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So difficult to navigate their web site.
They have a lot of good movies and shows however there is always an annoying video box on the screen. Even when I go to another tab, it shows some movie I have no interest in seeing. The timeline is irritating to scroll through because can’t be expanded and is very small. Don’t seem to be able to expand it to a full screen to quickly look through the channels. Don’t like to be forced to watch that video and commercials. Yah, it is free but good bye Pluto.

Format sucks
You can't pass forward or pass back really and you can't watch where you left off. Can't search up anything and can only sign in on a browser. Ads every 5 minutes but I mean it's free. The format is terrible not user friendly at all. I tried to pass back 2 minutes and it gave me 10 minutes of ads for it to return to the same time. No exaggeration

It's ok
It's ok if your looking to see Tom Steyers face every 30 seconds! Way to many ads featuring this IDIOT! We definitely know who paid for this app to stay alive! Just love watching him spew his lies and ignorance EVERY commercial break, not just once but TWICE per commercial break the same ad! Guess we know who else ole Tommy Boy bought, way to go Pluto tv... or should I say TomSteyer TV

Pluto is great!
Pluto is great. If you want to wait to see your show for 5 minutes at a time, or if you don't mind watching the same thing you just watched for the last 10 minutes again, or watching the same commercial a hundred times in a row, or if you don't care that your children are able to watch sex, violence and hear profanity at any time of the day. Pluto is great!

Act like a virus = get treated like a virus!
This disgusting excuse for an app download itself to my fiance's phone and that's how we found out it even existed. I thought it was weird and probably a simple mistake until it decided to download tonight into my phone without me knowing! I don't have much room left in my phone so the app made my phone glitch out way bad until I found this virus mimicking app and uninstalled it. I googled to try and figure out why it downloaded itself and only found a bunch more annoyed victims. Beware of this app! Pluto TV try and argue it's not a virus but it acts EXACTLY like one. =VIRUS

TV Guide
TV Guide would be nice. The web site is worthless. No search, No scanning time, shows the hour you look only. No scrolling to see what is on at 9 unless you look at 9. I saw a movie advertised as a Her Drama that I would like to see. Advertising gave no name. All of September I tried to find movie, I gave up. If you like surfing channels it is all good. If you want to plan ahead no way. I also tried scrolling time on TV remote, which is possible but harder to see and I never found movie in advertising.
It is great to have a free TV channel if you had a better guide. Maybe one we can print.

Makes me wanna kill myself
Trying to watch the matrix. Shouldn't be hard, right? Well I get an hour into watching it, with the atrocious video player that buffers so damn much and is so slow, not to mention you cant pause during commercials (wtf) and I accidentally click exit on the remote. Shouldn't matter, I can just re-open the app and keep watching, or so I thought. So I re-open the app, only to find that it didn't save my progress. Ok, doesn't matter too much, I can just fast forward. Well, it turns out you can only fast forward if you watch *every* single ad up to the point you left off. Yes, even if you're just fast forwarding to a certain point and not watching anything before it, it still makes you watch every single ad. Awful video player, awful UI, terrible quality. 0/10, would not recommend unless its a last resort

You get what you pay for
I am a cable cutter who uses ROKU.

Pluto is probably all you can expect for (almost) free. The latest annoyance is their change to the Channel Guide: Pluto TV took out all of the information which used to show a short synopsis of the program. Why? Did it save them money?

Another annoyance is the frequent freezing and lockups when scrolling through the guide making it almost impossible to find shows.

Showing the same commercials over and over is also pretty lame, which tells me that they have too few paying sponsors - not a good sign.

The audio volume increases drastically during commercials requiring muting or being unable to hear when the show resumes. How does this attract viewers?

Lack of local sports programming has driven me back to Radio.

The same horrible commercials over and over and over again!
Pluot tv is the worst! Keeps on buffering every couple of minutes!

That's not the worst, it plays the same horrible commercials on a loop! There are about 6 or 7 commercials that keep playing!

Oh my God! I thought I was going insane.

Come on Pluto, if you want to play with the big boys, start spending some money and get a lot mote classier!

I won't watch until you do!


I just satisfaction with Pluto TV
Overall statistically Pluto TV is one of the worst multi-channel apps that you possibly get I have an LG smart TV 4K and I still have problems getting it because there's something wrong with the app itself I would request or demand that Pluto try to think of some sort of device you can connect to the TV in order to get a locked signal for Pluto TV

It needs work.
Its a good idea, and I get where it comes from, I'm even on board with the reality of it. Cause lets face it, millions of homes buy cable and over the air TV an do nothing but sit on social media, youtube and other sites all day. Nobody watches "TV" anymore. Its good that Pluto TV want to come up with a solution for this, but it has issues. Most of the channels are sub 720p and even in the case of the 4K channel... its not in 4k by the way. The ads they give you have no real mesh with the channel they're displayed on, and some of them are even offensive. Which compounds the offense by playing the same ad over and over again.
The ideas for the channels are good, but they're going to need the backing of what already pulls in the most views on normal cable TV. They lack Sci Fi, MTV, BET, Disney, Nickelodeon, Cartoon Network, AMC, FX, CNN or Fox News just to name some of the largest draws on regular TV.
Its a great idea, and if you don't bother with any of the channels I mentioned above and have finally gone fully digital running nothing to your home except the Internet, then its an ok solution for the time being. But in order for this thing to break the wall and hit the mainstream, it needs more mainstream channels, more mainstream sponsors, and more mainstream technology. Destroying a large chunk of their user base by offering sub optimal resolutions at full screen... won't help the cause.

It's a nice app, but these commercials... I don't mind commercials in general, but here we are watching kids movies with commercials not made for children! The same one over and over again every break! We also don't watch a lot of horror and thriller... and here we are watching a light-hearted movies with horror/thriller commercials... on repeat! And get rid of "The Invisible Man" crap. I've seen that one so much it makes me not want to watch it.

Movies run weird
Thought I would give it a try after all it's free tv right? Wrong! Couldn't even make it though a whole movie. The ads don't bother me to much, gotta make money somewhere. What ruined it for me was the movie jumped around after the ads. I don't want to hunt for the right part of the film I'm injoying ever 5 mins only to get hit with another ad. Best part was the timer bar of the movie is at 35 mins and the screen is on the end of the film. Also the film doesn't pause for the ads, Pluto TV just run over it.
Get what you pay for tho, right?

Bad video and audio sync
It's 2021... Is it REALLY that hard to make sure the video and audio match to an extent that we humans can't notice?!?!?! Based on whoever is behind the code for Pluto TV, the answer to that question is yes. Not even the ads synced. However, it was free, so that's why I gave it two stars, instead of one.

It's free, what do you expact
It has a great mix of content that runs almost continously. Shows are grouped by menus (Comedy, Reality TV, Classic TV, Kid's, etc.) for easier searching. Classic tv shows (the Beverly Hillbillies), reality TV (Hell's Kitchen, Survivor), comedy shows (Tosh. O) and even mma content like Bellator and poker events are all here. My only problem is sometimes it takes forever to start up, it continually buffers for minutes at a time and I get frusterated. But for a free program it's fantastic.

Ads, ads, everywhere and frustration everyday is a service that provides free TV stations.To begin, I understand that has to make money by advertising to bring the "free" content that Pluto TV provide. The problem is that they will play the same ad 6 times in a row, over and over throughout the show/movie, some of their ads are reprehensible and offensive, and the ads do not seem to have a rhyme nor reason as to when they play. If you want to change channels, guess what? You have to sit through 6 ads just to get to the video, don't like it and immediately change channels again, guess what 6 more freaking ads. Last night while watching a movie it came back from a commercial break and then "two minutes later" went right back to 6 back to back IKEA commercials. Everything you absolutely hate about over the air TV is brought to you by Even though has some great shows for "free" I cannot recommend it to anyone till they act like they respect our time and less like money hungry reprobates.

Could have been terrific
Pluto could have taken over the airwaves but no, Pluto TV have been showing the same hand full of sad movies for 6 months or more. Every channel ( except the news) shows the same six shows over and over. Americans let T. V. and cable get away with it like the brain washed zombies we have become. I dropped Pluto, Thankfully there is Roku.

PSAs Please?
Pluto TV runs PSAs, or Public Service Announcements, as filler when Pluto TV don't have a commercial. Please Pluto, give us some variety! The same two are run constantly. Both are similarly themed; gay marriage and transgender. Monotonous.
There are plenty of concerns vying for air time. Plenty of public service variety is available, so why not use it?
One might believe the folks at Pluto are pushing an agenda.

Constant crashes
We have a fast connection - 37mbps, but this still has continued interuptions & crashes, seems to work more reliably when left to load for several minutes, but actually getting it to be stable this long is unusual. Channels aren't bad when you can get the app to work, but good luck with that. The app needs considerable work and should really be removed from the market until a stable version is available.

Commercial breaks don't come back to show
UPDATE: LevinTV mysteriously came back on at 1:55. ONE-HALF HOUR OF REPETITIVE COMMERCIALS! If there was a zero-star rating, that's what I'd give. Pluto is getting worse and worse. When sports come back, I'm out of here 99% of the time. I can choke down 1%, like an errant bean I get on a Mexican plate after ordering it with "no beans."

I'm watching LevinTV on Blaze Live right now. It went to commercials at about 1:25 pm. Fine. But it's now 1:37 and it hasn't returned to the program. I find this often and I have to change channel and then come back to see my program already well along. This isn't working this time. Instead, if I switch channels and come back, I get the Pluto colored streamers until a new ad starts. It's now 1:40 and the commercials just keep coming. I could go back to pay TV, but my favorite news and talk shows are only on Pluto. Oh, no. Another stupid stay-at-home and turn into a mushroom ad. Now, it's 1:43. Forget THIS program. I've already missed 18 minutes.

All That Glitters Is Not Gold
If you're the type of person who enjoys watching the same small handfull of episodes of any given series over and over again, with absolutely no hope of having them switched out for different episodes for literally years, then you have struck gold with Pluto TV. I have absolutely no problem with any of the content, or commercials, as I fully understand the need for sponsored advertisements on a free streaming service. I merely have a problem with the fact that Pluto TV will show the same small handful of episodes of any given series over and over again, relentlessly, for years without ever switching them out for different episodes. Pluto TV SEEMS wonderful for the first couple of months that you use it, but when you find yourself encountering the same episodes over and over again, never changing, you start to understand the rub of the situation.

Can you possibly put in more fricking commercials...!
A commercial almost every 3 mins or less.
What a $#*!ing joke.
Not to mention it's same damn commercials over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over. See just like that.
Deleting this bull$#*! app.
T. V. Service might be free but the $#*!s behind the scenes are getting filthy rich driving the common man crazy with continuos ads.
UN $#*!ING REAL...

Totally Liberal Left Agenda/Monotonous Same Commercials Over and Over and Over...
Well... I watch just a handful of show and skip around before I get numb out of my mind with the garbage BS left. Bloomberg bull$#*!ter and Prop 13 tax $#*! and texting commercials. Same $#*! over and over and over and I mean repeated right after it plays... constantly. One commercial was about all when I first started and then it's constant now. The same socialist shot down your throat $#*!... condoms, dreamer, texting and over sharing... Jesus. Figures... it's just propaganda from Pelosi $#*!head California. I hope you fall off the $#*!ing map you reptiles... I will never pay for this mind numbing habit.

Horrible technical glitches...
Imagine watching a movie and 3/4 of the way through it the film jumps back to what was shown an hour ago because some incompetent moron at master control forgot to change the tape to the next reel. Well, this happens on a regular basis at Pluto TV. Pluto TV must be hiring people off the street with no technical training, probably affirmative action hires to appear more "woke". This has happened on 3 occasions and they don't even try and fix the problem. With a half hour left in the film they go to commercial and when they come back, the credits are running! Do yourself a favor and don't bother watching any movies on this "station".


Songbird Coffee and Tea House Commercial
I like Pluto TV, right up to "Erin from Songbird Coffee and Tea house" 6 times in a row! The commercial is over played and gets to the point of changing the channel, the reference to the president doing something to help small businesses are off base... Please remove the commercial I'm sure Erin has made her money back 10 fold...

Liberal, Leftist, Biased app
Commercials on Pluto bash Trump continuously! If Pluto TV want to run undecided voters and republicans off, well it's working. I, for one, will not watch a biased station that tells me what I should think, feel, or who I should vote for. We get enough of that on MSNB(S)C and FOX. I will make up my own mind and vote my own choices. Who are you to tell me what I want? Keep your biased crap opinions to your self!

More Facebook hypocrasy
Pluto TV is continuing to run ads that has Facebook employees talking about the need for government regulation. It is nothing more than an effort of Facebook to protect themselves from the large amount of free speech censorship Pluto TV are involved in. Facebook is part of advancing the tyranny that has gripped the minds of young people. If you have a Facebook account, close it and live free of their control of what you read.

Typical Propaganda Hook
Pluto has a great variety of Classic Shows, IF you want to have repeated SJW ass pounding every 3-4 mins. Not only that, but many of the ads are repeated ad nauseum. Clue to the clueless. Despite the enemies of America owning all of Social Media, Mainstream Media, Hollywood, Music Industry, etc., it is not indicative of the majority of this Country. Just as we overwhelmingly reelected Donald John Trump in November 2020 (yuppers, reality) we are not Socialist, anti God, Family, Police, Military, America. We are the opposite. Comeuppance is coming.

So many f***ing commercials, terrible user interface
It's a real shame that pluto tv sucks so much to actually use, because Pluto TV have a great selection of movies. But despite having an account, you can't even save movies to a watchlist? There's no search bar, the website is confusing and convoluted. You can't even use the space bar to pause! The absolute worse part is the advertisements. It's seriously ridiculous, as well as extremely infuriating. Keep your hand on the mute button at all times. I swear there is an ad break every ten minutes, and it's not just a couple ads, it's around 4-5 long ads every break. I'm trying to finish the movie this year. The ad breaks are inconsistent and unpredictable, and if you try to skip back or forward in the movie, get ready for a full 30 minutes of ads and ending up at a random spot in the movie. Illegal websites are more worth your time. Worst streaming site i've used in my life. Screw pluto tv. Go use tubi.

Not bad!
Not bad TV programming, too many commercials during 1/2 hour shows. OH, by the way get off those ZORRO commercials... I have to take a break and watch another streaming channel. My wife and I watched a show on Pluto the other day and watched for almost 4 hours and counted 81 times you showed that Zorro commercial, and most were back to back... and back

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