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They know nothing about the services they sell. They work along side thief's.
I have bought two OLD SCHOOL RUNESCAPE accounts from player auctions.

First account cost $87USD the account was RECOVERED by the seller one week into me owning the account. Screen shots of the email change and password attempts were all sent to player actions. This account had the email changed, google authentication and password changed. The only way this account could of bean stolen is if the seller RECOVERED it which he did you had all the proof.
Order Number: 3763608 Sellers NAME (GAPIS)- DO NOT BUY FROM.

Second account i purchased through player auctions was worth $232USD this account was recovered by the seller 6 days after purchase.The seller stated there were no sequrity questions linked to the account, and the email i linked to the account started with a "P" i had every form of protection possible on the account, the account was recovered and i lost all access.
After my last scare i bought the insurance that playerauctions offer to give me peace of mind that a Thief wouldn't recover there account after selling it to someone.

I disputed the case to playerauctions PlayerAuctions declined it even with all the supporting evidence, and released the $232 to the seller. So the seller recieved my money and his account back.
Order Number: 3780162 Sellers Name ThompsonAccount DO NOT BUY FROM THIS SELLER OR WEBSITE.

100Million osrs gold Order number: 3771911

50Million osrs gold Order number: 3769660

20Million osrs gold Order number: 3745452

Over $600USD lost through this website, with nothing to show for it.

Overall i will never use this website to purchase anything, allot of my Friends and clan members have seen whats happened through this website and they all will be staying clear of player auctions.

This website is not worth your time or money.

They stole $600 from me they will steal of you.
Ive lost so much with nothing to show for it.
I wish i never came across

I have attached two photos from the last account that was recovered. Security questions i was not told about, and the recovery email that is not mine.

Fake reviews on here
Don't be fooled, all these comments spamming "great customer service" is complete fraud, I'll show you their customer service... year and half trying to refund/recover my league account with them after hundreds of dollars invested

Your Question: ticket ID #305

Please wait and one of our operators will be with you shortly.

You are now chatting with Hiro CS (Customer Support Officer) - Customer Support

03:09Hiro CS:
How may I help you today?

03:09Robert McKay:
Hi, I'm looking for a status on my ticket

03:09Robert McKay:

03:09Robert McKay:

03:10Hiro CS:
One moment please while I check the details for you.

03:10Robert McKay:
Thank you

03:11Hiro CS:
Give me 3-5 minutes to check this Robert

03:11Robert McKay:
Ok thanks

03:13Hiro CS:
Thank you for waiting.

03:13Hiro CS:
As per checking your ticket, you were asking which email is the one you registered in playerauctions

03:13Robert McKay:

03:13Robert McKay:
And I gave him a list

03:14Hiro CS:
To verify this is the one that worked st*****************

03:14Robert McKay:
Yes, that was my old one

03:14Hiro CS:
Username is stormrageg0ld

03:14Robert McKay:

03:14Robert McKay:
Sounds right

03:15Hiro CS:
This is the only account that worked with the lsit you gave us.

03:15Hiro CS:

03:15Robert McKay:
Ok, cool, so I should be able to recover it?

03:15Robert McKay:
Via your website then I assume?

03:15Robert McKay:
My only issue is

03:15Hiro CS:
Do you still have access to the hotmail account?

03:15Robert McKay:
I have no clue of any of the info, like the email I don't even have access to

03:15Robert McKay:

03:15Robert McKay:
That's my issue:(

03:16Hiro CS:
But you gave me that email Robert on the ticket. Can you type here that email address I gave above that is censored?

03:16Robert McKay:

03:16Robert McKay:

03:16Robert McKay:
But I can't actually log into it

03:17Robert McKay:
It's been years since I've had it

03:17Robert McKay:
It was my WoW gold selling account haha

03:17Robert McKay:
And I totally forgot all the info on it

03:17Robert McKay:
I can confirm anything else though if I can change it

03:19Hiro CS:
I suggest Robert to contact hotmail or microsoft for them to assist you on recovering your email address. Once you have recovered it with them you can do a forget password in our website

03:19Robert McKay:
Wow you wont believe this

03:19Robert McKay:
I remember the passport

03:19Hiro CS:
The temporary password then will be sent to your hot mail account

03:19Robert McKay:

03:19Robert McKay:
I'm in

03:19Robert McKay:
Actually, I got lucky with that one

03:19Hiro CS:

03:19Hiro CS:

03:19Hiro CS:
Try to change the email

03:19Hiro CS:
Do you mean in playerauctions?

03:19Robert McKay:
Ok, lol, yes

03:20Robert McKay:
Ok so yeah I'm in and I'll be updating all the contact info but he told me that he sent me a message

03:20Robert McKay:
But I have none

03:20Hiro CS:
I see.

03:20Hiro CS:
You can change your email there now in account settings

03:20Robert McKay:
I've been trying to reclaim my league account and or just get a refund because basically the original owner recovered the account

03:21Robert McKay:
And I was screwed

03:21Robert McKay:
But yes I can. I've been fighting this with you guys for like a year now

03:21Robert McKay:
No joke

03:21Robert McKay:

03:22Hiro CS:
I'm really sorry to hear that Robert, in regards to your game account in LoL did you receive any email?

03:22Hiro CS:
Or you havent since you lost access to that email address?

03:23Robert McKay:
Well I lost it, so he told me he sent me an email, I assume that's where he sent it

03:23Robert McKay:
But I do not have access to it

03:23Robert McKay:
So I can't read it

03:23Robert McKay::(

03:23Hiro CS:
Oh I see.

03:23Hiro CS:
Have you changed the email address already?

03:23Robert McKay:
Not from League, the account itself is gone...

03:24Robert McKay:
All the security info on it changed and there's definitely no way I can get it back, I struggled with Riot for months about it

03:24Robert McKay:
Yes I updated the email

03:24Robert McKay:

03:24Hiro CS:
I'm really sorry to hear that Robert, well I play LoL since 2011 and playing up to day and they're really strict when it comes to bought accounts.

03:25Robert McKay:
Right, well that's why I was kind of screwed out of my $75 or whatever I paid for it

03:25Robert McKay:
I was raging about it for awhile, I mean losing that account like destroyed half my life, the least I wanted was my money back

03:25Robert McKay:

03:26Robert McKay:
It's depressing

03:26Robert McKay:

03:27Robert McKay:
I mean, you guys can't offer at least that back? Odds are I'm just going buy more stuff from you guys...

03:28Robert McKay:
I just thought it would be moral for you guys to do that, because I think the whole situation was bs, I invested hundreds of dollars into that account for nothing

03:28Robert McKay:
I really wasn't asking for much in comparison to what I lost...

03:28Hiro CS:
And for refund, we really cannot provide one because we have your payment for that order sent already to the seller.

03:29Hiro CS:
What we can only do is when the account got recovered by a seller is to assist buyers to get it back from them.

03:29Robert McKay:
Well the problem is, obviously the original owner is going to give it back, he was clearly committing fraud in effort to screw people and steal money

03:30Robert McKay:
Which otherwise wouldn't have existed if you didn't allow him to sell fraudulent property

03:30Robert McKay:
That's where I'm going it with it...

03:30Hiro CS:
Upon checking as well Robert the seller has been already suspended

03:30Hiro CS:
To prevent him from commiting fraud with

03:31Hiro CS:
Other members

03:31Robert McKay:
Well that's great but my account is still gone, that's what I'm saying, haha, not only that, the hundreds of hours invested are also gone with it, so I think it's a little crazy why I can't at least be refunded for something I never actually was sold...

03:32Robert McKay:
See what I mean? It's fraud... I know you guys aren't involved but you actually are, considering you get a cut from it all.

03:32Hiro CS:
I understand Robert, but if you have reported this before while the money is still with us we could have released you a refund if it was reported on time

03:33Robert McKay:
Well obviously I couldn't have reported this because he recovered his account after the fact

03:33Robert McKay:
I mean, it's not hard, he knew exactly what he was doing.

03:33Robert McKay:
Abusing your system to steal money and commit fraud...

03:33Robert McKay:
And you're telling me I have to pay for that?

03:33Robert McKay:
I beg to differ, truly.

03:34Robert McKay:
Tell your supervisor that I have bills too, I didn't expect to go on this site and enter my credit card to lose money.

03:35Robert McKay:
That's not right at all...

03:35Robert McKay:
$65 a month in my internet bill, I can't even go cheaper in the area I'm at, ask him how much he pays

03:35Robert McKay:
Maybe he wants the burden

03:36Robert McKay:
I surely don't, haha

03:36Hiro CS:
I suggest Robert to email them at ******* What we can only do here is to get a hold of him, contact him and to attempt to recover the account from him.

03:36Robert McKay:
And you really think he's going to just give it back?

03:36Hiro CS:
Our last resort would be to contact Riot that this member once sold this account to you but it would be best that if you're the one to contact them as they'll track your IP and it will be linked on that game account

03:37Robert McKay:
I mean, that's your plan? That's what you tell people? I disputed this with Riot for 9 months on end, and with this company for over a year now.

03:37Robert McKay:
Quite frustrating to be told you can skim me my $70

03:38Robert McKay:
If you want my left hand, I'll give you that too

03:38Robert McKay:
I need my right thought

03:39Robert McKay:

03:39Hiro CS:
Well, first of all is that you claimed that your account got reclaimed without giving us an accurate username or your playerauctions email that caused the delay of your dispute and you might want to read this to learn more why we cant help further And we're not the one who "skimmed" your money it was the seller. WE give all buyers 72 hours to gather all account info the game account PlayerAuctions buy. You should know all the info you need when buying. Not just spending right away without knowing the risk LMFAO

03:39Hiro CS:
As mentioned in our Secure Buyer Delivery Agreement under the Limitation clause, PlayerAuctions shall not be liable for any damages whatsoever resulting from actions of a game publisher. You can view this information at the link below:

03:39Hiro CS:
Good bye and have a nice day.

Hiro CS has left the conversation.
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For the love of god, only use a payment method (ex. Paypal) that has BUYER PROTECTION. The website claims to have 100% money back guarantees etc but it is an insanely stressful process to go through if you want any type of refund.

Awhile back I bought a Pokemon Go account which didn't work and was deleted by the game staff when I tried to use it. The seller wanted to give me another account to use but I didn't want to risk wasting my time if the account was just going to get deleted again, so I decided to ask for a refund which the seller refused. This ended up being a month long back and forth process since the dispute process with "PlayerAuctions Final Resolution Committee" is about as useful as a broken condom! No buyer protection! I had to open a separate dispute with Paypal, and it wasn't until I escalated my claim on Paypal did Playerauctions finally refund my money. So long story short, if you're going to buy ANYTHING on this site, I would highly recommend to use PAYPAL ONLY.

During the dispute process I felt like I had very little support and communication and it seemed like I was left with a "take it or leave it" response from Playerauctions when I indicated I did not want a replacement. Since I hadn't received a refund until AFTER I escalated my dispute, yeah I think Paypal did have some influence here, and in my honest opinion, if I didn't escalate the dispute I would have never received my refund from Playerauctions.

Best regards.

Fraud. ColludeS with seller to defraud buyers. Avoid!

Bought fifa 21 account, seller put origin account under my email. It was working for 5 days until payment is released, then the login no longer works LOL. And guess what, the origin account is no longer on my email! I cant request password change and login just stopped working. I went through the dispute system, provided screenshot of login not working. All seller said was I verbally abused him, and Im lying for whatever reason PlayerAuctions think im lying for. The guy in charge of the dispute ruled in favor of seller, with no explanation.

Seller on the day of the purchase:"Ok i provided the account details. Also I don't know for sure if that's the correct password, but you can change it because the account is now on your email."

5days later I request pw reset, no reset came to my email address. LOL

This is seller defense, without any proof

"he literaly provided a screenshot with log in not working with the same password that i told him :)) ) It's obvious that he changed the password and did this just to try to get his money back. I mean who doesn't change the password of an account they bought from someone else :)) . He provided no proof. And i have no time to answer him."

I had to buy insurance for this purchase because the seller has review calling scam. Check the review screenshot. That neymar 1.3M account is same one I bought LOL, they defrauded 2 people within 2 weeks with one account.

Even though I bought insurance against fraud, they still wouldn't refund me. You tell me what kind of company is PA.

The PlayerAuctions Final Resolution Committee has completed its impartial review of the reported dispute and found in favor of sellers demands.

Refund to the Buyer:$0.00

Disbursement to the Seller:$100.00

Guess someone working at PA doesn't know how origin works. Or complete scum like I said in the title.

I bought 2 accounts within 2 weeks with PA, both got reclaimed. They will say sorry this was mistake blablala, in fact this is their business model hoping you are too lazy to deal with it, I guess most people are too lazy. Buy game from DEV DIRECTLY!

PlayerAuction's business process is legitimately flawed and at a first glance it may seem like it is reliable but please do not believe that for one second. Let me explain, from a seller's perspective.

As a former seller before my account got suspended, I was at 100% seller feedback with over 20+ transactions as verified buyer/seller. One day, while I was trying to post an offer for sale, I noticed that I couldn't. I contacted their customer support and PlayerAuctions had said that a game account that I sold had been reclaimed. And please believe me when I say that I am 100% sure the account did not get reclaimed back by me or anyone else I am completely honest. Anyways, I provided them with the necessary information and proof that I did not reclaim the account and I got my account re-activated. Here's where the totally fishy and unethical part comes in. Right after I sold a product to a customer on there for over $150 USD, my account got instantaneously suspended. What's better? PlayerAuctions holds the money that you make as a seller for 3-5+ days. So now that my account is suspended, I will not get that disbursement until my account is re-activated. Guess what? It's been weeks now and I have not heard back from them after contacting them about the case. They literally stole $150 from me. I am 99% certain that this way a way to get back their lost from an account reclamation that had buyer's insurance on it. However, they have no protection for fraudulent activities on the behalf of the buyer. Someone could buy something from you and report and say that it got reclaimed and PlayerAuctions will get back to you and PUNISH YOU the SELLER for it with no proof that you claimed anything back. Also as a buyer, I would recommend you not get any insurance for anything that you buy on there because trust me by the way they have shown themselves to me, you are not getting any reimbursement.

As a honest review and opinion, do not buy anything big on there or sell anything on there. This is a highly unethical company with good words but broken promises.

OS Runescape Account Scam & Insurance Scam. DO NOT BUY!
At first, I thought this site was totally legit and I was excited to re-enter the OS Runescape journey with a bit of a head-start. As you are scrolling through the supply of accounts, there is a lot of variation in kinds of sellers and accounts which makes you think some are legit and some are obvious scammers. I bought 1 account at first without instant account information, had to wait too long for the login and I disputed the sale, no problem there. The 2nd account was a more experienced main, with loads of event items and the seller was a friendly guy. Played the account for +- 2 months, when I received the "we suspect your account was stolen" message on the login screen. I looked in my mailbox and there were many requests to recover the password, something was wrong. I went back on PA and tried to contact the seller, who disbanded his PA account. "LUCKILY" I purchased the 7.99 insurance plan to reclaim the amount you paid if you get scammed, right?!. This is where the real pain began. As all of the prior events happened, I was keen on making screenshots of everything to prove the account had been reclaimed and therefore sufficient reason for a refund according to their own guidelines. I've read the FAQ multiple times to make sure I provide sufficient evidence to win the dispute, after all, it is quite impossible to lose a dispute against a disbanded PA account, RIGHT?! Boy was I wrong... Normally a dispute is settled within 24 hours and the appeal is granted if no counter evidence is given so I was quite confident I'd get my 140 back. After 24 hours, the disputed was settled, yay!. In favour of the seller. Not a single reason was given for ruling in favour of the seller, and there is no way of appealing such a decision, made by the system. Don't pay for the insurance plan, you are paying for clicking ONE button, not getting a refund either way, getting no explanation, feedback or further steps to provide the right evidence. This is exactly what I told Catherine of PA's support, which kept directing me to the site to settle the dispute with the seller, after I told her at least 5 times his account was disbanded and unreachable. I sent all possible screenshots I was capable of taking and giving an explanation. I have sent at least 6 or 7 emails to try and get my refund, I even asked to get in touch with someone else because she obviously didn't grasp what was going on or she didn't want to understand it. I started mailing the support desk in June and the issue is still not resolved, the support kept telling me to follow the proper procedure which is settling the dispute with the seller, which is NOT on PlayerAuctions anymore! I wish there was someone else who could help me, this is such bullocks.

I wrote this review on other sites aswell, i want as many people as possible see my experience with this crap...

Short version: i got scammed 2 times by playerauctions. 1
One time 29$ when i sold my cod account and one time for 7,99$ buying a cs: go account.
I have full proof for both cases (pictures from my bank from where ive pay them the 7,99$ for the cs: go account. And other proofs from the past.
If trustpilot needs them for proof, message me please.

Long version:
I sold and bought stuff since 2017 from playerauctions and i had multible trades from the past (2017, 2018). I heard mid 2019 from 2 freinds that PlayerAuctions got scammed, i tought they did something from or so and didnt pay attention.
Feb 2020 i sold my cod account and playerauctions asked me to give the account information to the buyer, it said buyer paid on playerauctions.
I did and waited for my money, and yes the money NEVER arriwed on my PP. I messaged them many times but support never answered. The order status on the site said delivery full completed and it was completed for the buyer and playerauctions but not me, because i never got my Money!
I messaged them for over 3 weeks and never got an answer, i made the decision to never use their site again.
I had heavy private stuff (health, family) and i took a break from this all, including my pc. Now after over 9 months i began to play cs: go with my friends.
One friend wanted to play, so i decided to buy him one cs: go account and i knew they scammed me, when i was selling my cod account, but i tought if i buy one, there cant me something wrong.
I payed for the cs: go account. The Order status said paymed failed, i check online banking it said Cash is gone to them. I did email the support and i was surprised when they did answer my email after 3-4 days.
They told me to wait, thats all. It has been over 2 weeks now and now guess what, they ignore my email. They took the money from my bank over 3 weeks ago and it still says paymed failed, scam for me.

If you read some of the other negative reviews, you can see similar reviews from other scammed customers.

PL refused to honor insurance after account was recalled.
This is the 2nd review I am writing about these guys. I bought an account from them last year in november and have the account for 9 months and it was recalled by the original owner. I had bought insurance from them and PlayerAuctions requested I send email proof that the account was recalled. I sent ALL the emails I got saying that the account had been updated. I then called to see what was happening and the game publisher said the email was changed which was more proof that it was recalled. During my email conversation with one of their marketplace reps named Shawn he told me there was not enough evidence that the account was recalled and refused to honor the insurance. AVOID AVOID AVOID AVOID these guys like the plague. I was a loyal customer who had purchased numerous accounts form this site and this is such a shame.

Adding more to this review.

This company protects its scammers which brings me to believe they split the profit they make off of selling and recalling accounts. Also they scam you even more by selling you insurance they don't honor. I lost my account after 9 months... I still have 3 months left on the insurance and they refuse to honor it... please DO NOT BUY ACCOUNTS FROM THIS SITE!

10/14/2015 review update. I provided a 45 minute phone call and an email from a supervisor over at the game account department to player auctions saying the account was recalled by the original owner. PL dismissed the evidence and still refused to refund me on my insurance. These guys are crooks do not support this company full of thieves and liars.


The site is a total scam
I lost my 15 year old runescape character in a transaction just yesterday. It was for 1100 dollars paypal. These guys are in on it. I really needed the money yesterday, why I auctioned it off (it's my personal account). Anyways here's the scam:

You put your account up. Some guy with an american name buys it- he's in cahoots. He'll have a good rating like he's bought things before. The transaction will go great until you have to complete it. Now he's supposedly paid playerauctions for your account. It will ask you to change the email address of the account over to the buyers. It will take them 1 hour to verify the account while you do this (part of the scam).

In that hour- the guy now has his email address linked to the account your selling and changes the password through the games support to recover accounts. At the same time he's doing this, he'll cancel the buy and gets his money back the next day. The cs at playerauctions tell you through live chat- we never gave him the password. Too bad we refunded. Your accounts gone, the moneys gone.

That's the basic scam.

That simple. The stories go on and on if you read complaints similar on various sites. I can't believe I was duped. PlayerAuctions steal accounts while fronting like they protect accounts from being stolen. I'd just like to file this complaint and maybe if there's enough complaints they may have to change ways or shut down. As it is now, you lose anything you sell on there. It's a ring of scammers.

Ah found were to report this site.

Horrible Customer service and scam payment verification system
I see I'm beating a dead horse with the many aware reviews here, but here's my story.

I had purchased an order twice using Canadian currency on a credit card and it didn't work. I sent my ticket to them 12 days ago and PlayerAuctions said after 3 days to wait up to a week for refunds. Horrible response and they stopped responding to me after I questioned why I had to wait so long, but after more than a week I can solidly confirm that this website is an utter scam site that doesn't try to even solve its customer's problems if there are any.

There are many positive reviews, but they must be from people who never experienced any payment problems. Be careful when you use this site; if you have a problem, don't expect their customer service to give a damn. I have an utter loathing for this atrocious company and how they continue to operate, but considering they operate mainly in Asia, I can see why they get away with so much with so many scammers in China and Korea (source: I'm Chinese).

I went on Ebay for the same order and got within a day with no problem; furthermore, unlike playerauctions, ebay has an anti-scammer system as well as a money-back guarantee policy for up to a month. I got my order instantly and with no problems, meanwhile I'm still waiting after 11 days for my refunds before I force the bank to give me refunds. If you understand the risks of gambling, then don't risk your money on this site. Go to Ebay. They have a much friendlier and stable system.

HORRIBLE customer service
I wanted to purchase gold for a friend but I guess that wont be happening. After getting everything set all I had to do was verify m phone number. I USED 4 numbers until I found one that worked because apparently Verizon numbers can't work?! I know stupid right. The customer service representative just told me "try new number, try new number blah blah blah." After all the numbers I tried to get a verification pin I exceed the maximum amount of time I could enter a number and so the site wouldn't let me enter anymore numbers and to talk to customer service. THIS IS WHERE PlayerAuctions LACK GREATLY! I talked to the first representative who basically told me to wait 24 hours to try and enter my number in again. I waited 3 days to make sure, then it still wouldn't work, so I contacted another representative who said the exact same thing, "Please wait 24 hours to try again." and that person rudely hung up on me. Third rep up and I was getting pretty mad, she told me too email the 'trust' operators and so I did I sent them 5 emails 1 every 2 days and still no response after 2 weeks... I call the representative again and he said that they usually respond in 1-2 days. I AM CALLING your BS COREY! <----- The stupid A** representative who directed me to all his other stupid idiotic colleagues. He then basically said he would move me too the top of the list and have them help me out. Guess what 1 week later still no response from their nonexistent 'trust' email account. I bet they only tell people to email them so they don't have to deal with their customer complaints. I've never had customer service this horrible ever in my life. PlayerAuction is only good if you don't have to deal with their customer service. I'd say it's 50/50 either you have a great experience or you find out what idiots really run that place. If I could I would give the site/company no stars.

I'm posting this review as I want to warn the community to stay far away from this platform. On October 11th, 2019, I purchased a Paladins account for the total amount of $111.16. The original delivery of the account went fine, other than a few hiccups. Shortly after gaining complete access to the account, the Seller and I realized that there was difficult with changing the email address and setting up 2factor. This issue persisted through the entire ownership of the account - which later resulted in the account being completely recovered by the seller.

I opened a dispute on October 22nd, and provided CLEAR evidence to PlayerAuctions that the seller took the account back, in which, the seller ALSO ADMITTED, that HE HAD ACCESS TO THE ACCOUNT. For whatever reason, although the seller admitted this and PlayerAuctions could clearly see this themselves, PlayerAuctions CLOSED the dispute in the seller's favor.

After continuing to provide evidence and including a video that PROVED that the account was underneath an email specified by the seller and no longer under mine, their support team has continued to state they cannot determine this is the seller's fault. This is clear prejudice towards a buyer, and their clear attempt to keep the $30 in fees they've made. I even paid an extra $6 for insurance that is supposed to help me in circumstances like this, but clearly, it's just another way for this company to steal money from it's community.

I will be providing screenshots in this review of evidence that this has indeed been a complete scam from day 1, and will even include screenshots from their terrible "dispute specialists".

Stay away from this website, this is the worst experience I've ever had buying anything online, and will not recommend their services ever. Keep your money, and don't fall for their lies. They've recently had the audacity to ask me to reach out to the developer to tell me that the seller recovered the account, when you will see in the screenshots below, that he has ADMITTED that he has.


Do it at your own risk - would not recommend
I would highly discourage buying anything from this website because although it may look safe with insurance, the customer support service really does not serve much justice. I would suspect that there are many shady sellers as I was not the only one that have faced this issue. My current Warframe account is suspended due to a negative platinum (premium game currency) balance because one of the sellers was fraudulent (the seller either used wrong card information sourced the platinum illegally). If anything happens with the product or transaction of an item, PlayerAuctions will most likely direct you to terms and services (which most people do not read before they go in), but here is my emphasis:

"6.3 - PlayerAuctions does not represent the Seller or the Buyer in specific transactions, nor does PlayerAuctions act as an agent for either Seller or Buyer. PlayerAuctions does not control and is not liable to or responsible for the quality, safety, lawfulness, or availability of the products or services offered for sale on the Site, the ability of Sellers to complete a sale, or the ability of Buyers to complete a purchase. Users are hereby made aware that there may be risks of dealing with other Users acting under false pretenses. PlayerAuctions uses several techniques to verify the accuracy of the information our Users provide to us when they register on the Site. However, because User verification on the Internet is complex and problematic, PlayerAuctions cannot and does not confirm each User's purported identity. We encourage you to use the various tools available on the Site, as well as common sense, to evaluate with whom you are dealing.
6.4 - Assumption of Risks. Each User acknowledges that it is fully assuming all Transaction Risks when using the Site to conduct transactions, and that it is fully assuming the risks of liability or harm of any kind in connection with using the Site. Each User agrees that PlayerAuctions shall not be liable or responsible for any damages, liabilities, costs, harms, inconveniences, business disruptions, or expenditures of any kind that may arise as a result of or in connection with any Transaction Risks."

Basically the two clauses are saying that "just do it on your own and if you get screwed, it's your fault." Playerauction is merely a platform for people to exchange, and does not insure anything. With these two clauses in the terms of services, it really does not justify buying anything from this platform.

I gave them substantial information and evidence to support my claim, but the customer support service gave me jack.

Very horrible DO NOT SELL ON HERE
I have bought gold off of this site which went smooth. So i decided to sell my accounts on this website. I first sold an archeage account which went for 500$ I waited the estimated delivery and did not receive anything after a week so I contacted customer support PlayerAuctions told me there was an investigation on my order. (mind you the buyer has already changed all information and I no longer have or can get access to it.) So Playerauctions does not give me my money. Their "compliance" team emails me with questions asking things like "Do you feel you delivered the game account in full?" or "How much percent do you feel you should be paid for this" Which pissed me off. I deserve the full 100% i sold it for this is Bullsh**. So after another week of fighting the compliance team tells me there was a violation on my account and that it is taken care of and my disbursement is released. So thinking that this incident will not happen again. I proceed to sell my BDO account for 1000$ which sells fast. I deliver the information. I check with the buyer to make sure everything is fine and I promise the 7 days of protection. So 7 days comes up (4 days ago) and I do not receive my money STILL! So I am wondering wtf is going on. I go to use live chat and its unavailable. It has been unavailable for days now. SO I email customer support as to why I do not have my god dam money and this buyer is running around on my account and I have nothing. They reply to my email saying theres a violation on my account ( SAME EXACT ONE THEY TALKED ABOUT ON FIRST ACCOUNT) and I lose my sh**. Playerauctions promises to reply within 1-2 business days. Itys the second business day. I sent screenshots of how I already dealt with the previous violation and am still awaiting an answer. NEVER sell on this site. They are trying to scam you. They will only pay you the disbursement if you keep nagging them about it. They have no intentions of just sending you the money on their own terms. You need to fight for the money everytime you sell an account. I have bills to pay and rent. This is the only reason im selling my accounts, and these people are holding my money and not giving it to me. BEWARE! DO NOT USE! I am literally about to cry that I no longer have my account and no money.

Its a business..
Well from my title you can pretty much kind of tell my review. I have been a customer on player auctions for a very long time and its all bad. I have recently lost every account I have ever bought on this site. How? Well lets explain my review of a one star and "business" I have recently discovered what is going on here. Now people sell accounts on the site and you have the option too put a one year coverage on it right? Well after that year coverage is done do you think a company is gonna just give out its assets (accounts) or are PlayerAuctions or the sellers gonna get they're accounts back by several ways such as they're first transaction id number or they just kept secret information. I have seen a few accounts selling the same exact account. Ex. A account has been sold a year ago similar in name and stats by the same seller it is now available for sale almost a year later (probably after the year purchase protection has ended) another Ex. A seller sells his pretty good account for $150 easy. Waits the month period or so and just gets the account back by having the proper information and IP Address that the account was made and what date it was made. Do you think they would get that account back? That's an easy $150 they can get over and over again. Now. Customer service is a joke on refunds. I literally had too talk too several people over the course of 2-3 weeks each of them saying "Oh it will be in your account tomorrow" or just simply not getting a reply until 2-4 days after my messages or the live customer support is just a joke. They take too long and redirect you too people who just simply don't care. They just don't and its an *******@Playerauctions I would be ashamed... If I could give less than a star I would.

Its 50/50. (CS: GO skins) if you have issues with not trade contact support via Facebook!
The site sometimes works really well and others it just doesnt want to function on. Purchasing cs: go skins are relatively easy. You select the skin that you wantYou pay for it, once youre youre a verified user a verified Is there a via their compliance department Sometimes you can get your purchase within a couple minutes, but sometimes you can get your purchases after 4 business days, or have them just refund you without notification until the day of, from the actual support staff that that was gonna happen.

From my experience when purchasing just go skins every transaction or order is manually verified. If you dont get any notification of your purchase make sure to email them because PlayerAuctions likely forgot. This is happened to me on multiple occasions where I would have to email them and shortly after the order was processed my experience when purchasing just go skins every transaction or order is manually verified. If you dont get any notification of your purchase make sure to email them because they likely forgot. This is happened to me on multiple occasions where I would have to email them to process it. Ive waited more than half a day for them to process it, I emailed them. Only for the item to not be sent lol. Still waiting on that order.

Its extremely hard to expect any sort of fast resolution when their Systems dont work or steam had a hand in it. Even after you follow their copy and paste general Q&A for resolutions, they manually send the trade which realistically doesnt take more than 30 seconds. However for any kind of response, it takes up to 2-3 business days for the IT department to manually send it...

Still waiting on about $80 in processed orders, they said steam url was bad, but I made some other purchases in between and got the other items just fine. Keep leaving me hanging.

They need to find a better method to contact the right people for quicker resolutions, which is whats holding their site from being good to great.

TL: DR when purchasing cs: go skins proceed with the expectation of having to wait up to a week for any kind of resolution, while other transactions will be completed within minutes without a hitch. And if you have issues contact support via fab because they get $#*! done in about a business day.

Old School Runescape Accounts - DO NOT TRUST
Majority of the accounts you see on this website are from 2 groups of people. From my personal experience the accounts I saw were from either: (1) account farmers who botted their accounts to max level (99str-attk-def-hp) w no other stats or (2) sellers who had regular accounts for sale (ex. Max Main full quested for $140) for some you might say this is 100% a scam, but for many reading the description of the account seeing that the sellers are quitting the game for personal reasons, or whatever it may be for, the account seems like a steal. Where these sellers get you is PlayerAuctions paint a picture making it seem like they have great feedback/reviews from buyers which make buyers more comfortable buying accounts from them.

You may be asking, well how do they scam you? Many sellers post threads about their accounts without mentioning security questions or the info to the original email address attached to the account. The MOST important part of buying an OSRS account is getting access to the ORIGINAL email attached to the account. With that 1 single piece of info a seller can easily recover the account. There is an option on the Runescape Website to recover stolen accounts, which ask users to answer questions such as: date created account, last password, where the account was created, SECURITY questions (favorite teacher, school you went to, maiden name of your mother).

I'm not saying every seller is a scammer, but many of them are. If you are buying an osrs account make sure you read this post. This website has to figure out a solution to this problem, it's so obvious what's going on.

This website used to be cool maybe 4-6 months ago. I just tried purchasing an account on 05/22/2020 and PlayerAuctions for some reason decided to ask for verification even though I had successfully purchased two accounts before and received my goods within 5 minutes of my order.

I cancelled the order I made on 05/22/2020 and the refund took almost 5 days. I message them and the customer support rep told me that it had "releasefailed". And that it was refunded again but manually instead on 05/26/2020. Finally received my refund.

I attempted to make another order today 05/27/2020 and give them another shot. Might have been a fluke.


They're again asking to verify me, and requested my Government ID, Picture of me holding my ID card, Picture of my debit card, and who knows what else. I don't feel good about giving information like this to a company that seems shady. Im sure you wouldn't either. Think identity theft.

I have since given them everything stated above. Currently waiting on a response again, 1 hour in. I'm pissed and Believe me, you'll be pissed too after making an order the first time and them taking over a day to verify your payment, and seeing that they already took your payment.

If you are thinking about making a purchase right now. DON'T DO IT.


2 Hours in since I made my purchase, and 1 hour 30 minutes since I started providing information.



Richard, did me right and fixed my issues. Had to come back over here and update this review simply because Richard helped me out and did me right. Thanks again Richard.

This is the first time I've provided information such as government ID, and picture of my debit card to any site.

If there is long wait times. It's because you're understaffed


Haven't been this pissed off in a long time, hardly ever write negative reviews. READ all the other reviews that look like mine. They're TRUE.

Richard, Contact me ASAP.

*Richard, I can not purchase anything else on because J**** responded this "We apologize but for security reasons, we can not provide any more details regarding the restricted countries. Again, we will not be reinstating your account and this decision is final and binding."

Can not provide any more details regarding restricted countries? I'm in the United States which is not restricted. See what I mean? She closed the case as "solved"

All I wanted is a speedy process, I'll even accept a speedy process if I make another purchase right now but I know it will take over an hour. Prove me wrong?

Worse fking customer service
When i was registering for an account, i accidentally put in a "fake name" that at the time thought it was my username. I went to buy some gold on the 13th at 1 PM. I checked my card, and PlayerAuctions took the money out of my account within 2 mins. Now i was still waiting by the time 9 PM rolled around. I went onto customer support and they said that my account needed to be verified. So i simply verified it and then they told me that i was using a "fake name". I told them that i must have though that it was going to be a username and they understood. They told me to send a ID and my proper real name to some email. They told me it would take 24 hrs. I patiently waited and kept checking on the order. I come back 36 hours later, after checking and double checking, I went back on live support and they apparently had sent an email to me. Well they didn''t. So i asked the GM to re send it, and you know what they said? "Please do not cover up your photo on your ID" Really? It took you 36 hours to say that? The GM told me to resend my id, so i did. And he told me i had to wait another 24-48 hours for THAT id to process. After that i proceeded to tell him that I was going to cancel my order. It's not like we were using snail mail or anything, we're in 2015 using the best technology to date and i have to wait this long for a photo ID to be approved. Wow. Talk about being lazy. SO i canceled my order, and now its going to take up to 1 business day for the funds to be back into my account. L. O. Fking. L

From bad to worse, it's been going downhill for a year, hitting rockbottom just now.
Hello everyone,

I have started selling on PlayerAuctions on December 2015, in the beginning of 2016 there were absolutely no problems, the marketplace were not saturdated with scammers, botted accounts etc.

A few months later problems started to occur, the market, now having boomed from MAX 800 offers to over 5000 offers has started to sell " Featured Seller Spots" which makes a seller promote their sales for $5/ day with 3 leading offers.

Booking a spot on that featured seller list is quite easy, but the person selling those spots is to be contacted on Skype. While I gotta say, featured seller spot is a good addition to the website, the person in charge of the Skype profile is the most unproffesional person I have encountered so far. From making silly remarks, to being sarcastic about your questions, to downright ignoring you, this is where PlayerAuctions fails.

The customer support is absolutely terrible, the people who are there to help you can't do anything about your problems. Your problems will get sent to someone else to "review the case" which is basically sending your problems into limbo, you will never get your case reviewed, and it will mostlikely be put in a dumpster.

A few months after this, let's say, mid 2016, PlayerAuctions introduced a "Paid Insurance" which makes buyers put an insurance on their accounts, which makes them get their money back after they feel like they have been scammed.
What this does is that it makes the buyer, that has bought a $5 account freeze your entire account ( keep in mind that you can still sell), and your pending payments.
Ofcourse, you want to get this lifted from your account, sending your case/ account into limbo, sometimes having to wait weeks or even months to get your " ban" lifted.

So, let's say an other seller bought a $5 account with insurance on PlayerAuctions, they can screw you over by marking the trade as fraudulent. Me, I am a seller with over 700 positive reviews, so I have had my share of problems and issues with the website and it's buyers.

On the buyers side, it's also not any better, people who have had their account stolen, their botted accounts ( these will ALWAYS get banned) banned, they will NEVER see their money back, unless they take matter into their own hands and open a claim with PayPal. As a seller, I can't help a customer who's had their account banned, because I am not allowed to refund, they have to contact customer live support, which has since a month BEEN DISABLED WITHOUT NOTICE.

This means the live support, which atleast made you feel like you matter just a little bit has been disabled. They have now only got the e-mail support which makes you wait days or sometimes week for a proper response.

This site has gone from bad to worse, and I hope this is rockbottom from them, and if they don't fix their issues soon they will lose traffic, of that I'm sure.

Anyone who is planning on buying/ selling here, please be careful, and know what is comming for you if things go wrong!



P.S.: They've also disabled thumbnails for your salesthread which completely takes away the personal touch to a sales thread, this is one of their worst implementations.

Stay away from this SCAM "marketplace"!
Stay away from this site at any cost if you are a seller!
When you sell your item on this site the money from the buyer goes to the site as middleman, and you will receive your disbursement after 2-5 days only if you have no pending disputes in your account, for example what happened in my case, i had over 10 successful orders and i was waiting for the disbursement day, meanwhile a buyer who had paid extra 100% of price as +1 year insurance for a lol pbe account and buyer came after 9 months back to me because riot disabled his account, so he asked for refund or replacement something that is crazy to ask comparing the price i sold it then and the price i sell it now, so well the buyer disputed after 9 months of purchase, and playerauctions are holding over 10 disbursements of my succesful orders which in total are over 100$ and the order that buyer disputed is only 6,5$, i waited 2 days expecting that playerauctions will reduce this amount from my pending disbursement but PlayerAuctions didn't so i sent them back the required amount on their paypal account support@ and i sent them the transaction id in support ticket expecting them to send me my disbursements, after 4 days they responded me with a message telling me that i have to pay the exact amount on paypal but on their other account fees@ in order to refund the buyer, while they have not refunded the first transaction on paypal which i sent them the required amount.

So in conclusion i have sold 14 accounts and they are holding my disbursements for all of them (over 100$) while i have already refunded the amount(6.5$) for the issued order.

Also it's crazy to see their supports response time taking over 3-4 days while their fees are totally scam as you can see

Currency and Items: 9.99% + $0.99
Accounts: 11.99% + $0.99
Power Leveling: 14.99% + $0.99
CD Keys: 4.99% + $0.99
CSGO Skins: 4.99%

Disbursement Fees
PayPal also adds a 2% fee on disbursements.
Skrill = 2% + $0.50 per disbursement.

Which results from 12$ sale you end up taking 8$ disbursement
Which is 4$ fees for just by doing nothing, all this money from fees and they don't have a freaking legit system in case of refunds to finish misconceptions easily, even response times for support tickets are unacceptably slow for the amount of profit they receive.!
So if you are a seller AVOID this SCAM "marketplace" at any cost!

Stay Away From This B***S***!
After adding in all my details, and trying GPay (Which got declined for some unknown reason even though I use it daily), I got through to the exhausting 'Verify Amount' page.

Since I'm based in Australia, although PlayerAuctions charge the small sum in USD, I receive it and see it in AUD.
So after an arduous 1hr and 35min call with my bank to finally find the amount (as it had to be exact to the currency and fees at the time) I verified the amount.

After having done so, I receive this request:
1. A clear and colored photo of your government-issued photo ID.

2. A clear photo of you or "Selfie" while holding your card and ID beside you. Your face must not be blocked and should be clearly identifiable.

3. A photo of the front of the card used for this transaction. Please block out the card number EXCEPT the last four-digits. We'll need the name of the bank and your name to be shown as well. If these details are on the back of your card, please block your security code (3 digit number at the back)

4. A screenshot of your payment receipt. To get this, log in to your Online Banking Account on your browser or mobile app. Go to the transaction page and screen shot the whole page showing the payment details for this order.

Never before have I had to go through such ridiculous measures. Not even when buying thousands of dollars worth of parts, equipment and other such on any other e-commerce website I've ever been on.

They don't even offer PayPal, and they then say 'Hey just pay in crypto instead'.
Well frankly I don't trust crypto or this website for being able to actually refund me.


Unrealistic expectations, bad service.
I am currently going through their so-called verification process where PlayerAuctions ask for a selfie of you with your ID next to your face as well as your card used for the purchase, a picture of your bank transaction, and the last 4 digits of the card being used. Well I provided all of that information to * sent it well over 30 minutes ago and still no response. I have messaged the zen helpdesk 3 other times past that and still have no response. This website has some terrible customer service and unreal expectations. When taking a selfie the ID gets mirrored and they want it so the information is not reversed but when you take a selfie with your ID its automatically reversed and they won't verify you until you can make the impossible happen. Prior to this purchase I had it up and cancelled the order and once they released the money back to me they only gave me 51$ out of the 58$ that was taken out of my account and I never received anything that I bought. I definitely recommend anyone to DO NOT USE this website for purchases unless you are ready to send them all of your information and then have them take their sweet time getting back to you if they even do. Currently, I am sitting in verification pending even though I sent over al lof the documents requested by * and still waiting I been going through the process almost 2 hours now.

EDIT: Sent another piece of verification about 45 mins ago and still going through the process. Responses take forever from the compliance team * and

* seem to be their compliance team who take their sweet time to get stuff done. Keep in mind the last order I cancelled because it says if it takes longer than 20 mins cancel it redo the order I only got 51.00$ back out of the 58.00$ I tried to spend. Now I am scared to cancel my order in fear of being charged for something I never received. Even if I finish this order and receive my product I will not be editing the review as it all stands true every word of it.

*Personal information redacted by admin

Have been trying to refund 2 failed purchases for 2 months!
So I have used the website for quite some time, had many trades in my history and all was well. Suddenly in December, I experienced hick-ups using neteller as a payment service with them.

At first it was a failed payment that was refunded 4 days later, but than, I have placed two more orders in the end of December and paid with neteller, one for 45$ and the other for 95$, both payments appeared as failed on their system, so I was waiting for a refund and... It just never came. At first I spent entire January exchanging emails with them, trying to figure out what went wrong and from their end the answer was always the same - we did everything right, we sent the money, it's your problem, figure it out with neteller. After a while their representatives started to send some strange screenshots of apparently their payment system with details of refunds sent, lo and behold in one of the screenshots PlayerAuctions sent me, I noticed they sent the money to the wrong email! (to the email i was registered on PA with, instead of email on neteller I used to pay with), I pointed that out and the guy went silent for X days, and came back to me saying they made a refund and... IT NEVER BLOODY CAME AGAIN.

Now at this point I'm just lost for words at how irresponsible and unprofessional both their support and finance teams are, because it's just literally the same with them, your problem, your fault, fix it yourself, when these monkeys themselves sent me proof of their own $#*! up. And now they are straight up ignoring my tickets and emails at this point. I am in the process of filling a complaint with the UK Police and Action fraud hotline (PA is registered in the UK so hit them where it hurts when you too get scamemd by them). Don't use this service because whatever happens on their end, it will be your fault and your problem and they will send you off.

Do NOT purchase accounts from here!
My username on Playerauctions is Kojrio, since the beginning of this year I have been attempting to use Playerauctions as a way of purchasing a legitimate account I can start playing OSRS on again. This has been one of the most difficult and frustrating online retail experiences I think I have ever come across!

Firstly, I tried to purchase an account for around $50. (Order Number #4485698) After almost 24 hours of waiting, I had to cancel the order because the payment would not authorise. I was told I would receive a refund within 2-3 business days however a week later I still had not received it so I had to get in touch with Playerauctions support who were very slow to respond. (Support ID #196475)

Once my refund came through, I once again attempted to purchase an account, this time for around $140. Because this second attempt was more expensive I also bought a year's insurance for the account (Which I now realise is part of the scam), because it seemed almost too good of a price to be true. (Order #53898)

Now Playerauctions claims that whenever someone tries to sell an account, PlayerAuctions will verify the account information to ensure that when you buy an account, you receive the correct login details. This did not happen, because when I purchased an account from user 'Stamnova', I was immediately sent incorrect login details. (Support ID #194782)

The seller did not respond to my messages, so before I had even received the account, I had to raise a dispute. This also meant I was prevented from raising another dispute down the line but we will get to that. As soon as I had raised it, the seller 'Stamnova' instantly comes online, and gives me a different password which was NOT provided or verified by playerauctions. The Seller did not provide any account recovery information, and claimed that he made accounts purely to sell so there was no need.

I was a little hesitant at this point, but considering 'Stamnova' had a decent level of positive feedback I decided to trust him and move forward with the purchase as after all, I had purchased playerauctions account insurance.

Now it was around a month after when one morning I go to login to my recently purchased account and the password is coming up as incorrect. I go to my email inbox and I see that someone requested to change the password, and then managed to recover the account back from me. Straight away I went to Playerauctions to contact the seller regarding this matter, only to find that he has deleted his profile/account from Playerauctions, leaving me no way to contact him.

Despite the fact the seller did not provide me with any recovery information, I still tried to recover the account back, which was obviously denied by Jagex. I contacted Playerauctions several times on this day, and the days following, only to receive generic copy-and-paste responses. I was also not provided with any sort of specific reason or investigation into why it was ruled in favour of the seller, or what kind of evidence I could provide on top of what I had already submitted, it really felt like they are just trying to get rid of me.(Support ID #208730 and Support ID #208587)

After sending half a dozen support tickets over the course of a week I was finally given a response, I provided all of the evidence that they ask for in their FAQs, but a few days later the case was closed and ruled in favour of the seller whose account has been removed from the website since the day the account I purchased was recovered.

I am shocked and stunned at how this has been treated, not only have I been scammed out of $140, I have lost all of the time and money I put into that account in the 4 weeks it was in my possession.

I purchased insurance at an extra cost to hopefully avoid this sort of scenario, however it did not make the slightest of differences.

My word to any of you who are thinking of buying an OSRS account from this website, DO NOT DO IT. You are much more likely to be scammed, even by supposedly 'trusted' sellers, and when you do, playerauctions will rule in favour of the scammers!

As far as I can see, this website is providing the means for those who wish to scam people out of their hard-earned cash, which makes playerauctions as bad as the scammers that use it.

Let my losses be a lesson to you all, I went through all of this hell so you do not have to.

The dispute was deliberated and decided in favor of the seller? JOKING WEBSITE?
That's how your staff replied me.
"Thank you for your patience.

Upon checking the order ID provided, it appears that this dispute was deliberated and decided in favor of the seller.

We understand that this may not be the response that you were hoping for. It was a tough decision for us but the dispute process is in place in order to deliberate disputes in a fair, reasonable and time bound system.

We appreciate your patience and understanding.



What a joke! The seller sold a "botting boosting level up account" to me, then after 15 days got banned.
Also, your staff told me without " any conclusive proof" I got the reply from ROIT which also confirm that account was using "botting" to level up which causes the account got banned.
Here is how RIOT replied.
" solomochi (Riot Games Player Support)
Dec 11,1:22 PM PST

Hey there,
Looking into your account here it looks like the account was banned for botting :/ This can really ruin the leveling experience for new players and because of this there's not really anything I can do for the account here. In addition the use of unauthorized 3rd party programs itself is a bannable offense. I'm not able to disclose any specifics on how our investigations are held as it might compromise our future investigations.
I know it's not the best news, however, if anything i said was unclear i'd be happy to clarify for you.
Hopefully, that clarifies things for you and if not I'm happy to go over anything you have might questions about.

Riot Games Player Support

Warding saves lives <3"

I don't care how much money spent on the account, Just feeling be tricked on your website.
And yet, your website only cares the sellers' benefits which might be your benefits as well.
I should remain people DO NOT BUY ANY ACCOUNT on your website. As accounts have a high risk to get banned and no protection for the buyers!

Horrible Customer Service, non-reputable sellers.
So a few weeks ago I bought an Overwatch account that was Grandmaster, so that I could have a spare on hand. Now a few days ago I get this email from Blizzard saying that the account was cheated on, and that PlayerAuctions detected that it was most likely a purchased account from a boosting site (obviously they were spot on here.)

I try to contact the seller via Discord (he had added me when originally selling it)... no response

I set up a dispute on the website, and include all ban reports and emails from Blizzard, seller has not responded and provided no counter evidence.

Now I escalated the dispute and the support team of Playerauctions keeps sending me the same stock copy-and-pasted response of "blah blah blah we didn't rule in your favor blah blah blah (bear in mind I have received about 4 of these emails and it is literally a copy and paste, but it is from different help representatives each time... nice)

They do not help me to tell me what I need to do for a favorable ruling, they do not tell me what evidence will help, and most of all what is the most frustrating is... THE SELLER PROBABLY HAS NO IDEA THIS DISPUTE IS EVEN HAPPENING... YET THEY STILL RULE IN HIS FAVOR.

Okay sorry for the rant, but because of this horrible customer service, it is quite clear I will never be using this site again. What's even worse is I spent the extra money for the account protection or whatever, and it clearly has not done anything, I would AT LEAST like a refund for this, as clearly it has done nothing for me.

I just can't believe how useless their support is being, and won't even give me a human interaction response... STAY AWAY FROM THIS SITE!

P.S. This was a rant so I didn't quite state everything with the best of clarity... if I could make anything easier to understand, just let me know.

Fraud - Take your money and tell you 'Transaction Failed'. Practically Nonexistent Support
Short version:
1) Sent Money via Skrill
2) Their system denied that money arrived
3) Contacted Skrill + Bank and confirmed that money was indeed sent/arrived
4) Contacted playerauctions support - was given a computer generated reply after 3 days that was COMPLETELY irrelevant.
5) Sent another message - No reply, it has been 1 week and all I got was 1 stupid reply which basically told me to pay twice

Long Version:

I tried to buy a league of legends account and I paid using Skrill.
The transaction on skrill went through YET playerauctions claimed that it failed. I contacted my bank and also skrill who both confirmed that the transaction did indeed happen and the money was sent so I do not know what is wrong on their side.

I contacted playerauctions support (which took me ages to find) to see what's up. I explained things clearly and supplemented it with proof. Took them 3 days to answer and the message that I got was ridiculous.
PlayerAuctions did NOT even read my message and told me to make another payment using GoCoin...

Utterly disgusting, like heck I'm going to pay twice for something which I should have received the first time I paid. They won't even acknowledge my support ticket or even say a thing about the first payment.

Decided to post here because in 1 whole week I have only gotten 1 reply which was computer generated (EXACT same reply that Erwin T. Got) and totally irrelevant.

Would refrain from using, number of 1 star reviews is absurd and I am not the only one who has gotten his money ripped off by this disgusting site.

I lost my dispute, but PA Service rep issued a refund
UPDATE: 12/18/2017
I updated rating from 1 to 4.
To be honest, I didn't expect to receive any update or refund for my lost case from PA. As you can read from my previous review below, I lost my dispute against scammer seller regardless of providing my evidence.

After I left my feedback in ReviewFeeder, I received a response from PA service representative, Richard, surprisingly. I didn't bother at first as I thought that was some sort of cover-up act from PA

Few days after, I actually received a message from Richard (PA service rep) via ReviewFeeder, with PA store credit that matches my initial purchase + insurance value.

I really appreciate to Richard to bring this case up and resolve my issue regardless of dispute status. Hence I changed my rating from 1 to 4 at this point.

I purchased account via PlayerAuction about 8 month ago. After 8 month, seller re-claimed account somehow, and so I contacted PlayerAuction for dispute process, as I purchased insurance from PlayerAuction to prevent situations like this.

As always - the scammer won - insurance I purchased from PlayerAuction didn't help at all. I should have looked at the review before I made a purchase for Neverwinter account... Obviously this scammer keeps selling account again and again after reclaiming it. I provided screenshot as an evidence, but it didn't help. Like other buyer already mentioned, DO NOT BUY INSURANCE IT DOESN'T HELP. It's useless.

Terrible Support Response Times
Bought an account from a seller on the site. I tried logging into the account using the details that were provided and the account didn't exist on I disputed the order, provided sufficient evidence of the account not existing and the seller refused to cooperate and reply in the messages, but the dispute gets favored to the seller. I submit a follow up support ticket in regards to the unfair resolution to the dispute and provide even more evidence. Only get one response from the support team that the disbursement is on hold to the seller, I try to contact the seller again, but PlayerAuctions still ignore. Now It has been 2 weeks since I sent in the support ticket and have not received any other response. As well, I cancelled an order 5 days ago and I have not even received my refund from there.

I really don't understand why the customer service recently with Playerauctions has been so poor, I have tried literally every means of communication to try and get my refund, but no response or help at all. At this point this review is my last resort to either resolve these issues and get my refund from a seller that has literally scammed me and playerauctions are in favor of a scammer...

Support ticket IDs: #129267, #132632


What do you mean I can't get a refund because I did not purchase insurance?. That is literally bull$#*!, I paid for an account which I did not receive. I never confirmed the order, I disputed it and Playerauctions decided to go in favor with the seller, rather than me when I provided the necessary proof, the seller said he would have taken a look into the issue, but neglects it as a whole, and you tell me that I cannot get a refund at all or playerauctions isn't going to do nothing about this?. Why is it that I get a response to my rating on ReviewFeeder rather than a response to the ticket which I have not even received a response on for now 12 days?. As well, the two orders that I had placed yesterday, I never even received the instant delivery account details sent to my email.

It's really a shame that I have been using Playerauctions for 3 years now and I have never had any issues with this platform until now. Since my tickets are not even getting any response, what do you expect me to do?.

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Based on 50 reviews from PlayerAuctions customers, company has accumulated an average rating of 1 stars, indicating that majority of customers are not satisfied with its service.
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Description: PlayerAuctions runs a marketplace for buying and selling characters, virtual goods and virtual currency from massively multiplayer online games (MMOGs).

Address: 11301 W Olympic Blvd #337, 90064


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