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Pop Fit

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You gotta get some
As a bigger girl I was never able to find leggings that fit my body type Pop Fit were always to tight on my thighs or to loose on my waist. If I did manage to find some they would always come in the ugliest color and print. It was really sad because you want to workout and feel good about your body but you cant get the cute workout clothes until you are the right size. Then I found popfit and was curious of these leggings were gonna fit. When I got my first pair let me tell you they hug my body in all the right places and come in the cutest colors and patterns. Dont even get me started on the pockets I've been spoiled I can carry my phone with me when I'm running and dont have to worry about putting it in my sports bra anymore lol. I would recommend everyone getting a pair because once you do you wont want to wear anything else.

Best leggings I've ever worn
I've never really been a legging type, most leggings are too big or too small, slide down or see through. Then I found Pop Fit on Facebook and decided to try them because I liked the idea behind them, all sizes and shapes. I haven't looked back since. These are legit the best leggings I've ever worn period. They're comfortable, not see through, Pop Fit have pockets, and so many styles and colors and patterns. I cannot pick a favorite style because they're all so great. I love having the option to have different styles with the same patterns so you can have a ton of options. Dress up or down with them, it doesn't matter. They are seriously great pants. I typically wear them daily and usually spend 10-15 min trying to decide which ones to wear. I love them all! I think you will too. They are true to size, I'm 5ft 5in and 160 lbs, I can wear the Med and Lg sizes. They both fit nicely, just depends on how you like them to fit. Customer service is great and shipping is fast too. I look forward to my shipment every month, I get so excited when I see that shipping email, you can choose what you get each month as well. They also have spots bras, t shirts, tank tops, headbands, sling bags, capris, and shorts to match! Whats not to love?!

Made for ME!
After seeing the ads pop up on my Facebook timeline frequently, I ordered POPFit leggings late on night. Why not? The ad was energetic, featured a variety of different body types, and made a lot of good promises. It was late, Pop Fit suckered me in with the ad's special offer, and hey, who doesn't want to save money? I have to say, I was incredibly skeptical about these leggings to begin with, and especially when I received them. They looked so small that I just knew they'd NEVER fit! Imagine my surprise when I put them on and lo behold, they DID! POPFit leggings are like no others I have purchased. They're thick, offer light compression and support, and move with me like a second skin. I could not believe it. Besides the great feel and fit, POPFit has an incredible body positive movement, features REAL women of different body types in its ads and on its website. I really feel like they care about women and their look and comfort without having to hide or be ashamed of their curves, bumps, and differences. I highly recommend POPFit leggings, so much so that I cannot wait to try out my other two pairs that I purchased the same night.

Pop Fit is Pop Fabulous
I am 5'5" and weigh 160-165 lbs. I have large hips at 44 inches so I purchased all my tights size large. Pop Fit arrived in about two weeks. All the tights fit true to the size chart (huge bonus).

My first impression: the tights felt a little thin in my hand. This worried me that they wouldn't be opaque but they were! One thing I can't say is how long they will last. But at this price, I can afford to buy 5 of these tights at the price on ONE Fabletics or Nike set.

The crotch has a little space or gap on some of the pant length tights. I think that has more to do with my height rather the construction of the clothing. I know this bc when I tried on the crop tights, the weird gap was not there.

I LOVE the colors. I usually just buy black so this was a step up for me. The price helped me branch out more.

The elastic at the top was just right. Not too tight or worse, too loose.

All of the tights had deep pockets on each side (YAY), although none of them had any closure at the top (BOO).

One of my tights had a light vinegar smell. None of the other leggings had that and I think it will disappear with one wash. No big deal.

Overall: 8 out of 10 for the affordable price, ship time, and fit. Durability to be determined :)

Bianca Approved
I was 13 when I went into my favorite clothing store around the time, Aeropostale. I remember picking up a Pair of jeans I thought was cute. I remember going into The dressing room and realizing the pants didn't fit. I was with my best friends around the time I was never fat but I was never skinny. I will never forget the feeling, The fear of wanting to wear some thing that I thought was cute but couldn't pull off because of my size. There is so much heart and love put into these leggings. I love the diversity cater to all sorts of sizes. I recently just got into Fitness. And even though with time I've gotten better with loving myself. I fear isn't something that just goes away I'm human. So finding these leggings to work out and to make me feel comfortable have been nothing but a lifesaver. I have nothing but good things to say for my review and the list could go on their stretchy Pop Fit compress well on your tummy and most of all they make me feel confident in who I am. Especially training in the gym. These are just my comments but I understand everyone's different but never be afraid to try something because you don't think you can pull it off. I promise you can pull it off love With time and thought.

Perfect for my busy life!
As a dog trainer, caregiver, and overall human being... life gets busy. Having not only comfy, reliable, but FUNCTIONAL leggings has been a dream of mine, and Popfit has made it a reality. My leggings fit everything from my phone, keys, dog clicker, an extra tennis ball, etc! So many styles and colors to chose from! With a simple change of my top (and maybe a nice cardigan), I can go from playing fetch at the park to going to a nice restaurant for a date. As a plus-size human, the control, fit, and overall comfort of leggings is a hassle. Popfit feels like a second skin and offers full range of motion, all while being functional and not at all see through! I get so many compliments on my leggings and of course I always say "Pop Fit have pockets". I almost want to make cards just to hand out to people who ask, THAT'S how much I love popfit!

I'm very unhappy with them
I find it odd that there aren't any negative reviews on any website when there are some online and in people's personal experience. This leads me to believe there are some paid or incentivized reviews. A lot of people have sizing issues and just experience horrible fit. Personally sizing up helped me, but the quality is still not good.

My leggings were only okay, but the more important reason for my low rating is their horrible one per household policy and subsequent poor customer service. The only reason my mom and I are at the same address right now is because of the pandemic. I would otherwise not have the same address. I got my leggings "free" (at $13 shipping Pop Fit definitely still take home some change) and they will not allow my mom to get them since they only allow one per household. If I had known I wouldn't have ordered to my mom's address. This is a ultimately hidden and misleading policy because now my mom can't try your leggings when she would be the one to buy more. Very disappointed. Customer service was poor at best. The leggings weren't great quality. Their shipping is high cost and very very slow, took 3 weeks to reach me. They have a predatory return policy with fees left and right. I would stay away. The leggings aren't worth even the $12.83 shipping. Also, why is uninsured half pound weight (at most) clothing $13 to ship? Why charge tax on shipping? Predatory! Stay away!

Awful fit, unethical business
Awful fit, wrong size and Pop Fit kept sending tights and drawing money from my credit card after 7 months of trying to cancel an accidental subscription. I ended up with 10 pairs of tights all in the wrong size. They refused to exchange or refund even though I hadn't opened 7 of the packages at all! They then agreed to refund a couple and exchange a couple but once I had shipped the tights back they refused to honour the refund and exchange and kept the goods, refused to send them back! So essentially they took my money, got me to pay shipping to send them back and then also took the goods back! I would advise against wasting your money with this highly unethical business. On first glance this doesn't appear to be a dodgy company in some random third world country, but they certainly act like it and are extremely hard to deal with and super dodgy. I review almost all places I eat and most places I shop and I have never given a negative review, but their behaviour was absolutely appalling! You can see I have them almost a year to clean up their act and come to some amicable solution but this wasn't possible! There are many other ethical places to buy tights from, do not buy here

I am obsessed
I honestly do not understand all of the negative reviews. I have been a VIP member going on 7 months and I have been extremely happy with every item I have received. Customer Service has been excellent. The one issue I had, Pop Fit rectified immediately and were kind through the process. I'm a big girl (was a size 20 jeans when I signed up) and ordered my leggings in XXL to start with. They fit perfectly. They stay put, so I'm not constantly pulling them up. They're well made, no construction issues in any of my leggings. The material is thick and passes the squat test but they're still very breathable. I've just adjusted my profile, as I need a smaller size after weightloss but I am sure the new size will be just as great. I've also purchased their no show thong panties and they are incredibly comfortable too. Honestly don't even notice I'm wearing them most of the time.

I recommend Pop Fit to all of my friends and all who have tried it, have loved it as much as I do.

Absolutely not worth it
The product is nothing special, it's fine although not very durable at all. The best thing I can say about it is that the sizing will attract tons of people and Pop Fit have pockets - this is definitely not worth the money they're charging for it. But their customer service is ABYSMAL. They take forever to reply, their replies are often nonsense as if they never even read the email, and they'll basically do anything to make sure you have the worst possible experience with a company you can imagine.

I placed an order in late July and it's now mid-September. I still haven't received the products I paid (exorbitantly) for. It's been more than 35 business days (yes, I understand we are in a pandemic but this is still absurd especially since I've had other things delivered from the US at much lower shipping charges). I've contacted their customer service multiple times and they keep making up excuses - shipping takes up to 15 business days, then it takes up to 21 business days, then it takes up to 31 business days, then it's just an estimate. I asked for a refund of the shipping charges at least since this is unacceptable and they said no, I can wait for the packige (which is probably lost, let's be real) to return and THEN they'll refund me. So basically, they took $100 from me, they haven't delivered the product, they don't care and their idea is to keep my money for the 6-8 months (estimate) that it'll take for them to deliver the products to me, for the post to hold it before returning it, for the package to be delivered back to them, and for the return to be processed. Ridiculous!

Furthermore, I ordered different sizes because I'm not sure which will fit me. When I asked about the return policy (in case one of the two pairs won't fit me), I was told I can "easily" return the product for an exchange or a refund within 30 days of the order. Those 30 days have now passed more than twice over because this company is completely incompetent and I cannot return the product even if I wanted to because they also don't care one bit about their customers. I've worked in customer service and this ain't it chief.

Overall? Absolutely not worth it. Just go to your local sports equipment store and save yourself the trouble.

Pop Fit is Amazing! I'm a customer for life!
I decided to try this company because I'm plus sized and their items looked young and fun! I ordered a pair of their cheeky underwear and a pair of their capris! Let me also say that I live in Florida now but I am from Vegas and also grew up there! When I saw that these ladies are there in Vegas, I got even more excited because I wanted to support a business that was started by ladies out of Vegas!
It's hard to explain just how comfortable these products are! The panties literally feel like u have nothing on at all! There are no panty lines because of the way Pop Fit are sewn and the material is so so comfortable! U HAVE to try them to know just what I mean! The prints are so much fun! I ordered a pair that's all different bright colors with a cheetah print! They are so cute! My husband even noticed & he never notices anything I wear! Lol Now, let's talk about the capris! They have capris for us plus size girls that u usually only see on the skinny girls! They r so comfy and sexy looking!

Do not get suckered!
Let me start by saying, Yes. I am that person who only writes a review if the product was Amazing or Horrible. This company is the latter.

The quality of the leggings is poor, and the sizing is inconsistent; therefore, I cancelled after the first month-Sadly not soon enough and month 2 was already on its way. However, what bothers me most is their return policy. I returned a pair of pants that were labeled M and were quite clearly a S or perhaps even XS, I could barely get my arm in them let alone my leg! I wrote the company to tell them I would be returning them and Pop Fit said that was fine, as long as the tags were still attached and that I would have to pay return shipping. Not unusual, so I packed them up and sent them back. What they neglected to say was the cheap 'bonus gift' that they sent had to be included in the return to receive my full refund. The 'bonus item' was a cheap(I personally find them useless) drawstring promotional backpack. Yep, the kind companies give away for free and you donate to the Goodwill. When I failed to return this cheap item I was docked $10 of my refund! I know promotional items, in bulk there is no way it cost more than $0.50. When I contacted the company they told me it was in the fine print on their website and that was that.
In my eyes, this is terrible customer service.

Take this with a grain of salt if you want, but for the money there are way better tights out there from far more trustworthy companies.

Rude A. F.
I had an issue with my order last month. I skipped. It didnt register on their end so Pop Fit charged me and sent me an item. They sent a sports bra and tried to exchange it for the correct size and then wanted to charge me again for shipping. But they didn't even have the same item in my size. Then they weren't responding to the most recent email back and forth so when i asked if i could have leggings instead, the gal said no. But then someone else sends me a link to diff items i can choose from, leggings included. I pick one. Then someone tells me it's too late. And I'm like ok give me a refund. Theyre like ok but thats minus shipping. I'm like its not my fault. They effd up in the first place. So finally someone agreed that i am recharged me and i get leggings.

Then as I'm logging in to shop this month, i get an error message "the shop owner has banned your customer account from making purchases..."

Um, excuse me!?!?!? I've spend hundreds of dollars with this company and they don't even have the decency to say "hey, we have an issue..."... wow!

So not impressed with this company and the way they handled this. I actually liked their leggings but this ordeal was incredibly rude.

I went to cancel my subscription and was told if I didn't Pop Fit would send a free gift with my next order. Ok... I thought I'd give them another chance. My "free gift" was a 5¢ cheap promotional drawstring backpack bag. I was shocked. I donated it instantly to our charity shop and went to again cancel my subscription. I was told to email and I did so. I received an email back stating my subscription was canceled but my next subscription deduction was taken out a day later. I figured that was fine and waited to get my leggings.
The leggings I was sent were OBSCENE. I am a plus-sized woman and ordered a 2XL. They sent me leggings that were mostly sheer. There's no way I could wear that to the gym nor anywhere out of the house. They also were ill-fitting and very uncomfortable. Along with the leggings came ANOTHER cheap promotional drawstring backpack and a fabric scrap headband. I did not order nor request either of those items and put them in a bag to again donate to charity as I have no use for them.
I emailed customer service per their instructions to initiate a refund. I mailed back the leggings in their original packaging and received a refund of $17. I then got an email stating I did not return the two free gifts and therefore they charged me $9.50 PER ITEM. No where did they request those items back or of course I would have returned them. They requested the contents of my ORDER be returned. I did not order nor even expect to get 2 FREE items. I emailed my displeasure with this and received an email back basically saying too bad.
I feel this is extremely dishonest and frankly rude. Their customer service is lacking and I am disgusted and disappointed.
I would avoid this company at all costs. The product doesn't live up to their hype and their professionalism is lacking.

Do not BUY
For a business that claims 100% satisfaction guaranteed, Pop Fit have been quite a letdown.

They run a scam; they said the leggings were free yet I was charged $20 dollars for them. They utilize a $12 s&h fee, and decided to randomly put my discounted bra as another order - charging me ANOTHER $12 fee, even though I received all three items in one package. When I contacted them about this, they gave me a lecture about not being able to get a refund, even partial, because of this *totally amazing offer*.

Well it's not amazing, and I can tell you precisely why it's a waste of money. The clothes are extremely poor quality as far as workout clothes go, and they make me itch, within a minute of putting them on. Yes, the designs are cute - but the clothes are not geared towards an average physique. Even though I measured myself using their item's measurement descriptions and my items should have fit perfectly, they were all too big or too small. The bra's inserts are quite lumpy, and one of my items came USED; the sports bra I bought came with a deodorant stain on it. Odd, since I don't use deodorant until the middle of the summer, so it couldn't have been me.

When I contacted them about this, they waited until just after the 24-48 hour response period (also conveniently putting them JUST outside of the 3 day window I had to raise any concerns of mine, after my item came), and told me that for a $6 restocking fee, and $12 s&h, I could get another size. So basically, I had to purchase another pair? No thank you!

I'm contacting my bank today, for an immediate chargeback, so that they don't get their money. I've work in customer service before, so I am usually quite patient with mistakes, whether they be in my order or financially. I can't help but feel as though this is a scam, since I came to this page from Instagram, and conveniently, their terms were not viewable on such.

DO NOT use this company - if you need a pair of cheap leggings, head over to TJ Maxx, Marshalls, etc., as they have much better quality for the same price! Even Target doesn't stoop this low for it's product quality. It's such a shame, as I'm glad to see a variety of shapes/sizes in their workout clothing - something that is most definitely missing from the market. Yet the quality is so poor, I wouldn't recommend ANYbody buy these, even if you're having a hard time finding something.

The best leggings ever!
I love these leggings! I liked the size of the pockets Pop Fit were big enough to hold my phone. So I was very pleased with that. The leggings are very comfortable and I like the feel of the material and the fact that the leggings were not see through. I worked out in my leggings and had no issues with them rolling down. The high waist hit me well, I would say the high rise fell about four inches above my belly button. The leggings definitely fit me true to size I am normally a size medium. I ordered a medium in POP Fit and they fit perfect. I am surprised that they fit me well because I am petite. I am about 4ft 10in and they fit nicely. Most brands I have tried have a lot of material bunching at the ankle, with POP Fit I was pleased I did not have that issue. I love the compression on the leggings because they were not too tight but they gave a nice hold. The leggings move well with you and help smooth you out without constricting you.

I love Pop Fit Clothing. I have purchased 3 pairs of full length leggings, one pair of crops, and one pair of shorts. I have purchased many many different leggings but these are by far the best. I've had my first two pairs for 2 years now and Pop Fit have not faded at all! Thats amazing to me. Normally I get black pants and they turn grey. These are still black and the fit is still the same as the first day I got them. They are higher waisted and thats fantastic because when you bend over, your not... exposing your behind.
Now... the pockets. THEY ARE ACTUAL POCKETS YOU CAN PUT THINGS IN! I have a large phone with a large case... it fits. My e-reader fits. My water bottle fits. These pockets are huge but not bulky.
Also, Pop Fit ARE NOT SEE THROUGH NO MATTER HOW FAR YOU BEND OR STRETCH! Other companies claimed this but Pop Fit actually delivers on the promise.
These are good for work outs, bringing kids to the park, cleaning, going out, passing out on the couch instead of making dinner... you know. All aspects of normal day to day life.
I also have a chronic illness, endometriosis, that causes belly bloat (endo belly). And guess what... I can still wear these because they stretch and are high waisted.
These are my everyday 'go to' pants that I love.

Affordable and Functional
I took a chance on Popfit because I started getting more serious about working out and wanted leggings that were actually designed for movement with looking boring. Due to size (28 when I first started) workout clothing options were more limited. Popfit's ads featured models of all sizes and shapes rather than a model just slightly taller and bigger than the rest. I was a bit skeptical at first. The leggings looked way too small. But when I put them on - bam! Sleek fit but comfortable enough to move in. And Pop Fit stayed still. No bunching, no rolling and no readjusting between exercises. And just as importantly they were cute. I didn't feel drab and saggy and awkward. I felt good about how I looked and it translated to more confidence and feeling like I was actually being sporty, not just pretending. And the price point is excellent. Quality plus sized workout wear can be expensive. Popfit is right in the middle. For the price I got a comfy and functional pair of leggings that have survived bear crawls, squats, and multiple, multiple washings with minimal wear and tear. In fact I'm still wearing my original pair though I've added another 10 pairs.

X-Small Burgundy Full Length Jane Leggings
I purchased these from a instagram promo; I only had to pay shipping. However, because of that I was a little skeptical of he product. No way Pop Fit would give me quality leggings for $13. They are great! The fit almost perfectly. They are a little lose, but I don't mind. (For reference I got the X-small and I'm roughly 5'6 and 100 lbs). The pockets are great, they fit my phone and pockets and general are amazing. My only complaint would be the placement of the pockets, they are positioned a little too far back for my liking. The color is great, a little darker than what I imagined, but still really pretty. The material is thick, like I feel like I'm actually covered, but not too thick that it's warm. Quite the contrary actually, my legs were comfortable. I haven't exercised in they yet, but can't wait to! Great product!

Worth the investment!
I love this brand! I own around 12-15 pairs of their full length leggings from a mix of the different styles Pop Fit offer. They are truly high-waisted and stay put, as long as you do get the correct size! Which is a given. I'm 5'2", with a 29" inseam and the full length leggings do bunch up some at my ankles BUT it doesn't bother me. Sometimes I just tuck the excess up inside and you can't tell the difference. I work in childcare so it's important to be both comfortable and functional while still maintaining a professional and appropriate look. They are not see through (again, with the correct size), and they fit just like a pair of fitted slacks would BUT they're stretchy and practical. I usually wear them with t-shirts or hoodies but I have dressed them up with cute tops as well and it works. Hands down my favorite brand, and most durable kind of leggings I've ever had, and it's easy to go through them like water when you have thighs and a booty!

Comfortable and convenient
I've ordered multiple times and am happy so far. The photos are of Ari style, which has 4 pockets. I'm only 5'2" and these shorts are just above knee and wide waist band is about a hand width below my bra band. I have a large butt and so far every style I've tried from POP fit actually fits my hips and waist. No giant gap at the back of the waist or pulling down to show off my butt crack. Great fit!
The ONLY problem I have is I'm short so the leggings are too long on me and bunch up at the ankle. But still I've mostly bought leggings (instead of crops and shorts) because I can wear them year round. Also, if you need compression I feel the lower legs of the full length leggings have high compression. If you are worried about them being too tight then try crops or shorts first.
Very convenient for walking in the park or zoo. I can carry a water bottle, battery pack, phone, keys, and small coin purse in these pockets and the weight doesn't drag the pants down. You can use your phone GPS for tracking a walk or run and not worry about your phone falling out of these pockets.

I love pockets
Now I haven't come across a lot of female fitness wear that has pockets. So when I saw these I though why not. To start the length is great, most leggings fail to make it anywhere near my ankles looking like 3/4 cut when there full length. The material makes it easy to stretch (especially for those who are quite flexible) without the unsightly look of your underwear. Then the pockets. They're not bulky and don't create unsightly lines. I can fit anything from a phone to a water bottle which when your hands are full can make life that much easier. Finally the staff. Over the last 2yrs I've been a popvip member. In this time there have been 2 issues. The first, I got the wrong size (in there defence everything but the tag said the right size). Now I live in Australia and had already gifted them to a friend because I wasn't fazed about replacing them. Well Pop Fit did anyway without asking for them to be returned! The last was the leggings were flawed which has never happened and again happy to replace without returning. As a international customer that makes my life so much easier. They were so kind, easy and very prompt to deal with making the whole experience so much easier!

Everything they say they will be and more
I had seen the popfit ads on Instagram before and thought there had to be some catch or Pop Fit weren't as good as they claimed. But one day I saw the perfect leggings to show off my tattoo on my calf and went for it. First of all, there's no catch. Free and all you pay is shipping and handling is true. And for that price I still paid less than most athletic leggings cost by far. My leggings arrived quickly and they were everything I hoped for. I'm a runner but I also workout at the gym, enjoy yoga, etc. I wear them for everything. I run in them in the fall and they're just warm enough without a base layer. I have worn them for regular workouts, yoga, biking. I run errands in them and even dress them up for work with a tshirt and fitted jacket. I ALWAYS get compliments on how cute they are. I feel confident wearing them because I KNOW you can't see through them. I'm not scared to move in them. The stretch is incredible but they give support like you'd want when you're running or working hard. And almost every style is available with pockets. I need this for running and everyday life. I can't wait to buy more!

DON'T BOTHER WITH THE PROMO! Do not fall for the promo that Pop Fit give. They take your money and strand you with ill fitting items. Go set your money on fire instead. Their policies are only meant to cover their a$$ and help you in no way. 1.) When to cancel is too short of a window (30 min) 2.) Unless you "purchase" coverage of your item in order to exchange it only- you can't. 3.) NO RETURNS. They don't have the balls to back their product up or actually meet the customers needs. 4.) These tights felt gross and oily like you will never get them clean. They were baggy under my butt, back of the legs, on the ankle and give you a huge camel toe the way they are sewn. I followed their size guide and the leggings are too big. They don't match!
Please seriously don't get swindled like me or buy online. Just go to a store that you can try stuff on or return it when it doesn't fit.

The World's Most Perfect Leggings? I think so!
For anyone out there wondering if Pop Fit is a legit company, and if their leggings are all Pop Fit profess to be - I say YES. Yes they are. I ordered two pair, one with LOTS of cut outs and one with pretty little ones at the ankles (very "ballet inspired.") Then I obsessively checked the tracking information every day, waiting for them to arrive. I'm a tall gal, 5' 8" (mostly leg) and a size 8. I ordered a medium and the fit me like a glove. Easily the most comfortable and stylish leggings I have EVER purchased. The seams really are stitched flat and smooth, like they say they are, (important for us ladies with delicate skin). And the pocket are right next door to miraculous. They hold my new iPhone. Can confirm they also hold snacks. The waist is TRULY high - sitting just under my ribs (again, I have a shirt torso) but I like it that high, because is make make my tops "skim" over my hips - no muffin top! On the rare occasions I've wanted a shorter rise, the waistband folded over easily and comfortably. I can't wait to buy another pair. I think I'll go for a bright color this time. And I'm buying my Mom a pair for Valentine's Day. One final note and I'm done: representation really DOES matter. Seeing women of all different shapes and sizes in the ad is why I took the plunge and made my first order. I believe in the importance of fitness and living a healthy lifestyle, but that looks different for everyone - Girls, we're all beautiful, and we all deserve to feel comfortable in our own skin, and fabulous in our leggings.

Spend your money elsewhere
Before I start, I own about 80 pairs of leggings so I have a little bit of experience with athletic wear. When my leggings arrived Pop Fit felt very different than I thought they were going to. They were advertised as a "low compression" legging, so I was expecting a buttery soft/plushy feel (think lulu's align or fabletics pureluxe) and they felt like a mix of cardboard and cheap athletic fabric. They didn't fit me well either. I ordered a XS (their smallest size) and I'm usually about a 0-2 and about 5'7". They were wayyy to big practically everywhere and weren't even close to being a full length (when they advertise them being full length on their "6'0" CEO). I'm not sure who this was supposed to fit, but it definitely wasn't me. They also have this huge elastic band that runs along the top of the waistband? Now I'm more of a fan of seamless waistbands but literally everyone I showed the leggings to was weirded out by it. Sometimes you get a small seam or a small band of elastic on the waistband, but TWO INCHES OF ELASTIC? They really don't care about how their leggings feel on, huh? I ended up giving them to my younger sister, I think she liked them.
They were the free legging just pay s&h, which I guess they're worth the $12 shipping? I don't understand the people raving about these, if you're going to pay ~$50 for a legging spend somewhere else. They're definitely not worth that price tag, but if you need some cheap throw away ones the free promo isn't a bad deal. Their advertising is definitely sketchy and whoever runs their PR needs some training. Lots of non-professional replies to criticism/questions on their instagram page. Their ads are also a tad problematic. There is no need to bring other companies down (obv Fabletics w the 2 for 24 (which is a great deal since you're getting REAL athletic leggings, not cardboard)) to bring yourself up. Especially when you push a membership of your own during checkout. Now, I'm a Fabletics member, so you bet your butt I read those terms and conditions to make sure they weren't putting me in a membership regardless. The last thing I want is these at my door every month.
Also, they only include positive reviews (4+ stars) on their website reviews tab. With over 50 pages of customer reviews you'd think there would be a handful of lower scores. But nope, they only show the super positive reviews. When I asked about why they do that on their instagram, my comment was deleted and I was blocked. If you can't answer a simple question, something sketchy is going on somewhere behind the scenes. So many larger companies make negative reviews accessible, why doesn't PopFit? (Hint: It's because they wouldn't have a business if they did)
PS: Size inclusivity goes both ways. If your smallest size is too big on someone who's ~130lbs, you're doing something wrong. There are plenty of companies with TRUE size inclusivity and body positivity out there, go support them instead!

Worst Leggings EVER
Besides the fact that you can see right through the material, it is definitely NOT "squat tested approved" as advertised, the stitching is also all over the place. I tried the leggings on and the hem on each side was different, not straight, and made one side protrude out. VERY unflattering and do not move with ease, as advertised. Pop Fit are stiff and not suitable for squats or yoga. They advertise them as free leggings and you just pay shipping and handling yet they trail to reel you in with another free legging and another free legging and before you know it you just spent $100 on "free leggings" that aren't even worth the shipping and handling cost. And Customer Service doesn't really care what you have to say. All they care if they got their money and they will happily let you go. I think they know that they are product isn't the best. Not their first rodeo.

The leggings are A+
The popfit ads I had noticed often on Facebook but I always scrolled on by. In my mind, it was just another company trying to sell a product that probably isn't good. I finally caved in and decided to give the leggings a try. I wasn't expecting much because I was never able to find good comfortable workout leggings that are more than just cute. When I recieved the leggings, I was very mistaken. The leggings are not only cute but also very comfortable. Pop Fit are true to size which I love because even though there are people who review products, what works for them may not work for me. I'm glad I took the opportunity to get them. My favorite thing about the leggings besides the pockets is that I did not find myself pulling them up at all during my workouts. The material makes wearing them very nice. Popfit is definitely a recommended.

They ACTUALLY fit!
The BEST workout tights I've found that are inexpensive and true to size! It's LEGIT!

I had gone to several places from low end to high end, looking for workout leggings. And only because I couldn't remember the name of PopFit. Tried WalMart (they're getting better), Target (not sure why), Lane Bryant, Torrid, and even Fabletics (not true to size). Ended up empty handed and needing quality workout tights. Opened Instagram and the PopFit ad was there! Hallelujah! I prayed and ordered... my last hope. Fast forward to a week later and I'm completely satisfied with my purchase! Shipping went smoothly, and was timely. Was able to track from beginning to end and then when it switched from DHL to USPS. Pop Fit provide both in the confirmation email for tracking.

Finally was able to try them on and o fell in love! I honestly forgot I had on bottoms because the fabric was soft and light... airy almost. You could forget you're wearing them. They both fit perfectly and even one pair were looser than expected! They were true to size! Most places you have to size up and I didn't. I got a 3x which is my true size and again the fit was perfect!' Couldn't have asked for better! I will definitely be ordering again!

Nice leggings but RIDICULOUS company.
I've had multiple issues with this company!
I bought leggings and under in fine print it put me in a subscription.
After trying to cancel my subscription by contacting my bank and pop fit via email (only contact for this company) Pop Fit have charged my card two months in a row and refuse to give my money back and cancel the order TWICE.
This company is a scam and god forbid they get your card info.
I had to cancel my card, I loaded $50 on my card and in the 15 minutes I drove to the store for food and a phone (I have no phone) THEY TOOK $40! After already talking with the company once about canceling so they knew I was trying to cancel, I cancelled my subscription online and apparently it didn't work!

Be careful if you're going to purchase from this company! READ EVERYTHING AND IMMEDIATELY CANCEL CARD IF YOU START HAVING ISSUES.

Good luck! And to hell with pop fit, I've had too much bs from this.

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