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Yes I just don't want to be rude to these young ladies...
Yes I just don't want to be rude to these young ladies I would like somebody that lives near me and usually when I try to pick someone near I don't know where Place To Chat are really and I think they're from another country which is fine but I am not ready for that kind of life thank you

Be careful
I have had a look at the site and spoke to one girl this morning it cost me $60 for just the morning. It is extremely expensive.

On the other side the girls are in there all day long, the same girls. If Place To Chat are in there all day talking to other blokes you know she is leading you on. So why would that be? There is no way they have full time jobs like a doctor lol. So how do they make money if they are online every hour of the day?

You are taking life saving from lonely men. These guys can not pay $60 a day to chat with someone. If your site was truly about people finding each other it would not be like this. There is something going on in my opinion.

Also read the cost of things before you start and convert money into credits. The credit system is to make spend more because it's not in money and you don't add it up.

You said if someone works with a partner scamming that the member is taking off. But how does that stop the business partner from doing it more with others?

You either know what is going on or you are really unprofessional

Too many women here are not really real or serious
Too many women here are not really real or serious. A lot of fakes and all just want to drag out endless conversations with no real intentions of creating a real in person relationship

I was enjoying this up till now, until I was told to...
I was enjoying this up till now, until I was told to buy credits... I'm homeless... I can barely afford to pay my phone bill every month... I just wanted somebody to talk to, but I can see that's out of the question... I see and understand what you people are doing now... Have a nice day...

It seems like there are nothing more than Ukrainian...
It seems like there are nothing more than Ukrainian women here. I was looking for locals. Also, the use of the "back" button is hindered. If I'm looking at pics on someone's pics and I "x" out, when I hit the back button, it takes me back through the pics. Not very user friendly.

Well I guess a trial, I have talked to a couple of girls...
Well I guess a trial, I have talked to a couple of girls in Ukraine and just chat. Need probably a little older prospects.If I was able to travel abroad, I would try toeet younger women. Theyre not so hung on age
Over here I probably. Need silver singles. Also I do not use my credit card on the internet. But I have enjoyed trying your site and I can't believe it, a real free trial. Wow. Thank you!

Lovely to chat and meet new people, the only issue is, it takes a lot of credit to eventually get to know a person better, there should be ways to pay a certain fee to later chat with a person you are interested in through email or WhatsApp, without the need to every time buy credits.

It's great that chat chat helps people like me learn to communicate
It's great that chat chat helps people like me learn to communicate. The site has a useful "start a conversation" function. Here you can easily find the most attractive phrases for starting a conversation and even continuing it.

After a simple registration on placetochat, I very quickly received the first messages from other users. I like the fact that you can decide for yourself whether to communicate with a person or not.

Fake pictures of women even on streaming pictures are...
Fake pictures of women even on streaming pictures are stunning but on video not as picture. Staff are useless and the prices a man has to pay when I'm life it's free to chat

Scammers. Do not be tricked by these robots.
I found a simple way to find out how these people are scammers, i was talking with my lady on one site, i then joined another very similar site, i then contacted my lady, and lo behold she asked me if she could get to know myself better. Game Set n Match.

I heard about Placetochat by accident.
I heard about Placetochat by accident. An expert on some website spoke at some point about platforms for communication and gave a positive feedback. I registered and decided to try the trial version. I have been using it for a year. In that time, I have made many nice, beautiful friends.

I wrote you before, for the abusing of money we have...
I wrote you before, for the abusing of money we have to buy when a member has agree to give her information to get in touch with them outside the site, and many times I ask to allow those member that Place To Chat can accept my address email or any other information. I deduct that there is many nice women and if I want to contact you ask lot of money,: In my mind are you selling women,

Expensive. Also you never informed how much anyone can text a message you only send half. Then we have to go back and text where we where cut off. Besides it must be a very profitable business venture when the girls you have all work for you! Excellent idea/hell and why not all's we want to do is chat anyway!?

It's a scam
I spent over $1500 talking to one girl. When we asked for a meeting Place To Chat told us that the option of meeting had been removed from the platform for an undisclosed amount of time. It's a scam and you should give it a wide berth

I came to this site looking for a serious relationship
I came to this site looking for a serious relationship. Since I have been on this site I have spent around $3,000.00 on credits. I find out this is due to the fact that most of the women just lead you on so you spend all your money buying credits. It is ridiculously expensive and I feel betrayed and stupid

God bless we needeaders uncomplicated never comfortable...
God bless we needeaders uncomplicated never comfortable with content to feet, friends, associates, remedy fashioned equipped to what think thought it had unseasonably steady in over-all vision with out feed back

Sometimes, especially on weekends
Sometimes, especially on weekends, you feel like no one needs you. And everything seems to be fine: business is booming, no problems with health, but still there is no one close to you. Thanks to Placetochat, I don't feel lonely anymore. It's easy to start a relaxed conversation, which often turns into a conversation between people close in spirit. It's especially nice when the person I'm talking to turns out to be very good-looking.

It is also another scam to make money
It is also another scam to make money. I like the app, but the money you need to chat is not settling with me. And some of the photos look like professional took them. Seen that show before.

It's a scam of course
Hundreds of apparently professional well educated Eastern European or Russian women who look like models, with fake breasts, lips and eyebrows, fake (i. E. professionally posed and many superimposed on fake backgrounds) profile pictures. Just try getting one to give you an email or phone number to avoid the extortionate per minute chat charge. It won't happen. It's the same underlying mechanism as the Asian Women advertised on Facebook and all those girl-next-door sites you find from the porn sites.

It's a brilliant site some beautiful ladiesAnd vet...
It's a brilliant site some beautiful ladies
And vet sexy as well although i don't go for
Looks as someone not as nice would treat you better than some whom know Place To Chat are nice Looks ain't everything trust Loyality a lot
Goes into it unless you are looking for a one nighter where i like to be with one lady at
Her choice of times anything to keep my Lady Happy

So far it seems OK
So far it seems OK. The site is kind of miss lady, making one think that it is a free site to talk to someone. Once you get to know them, you are stop from chatting until you pay. I for one refuse to pay for any of the sites.

The people the women they are tight-knit, kind wonderful...
The people the women Place To Chat are tight-knit, kind wonderful ladies. The management of the site have compassion and kindness in their ethics the site itself is very easy to get around and even if you did get lost there's plenty beautiful women who can help you I love the site

It's simple
In order to register on Placetochat you do not need any special knowledge. Everything is simple, and if you have a question, you can contact the support team at any time of the day or night. Guys will quickly help to resolve a conflict or malfunction.

Top chat site for access to hot Females
Just such an easy to chat forum with such sweet and nice easy to get to females/so much variety and different shapes and sizes/that makes the experience such a thing to look for each and every day.The amount of advice and the amount of content, just makes the browsing so easy to compute. The sheer volume of interest and interesting females is stunning. Format is so well organized and structured and made simple that it takes you instantly to with female your going to most like. Level of variety the extent of the female and young adults makes the site something to look for each and every and every day. Highlight and insight are it's most strongest points-that give it it's unique easy to reach format/most enjoyable and looked for in females.

There is always a choice of interlocutors.
Placetochat helps me cope with loneliness. At work, I have enough communication, but in the evenings and on weekends I sometimes have no one to talk to. Here you can chat in general chats or live in a personal video chat. There is always a choice of interlocutors.

Not to thrille and paying for what little bit of...
Not to thrille and paying for what little bit of time I do get is outrages a s instant high nee from give people more credits like say around a thousand every two weeks or something to keep them hooked on jacking their $#*! for rwal

Overall the experience was pleasant, assuming that...
Overall the experience was pleasant, assuming that all the women, and Place To Chat were quite beautiful, actual faced were there pics. They were nice to talk to and if it can be assumed were all Russian. Ty

I wish we could give a little bit more information...
I wish we could give a little bit more information it's too hard to connect with your soulmate 50 credits just to look at a video that's $20 it will get pretty expensive need to be better

Sometimes after work you want to discuss the day with someone, talk about problems, and just hear a nice word. Placetochat is just the place where you can solve all these problems simply by entering the chat room. Sometimes, however, you come across not quite an adequate companion, but you can quickly block them.

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Description: At the Place to Chat, we build a community of people genuinely interested in communicating with one another. For this to happen, we develop features that help in starting a conversation easily, and, more importantly, keep it going. With us, members can be sure that others here share their drive to communicate.


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