had informed me that my $700 drapes were delivered back in September and..."didn't I get them?" I said, "No! I never got the drapes!" I was a little confused because I never got an email (which later I found in my spam box). I pleaded with customer service, but Pottery Barn refused to send me replacement drapes and said it was too late and I should have called sooner. So basically, $700 down the drain. To top it off, Pottery Barn even asked if I wanted to order a set of new $700 drapes! Wow! Add insult to injury! I doubt I will ever buy from Pottery Barn ever again. If Pottery Barn wants my business back, please contact me at *******

Custom Order Rug
Unfortunately, I cannot write a review of the actual rug I purchased; because I never received it. As many others have mentioned in their reviews, Pottery Barn moved the delivery date around multiple times. After 2 months post initial delivery date with no delivery, PB customer service determined my rug was "lost". I ordered a replacement rug that was supposed to be delivered within a 1-month timeframe. Again, my delivery date changed 3-times and pushed out 1.5 months. Customer service could not even tell me where my rug was in the process. Pottery Barn were nice and helpful but it doesn't seem like there is an accurate, updated system keeping notes of customers' issues - I had to repeat my scenario multiple times. Finally asked for a full refund and it took a week to get that approved by someone in "custom" orders.

I'm not sure what system the customer service is team is using to answer phone calls but the reps always sounded muffled/underwater, etc. when we were speaking. I brought it up to them - one rep actually was phenomenal and spoke loud and very slow so I could make out what he was saying. He was a rockstar.

Quality Service
Just have to share how happy I have been with potterybarn. Whether it's dot com or in the retail store these people seem to have the formula for keeping customers happy without compromise. Been shopping here for more than 20 years with not one negative experience. The rep I dealt with today went out of her way to get me a price adjustment. Although Pottery Barn have a new policy where customer would have to actually return an item then re-purchase at new price; Has not always been this way. Prior to, you could just call CS and adjustment would be made if price drop occurred within 14 days, no return was necessary. I was annoyed to learn they changed the policy because there were several items from my order that went cheaper right after I purchased. But the rep totally empathized with me, grand fathered me in as loyal customer. This totally turned my sad face to happy and resulted in a credit of nearly $40. Now we all know many retailers would tell you policy changed, end of story. For PB to make an exception for little ole me as a CS gesture is impressive. They care about service and loyalty. If you are budget conscious, don't underestimate the power of a price adjustment. Rarely any retailers advertise this, but most will do it so take advantage. I call this the unadvertised rebate. Thumbs up Pottery Barn!

Incompetence and Broken Promises
I purchased the Catalina Twin-over-Twin bunk bed for my son as a Christmas gift. I placed the order on December 2. My estimated delivery window was Dec. 9 - Dec. 23. As Christmas neared, I called Pottery Barn (PB) for an update and Pottery Barn said I should expect a call either Dec. 24 or Dec. 26. I received no call. On Dec. 30, I called back and spoke with a woman named Jodi. She assured me PB would straighten this out, apologized, and told me someone should have already called me to set up my delivery. Jodi went ahead and scheduled the delivery for Jan. 3. My wife rearranged her schedule to be home for the 9 AM to 11 AM delivery. Nobody ever came in spite of the fact the Track Your Delivery' link in the email said the delivery person at one point was 10 minutes away from our house.

Having heard nothing, at 2:30 PM my wife called to inquire. She was told they were missing a piece and would not be coming. This was completely unprofessional on the part of PB. My wife waited 3.5 hours past the end of the delivery window when all along PB was never planning on coming and never bothered to let us know. Days went by without hearing about rescheduling so I reached back out to Jodi via email. Jodi said the PB system showed the product had been delivered on Jan. 3 (the day they never came!). When I informed her it hadn't actually been delivered, she told me to stand by and somebody would call me. Of course, nobody called me.

On Jan. 8 I called back and was told my delivery wouldn't happen until later in the month because a piece was still missing. I asked to speak to a supervisor about a refund. Of course no supervisor ever called me, but PB set another delivery date of Jan. 11. PB finally delivered the product on Jan. 11 nearly three weeks after the last day in the original estimated delivery window. I reached back out to Jodi requesting a full refund. SHE TOLD ME POTTERY BARN WOULD GIVE ME A FULL REFUND. On Jan. 27, PB refunded me $640.39 of the original $1,067.86 purchase price. I again reached back out to Jodi about why I was not given my full refund, and she never was able to give me an answer.

I eventually called PB back again on Feb. 14 and demanded to speak with a supervisor. For the first time in this entire saga and despite repeated requests to do so I was finally able to speak with a supervisor, Courtney **. She asked me to send her the email correspondence with Jodi in which Jodi promised me a full refund. I did so. I never got a response and had to send Courtney multiple emails over the course of two weeks before she finally responded that Jodi made a mistake in extending to me a full refund, thus PB would not honor the full refund promised to me by one of its employees. Rather than bending over backwards to make things right (like any reputable company would have done by now), PB decided to tell me that it will not stand by representations made to its customers. Its word means nothing.

My wife and I have spent countless hours either on the phone, conversing over email with PB and its employees, or waiting for a delivery that never came. Every single employee that touched our purchase should be reprimanded and retrained on every aspect of their job. All I asked for was a full refund one we were absolutely entitled to AND promised by Pottery Barn. Even if we get a full refund, the amount of time taken away from our jobs dealing with this mess would mean we would have still lost money on this experience. It is time for some accountability at Pottery Barn.

Consistently Bad customer experience
Evrything is awful from a customer perspective. I don't understand how you can have websites like amazon and then a websites like pottery barn. Website is total crap. Registry doesn't update or edit, no reviews on products, website shows items in stock but Pottery Barn are really not and if they discount something they won't ship it leaving the customer the only option of picking it up in a store 100 miles from here. Evrything is on backorder or it shows as will ship 2 months from now. You can save favorites to your account but they just disappear eventually for no reason. No way to have a shopping list or a wish list, only option would be a registry but like I said that is terrible. If you have a reward they still charge you up front and credit you later on Your statement... ridiculous. Customer service by phone or email is downright awful. If you send an email they tell you that they will answer in 48 hrs. Ha! Maybe 48 days. I got an answer I think 7 days later when the issue had already resolved. I called since I was getting no response and did everything on the phone but it was equally bad. Got no follow up confirmation email of what was done, no service what so ever. The experience in the store is not much better. Every time I go in all the reps are on the phone with god knows who for like 1 hour, the systems were down last time and they couldn't process returns or exchanges, lines started forming... it is consistently like this. You would think for a company that overcharges at least you could get an impeccable website and customer service but this is not the case at all. Better just using amazon.

Pottery Barn price gouges, selling inferior brands under their own name
I am an astute shopper and make sure I read reviews before purchases. I also am familiar with Pottery Barn, and had previously regarded them as a firm that sold quality products

I searched for an art trolley online. One, by Honey-Can-Do, was $70. It had weak reviews, which mainly focused on the poor quality of the product, and the "rickety" nature of the trolley once it was completed.

So, I purchased a similar-looking product on the Pottery Barn site for $149. It was so similar-looking that I check thoroughly to see if it was actually the Honey-Can-Do product. As it was mentioned nowhere, I concluded it must be a superior product, given the price.

It arrived. I put it together. It seemed cheap. The "wood" split in places, and it was not stable. Only then did I notice on the outer box the words "Honey-Can-Do".

I complained, and asked for a price match. Pottery Barn refused.

I consider this to be outrageous and unethical behavior from Pottery Barn, as Pottery Barn hid the brand of the product until it was sent, and used the cover of their own brand to price gouge their customer, charging twice the normal market value of the product.

Huge price change
Bought a wine tower in July for $999. Was told it was a new item. It didn't have a price so Pottery Barn sales person looked it up. Said it was $499. When we started the process of ordering it she said "oops, sorry it's $999. We thought about it and went ahead and purchased it. Went back to the store in October and it was $499. Talked to the manager and he said to call customer service. After a few "We will call you back within 24 hours" I called again and asked to speak to a supervisor, supervisor was very helpful and thought that the price change was also outrageous and said she would talk to her boss and call me back. She said that they never have a price change that drastic. She called me back and left a message and said that her boss said that is what we paid for it and they would not give us any kind of a refund. She said they were phasing the tower out. Used to be a large shopper at all their stores and they make tons of money but I will NEVER shop there again and I will keep passing on my story. I'm frustrated and angry at this company. I guess buyer beware is something I learned. I feel someone has pocketed $500 on my expense.

Defective product and horrible customer service
My husband and I bought a bed from Pottery Barn and Pottery Barn required that we also purchase the setup and delivery service. Later, upon taking the bed apart and attempting to reassemble it, we realized that the entire bed has a severe flaw! The place where the bolts connect the frame to the headboard are placed in drastically different positions on each side of the headboard, which means that the bed will always be extremely crooked and never level. Also, instead of two bolts holding that part of the frame to the headboard, only one bolt can be used, otherwise the bed is extremely unlevel and therefore unusable. The delivery service obviously knew that the bed was defective when Pottery Barn set it up, and they knowingly assembled it incorrectly to minimize the unevenness, but they failed to tell us the bed was defective! We paid full price for a bed that we can never sell, because no one would knowingly buy a crooked and defective bed. PB was notified of this problem in May and still has not resolved this issue. They sold us a bad bed, and because they required us to pay an additional fee for delivery and set up, we did not know, and now two months after we contacted them they still have not fixed the bed or allowed us to return it. Dealing with them has been very frustrating! Each week they tell us something new and no one has taken care of this! Be very wary of Pottery Barn! They do not stand behind their products and their customer service is very bad!

Never, ever buy furniture from them
I ordered a bedroom set for my son on sale last year. August to be precise. The set was on sale, and that's what nudged me to buy it, even though my honest impression of their products is that the quality can be questionable. I was promised delivery between September and October (October 1st was the last date Pottery Barn had given me). October came and went with no notice and no delivery. I finally went online to see what was wrong and the new date was listed as February. I couldn't believe it. I called customer service right away and complained, and the representative was appalled as well--they couldn't understand why I wasn't notified, but as far as they could tell, that was the only date they had. We waited months for that set and it finally arrived mid January. The "white glove" delivery left much to be desired as I found a nick in one of my walls as well as the furniture itself after they left. I wanted to write this review so that others could find it and understand that their problems with this company aren't alone. This wasn't a matter of underestimating demand at the holidays, this was an absolute bait and switch when it came to the date. They offered nothing for my wait time. Had I found anything comparable, I would have cancelled the order. Pottery Barn is one of the only large companies out there that doesn't provide reviews of their items on their website, and with good reason. If people were allowed to share their experiences, they would be out of business. Avoid at all costs.

Don't Buy from Pottery Barn
I bought the Fillmore Stair Loft Bed & Lower Bed Set for my grandchildren. It took six deliveries to get it right. The first delivery, the product was damaged. The second delivery, the new product was poorly made with defects. The third delivery, the lower bed was ok but the top part was not complete. My 3-year-old granddaughter's room was stacked with extra pieces, awaiting the proper parts. The fourth time, the wrong parts were delivered. Our storage shed was filled with extra parts. The fifth time, the time for delivery was not the same for the delivery service as the time we were given. Finally, by the sixth delivery, the bed could be assembled.
We called Pottery Barn support frequently. We asked that a manager return our calls, and were promised that someone would call us back. No one ever called us back. I received a partial refund but felt Pottery Barn should return my entire payment.
I will never buy anything again from Pottery Barn. Beware of placing any orders with them. Customer Service is terrible.

Very Good
I love this place! I used to laugh on friends when the weird girl hated pottery barn and her roommate filled their house with the pottery barn catalog... Now I know why girl #2 couldn't resist! All the stuff this place sells is amazing! Great quality, very comfortable and durable. The one thing that costs them a star is the crap-shoot with furniture shipping. I ordered a new bed and a custom sofa last year the week before Halloween, the website, the receipt, and the lady who called to confirm my custom order right when I placed the order all confirmed that the item would be here around Dec 18th. I was so stoked to get things before the new year. Didn't happen =\ The delivery finally arrived at the end of January of this year, over a month late. While Pottery Barn were more than accommodating credit-wise, I just felt very off-put that they were so well in contact the day of ordering, but come Dec 15th, 20th, 30, Jan 15th, etc... no calls... Every step of the way I had to hassle the company for updates. That system needs improvement, but if you aren't ordering big furniture, no complaints.

Do not order from pottery barn
I wish I could give zero stars. Please DO NOT order furniture from Pottery Barn. Do not be fooled by the familiar name. I now understand why Pottery Barn does not seem to have reviews on their website.

Pottery Barn will take advantage of you and string you along for months. The same thing happened to all my friends - Pottery Barn were also baited and switched in terms of delivery expectations, not by weeks but by months. And pottery barn will not let you cancel the order. They consistently do this to people.

I'm not easily frustrated, but I've never dealt with such a scummy slimy company as Pottery Barn. I've been waiting for 4 months for a piece of furniture and Pottery Barn has now lied to me multiple times about new delivery dates that they cannot meet. This is the most horrible way I've seen a company do business and I've never seen such unacceptable customer service.

I will never order from pottery barn again. I would've ordered from another site if pottery barn was honest about the delivery. I had an excellent experience with other furniture companies during the same timeframe. Pottery Barn is untrustworthy and has been wasting my time.

Please use your power as a consumer, you do not deserve to get taken advantage of and treated poorly. Companies like pottery barn do not deserve your money, and don't deserve to be in business! You won't get your furniture until the next year

Worst Customer Service Guaranteed
So far this is the worst experience when buying furniture and good luck to all of you if you need your items to be delivered. Pottery Barn has the worst customer service that I have experienced (this is no exaggeration). Pottery Barn has hundreds of horrible complaints.
I ordered a bed for my daughter on January 16th. If I just had the chance to read all these complaints I would have never went to the store. I have made multiple calls and waited for more than 30 minutes each time. Finally, after almost two months I had the Honor to talk to a Customer Care Leadership (I can go hours elaborating on the meaning of this title for Pottery Barn). The Customer Care Leadership told me that she we take care of anything five days ago. You guessed it right, I have not heard from them since. Now lets make the math, today is April 3rd, I have not heard of any update from them, and calling them is as useless as that Customer Care Leadership title. I think it is time for a refund. Please Pottery Barn Customer Care Leadership do not answer this post with a Very Sincere apology, just stop doing this to your new clients, the old ones will never comeback.

I hate this place
I never write bad reviews, ever. However, desperate times call for desperate measures. In July my bed broke and after a while of searching for a replacement online, I found a bed on Pottery Barn that I liked. I placed the order in August and the estimated arrival was October, which already seemed pretty far away. Finally, after months of waiting, October rolled around, and still no bed. We tracked the order, and it said it would arrive the next month. So, we waited and when November came, there was still no bed. This has been the same story every month, and every time we talk to the customer service Pottery Barn tell us "it will arrive next week". I have been sleeping on the floor for half a year, and they have already charged my card for a bed that hasn't arrived. I understand that Covid interferes with this, but a friend of mine ordered a bed from a different company 3 weeks ago and his arrived yesterday. Angry doesn't even cover what I am feeling right now, and believe me I will not shop here again.

I've received many compliments on my office!
I can't say enough good things about Pottery Barn and my experience in the last couple of months working with the designers. I am a midwife in southern California. When the new owner of the business in which I rent a small room, redecorated and painted the walls grey, it was not pretty, warm or inviting!

One day while shopping for a rug at the Pottery Barn in Temecula, I decided to take advantage of Pottery Barn's free design service. In my first appointment, designer Kathleen Polin came out to my office, measured, talked to me about what I needed; then went to work drawing up, by the inch, a functional, sophisticated, and pretty design plan. She drew everything to scale, so completely that when my handyman hung the pictures, clock and shelf, he knew exactly how many inches from the floor, ceiling and wall corners to place them.

In my second meeting with Kathleen at the store, she helped me to choose chairs, tables, lamps and fabric. This room took about 2 months to complete. Most of the items arrived by post to my door within a week or 2; a couple of things I picked up at the store and the upholstered chairs were delivered in about 2 months from when the order was placed.

I've gotten so many compliments on my office from clients; the room is a warm, inviting, sophisticated, friendly, and elegant place for moms and dads to receive care.

Terrible customer service and damaged sofa
Ordered 3-piece sectional custom sofa. Waited over 10 weeks for it to be delivered. It arrived damaged. All three pieces of the sectional. Why? Because there was NO cardboard put around the top corners of the sofa and all were damaged. Either the fabric was torn or there were stains.

I called service and the first rep I spoke to said "I don't want to waste your time. Let me get you directly over to furniture department." She was great. Tina is the second person I spoke to. I told her the details, said the option the delivery company presented was to refuse the delivery if it is damaged and call the vendor (Pottery Barn). Tina said it would be Friday or Monday (called Tuesday at 3:15pm) before the "vendor" called me. I asked who the vendor was since I ordered from Pottery Barn. She said the sofa is made by a third party vendor and she would submit the issue and I would hear back in 24-48 hours. I told her 24-48 hours would by Wednesday or Thursday, not Friday or Monday. She said "you are not the only one! You need to give the vendor time to respond!" I asked to speak to a supervisor. She put me on hold for a lengthy period of time.

Called back and was disconnected while I was on hold waiting for a supervisor. Called back again and was transferred to Adriene the supervisor/team lead. She gave different options. She asked why I refused the order and I told her b/c that is what the delivery company said. I ordered "WHITE GLOVE DELIVERY!" I said I ordered from Pottery Barn and expected them to provide solutions. She said I could wait another 10+ weeks for a replacement OR I could wait to see if it could be repaired. Great! How long for that option. She could not give me a time period. I asked her if Pottery Barn have SLAs (Service Level Agreements, which is a commitment to the customer on service expectations). No timeline, no SLAs. She said "if I tell you a timeline and we don't meet it, that's a whole other set of problems." Are you kidding me? I am in service. I lead a service team and I expect my service associates to identify with the customer and listen and work on behalf of the customer like the issue was happening to them. That was far from what I experienced. Canceled my order because I have many options. I went with Pottery Barn b/c I expected a good service experience, a quality produce and support if the product was not satisfactory. I received none of those.

Buyers beware.

In February we order a sectional sofa with a delivery date of 12 weeks for April 2016. After 6 weeks we got a notification that the delivery was changed to May 2016. Then a week later it was changed again to June 2016. In May to our surprise we got another notification that the estimated delivery was the last two weeks in May. The tracking data was completely inaccurate. We called and were told that one piece not completed yet. When we expresses out disappointment, the customer service reps only response was, "You haven't paid for it yet". This was completely inappropriate. We entered into a contractural agreement with Pottery Barn and Pottery Barn have failed to follow through responsibility. I'm sure the fine print states they cannot be held to a delivery date. However, I get at least 7 emails a week from Pottery Barn for sales on items with 12 weeks delivery knowing perfectly well that they have no intention of delivering on time. I'm tired of hearing the excuse that it's the COVID-19 Pandemic. Too bad, determine the schedule of your products you should be out of business. Then again it's the customer's that control that, which is why I'm writing this review.

If I cancelled and went with someone else, I would be in the same situation. With my luck, the sectional will shipped, my credit card will be charged, it will arrive, with major problems and then I'll have to deal with that.

Pottery Barn, WAKE UP, and be responsible to your customers. If it's going to take 6 months say 6 months, if it's 9 months, say 9 months. Don't lead us on.

Returns police is always awful
I recently purchased a backpack for my daughter that is just too small and we returned it by shipping. The shipping carrier did not get it back to them w/i the shipping period ( hey had almost a week and a half to do so. More than adequate time.) It arrived one day late. So PB would only issue a merchandise credit for Pottery Barn Kids. There is nothing else I want from Potter Barn Kids as my daughter is past the relevant age, other than backpacks which are now too small. So it's a lost of almost $60 and it was not our fault it arrived late for Middle School, so it's a throw away merchandise credit for us. It was not our fault that the shipping company who had over a week and a half almost to get it to PB messed up and it arrived a day late. For a big company who claims to stand behind it's products and markets to parents to have such a hard line return policy, is disappointing. I would like to see a longer return period, and that credit could be transferred to be used at one of their other companies, rather than having a credit go to one of their company stores I want nothing from as my daughter has out grown the look of their backpacks and lunch boxes etc. I don't know of any other company that seeing that it was mailed w/i an appropriate time limit to more than safely arrive in time would not have just given us our money back, but Pottery Barn are real sticklers about things like that. Other companies under the circumstance would say: " You got it here, it was the shipper's fault, not yours, here, we'll fully refund your money, or give you a transferable credit to one of our other companies. But not Pottery Barn! This ticked me off so much, I probably won't purchase anything else from Potter Barn Teen etc al in the future because it left me with not a great feeling about the company. I tend to prefer companies that understand that sometimes thing don't get there even when you ship them w/i a very liberal time for them to arrive, like a week and a half. I have shopped with them for years now and never had a circumstance like this when something returned arrived a day over the return period, no fault of my own. I would expect a full refund under the circumstance, rather than the un yeilding annoying way this was handled. They are constantly sending stuff late, a little leeway on this matter would have been appreciated and kept me as a loyay customer. Had it been Land's End etc, a refund rather than a merchandise credit I can't use would have been issued immediately. So I'm done with Potty Barn and will shop else where for school gear, at places where the return polices are more liberal for parents like Land's End and Boden, JCrew. This item was sent in a perfectly reasonable amount of time to arrive on time and I felt PB should have been kinder. It's not my fault it arrived a aday later than it should have, it's the shippers fault.

DISAPPOINTMENT- rating of a zero
I made a call to PB customer service today. I spoke with a supervisor, Courtney, who was extremely unhelpful. I had been waiting 2 hours on the phone before a representative came on the line and there was a very unsatisfying resolution to the problem. A purchase that was made 8 days ago, could not be price adjusted to the new sale price. The only resolution was a $13.00 mailed gift card. A gift card that could not be emailed so that I could use for a purchase of $93.96, which I now have cancelled. I am extremely disappointed in the lack of up to date technology and customer service. An accommodating company would return and repurchase at the cheaper price. I thought Pottery Barn was a large and prestigious merchandiser but I was wrong. Pottery Barn is quite deficient in customer service and helpfulness. I would think a company like Pottery Barn would be more advanced than Target but I guess not. Well thank you for saving me the money. I will now take the money I would have spent at your company to Target which has better customer service and accommodations.

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