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If I could give no stars I would. Please fully read before using.
If I could give no stars I would. Poshmark has no protection for sellers and terrible customer service relations, for buyers and sellers alike. - One of the ironies is the how Poshmark are making tons of money off our hard work, yet... they aren't doing a thing to protect us. Is there not incentive there, or have they myopically missed that? As a buyer, I have received many damaged items, not as described, and they can take weeks to arrive. Also, many items are old, used and smell terrible. It's not a fun way to shop. The amount of times I had good experiences were rare and didn't outweigh the bad.
Therefore, as a seller, I work literally as hard as I can and always give quite the opposite service, even more than a name brand store (truly!), as I want to honestly give the best, most refreshing experience for people as possible. I work hard to always give: 100% brand new items, extensive & accurate measurements in multiple dimensions, sizing charts, clear and accurate, color-adjusted photos, descriptions for every item, shipping always in 1 day, perfectly and lovingly packaged items, according to industry standards, professionally designed flyers, responses to inquiries within minutes to no more than an hour, always polite responses even if folks are very rude (this is just enough), and usually sell the brand new! Items for 40-60% off. I also ask the buyers to ask questions, check their size, and use the size charts before ordering. And, I have a Terms of Use Agreement. Now, guess what! Haha. Still, still, still! Some buyers make orders by mistake or order the wrong size, and then claim we weren't accurate! I do truly understand we all make mistakes and that's ok! Also, I want to make it clear here, I'm not upset about legitimate reviews, or when someone doesn't know which size to choose. That's totally fine! It's part of shopping to try different sizes. - That's why we offer refunds with the return shipping costs included all at our expense: D (We just send cash back to the address, as that's our only viable option now). We gladly tell all of this to customers so they can shop with confidence and peace of mind. It just makes sense! Ahh, ok, - Instead, what I'm taking about here is quite important to know and be warned about! The issues I'm presenting have happened just too many times to too many people with no recourse or proper care from PM.
I'm first warning about when buyers order something by their mistake (either because they didn't read the listing or size chart, or they changed their mind), and the only way they think they can get an official return is to inaccurately claim the item was, 'not as described' (it's the only section on the review form that will most justifiably allow for a negative score). In reality, they really just want to be invective. What's quite terrible, is this scheme unfortunately works EVERY time because PM does nothing, literally nothing about this (See below)! What? Oh my goodness. These reviews really hurt our sales! They change real people's lives, ok! I'm using this money to pay my health insurance. These incorrect and invective grades are truly unfair, damaging and only exist simply because after receiving the item, the buyer was (1) not willing to spend a half minute to check back on the listing to see it did match, before going forth and unnecessarily slandering us with a negative review, (2) don't want to admit they were wrong, and/or MOST IMPORTANTLY, (3) are AFRAID they will loose the item/ not officially get their money back... because PM doesn't officially offer returns if the item matches the description (which for us, it always does), so, of course they try to be inaccurate and/ or lie and say it doesn't match: D. Many buyers are afraid of the return outside PM. I can understand this precaution here, so, I believe, it's really incumbent on PM to allow for approved returns by the seller to avoid some of these potential loophole scams.
Therefore, as I said, unfortunately, PM not offering returns creates huge issues like this and more! Secondly, here's another common example to beware of: Sometimes, upon receiving an item, the customer damages the item, then subsequently claims it arrived that way because PM oftentimes approves the refund for the buyer and punishes the seller by retaining the review. Nice! I'm not giving out new ideas here. These happen all the time and appear in many reviews. It's not fun when it happens to you. Just you wait! And, it's one thing to have these issues, but then it's another to be aware of them and to do nothing at all, even after so many people have repeatedly asked for rational changes, (like asking for fixing illegitimate/ predatory reviews, in spite of contradicting evidence, adding reviews of customers as well, changing the review process/ qualifications, etc.; See below). Like I said, the lack of returns causes many implications. I really can't continue to work this hard to slavishly suffer to give the buyer everything possible and to pay for PM, only to later suffer at the buyer's hand for their own mistakes and/or sabotage they blame on us, and then be slammed even more with no logical recourse whatsoever. This is an absurd system.
So you may be wondering, what exactly happens when contacting PM? Haha. This is where it gets really fun. When reaching out to PM to resolve these types of predatory or clearly inaccurate reviews, or issues (any seemingly resolvable issue that unfairly impacts sales), what does PM do? PM rarely replies! Haha. And, if they do, then it's almost always with an auto-generated response. This is the extent to what they have sent me: 'Reviews make it fair for everyone so buyers know if they can trust sellers! Reviews reflect shopper's experiences, and how well you served them,' and, 'The reviews give a way to fairly compare sellers to other sellers." haha. No, it's not fair at all. If you wanted it to be fair, you'd take out the inaccurate and predatory reviews. Haha. That's my whole point (and many other's after reading the same problems). And, honestly, just to note here, I'm not being hyperbolic, besides the amount of items offered, I'd truly like to see if J. Crew even offers the same service we do. Really! I'm serious. Shipping in just 1 day, 40-60% off beautiful, high-quality, brand new items, measurements in all directions, not just a standard grading chart, and the same quality, beautiful professional photographs, which we do have permission to use!, unlike 90% of people on PM. - Also, do you think it's hard to compete with those stolen photographs? Do you think PM will do anything to stop the plagiarism? Just consider, how much money do you think they are making off them, and are they liable?: D That's a good one to think about; Seriously! - And, yet, we are marked down only because of spiteful, dishonest buyers who want $20 back, or just want to ruin our day and our status? We are a little company on Poshmark for Pete's sake! We don't have 1000's of reviews. These reviews have large consequences on our sales. And Poshmark doesn't do anything. Nothing.
Only once, after writing in multiple times, did an actual human write back on this type of case. They said something to the following effect: 'We know it's frustrating, but PM can't remove these reviews, and alluded to how even if the reviews are inaccurate, it doesn't matter.' Hmm that's interesting. No protection? No recourse when we were wronged? And we suffer sales? Honestly, why? I'm really wondering... why? Truly, how hard would it be to take down wrong reviews when we have the evidence? It's mind boggling?
I'm not just writing here to warm you, I'm also giving ideas for PM to improve; some of the same ideas I've shared with PM, but they didn't listen (to my knowledge they didn't even read them), and I was being absurdly polite. I'm a little tired of it all now. So, here are some ideas for you. It would be great if you shared them with PM and others as well. Maybe if more of us chime in they will move (albeit languidly), to do something for once: Here are some ideas to share: (1) These types of inaccurate and/ or predatory/ spiteful reviews that impact our sales could and should be removed when: we clearly have receipts of sale showing the accurate descriptions and photo documentation. (2) Additionally, these and other outlier reviews (possibly 10%) should be automatically removed in general, every set period (monthly, quarterly?), as there are so many irrational and dishonest people out there! Lands! What is with people? Can you try to read the whole, short, listing next time? Is that too hard for you? Oooh (3) And, here's a final idea for now. For each transaction, we could: (a) Review the customer, which is a very common and logical process (like on eBay or Uber); that would be hilarious to see if they think that's fair, and even (b) review PM on each transaction. Haha! I bet PM would like that: D Oh ya! Haha. I wonder what their auto-generated response would say to that idea? I wonder how much money they would loose. Hmm. Hahaahaa.
I would truly stay clear of PM for these and MANY other reasons. They have had some of the most moronic and unjust customer service bots/ staff (the same thing in my mind) I've ever worked with, and the whole system is a sham that takes 20% of our hard work, for literally doing nothing but hosting (with tons of unresolved bugs, by the way, tons!), and no protection. What a stupid program and what an immoral, impotent bunch of staff. I truly hope it goes out of business to teach the lazy, crooked owners (they could change, ya know) they can't get away with it forever, and to protect more honest people from loosing money, wasting their time and getting hurt. Sounds really fun, huh! Ya, it's been a blast!

Awful Return Policy: NO return allowed on a shoe falling off my foot
I would NOT recommend buying anything on this site, unless you are 100% certain it will fit, look good and that you love it. Poshmark have a NO return policy -- even if an item doesn't fit.

I'll start by saying I'm not normally someone who likes to buy online. I prefer purchasing items in the store because I can feel and see them and try them on.

However, I had a specific pair of shoes that I LOVE that I've worn so long the soles are falling off. This style is 1-2 years old, so I haven't been able to find any new online or in stores. I figured buying the same exact pair that I have, in the same size, wouldn't be a problem with an online purchase. I was a brand new customer to Poshmark and made my 1st purchase last week. The ordering and delivery process was great and I had no issues until the order arrived at my home. I ordered these shoes in the exact same brand, style and size of the shoes I already own (not from Poshmark). The shoes were a different color, but otherwise the same in every aspect to the shoes I already own (which fit me perfectly). I knew that Poshmark had a "no return" policy, but I guess I assumed if the item didn't fit so much so that it was falling off my foot, that I would be able to return it. The length of the shoe was fine, however the shoes are incredibly stretched out from the seller having an oversized/thicker foot than me. The stretchy material is stretched out and they did not fit my feet. They fell off when I walked. Poshmark allows you to submit a case for a return, which I did.

I took pictures of both these shoes that I purchased and the current pair that I own to show the difference in the way these two items fit. Poshmark came back and denied my return because the shoes are size 8.5 as the seller advertised. While the seller did not purposely mis-represent the shoesed), they do not fit at ALL like the previous pairs I've had in the same exact size. I feel like this site is trying to swindle money away and prevent buyers from returning items that do not work for them. I was completely dissatisfied with the outcome, return process, and the item I received. I'm going to donate it to a Goodwill store and hopefully someone else with a different sized foot can wear it. As far as I'm concerned it was a complete waste of $20. I am now planning to permanently close my account. They do not have any customer service you can call and talk to or anyone to email, except a general "support" email.

I get the fact that a resale online site probably can't handle returns with everyone and especially if a buyer decides they just don't like the item or color. However, I believe there should be a return available for items that radically do not fit/cannot even be used by the buyer because of how they fit. I also realize every online store and business has site policies, terms and conditions, which we are, OF COURSE, supposed to read... even though no one does. I even wrote them a final email suggesting they be more up front and transparent when someone clicks on "purchase" that there is a NO RETURN policy.

Why tho
I had to write a review so all you hating consumers could read it lol and also so I can share my experience and give a proper, OPEN MINDED perspective of Poshmark as a business.

Here's the thing.

When you buy something retail for FULL price, the more years that pass by, the more that item goes down in value, doesn't matter what damn brand it is. You can't expect to sell a USED and WORN item for more than $50. Sorry, I just don't agree. UNLESS the item is vintage and actually has been around for more than just 10 years. Now that I got that out of the way let's talk about buying, because I'm both a seller and a buyer.

I've never had an issue with buying on Poshmark in terms of the items arriving and not being as advertised, (with a few exceptions). I did get a shirt that had a hole in it that wasn't advertised in the sellers closet, but it's okay I just sewed it, NBD. I ordered a cute vintage backpack and a sweater from another seller and the backpack really, really smelled like the sellers home. Took awhile to air it out but besides that, it was in amazing vintage condition.

I've also had items that just don't fit, (jeans mostly) so I've stopped buying jeans off of Poshmark because common sense, if it's not 100% certain, why bother spending my money on it? I made the decision to buy these items. I knew there was a chance those jeans might not fit but I took the chance and for that reason, I have to live with that decision. Simple. Stop whining about things YOU choose to do.

I get it. If a seller takes pictures of an item and PURPOSELY doesn't show any flaws, that's problematic because that's just straight up ripping someone off, but if something doesn't fit or you don't like it, OH WELL! You bought it. Resell it and move on.

Selling is not easy on Poshmark. I have a mix of modern and vintage clothes and I consider the modern items to be priced VERY, VERY fairly. Mind you, I don't buy "designer" just Forever21, American Eagle, things that really shouldn't be overpriced in the first place!

I've had times where sales are booming and a lot of times when it's not and I question why I even bother, but I still continue to do it. I'm not giving up because I know that someone out there just might come across my listing, make me an offer and love the item.

I'm a very honest seller. Some might say i'm too honest and thats why I don't make sales all the time, but I believe that the consumer should NEVER be lied to, especially because money is involved. Not a lot of people have this standard and pride in what Poshmark do, and that's fine, that's them. But do not lump me, an honest, good person just trying to make some extra cash and also genuinely wants the consumer to be happy and love their purchase into the category of crappy sellers. It's not fair!

Not every seller is terrible. Just be more open minded and less ignorant and angry. I know you might be upset that you're out some cash, but in most cases, you make that conscious choice. Don't forget that. stay away!
Some of my purchases have been worthwhile, ( high end purses) BUT
There are sellers who lie, take photos that do not show the true condition, ( as in leather photos are taken with light reflecting off of, or on the good side).
I have had sellers claim the article was ‘brand new,' ‘unworn,' and received dirty well worn second hand shoes in the mail.
I had a seller advertising a trench coat ‘in excellent like new condition,' what arrived was missing the belt, had puckered seams, ( overheating and irreversible heat damage from being washed and dried on high in the dryer) with stains on the back, loose and pulled threads, wrinkled.
Or, in excellent condition, an Aritzia scarf- what I got: a pilled, worn scarf.
I would say about 60% of my purchases had an issue, half of which I either dealt with, ( giving away, disposing of, repairing, altering) or, if the deception was especially disgusting as in the shoes, trench coat I demanded a refund.
Sellers generally go to thrift stores, ( Poshmark are known as pickers) and pick out anything relatively nice, some are ridiculous, a recent post was a pair of leggings in ‘good condition with pulls, for $19.99, a cheap well known brand.
Overall I would say there is no guarantee you won't be ripped off, for the few good finds I did find the stress I went through and the amount of stuff I had to get rid of because it was not as described or junk, ( pilled, old, misshapen), makes me do the math and realize that I would have been better off:
1. Buying new for all of the items that I wanted- like I'm not willing to wear used shoes for example unless they are clearly brand new, or, if a designer purse is clearly brand new and exactly what I want.
2. Going to Value Village for the basics, of which there are a lot of excellent finds for a fraction of the cost of things selling on Poshmark.
3. Time is money, I would rather spring for that Bryan Walker tunic that I know will last me several years that buy one for half the price that looks used that will last me maybe a season.
Oftentimes I find brand new clothes at Value Village anyways, end of clearance sales are usually about a third of the prices of Poshmark!

I noticed when I was scrolling through the main page that there was a tab for law enforcement to contact Poshmark, so between pickers, drug addicts selling stolen merchandise there are probably people fencing stolen clothes too, just like they do on Kijiji and Craigslist.

Anyways, I lasted 1.5 years on Poshmark.
My best finds were limited to silver jewelry. I was not afraid to offer 1/3 to 1/4 of the asking price- the prices are way too inflated for USED jewelry.

A few of the sellers actually seemed as though they were legitimate average people posting personal items, there is no way to know.

I'm done and obviously do not recommend.

It is a huge rip off overall.

First and foremost, Poshmark never promised to be like eBay. Allow me to quote Poshmark directly, as no one can say it better than them;
"Poshmark is the leading fashion destination where women come together to buy and sell clothing and accessories from each other's closets."
That being said, sellers who are on here trying to open boutiques, complaining about "low ballers" and "morons" who try to trade; That's basically the point of the app. It's not to start your boutique and make a bunch of money off of. It's for women and young ladies to sell their items at up to 70% or TRADE (which for a girl like me who is stern about not repeating outfits, this is AWESOME) or PURCHASE ITEMS FOR UP TO 70% OFF. If you're on here trying to sell your $#*! at full or above value (yes, people try to do that), nobody is going to buy it unless it's nowhere else on the internet and Poshmark really want it. Poshmark encourages buyers to barter and make offers and bundle items for discounts, the point is for the seller to barter back. Not get pissed at "low ballers." Don't look at it as a shop where prices are firm, look at it as an online flea market where prices are negotiable.

Poshmark has changed the game for people like me, with a caviare taste for fashion on a BK budget. It's also cool because people who get things like Love and Lemons at wholesale pricing will allow you to pre-purchase at lower cost than retail (don't expect wholesale pricing, they need to make money too). Before Posh, I would have never bought Urban Outfitters or LF or American Apparel or anything at those higher price points. The beauty of posh is that people sell Urban and LF and AA at Forever 21 prices, so it's much easier to afford these types of products!

As ever, ask questions before you purchase. Read the seller reviews. Do a little research if you're uncertain. And make sure your product is authentic.

The reviews about Posh not having good buyer/seller protection is absolute BS as well because as long as you follow the guidelines, any problem can be solved. Whether you receive the wrong item, don't receive it at all, don't get accepted. Anything. As long as you use what they provide you, you'll be fine. It's when you try to cut corners that you can screw yourself over.

The one negative I do agree with is how much of a cut they take for your sales. But, if you don't want to take the loss, offer Paypal or Mercari or Venmo options. Just know that you are going against their guidelines when you do that, and you lose the excellent protection they offer for both buyers and sellers.

I check poshmark every single day and purchase every other.

Don't buy on Poshmark if you don't ask questions, read descriptions, and disrespect sellers prices
I'm a seller and been selling on Poshmark for over two years now and I'm making pretty decent extra income which is very nice, but aside from that I get fed up so easily with certain buyers. I'm a top rated and reputable seller (4.9 rating) with unsatisfied customers occasionally and sometimes Poshmark just drive me completely nuts. Usually these buyers fail to ask questions or read my clear and concise descriptions prior to purchasing from my closet. I accurately describe my listings as best as possible with measurements, fabric content, flaws, and accurate colors to provide a fantastic shopping experience for them and to avoid them damaging my overall average rating. But in the end I will always waste my time, energy, and expenses on some of the most ignorant customers who can't seem to figure out how Poshmark works and fail to realize that returns ARE POSSIBLE. Kindly open a case for a return and we will accept it IF your reason is valid or if we made an honest mistake. DON'T try to return something just cause it wasn't what you expected or it didn't fit. It's not the seller's fault so of course Poshmark is going to side with us. I've only ever dealt with one return and it was actually a couple months back. It was smooth and handled very well because I made an honest mistake and the buyer was nice about it so I went ahead and gladly accepted the return! If you're new to buying on Poshmark, I don't blame you. But please learn the ropes before making your first purchase and know that there is a rating system that will either make or break the seller and that we sellers DO NOT control clothing sizes and it is YOUR responsibility to know your measurements and size you typically wear in your favorite brands. A vast majority of listings on Poshmark are secondhand and lots of clothing brands run differently hence why sellers provide approximate measurements in descriptions. Interact with sellers through the comments as much as possible because we're practically the only ones providing you customer service since Poshmark won't do much on both ends! And please, just PLEASE be considerate when making offers. It's disrespectful and rude that some of you actually have the nerve to lowball the **** out of us. Many sellers, like myself, rely on this platform and treat it as a business to earn extra income and offers asking 50% off or more will almost always be ignored, countered, or declined. This is NOT eBay, Poshmark is a more upscale/trendy site which takes a 20% commission from sellers because that is how they make their money as well as THEM charging you shipping. Not the seller. Don't like the shipping rate? Well sellers shop too and we certainly don't like it either. We're all paying to get our mail within 1-3 days, it's outrageously high but it is what it is. This was very unprofessional of me to write but the way that some buyers blame the sellers for their unhappy purchases is just beyond absurd and I wish Poshmark could add new features to prevent silly buyers from crushing an honest, hardworking seller's reputation. Sellers have feelings too and will get butt hurt and angry if we're given a terrible rating that most of the time we don't deserve (especially with no explanation), we're all going to assume it's buyers remorse. If you're going to buy on Poshmark, steer away from inactive/dishonest sellers to avoid feeling scammed or taken advantage of and gravitate to well-established sellers with an outstanding selling history. They'll be glad to do business with you, ship your order fast. And maybe, just maybe, you'll be satisfied with your experience. Remember, it's your responsibility to know what to expect. I hope this review was helpful in some kind of way to buyers having issues on Poshmark but no matter how hard sellers back themselves up, we still can't seem to please everyone.

I started Poshmark to purge many personal things. I have a large collection of Louis Vuitton, Chanel and much more. I set up a wonderful closet and had enjoyed the process. I have been nothing but profiled, harassed with racial undertones by Poshmark. Everything in my closet has always been authentic and Ive done nothing less than follow the rules, guidelines and policies of Poshmark. Poshmark literally suspended my account for having replicated items. I dont have and never have replicated items. I show all the details I possibly can and still thats not enough. I have had a very successful business now for 28 years and I am disgusted by the lack of care for the sellers on this sight. Also, considering the fact that the sellers are who keep Poshmark in business. Clearly, they discriminate against those who are simply trying to do whats right and have fun doing it. They rather focus their attention on things that make absolutely no sense like scammers and replica sellers. If they have had read through all my listings, there should not be any problems or questions. I sent an email asking them to call me so I can personally waste my valuable time taking all my inventory to their headquarter in a Redwood City to show every piece in my closet to prove authenticity. I even went to Louis Vuitton in Valley Fair to have them print out ever receipt to purchases Ive made over the last 30 years. Ive done everything possible to do what is expected from Poshmark. Ive never in my life been so discriminated against completely undeserved. Im going back to The Real Real to assist me in depleting my collection. They dont care about the good Poshers who make them money - they attack us until weve had enough. Ive been a Posher since December, became a Posh Ambassador, met great Posh friends, was enjoying the process and Poshmark crushed it all. I believe they have people working in this company that put their own personal interests, proganda, idiology, targeted discrimination and profiling to people like me who has high end merchandise to offer. This clearly means good Poshers will move on and Poshmark will be left with the flee market. The overall forum is a great platform, but Poshmark discriminates and, as a professional and successful female see this as a huge failure. DO NOT SIGN UP! If your a working person, dont waste your time because they try to suck the life out of you until you just go away. Ive been so harassed that I believe its by design. The biggest red flag is they DISCRIMINATE.

Great IF You Learn Who To Buy From!
Update to offer some help:
1. If a person has crappy pictures, be smartdo not buy from them! Now, Im not saying stick to styled pictures. Im saying, look at the sellers who give detailed pictures, even of small things.

2. If something feels off, thats because it probably is. Theres one girl who says shes in her early 20s & shes selling extremely expensive items but mostly, she trades. This isnt someone whos just good at consignment finds. A lot of her things are coming soon making me believe the majority is likely fake. Superfakes, but if its sketchy, just back away. Its probably not the deal, it seems to be.

3. Prices are higher on Poshmark than on eBay for some sellers because Posh takes a bigger cut. Some of the pro sellers like Rebag are definitely cheaper on eBay. That said, I only sell on Posh, but I see why this may be confusing. Just remember, each seller sets their own prices & in some cases, the condition of the items varies greatly.

4. Some of you are right: Posh IS part social network! Thats actually a good thing. Ive made several good friends. This is a benefit because its a way to grow your network and find buyers/sellers you can trust! It can be overwhelming (or annoying) depending on how you look at it, but dont overlook the benefits.

5. If a seller doesnt ship in 7 days CANCEL your sale. Just go in to your purchases & say theres a problem. Item hasnt shipped is all you need to check & youll be refunded. I never let a seller go beyond that time period. I get my things out the same day (next only if the post is closed) so by the end of a week, Im not waiting anymore.

I hope these things help you if youre new to Posh. Happy to answer questions or whatever.
I started out on Posh as more of a buyer... usually smaller items. Im now selling & doing quite well. For me, the trick was finding poshers with similar taste & closets & we all kind of look out for one another. I am one who lists my items high, however, I sell designer items almost exclusively. Theyre often lightly used (in many cases, you cant even see use) & in pristine condition. I send the items with their original boxes, dust bags, etc. as much as I possibly can & Ive only had 1 issue. That seller didnt even contact Posh. At first she claimed the package wasnt delivered, except that the tracking clearly stated it was. She made the mistake of then admitting it was delivered by marking it such on the app. She didnt open it & had the item sent back to me without saying anything. By then, her funds had been released bc she marked accepted on the app. Well I got the box, tried to contact her & she wouldnt talk to me. It was a case of buyers remorse but I already had transferred her cash out of my account. I asked for Poshs help because I cant refund without assistance. They, thankfully, did step in & help & I wasnt penalized because of the buyer.

All in all, its a great site, but people need to be smart. Its not a garage sale. Or if it is, its obvious in the listings. I use all available characters to describe my item, give measurements, etc. Its all authentic as Im a stylist. I have plenty of clothing & this is a way to make some money on things I wont wear/dont need anymore & I make neat finds. Ive also made some great friends.

Do your research. Ask other Poshers for help if youre concerned about a person or listing. Many of us will take the time to flag counterfeit item and warn you against them. Poshmark is good for serious sellers who want to deliver great CS and realize this takes time & effort. As a seller, I like that there are no returns & aside from the one girl, Ive had no issues. Im a 5 star seller. Yes, there are scammers & people who will try to trade for nothing, but its easy to weed them out. I only trade with a select few. I say use Posh... but make an effort to be involved with the people you follow & who follow you. Its a much better experience when you do, &, at least as Ive noticed, fewer people trying to scam.

I have been scammed by Poshmarks sellers several times
I have been scammed by Poshmarks sellers several times. Poshmark sells everything now from Men's used clothing, used boxer shorts, used sneakers and shoes, Childrens and babies used clothing, toys, perfume (over 200 sellers of perfume and this is against their policy) (400 Victoria Secret Dogs are being sold and it also against their policy) used bras... used bathing suits, used make-up, books, cell phones, cameras, curling irons, blow dryers, stereos, glass vases, jewelry that costs a dollar from China, A pair of Chaps to ride a horse on whas another good one, a young 13 year old chinese girl posting several pictures in negligees... these are young innocent girls... I was appalled... fake Coach bags (I got scammed... Poshmark only gives You 3 days to see if Poshmark are authentic) after that You're out Your $$... for someone who doesn't drive and has to depend on a family member to get Me to a Coach store in My town, it was past the 3 days. I also took the Coach umbrella that I had ordered from another seller as well... the Coach employees just frowned... but they were curious as to what site is selling this unauthentic Coach products. I told them. They said they would report the site to Corporate. You can not sell unauthentic purses on here but everyone does. My Daughter saw an item She had wanted and it was being sold by another seller near Her age. We ordered it. It came damaged. The day You get Your package delievered, open it up immediately and forward them the pictures if it is damaged or not like the picture they posted. The seller who sold the item for My Daughter said We damaged it. That She sent it perfect. Poshmark did finally after debating the pictures We sent them decided to email Us a shipping label to return it to the seller. (If You are not fortunate enough to have a printer Your beat) because You have to print out the return shipping label and go through the trouble of taping the box and setting up with USPS for a pick-up...(like I said, I dont drive)... The seller freaked out on the website writing Me that We were liars, and that Her Father is a Lawyer and I will be hearing from an Attorney shortly because She kept My name and address... (Psycho?) I'd say so... (Now mind You this was a $20 product thank the lord)... I reported what She said and She was putting down My age as well and sent it to Poshmark. They did nothing about it. They let Her keep selling. She bashed on Her site My name for all of Her followers not to sell to Me because I am a bad buyer. Poshmark allowed that as well. The next item was a purse that was a Zebra print that My Daughter also wanted. The picture looked like it was in good shape. Zebra print has always been black and white as long as I have remembered, She received the purse and it was black but the white had yellowed with wear and sunlight. We both were upset. Once again, I snapped the pictures the day of the delievery.and sent the pictures immediately to Poshmark. They had the gall to tell Me My pictures were snapped inside of My home so I need to go outside to snap and send 4 more to have the sunlight showing the yellowing. (a total of 8 pics). Thank goodness I have white wicker furniture to compare it too. They decided they were going to give Me $15 of Posh credit to purchase something else when I asked for My entire mony back. They also made me eat the $4.95 S&H fee which they refused to refund Me. They refused to send Me a return shipping label to send back this purse so they said to keep the purse. I said I dont want the purse. My Daughter has no use for a yellowed dirty looking purse and I want the entire amount back. They said well unfortunately we dont consider the purse as an item that was not described correctly. Are You kidding Me? A defective item that was pictured bright white and black comes delievered black and yellowed and it is considered not as described...?... I said what am I going to do with a purse I cant use... their answer was: sell it on Poshmark! Are You kidding Me again? I'm going to rip off another person like that seller did to Me.? Dont think so... lucky I had furniture outside that was pure white to lay the purse on for proof. The yellowed purse on the white wicker table showed the yellowing. They said it did not fall under the catorgory of: Item not as described" For real? A white bag turned yellewed? I would think it did. Sellers on Poshmark are just plain rude, ignorant, dont get back to You for weeks until they see You deleted their item in Your Likes list. One girl gave Me the I'm out of the country on business and wont be back until about a month, another was on a 2 week cruise, another had a family member in the hospital, another girl said I work and go to college and DO NOT put Poshmark as My 100% top priority,,,,,, so why not get off of there if You dont have the time to answer Your buyers. I got cursed out with the F word from another seller about a watch I was implying about. I asked for a picture of the back of the watch to see if it had any major scratches. She refused to post any pictures. She said to: Buy it or F go away and then She blocked Me... So, yes, I have had some real bad experiences on this site... so BUYER BEWARE,,,,,, oh, and My mouth dropped when a seller posted a unopened package of Always Maxi-liners to sell! That was the topping on the cake... so like I said, I dont like the site, sellers are rude, snippy young girls especially, no manners, trying to scam You and if they dont get a sale they are more rude then block You immediately, I've been done with Vinted which wasnt bad awhile ago either, but Poshmark is the worse... never again will I purchase anything from that site... like I said... BUYER BEWARE... RUN!

Poshmark supports scammers
Poshmark claims to protect against counterfeits as stated on their website: "You are protected every time you make a purchase on Poshmark. We will give you a full refund if your item never ships or does not match the listing description. Otherwise, all sales are final. The policies and systems we have in place to protect you are called Posh Protect."

I purchased what I thought was an authentic Coach Bag on Poshmark, and when I received it a few days later, I immediately knew it was counterfeit, but felt assured I would be refunded given the 'Posh Protect' guarantee that if the item you receive is inauthentic, Poshmark will provide a full refund and a shipping label to send the item back to the seller. I immediately reached out to Poshmark via the app with a description and photos of the counterfeit bag taken next to an authentic Coach bag of the exact same style and color to show the glaring differences. Not only were there many obvious details pointing to it being a fake (different lining material/color, not real leather, completely different sizes of hardware, loose/clumsy stitching, different size logo, no receipt or sales tag as was described in the listing, fake care brochure printed on printer paper with different fonts), the bag was very poorly packaged and shipped in an envelope far too small for it, folded up and warped, so it is now permanently damaged (rips in the fake leather) from being bent and will not even stand up on its own. When someone ships a supposedly authentic designer item that way, it's basically like them saying, "Hey, I just scammed you! Haha"

Poshmark replied to my complaint a few days later asking for more photos, which I then sent, of both the fake and authentic bags. I also offered to ship them both of the bags so they could inspect them next to each other, as it is difficult to see the details in low resolution photos. It is better if you can see both in person and feel the cheap materials compared to the authentic bag which is sturdier, with higher quality materials/stitching, and the care brochure is much heavier paper stock.

Two days after receiving the 2nd round of photos, Poshmark emailed back a standardized rejection email to say that this purchase does not qualify for a refund. The reasons given were as follows:
"- item confirmed authentic from in house authenticators
- different stores or seasons may have slight differences"

Conveniently for them, there is no way to contact Poshmark to speak to an actual person for more information or to challenge their findings. They do not have a customer service line or any phone number to call.

I have a big issue with their response. First, I have serious doubts that Poshmark actually employs in-house authenticators, and even if they did, how could this person determine authenticity solely from low resolution photos? I offered to ship them the bags for inspection, real and fake, but they did not respond to that offer. This tells me that they are not really in the business of authenticating. After all, they are a software company. I wonder how much software engineers know about authenticating designer items. Secondly, "different stores or seasons may have slight differences" is patently not true. Coach, or any designer, does not produce the same SKU/item/style with some having real leather and some fake leather, different clasp/zipper sizes, and different brochure paper stocks/fonts. Also, the seller claimed to have purchased the bag at Macy's (not surprisingly, she did not enclose a receipt, or the retailer sales tag is was supposed to come with), which is the same retailer that the real bag I found was from. I find it utterly ridiculous that I am supposed to take Poshmark's word that they have an Authenticator on staff who can magically authenticate items based on low resolution photos submitted through the app, and I can't even contact them to challenge this finding.

I believe Poshmark is knowingly allowing counterfeit items to be sold on their website/app so they can get the 20% fee from the sale of these items; and making false claims about offering refund protection for inauthentic items and being able to trust purchases from Poshmark. This software company has no Customer Service department, no phone number, no intention of issuing refunds, and no integrity.

Poshmark should stand behind their 'Posh Protect' claim, and offer refunds for items that are found to be inauthentic. If they are going to maintain that the item is authentic (which it is certainly not), then they should at least refund me for the purse having arrived damaged, ripped and warped from being shipped folded up in an envelope. That also falls under the 'Not as Described' complaint. It doesn't matter if an item is purchased for $1000 or $10, a buyer should not be forced to accept a damaged item with no hope of a refund.

Poshmark should also take claims of counterfeiting seriously. If they are going to deny inauthenticity refunds by saying the item is in fact authentic, they need to take it seriously and arrange to have items in dispute shipped to a 3rd party authenticator who has no financial stake in the sale. That would be the only fair and impartial way to authenticate items. Poshmark earns 20% from every sale no matter if it's real or counterfeit, so they have no incentive to ensure the buyer is getting what they thought they were getting.

I Am on Both Side of the Fence
I am a seller and a purchaser on Poshmark. I have purchased a few so-so items and purchased some great items. I personally understand some of the reviews. Others, it is more that you needed to learn how to used the site or the app. Now, I do see the point that Poshmark really do no aide new customers in this process. For example, when looking at a seller's closet, you can click on the photo and see our profile. Not only will you see the ratings given by previous customers but also what they call love notes. Read them: you may see someone comment on shipping time or you will see what they say about their experience with the seller. If you do not see notes, maybe think twice. If the listing is not detailed enough, ask questions. If the seller does not respond, move on. Seller's have a max of 8 photos to put up. If more is needed for you to buy, reach out.

Inspect an item immediately upon receiving it and then approve it or open a case. To open the case you need to send photos of the item. You can not return because you do not like it but if it is was not listed correctly or is damaged. The max is three days. Now on the seller end, it can be frustrating that someone opens case 3 days later, and you know they did something to the item. I had an experience with a vintage designer bag. The customer washed the bag (not sure if she soaked it or what she used on it) but you could see that it was wet and damaged. She won and I lost. Did I agree, nope. So it is hard to say what is the medium. I think 3 days is too long of a period because it gives shady people the time to take advantage but I hate see to buyers get bamboozled.

Poshmark takes 20% and a flat $2.95 on items under $15. So if you offer someone
$3 bucks on something, they make $. 05. Many may ignore lowballs offers. I do feel it is inappropriate and I counter or decline.

I have no idea why people accept an offer and do not ship. This did happened to me once. I cancelled after 7 days. I did find it odd because a seller can cancel an order before they ship it. I had a seller mishap: I was packing up a shirt, heard a noise and when I turned back: I had split coffee on it. I felt like an idiot and cancelled her order with a message.

With all this said: when it comes to being assisted by Posh Customer Service, you are most likely on your own. Look at it like your running your own business, so you are all on your own. You take the good with the bad. Buyers: look for seller reviews, you can enlarge photos to inspect and when in doubt: do not buy unless your questions are answered. The sellers who treat it like any other customer service experience, will respond and try to make that sale. Also, do not be afraid to make a reasonable offer. But no one should be under the impressions that the company will do a lot for them. I guess, I am using them in the same way they are using me!

Postmark lets scammed get away with muder!
Poshmark really needs to get their act together. Poshmark allow too many lazy sellers to leave out even the most basic details about their item and often times only upload one really poorly lite image that tells you little to nothing about the item.
My first few times I bought something I got burned bc i neglected to ask if it came from a non-smoking environment or if it had any damaged so my first order I received reeked of Fabreeze and cigarettes! And it had two stains on it as well! Luckily this seller agreed to take it back even though it was curious that she said she didn't even realize there were stains on it and she didn't intend to sell me a damaged item... yet the stains were in plain sight so I don't get how she did not see them.
I had someone else sell me a hoodie that I forgot to ask if there were any flaws and when the hoodie arrived they kangaroo pocket stitching on both sides had come undone and needed to be we stitched I gave them a poor rating but I did not want to go through the trouble of demanding a refund bc it was something I could easily stitch myself. I was just annoyed that they did not mention it because I probably wouldn't have bought it otherwise.
From that point on I figured it was best to make sure I ask certain questions about items. Some sellers had the nerve to be annoyed when you asked a question but I didn't care bc I had been burned more than once and I refuse to wait until an item arrived at my door to find out that there was something wrong with it.

I developed a 4-5 part "questionnaire" I posted to a listing i was interested in.
I asked the following questions:
Is it from a smoke-free environment?
Are there any flaws like stains, spots, snags pilling?
Does the zipper work?
Bust measurement?
Sleeve measurement?
Waist measurement
Depending on the item I would ask all these questions and I would find sellers who would then after the fact say "oh yeah, it's got a spot here or there's a small hole here or the seam is loose/ torn here..."! What! So why wasn't that included in the listing?
Some buyers had the nerve to get offended that I even dared ask them if their item was flawed or came from a smoking environment. I've even been blocked by offended sellers which confused me bc there were so many reviews out there of people getting items that were damaged or not as described so I didn't understand why they couldn't understand that I was simply protecting myself as a buyer!
Sometimes sellers would give me measurements i asked for & the measurements would show that the item probably was washed and shrunk or defectively constructed. Even though I know how certain brands fit I can't say for sure how the owner cared for it so I had to ask about sleeve length and bust etc bc those things can change drastically If an item is incorrectly laundered.
Some sellers would say they can't give me the measurememts and still expect me to buy the item! Some sellers admit to flaws after you SPECIFICALLY ASK.
For example I've had experience that sometimes a handbag can be in perfect condition on the inside but the material will start to peel around the handles or the corners I had it happen to a couple of my Guess handbags and so when I was shopping for a good condition Guess bag I would always ask that question and sure enough time and again I ask for photographs of the handle & the corners and they would say "oh oh yeah there's some peeling, it's kind of minor."and I want to yell "why didn't you effin say that when you listed the item! I don't want a handbag that's peeling!"
Why did you photograph it only from an angle that makes your bag look awesome? Were you going to tell a potential seller about it or just ship it that way?
I shouldn't have to ask if the interior of a handbag is stained or damaged. I should not have to ask you if the handles are peeling or if the zipper works of if the zipper pull tab is missing! How am I going to open the bag if it's missing!
Pre-owned does NOT necessarily mean that there's anything wrong with it. I've got tons of handbags in absolute perfect condition that I don't use anymore and I just want to get rid of them so I list them for a song! My loss is someone else's gain when I'm just trying to empty out my closet!
If there was something wrong with it, it would be ethical of me to photograph those flaws and not just pretend that the bag is simply pre-owned and not mentioning any obvious wear and tear.
I've had dozens of items that I ended up not buying simply because when I ask these questions suddenly they admit to a flaw im not willing to accept.
Poshmark does not hold them accountable. I think every time a major flaw is left out of an item listing and Poshmark has to generate a return then they should penalize The seller. And after they have a certain number of repeat offenses their account should be suspended until they learn to accurately list their closet items. Its really that simple. If that's too much work for you then you don't need to be selling on posh nobody wants to buy an item and have it be less than what your pictures and your listing shows and then you want to blame the by your for not asking how fair and ethical is that? You couldnt get away with buying something on or and it's damaged and Target doesn't think they need to tell you that it's damaged or dinged. They wait for you get it and then say "oh yeah, we didn't think that was a big deal"? No! That would not be acceptable. So why do people think just bc their second hand goods that they can leave out pertinent information and get away with it? Why? Because Posh allows them to.
Until sellers realize that they're being rated on how often their listings are inaccurate then they will continue to bamboozle their buyers and likewise with scamming buyers, Posh needs to initiate a program that keeps track of how often a buyer opens a case and they need to look at each of those cases and see if there's a pattern in those instances and ban or suspend these buyers.

Sellers should be held to a higher standard of Integrity that way buyers won't be able to complain that their items were not as described. Buyers would not be able to get away with lying about the condition of an item if Posh took more time to rate their buyers & sellers alike.
I've learned to be cautious as a buyer. I've had a few terrible items that I was able to return and I bought some amazing stuff on Posh I love but every time I ship I get nervous that I'm going to come across that scammer and Posh is not going to do anything to protect me. It seems like there are hundreds if not thousands of complaints of Posh allowing scammers both buyers and sellers to get away with murder!
And it seems they don't care to improve how they monitor for fraudulent transactions.
They're making millions and they're not willing to invested in their customer service.

Shop on Amazon, eBay, Marketplace Instead
Just don't. That is, if you value your time and what's left of your hair. Otherwise, if you shop on Poshmark, and try to return something, you WILL pull your hair out, lose a huge amount of time and wish you'd never joined up. Three weeks ago, I ordered a dress from a seller on Poshmark: it was new, and probably a store return from Nordstrom judging by the tags.

Poshmark call sellers "Poshers". Be warned. Now, I have ordered a couple times previously and not been unhappy with what I got. This time, I had an issue with a long, long (cheap) nylon zipper in the back of a Rachel Purcell dress. I liked the dress: but found it was impossible to get on and off unless that long, long zipper could function. The zipper stopped at the waist, instead of down to the hip. With no stretch, you could imagine spending eternity trying to get that dress off if you had no help to pull it over your head! Within 30 minutes of getting the dress unpacked, and finding zipper malfunction, I'd let Poshmark/seller know right away.

Then the nightmare began. Seller says she checks all zippers on her items (in other words, it's the buyer's fault, not hers). Being a new dress, I wouldn't have faulted her for not checking.

Next, Poshmark customer service tells me to send photos as proof. So, I do. Then they demand videos. Have you ever tried to show a zipper opening up and down? It takes two hands to hold fabric straight and zip. Then make the video. Add a few more hands. And there you are by yourself, trying to make a video that they will accept. I send the videos as requested.

Next, Poshmark customer service says they have not received any video evidence. So... you tell them you already sent two videos showing the zipper issue. No, you didn't they say. Yes I did, you say. Back and forth. Over and over. Repeat. You resend the videos: two of them, showing clearly that the zipper will not go past the waist of said dress. You are about to lose it: thinking it just isn't worth the hassle. After several days, and rounds of 'you must send video evidence or we will not refund your payment' and so forth, you finally hear from customer service at the last minute. You are finally allowed to return the item to seller, with shipping label Poshmark so kindly let you print off. I've never had such a struggle trying to return something to eBay, Amazon, or elsewhere: and I like to shop online. But after this, I'm done with Poshmark. Customer service is awful. I'm sure there are scammers trying to return things and take advantage, but I did not appreciate being treated poorly, and this taking almost a month to settle. Amazon's so easy. Never had an issue with eBay in years. But be warned...

It isn't worth the hassle! Save your time, money and effort.
I have been buying and selling on Ebay for 15 years and have a 100% rating. I wanted Poshmark to be a place where I could sell my clothes with tags still on them or that were gently used that I didn't feel comfortable throwing out, couldn't give to friends, etc.

In 2 1/2 weeks I've sold 40 items. As of an hour ago, I had a 5-star rating, Fast Shipper stats, and a Top-Rated Seller Status. I worked really hard to communicate with buyers, get packages out ASAP. I wrapped everything up in special tissue paper and ribbon with a personal note as recommended by Poshmark, etc.

However, I currently have 4 items that are just missing in the mail with no way to track them through the Poshmark label provided. This has never, ever happened to me with Ebay. One is 100% just GONE. I'm out the time and value of the item. I suspect at least 2 of the others will just be my loss.

Ebay's customer service is automatic. If someone doesn't pay, etc. Poshmark initiate a claim. Poshmark customer service is non-existent.

Just now I got an email saying someone had filed an "Item Not As Described" case and "provided them photo proof". This is on a brand new shirt from J. Crew, with the price tag still attached to it, described directly from the website, and with pictures take of the exact shirt here in my home. I can't imagine what is not as described. If someone is not happy with it, or it doesn't fit, that is fine. But it makes it sound like I've committed a crime. I mean a case has been filed against me? For a $78 shirt I sold for $25? Totally not worth the time and effort.

There are some genuinely nice people on the site. As with anything... there are some bad seeds. Maybe I just ran into the wrong people. I think the idea is a good one, but the execution is terrible. It has been nothing but a headache. Stick with Ebay and Etsy. There is a reason the tried and true are the tried and true.

UPDATE: The brand new J Crew shirt with a tag on it was returned to me. It had obviously been tried on as it was completely unbuttoned. It was wadded up in a ball, smashed back in the tissue paper I had sent it in, and returned wrinkled and without care. The buyer had taken a very close picture of a J crew intended distressed detail that was quite visible in both the J Crew original picture and my pictures I had listed. I sent a follow-up email to Poshmark with date & time stamped pictures showing what I had posted to my listing. I also sent pictures of the condition of the shirt as it was returned. The email was sent to the team that approved that the item was "Not As Described", the general Poshmark Customer Support team and the PR Team. I explained that I did not want further dealings with the buyer because they now had my personal address and based on the condition of the returned shirt... who knows if they are stable, etc. However, perhaps the team that evaluates these return situations might want to use this as a learning situation to ask for a bigger picture of the area, look at the original pictures, be educated in fashion design details, etc. Those emails were sent 6 days ago. Not one of those departments felt it necessary to respond to my email, not even regarding the condition the shirt was returned. That about sums up Poshmark.

UPDATE: The shirt sold on eBay for $30. No problems. Happy buyer. Easy transaction. A positive ending to a long saga. :)

Read the guidelines and be smart about it!
I've tried many resell apps like eBay, Vinted, Tradesy, etc but none of them gave me more sales than Poshmark. I've been a Poshmark user for almost 3 years now and I can see both sides of the positive and negative reviews I've read here. Like what some reviewers said, if you follow the Poshmark guidelines and be a little more "street smart", you'll save yourself and avoid a lot of the troubles. I only bought a handful of items from Poshmark (both designers and non-designer items) and it has been a mix bag in terms of expectations but nothing too extreme where I was scammed or buyer never shipped the item. Here are some tips for buyers:
1. Do not take every photo for granted. Ask questions even if the pictures of the item taken appear to be flawless. Ask seller to model the item for you if possible to ensure the item is really theirs. Stock photos do not count.

2. Go the seller's About page and read their past transaction history. Although you can only see the seller's positive "Love" notes, you can also sort the seller's closet availability listing by Sold items to see if there are any negative feedback on items that did not get Love notes. However, not all buyers are required to send Love notes to the sellers so even if an item did not get a Love note, it does not necessarily mean it was a negative transaction.

3. If price is too good to be true especially for designer items, then you know you should avoid. Some listings do have key words to suggest that it is not authentic such as "Price reflects authenticity." Ask for serial numbers and receipts, if possible.

4. Sometimes, you can gauge a seller's age by the way Poshmark describe the items or the type of clothes they sell. Think brands like Abercrombie, Hollister, American Eagle, etc. And super short shortz. If you have issues dealing with younger sellers, that's one way to vet them out.

I'm more of a seller on Poshmark than buyer so here are my selling tips:

1. Take photo of item either in natural lighting or against a white backdrop. I usually hang my items behind my white closet door so they stand out. #Nofilters.

2. I know it's a lot of work but try your best to model your items. It does sell faster and you avoid having to do it later when requested by a buyer.

3. Before figuring out how much you want to list an item for, think about how much you really want to earn after all the possible negotiations and the 20% fee deduction. I always list my items higher so there's room to negotiate with potential buyers. If you can, try to stay away from posting your answers to questions from buyers like "What's your lowest?". Instead, just say "I accept reasonable offers" or "I take offers via the Offer Button."

4. Be descriptive. The more you describe your item, the more genuine your listing appears. Add a little personal story behind your item if you can.

5. Don't get too overworked or offended by lowballers. You can just simply ignore them. I also ignore those people who ask for trades. Remember, Poshmark does not protect trade transactions. So trade at your own risk.

6. Package your items nicely. I'm not saying you need to spend on fancy wrapping paper but at a minimum use tissue paper. Show some love!

It used to be Lowballers that irk me on Poshmark. But nowadays, it's users who claim they are a designer authenticater. I've ran into couple of situations where I posted Coach and Dooney and Bourke items and had random users claiming my items are "fake" when they couldn't prove it. They claim to work for the designer company for 20+ years so they know what's real vs fake. But they never pointed out what made them think my items are "fake", so clearly, they are just trolling on Poshmark.

Out A Pair of Shoes
I loved Poshmark but had an unacceptable experience that has left me deleting my account.

TL; DR: Originally what happened is that I was scammed. At first, I had faith Poshmark wouldn't do me dirty and would rectify the situation in a professional and quick manner. This is not at all what happened.

The good: I've actually had great luck in terms of being a buyer over the last year. I've found really unique, authentic designer pieces in excellent condition for an eighth of the cost. I've never experienced anything in the way of an item not arriving or being counterfeit.

Until this incident, I actually had a really decent time selling as well! It was great to earn some cash back on items I no longer wore. I'm also a very meticulous owner who likes to keep things as pristine as possible. It seemed like a win for everyone involved.

The unforgivable: I sold a pair of pristine Nine West flats. Before sending these out, I wiped them off with a dry dust rag, gently formed tissue on the inside to keep their shape, and wrapped them to ensure no damage could occur during shipping. Next thing I know, over 24 hrs after the item has been in this persons possession, I'm receiving pictures of these shoes - absolutely trashed - claiming "Poshmark came in that way."

What the what?! I was confused and felt gaslit. Nevermind that I was the one-time owner of these shoes who meticulously documented the condition in my photos. I reached out to let the buyer know that I felt bad for her situation but was unsure how the damage could have occurred. She evaded any attempt to work with me on figuring out how the damage happened.

Immediately, I reached out to Poshmarks customer service - four times via email, and yes, providing them with my email, account, order number and incident details. They ignored me.

Meanwhile, they solidified the case with their not-so-careful "careful review," sided with the scammer, and THEN got back to me telling me to "throw the shoes out" once I received them back. Just wow. That response doesn't even address the situation at hand?!

So now - I am out my sale, as well as a brand-new pair of shoes that I had to receive back in a much poorer condition and am being told to "throw them out." Looks like I am now also out of my patience.

I've tried tirelessly to get someone from customer service to address or perhaps reevaluate their decision and offer some sort of reconciliation. Nothing. I've sent emails, DMs, resorted to commenting in their Insta comments to get ANYTHING. I originally wrote this view on November 16th - it's now Feb 7th and I still have not heard anything back and it's obvious at this point I won't. Use this as a metric for extremely poor, dare I say nonexistent, customer service.

Conclusion: They seem to offer little in the way of buyer and seller protection. And if they screw up, you run the risk of being ignored in trying to get it resolved. Which is just weak.

Beware: purchase and sell at your own risk.

Do your research
I've been testing several Apps to sell my gently used clothes, including Poshmark. First, the positive. The site is very easy to navigate. It also makes it very easy to list an item and to edit the listing if you need to. Poshmark also offers Concierge Service for it's high-end items. So basically anything over $500 must first be sent to Poshmark HQ for review of authenticity. This is a great feature since unfortunately PM, just like Mercari, is plagued with the cancer that is counterfeit merchandise. Its concierge service does an outstanding job of protecting both buyers and sellers. Believe me this service is very much needed since there are plenty of shady characters aka "buyers" and "sellers" permeating throughout this site. Sadly, the site's benefits are not enough to outweigh its problems. I recently purchased what a seller listed as a high-end item, under the designer name. Seller showed receipts, box, dust bag and pictures of the bag. The bag was listed lower but she claimed to be going through a divorce and simply wanted to get rid of everything including her house. I looked through her site and she had many high-end items with receipts that she had previously sold at more than reasonable prices, she has glowing reviews etc. I figured I would take a chance since I knew I wasn't going to lose my money since the high-end purchase was protected by PM. BUT more importantly, if this woman was lying and getting away with selling fake merchandise I really wanted to nail her and alert PM. I purchased the bag and I kid you not, less than ten seconds later she posted a comment on her thread admitting that the bag was counterfeit AND that she also had a counterfeit watch. She posted the watch at $300! I immediately took pictures of her comments and her fake merchandise and alerted PM. Based on their own rules, this seller should have been banned immediately from the site. She is literally committing a crime and admitting to it. It's like a bad comedy! I could have easily alerted the cops or the feds who handle counterfeit investigations and I probably still can. Nevertheless, this idiot obviously had no idea that she needed to send the bag to PM HQ FIRST and so the next day she cancelled the sale claiming the item was "damaged". HAHA I guess the joke's on her! PM immediately refunded me, but again I was never, ever worried about that. The disturbing part is that PM did nothing about this seller. She is still selling counterfeit merchandise and getting away with it. Her $300 FAKE watch is still for sale. I realize that PM can't police the millions of users on its site BUT when someone sends them pictures and comments from a seller who is committing a crime and admitting to it Poshmark have a responsibility to take action. In this case they did NOTHING. That is very troubling. The second problem I have faced with PM is that buyers don't want to pay fair prices for anything. They lowball and literally want everything for free. Earlier this year PM got great exposure on a national morning show. They interviewed a woman who claimed to have made $5000 in a month selling on PM. She said part of her secret to success is that she buys merchandise at thrift stores and resells it on PM. The second I heard that I thought to myself why on earth would I buy from her when she is obviously making a killing selling stuff she paid peanuts for? Well, millions followed her lead. It is obvious, looking at many of the closets on PM, that sellers are buying at thrift stores and reselling. I'm all for good vintage items but these are none of that. The dead give away is that they will have tons of items in different sizes and brands all old looking and priced at $5, or "bundles" for $10. The problem is that for those of us who are genuinely selling our gently used items from our personal closets, have to deal with low ballers who refuse to pay a fair price and they not only want discounts they EXPECT discounts even if an item is priced at $1. They also expect you to trade with them. Trade? PM does NOT endorse trading because such transactions aren't protected. It is a violation of PM rules yet most girls on there do this and boast about it! The moral of the story is this: if you like MySpace and the characters on it, then you'll LOVE PM. If you are a serious seller/buyer simply trying to find a home for your good quality clothes then I urge you to go elsewhere. Other sites are much more polished with outstanding customer service that includes an actual TELEPHONE number you can call and someone WILL answer! Imagine that! PM you can only reach them via email. Poshmark is an amazing idea but it needs to be more polished.

Ignored, Scolded, Bullied & Intimidated By Poshmark
I purchased a pair of boots on October 6. The seller sent me a cheap pair of shoes instead. I messaged Poshmark and the seller multiple times. No response. Poshmark does not offer phone or live chat assistance, so at this point I had no choice but to file a case with my payment issuer.

Apparently, the only way to guarantee a response from Poshmark is to file a complaint. Poshmark sent me a series of emails which scolded me for not contacting them first before filing a claim, warned me my account could be negatively impacted by filing a complaint, put a hold on my account, and informed me Poshmark would not reinstate my account until I dropped my claim.

Intimidation, plain and simple.

At no point in these emails did Poshmark promise to resolve the problem and issue a refund.

Poshmark wrongly believed I would be so terrified by no longer having access to my account that I would crumple and do anything to regain access to it. Let me set Poshmark straight: you need me, a loyal buyer of fifteen years, more than I need you. I couldn't care less if I never visit again. In fact, I never will.

Nor should you. They have proved they will do anything in their power (ignore, bully intimidate, cancel) rather than address a customer's valid concern.

I sent proof of the boots I ordered, the cheap shoes I received, and proof those same shoes are listed in the seller's inventory to my payment issuer. Unfortunately, you will have to do the same in order to force Poshmark to engage with you. If you have any credit or funds held in your account, make sure you remove them before filing a claim, as Poshmark will prevent you from accessing them once they receive notice of your claim.

Protect yourself.

I'm waiting on my payment issuer's decision. I am certainly not giving in to Poshmark's attempt to blackmail me (drop the claim or you'll never be able to access your account again). Absolutely atrocious.

Ask yourself if you really want to do business with a company that treats its customers with such scorn?

I know I don't.

Finally and most importantly. Poshmark's "3 Days to File a Complaint and You're Out, No Refund For You" policy does NOT APPLY to items that are incorrect, damaged or not as described. Poshmark will tell you it does, but they are lying. Consumer Protection Laws protect "purchasers of goods and services against defective products and deceptive, fraudulent business practices." Nowhere in these Federal Laws does it state you only have 3 days to file a complaint.

They sell defective altered clothes as excellent condition, no refund
This is the case I opened with Poshmark. This is the comment section where we were suppose to communicate. Poshmark wouldn't allow me to post to it, or make a comment unless I attached a picture. But the seller could post all she wanted

These pants were either purchased defective or were stretched and altered, but they do not have a thick elastic banded waist like they are suppose to. This is why I purchase these pants because of the wide elastic banded waistband. It holds in my stomach, these are loose and don', t and can't hold anything in because it is a thin loose piece of elastic only at the very top of the pants. It is suppose to be a inch or more thick strong elastic band along the top and goes down through the middle of the waistband This pair of pants does not have a banded waist, it has a narrow bit of elastic at the top to keep the pants up. I notice it as soon as I put them on. The waist was big and loose. I went and got all my BP pants and they all had the wide elastic banded waistband. Here is a description from BP site describing these travel pants. Our bestselling straight-leg travel pant will take you everywhere you want to go. Designed with a banded stretch waist in our soft, wrinkle-resistant fabric, this is your go-to pant to wear and pair with all of your destination essentials. Also her pants are sewn different then mine, the seam of my pants is at the top, hidden. Her seam is right along the tiny stretched elastic at the top of the pants. I took the pair she sent and a black pair I have and turned over the waistband so you could see that the one in my pants is large and thick, with a lot of support, her's has none. She told me these were in excellent condition, they are not even close to being like they are made at BP. I don't want these pants because they are either defective, or were stretched, either way they are not BP travel pants. I enclosed a picture of the top of the pants bent over to show the wide band in mine and not in hers. I would like a prepaid label to send them back, because there was no paperwork at all in the package. Thank you

4 days ago
Jacqueline (Poshmark)
Thanks for submitting your comment. We'll review your case and make sure to let you know once we make a decision.

4 days ago
Jacqueline (Poshmark)
To assist with our review, please provide photos of the following area(s):

- Clear non blurry photo of all tags, text, stamps and logos on item purchased as well as the item used to compare in natural outdoor lighting
4 days ago
I was wondering why someone would sell $59 pants that are suppose to be in excellent condition, like new for $18, now I know why. I was very hesitant to buy these pants because no one in their right mind would sell such expensive pants in excellent condition with no flaws for such a low price. They sell these on Ebay for $40, so why would she sell them so cheap? Common sense is all you need to see how she tried to rip me off.

4 days ago
Jacqueline (Poshmark)
*******@*******@mommy1365 says "If you would like to send me your email I'll send you the money and I don't want them back and I'll spare you all this anguish it's causing you. There was no deceit. They are what they are. And a widowed struggling single mom of 2 little girls without healthcare with a debilitating nervous system disorder would sell her right arm for $18 if it meant supporting my children. You are all worked up over nothing. I will pray for all your pain. "

3 days ago
I showed you the band inside the waistband of my black pants. But you can clearing see that her's has nothing inside the waist, no support, no 1" piece of extra strong elastic. I have more pictures but it won' allow more. Also I am not allowed to comment. Lets see if it works this time

3 days ago
Why am I not allowed to comment on my case without a picture? And why is this case open when the seller agreed to refund me? What is going on here? I can' comment on my case without a picture?

3 days ago
Jacqueline (Poshmark)
*******@*******@mommy1365 says "Poshmark does not provide packing slips/ return labels etc. They will assist you. They do not allow sellers to facilitate returns. Your pictures are also not doing you any justice. Nothing was wrong with the item. I believe you are not happy with the way they fit and want your money back. If this was off Poshmark I wouldn't deal with this nonsense and I'd give you the money back. I suggest you don't buy off Poshmark and go to a brick and mortar. My pics and dimensions are clearly stated. "

3 days ago
You can send my refund through with just my name

3 days ago
Jacqueline (Poshmark)
Rest assured your case is still in review. We will notify you once we have reached a resolution. Thanks for your patience.

3 days ago
She sold $59 pants for $18, Then she tells me to send my email and she will pay me back with her money and I can keep the $59 pants. Which means Poshmark has my money, she is going to send me her money and I get to keep $59 pants. Why would she do that unless she wants the case closed, and the pants gone so no one will know she Was lying and selling defective items. It is so clear, I bought these pant expecting to get BP pants, made like they make them. Who has a reason to lie?

Jacqueline (Poshmark)
*******@*******@mommy1365 says "I've also sold NEW IN THE BOX TORY BURCH SANDALS ORIGINALLY COSTING $300 for under $100. Keep the case open. Lady you ordered Boston Proper Pants EXCELLENT CONDITION and that's what you got. Because they won't hold your belly isn't my problem. I said I would give you the money because to me I have much larger problems in my life than worrying about a pair of pants. Apparently you don't. I'm finished responding this is ridiculous. Leave it up to Poshmark. "

Jacqueline (Poshmark)
We have reviewed the case you submitted. Unfortunately, this case does not qualify for a return.

22 minutes ago

New Seller Treated Unfairly
I was given a pocketbook which sat in the closet for many years. It still had some tags attached and also the handles were still covered. I was unsure of whether it was authentic so I contacted Burberry customer support. Poshmark informed me that unless someone has the ORIGINAL receipt from the store where a bag was bought it is virtually impossible to authenticate a vintage Burberry bag/pocketbook. They also said that all of the online places claiming that they can give you "professional authentication" services are bogus because it is not even possible to do so.

There are, however, clues to authenticity. Burberry or Burberry's should be all in capital letter on the tag. The B's and E's should be slightly larger on the bottom than the top. The U's and Y's should be slightly thicker on the left side than the right. The R's should have a slight curl at their tale. Hardware should all match and should all have the Burberry name and/or symbol on them. Not all of the vintage purses/bags have serial numbers(mine did not). The pocketbook I had met everyone of these requirements so I went ahead and listed it on PoshMark.

Anyhow, within an hour of listing it on PM, I had acquired well over 100 followers. Several people had favored my listing or shared it. Then came a lady who commented that she "thought" it was a fake. I explained everything to her that Burberry customer service had told me. She came back by pointing out several reasons she believed still that it was a fake. She then told me to change my item description to "unsure of item authenticity" so I would not be held accountable if it was a fake. Well, a quick reading of PM's rules showed me that if I did this it would automatically be labeled as fake.

Instead, trying to be fair and honest, I put my closet on hold so it could not be sold. I informed her that I was once again going to contact Burberry customer service and their Fraud Control department as well as do my own research before putting the pocketbook for sale again.

Low and behold, while I was waiting for a further response from Burberry, my pocketbook was flagged and removed for being in violation of PM's rules. I found this out by going to my PM site as I was never sent the email they say they send when a moderator removes your listing. I know they had the right email(and I did check my spam folder) because I was getting other emails from them.

In the end I decided to close my account since I actually looked into PoshMark by visiting the BBB and googling reviews and now do not trust the site at all.

When I closed my account it asked me to explain why in detail so I did. I tried twice and it refused to process my closure. The third time I put in the explanation box "After attempting to explain twice and it not processing my request, I am submitting the request without further explanation.: Guess what? It went through immediately so I assume they do not really want people to tell them what is wrong with their site.

And by the way, going strictly by the indicators of authenticity I was told, a quick look at designer pocketbooks on PM showed several VERY CLEARLY FAKE ones allowed to stay for sale. I wonder if they were friends of the PoshMark owners/moderators or even the actual owners/moderators themselves?

This company can it be more unprofessional
I have been on this site for several months now as a buyer and a seller. I am constantly shocked at the lack of professionalism this company provides their consumers.
There is absolutely no phone number given for you to contact the company, so you are forced to do everything via email which takes between 48 hours and 7 days to resolve any issues.
My most recent negative experience with this company was I purchased a Tiffany and Company ring. It was a fake. So to get a return approved you must file a claim. Which I did! The problem was Poshmark took so long to approve my claim, that by the time they sent me a return shipping label I was out of town. When a seller goes out of town they place their account on vacation hold. So, it was a no-brainer that I would not be able to return the item immediately. I informed Poshmark of this as soon as they approved the returned. But of course received no emailed response back. The day I got back, ( late Saturday night( I took my account off vacation hold. Sunday I woke up and found that they marked my purchase as delivered. Which means they transferred funds for the ring to the seller My account came off vacation hold on a Saturday night. Clearly I did not have time to return the item, since there was no mail available until Monday. So, I guess I am just screwed out of my money, even though it is against the law to sell or represent a replica online.
I've also had customers be able to leave negative reviews on me for petty little things such as... the hue of the shoes was different in real life then in the photos. Ridiculous!
I've also had friends that sell High ticket items. One of my friends did a thousand-dollar transaction for several pieces of Tiffany and Company jewlery. The buyer decided she couldn't really afford the pieces at the time, and right away had asked my friend to cancel the order. Poshmark only allows returns if it is a replica, or not as described. So when the order was cancelled, the lady submitted it was a replica. The problem is, Poshmark does not tell a seller what the problem is until they either approve or deny the case. So, my friend didn't know an item was even being claimed as a replica until Poshmark approved the return. After my friend found out the reason the return was approved, she immediately provided Poshmark pictures of six other items that were identical in Hallmark's and stampings weight measurements ect. She also provided documentation from the seller she purchased purchased it from which has been selling Tiffany and Company for 28 years, and has a stellar reputation, with absolute zero negative feedback. He provided his personal phone number and all the testing and research he did to authenticate the piece... I E. Testing to make sure the gold was real... excetera excetera excetera. My friend also took the piece to Tiffany and Company afterwards and had them in writing authenticate it. But the return had already been approved and the items had already been returned, so my friend was just screwed out of $1,000 in sales, and has had her business reputation tarnished because Poshmark did not do their own due diligence.
Poshmark will only personally look at an item Hands-On if the selling price was over $500. Since this was a bundle package and the item in question was only sold for $450, they instead send out pictures to random buyers and sellers to ask them what they think. And if they think it is a replica or not. So, basically any moron can say whatever they want and that's what they go by. Since the item was purchased as a bundle, my friend lost out on the entire purchase price because anything but as a bundle, has to be returned as a bundle. Poshmark buying and selling system, and customer service, is highly flawed, and unprofessional!

Unfortunately, I have just reported Poshmark to the Better Business Bureau.
Oddly enough, PM has 8 positive reviews on BBB and nearly 750 customer COMPLAINTS and DISPUTES! It seems Poshmark would be trying to move into a more positive light with stats such as those, yet- here we are.

I'll first say- I am not the person who leaves negative reviews. I have tried every civil outreach imaginable to resolve my issue and after exhausting all options with customer service as well as the seller and having absolutely no luck, here we are. All I can do now is try to warn others!

Ive recommended Poshmark to many, many people and I am now retracting that recommendation with a review and reason as to why.

Poshmark has worked hand-in-hand with a seller to SCAM me into paying for a damaged dress even though the listing did not disclose the proper condition. I really believe in supporting businesses but Poshmark has proven time and time again they are not an honest business and I highly recommend running in the opposite direction!

Ill first mention that I WAS a seller on Poshmark and I was labeled as a Posh Mentor, top-recruiter, fast shipper, top seller, top-rated seller- and basically everything that you can be graded on I was rated in the highest- so this comes as a very seriously taken review!

I purchased a dress from a shop *******@anasboutique after doing my research as a buyer and thinking the dress was in good condition, only to receive the dress with a big hole under the right arm as soon as I pulled it from the box! Naturally I went back to the original listing to ensure I hadn't read over something or missed a photo that showed the damage. Nowhere was this issue listen. I informed Poshmark and made my claim as well as apologized politely to the seller for the case going into review and explaining the issue while also keeping the seller up to date on everything going on at my end with Poshmark-even sharing emails with her on comments to keep her in the know. I also bought a shirt (came in new condition) and received a different free shirt from the buyer (that I was unaware of until receiving). I offered to return the dress and the free shirt as an amendment to my situation with the hole but wanted to keep the purchased shirt. I asked the seller to work with me on this issue by making a separate listing for the shirt I wanted so I could purchase it and return the rest. She told me she was not willing to "GIVE ME" the shirt for "FREE" which is NOT what I asked for at all!
I was informed by Poshmark via email that they do not offer partial refunds, even though they allow items to be sold in bundles with more than one item in a purchase, they will not allow you to only return PART of that order and keep the rest- no matter if you only have issues with part of the order. They offered me an offensive $5 in posh credit for a dress I paid $15 PLUS $6.95 shipping for, with debit card-not posh credit! You should NOT have an option to bundle items if you dont have the option to return only one item. The shirt was in excellent condition but the dress was not. I tried to work with the buyer and she refused. I contacted Poshmark again after their offensive offer and asked how that made any sense to them. They responded 4 days later with a robotic answer-avoiding any question I asked them and never replying to anything I actually wanted to know. I sent ONE MORE email with my question as to why they thought $5 was a fair credit to give me on this issue- that was not my fault in any way- and the response I received was this:

JUN 18,2018 | 02:39PM PDT
Brandolph replied:

Thank you for your email. As requested, we went ahead and resolved your case and will release the earnings to the seller. We have also applied the Posh Credits to your account.

Thank you and Happy Poshing!


SO, once again, absolutely NO response to any question I asked and on top of all of that- THEY CHARGED MY CARD AND RELEASED PAYMENT TO THE SELLER WHO SOLD ME AN UNDISCLOSED DAMAGED ITEM! I did not WANT $5 in measley posh credits. I do not WANT to shop with them anymore and it makes no sense to give me credits... what I WANT is my money back.

This comes after already having a couple other negative experiences with Poshmark from similar situations and attempting to delete my account. Instead of actually deleting my account, Poshmark emailed me asking me to try them again and offering $25 in credits (which was used before this purchase took place) I should have just refused and deleted the account. I was a seller for a while and couldnt justify the huge fees they were taking from me so I stopped selling and only used it to buy things once in a while- then couldnt justify liking 3 things from 3 different closets' and having to pay nearly $7 in shipping 3 SEPARATE times! So naturally my answer was to stop using Poshmark. Apparently my first instinct was right.

I will be losing out on this purchase unless the BBB is able to get my money back. I am also going to dispute this charge with my credit union. I am being screwed over as a buyer who is apparently protected and will for SURE be closing my account now and never looking back or recommending again. I brought a huge group of people, buyers and sellers alike, to the app and you better believe I will be warning all of them of the issue and informing them my recommendation has changed and to take their business elsewhere.

EBay is better for both buyers and sellers.
I encountered Poshmark after I couldn't find some of the rare, rapidly disappearing items I collect on my beloved eBay. I'm both a buyer and a seller on eBay with a few years experience and many additional years of customer service experience in brick-and-mortar stores.

Some of the deals on Poshmark were shockingly good. I made one purchase, not even 48 hours ago, and got a fabulous deal. It came today, and it was wrapped with a beautiful note with lace, pink crepe paper, and craft paper. It came in one day b/c of the Priority shipping and the seller lives close. She barely made any money at all from the sale, because Poshmark charges a horrible 20% and requires the $6 Priority shipping. EBay only charges 10% and PayPal charges 2.9% plus 30 cents for every sale. So that's about 13% to sell on eBay versus 20% on Poshmark. Also, I saw some more items I want, but I noticed the seller hadn't updated her closet since April. So, instead of hitting Buy Now, I asked on the listing if it was available. That was yesterday and no response so far. Sad, because this item is so hard to find, especially at that price. It's a very poor selling platform to let people upload items and then be able to abandon their closets - effectively leaving many buyers disgruntled, and their money held for a week when the seller doesn't ship.

Another thing: I've only been on Poshmark less than 2 days and I've already seen a fraudulent listing. Someone is attempting to sell a $10 knockoff of a $65 rare perfume as the real thing. Not only that, but there is a price sticker on the knockoff cellophane covering the words "an impression of". The kicker is... the fraudulent price sticker says $91. Someone already commented that is was suspicious and may not be real, but the seller swears it is real, even though it is VERY obviously not. That would never fly on eBay. The listing would be reported and taken down and the seller would have a bad mark on their record.

I would never personally sell on Poshmark. I'm quite happy with the protection eBay offers, and I think 13% is already a lot to take from sellers. I sell clothes, and I ship First Class 90% of the time because Poshmark are usually lightweight. I weigh everything in my own home with my postal scale and print my own label. I get to choose the best way to ship for both buyer and seller. I'm Top Rated, so eBay gives a LARGE discount on my shipping costs, as well.

Honestly, Poshmark is a great idea, but needs a few huge improvements because it seems to have very poor execution.

Better Than Vinted (Read My Vinted Review. This isn't a Compliment)
The prob with Posh is that the shipping prices are too high. There's no agreement with USPS for people to utilize the best shipping prices.
This causes low sales. Esp. For people who make jewelry.
And to make matters worse, the max weight for Posh shipping is 10 pounds. A big coat weighs more than that (when one adds in the cost of the packaging).
People who want to make multiple purchases from a seller often have to buy separate shipping for some of the items because the total weight is more than 10 pounds.
This is why the sales on Posh are slow.
Another reason I don't care for Posh is that there are 'dead' profiles that have items in them. I've purchased a couple things just to find out the seller is no longer 'in biz' but the items still remain.
The worst was when I put a bid on something, seller accepted, then disappeared. Days later, I had to contact the seller to see what the Hades was going on. There was no tracking shown for the item.
The seller gave me the run-around, giving me a bunch of excuses and said that I could cancel the order if I wanted. At that point, I knew the seller wasn't going to send the item, so I just let the thing rest. Eventually the seller refunded my money. (I was at the stage in my finances that I could do this.)
The biggest issue wasn't that. The biggest issue was the response I got on the reddit Poshmark sub. Everyone gave stupid excuses for the seller's behaviour! Poshmark kept saying something about people dying of corona virus and that might be why the seller is delaying shipping (?!?!) OK people, if you decide to start a business (which is what online selling is: A business!), don't use a relative's illness to NOT showing up for work, if nothing more than contacting your customers to let them know your shipping will be delayed.
This made me not ever want to shop at Posh. The response of sellers to that post was disheartening.
And to boot, that seller has continued to sell (they didn't close their closet) and indeed listed even MORE items in their closet!
I would like to note that the seller gave me excuses such as not having a printer to print out the label, not being at the place where their Posh items are located, etc. etc. As the excuses for not being able to ship my item. Corona virus was never mentioned ~though that would not be an excuse for such behaviour anyway.
The drama of the other sellers was the tipping point for me. I'm surprised they didn't pull out the old 'maybe she's an astronaut, flying in space. Maybe that's why she's unable to ship your item.'

I would like to note that I still have my items listed on Posh, but I've only bought a thing or two on the site.
I try to find items on other sites before I go to posh.
I would also like to note that I had to contact ANOTHER seller (after the previous one) to see where my package was. It had been a few days since I bought the thing. The seller said they mailed it, but there was nothing on the tracking (another thing I don't like about Posh is that it doesn't show a label being made. Tracking shows only once USPS enters it into the system when the carrier enters it into the system). Well wouldn't you know that the very next day, the tracking shows.
In other words, seller had that thing sitting around the house. Instead of admitting they forgot or were to lazy to mail it, they lied.
Posh needs to become more professional. It's some 30YO-living-in-parents'-basement type of deal right now.

How Ebay compares to Posh
I've been an ebay top rated seller for over 8 years and even though I knew Posh charged a 20% fee I decided to try it and simply raise my prices to cover the fee. I searched for honest reviews from successful sellers that have tried both and all I could find was reviews done by posh themselves to make people think its the next best thing they've openly showed apparent sellers making thousands but any successful ebay seller knows that you can easily do that on ebay. I tried posh for a little over 4 months and I can honestly say for every $10 I made there I made $100 on ebay. On ebay I deal with a bad buyer maybe once every 5 months, on posh I had one within 2 weeks. A buyer claiming the brand new item was ripped and used when my photos clearly stated otherwise because I only sell new items. I wrote long emails and like the other stories on here it took over a month since the sale to resolve the issue the buyer never sent back the item and I never got my money back and two days later she put it up for sale. Basically it's 20% from each sale and seller doesn't get paid until after the buyer is happy which is approx a week after the sale. If theres a problem you don't get your money. My honest opinion is that this app made it seem easy for a lot of young people and or people that found it hard to list on ebay. For years I was the type of seller on ebay that would comment on the community board about how much I hated ebay and how unfair it was but I have tried bonanza and mercari and posh and I never thought I would be happy to have ebay. For me my online sales are my only job so all the little pros and cons are extremely important. I took the time to write this so maybe it helps at least one serious seller like myself make a wise decision. If it's just a hobby or a form of making a little extra and you have time to waste on answering dozens of pointless comments all day then posh is for you. Having millions of followers means nothing on this site posh wants u to share items from everyone and follow everyone even if you don't plan to buy what Poshmark don't show you is the poor people that have over a million followers and have so many cute things to sell priced so low that you wonder if that person will even make a few dollars and you see the date on the items and wonder why it's been posted for over a year. I Took the liberty of contacting some ladies and offering advice on how to describe the item better so it sold but it's just sad because posh is ripping these poor people off when they finally sell. The BOUTIQUE option is completely ridiculous and anyone with a brain can figure that out. Posh only lets people sell in the US but allows the International garbage to be sold to their buyers and they use american models to disguise the product. I'm sorry but at least on ebay I have the option to pick US only sellers to help me decide. Spam and scammers are a big problem they haven't found a way to keep fake accounts from leaving ads on people's posts which was very irritating. Overall I'm glad I tried it because I learned a lot and realized the extra 10% fee really does make a difference at the end of the month and I think smart shoppers would realize that if the fee is so high then they have a chance to get the same item cheaper on ebay as for mercari I'll be leaving a review there to warn buyers and sellers (I mostly did selling but had bad experiences as a buyer) about this app. Just be smart and careful we all work hard for our money so we have the right to chose what company or app we allow to handle it.

An unprofessional business with lack of knowledge on luxury consignment.
I have been a seller and buyer on Poshmark for over several years now. I have had much success, being ranked in the Top 10% of sellers on the app. As for my most recent sale, I sold a Limited Edition Louis Vuitton handbag. This item is incredibly rare, and only a handful were distributed in the United States. This was from an exclusive collection that was designed in 2008. I sold the item, and complying with policy, sent the item to be reviewed by the Concierge service, which authenticates the item before shipping to the buyer. In my post, I attatched photos of the authenticity cards to verify. After several days, I received an email stating that the order has been canceled because the authenticity of the item cannot be verified. My account was suspended, and if I did not pay $20 for shipping, the item would be destroyed. Whoever reviewed the item displayed no knowledge regarding luxury items, using a Google search engine, speaking skills, the ability to use a phone, nor the ability to contact Louis Vuitton, the manufacturer, to confirm the authenticity. To ask me to pay $20 to ship the item back to me, I would have no problem doing if I in fact submitted a counterfeit item. But to ask me to pay money to send my own personal item back to me, I will not do. Poshmark did not handle this situation correctly whatsoever. To not do thorough research, then to accuse me of selling a fake item when it, in fact, is an extremely coveted and rare item known by the fashion world (including the buyer) who was completely aware of the item, and in fact was in search of this particular item, is not only unprofessional, but uneducated. Since the original retail value of the item is in the $3,000 range, I will have no trouble taking legal action if my item is not returned to me complimentary. That is the least this company can do for me. My account has been suspended, giving me no access to the photos that include the photos of the authenticity cards alongside the bag. I will never use or sell with Poshmark again, I would rather sell to a consignment store where I would make half the profit in which I would make using the app, without having to deal with the uneducated staff and customer service that Poshmark provides. I will not be disrespected and "threatened" by a company that has no wit or understanding of luxury consignment, and appraising luxury items. Might I add, that I had the item appraised by another online consignment retailer, and had no issue with the authenticity.

Beware of sellers "@chirpchirp@timerrabbit and@raylynn32
Have you been the victim of poshmark bullying? You're not alone... My aunt recently opened up an account here, she just recently started buying used designer handbags to sell for a small profit. A few of the bags turned out not to be authentic, she's not a professional "purse buyer" so of course mistakes will be made. Pat listed a Fendi Spy handbag and wallet bought from eBay. Wallet had tags and is authentic. She was informed by another posher that the handbag was not authentic because the tag was wrong. She changed the listing to say bag authenticity unknown. A few days later she deleted the listing all together. But kept the wallet listing stating, "authentic Fendi spy wallet for sale" I have the purse to match but can not verify authenticity, I can bundle if you'd like. Pat posted a picture of a LV purse bought on another site *******@chirpchirp replied "not authentic" Pat deleted the listing. *******@chirpchirp proceeded to say that Pat's LV in a cream color was fake too. Pat has had the handbag for a long time, it's the only LV she's owned until she started buying used. Somewhere in-between she looked at another LV handbag listing, asking seller is bag authentic? " I can't take getting another replica." Seller informed Pat the bag was a replica. All of a sudden another *******@timerrabbit made a posting stating "you're asking someone if a purse is authentic? But, you're selling fakes..." *******@chirpchirp,@timerrabbit *******@raylynn32 went to Pat's listing of the cream colored Louis Vuitton handbag, calling her a liar and a crook among other things. Pat believed and still believes the bag to be authentic. She has checked the codes, stitching and leather, everything adds up. *******@chirpchirp,@timerrabbit *******@raylynn32 did not care, Poshmark posted nasty comments about her online jewelry store, calling her things junk and age. At this point Pat was very upset and felt ganged up on. She said a few nasty things back. Most could understand her frustration. Right? Pat informed her Daughter Amy about the altercation, Amy fired back with her own nasty comments. This went on back in forth for a couple days. Pat deleted her account all together because of the harassment. I'm not saying either of them were right in how they handled the situation but, when dealing with bullies you have to be just as hard on them or they will prey on you because they view you as weak. Clearly, what they thought when they teamed up on Pat... Amy made several new accounts because every time she posted something the users would post a nasty comment back then block her. Pat did some investigating and found other users these same users had ganged up on. Very frustrating. Both Amy and Pat received emails from Poshmark banning them from the site but, no action was taken *******@chirpchirp,@timerrabbit *******@raylynn32.
I've included photos of the messages sent back and forth between the 5. All were guilty in some way. Pat did not engage as much as Amy and the other users did. She did not use vulgar language in any way. Pat should not have been banned. If anything all parties should have been equally reprimanded. If you've been a victim of Internet bullying by any of these *******@chirpchirp,@timerrabbit *******@raylynn32, please inform Poshmark. Internet bullying is not ok and it's becoming a huge problem. Stand up for yourself and don't let anyone try to bring you down! Let's put a stop to Internet Bullying!

Worst Site Ever for Buying or Selling
I understand this is a platform for buying / selling, Poshmark is not a seller / buyer, but unlike other websites (i. E. eBay) Poshmark do not hold the seller accountable. Anyone can join and post pictures of the items they don't intend to ever ship. When you buy something, half the sellers never ship items, don't respond to you, and basically drop off the face of the earth.

This would never fly on eBay. EBay holds seller accountable and will ban a seller for not shipping on time or providing poor customer service. Here, on Poshmark, buyers can only leave positive comments, and if you have something bad to say like item not as described, item damages, never shipped etc. too bad - you can't do that! In order to leave a comment you have to 1. Accept your purchase which will release money to seller 2. Leave 5 Star feedback. Only then can you leave a comment. No wonder all their sellers are 5 Star sellers. What a joke!

Of all the purchases I made a large percentage never arrived and of those that arrived more than half were complete junk. Sellers list jeans in "great condition" and they arrive with giant holes on the bottoms. Sweaters "in great condition" have moth holes all over.

I understand this is partly because Poshmark only allows to post 4 pictures so sellers have a choice to post pictures of the item or pictures or the defects, not everything will fit in the 4 picture limit.

Poshmark also encourages you to use "filters" in your "cover shot" which enhances the picture and makes an old worn out faded item look bright colorful and like new, which is complete misrepresentation.

Prices are through the roof and it's hard to find good deals. People on Poshmark have the impression that their worn junk cost a lot of money and that they can get what they paid for it in a store! Some will even say "I am just trying to get what I paid for it". Right, that's after she wore it for several years.

As a seller however, you get low-ball offers mostly and this site seems to cater to lots of young girls who still live with their parents and have no money, and have a sense of entitlement that everything should be free! I sold several wool sweaters new with tags for $4 of which Poshmark takes $3 in commission and I get $1.

Then once you sell something the buyer has to release money in order for you to get paid. I sold an item and the buyer moved, so the mailman chased her all over town and finally delivered to her new address, but Poshmark never updated tracking in their system although USPS did and on Poshmark it was saying Undeliverable so normally if the seller doesnt actively release funds the funds are released 3 days after time stamp of delivery but in this case tracking never updated on Poshmark even though on USPS it was showing delivered to new address. I emailed Poshmark and I never heard from their customer service back!

Sellers have 7 days to ship item although buyere's credit card is charged right away.

If item is not as described and Poshmark approves return the buyer only has 48 hours to ship it back!

This means you have 48 hours from the moment your return is approved to have the item scanned by USPS (not just shipped but actually scanned into their system) to get your money back!

My post office does not scan items when you mail them - you drop them off and they get scanned at the central location. Sometimes the bar code skips the scanner and it does not show up in the system until it's at the destination post office (could be 3-4 days later).

If your return gets approved Friday evening on right before a national holiday, you are out of luck because by the time your post office opens up it will be too late to ship your return.

Overall, my experience as both buyer and seller has been horrible.

I am deleting my closet and closing down my account!

It took a great deal of courage for me to try Poshmark,...
It took a great deal of courage for me to try Poshmark, since I'm not really an online purchase kind of buyer for clothing unless through Amazon or Ebay. So I figure I'd post a review in case others were in my same position and need some advice. Here are my thoughts: Poshmark is a great site if you are wise about how you use it and take some precautions. I don't sell because I can't handle having to do it on a phone app... I'll wait until hopefully Poshmark make it available to do on a computer. But I do plenty of buying on the site. And I've learned a few things along the way.

Mostly, the people are great... yes, some scammers and some idiots, but you get that everywhere. And in my experience, they are in a small minority. Then again, I am careful about the sellers I buy from. I don't use it for exclusive high end items so I can't speak to the authenticity issue. But I've purchased quite a bit on Poshmark, and have had a case where the seller disappeared on me and a few not as described issues (maybe 3 purchases total out of 25+ purchases). But that's happened on eBay too (see below).

The bad news is: if a seller doesn't send an item, there's no way you can MAKE them, just like on eBay... I won a no reserve auction on eBay once and the seller didn't ship because she didn't like the amount of the winning bid and so she became insulting, then non responsive and sold the item to someone else. Ebay found in my favor on the report I filed, but they can't force the seller to abide by the contract... all I could do was leave negative feedback. Same on PoshMark in a way, in that you can't MAKE them ship.

On the plus side, when this happened to me on PM and a seller lied about shipping an item and it never showed, in 7 days you are allowed to cancel order (with an automatic refund that showed up in bank account with a day or so), and at 21 days, PM automatically cancels the order for you and refunds the money if the order never shows as shipped. I only had it happen to me once, out of maybe 25 purchases over 4 months. Refund showed in my bank account in a couple of days.

From my experience, you will have a good experience with PoshMark by not trusting everyone, just like in life. Do your homework when you are browsing (which can be addictive, btw!). This may all sound like a lot, but really, it's mostly common sense. When you are looking at an item:
1) Check a few of the other items showing SOLD by the seller to check comments. If there are any complaints or people trying to track down missing shipments, avoid. If you see happy thankful responses or quick resolutions, or at least no negatives, go for it.
NOTE: you'll want to do this anyway. Since the flat rate shipping can be high for small purchases so it's more worthwhile if you can buy several items from the same seller, since the shipping is the same. I tend to "bundle"... buy several items from the same seller and so the shipping is more reasonable per item. Plus you can negotiate discounts that way! Just received a couple hundred dollars worth of items, most of which were NWT (new with tags) for $45!
2) Check under a few item listings in their closet to see when it says last updated. If it was relatively recent, then you know they are active in their closet. Check comments to see if they respond quickly and are willing to answer questions.
3) ALWAYS have some kind of contact with seller before buying... if you click Buy Now on an item, and they aren't checking their account or selling anymore, you will get the money back but it's a pain to wait and be disappointed. Sometimes just asking if an item is still available if there are not recent comments on it will help you know if the seller is around.
4) Don't be afraid to ask questions. Some sellers don't answer or don't like it, in which case, move on. That's their right, but for me, it's a deal breaker. You'll know a dependable seller who is active in their "closet" when they are patient about questions and provide a basic level of polite customer service. And when you see lots of other happy (and recent) comments on their item listings.
5) Use *******@username format when posting comments/questions. They still get it if you don't but it shows up in their feed if you use the@ so they often see it faster.
6) Know what measurements you want so you can compare them to your own favorite clothes... I ask for shoulder to shoulder across the back, armpit to armpit, waist, hips, length shoulder to hem, etc etc... depending on item. Oh, and material content. And stretchiness! And color if it looks different in diff pics due to lighting. I'll often ask which color is most true to the item. Be aware that most display forms DON'T have normal proportions (i. E., bust and waist and shoulders are way smaller and usually much closer together on a display form than on even a very slender adult woman), so don't rely on pictures alone for proportions or fit.
7) Do look at quality of pictures... they don't have to be professional, but does the item look well cared for, is it displayed nicely, show all angles, shows label if necessary. And make sure there are at least SOME pics of the actual item... not only stock photos!
8) I don't recommend trading... EVER. If that seller I mentioned earlier had traded with me, I would have been out whatever item I shipped her and never received anything back with no recourse. As it was, my money was refunded quickly, since it was covered by their guarantee.
9) This may sound awful, but look at basic grammar and communication. Just like you would in a store... does the seller "speak" at least relatively well, communicate clearly, present themselves professionally, treat people politely? I'm not saying we all use great grammar and spelling online (I use plenty of! And abbreviations online!) or that you should only buy from those doing it to make a side income, but there's a basic level I look for in an interaction in which I'm giving up hard earned cash.
10) Be aware that even when you ask for measurements or opinions or conditions of item, etc etc, not everyone sees thing same way or measures exactly the same. I've had a few cases where the measurements were a bit off, making the item unwearable, but like always... caveat emptor... buyer beware. As long as I negotiate really good deals, I just view the few items that don't work as part of the cost of the items that do!

Most of my purchases have been positive by taking these few precautions. This way you can separate the teenage flakes and the inevitable scammers from the honest, fun people just trying to buy and sell fashion. Some of them are really passionate about fashion and/or trying to run side businesses. Find those sellers! Plus, I've had some really nice interactions with some really great sellers, most of whom shipped within a day or so. I have bought some things that just don't fit even after all this, but that's no one's fault, just the risk we take when we buy without being able to try on. I have had great experiences and some killer deals on PM... a few negative, but hey, there are idiots everywhere!

Hope that all helps. Sorry for the long post... just hoping someone gets some benefit from what I've learned, and wanted to pass on! Thanks!

Poshmark doesn't help with unfair ratings by buyers
Let's go over the first thing. Fees.
For the seller, anything under $15 Poshmark will take a flat rate fee of $2.95. Anything over $15 Poshmark will take 20%. Buyer pays for shipping $7.45, which makes your items look way overpriced sometimes. You are able to discount the shipping or make it free, but poshmark will deduct that money from your earnings. The down side to the flat shipping rate is you could be selling something that is as light as a piece of paper and as small as a quarter and it will still be $7.45 for shipping. Another thing to plan is packaging. You can use USPS priority mail boxes for these at no extra charge, but if the item you're sending doesn't fit in the packages available, then you need to buy your own, so that's more money you need to consider. (ex: a shoe box will not fit in the usps priority mail boxes.)
For the buyer, you pay for the shipping, the shipping is always $7.45. Unless the seller wants to discount it. Whatever the seller deducts from the shipping cost will be coming out of their earnings so be mindful when offering super low prices because sellers already have to consider the poshmark fee, packaging, and shipping.

The merchandise and "fakes" being sold on Poshmark:
As you can tell from the other reviews, there are MANY "fakes" on Poshmark. One good thing is if you purchase an item over $500, Poshmark says it will verify its authenticity for you. (I never tried it because I haven't purchased anything at that price yet) So if someone sells an item for $499, keep in mind that it could be to skip that process. The sucky part is you'll only feel secure about the products being authentic if they're over $500 to get it verified. But who is on Poshmark to spend over $500? Most people go on there because of Poshmarks advertisements showing how much of a great deal you can get on brand names. I don't see spending over $500 as an amazing deal. But that's just me.

Unfair reviews and ratings by buyers:
Poshmark will absolutely not help you with this. Poshmark flat out tell you there is nothing they will do about unfair rating and reviews; the buyer can choose how they want to rate you based off of anything. They tell you when you make an account to make sure you describe your items very well and take very clear photos; especially if there are any defects or details you think the buyer needs to see or know about. So let's say you did that, an example. There is a scratch on a shoe, you take clear photos of the scratch, you write it in the description, the buyer gives you a 3-star rating when they receive the item and selects that you need to improve your item description, writes "the shoe has a scratch". Even though you clearly wrote it in the description and attached a photo of it when they purchased it. Poshmark lets the buyer decide how they want to rate you and gives them the freedom to say anything, whether its false information, or something that was/is out of your control (ex, shipping delays during the holidays or covid or any reasons). This is one of the worst things because it affects you as a seller and makes it so no one wants to buy from you if you have bad reviews or low stars.

Copyright and your photos:
I found a person who was using my photos on their listings, this person took a screenshot of my listing and used it on their own. I reached out multiple times to Poshmark and to the copyright department. When I did research online I found a Poshmark blog that said "Most people will be a-okay with the use of their image, as long as you cite the source, but getting permission is always best. If an image is used without permission and the owner of that image reaches out to us, we are legally obligated to remove the listing." So about a week after reaching out to multiple emails on poshmark, customer support finally responded back saying they take this stuff serious and that they took the photos off that persons listing. (the listing was still there, just no photo)

My experience:
What changed my whole experience with poshmark was the unfair ratings and them not doing anything about it. I sold a pair of shoes and very clearly described that they are best for narrow feet, I mentioned the brand is known to run half a size small so to at least purchase half a size larger than normal. I also included in the description an example saying if you wear a size 5.5, get a size 6. The buyer rated me badly when they got them and selected for my areas of improvement that I need to improve my description and for additional comments she put "too small". However, she did not try to return them (if they were too small, why not try to return them?). Let me tell you my side of the story, other than me being clear about how that shoe size ran in my description. I noticed after that the person who bought it had two listings on her page of the same exact shoe but in different sizes. It gets better too, she was also using MY listing photo of the shoe! (copyright), but anyway, shouldn't she have known about the sizing if she already owned a couple pairs of the same shoe? On top of how I described the sizing? She offered me a very low price for them, way below what I was asking. I thought to myself, why not make someone very happy and accept it, they're beautiful luxury slides made in Italy, brand new with the original box and dust bags. So I accepted the low offer believing she was going to be stoked. I printed the slip, wrote a handwritten thank you note (even mentioned as a tip if they are still a little tight, to wear them with thick socks around your home because since they are leather, they will stretch) and I shipped it within a couple of hours of accepting the low price she offered for them. All that to receive a bad rating. Because of her rating, I was no longer a 5-star seller on Poshmark. And to throw it in my face, this person using my photos for 2 of her listings. Now when I thought about all of this later, I wondered if she did all of that just to resell the shoes for a higher price? Could that be why she even stole my photos? Because why not try to return them if they were "too small". When I reached out to customer care about the rating I said, how is it my fault to get a bad rating for things I clearly mentioned in the listing before she purchased it? They basically apologized and said don't let it disappoint you but there is nothing we can do about it, buyers can decide to rate you and write whatever they want. I blocked the buyer after I made sure they removed my photos from her listings because I didn't want to risk dealing with them again or stealing my photos again.

Poshmark has a thing where they freeze your listing and you cannot edit it after a person purchases your item. And that is for reasons like this, if someone said you didn't put a photo of something, or you didn't mention it in the description. I don't understand why that couldn't back me up in this situation? I did notice if you are selling more than one item in the same listing (if you have multiple of the same thing or different sizes in one listing), then it doesn't freeze it after a person buys.

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