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As with other customers on this site, my first appointment ended up with the plumber arriving 3.5hrs late, and for the replacement part I booked, he didn't turn up at all. My payment card was debited, even though PlumbingForce cancelled on me. I discussed my experience with a) a barrister friend specialising in consumer law, and b) Citizens Advice Bureau (who are now the first point-of-call for Trading Standards). A report is now being submitted to Trading Standards, who will investigate PlumbingForce to see whether basic consumer law is being followed or whether the company has acted in any way improperly or illegally. If so, Plumbingforce can take action to protect ordinary consumers like us, up to and including prosecution if required. The more genuine complaints Trading Standards receives about this company, the more informed the investigation will be.
THE NUMBER TO CALL IS: 03454 04 05 06.
It's not enough for us to simply leave reviews on websites like this, as helpful as they are. Proper action needs to be taken if and when a company has a history of appalling customer service that may or may not be improper or illegal (if you think the reviews on here are bad, try several other review sites). One simple call to the CAB number above, to explain your experience, is all that's required.

Unhappy customer
Wouldn't recommend.
Plumber came out to fix our leaky stop tap, couldn't turn the street stoptap off and left after charging us £118 for nothing.
We called our local water board who came out and said the street stoptap was slightly stiff, nothing that should have caused a problem.
I contacted the company and asked for a refund, Plumbingforce said that was fine and that they would come out again to fix the tap, but would have to charge me the call out fee again and then refund the initial call out. I wasn't happy so just asked for the refund and called a different company who fixed it in five minutes!
Now I'm being refused a refund on the initial visit.
Will be taking this further Plumbingforce.

Absolutely appalling.
I tried to change my taps, turns out the waste on my sink has entirely perished and was no longer attached to the sink. I called plumbing force to fix it and also do the taps while they're there as I realised I didn't have the right tools.

Plumbingforce were here for 10 minutes, and gave me a quote for the work, said someone will be in touch to arrange a time. Charged me £118.80. Then left.

3 days later no one has been in touch and I can't use my kitchen sink so I phone them and arrange them to come on the Saturday morning before 12.

Saturday comes and I check my bank account to find out they have charged me for the call out, and also another £160. They phone to say they will be late and should arrive before 4. I ask why they have charged me when the work hasn't been done.

They say it's for the 2 pumps they fixed.

What pumps.

The pumps they fixed when they turned up on Saturday.

I tell them that didn't happen and the bloke was there 10 minutes, said he didn't have the parts they needed and left.
They say they will have to look into it.

They call back at 4 to say they aren't coming today. I ask them about the money again and they say it's for the pumps they changed.

After going through the whole thing again they said they need to check with the engineer and he isn't in until monday. I offer to email them the quote as proof of what he actually did/gave us, and I email it over. They say they're look at it and get back to me.

I hear nothing until today when I have to phone them because they STILL haven't been in touch, and they say the charge is for the pumps they fitted.

Apparently her manager wasn't in. Yet miraculously they managed to put me through to someone that could help.

After having to go through the whole thing again with her and saying I had sent emails etc and got nowhere she said, oh, that person doesn't work in the aftersales so he coudn't help.

I tell her I'm not speaking to aftersales, and noone has ever mentioned aftersales because i NEVER GOT PAST BEFORE SALES!

Anyway... the money should now be going back in my account and I fixed my sink myself instead.

Moral of the story, don't use plumbingforce.

Never use these people
Never use these people. 1-3 hours service is the biggest joke in the world and probably a trade descriptions infringement. Plumbingforce couldn't even manage 1-3 days let alone hours. I cannot even rate their service because they entirely failed to appear when promised - four times in a week. My tenants boiler had broken down in cold weather - no heating, no hot water and a toddler. They strung us along saying someone would be there between 8.00 and 12.00 from Tuesday to Friday and no one ever appeared. They said it was their system, he was on holiday, he was ill etc. They were also very bad at communicating once the appointments were made but of course very quick to take the booking. Luckily a local Corgi registered man took pity on us and solved the problem. Never again.

Hive Resolution
Very quick and efficient service when making a booking. Unfortunately that is where the level of service stops, I asked them to resolve a hive installation, Plumbingforce turned up an hour late and spent two hours at my property in theory completing the resolution. They in informed me I needed to purchase a completely new hive system as I had blown the existing hive unit. I did this only to find my heating still didn't work.

Since I have repeatedly had to chase for them to resolve the issue and they seem quite comfortable leaving me without heating. They have refused to attend my property without charge to complete the work I originally booked them for. Even dealing with Mark Barnes the plumbing force managing director it appears this business is flawed from the top.

I have spoken with hive directly and the have visited my property today and resolved plumbing forces work and I now have heating. Any business should be judged on when things don't quite go right and how they resolve issues, unfortunately plumbing force see more value in there hourly rate than customer service.

I am not someone who writes reviews often but I feel it is important that future customers of plumbing force know what to expect when making an efficient booking with them.

I had a macerator blocked So i booked
I had a macerator blocked So i booked appoitment and Plumbingforce came in time.
Engeneer looked at it without trying to unblock and said it can only be replaced without explain ing why and sent me quote for £1200.
I explained i don't need it nice because i am giving back warehouse to owner and he did not touch anything and left because i did not want to agree for that price.
Called blockbusters and had it fixed/u blocked the same Day.
I was charged £120 for service that i have not recieved!

Picture of item taken out of toilet attached.

Terrible service from Plumbing Force
Terrible service from Plumbing Force. Came to repair a leaky shower in early October. Plumbingforce identified the problem part and said they would find a replacement, should take a week. After chasing constantly via phone/email I finally get told that the part was difficult to source but they have ordered it and it'll be about a week.
I chased again numerous times on email/calling and over a month passed. No part, no response on fixing the problem.
The shower now leaks more than ever and the temperature control now doesn't work as a result of their shoddy performance. Woeful


"Appointments are not guarantied (sic)"!
Disgraceful customer service - do not bother with them.

I booked an engineer to attend the following day to look at the boiler in the house of my late mother-in-law. I drove 60 miles from my home to be there for the 3-6 slot. At 5.15 I enquired about the location of the engineer and I was told that my booking had been moved to the 9-1 slot the next morning. I wasted a day's holiday, drove 120 miles and waited for 3 hours in a house without heating. Completely unacceptable.

When I complained I was told that "appointments are not guarantied (sic)".
Not sure Plumbingforce understand the meaning of the word "appointment".

Dangerous Company
Plumbingforce installed a new boiler for us.

We were disappointed with the general issues others have faced;

- agreed price being increased for essential extra work
- poor customer service
- poor time keeping
- broken promises regarding removal of waste

However the reason we have reported them to both Gas Safe and Trading Standards is down to dangerous incompetence by their engineer.

A couple of months after installation, we noticed that the electrical cable which powers our boiler was left tightly wrapped around one of the water pipes. Through heat from the pipe the cable had been burnt, almost through its casing to expose the live wire.

We have made the company aware of this but they have not attempted to rectify the problem (3 months later).

You dont believe until you dont experience this yourself!
Shocking and unbelievable experience. We contacted Plumbing Force to get our old electrical built in oven replaced by a gas one. The job was explained twice to the sales person. I confirmed that we already have a gas supply going into the property as we have a separate gas hob. I was reassured that the job can be done as Plumbingforce do this type of fitting often. In order to book an appointment, I had to provide details of my credit card and was advised that the payment will be taken after the job is completed. The young man arrived, spent 10 min in my kitchen and stated that the job cannot be done because I have to remove the kitchen units and I needed a joiner and the job was too complex. Minutes later after he left my property a withdrawal of £118.80 was made from my credit card for 1hrs work that actually took only 10 minutes with no work completed. SCANDALOUS RIP OFF

I took a second opinion and asked another gas engineer to assess the job. He assessed the job for free and stated that the job can easily be completed without the need for a joiner to remove units. I subsequently contacted the company and they refused me a refund as they charge for the first hour of work regardless if they work or not. If you choose this company you are at risk of losing your money and paying again to another professional company to come and do the job, Plumbingforce is just WASTE OF YOUR TIME AND MONEY! Be cleaver and read all reviews which are outside main company website.

Robbers. Find someone else!
My daughter had a leaky boiler so didn't really have time to look around for a recommended local plumber. Plumbingforce were very polite, sent someone out within 2 hours and phoned when half an hour away. They asked for credit card details and charged £144 for turning out. When I questioned that maybe the boiler couldn't be fixed, they stated they could almost always fix the problem, there just might be extra cost for parts. Low and behold, they were unable to fix it and quoted an extortionate price for a new one! So, I am now minus £144 for a swift visit and am no further forward with the boiler. Very angry and disappointed!

Stay away!
Terrible experience! The only easy bit was to originally book and give them my card details.
It was down hill from then on. Plumber turned up several hours late, left us with a half-baked job (still have no central heating), promised to come back the next day to finish and disappeared! I've had no contact from anyone since and have been dealing with people in the call centre who only try to palm you off. The biscuit definitely goes to Michelle, the Resolutions Manager - the most disagreeable, argumentative and unaccommodating, simply rude, person I have ever spoken to! Truly the right woman for the job.
So what, if Plumbingforce have already taken my money (nearly £200)!
Stay away, call another company - it cannot be any worse!

Bad experience
Plumbingforce took £120 plus VAT for a call out fee. Their engineer did no investigation, lied to us about the problem being a broken valve he could not have known was broken and in fact was not broken, required a further £275 for a return visit to fix the problem he had invented. We found the answer online within minutes after he left. New batteries in the wall thermostat fixed the problem. Plumbingforce were rude and obstructive and refused to refund our money even though Plumbingforce must recognise this scam because other reviewers have suffered the same type of scam. We will sue. We would suggest you avoid Plumbingforce.

Paid £94.80 for nothing
Paid £94.80 today for not fixing my toilet. That was for looking at the cistern and saying that I needed a side entrance valve that may take a couple of hours to go and get one which would be paid for by me. Could have cost hundreds for a basic repair. Surely he should be carrying basic parts. Left with water turned off during a heatwave. Thanks, Plumbingforce.

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Leak in ensuite/Overcharged
We had a leak in our ensuite which needed immediate attention. Plumbing Force quoted £99 plus vat for the callout and an hour's work. After 15 minutes we were told we needed a new toilet. The quote for the toilet plus two hours labour was £525 plus vat. What we did not know was that we were being quoted a fixed price irrespective of how long it took.
The work was completed within an hour but the plumber wrote just short of two hours.
So in total, with the call out, we have paid for three hours labour when only one hour twenty minutes was used. Final bill was £748.80 with vat.
When we rang to query this amount the person taking the call said "oh, that's too much" but we needed to email our dissatisfaction.
This was done. But nothing was done to refund some of the labour.
Caveat emptor! Let the buyer beware!
Better still don't use this company unless you want to pay well over the odds.

Plumbingforce = Plumbing Farce!
Plumbingfarce. Is an apt description of this truly horrible company. Plumbingforce charged £426 for a call out for a non working boiler. Took a brief look at boiler and said it needed a new pump and fan. Spent the rest of the time (almost 2 hours) testing for leaks and left my boiler gas supply crippled and did not reconnect. In the wonderfully 'professional' opinion of the 'engineer' the boiler was not worth repairing. Quoted a hideous figure of £1k for a new fan and pump to be fitted. No doubt to help persuade me that I would be far better off with a shiny new boiler which would only cost me £4.5k... this laughable quote will tell you all you need to know about these clowns. Ripoff Britain still goin strong...

AVOID - Huge disappointment and costs!
Critical: Professionalism, Quality, Value
I have never been so disappointed in a company.

The shower stopped working. We decided we needed to get it fixed quickly and following a quick search on Google PlumbingForce was found and picked.

All bank details given on the call. Told it would be £100 an hour plus parts. (Having no idea the going rates, we agreed)

On arrival 'Max' seemed ok. He took a look at the shower, checked the electric and water supplies a d said it would likely be cheaper to replace the shower than renew the parts that could be faulty.

He has 3 suppliers his company used. None of which were open. He picked one after I explained there was a Screwfix down the road. I went and got it whilst he dismantled the old one.

On return he started putting the new one on, and to our suprise it didn't work. He spent a good hour messing around checking everything, before declaring that the new part must have been faulty.

Screwfix had shut, so he said for us to swap it over with Screwfix and request he come back when we had the new working part. He states he would not charge us as he had been there 3 hours and hadn't really accomplished anything for the labor price of 300 quid.

Fair enough I thought. At least it'll be fixed...

Two days later we have the part and call up. My wife calls first and is reduced to tears, with the " customer service manager" Michelle Doughty adopting if it isn't written down it isn't true attitude. Even though she confirmed he had said this from a conversation with him, but that he had no authority to say this.

I thought, ah. My wife can be a bit rubbish on the phone, my dulcit tones and patience will help solve the scenario. We have already paid 300 quid, we have bought the shower and done all the running around... If I go to the shops and the assistant marks up the product at 20p instead of 80p. You get it's for the advertised price... right? WRONG.

I had Mrs Doughty just wanting to shout at me, belittle me and basically tell me if I wanted to complain, she was the customer service adviser and it wouldn't go anywhere.

I asked if there was a regulator, as I believed we had a case, she said not.

I've since noticed on their website Plumbingforce only put on the five star reviews. If you look at Google, you will see the trail of woe they leave! Lots of unhappy customers!

I've since had a Plummer at 35 quid an hour come out, install the shower, see that there is an issue with the pull cord, fix that (which meant our original shower was fine) all for just over 50 quid. He was shocked at our story and doesn't understand how they can take 300 quid and provide nothing!


I arranged for plumbing force to come out on 6 June to repair my Myra shower, their advert says Plumbingforce repair any make of shower, they didn't arrive on 6th but appeared on the 7th. I asked the plumber if he was familiar with Myra showers and it became very clear that he was not. Had to provide him with the handbook left him to carry out repairs but after an hour of not a lot of activity and then visiting his van on the phone, he then shouted loudly for me to shut off the mains water as he caused a waterfall from the pipes which soaked my bedroom carpet. I provided him with large towels to mop up the water and after a further 10 mins he told me he couldn't repair my shower as it needed a new part. This cost me £258.60 for him to do absolutely nothing except soak my carpet, after complaining to the office and refusing to pay they were extremely rude and threatened me with the debt collectors. I sent a letter of complaint but have heard nothing from them. Please avoid using them

Kitchen Tap Fitting by experienced plumber, however the company employs confrontational call staff
A Good Plumber arrived and he completed a relatively good job with the tap fitting. However a small leak appeared in the water waste pipe of the one part of the sink waste unit. Although the plumber made a relatively good test of the finished job (he was a good plumber to be fair), the sink which has a dual sink area presented a small leak in the water waste pipe of one of the two sink area waste pipes (One of the waste pipes was tested, however the second waste pipe from the small sink unit of the two sink workstation was accidentally overlooked for the leakage check). Within one hour of the completed job I called the support center to flag this leakage issue that presented. I also flagged the invoice that had been billed to me. I was assured that I would be charged £85 + VAT (and plus any extra charges for incidentals that might need to be included - fair enough). I was charged £99 + VAT for the job however this was not was agreed. The day of the job booking the plumber failed to attend even though I called the call center to esquire of his whereabouts. The time keeping is appalling. Because the Plumber failed to turn up on the agreed day (I spent the whole day waiting), I pointed out that the fee was slightly less at £85 plus VAT for any following day appointments so the lesser fee was agreed. The final invoice did not reflect this agreement so I called up to flag this issue. I was told that the excess was mistakenly charged and I would be refunded for this mistake. So there were two issues with my experience with Plumbingforce. The customer support center are extremely rude, unhelpful, confrontational and condescending. In my attempt to report the small leak from the waste pipe which had appeared one hour after the tap fitting, I was rebuffed by the customer care assistant. I was accused of insulting the Telephone customer care assistant. I was accused of talking down to the assistant merely for attempting to describe the leakage issue. I was told that if I want a plumber to examine the job I would have to pay a further £99 + VAT. I was extremely perplexed at the accusation of being insulting to the assistant. I asked her which particular adjective I used to insult her, however the assistant was unable to qualify her false and disturbing accusation. The customer service falls short of anything acceptable in regards to resolving any customer issues. This scant disregard to customer satisfaction and after care, the dismissal of problems and issues with no objective to come to a reasonable resolution, coupled with confrontational and reactive communication is the unreasonable behavior that you as a customer will have to contend with when trying to resolve any issues that arise with this company. I fixed the leak myself with a new seal that I purchased from B&Q, as Plumbingforce failed to call me back regarding my call to them about the issue.

Don't Bother
Wanted a cooker connected. Gave me a standing price of £99 plus vat. Told them there needed to be adaptions. Chap turned up within the hour. Did not have 15mm copper pipe or fittings. I offered him a length of pipe I had. Wouldn't show me his Gas Safe Certificate. Asked for a torch. Seemed flustered. I asked for a price which changed three times during the conversation. Price ended up nearly £300. Told him to leave which he did. Knocked on the door half hour later waiving a quote which I told him I didn't want. Oh dear and Plumbingforce have debited my account £118. Small claims court I think.

Shocking Customer Service DO NOT USE
Avoid, Avoid, Avoid this company. I booked a plumber on Friday morning and was given a slot, Plumbingforce took my payment details. I had to call 3 times for an update to be told oh don, t worry the engineer is coming to you next. I called again at 5pm for a further update and was told it could be up to 6pm. At 6pm they called me to say that the plumbers job had over run and they would book him for first thing Saturday morning between 9am - 1pm I called every hour and was told that they could not give me any updates but the booking is fine. At 12, o, clock I rang and asked for someone to contact the plumber and find out approx what time he was due to arrive. I was told that they couldn't contact the plumber as they are not allowed to have their phones switched on while working, I asked if they could send him a text just to confirm. I was told that they don, t do texts! I rang again at 12:45 to be told that they would be re-booking the job for the afternoon between 2-6pm. Again I called every hour to Ben given even more pathetic excuses why they couldn't contact the plumber " he's working on a boiler and not allowed his phone to switched on" next time "he's dealing with a gas leak"! I rang again at 4 pm and said that I would stay on the phone until they called the plumber to find out if he was coming or not to save me waiting another two hours after already wasted the whole day. To be told " oh your job in next in the queue, it hasn't been assigned to anyone yet but not to worry as there is still 2 hours. I asked if the plumber would definitely turn up to which they assured me they would. At 5pm they called to say that they would need to re -schedule for Monday.
This company is so badly run which reflects terribly in the level of customer service which is virtually non existent to give you bull $#*! excuses every time you ring.

I want to send you day by day how was the facts.

-Monday i called for a licking in my kitchen and you sent me a guy to fix it. The guy told us to call him in case the licking still going on, and so i did the same day. He said call me tomorrow
-Tuesday i sent him loads of messages and after a while he said if i can call the company to send me another guy and so i did. Plumbingforce told me somebody would come before 6pm. No body came so i called again and they said tomorrow morning we will give you a call
-Wednesday: no call, no plumbing, nothing. I called again (ask for a change of number cause the one they had in the sistem was from my housemate and she was working), they said somebody will turn up before 6 but again no one came.
-Thursday: i called they told me somebody will be in my house between 1pm and 5pm. At 5pm i called asking where was the guy and they said they been speaking with me (aparently was my housemate) and told me (her) they will send a person friday morning between 10am to 2pm.
-Friday: NO ONE CAME. I called again, my house mate called, my boyfriend called. With a promisse of a phone call back with some answears we still waited. I email a person from the companie (Claire) and she told me sorry the new guy didnt turn up and another guy had to make the work for him so somebody will be there at 6.
I recieved a message at 17:39 from the first guy who came home Monday saying i will be there saturday.
And im wondering. What kind of joke is this one? I cant even start to explain how angry i am. There was no person who could help me or give me an answer of wehat is happening in here. I PAID 94 POUND FOR A JOB NOT WELL DONE, HAD TO STAID HOME ALL WEEK WAITING FOR NOBODY, WE LOST MONEY OF DAY WORKING AND STILL IS NO ONE DOING ABSOLUTLEY NOTHING TO FIX MY PIPES.
All of you, DISASTER.
Im gonna call another company but i want my money back.
I changed my washing machine today and the guy told me all the pipes (who suppous to been at least unblock after monday, or thats what he said he did) were blocked. The poor guy had to do your guys job. So i dont need an incompetent employe, i want my money back. I had photos that probe all this and i can give you the number of the guy who at the end fixed my pipes.
Don bring anyone, im gonna call somebody else but i repeat. I WANT MY MONEY.

Could not make arranged time
Made an appointment for plumbingforce to take out gas fire and make safe whilst modifying hearth, at time of booking i stated i would not be in after arranged time 1pm due to work commitments.
Received call one hour before appointment to say engineer was not available until between 2 and 6, i stated this was not what had been agreed and cancelled appointment, on checking my bank account £94.80 had already been taken out, even though Plumbingforce stated card details were put on hold until engineer left the premises, after acknowledging cancellation they now say it will take 3-5 days before the money will be put back into my account, it took 1 hr for them to take it out so they actually charge upfront, avoid this company like the plague.

Finally Excellent
Day of boiler failure (mid afternoon) contacted Plumbingforce and arranged an appointment for 10am-2pm the next day. No contact made by Plumbingforce by 1.20pm on the day arranged, so I contacted the help desk. Received a call back to say that the appointed engineer had 'gone home to sort out domestic problems' and would not be returning that day {Saturday), so there was no prospect for my boiler problem to be resolved until the following Monday. The help desk agent was extremely apologetic, but it meant that I had to suffer another two days of extremely cold weather without any heating (no service on Sunday). Now the good part! An engineer, Justin Sidhu, arrived on the Monday as promised and carried out a very professional examination and repair to the boiler. The service he provided could not be bettered and, within 40 minutes, my heating was once again functioning. So, initially a regrettable experience recovered well.

Plumber good but pricing seemed a con
Firstly the only reason I'm able to leave this review is because I realised that Plumbingforce only direct customers to this page of they selected they had a good experience. So they are deliberately di eating negative reviews to a different page to stop them going public. A bit underhand and reflective of my experience with pricing.

Our shower was making sound so called out plumber. Said he'd be between 13:00-17:30. He arrived at 17:30 so diagnosed and said shower dead and needed new one but due to time would have to come back so on that call got charged first hour rate at £79+VAT plus cartridge for temp fix. Fine. But upon return to fit was charged for showr and another hour at first hour rate rather than the subsequent hour rate at £39+VAT
I get it was another day but if say he'd arrived at 13:00 had have diagnosed, got shower locally and fitted within 2hours and therefore ratevhourly cost cheaper.

When I outlined this to them on the phone attitude basically was 'tough'no attempt to help or see point of view

The plumber himself was friendly and polite and did a good job but not impressed with plumb force as a whole.

Absolute rubbish
Absolute rubbish. I booked a call out last week for a faulty d h w sensor and the guy managed to get water over my floor whilst draining the boiler so spent most of the time mopping up. He then said part didn't need replacing after all as it was just fitted incorrectly? (Not sure how it had previously worked then). As he left he said work had 12 month guarantee anyway. Week later same problem plus now I also have water dripping from boiler so I called them only to be told I'd have to pay another call out charge as it was in working order when the engineer left? Why guarantee then? He hastampered with my boiler to cause it to drip. I did not have this problem before. So I have taken the afternoon off and now the same engineer is conveniently held up and can't make it. I think he is trying to get out of the job he did badly and there is no one else available. So now I am stuck. I told them to cancel everything I do not want anything more to do with this company.

Stay well away!
I had no hot water and no heating and a leak. Called them was given a time slot between 1pm and 4 pm was changed £144 which was taken straight from my account.At 3.30pm I received a phone call from them saying Plumbingforce could come but would come on Monday!' to which I declined I needed it fixing today. I asked to lady for my money back in to my account she said they had not taken it the back hold it. I immediately phoned my back and was reassured it had gone straight into their account and I would have to open a dispute with them. I called this cowboy company back up and stated my bank said the money was in their account, at this point communication broke down no way was I getting my money back. So trading standards here I come! And rough traders! You have be warned stay well away!

Service above and beyond.
I submitted a positive review as our plumber, Richard, drove away. Within five minutes we had a floor covered in water, which turned out to be due to an issue unrelated to the original call-out. It was 1800 on Saturday evening. I called back more in hope than expectation. Within five minutes Richard was back and he fixed the issue. We could not be more grateful for the service provided by Plumbing Force. From first contact (lovely Irish guy in the call centre - sorry I don't know your name) to the call from a manager (was it Mark?) keeping us informed and then to Richard, who sorted us out. What was truly impressive was the fact that the charges levied were extremely fair. Frankly we could have been screwed - instead the costs have been a welcome signal of an ethical business approach. As a business owner myself I appreciate this mindset. Well done Plumbing Force. And thank you!

Avoid f you can
Dear reader, I sincerely hope my experience here would help others in the same situation to make a better decision than the one I made. My boiler was down, it was getting cold and I was desperately looking for someone for a quick repair. I would have gone for SSE's all inclusive package, only to find that it would take more than a week before Plumbingforce could send anyone. So I went for plumbingforce because they could send someone immediately. They claim to be transparent with the way they charge with no hidden cost. I will describe what exactly happened to me and let the reader decide.

I arranged the appointment online, that was easy enough. They told me the charge would be £ 99 + VAT for an up to one hour session if it's not on the same day and the plumber would arrive within a half day time slot. So I waited and waited and the plumber arrived an hour after the time slot. He spent about 10 minutes checking the boiler and suggested that in the longer term I would need a new boiler. Meanwhile he'd carry out a repair which would involve replacing the external filling loop, which may or may not resolve the issue but it would cost me a further £280 + VAT regardless. Then off he went, £118 gone and I was no better off. Had I agreed with the suggested repair, assuming the best case scenario that the repair did resolved the problem, I would have spent £118+336=454 for the repair. If the repair didn't work, then I would have been £454 out of pocket and I would have been no better off.

Instead, I waited out the week for the SSE plumber, which charged an all inclusive one off £75 + a 12 month cover of ~£14.50 per month (total ~ £250). Not only that the price covered the parts and however many hours of labour [Note: this is only true for simple repairs though, see later], it also came with a 12 month cover and money back guarantee if they fail to repair the boiler. So my recommendation to people is not to rush with these things. Go to a friend for a shower if you can, get a hot air heater for the time being if necessary etc. For me, the final diagnosis is that there is too much sludge in the system so it would need a thorough flush (which is not covered with the plan) and that was not worth doing because my boiler is rubbish and old. So, I had my money back from SSE and I am getting a new boiler (not from SSE) which would include the system flush as part of the installation.

Some companies think they can charge people a fortune whether they can do the job or not. I think it's wrong. I am sure most people would agree.

AVOID! Awful boil repair attempt.
Our boiler had been losing pressure over the weekend, I called plumbing force Monday and booked an engineer to visit the same day.

After there engineer inspected the boiler he said we needed a knew part, I believe a pressure valve. Later that same day, the boiler began to leak. This was a new problem and had not occurred prior to the visit.

The engineer came back Tuesday to fit the new part but said he'll need to order two more parts due to the new leak and will be back the following day to install all three parts.

On Wednesday, the engineer came and installed the parts. The boiler was running but shortly after he left it started to leak again. I called them back and explained the situation and Plumbingforce arranged for an engineer to assess.

When he visited on Thursday he even questioned the methods used by his colleague. He attempted to fix the leak and seemed as though it had worked.

Thursday night we notice more droplets of water and kept an eye on it as we weren't sure if it was a leak or water dripping from the works. It carried on through Friday but seemed to improve, then this morning (Saturday 04/04/20) my pregnant wife went downstairs to find the boiler had flooded the kitchen over night.

I contacted them first thing today, to say I wasn't happy and wanted my money back. I was told they would need to contact the manager who wasn't in and that they would log a complaint which typically takes up to seven days. They said they could send an engineer over today to try and repair the works but I could be liable to pay further charges if it's not related.

I really don't feel comfortable having another of there engineers visit, as the whole leak came following there visit. I don't see how it's not related and I really don't won't to risk them saying it's not there fault or related to the works.

For now I have paid nearly the cost of a new boiler in repairs, the boiler still isn't working and now has a new fault leaving me and my pregnant NHS working wife with no hot water, heating or money. I'm completely shocked and disgusted by the support service and simple lack of care especially in this time.

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