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Terrible quality, not working for over a month, customer support is a joke.
First, a note: there's a weird sudden spike of "good" reviews within a short period of time after years of 'not so great' reviews. I guess ReviewFeeder didn't get ahold of this fake review spam yet but one can imagine how legitimate those recent reviews are.

As for their products: quality is terrible. PixelFilmStudios may in some cases look decent, they do look cheaper but the issue is that stability does not exist. Some worked yesterday and suddenly poof - gone (either crashing FCPX and sometimes even corrupting the project they were used in) whereas others didn't work at all (just crashing).
The funniest part are the mails that they've sent recently:
9 October 2019 - "There are several issues (...) we are are working around the clock to resolve these issues (...) We recommend holding off until our team has heard from Apple & solved all of the bugs that have popped up. ;)"
6 November 2019 - "Attention: 99% of products have been updated for Catalina."

It took them a MONTH to make plugins work and not even all of them (quite a few still crash).

What I really regret is not looking for more opinions about them BEFORE pressing "Proceed to checkout":(

Stay away if you value your money, time and nerves.

Best Plug-ins in the market
Top-quality product for Final Cut Pro X, plugins are easy to use and my number one choice! I have used the plugins for editing my aerial work, including transitions and effects. PixelFilmStudios has allowed me to work efficiently for my video editing saving me time and money. To weather, I am looking for cinematic effects, Luts, effects, transitions, etc. Pixel Film Studios offers a wide range of products that provide top quality for my projects. I highly recommend this product to cinematographers that are entry-level and experts as well. There is no discrimination at the level you standing my number one choice is Pixel Film Studios.

Best edit software I've used so far
I myself have been using fcpx for almost a month and I have been completely sold there, I still used filmora9 for that, but it did have some moments. If you use fcpx you sometimes have the feeling that you have paid for this it is so good. You can also choose from more than a hundred plugins with which you can edit very cool things, I myself have the brush glow plugin and I have already posted my first edit on Instagram. Pixel film studio always responds if you have a question about something and PixelFilmStudios ensure that we are increasingly motivated in terms of updates. I intend to take the auto tracker plugin, I also want to say that fcpx works fast and so far has had no lag with me. Do not know how to do something, go to the pixel movie studio YouTube channel where they upload tutorials daily. I myself do not have the most professional stuff to film with, but I think if you do your best and show discipline that you can always take a step forward. Thank you for reading and stay creative

I've been a customer for so long I cannot remember, besides the amazing products, that are relevant, helpful, original and always up to date with trends and audiovisual needs, the support is A-MA-ZING! In all these years, I only had a few minor issues, and I always got a solution immediately, and this is a game-changer because when you are editing, you can't stop, so THANK YOU! Thank you for always being there! And now whit online support, the last time I needed help, it was by email, but even then, the solution arrived immediately. THANK YOU!

Files were installing into the wrong place!
The customer service person in the chat was AMAZING and definitely went above and beyond to help me solve the issue. I was getting an error in FCPX that wouldn't allow the brush glow to work and i was patiently guided through the whole process and wound up not only fixing the problem, but fixing any future problems of similar nature and also learning a lot about my computer and gained some new skills in the process. Thank you so much. My issue was successfully resolved and i am very appreciative!

Pixel Film Studios are the best in products as well as costumer service
Ok so, I purchased three products from PFS, I was sooo excited to use them. So I jumped onto my computer to install the products and couldn't believe what was happening. My plugins was not working, there was a red error screen. So I began to goggle what can the problem be, I searched over and over on Youtube trying to find a solution. I will be honest, I was sooo frustrated. It was a Friday so I couldn't reach out to FPS costumer service until Monday morning. I was counting down the days. So here I am - Monday morning I contacted costumer, first it was suggested that I try troubleshooting. I didn't have any confidence that this would work, because I felt like I've tried everything. I gave it a shot and boom, shockingly it worked. My issue was I didn't have a Plug-Ins and FxPlug folder installed in Macintosh > Library > PlugIns > FxPlug. So I followed steps given by PFS, and I was all set. Prior to this I used all of my limited downloads up so an agent walked me through how to install my last and final plugin by resetting my downloads folder and downloading Fx Run. This company is legit. I love their products I am a returning customer. My agent was patient with me, responded quickly and sent me on my happy way. I would definitely recommend Pixel Film Studios. 5 stars for me. This is my first review ever on any website. I am a HAPPY customer!

No Product and No Refund
I saw what appeared to be a really great plug in that I could use in my business. When I went to purchase the one, I was informed that I could add on additional purchases at a discount, so I added 2 more for a total of $89. Once I paid, there was no download page... but rather I was sent an email to say that I would receive another email later with my download links. When a day went by and I still had no download links I began writing. 6 emails and three days worth of time went by and still no links. PixelFilmStudios claimed that they were sending them, but I was not receiving them. We went through the junk mail and everything looking for these links... still no links. They claimed this was a rare occasion and offered to refund my money. They wanted me to send them the original order number and some other info for the refund. That was 10 days ago now... and still no refund. I find it odd that I was able to receive all of their email communications about my billing and customer service... but yet I was not receiving their email with the links. I am beginning to think there are no links... just a place where I sent my money so they could have it. Where I come from we call that thievery.

Excellent Product Support
I rarely write a review but on this occasion I just had to.
I updated my Final Cut Pro to the latest version and unfortunately it deleted the excellent Pixel Film Studios Wedding Flora plugin and folders. I contacted Pixel Film Studios support on a Saturday expecting the earliest reply to be Monday and was pleasantly surprised to have a response a few hours later.
PixelFilmStudios provided an easy to follow step by step solution and I was up and running again in no time.
Brilliant support and great products. - Pixel Film Studios - Final Cut Pro Plugins effects which do not work
This - Pixel Film Studios, Final Cut Pro Plugins effects which do not work mostly, seems to be a one man show shop run by *, who only a couple of years ago still was doing wedding videos. So far I purchased only a handful for their Final cut Pro Plugins effects plugins, one of them did not work at all, and support people (likely the guy himself faking another name etc) is not fixing the plugin at all, but this support conversation keeps on answering questions I never had asked, i am guessing to satisfy a conversation with themselves, since he can not fix plugins. And likely in order to NEVER solve the actual problem at hand, but instead to be able to justify later on, that there was support given... But at the end of the day: - Pixel Film Studios are faulty Final Cut Pro Plugins effects alltogether, sold on a website that looks like he has 100 employees". Since 2014 this plugin has never worked, nor has this one man show support conversation even fixed anything at all, besides it being a vast waste of time. This one man show, *, is hiding behind a seemingly serious store, well designed. I do NOT want my money back, I want this software to work as advertised, or that he stops selling nonfunctioning software. For this is clearly fraudulent advertisement for a non functioning Product. I would advice everyone out there to look for plugins somewhere else, very shady shop here!
It seems that many of the positive reviews out there are written by * themselves, using aliases, a clear conflict of interest here.
There are tons of blogs talking about him stealing templates from other well established Final cut Pro Plugins effects software shops, which makes me come to the conclusion that i might have purchased one of those he cloned from someone else, and that's also why he can not fix it, nor make it work, since he is not being a coder/programmer himself.

*Personal information redacted by admin

EVIL Red Screen
After constantly watching the videos over and over, and reinstalling my Plug-Ings Chat Support walked me through the issues I didn't notice I had. The steps were very easy and my problems were fixed fast. Chat Support stayed to make sure all apps were working on my computer! I am completely satisfied.

I run a clothing business and have always been a fan of using media to get my designs noticed. I've always used FinalCut Pro and just got tired of all of the basic transitions. So glad I found Pixel Film Studios, PixelFilmStudios have all the best new features I'm looking for at the right price!

Consistently Positive Experience
This company has a very large selection of top quality plugins for FCPX. PixelFilmStudios work to update these plugins and release the updates at no cost to the purchaser. I use their plugins regularly in my projects. On the odd occasion, I've had to contact them and they have offered quick support to the point of resolution. Pixel Film is also very active on social media and is committed to helping their user-base get the most out of FCPX. They've got a very informative series of tutorials over on YouTube that helps to understand the intricacies of FinalCut.

Best FCPX shop online and best customer care.
I am a regular FCPX plugins buyer as I use video for my job (I m a content creator). I bought many great plugins from this site, and all are great with reasonable prices. I recently needed help because of some plugins that I didnt installed properly, and so I got in touch with the customer care thru mail. PixelFilmStudios react very fast and very clearly. Then I shared my screen with one of the agent so that she (Chloe) could fix the issue directly. She succeeded in no time. It was easy and I was very satisfied. If you hesitate; don't. They are the best around. No doubt about it.

Excellent Troubleshooting & Quick Resolution
My support from PFS was awesome! I reached out because I recently bought a new FCP X plugin (Pro3rd Shift) but couldn't get it to work after installing. My support member knew exactly what the issue was (my Mac was missing a folder in the OS system), showed me how to simply create the missing folder, then install the plugin. After that my issue was resolved and now I have some really cool a$$ lower thirds for my client's video! I highly recommend them!

Superior Product for Uleashing Creativity
Pixel Film Studios provides a product that lets creatives explore and opens up possibilities for storytelling that would take countless hours of stress and frustration to achieve on their own. The catalog is filled with ideas and products that allow you to transform your stories in so many ways. Thank you for helping support and unleashing creativity!

The easy-to-follow instructions, and follow-up customer support are geared towards success. I will continue to utilize your product and truly value how you have allowed me to be a better storyteller.

Yes, it is.
The best bang for your buck with all the bells and whistles you need to elevate your project. I've been using their plugins for years and have been happy every time. Drag and drop is all it takes for most of these plugins with the ability to adjust and tweak as needed to fine tune to the desired effect. Extremely pocket friendly. The majority of these effects range between $12.95 to $39 with weekly discount promotions that make it almost impossible to not pick up that plugin that will change the look and feel of any project.

Third time is NOT the charm.
I hate to pile on with yet another bad review but I really hate poor customer support when you buy software that is clearly problematic. We have used a few of the tools from PFS in the past with good results, so when we loaded our beefy MacPro editing deck with the PFS 3D Corporate set we expected it to work fine. After install, the new tools took over the processor capacity and bogged the entire machine down to a slow, stuttering unusable mess and when we quit FCPX the problem stopped. After the usual restart, re-install... still same problem. I asked for help from the PFS team with one unhelpful email reply in three days. Ugh. Something tells me that applying for a refund will be an issue too. I agree with the others, time to avoid these clowns. Besides, their CC billing option on their site no longer works and you must use PayPal. I should have known better.
Will C,

I bought ten plugins a few days ago
Unfortunately I encountered a lot of problems due to the new update of final cut pro.
I therefore directly contacted the after-sales service and I was directly taken care of by the members of pixelfilmstudios. As soon as PixelFilmStudios saw my problem, they did everything to help me and find a solution. And miraculously after several tips from them, we found the problem and all the plugins have worked wonderfully since then.
Many thanks to their quality after-sales service. I will not hesitate to buy plugins from them!

This is the best Support I ever met!
For the first time, I faced the need to contact PixelFilmStudio support and I got the impression that I was talking not with an employee of the company on the other side of the world, but with an old friend! I received a detailed answer to my question and advice on how best to proceed, and not an attempt to make more money from me. Thanks to PixelFilmStudio for their product and especially THANKS to the support staff member Alex who helped me with my issue. PixelFilmStudio Forever!

Awesome Technical Support
I've been purchasing plugins from Pixel Films Studios for a while now and like all software, issues are bound to happen from time to time. Recently I've upgraded computers and needed to migrate my plugins, I have to say that technical support team has been stellar at providing great service when implementation issues came up. (Problem presented when the plugins moved to a different place in the library) With newly purchased plugins PixelFilmStudios were at the ready to fix downloading and installations issues as well. Definitely, these products are part of my go to arsenal to complete projects. I highly recommend them.

World class support
Apart from the price performance for PFS products, the support is world class. Answers and assistance are super fast and easy and understandable even for non-professionals. With my last problem, that a plugin was not installed, the PFS support led me through the manual installation one-to-one. For me as a non-professional, this would have been impossible. That was the second case of this support. And as always, fast and perfect. I am completely satisfied. Support and Products.

Had a redscreen issue that was fixed in no time
I had a problem with a sidebar title plugin after installation. The plug-in installed without errors but it was showing as red in FCP.

I went to the website for the support over a chat. After a short wait, I was connected with an agent who walked me through troubleshooting steps that fixed the issue. It was caused by missing plugin folders in the library folder on my MacBook pro.

Overall very impressed I was worried it will be a dealing with issue morning! Thanks for your help guys.

I recieved great customer service from pixel films studios.
I was having trouble with a plug-in, every time I would add a preset to my timeline to edit my video, the preset would look great, but when the same exact video would upload, I would re-watch it before uploading it to YouTube the presets would always be a checkerboard, this would usually happen with the mouse (that clicks on the subscribe button). So I decided to seek customer service for help, when reaching out to customer service, the agent was kind and patience, the agent sent me the link to a video that would help me solve the problem and stayed with me on chat until I was finally able to have this issue fixed.

The ONLY Plugin Source I need
PixelFilmStudios is my go to source for FCPX plugins. I like that PixelFilmStudios make them incredible versatile across the Apple Creative Suite, and not just limited to FCPX. I can also use these in Apple Motion. These are incredibly powerful plugins. I work in Esports and I use these throughout my projects to enhance my workflow. I currently own 35 of their products, including several of their megapacks (which come with many updates). Get them and watch the world unlock.

Excellent customer service
I have bought several products from PixelFilm Studios and have been very happy with my purchases. Recently, I had a little bit of trouble trying to download and install an update to my Freeze Frame plugin. For some reason, it just wasn't loading. I contacted PixelFilm Studios via the chat feature on their website. As it was a Sunday, an automated message told me that an agent would get back to me on Monday. Much to my delight, however, I received an email within five minutes with detailed instructions, a new download link, and some very kind words too. My plugin was back online and working in a couple of minutes, which meant I could finish my work on time (and with an awesome effect included too). Excellent service!

Horrible and Invades to your Mac Private Data
I have purchased probably 100 plug ins. At first, he did not require a restart or have access to your Finder on Mac or other areas of your computer. Not only do ALL of the plugins I purchased no longer work (I have not had this issue with any other companies) but he wants you to re-download EVERY plug -in AND he wants access to your data on your computer. No way will I give this guy access. It's one guy running this company and I do not trust a random person having access to my computer, files or data. Are you serious? In this day and time to have access to my information... I think not. Beware when downloading, make sure you read ALL of the prompts.

My Go-to resource for FCPX plugins
PFS has become the first place I look for FCPX plugins. Their products are easy to use, well designed and affordable and the selection is vast. It's almost guaranteed that you'll find what you're looking for. The few times I've run into issues their customer service team has been helpful and will go beyond the norm to help fix a problem or guide you toward a valid solution. I wish I could say that about some companies in this field. Bottom line: I rely on PFS and have yet to be let down.

Bug Factory... Stay Away!
I have purchased a few Pixel Film Studios plugins. PixelFilmStudios all bog down my top of the line Mac to the point of no return. Their customer service is not helpful at all. They just send you to an optimization video on Vimeo, which doesn't fix the problem.

All the bad things written about Pixel Film Studios that I have read on MotionVFX and appear to be true. They pump out plugins at an insane rate without any kind of quality control. All sizzle, no substance. And judging from the last couple comments on the MotionVFX article, * doesn't even treat his employees very well.

*Personal information redacted by admin

Absolutely Amazing!
Pixel Film Studios is definitely an amazing company! PixelFilmStudios are dedicated to providing wonderful and captivating plugins that never fail to impress and get the job done! Apart from the fact that they create breathtakingly awesome plugins that make video editing extremely easy, they even go ahead to create electrifying, stunning and very helpful tutorials! I want to assure you that you can't find better service elsewhere, they have the best PR team that I've ever encountered! Believe me, once you try them out, you'll fall in love!

Excellent tech support!
The support team provides instant excellent support. Upon installation of FCPX TEXT Tool, there appear to be missing text from the plugin. However, it turns out to be it's some other problem. The tech support was able to identify the problem for me and solve it right away within 5min. PixelFilmStudios walk me through online step by step and solve the problem instantly. Its a peace of mind to have the excellent tech support team behind their product! I would recommend Pixel Film Studio Products.

Great Customer Service - Live Chat!
I have been using their product for several years and have many (98) of their PlugIns. I had an issue with the plugin registering in Final Cut. The PFS. App didn't help fix the problem... I opened up a live chat on the site and the problems were identified quickly. I had some items that were discontinued/unsupported so PixelFilmStudios were not working. They sent me a file that fixed my other issues. It took less than 8 minutes, including me taking screen shots. All fixed and I'm up and running. I place a suggestion that in a future release of the PFS. App should identify the discontinued/unsupported plugins and allow you to delete it from the computer.

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Description: Pixel Film Studios presents Final Cut Pro X Plugins, Effects, Transitions, Themes and Motion 5 Special Effects. Specifically designed for FCPX.

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