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I would rate my experience to be poor, despite that...
I would rate my experience to be poor, despite that there may be some logistics issues at this time, there is no excuse for a delivery from Victoria to Qld to take over 2 weeks, especially since I paid for express shipping. Notwithstanding the delay company, this company had the audacity to send me a generic email stating that Platinum Health Supply will ship a lessor product (with no refund or adjustment) and told to just accept it.

Poor customer service
Poor customer service. I received multiple automated emails that I could opt for a refund as my order was taking so long. I was speaking with a customer service representative who all of a sudden stop replying to me once I requested the refund. I requested the refund on the 13th of Jan, I then followed up on the 14th of Jan and never received a reply. On the 18th of Jan I received an email that my order had been shipped, I contacted customer service as I had requested a refund and was basically told too bad. Funny how the customer service representative took less than 24 hours to respond to my inquiry about the missing refund but I had no reply from my original request to receive a refund over 3 business days wait. Why send emails to your customers ensuring them Platinum Health Supply can receive a refund and then just ignore the requests. Very frustrated, disappointed and will be making sure none of my family and friends use this service.

Shipping is greatly delayed, which is understandable...
Shipping is greatly delayed, which is understandable as there is a nationwide supply shortage of RAT kits. It is also understandable that the product was actually out of stock when I placed the order but the operator in charge could not mark it as sold-out on time.

However, I am extremely disappointed that there is no notification or explanation that the delivery is being delayed. Even worse, email enquiry has been totally ignored even though the automatic response said I should receive a response within 24 hours.

If the item is expected to take more than a month to ship, or if you simply don't know when the item will be available, then I would like to cancel the order and get a full refund.

It was refreshing to be greeted with considerate
And measured attention to my query when I reached someone to talk to at Platinum Health once phone line were operating. Natalie(Nat) proved to be someone who was prepared to listen to my concerns. Not only did she listen she provided a calming approach to the discussion. Nat also offered to call me a few days later to check the status of my orders. She called as promised and called again on Monday 07 and again on Wednesday 09.
Thank you Natalie for managing a situation so well.

Great. Highly recommend. Customer Care Ben answered all my queries. I wasn't sure of what product was suitable for one of my elders.
I gave him as much information i could and he rang me back within 5 mins and took me through the products most suitable.
Very impressed with product knowledge and super efficient.
Very please to deal with and excellent excellent customer service.
Thanks again Ben.

Given the issues we all face regarding deliveries,...
Given the issues we all face regarding deliveries, i had been waiting for over a month to get my order. There were multiple issues regarding stock availability which delayed things and this is to be expected in the current environment. I would like to thank your staff member Assma who was just so wonderful in assisting to get my orders sorted out. The customer service from her was first rate and it was so nice to be able to directly speak with someone, not like some other organisations. Assma was courteous, efficient and able to easily rectify issues. Great professional service. This gives consumers confidence knowing that when things go wrong, you have staff that care. Thanks again.

I ordered RAT kits on 30th December 2021 before the...
I ordered RAT kits on 30th December 2021 before the RAT hype started and on 10th January 2022 I have received an email from you that you had sent out Lyher RAT Nasal swab 1/7 packs to those who ordered them.
As at 21st January 2022, I still haven't received my order from you. All the other different merchandise I'd order from various companies in Melbourne have arrived. This is certainly is not satisfactory even though you might have been inundated with RAT kits orders.

Excellent daily email updates about the backlog of...
Excellent daily email updates about the backlog of RAT test orders and their efforts to get those orders out as quickly as possible. QLD Health & Govt had 2 years to prepare for this inevitable outbreak. QLD Health failed miserably then shifted all the pressure onto private companies and the general public by shifting the goal posts daily. Platinum Health have handled the unexpected influx of orders with professionalism, clear consistent communication and a genuine desire to service their customers as efficiently as physically possible. Thank you!

Extremely poor company/ customer service
Ordered in stock RAT TESTS 3rd Janurary 2022... is now the 8th of Feburay and still no order... order status has not changed at all... numerous attempts to contact customer service, phone are automated response, emails go unanswered, or are answered with lies... all I would like now is to cancel and refund my order. I doubt orders were ever in stock... If the company was 6 weeks behind, why are the still taking orders? Why are Platinum Health Supply telling customers 5-7 days? Why are we not told of 6 week wait times? Purchase from this company at your own risk

The product I ordered was marked as "In Stock" when...
The product I ordered was marked as "In Stock" when I ordered it... 13 days ago. It still hasn't shipped. I specifically ordered RATs from here because Platinum Health Supply showed in stock, not pre-order like many other sites. Evidently these were not in fact in stock and ready to ship. Please update your website so that there is greater transparency around actual stock levels and shipping times so that it's possible for customers to make fully informed purchase decisions.

I have been waiting for my Antigen for almost 3 weeks
I have been waiting for my Antigen for almost 3 weeks. I emailed them 1st time after a week havent received their tracking number, Platinum Health Supply said they are going to send it ASAP. A couple of days and still havent got a tracking number, i emailed them for a second time to get a refund and they replied me saying im not be able to be refunded. Now i dont know what is happening.
Bye my money

I saw your email requesting not to give one star review..
I saw your email requesting not to give one star review.
So I didnt.
But three days in and no update, anything would help (e. G this will be at least two week delivery or whatever)

Nothing is poor and I'm sure you have taken orders at price gouged levels which you cant fulfill (even though advertisng in stock).

I would like to cancel or have the price reviewed to 20% margin per government guidelines

Happy to pay a premium if you fulfill your promotion that these rae available and in stock

Otherewise false advertising and price gouging

There was a message on your website informing potential...
There was a message on your website informing potential customers that their orders would be dispatched on 4 January.
You also told me that I would be informed when my order was dispatched.
One or both of these undertakings have not occurred.
I have no notice of dispatch. Either I have not been informed or you haven't dispatched it yet.
I understand that there may be overwhelming demand that is not being filled as promised. But a standard email giving customers an update would be a quick and easy solution to loss of regard.

Terrible communication
I ordered rapid tests on the 31st of December and apart from an order confirmation and them taking my money, nothing has happened since. I paid for shipping and Platinum Health Supply offered express shipping due to delays, I've given it 11 days and not even a shipping notification. Tried asking where my order is and was told to allow ‘5-7 days for delays' which is exactly what I've done.

I think they advertised rapid antigens without having the stock to fulfil the orders. Mismanaged and lacking communication. I guess time will tell if I get my order.

Bad service and communication
I placed order on 30/12 and 3 weeks later still have not received my goods. I have emailed numerous time as what date orders are currently being sent and I do not get an answer to my question. All I get is a statement about delay in orders and shipping times. I now read people ordered after me have got their items. Do items not get sent in order that Platinum Health Supply were purchased. Currently would not recommend this company.

After placing my order I was signed up for their mailing...
After placing my order I was signed up for their mailing list automatically without my consent. As a result I received 3+ emails in a few hours, all promotional material and none that I had asked for. I unsubscribed from the mailing list and then 2 days later received an email stating that I was being signed up for it again, which I deleted and declined.
I have not heard a single thing about my order, I don't know if it is being packed, if the stock is actually available, if I'll receive my order in days, weeks or months.
Terrible experience.

I was led to believe that the product was in stock...
I was led to believe that the product was in stock when i ordered it as it was stated on the product page, two weeks paased and no progress with order. I emailed to check status of order, was told Platinum Health Supply were oos and offeted a refund if no longer required. ( same day i received a general email stating that if you had unfulfilled order that it eas most definitely in stock however backlogged due to staffing?) i did reply and ask for a refund and have heard nothing back until today when I receive an email stating that it had finally been shipped. I have found your company to be slow and deceitful. If i had the time i would collate my email correspondence and report you.

Items not received
I ordered on 2/1, paid express postage. As of 24/1 I still have not received my items, which cost (with postage)over $80. If items weren't in stock this should have been stated. I keep getting emails saying that you are really busy and to be patient, but my patience is beginning to wear slightly thin. I have emailed, waiting to get an answer from you. You have made it easy on yourselves by not answering phone calls. I really hope you are a legit company.

I have been waiting on my order now for too long I...
I have been waiting on my order now for too long I have contacted customer service to be told my order had been sent and would arrive in a few days, I was urgently waiting on the RATS tests so my family could return to work with no available RATS tests in our small town, then when I checked my order it hadn't been sent at all Platinum Health Supply had mistakenly looked at at my last mask order which I did received in a timely manner. I have contacted you three times now this is ridiculous you have obviously over sold stock. It doesn't take this long to pack orders you must be a month behind. I am sorry if you are under staffed because of Covid but this is not good enough. If you have not got them in stock please refund my payment immediatley.

Extremely poor serviceOrder a parcel that stated available...
Extremely poor service
Order a parcel that stated available and in stock
Paid extra for express shipping
One month later still do not have product
Any enquire I send I get a generic condescending reply, delays due to covid etc etc
If product is listed as available it should be sent, if it is not say out of stock
DO NOT take someone's money and extra for express shipping if it is not available
Biggest scam
I needed this medical supplies first week of January, you said available, which is why I went with your company
Horrible service

It took 5 weeks and continuous follow up to get the...
It took 5 weeks and continuous follow up to get the order fulfilled. I realise the intense pressure everyone is under but my immunocompromised parents should not have to wait that long. I did 2 orders, one for myself and them. Had to cancel mine in the end but it took me calling several times to a phone line that just cut off and then finally getting through to get them to prioritise the order

Unsure of products as I have not had a test yet
Unsure of products as I have not had a test yet. Seem expensive for the elderly. How are people affording this. I purchased a few because i live in a remote area in Regional Australia. I am more or less buying out of fear. But it probably doesnt matter to multi billion dollar businesses like yourself. Making huge profits is all that matters to you. I am buying this on behalf of my elderly mother and unwell brother who live together. I am 7 hours from them. I dont even know how many of these tests Platinum Health Supply should have on hand and how long this will go on. It could break many Bank Accounts.

I ordered a very high sensitivity test of the on-site...
I ordered a very high sensitivity test of the on-site test x 20 that i researched And Found on your site, waited quite patiently even after what we thought we paid for express delivery... to be sent a completely different test with not as high sensitivity rating. Completely understand your under the pump with orders. Etc. I work in the medical field. I Completely get it. But if you can't supply what is ordered wouldn't that have been better put in a email other then. Sorry for the wait do you want to cancel your order! Pretty disappointed in that. But thanks all the same. Stay safe

I placed an order on 3rd Jan
I placed an order on 3rd Jan. This has still not been dispatched, though the timeline on the website says 2-3 days. Emailed on 8th Jan to get this sent to a new address if it won't arrive by today (17th Jan) as I am moving house. I have received no reply, aside from the auto response to expect a reply within 24 hours. Please cancel my order if it cannot be sent to a new address.

Superstar Customer Service from Nat
I had been trying to locate an order which had shown to be despatched almost a month ago. Australia Post suggested I contact sender as parcel had not ben scanned. After a few days of attempts via phone, I finally got through to Nat and glad that she was on the other end of the call.
Nat was amazing, very friendly and thorough. Located the order and the goods straight away - Nat had the parcel despatched immediately for delivery into WA the following day. Five Star Service - much thanks to Nat

I have completed my order and received my paypal receipt...
I have completed my order and received my paypal receipt saying the money has left my account. The only email from Platinum Health I've received is one saying I've left things in my cart. When I click on the link it brings me to my completed order page. So in three days I've had my money taken and no confirmation of order or shipping received. Now, when trying to track my package I have to sign into the app store and download an app in order to get shipping information. I have an old phone and can't do this. During a peak wave in a global pandemic when trying to buy testing kits, this is disappointing.

Extremely disappointed and angry
The goods I ordered were not delivered - instead I received something I didn't request. I have had no communication from the company to explain why I was given a substitute. This is very poor business. As well, I can't contact the company by phone as Platinum Health Supply have a message saying they're not answering their phones - again, poor business and it makes you wonder whether they don't want to get complaints. I did send an email yesterday requesting a full refund but, of course, no reply to that either. On top of that, one of the products I ordered (but didn't receive) is still showing as available on their website. I find it hard to believe the good reviews about this company as my experience has been completely negative and I still don't have the products I actually ordered on 30 December! What can I do?

Do not order from this company
Platinum Health Supply will happily process an order (and take money) with no ability to actually provide the product. Phones do not answer, emails and DM's rarely responded to. They cannot tell you whether the order has shipped or when it will ship, just a constant 'we are doing our best', 'we are overwhelmed', possibly 5 business days (which you will hear multiple times - standard response). The reality is, they created a situation where they could take maximum orders (and money), with no consideration that they did not have the processes in place to facilitate the delivery of those orders. And if you want a refund - that will be 10 business days. Check their social media, they have multiple disgruntled customers.

They take your money and don't supply the goods
I ordered $90 worths of products on the 29th of December and I have not received any updates to my order of any responses to my emails in 3 weeks. I am doubtful that Platinum Health Supply will arrive at all. The company put out social media posts asking people to be patient due to the 40,00 orders they have received, however they should take responsibility for very amateur business practices in which they have taken orders without capacity to fill them.

Very lost service
Very lost service. Ordered on 29 December and have not recueved my times to date. Poor communication and contrary to your assurances. Told item has been upgraded and shipped for free via air and still nothing. No tracking number provided when advised item had been shipped…and I paid for express shipping, as a fellow business owner, I know things are tough right now but this is truly awful awful customer service

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Description: We're a proudly Australian owned and operated business that aims to provide a high level of service within each and every purchase. We aim to take every client and future customer through a journey that explores the widest range of PPE products to meet any type of organisations needs.

Platinum Health Supply is more than just your one stop shop for all things PPE, but a trusted adviser that knows how to keep your organisation health & safety compliant.

Address: 111 Scanlon Drive, Australia, 3067


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