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Full of sex crazed loser men
Been on just over a week. I get that guys say Plenty of Fish get no attention but from a woman's point of view... I receive hundreds of messages. Sounds great. Yeah it would be if I'd found one single guy who doesn't yet fit into one of these categories: 25 year old losers who live at home with mum and dad... Nothing wrong with that except I'm 37 and all they want are nude pics to *******@nk to... That's fine... Different strokes and all that. But be honest instead of saying you want a relationship lol. Then there are the married creeps who lie that they're single and want a relationship... time wasters. Then there are the men who turn up who look absolutely nothing like their photo... Absolutely nothing. And saying that all the women are stuck up what crap... there has to be an attraction and lieing that you're a certain colour when you're not or you actually weigh 40kg more than your photo... Well be honest or what do you expect? Then there's the amount of creeps, older ones who within two sentences are asking for nude shots and filthy poses... Yeah on their bio it says they want a relationship... like is this how they think a relationship starts? Also when you get online everyone on there knows it so trying to talk to one guy is almost impossible it's so hard to concentrate. Oh yeah also there's the ones that seem decent so you meet up and get along great it seems, well they stay for hours so you'd think... yeah this might lead to a second date... then they disappear off the face of the earth and I'm not gonna stalk anyone or chase people with mental problems. If you're not ready for a relationship don't say you are... Wastes peoples time. And as for men $#*!ing that you're judged too heavily on your photos... Well how about putting some decent ones up? Y'know without a bottle of piss in your hand, your kids and any other women you've ever met... Cos FFS that's obvious right? You wouldn't give your employer these photos to use on your work badge. So lol too many men on these review sites are saying how decent and wonderful they are its 100% the women are nuts, prostitutes or scammers yeah these people are everywhere but there's plenty of decent women. And yeah men have to work a bit harder send out loads of messages they have to work harder in real life too lol maybe unfair but that's life. Don't get me wrong I've been on heaps of great dates of all kinds haha... But anyone I'd go out of my way to see again? Nah...

Bear with me on this
Bear with me on this. It's kind of long. I'll start this with that I was a 34-year-old mixed male when I started on POF. My experience with POF is one I'm sure hardly anyone else has ever had. Trust me. So, in a nutshell & for all intents & purposes, my marriage ended in May 2013. By June, I had joined OKcupid & a month later POF. I'd tried a few other sites like Zoosk, but quickly determined them to be scam sites setup to take your money. I discovered that POF has pay bait options as well. Like the "wants to meet you" trash. I just deleted everyone of those I saw, as I had 0 desire to spend any money.

I had met & talked through POF app with a # of women. I primarily used the Locals search. Some conversations were interesting & went on for weeks. Others, days. Most women (I would say about 90% that I messaged) simply ignored me. I never sent another message after being ignored. However, I cast many lines into the water. And I mean a lot. My motto was anyone that I deemed attractive who had a decent profile, I sent a message. Yes, I actually read the profile before messaging. Eventually I discovered that messaging a question to the women as my 1st message to them increased the odds of receiving a response to about 40%, because Plenty of Fish like when you read their profile. It shows that you're observant. However, most women I encountered on there were flaky & expected you to have your entire life setup perfectly so they could just come into it without actually contributing anything. Most of the serious women, we would exchange phone #s on the site & send additional pics & stuff via text to weed out potential scammers. One woman I met on there, we clicked really well & talked for maybe a couple months before meeting in person. I thought she was the one for me, but when we met, she said we had bad chemistry. I asked her if we could go on another date to see if it would change & she said yes, but I had to travel to Germany to visit family in Oct 2013. It was already scheduled, so we decided we'd have another date upon my return. I was excited by that prospect.

In Germany, I was busy having a blast but I usually stay up late. I was alone in that venture, so I would spend my evenings playing Android games. One night I got curious about something. Whether the Locals search would work in another country. To my amazement, it did but there was a drastically reduced # of hits & the range was much further. When I was in Texas, the range for the Locals search only went like 10 miles before the maximum numerical limit of the search was reached. In Germany, the numerical limit was not reached. Instead, I was presented with people who were hundreds of miles away. Because I was still curious about this system, I started messaging women, according to the same formula I used in Texas, that I wrote in paragraph 2. Most women had English profiles, & those are the only ones I messaged, as my German is not good enough to use.

After a couple days, 1 woman who had not shown up in any of my previous Locals searches popped up. Her tagline was "Just looking for someone to talk to." So I asked "Does that someone have to be an English speaking German?" She responded about 24 hours later. I responded back & she immediately responded. We had an open dialog from there. I discovered that the reason she hadn't appeared in my previous searches was because she was outside of the maximum searchable distance in the Locals search but that she was visiting another city at the time I happened to search again. Because of that, she was close enough to fall within the search criteria. We actually spent all day talking back & forth on POF for days. Then we decided to communicate externally from the site on Whatsapp. We also Skyped once (voice only). I voiced to her that I wanted to meet her, since she was fairly close but she had to travel back again & explained why. That all occurred the 1st weekend I was there but I was only gonna be in Germany 2 weekends. She worked during the week & the following weekend would not be coming back to the town that was close to me. 3.5-hour drive. She instead had to drive 5 hours from her far town to her family's town. I said to her that I would really like to travel with her. To my surprise, she said OK. I didn't have a car, as I was visiting Germany. So I was gonna ride the train 5 hours to get to where she was & then go on the 5-hour with her to her family. But I didn't go through with it cuz my family objected. I listened to their reasoning, which was more skeptical than anything else. A few days later, I had to go back to Texas.

Back in Texas, we couldn't stop talking about meeting. I told her I wanted to come to Germany to meet her. She said "no." She said if anything, she should come to the US as she's never been here. I said OK. So 4 months later, she came, & what was an amazing online relationship quickly translated into an extremely serious physical relationship. We basically fell in love really fast & I proposed to her. I had planned to do so before she even arrived. We absolutely died when she had to go to back to Germany. Not to be deterred, I requested a Fiance Visa (K-1) about 1 week after she left.

The K-1 is not a fast process. So long story short, she has her Visa in hand & is coming to America to live with me on Dec 31,2014 & we are having a wedding on a Texas beach on Jan 10,2015!

Edit to update what has transpired since. As of early February 2017, I can confirm that we are still happily married and have a 15-month old beautiful baby girl!

Plenty of Feces!
Well my feelings may have come across rather bluntly in my title so I apologize for my brevity but I will at least state my case to the extent such a thing is possible.

First off I am not a "paying member"; so, as is so often the case in these bait and switch... Excuse me "dating sites" I suspect $#*!ery like it's second nature. God forbid people pursue physical/emotional happiness via the once "free" internet without pulling the ol' plastic out of the wallet. So I will focus on two things here in the next couple paragraphs that I feel are only worth my energy to save fellow humans (particularly men) from falling into this polluted fishing hole.

First off, obviously, the aforementioned ocean between the perfectly reasonable and detailed profile you can make "for free" (cause no one pays internet bills right) and the "upgraded status." Now I fell into this on because their restrictions are far more extreme; if you don't pay a dime, you ain't doing jack, and if you DO, be prepared to pay more to get a realistic chance at any kind of meaningful human interaction on the regular. POF let's you make a profile that should serve its purpose and end there but of course greed rears its ever present ugly head, and paying them for various memberships supposedly gets you more visible and your messages go to the top.

Nevermind that a message sent should be immediately visible regardless. Plenty of Fish could come up with a dozen other perks for the desperate suckers with loose wallets. Similarly to my experience in AFF, I used a control group of hideous women, messaged them nice and inoffensive things and... Nada. No I'm not a male model but I'm far from a gremlin. Because occasionally women (some admittedly decent but far from local? And wtf there?) sent me messages seemingly without issue. Basically, pay to get thru. I call bs. Craigslist never made you pay to message for a job, housing, etc. things that are true life necessities so you don't, ya know, starve and die homeless. These dating sites have to cut the $#*!.

That got more long-winded than I wanted so regarding the actual "women" you may actually communicate with to varying degrees on POF... well. I'll save my breath and refer you to a review below posted by one "Waller K." The man has a way with words regarding that topic and there are certainly many entitled females on the site who deserve every cutting syllable and then some. Online datings quite the $#*! show. I guess if I never relocate I have to be content with the local drug addicted barfly trash I have been through and trying to get away from. Alas, happy fishing should you choose to do so anyway.

Site okay, women the problem
The simple truth is women control the site. There are simply too many guys on here for the amount of women so much so even unattractive women get attention and the result is a site full of big headed women who are deluded who are very very picky indeed for what Plenty of Fish offer back which is a chip on their shoulder and Grandiose delusions

The site itself isnt that bad but as I said its the content, most women are too lazy to fill in the details and simply put to ask them or they put I have great friends and family and they dislike arrogance.
As soon as you join you will get tons of meet me requests from clearly fake women all advertising some sleazy site on their profile

If you go on the site it is very very hard work, the women are extremely ignorant and you get a reply to maybe 1 in 30 messages, the vast majority of these women offer so little they shouldnt be ignoring anybody, even then it is just one word replies such as yes, okay and good, one of the women claimed she was shy but how can you be shy on messenger? Just an excuse for being socially inept

Lots of the women lie and say they have degrees yet work as a cleaner or such menial jobs and cant spell correctly

There will also be lists they have, you must be over such a height (despite the woman only being 5 foot 2) you must like dogs, all stupid things she wouldnt dare demand on a night out. Thats the problem, its like a catalogue for the women, they sit back and get replies and become divas. The fact even the fat ugly ones develop an attitude show its true that men will hit on anything. One profile headline which is typical said non readers of profile will BE IMMEDIATELY blocked. What a lovely way to come across but they dont care they know dopey men will message them anyway telling them they're lovely. Remember when women were warm and friendly? They made an effort, well then internet dating came along and it made them lazy chasing a pipe dream
The headlines that do make me laugh at these fools are the ones that say no liars or cheats. Who is going to admit that and stay away?

I spoke to a few ones that seemed decent but they just stopped answering for no reason - I guess more fresh meat came along. I have even been blocked just for sending a message to some women, seriously? I cannot believe the ego's on these lot, they should buy tickets on themselves

99% of them have a stupid yellow halo on their photos. Apparently its a snapchat filter and no doubt they think they are hip and unique but they all have it

Finally this may be controversial but from what i see its the truth. I was told years ago that if a women isnt married by 30 or settled down then there is something inherently wrong with her. There are tons of women in their late 30s who longest relationship is LESS than a year. That should tell you all you need to know and avoid these diva wackos like the plague

GL if you play on here but dont say I didnt warn you

East Indian Guys
I just had an awful mind-@#$# experience by an East Indian guy. He was very cryptic all the time. We made out once in his car at 5am. He wouldn't answer any questions, wouldn't set up dates. He just wanted to hook up at 5am. Then when I straight up asked him if this is a hookup he'd constantly lie and say no he wants a relationship with me. Turns out he has a girlfriend/wife. Both have a cover page with them both cuddling on it. I don't need more proof then that. Then he tells me he is separated from her, and she is living in Toronto and Plenty of Fish keep up FB for the family because there are issues. Mind you I asked leading questions so he did a lot of yup. I even asked is this an arranged relationship he said yup. So I might have basically answered my own questions still and he was still BS'ng me about everything. So I cancelled our 5 am second meeting, I wouldn't call it a date. To which he was like "wow", "I'm done", like I had issues or something. I asked my friend whom is also from India and she says that many East Indian guys will try to hook up with someone from another race because they cannot have sex before marriage. They are already essentially engaged but for whatever reason marriage hasn't happened yet (would explain why he said he hasn't had sex in 2 years). He will not leave his wife/gf and is just using you.

So ladies, if there is someone from another race -- a race where arrangements are known for, I would be weary. Don't be afraid to look him up right away. I made the mistake of trying to trust this ass. But after 2 weeks of being cryptic I couldn't take anymore and looked up his Facebook. Unfortunately now he has taken it down and I fear that he might be scamming some other poor girl who now doesn't have access to his FB. Just be weary.

And now after this fiasco and basically just getting asked for sex again from everyone else, I think I'm done with POF. This is the 4th time I've come back to it. I've never had to pay for it though, I would never pay for it. And every time I get some guy just scamming me for sex. And I say its a scam because they do what they can to lie to you to get you into bed, even though they know your looking for love. They don't care who they hurt. And I'm telling you I have been in 1 relationship ladies and it never worked out. He was again just using me more for a longer term for sex but when the sex got less for him, he dived out. So there is no win. These people that say they got married thanks to POF, I'd question the source. I'd question how long they have been married or how long they waited to get married. Doesn't mean they will live happily ever after.

Are we Reviewing the Site or the People?
In most cases we are rating the people on the site rather than the site itself. The site is clunky and outdated but you can search, message, and retrieve messages so for free you cant really complain about that!

I think that I am at least an average looking 49 year old woman. I have a great job, own my home, stable children, a good home life, financially stable, friendly, and very active. I don't frequent the bars or into any drugs use. So with that said I do not believe that dating sites are going to be the way that I will meet a man who has a similar life style. So much of the online world is based on similar interests and life style but the infamous "I like the outdoors" and even more often I am seeing "ask me" in the profiles rather than someone taking a few minutes to actually put some thought into it is telling me that we are really just looking at the pictures... As an FYI, the "ask me" are to be avoided... just trust me on that!

I met 4 men in the past 2 months from this site. 4 out of 4 of them when I asked for a recent picture the time span ranged from 3 months old to several years. 3 out of 4 when we met I did not recognize from the pictures. Honestly my pictures are within the current month so I don't understand.

Scary interactions -
The guy who sent a picture with maybe 10 Rx bottles next to him and living in someone's basement. Created a new profile after I blocked him and contacted me again.

Another guy who's profile picture was so different from what he sent me on my phone and he didn't actually live in the state that he claimed got angry with me when I told him the his misrepresentation scared me and there was no way that I would want to meet him in person.

I respect the law and law enforcement so the next thing that I am going to mention is very bothersome. I chatted with 2 men in law enforcement that both asked for pictures that I was not comfortable with taking/sharing. Plenty of Fish were both very disrespectful and insisted. I did not comply and obviously did not meet in person either one of them... wow.

Several men who wanted to sex text... especially those who message you after 11PM.

The married men... get the call reverse app folks and a phone number early on do your homework!

All of this in a matter of 8 weeks on a dating site. Way more drama and way less fun than I expected. So I am no longer a member of any site and will live my life single until something unexpected happens like we did before the digital age. Be careful out there!

Women on POF are C**ts...
- Naive and fickle-minded morons. Women view and ignore men who are on the same level looks-wise, or the men are actually better looking than these women themselves.
In their defence, Plenty of Fish would claim that they don't see the point in striking up a conversation with a guy they don't find attractive enough, especially when they get so many messages. You could say that's fine, BUT... Here's the joke of it all... They, then end up if they're lucky (like probably in their past relationships, too), in a relationship with an average looking man/men (or worse), than the ones they previously ignored during all their time on POF. Ironic, eh? Then again, most women online will hopefully end up all alone anyway, for most parts of their life if not period. Or constantly hurt. Serves them right!
It's like turning down jobs because you deem them crap or don't want to do that kind of work, but then you end up doing it, anyway. And, you actually enjoy it!

- Women also have the audacity to view and ignore a guy's message because they obviously don't deem the guy as attractive enough (he might actually be better looking in person, and just not as good in a photo!). Yet, they hide behind these stupid filters (some use filters in EVERY photo of themselves, including those pathetic dog ears and noses), giving a false impression of what they actually look like, hence being WORSE in reality... Hypocrisy at it's finest. Filters should be banned, period. You're basically lying about your looks. Sure, there's nothing wrong with a bit of 'cheating' or touching up, but not like that! A woman without makeup may look worse or not as attractive, but at least she still looks like life-life in person. Completely different, when you look nothing like, or no where near that in reality/person!

- Rude, ignorant and arrogant... In their profile, it states that they're kind and caring etc, yet ignore you like you're the worst looking bloke on the planet! They don't even give you a chance, period. You send a nice complimentary message to a woman, and she just views your message and sees your profile and abruptly ignores it. Avoids you like the plague! No reply, nothing. Not even a, "Thanks" most of the time. At least reply back a few times, then ignore! Even once!
Women are there most of the time just to fuel their own ego. You even get average looking women with a $#*! load of messages and they think they're God's gift to men! What they don't realise is, is a lot of blokes have no standards and will literally shag anything and say anything nice when it isn't sincere.
Some women even BLOCK you after a first message. Sheer $#*!ing arrogance, when they aren't even all that themselves. Why even block someone, unless they continue to message and harass you? I've had women who have been far from attractive, message me in the past. Due to my nature, I always reply back a few times. Why? Well, that's the kind of person I am. I'm not a ignorant, self-centred person. I'm nice like that.
It's like the same if you pass someone in the street. You don't know them, they say, "Hello..." to you. You do the same back. It's called being polite. Manners cost nothing.

- Women who are only 5 and 6s, can get a couple of hundred messages or something in the space of a few days! It's so hard for a guy. In parts, you can argue it's a surprise that any reply back at all! Maybe these ones who ignore you, do reply back to men on their level, and me and others are the unfortunate ones who get dismissed... But, they're still ignorant and arrogant arseholes! Especially, when you say something nice to them.
As for the real stunners who are online, they clearly must have problems (more than just being fussy!) to still be single. If an average looking woman gets a heck of a lot of messages, Christ knows how many the real lookers get! It must go through the roof! They're more losers than the ones who don't get many messages. Purely because they can get any man they want, fact! Especially when they're on multiple dating apps/sites as well! All the great looking men and messages they surely get, and still can't find a bloke! Surely all those men and messages aren't that bad or off putting! And if they are, it goes back to the point I've always made... Reply back to the decent messages and men, give them a chance!

- You don't get any replies by being nice, but sure as $#*! bet, that if you send messages saying how horrible they were, or nasty messages, you'd get a response from them, then! In fact, I got more messages 'first' with a rant profile like this, than I did with my own 'proper' one! Says it all. Women actually agreeing with me, too!

- Women will argue, too... That they can't reply to everyone just to appease them and keep them happy. I get that. But that rule only really applies to the more better looking women. Most these women as I said, aren't all that themselves, and ignore men on the same level (or they're better looking than the woman), and will end up if they do, with the same level guys or worst, they ignore online in reality. Fickle-mindedness.

- The ones that do reply back, all eventually stop responding, whether it's on WhatsApp or POF, etc. Despite them saying how much they like chatting and all that crap. Saying how nice looking you are and that, slagging off POF, then ignoring you and going straight back on there in this little merry-go-round...! What's even more pathetic and ironic, is they're the ones most of the time who actually ask you for your number, and insist it's better and easier to talk off the dating site. Then they continue to ignore and even block you for no reason! They have the cheek to also complain initially, and moan and say how blokes do the same things to them, then do the exact same thing themselves, and wonder why they're single! When they're actually a lot worse! How on Earth do they expect to be in a $#*!ing relationship, when they constantly ignore someone? No doubt a lot of the time, they get chatting to a really nice looking man (and ignore other guys they were getting on with previously) who ends up using them and treating them like $#*!... Then they get all pissed and start again on POF... They really do deserve everything they get thrown at!

- Women who take hours to reply back, or even days, perhaps weeks, when in the middle of a conversation!

- Women who say things like, "I'm actually 42, not 38!" in their profiles. Why not change it, then? Or, you're chatting to someone, and they tell you're they're older than their profile suggests they are. Why lie?

- Women talk about how $#*! and awful POF is etc on their profile, and say things in their headline of like, "Deleting This Soon...", or, "Please Take Me Off Of Here!" Garbage like that. Or, "Online Dating Isn't For Me." Why the hell you still on it, then?
Women get awful messages, sure. But then ignore the more normal and polite/complimentary messages from half-decent to decent looking men at least, hence again, not even giving themselves a chance, and the guy messaging. Surely, you'd take a chance after constant failures and negative experiences? But obviously not, when you see the same old faces on there time after time down the years, and they're still single. The law of averages doesn't apply to online dating.

- Women who say things in their headlines and description about how you shouldn't judge a book by it's cover or be so shallow etc, and they do just that!

- Women who say nothing in their profile, other than things like, "Ask." to, "Fill this in later..." Or kisses... So a guy can't even message anything to her related to her description, and has to result to the generic, "Hey, how are you?"

- Saying how important a personality is, and how they like a man to make them laugh and is funny. And looks aren't important, when clearly they $#*!ing are!

- And here's the real kicker of it all... Using a male model's pics sums up virtually EVERY woman on POF. It's funny how a male model (at least a VERY good looking man), is suddenly every woman's 'type' on there. They're all holding out for their hero, and end up with nothing like that eventually. Even the really good looking women most of the time.
'He', doesn't even have to put in a decent description of himself to get a LOT of messages. Even without having to message women first, compared to a less attractive man who puts up a really nice and sincere account of himself... He gets nothing. Yet, he could be the most sweetest, caring and loyalist guy in the world!
Average looking women messaging a stunning man, when they literally have no chance with a guy with those set of looks... Again, they ignore men better looking than themselves, or at least on the same level, to then go message the typical male stereotype.

- 99.9 per cent of the time (at least!), I never get messaged first. Completely different when you're a 'model'. The only reason the ones who do reply no doubt, is probably because I complimented them, anyway.

- It can vary. But a lot of the time, I can create a new account and use up the daily 24-hour limit to message women, and get nothing back the majority of the time. One time, I surprisingly had three message me first! Apart from the ones I messaged once before under another account, who briefly replied back, I messaged almost 70 women (some I had messaged before though, and still never replied then) from a new account, and literally no replies! Except from like two who said I was too far and one didn't want children etc. Or three, if you include a one message reply and that was it. Astonishing. Virtually not a single response! Some didn't even bother to view your profile, neither. Unless, they had the option turned off to see who viewed you.

- Immature women who use headlines like, "Looking for my Tom Hardy look-a-like..." When again, they'll end up with nothing like 'him', that's if they're lucky. They won't even get 'Laurel or Hardy'! Same mindset as most women these days.

- Using a model's pics, you even get women message when they're miles away, and a relationship would never work, anyway. Usually, distance would be a major factor.It's amazing what a great looking bloke does though, eh? Probably because they'd happily 'put out' and travel the extra mileage for 'Mr. Hero'! I bet the guy could get laid that night, after only talking for a few hours. Especially if he put on the charm!

- Women willing to meet a hot guy and invite them to their own home (even when they have children), or to go to the guy's house, even after chatting for literally a few minutes! The guy could be anyone! Quick turnaround in messages as well.

- Women saying things like, "Why do you have to be so far away!" Or, "Shame you aren't nearer :(" ... Joke, considering these women are average looking, and what makes them even think a 'model' would be interested in them, anyway?!

- More women (even average ones) message me as a 'model' first, more than any have done probably, in the years I've been on POF on and off. Could only dream of even half the messages being sent as 'me'! It's just so easy when you're good looking!

- Women who have 'morals' and don't do one night stands or send naked pictures of themselves etc, yet those 'moral's get thrown out of the window when a hero comes along. Liars and hypocrites. What's worse, is the way they even play the moral high ground by putting that they don't in their description! Saying that, you don't have to be particularly good looking to get those sent, anyway.

- Women claim they don't have time to reply to all messages, yet they can view your profile almost straight away after you first send. Even if you sound really nice and put things like you work with children with disabilities and animals etc, literally no reply back the majority of the time. Not even as little has having one or two messages back and forth and then they stop. Nothing, period.

- Women who show off their cleavage and tits almost, especially in almost every photo... Then have the audacity to moan and get annoyed when guys online talk about them and asking them for a $#*!, etc... You know by now what men are like online, so why persist in those types of pics, giving off the wrong impression, even if you're not like that?! I guess they don't have much else going for them looks-wise, and think it's the only way to attract a bloke. I guess it is for them on POF et al!

- Do you honestly think, that women who show off these provocative pics like with tits and body etc, most men online are thinking, "Oh, she seems like a nice girl to be in a relationship with..."? Most blokes would only be thinking of one thing. Fact! And women moan about it!

- Women who clearly state in their profiles, that they don't like men's profiles who have them shirtless and posing with a six-pack. Yeah, right. I bet most these of these women (especially if the man is very attractive) still message back or message them first, regardless.

- Women who say 'no pic, no chat..." In other words, unless you're a really good looking guy, don't bother messaging. They don't even chat if you HAVE pics up!

- Women complain about men online, saying how rude and abrupt they are. At least they're to the point and don't bull$#*!! A man might message a woman because of the size of her tits alone. You can argue that's shallow, but surely it's more shallow and ignorant to ignore a guy completely?! At least a guy who messages because of a woman's tits likes something about said person! Even if it was just for sex.

- Messaging women with my own proper pics... View and ignore me. Then a day or few days/hours after, after I've changed to a model, I miraculously get replies. And things like, "Sorry for the delay..." etc. When they never replied because of the way you looked initially. They're so thick, they don't even realise. This from average looking women, as well. Complete bull$#*!.

- If women complain they get too many messages and can't respond to all, etc. Then there's a solution... Hide your profile temporarily, so you don't keep getting messaged! Then you can reply to who you like, and give guys a chance more.

- I even have women stop replying as a 'model'. Not being interested. Though that's rare! This could be down to them being suspicious, but they don't give it the benefit of the doubt. They probably just can't be bothered to make an effort, then wonder why they have no luck etc on online dating sites.

- Isn't just about being attracted to someone, neither. But also companionship etc. If someone looks decent and sounds nice, why not reply and see where it goes?

- I had a female friend once, choose some pics for me. From a female perspective. She encouraged me to use more 'smiley' photos. She said she'd be amazed if I didn't get more luck. Well, I think I messaged around 160/170 (shouldn't even have to message half of that number!) women during the course of a couple of weeks or something. Virtually none of them were interested! I may of got 20 or so messages (appalling ratio, like 12 per cent or something), but I was never attracted to them, anyway. But the thing is, is that most of them stopped replying regardless, or a couple/few messaged back saying they wasn't interested. Besides, just because you get replies, it doesn't mean they're interested!
My friend, asked what I was doing messaging so many women... But that's what you have to do as a guy! You have to message a $#*!e load in the hope that you get replies! Believe me, if I had ten or less message me and be interested after messaging a fair few, I'd stop messaging more women, and see how those current ones would go. You have to message a lot at times, to even hope of getting a response.

-I even joked to a girl once, on a night out I was a model. She kind of thought I could of been! I then asked her how many women she thought would reply back online if I messaged them... She said, "All of them?" Ha! If only!

- Went on again, stupidly. Messaged 193 women. All distances, includng some in America. Got around 15 give or take, replies. Even they wern't interested, apart from two, who were a 'bit more' interested in chatting. Generally speaking, out of all that lot, none were properly interested in chatting! Some would only reply if I messaged them initially first, too. If someone likes you, it's a two-way street, where they would/should initiate contact at times as well. Appalling. Even if all 15 or so of them WERE interested in me in a big way, that's still an awful return to say the least!

Used to be a POF FAN - NO MORE after latest update
I used to be a FAN of POF. The site (PC version) was laid out very well, Plenty of Fish had a FAVORITES section and even a "Who Fav'd me" section. The Favorites were organized by the last time a favorite logged on (no specific timeframe) and the "Who Fav'd me" also was sorted by the last time when the person logged on and INCLUDED the date of login. There were other nice features within the last few years, however they removed them and made them a PAY feature (e.g., searching for a person by their profile name). One would do this if a friend joined and you wanted to communicate with them. The other feature that was VERY Beneficial, knowing if & when a person read an email and if they deleted it or not. This was originally free, however about 10 years ago, they offered a LIFETIME upgrade for several of the NOW missing features. I opted to purchase the email read status feature. Over the last 10 years, any time that the application was updated, POF would add that feature "back into my account" if I alerted them (by email) to its omission. No questions asked.

Now in 2020 with their latest upgrade, that email feature was removed again and NOW they will NOT restore the feature even though I was PROMISED a LIFETIME upgrade. Plus they are giving me some "Song & Dance" about when I paid for it, how much I paid for it, the credit card number I used, etc. On top of that they REMOVED many other features. For example my "Favorites" list was deleted, there is something called "My Likes" which is related to the MOBILE app. There is NO WAY to add people to MY LIKES via the PC APP, nor a way to REMOVE ANYBODY from "MY LIKES" via the mobile nor the PC app.

There are people in "MY LIKES" list that I cannot remove, nor have any idea how they got there in the first place.
The HELP pages relate to the PC Version which no longer exists. Support just recites verbatim the same message from likely the same RUNBOOK response list.

The app has basically become useless because I do not know if a person read the email or not. At least in the past with a READ status, I would know if they read it, deleted it, or didn't even read it yet.

And worse, they EXPECT me to PAY for the UPGRADE again even though I already PAID for it a long time ago as it was a LIFETIME pay EXTRA once offer.

Don't waste your time unless you want to PAY PAY PAY for every feature. Pay for Match (when they have their 50% off deals) or Tinder (if you have Facebook) or try something else (no experience with the rest).

This APP is no longer worth it, even for free.

There is something strange about this site, PLEASE...
There is something strange about this site, PLEASE READ EVEY THING what I have to say. {Won't be long} On pof, many girls only read messages for only so long. After a short amount of time Plenty of Fish will ignore you.

In other cases, I was speaking to a girl for a couple of months. In time, we exchanged numbers and I told her that I was going to give her a call so that we could meet up on a date. She said sure, try and catch me on the phone sometime soon. I left it for a couple of days, but when I tried to call her, the phone would always ring and ring without any pick up. In time, I tried calling again but for some reason, she rejected my call. From there I went to pof to ask her why she rejected my call. I got no reply, and then she even blocked me. I reported her on pof because I expected it to be a fake profile, but for some reason, pof banned my profile? I didn't even call her much, so it wasn't the case that I was putting her under pressure.

I thought well, I must of been unlucky to of found a bad egg. I did create another profile and from the very beginning, I started getting messages from a another girl who stated an interest for me. We Spoke for a good month and a half on pof and facebook and in time again, I asked her for her number so that I could call her sometime. She said yes. I gave her a call, but this time she answered. I was on the phone for a few seconds, but when she found out that it was me on the phone, SHE PUT THE PHONE DOWN ON MY FACE. Right after, she blocked me on pof, and facebook as if it was me that did something wrong.

This is all true. Pof is free, and Im sure that there are some nice girls here, but finding one will be very, very hard. You will see so many profile here come and go, but please don't be fooled in thinking that finding someone will be easy because of the many profiles.

I expect that many these profiles are fake. I can't be sure but I expect that they could be working for pof, or why else lead someone on for so long to just block you and put the phone down on your face.

One thing more, for every 1 girls on this site there is 15 to 20 guys. Most of these guys are also just looking for sex, so the girls here may not speak with you because they want to be carful. This site is bad. I am going to try it out for a little longer in case I have just been really unlucky, but through my experience, something here is really fishy.

Plenty of average
Few points to note

1- Unless you are a male model you will be ignored by the women on here. Plenty of Fish are pig ignorant. I guess this is third wave feminism.

2- the vast majority of women on here are average or below average looking which makes my first point laughable and they're either stupid or hypocrites. Let's be honest they are rejects misfits or something is wrong with them. You can't be picky when you have nothing to offer a man apart from attitude

3- the women all seem to have issues. They have been cheated on lied to And are damaged. Lots of them seem to hate men and have trust issues. You wouldn't really broadcast this on a forum but they don't seem to care

4- they're deluded. As I said above average at best yet believe they are so much special than they really are. They must get 100s of messages a day from guys so they're getting an ego out of control

5- One woman says she's been on pof for 5 years and still can't find a guy. Seeing as she must have received thousands upon thousands of messages its incredible she cant find a man. I asked her in a message why and she said why should I settle for something not right. She was average at best. There you have it. She wants a man that's out of her league. Any rational person would realise they were being way picky after 5 year

6- profiles aren't very appealing. If I'm looking for someone first impressions are crucial and I don't want to read someone whining on their profile about how bad men are on the site or how they have a list of traits men must have before contacting them. You're 5'1 but you only date guys 6'0 and above oh and they must be slim despite the fact you're fat even though you say you're cuddly lol

7- when you're the size of Mississippi you're not average build and you're not a few extra pounds. You're obese not bbw there's nothing beautiful about rolls of fat. Stocking your tongue out or pouting with a silly filter won't help you only the gym will

8- looking for a honest decent man is a regular headline. That's bs. They want a hot guy with money but dare not say it. You're not entitled to a hot guy unless you're hot yourself. That's the way the world has always worked. Get over yourself

9- read my profile before even thinking of messaging is another regular headline. Guaranteed to not get a read. Who would want to date someone aggressive in their profile. Severe lack of pleasant happy women on pof. Most have chips on their shoulders. Easy to see why single for years

10- If you are 42 and not married and longest relationship is 1 year don't act like you're a catch. You're not. You're best days are 20 years ago so drop the diva act

Hope this helps any guys thinking of joining

Toxic deluded narcissistic women
If you're a male then do yourself a favour and don't bother joining up
The women are so aggressive and nasty its laughable. Plenty of Fish all suffer from delusions and believe they should have a James Bond type man even if they are slobs and unattractive plain janes types.

I didn't send any messages but could tell from the profiles that I don't want to be near any of these women. Virtually every profile says something like "don't contact me if " and then says things like "if you are only going to say hey hows you then you will be blocked" or "if you send a smiley face you will be ignored" --Talk about being ungrateful

None of them are remotely grateful and must get that many replies they develop an attitude. I read alot "must be over 6foot tall" and i look and the women herself is 5foot nothing. Yet again ridiculously picky and unrealistic

TWO big things missing are kindness and warmth, I see neither on any profiles, just a rant. The vast majority of these women are well below average looking too, since when do unattractive women get to be so rude and aggressive? These women seem the type to have been overlooked by guys at school for decent girls and have spent 30 years seething and being bitter about it. WHY would anyone message any women on here with such a nasty attitude? The sad thing is men must be messaging them or they wouldn't say such things like message xxx and you will be blocked. I wouldn't be interested in women if they spoke like that on their profiles if they were supermodels so I definitely not interested in these below average looking women with their outrageous demands

The women in my age range 30-40 all want a prince, they all seem to have had very short relationships and now they decide they want to settle down but its only with a prince, A tad delusional me thinks, basically they have been promiscuous in their best days and now they're past their best they are demanding a prince. Yeah good luck with that

Most of the women work menial jobs, alot are care assistants and cant spell. Again that wouldn't bother me if they were pleasant but I see no warmth or kindness. Just nastiness and rudeness

I have to laugh when they women complain all they getting are messages from guys wanting s&x and then you look at their photos and their main photo is half naked or in a bikini, what kind of message is that sending out?

I have no doubt some of the men on here are bad but I have little sympathy. It costs nothing to be polite but that's too much for the demanding women on here

This POF might have worked 15 years ago but seems all the world is on online dating which renders it useless and just produces a generation of narcissistic demanding diva's, all out of touch in their online bubble

There are decent women around you just wont meet them on here
Just to recap
If you want a rude aggressive women, who is cold, aggressive unfriendly, picky, deluded, narcissistic, overweight, unintelligent, demanding, and a sloth then sign up I am sure you will find what you want. If you want a decent woman with warmth kindness and who is happy then give this site and the women on it a swerve. The women on here are barrel scrapers,

Dont bother, toxic picky bitter women
I gave this site a chance 6 years ago and gave up, I thought I would see if its any better now, but its worse! Worse times 1000.

Plus it didnt take long to see familiar faces from 2013 either, with the same photos.So Plenty of Fish haven't changed their looks and they are the female equivalent of Peter pan or more likely they are lying about their looks. Some men will be in for a shock then, thats if they either meet them and not just sit messaging. How can you still have old photos up? Thats deceptive for a start, whats worse is how can you still e on a dating site for 6 years and not have found anyone

The females on this site are on another planet quite frankly. All i read was there has to be a spark or initial attraction or I wont reply back to you. Most of the time this was from a women who was the male equivalent of Shrek, where do they get the balls to make such demands? They all seem to go online and become a diva with demands that make me laugh. Another one is you must be tall 6 foot or higher or I will ignore you, I look at their profile and they are 5 foot 1, a female munchkin! Again I ask how can they be so picky? Then they cry on their profile where are all the genuine men?

Majority of them were overweight sticking their tongues out in photos looking dreadful but still making outrageous demands from a prospective suitor that you wouldnt get away with in the real world. I have no idea if anyone messages these people but if they do then shame on them
Another thing they like to do is say that if you only send them Hi or hello or ask how they are you will be blocked. How sweet
Then you look at their about me section and its blank. Theyre on another planet these chicks. No wonder no man wants them

Finally 75% of these women claim to hold some sort of degree yet have a bad job. More lies apart from the slew of teachers on here who cant get a man as they are married to their job which rules their life.

When I was filling my profile out and browsing I was constantly getting meet me messages from blatantly fake profiles, there were lots of them. If the owner cared about this then they could charge a small amount to your credit card of 1c just to make sure you are real but they dont seem to care, the site is spammed with these fake profiles just like fake review below pretending to review the site but just getting a mention of their dating site

The most $#*!ered dating site ever
I was on POF twice from 2006-2009 and back on 2011-2013. There was barely girls replying to my messages and I use the site just for the forms until 2009. I met someone outside the site so I deleted my profile. Then back in 2011, I came back. POF has changed but, I can't look at the forms anymore. Then there was girls that I was messaging back and forth, but some of those girls got mad about something I said and then block me. There was girls are that some what cute, but not as hot as a super model. I figure I message them. Many of them, I saw Plenty of Fish read the message, delete it and never look at my profile. And some of those girls never read the message and never look at my profile. Or the girls look at my profile and deleted my message without even reading it. I see how picky these are and they're not beauty queens. There was some girls that are not into interracial dating and I date girls outside my race. What made deleted my account for good was there a girl that I talking to from POF that made me pissed off. This was back in 2013, I saw a pretty Latina girl who is chubby (Size don't matter, big or small, I like them all), anyways I messaged her and she replied back in 10 mins. Me and her were messaging each other back and forth for two days. I thought we had a connection. She added on facebook later that week.
We messaged each other on facebook messager getting to know each other. We exchanged phone numbers. We were texing and exchanging photos. We were talking on the phone. But, I felt like it was taking forever to meet her. We met on 08/13 and on 10/13 I wanted to meet her in person so I can take her out on Halloween. This girl was acting strange. I sent her a message about if we can do video chat just to make sure we're real.
But, she never answered the message. After that she never return my calls or text.
What made me not wanna talk to her was she was being rude. She's a year younger than me, I was 25 then. What was weird about her was she was still going to college at 24.
She doesn't have a job, she sold makeup on online and hasn't sold anything since summer that same year. Ofcourse, she lives with her parents and brother. I live with roommates.
Her dad and brother are the only ones working, but not her and her mom.
I felt like she was looking for someone to live off of. I'm not looking to be her sugar daddy.
So, I stopped contact with this freeloader and deleted POF. I was thinking about giving it another, but it could be worse.

I almost gave up the 2nd time..
Like anything in life, you get out of it what you put into it. I had a really crappy experience with POF after my 6 year relationship decided to come to a complete dead end. I'm sorry I can't really say it was crappy, it was OK! I wasn't looking for a replacement boyfriend, I was just looking to meet guys and go out on dates and talk to different than the norm people. I was single for the first time in my life and it fulfilled what I was looking for. Don't get me wrong, within a day of signing up I had messages upon messages from guys I wasn't interested in or physically attracted to and some guys who would just send me random messages like. "i'm masturbating to your picture want to call me and hear me finish myself off". That one was a REAL charmer let me tell you! It had it's bad and it's good. It actually reconnected me with some guy I knew when I was like 8, and we ended up going out a few times, it didn't work out but he's still in my life as a friend so that was pretty cool.

I ended up meeting a guy through a friend but after 2 years I decided I didn't want to be with him anymore. So I gave POF another whirl and this time I was actually looking for something with a bit more substance. I found a lot of the same people on there still from my last experience. And a lot of them I can see why because Plenty of Fish were just really effing insane. I remember one guy I was literally talking to him for 2 days and he told me he wasn't going to allow me to talk to him and date other guys. I told him where he can go. Anyway I am really getting off the path here. I met a ton of guys the 2nd time from POF, one guy I went out with a number of times only to find out he had a girlfriend that he just proposed to while he was dating me. I literally was closing my account, and I am not joking I was going to cancel it that day when I got a message from some guy who lived on Long Island (I lived in Brooklyn). His message actually got my attention because it wasn't the normal "hey you're cute what is your favorite food and what do you do for fun". Boring snoring! I wasn't sure if I was 100% fully attracted to him, he definitely had a beautiful smile. So I decided to respond. It was actually the most communicating I did with anyone on that site. We exchanged numbers, went on a date that next weekend (btw he was super cute in person). He bought me flowers and my favorite candy (he listened to me). It's a year later (this weekend is anniversary of our first date) and we have already moved in together and I have never ever in my entire life been so in love. As corny as that sounds. We joke all the time about how we met on the creepiest site ever. I did end up canceling my account. But only because I had found my fish! See what I did there?

Not every guy and girl are the same. Everyone has something different to bring to the table. Give it a chance. And if you want more than "hey wanna bang" than stop being a dirt bag and put the effort into it. Be interesting and you will attract interesting people!

Some Real Profiles - Still a Rip-Off
When I first found Plenty of Fish, it looked great. Unfortunately, it proved to be pretty fishy itself.

The instant you create an account with them, you get instant replies as well! Unfortunately all of these prove to be bots. The age verification scam is linked to the first ones that come up. Frankly, from the looks of the supposed person behind the profile set arrives in my inbox, I question whether or not Plenty of Fish were underaged not whether or not I was 18 or older.

The good news is they don't charge you initially and you can still browse profiles. That said, I subscribed for the minimal subscription of 2 months because they seemed fairly legitimate, and it certainly is significantly less money than LatinFeels or some other websites

For the first couple days it was great! You can see who's been viewing your page, you can do more accurate searches, and there's various other features that you don't have with the unpaid subscription.

But almost immediately, the Box discover your profile. All kinds of websites are linked to these profiles, most of them porn sites that have nothing to do with the face supposedly Behind The Profile. Others try to get you to list your credit card information on a web page that looks legitimate because it has the name POF on it, including their logo, and other information that appears to relate to POF. However, this claim that they make- that they are simply verifying your subscription by verfying your credit card information in order to give you "FREE" access to video conferencing with other profiles, is a complete total scam.

The real rip off part of the entire thing is this: five days after I signed up for the subscription, I noticed that the first month's charge still hadn't cleared my credit card.

Then suddenly one evening, I noticed that the website seem to be misfunctioning. I was getting profiles popping up that shouldn't have because I had not open those filters on my profile.

I contacted customer service via email, yet I got no reply for the next day. In fact I really became suspicious when suddenly I was getting no reply at all when previously, their customer service when I reported scammers, seem to be very very good.

Well, this is where the scam comes in.

They tell you when you subscribe to the service that you must contact them in order to stop the monthly monthly charge for subscribing to the website.

I wasted my time attempting to email their customer service again and again because it appeared my account have been hacked, or there were other technical issues yielding incorrect search results.

This was the first fishy thing I found out about Plenty of Fish. Even though you cannot set the search parameters for one's sexual orientation, suddenly, all the profiles showing up on my search ( which was set for only female profiles within a certain age range) I started getting nothing but lesbian female and homosexual male profiles popping up when I get a search. I also noticed that the women I had saved as favorites suddenly no longer appeared to be online at any time.

I wasted my time repeatedly contacting customer service because they didn't seem to be addressing this issue. However, I received absolutely no response back from them for over 24 hours.

Then I read the fine print under their help section. They state that if you are blocked by too many profiles, they will delete your account. Only they won't just go in and delete it so you don't have access to it. Instead, they'll continue your access to it and skew your search results like they did with mine, simply to waste your time.

So here's the next fishy thing about Plenty of Fish. Even though you can't set the search parameters to block someone, at least not on my account did I see any place you could do this, they claim if others block you they can delete your account

So my question was, how can it be that I was blocked too many times if I personally am unable to block others on my profile which again I had subscribed to and paid the full subscription rate for?

So this is where it really gets interesting and the real truth comes out. Even though they had deleted the account, I noticed the very next morning that they had debited my credit card for the now ongoing subscription.

That way they're not actually providing you with any service at all, but they are debiting you every single month.

For this reason, I elected to report them to the Federal Trade Commission for deceptive practice and fraud.

The very next morning, I checked my credit card statement online, and saw that they had finally put through the debit so this is

POF The most RUBBISH dating site!
The $#*!TIST most DECEPTIVE dating site, why? I have never seen a set of the most ugly, unintelligent, no hoper, useless women with nothing going for them except their 3 kids, 2 dogs and a cat. Someone forgot to tell them Plenty of Fish are at the "last chance saloon". The losers on this site and lets face it, pretty girls don't have to work too hard to get attention but when you look like Dracula and only come out at night maybe the universe is trying to tell you something. DON'T PUNCH ABOVE YOUR WEIGHT AND BE GRATEFULL FOR WHAT CROSSES YOUR PATH AS PRINCE CHARMING DOES NOT EXIST AND 6 FOOT GUY GO FOR THE PRETTIEST NOT THE UGLIEST!

The Good, the bad and the ugly (leave out the good and that's what you're left with)

Interspersed with the non attractive and ugly are fake profiles that are on most of the day and night, their response is nothing more than a 2 or 3 worded vocabulary designed to send the conversation around in circles. Some of the user names are for example, "fhglghlghlfh" which means the scammer is creating so many fake profiles they now have run out of imagination to think up a new name like Tracy69, so they let their fingers hit the first keys they come into contact with. Also when you check the profile details for hair colour or eyes, the picture featuring brown hair is blond in the profile and the brown eyes described as blue.

Looking through the profiles of what you might think be the real ones you are flabbergasted by their long list of requests like, "they must be taken as they are", "they want to be treated like a princess" (when they look beat up), and appear in pictures with theirs cats, dogs and kids. Nothing wrong with kids but someone forgot to inform these losers of life because their parents never told them, their teachers never told them and the police never told them so I will.


Also if you have an awkward personality and always try to get your own way you will scare off most suitors male or female, so if you are past the peak of youth and entering the granny fanny stage of your life maybe you should settle for cat company because that alone will disturb a man, hence the term "crazy cat lady", they now replace the male company they just cant get.

Male intuition (Yes we have it too)

It's an innate thing, look what happens in the animal kingdom, most men can sire their own and have no desire to bring up someone else's only for that child to turn around when they reach 11 and say to you, "your not my dad". Guess what, they are right! So if your trying to impress her tired worn out kitty cat it will backfire on you because their kids come first in their life, right. Get with it guys, you will always be second or third in that scenario. That's why they need to go back to the father of the child and make it work and if it didn't work there for what ever reason then try and accept a warning that the universe is trying to tell you. KIDS & CATS WILL GET YOU OVERLOOKED!

Look at the wider scope of operation from similar sites

I have analysed this site and it is just another rip off, look at the other reviews, somehow I don't trust the praise worthy ones as I think they are fake placements designed to balance out the negative ones because they have that "perfectly worded air" about them. Again if Plenty Of was good I would review it as such but its not. Another red flag when you create a profile with these sites is you are inundated with messages but when you cough up you bank details, hey presto the women disappear!
Also to sign up and pay they will have a whole page with big buttons to click on so you don't miss it.
However, when you want to unsubscribe they make it very hard for you to spot the little, little button or underlined text for you to do so. If you don't unsubscribe manually they have normally written into the small print an AUTOMATIC ROLLING EXTENTION into the next month and will draw from your account without your knowledge.
To counter act this contact your bank and asked them to stop your card and issue you with a new one as you will not get anywhere trying to reason with these thieves.

It is what it is and I can't sugar coat this, you now have the information to decide if you want to use their services or not.

Before you enrol on another dating site check extensively their reviews on sites like this one as the little guy is more likely to tell the truth than a company or large corporation looking to fleece you.
Stay safe and please stay off the drugs.

Honestly, Be Be$T to go on Quest Chatline! Don't wa$te your time or $$
Very much a HUGE disappointment unless you want to hook up with a FAKE profile usually for women it's a handsome Military man who doesn't exist so if Plenty of Fi$h would SCREEN their online users then Plenty of Fish might actually get some man and woman to MEET instead expect to be speaking to someone in Nigeria. Then POFi$h bumps you off to make that $$ wanting members to UPGRADE your ACCOUNT so it's be$t to look for romance even a date somewhere, ANYWHERE else! I would venture to say out of 100 men their profile maybe ONE is GENUINE the rest are catfi$h. My friend has tried POFi$h too who has men constantly ask her for $$ so the website is designed to get SCAMMED or WORST to get KILLED. I signed back up now I'm deleting my POFi$h account since there is NO ONE really REAL except maybe two that I typed to so IMPERSONAL on the Big Island tho' there are several REAL men that are available for me NOT what I want. One old man wanted me to buy a boat with him after I politely declined his invitation to kayak then he would bring sandwiches not my thing. Don't wa$te your precious time as I have to say I did meet Eric in Tampa, Florida some years back when the members were REAL but I was moving to Hawaii even if he wanted me to stay. It was really a nice date so I was hoping to meet a really good guy found out it's a Scamming type of site. POFi$h will disable your chats until you pay them their $$ to make it so you get to speak to FAKE catfi$h not REAL men so hit a bar anywhere just not Plenty of Catfi$h. I even updated my pic. Told it's disabled to pay $$ to send a message so POFi$h said to send a "Like" so I said GOODBYE! Not nice knowing you! BE CAREFUL as I watched on Discovery I.D. two murders of two women one was a mother of two so it's NOT safe if you Google POFi$h with rapes/murders then you'll see it's really risky behavior not for me! I would mate with a shark before I would meet anyone from that HORRIFYING Nightmare Plenty of Scammers Fi$h! The fact remains the pics. Of the members do NOT belong to the FAKE catfi$h so POFi$h I BLAME for shipwrecking their own website set you up for disaster. It's easy to figure out the towns the faces even two men on ONE member's profile means it's FAKE like Florida, Florida or Hawaii, Hawaii each one claiming to be in the Military showing a pic. Of a handsome service member just NOT them! I didn't purchase anything from POFi$h in fact it's supposed to be Free but now it's NOT so save your precious time & $$ go somewhere else! To "UPGRADE" I have no CLUE what they mean but I'm happier NOT trying to be CONNED by the con artist that is in another country like Africa! BE CAREFUL ladies! Alo Ha Joke's on us!

I joined this site by suggestion of a friend, but it...
I joined this site by suggestion of a friend, but it is the worst site I have ever worked with. Supposedly a "Team of Experts and PhD's" put this scam together... if so, Plenty of Fish need their credentials revoked.

All "Matches" are based on age and location. There is absolutely nothing to connect individuals based on interest, activity or profession. My "Matches" NEVER matched. For perspective: I teach martial arts, health & fitness and indicate an interest in someone with my LIfestyle & Mindset... my "Matches" were 95% obese and looking for an "Old-Age Partner." Uh-h-h, no thanks.

I made it clear I was not interested in women older than I (I simply am not interested in dating cougars)... over a two year period I recieved only one contact who was in her 40's out of over 200 contacts. My contacts averaged 55-70 years of age, I am just turned 53.

A woman whose pix revealed what must be at least a 60" waistline sent a pile of hate-mail when I politely turned down her advances. My understanding was she made a complaint and I was kicked off... the person who supposedly runs the site never returned my calls, let alone emails as to why.

There is a feature called "Meet Me" where you look at pix and decide whether you would like to meet the person or not, or maybe. I recieved several messages from women who claimed I wanted to meet them... these are women who I would never want to talk with, let alone go to meet.

This is supposed to be a clean site and it is indicated anyone writing anything lewd or sexually suggestive will be kicked off... yet the site abounds with soft-core porn style pix of women sprawled all over their beds, dangling the "girls," sitting with legs well spread or hiked up in the air, etc.

In exchange for paying for an upgrade you can tell whether someone has looked at or read your messages, big deal.

The site supposedly shows new members who "Sign In" every day, yet the pix are clearly a revolving door of the same old faces.

While this is probably a concern on other sites, POF is the one with the greatest percentage of liars & players, at least of the female nature. Only one person I ever met even remotely looked like her picture. As a rule, POF women ages 35-60 tend to be incredibly obese and have what must be the dumbest teachers in the world. 38 different so-called school teachers contacted me, only one of who wrote a well punctuated note.

Recently the site made a ruling no one more than 13 years older or younger could contact a anyone. Now, I can see laying down law on a 65 year old hounding an 18 year old, but that should be the individual's choice. I'm not interested in a 20-something, but a lot of celebrities would have never been allowed to meet, here. More interesting, the Profile allows a person to limit what ages he/she is willing to recieve contacts from. So this rule really makes no sense.

No! Leave this one alone,


This site is basically no better than Craigslist when...
This site is basically no better than Craigslist when it comes to dating. It is simply a mess. Let's go over it.

Okay, first of all, the site is UGLY. It hasn't been updated since 2004, it seems. Secondly, the site is not very good when it comes to using it. The Advanced Search is broken and you can't save search perimeters on it, unlike other dating sites Advanced Search. The site will often clutter you with users faces, most of whom have stupid pictures of themselves, like duckface or flipping the middle finger. The site auto-logs you out very frequently. Maybe in five minutes of inactivity, including while you're drafting a message to someone. You could very well lose your message because you hit Send and the site has logged you out, forcing you to re log in (and not even send the message after you do, but rather, take you back to the home page).

And then, we have the users. For some reason, POF seems to attract the worst of the worst. The women are HYPER shallow and often stupid. Plenty of Fish can't spell or use proper grammar in any way. The site also has no minimum character requirements, meaning you'll often come across empty or dead profiles. And while I obviously have no experience with the men on there, women have told me most of them have shirtless selfies, are flipping the camera the finger (just like a lot of girls on there), or will send them d! Ck pics. So it seems the men are just as awful as the shallow, stuck up, spoiled women.

POF also has a forum, but its a complete and utter joke. Its filled with some of the nastiest trolls on the internet. Men and women who seem to have become embittered by the site itself, yet still continue to use it. The most popular feature is the "Review my profile" section, but its really just an open forum to mock and ridicule others, and they almost NEVER have anything positive to say. I actually only discovered POF had a forum because they suggest you get profile feedback on it before you try to close your account. But as mentioned, its just full of bitter, cynical people who simply LOVE to mock others and sh-t talk. I found it very disturbing, even on the internet. A YouTube comments section actually seems nicer than the bitter and jaded forum users of POF.

With all of its problems, POF does have a lot of traffic and users, however. Though its a sh-t site, there IS a chance you may meet someone off of it, simply because of the number of users. So because of that, it can't be rated one star. However, it is almost the worst mainstream dating site out there. If there weren't so many others, it WOULD be the worst. Its no better than Craigslist in meeting people, and the users are almost as stuck up, shallow, and contemptible.

Check out POF if you're simply a "numbers" person, because it does have millions of users on there. However, don't get you hopes up for too many quality users. And also be aware that the site itself is glitched, problematic, ugly, and just plain terrible to use on an interface level.

POF is sheeeee-iiiiite!
I totally agree with many of the comments on here about POF. I had a profile on there a couple of years ago, and pride myself on being polite and friendly to all. Then one day my profile had just disappeared for no reason! About a week or so before that, some girl had accused me of not being single (just because I wasn't on there 24/7) and I politely told her that I WAS single. The only thing that I can think of is that she reported me for "not being single" and my profile was deleted! Several e-mails to the Fuhrer (sorry, Frind) and the "customer service" e-mail address went unanswered, so I moved on. I have recently had another profile, but I see that men are NOT allowed to post shirtless pics anymore, whilst women can post pictures of themselves in their underwear or bikini. I had a message from Hitler (sorry, Frind) stating that my main picture MUST show my face, and Plenty of Fish had "kindly" swapped my main pic for one of the others. I was also told that this would be my "only" warning. However, my original main pic DID show my face, so I decided to try an experiment, and clicked "Report user if main pic does not show their face" on a woman's profile which regularly appeared. This just showed her legs and her high heels. The profile stayed the same, so I reported it again, but STILL it was there! The only thing that I can think of is that some bimbos that I hadn't replied to (as I wasn't interested in their arrogant, narcissistic profiles) had clicked on the "Report user if main pic does not show their face" link. Being a man, I had then received the "warning" (oooh, I'm trembling, Mr Nazi Frind) even though - as I mentioned earler - my main pic DID show my face. Anyway, as of today my profile has been deleted (again for no reason). It is probably another case of "disturbed" female users reporting me for pathetic, untrue reasons (due to my ignoring their messages) and POF being the man-hating, feminist-friendly, anti-male crap that it is did not even bother to check, but just deleted my profile! OK, Herr Frind... stick your rubbish site where the Sun doesn't shine, because I won't be back! Whilst I have chatted with some nice women on there, most are either full of themselves, mirror posers, psychos and absolute nutters. Heinrich Frind has also stopped men from contacting women with more than a fourteen year age gap. How typically arrogant of "The Creator" to dictate to male users who they can contact, let alone what they can say. Yes, there are lots of perverts out there (some of them are male) but why should ALL men have to pay the price for these? And why should women be elevated to the status of goddesses, so that they can simply report someone that they either don't like (or who has dared NOT to reply to their messages) and get that person's profile deleted? There is a link asking users what they think POF should do with the profile of the person that they are reporting, and part of this is to delete the profile (and I can guarantee that a male reporting a female will NEVER be listened to). It seems that Frind and his staff HATE men, and consider them all to be perverts/liars/rapists. With this in mind, men... do you really want to give your time and/or money to a site that thinks that of you? Many (once standard) features on the site now are paid-for features (such as hiding your profile, etc). My question is this:- why would you give your money to these anti-male, Nazi thought-police? After all, they could just delete your profile when some sad pathetic loser decides to report you for nothing at all apart from not replying to her... and would you get a refund? I'm not sure on that one, but I wouldn't be surprised if the answer is a resounding "no". **AVOID THIS SITE LIKE THE PLAGUE**

(Finally... personally, I wouldn't even give POF one star, but there doesn't seem to be an option on here to give none).

You do the Math
You do the Math. Lets say you are a MALE, age 50, you smoke, you set search distance range preference at 25 miles. (the minimum allowed). Your web pages top areas are banner ads enticing you to believe that you can score with a lonely hot older woman, exactly 50 yrs of age, who is a smoker, and within 25 miles of you. It's insulting. And, you'll find sidebar ads claiming some hottie half your age, who lives practically around the block from you has the hots for a older stud like yourself, age 50 who smokes, etc etc. you get the idea. What a crock. Read the other reviews for stuff I could mention but didn't... If you think this review is an exaggeration... good luck. I'm not here to give you dating advice. It cracks me up when I see reviews from people who criticize this site and including stating that "the way you really meet quality people is... blah-blah-blah."" That's also a crock. If they're such an authority on the subject, and so successful at it, then you wonder what the heck Plenty of Fish were doing on PlentyofFish to begin with. We all know already that there are "other means" available. But we also do live busy lives with schedules that aren't always so flexible or "convenient". I know you're not an idiot. Neither am I. You're probably not desperate. Me neither. Trying something out just to see if it is worth your effort to maybe save you some time doesn't mean you're a pathetic loser. That site is nothing but a ruse to lure people in with the word "free", and NOT MUCH ELSE. Pure and simple. It's geared not toward women at all, it's a facade to entice MEN to join. Yea there are women on it, but that's a by-product, not the machine. That site is engineered to generate high traffic flow and filter MALES through it's interface using various psychological trigger stimulus in a hit-or-miss cycle of repetition so that eventually a "hit" will occur (they guy finally shells out some $$$ out of hormonally excited false expectations or simple pot luck desperation try-it-and-see style) or a "miss" (they pretty much reach the conclusions you will read in this and other reviews, and decide to look into somewhere else) and filter out. That's their "sales funnel" in a nutshell. You do the math. In a nutshell ===>>> nice interface, in-depth user profile information, but it's all just decorative packaging for a whole lot of nuthin. Good luck.

POF is deliberately creating an air of mistrust on-line...
POF is deliberately creating an air of mistrust on-line and in the world. Singles are of the growing majority, who, as cynical and mistrusting as Plenty of Fish are made to be, still seek by nature, a compatible mate. You are not alone! There are some vicious and love-hating individuals trolling these sites. The ideals they represent, are bent on creating mass confusion and mistrust between genders, as well as same sex, in order to separate everyone from everyone else. This "divide and concur" mentality is not a game to them, and they will not stop. The only way to overcome this related but disconnected network of diabolical and systematic de-evolution of natural co-habitation between the sexes is to understand why they do it. They know what is important in this world. The number one priority of any life form is survival. Survival of species can only continue if the two sexes unite in a safe, natural, unhindered way. This minority of nut jobs create the appearance of a majority, but they are far and few between. Once you understand that the reality they are trying to get you to believe in, is paper thin and built into a house of cards, the simpler it will be for you blow it down so that you can traverse the dating scene. Just do not give up! Do not allow yourself to become confused by these sadistic genocidal, cowardly $#*!s. Love is still here and it can be found if you don't given up. On behalf of caring, real men every where, we are sorry we can't find you and we love you.

Try the following:
1. Put up a similar profile as shown below, allowing for your tastes.
2. Ignore hate mail and block the sender.
3. Do not try to get back at someone who has tricked you. It was not your fault. Forgive them, but block them.
4. Let them come to you. This way you are in total control.
5. Ignore profile and get to know them as they are on the inside. Names, pictures, gender, age, likes and dislikes are all smoke-screens that can blind potential suckers into being conned out of their naturally occurring self-esteem.
6. Get a proxy server to avoid the permanent ban, oh, And you will get banned!
7. Never give up until you find some one who loves you!

I had gotten so frustrated with POF, that I resorted to writing the profile seen below. I had not allowed the fake profiles and lying, mixed-up women to deter me from finding someone. I kept at it for over a year, until I finally met someone. I am currently still with this person and we have our ups and downs, but it is a walk in the park compared to Dating on POF. This and other dating sites are tuned to a system that rewards brown-nosing management and favored members. I got warned by Markus that I should follow the rules when I gave a woman $#*! for the way she treated me. I found it incredibly difficult to stand up for myself against polite psychophantic woman. I wrote him back to explain myself and complain about his involvement and the woman's behavior. I never got a response. I have also been banned several times for no good reason.
In the beginning my profile was simple and trusting. I found it did not help me narrow down what I was looking for. Over time, I had many accounts and many profiles. There were times I was so incredibly hurt by the treatment I received by women, I just wanted to die. I knew that most women on POF were selfish, evil and hated men. I refused to believe that everyone was like that. As time progressed the profiles evolved by trial and error, from simple kindhearted, optimistic summaries to no pulled punches, take no prisoners diatribes. I finally settled on the profile shown below.
Some of my early profiles were mean-hearted, coming from a place of pure hurt and frustration, but after a day or so I tamed them up a bit so I didn't come off as a mean person, like the kind I had been trying to avoid. Yet I could not fall back to being the trusting person I had started out as. (Even though trust and kindness are good things.) I had to take the middle road and go for broke, all the while avoiding Markus's $#*!ed algorithm. I also had to word the profile in such a way that those that complained ended up looking like the complete losers they really were. After all, I was only protecting myself as I looked for love. Like a lot of us, I was innocent and deserved to find someone.
Many women would say in their profiles that they wanted something in a guy, but when approached, they did not want what they said they wanted. I think my profile says it all. It was meant to explain what I wanted and give the rest of the psycho $#*!es a good solid kick in their pathetic asses. These types deserve to be booted from the system and banned forever. But as so many realize, the good folks get booted while the bad folks are allowed stay. You can not speak the truth on POF or you will get rejected, unless you are skillful. I do not claim to have the silver bullet here. A more refined version of the profile below and a better understanding of what the dating sites do to block sincere daters might be necessary to overcome an evolving system. At the very least you should get a laugh out if it.

Here is the profile:

Tired of meeting people and it going nowhere really, really fast?

I'm looking for the impossible, but hope there's one healthy, compatible girl out there for me. I have not found her yet, but I keep trying, because I refuse to accept that there are no sane ones left. I know what I am looking for and WILL NOT settle; that's what I would have to do to date most! I would rather be alone than lonely with someone who is unaccountable or irresponsible!
With a sense of optimistic discouragement and for what its worth, here's the profile:

I'm looking for a kind woman to share life's ups and downs; Someone not afraid to talk about things that actually matter in life and are important to the relationship... on an ongoing basis. The relationship begins with the first 'Hello'. Be real and be honest right off the bat! Life is hard & short enough as it is, without filtering through all the false folks to find a mate or living with the wrong one.
I need you to be kind, gentle and smart, not just think you are, or pretend to be. You must be able to think properly. Ie. Not blame others or project things that are your responsibility. The one for me will already know that being "cool" is unimportant & immature, and loves herself for who she is. She must be intelligent and creative; perhaps collaborate in projects together. I am not afraid to learn from you and grow.
If you have power & control issues or are out to hurt or snub men, move right along and try it on someone else! Don't waste your time? Stay away! I mean it! Only a psychotic "loser" with nothing better to do, would deliberately do harm! If you were psycho, how would you know? If you were a liar, how could you be honest?
If you're looking for the perfect man; the knight in shining armor or Prince Charming, he does not exist and your living in a fantasy world! SNAP OUT OF IT! All you'll get is 99% of the men who lie to you and then you wonder what happened! Tzzzzzzztt!

If you want $$$$, too bad, I don't have any! If all you love is money, then that's all you'll get... if any.
If all you want is sex, I'm not interested!
If you say you want an honest and open man but become frightened or disinterested if they actually are, I will not think I have done anything wrong, I will think you need to examine yourself, overcome your fears and/or stop playing games.
If your going out with someone else, are married or want to keep your options open, leave me alone; No, Really, GET LOST!
If you feel the need to lie to me to keep me near or far... I will reject you! If you do not do what you say you are gong to do, I will reject you faster! I do not play games.
If you find it difficult for men to measure up, you will not like me... one... little... bit; I will deliberately sabotage the so called relationship for that reason!
If family and friends are going to be more important than our relationship, I will not like 'you'... one... little... bit! If you already have children and family, I want to be included and not left an outsider.
I'm most likely wasting my time!
If you are going to play games to seem cool, want to feel chased, feel extra mature, seem better than me, or hold out for something better, or whatever, then I will most definitely not be interested; Pretty much everyone, stay away!
If you are unable to answer me back without expecting me to do all the work; writing only one or two sentences in reply to my full page letters, if I happen to write them, I will not think your being protective, I will think you are lazy, uninterested, paranoid, looking for easy street or playing immature, unproductive games over energy. In any case, I will lose interest in you. Just be honest and open... if you can.
If you have Baggage/issues... join the club. Anyone, who says or implies they don't have any, is obviously on permanent vacation; lying or in denial. Our experiences have led us to this point and are an integral part of our personalities. To deny them to impress others is not really that impressive! It's called denial. Our memories and emotions are colored by the experiences that came before and after. So, if you have Issues... I got Tissues.
If you tell me you have dealt with your problems, I will know you most definitely have not. If we are honest with ourselves we will know that some issues do not go away; can not go away, we only evolve and grow around them, if at all!
If your not honestly facing and working though the problems, or have not yet found a better way of "coping", no matter how I feel about you, I will have to let you alone.
If you're involved in the occult or in some backwards thinking religious cult... Don't contact me!
If you're serious and want a real relationship, and do not have an arrogant Cinderella complex, think you are somehow better then everyone and do not act tough as nails, write me. You do not have to be perfect, but if you are wise and loving with balanced 'Trust'; If you're heart is not bitter and mean; if you are insightful, intelligent and empathetic; If you're not prone to suspicion, jealousy and lies. If you can still unconditionally Trust, Love and have good natured humor, and can see through the smoke, you are her!
If all you can see in this profile is negativity or meanness, you've missed the point. If you're a stuck up militant feminist who does not value equality or are a flake from the failed New Age Movement, I feel sorry for you, and absolutely do not want you! Most profiles I have looked are a joke and do not reflect the truth in any way! I am convinced the majority of profiles are just ridicules, delusional, myopic and self-centered parodies of the real thing! I roll my eyes at most!
It's hard to tell if every single last one of you are not judgmental, paranoid, manipulative, greedy, stuck up, selfish, disrespectful, cruel, abusive and psychotic! (Pick one.) Any men that would have that kind are as insane, if not more insane than their counterparts have been proven to be! Enjoy your dysfunctional employment, family, friends and failed relationships!
Otherwise, I am open to you. Where's the 1-% that are not PHONY?

DO NOT WRITE ME IF YOU HAVE NO INTENTION OF BEGINNING A HEALTHY RELATIONSHIP WITH ME, OR IF ALL YOU WANT TO DO IS ARGUE, SET ME STRAIGHT OR TRY TO GET ME BACK FOR WHAT EVER IT IS YOU THINK I DID! It will not work! Instead, doing so will make you seem childish, unintelligent & Psycho, resulting only in you getting BLOCKED! If the hat fits, wear it! If the hat does not fit, why put it on? Hmmm?
Enter through the Gate, Not over the fence!
I am looking for a real relationship, not more Ticky-Tacky. Perhaps you should then come back to POF when you're serious.

PS. God is male not female! It is a belief, based in fact. Do not argue with it!... and I like romantic walks on the beach, kisses in the moonlight, petting animals and smiling at small children...

First date:
Chat for a while and then meet wherever to see what we're like in person; Coffee, Frisbee? Argument? We could sit in a hot tub in the sun on a really hot day and eat 5 alarm Chili drinking hot coffee...? Many of you stand absolutely no chance whatsoever@ ever having a date with me at any point. A man without a woman is like sheep without a cell phone!... and we could have dinner or a movie or whatever.

I used to be pretty negative about POF, but Plenty of Fish made some improvements recently. No one can know that you visited their profile unless you message them, if you choose this free feature. And your profile doesnt show up in other users searches if you so choose. POF does let people youve contacted see when youre online (if theyre really looking for it), but so does every other site and POF is less blatant about it. I hope they keep these things because they are the reason it works for me.

There are good reasons why so many are using POF instead of some other free site like OkCupid. Its honest and open. For example, when you do a search you get all the profiles (those that want to be seen) that fit your search criteria, in order of their last login. With a lot of other sites, what you get is unclear and depends on some mysterious algorithm. Thats a barrier. POF really has no barriers to communication other than the ones the users choose. I believe thats how POF managed to get chicks to use the site: plenty of options, and open communication. And of course the men will go where the chicks are at.

The lack of a chat box is actually a blessing because you dont want to be trading endless messages online. If they are really interested and serious about meeting someone, theyll give up their contact info; and if they arent, lets not waste any more time on it. Chat-based services are like magnets for attention whores (Im looking at you, Badoo).

I take off one star because of the 14 year maximum age differential (if youre 45, for example, you cant message people 30 and under). I understand why they did it, because women get tons of messages and get overwhelmed and quickly leave. But it would have been better to highlight the message settings that already existed, which allow users to limit the age range of people who can message them (among other things).

Most negative reviews of POF really come down to people who are not having success for reasons related to themselves or their profiles. Online dating is bound to suck for most guys, unless you are in the top 5% of most desirable men. As for women complaining about poor quality men theyve found, well thats the price when a site gives you maximum choices, you then have to weed out the bad ones. But a lot of women think they shouldnt have to put any time or work into this.

Online sewer
I've never seen a site with so many fake scammer profiles on in my entire life. I looked at 4 pages and Plenty of Fish were all virtually fake profiles with fake photos. Even while I was browsing I kept getting told women (scammers) wanted to meet me and I got messages from them. I said hi out of curiosity and got a link to chat for free some webcam scam from abroad
It seems as fast as they're deleted more spring up, seems a scamming gang are doing it. Must be 50% scammers at least on here

The other 50% real women are not much better. The ones on here are a mixture of extremely choosy, rude, unpleasant, nasty, aggressive, deluded, game playing, unintelligent, overweight, demanding, controlling, suffering from princess syndrome. They demand in the headlines ' make me laugh' or 'Prove you're the one for me'. They have pics pouting, sticking their tongues out, kissing their dogs and what seems to be done childish filters. Or they have One photo and there's a group in them and you have to guess which she is

I'm looking for someone to make my life better not worse, they obv not heard of creating a good first impression as the vast majority of the profiles is them demanding what you can offer them. They are moaning in the profiles about what they don't want. They say they're sick of pervy men but can't see by having photos up in their bikinis or tops revealing most of their breasts they're asking for that kind of attention. I didn't see one profile in which a woman told me what she would bring to the relationship. It was all about her and what she wanted. All these when would give you is a headache. You see longest relationship less than a year and you can see why. I don't think many really want relationships they want attention or just playing games.

The words distinctly average women is a woeful understatement. Dreadful on the inside and outside

I would have loved to see a profile from a pleasant female telling me how she would make me laugh and how she is a good catch and would be great for me. Not a chance. All self indulgent moaning drivel was all I saw.

And don't get me started with the lists they have
One example was a 44 year old woman. She was Overweight said she was feisty bossy and opinionated. (What a bundle of joy) and then I Swear must have been 5 paragraphs on what she was looking for from a man. You couldn't make it up. I've never seen anything like it before in my life. Who is messaging these trollops? Don't dare have a 100 Point list of what you want when you're so unattractive unpleasant and overweight

I love the internet but 20 yrs ago before it came popular and internet dating wasn't a thing these women would not have a man look twice at them in their entire lives. Now online they think they're a catch and act like a diva. It's tragic really. They must get messages otherwise they wouldn't be so rude and abrupt in their profiles. You have butt ugly women putting 'If I don't reply don't keep messaging get the message I don't find you attractive' in their profiles. You couldn't make this up.

1 year and a half later: ENGAGED to be married on May...
1 year and a half later: ENGAGED to be married on May 31st, 2014.

I had been on the website a good solid year, maybe a couple months longer with no such luck. I probably deleted my account, and started it back up only to delete it again a dozen times... but because I had a friend who had found it to be effective (he had met his girlfriend who he was absolutely crazy about on there), and because the men I was meeting in day to day life were not "take home to meet the parents" worthy, I decided to give it one last shot. My profile was constantly littered with messages from people who were way too old, who were sending very odd and unacceptable messages, and also from people who were interested in things that I simply was not. Most of my messages consisted of the following:

"Hi. You're hott."
"I want you to have my babies."
"Hey Sexxxiii."
"I'm having a party tonight. You should bring a couple girlfriends."

Then I'd get the long and elaborate messages from the men who paid attention to every single detail in my profile... which I appreciated and was flattered by, but that's just not my cup of tea upon the first interaction. Kind of scared me a little actually!

I had probably gone out on about 15 dates total, some pretty awesome ones that resulted in great friendships... and some not-so-great ones. I got to a point where I was about to delete my profile for the last time, and then I received a message from a handsome looking man in the age range I was looking for.

I ended up meeting my fiance a day later for a date at the bowling alley. He was the first man from that site that I allowed to pick me up upon meeting from my home, and take me out on a proper date. When he got out of the car, I was SHOCKED. He was SO much better looking in person than what his photos made him out to be... seriously, the best surprise I had ever had while meeting someone online. Usually, Plenty of Fish end up looking worse.

We had the best time, and were inseparable ever since. I truly found my other half that I have been looking all these years for. He understands me, loves me, and is always pushing me to be my very best. He took me to meet his family on the east coast and we have been back 2 times since. On our last trip this past summer, he popped the question in front of his entire family. I have felt like a family since day 1... now even more-so since I will soon share their last name... and it's a wonderful thing. Couldn't be any happier.

I say to all the skeptics, what is there to lose? You really never know who you may "bump" into online... the love of your life could be a click or two *or several ;) * away. Good luck!

Extortion, Hacking, and Fishing
THE FOLKS AT *******044 HACKED me, tried to extort money and a credit card number from me and continued to access my computer without consent and went places in my computer without knowledge as Plenty of Fish would black out my screen till I shut off my computer. Then they continued to call my phone to yell at me that I was rude because I wouldn't let them continue their hack.



Cc: Depart of Consumer Affairs Consumer Fraud Division
Federal Bureau of Investigation
United States Department of Defense.

AWFUL and a waste of time!
If I could of given this site 0/5 I would have done as it's that bad.

I've used various online dating sites on an on/off basis since 2006 and have to say POF is by far the worse site I've ever seen. Maybe the fact that it's mainly free is the reason why it attracts so many of the most dishonest, arrogant and deeply disturbed women you could ever have the misfortune to meet. I can truthfully say that in ten+ years of using POF I've not once met a woman who has been 100% genuine and honest, or who has actually lived up to what they've stated about themselves and their intent within their profiles.

My personal experiences on POF goes like this:

I met and had 'relationships' with two women who turned out to be very disturbed sociopaths who made my life a living hell. Before I joined POF I didn't even knew what a sociopath was but now I'm somewhat of an expert in these vile creatures! Meeting one sociopath on POF could just be written off as an unlucky one off, however meeting two of them back to back suggests this site is infested with them; in fact I know for a fact that one of these evil creatures still regularly uses POF for it's inexhaustible supply of easy unsuspecting victims, as Plenty of Fish know only too well that lonely men looking for love are easily susceptible for exploitation and manipulation.

I briefly spoke to a woman who openly admitted she was on the rebound and using men for her own gratification and amusement. She had no zero interest in a relationship but thought it funny that she was leading men on, she didn't care about using people and she certainly didn't care about how much hurt and damage she caused.

I've spoken to several women who seem to be proud to be cheating on their partners.

I've spoken to several women who stated they weren't interested in hearing from men who were looking for casual sex but who were found out to be secretly on casual sex sites themselves.

Women have messaged and stated they were interested only for them to suddenly let the conversation stall and disappear because they were talking to multiple guys and just treat people as an option to be discarded when they want. Seems women love the masses of attention they receive.

I had a date with someone who spent the whole time talking about how her kids had been taken off her by the police and social services and admitted to obsessively stalking her ex!

I spent four months getting to know someone only for them to suddenly go quiet on me without a reason or explanation. So I moved on and weeks later re-joined POF only to have the same woman contact me saying she was still interested in dating and I should delete my POF account again, only to then go quiet on me for a second time. I found out she was talking to multiple other guys so I asked why she was messing me around and all I got was abuse... this is the quality of women you get on POF.

Women seem to have an air of entitlement on POF. They demand men write a decent message but then ignore them. So why should men put so much time and effort in to writing messages when women don't even have the respect to write a thanks but no thanks message in return.

The double standards on POF are incredible. For example, if a woman states she's a PC gamer girl she's cool, if a man states he plays PC games he is told to grow up. If a woman lives at home with parents it's cute and no big deal, if a man lives with parents still he's a pathetic mummy's boy and undateable. If a woman's alternative and in to a subculture like Goth or rock she's sexy and desirable, if a man's a Goth or in to rock music he's a scruffy weirdo.

Most women's profiles are blank or just very short or just say 'fill in later' or 'ask me' as they know being female they don't have to make any effort. These women are lazy, vain and just rely on their looks.

And I recently received a message from someone who instigated a conversation. I replied and she sent another message to carry on the chat but when I tried to reply I found out she had blocked me. No word, no explanation, no apology... nothing. A typical example of the arrogant, rude and entitled women that infest POF.

The only positive I can give this site is that it's free to search and send/read messages but even this is restricted as it just ignores what age range you're looking for and changes it to what the site thinks you should be limited to. I don't know any other site that limits who or what their customers can look for.

Men - if you use POF there's a good chance you'll meet a sociopath whose only intent is to destroy you, or you'll be made to put in a lot of effort and time to get absolutely nothing in return. Women on POF are lazy, arrogant, entitled, deluded and are only there to play silly games.

Women - If you just want a lot of attention and an ego stroke without having to do a single thing, or just want to destroy and use men then this is the place for you.

So unless you want to spend hours writing and sending messages that will just be ignored, or want to meet sociopaths, cheats, players, those with major issues, those who will be having sex with other guys behind your back, the dishonest and those just fishing for attention my advice would be to avoid POF like the plague!

The dregs nobody else wants
The standard of females on this site is horrendous. I was last on here in 2008 and to be fair it wasn't that bad. Met a few women. Now it's dreadful, seems the whole world is on here. I even saw some women from 2008 still on POF. How can you be on for 10 years and not find anyone?

2 groups on the site

1st group are the women that are very very average looking. Probably 3/10 at best. You would walk past them on the street without giving them a second glance
Plenty of Fish pull silly faces, show the tattoos they have and seem very proud of, are overweight yet only say a few extra pounds lol and just are low intelligence. The problem is they think they're a catch and have a terrible attitude
If not for online dating they'd have to marry a neighbour as no guys would want them. On POF they think they are angels and demand the top guys regardless of the fact they're all 3/10 looks wise.
You catch more flies with honey than vinegar but judging from the profiles they are too dumb to realise this. It's like a parallel universe where everything is backwards. Since when do unattractive overweight unintelligent women get to be picky? They think they're a catch but they ain't

Then you have the 2nd group of women
They're aged 33-40 ish and they used to be good looking but now after 15 years of partying and sleeping with everyone and only dating bad guys refusing good guys they now realise they've made a mistake and their looks are going. The problem is they still think they're a catch but they're not. When you see someone 39 and the longest relationship is less than a year then it's a red flag. There's younger prettier women around now and they've hit the wall but they still making demands like they're 23
They are past their best and spent the last decade riding the c"ck carousel and now they want to settle down with a guy they, ve spent 15 years ignoring. As if I'm going to want them. They too think they're a catch but they're not. It's not 2003

Also a ridiculous number of fake profiles they're so obvious to spot but I guess some gullible guys fall for it

The men seem to do all the chasing on the site, if you are on here which I don't recommend then don't message them. Let them do the chasing
I wouldn't even join up though after what I saw the last few days on there. Deluded unattractive over the hill women.

Okay I've been on many different dating sites and let...
Okay I've been on many different dating sites and let me first say that with most dating sites you are taking a huge risk anyway.

Not bragging or anything but to tell you where I am coming from as a female on here. I consider myself a fairly attractive young woman and I have a job, transportation, and live on my own. I really try not to act desperate when it comes to looking for a significant other to share my life with, but the way these men act on these sites, particularly this one, makes it very hard not to come off that way.

For example, a guy will message me and act as if he is interested in wanting to talk to me and then soon after will either all together stop messaging for no reason or explanation at all and then a week or even a month later just out of the blue say "hey" as if nothing happened. I mean I feel like if I keep messaging him to try to play games and get his attention I am the one who comes off desperate and wanting his attention. So when I ignore him then the harsh bullying harassing messages come to follow. Pretty jerk move right?
A lot of mind games and a lot of heartache. It's just that simple.

And as a few reviewers have stated on here there are a lot of creeps and perverts on this site. I am amazed by some because Plenty of Fish cloud themselves behind well groomed and smiley pictures when really those are the main ones sending pictures of their private parts and harassing the living $#*! out of you until you eventually block them. Then if you block enough of them, it seems as if you are the one that gets punished. Nice move POF. Stupid $#*!s.

A lot of these reviews on here seem geared towards women that are apparently found to be trashy, whoreish, and have daddy issues on POF, and I don't doubt that there are women out there like that on there. Do you think that a high volume of literate, well educated, goal oriented females are going to be "fishing" around for guys on a dating site? I highly doubt that and it's obvious. Most of the people on these sites ARE people that have extreme issues themselves. Most of this is Psychology 101. Humans are very predictable. You have the few far in between that are actually somewhat normal and honest. But guess what? Those are the ones with a sense of self worth and have some morals left.

And I am not talking about people with small issues either I am talking BIG issues. Being from a woman perspective a lot of guys on there are divorced 3 times over, or divorced have three or four kids from broken marriages. Or just kids by two three different women (that we know are probably hooking up with on the side when they're lonely). And I am not saying that single parents shouldn't have a chance, but lets face it, getting to know someone and start a relationship is hard enough when they don't have kids, try throwing some kids in the mix and 9/10 times a jealous ex wife, or baby momma in the background and it spells recipe for disaster. Then you have the really pompous prideful jackass that wants his ego stroked and told he has a nice bod or that you turn him on or whatever just so he can feel good about himself when he's around other people. Those are the worst. They are stuck up, rude, and egotistical son's of $#*!es. Then the other percentage seems to be older men that are literally very unattractive (not to sound rude but it's plain and simple), overweight, and have the absolute nerve to message women that they personally know deep down inside are out of their league. Then they try to guilt trip you by saying you are rude and $#*!y when you politely turn them down because you simply ARENT interested. But if you think of it those are most of those young men on there are going to look like later on in life. Dried up, used up, and unsuccessful at any meaningful and fulfilling relationship because they hooked up with half of women in the United States when they were younger. Then at that you have the other type on there the druggies and just downright losers. The ones you think to yourself "NO WONDER WHY YOU'RE SINGLE?!"

Anyway to end all of this review as painful as possible. This site is not great, but I think you have to weed through it a lot more because guess what ITS FREE! So you're going to get the bottomless pit a lot more than average than with sites like and Eharmony because those people are actually paying money to be users on there. But yes POF is very terrible to navigate as well. Very advertisement ridden. And just a tip for ladies out there, try to set your expectations high that is if you have high expectations high. I am not talking about Brad Pitt high but I am talking about if you want the gentleman type then keep that expectation there. I am talking paying for a date, offering to pick you up or meet up in a public place, messaging you with thoughtful well written responses not two words. Asking for your number after talking to you for more than just three responses later not just throwing out a number and saying "hit me up later baby". Just simple things to look out for. Watch out for the ones that try to put everything out there too and seem almost desperate. They put their life story out there and then they want you to be their girlfriend after a day. Stay far far away.

As far as experiences go I've only met two men off of there. After being on the site for more than two years. None of them worked out. And to be honest there needs to be higher moderation and screening on this site. So many crazy people on here. It's scary. But again take everything with a grain of salt when it comes to online dating.

POF is now HOTEL CALIFORNIA for internet dating: You...
POF is now HOTEL CALIFORNIA for internet dating: You can check in any time you like... but you can never leave. POF used to be mostly free. All that changed recently--if you want to deactivate your profile, you have to PAY now. This is one of the new features. So what that means is now POF will have numerous accounts/profiles that are from members who simply refuse to pay to have their profile deactivated---which creates its own self-perpetuating issue for the website just like has---thousands upon thousands of profiles that are "dead" profiles. At least OkCupid allows the users to see the last time a person was "on" the site and/or logged in. Such a feature allows users to see if the profile person is active online and looking or not---allowing one to gauge whether Plenty of Fish are real or fake and not a waste of their time.

I recently created a new profile on POF. My old account was inactive for almost two years because I never chatted with any man on there who wanted anything more than sex, even though I was blocking all "intimate encounters" profiles, which was an option back then. When I signed up this time, I was smart enough to use a new email address and I created the site from my office computer while on a work break---so when I registered the url and other information gathered by their site was new to them and unique---so I did not get deleted. But what I have found in my recent experience on there, is that many men in my age group----the OVER 40s group----have obviously figured out the new age rules that the site creater has imposed that you need to be within a certain amount of years of whomever you contact so many men have obviously created brand new profiles that have ages that are clearly ten and fifteen years younger than they actually are---in order to bypass the site rules. So now, when I do a search for a man who is 40-48, in actuality, most of the profiles that show up are men who are clearly in their upper 50's and 60's----there is NO denying this. It is disgusting. I am not saying no man lied about his age when I was active on there three years ago, but it was not as bad then as it is now. So by creating an age limit on there, many men who prefer to date younger women, have been forced to create new profiles and many of them are lying about their age in the new profiles.

I hate POF now. It is awful. I have tried most all the other sites, and I have found that OkCupid (ironically owned by the parent company) is currently the best free site that is free for MOST features and they do not prohibit you or charge you for deactivating your account or taking a break and hiding your account without totally deactivating it. Also, OkCupid allows one to date anyone you want, and they do not judge anyone for expressing themselves in any sexual way either as far as contacting others goes-----they figure that is what the "block" feature does and that the users are all adults and the members have the block feature to block unwanted messages that may be overtly sexual or disturbing. One can "report" someone if they get a message that is overly offensive, threatening or harassing---so the site masters have a way of policing if asked to do so. But unlike POF---they do not take it on themselves to become the dating Nazis of the internet.

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