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PinkBlush Maternity

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Horrible quality and care
I wish I could send a picture of the product! I am so disappointed and appalled by what I found in my package! The tie string of the delivery robe I purchased was ripped in half and taped back together! TAPED BACK TOGETHER! Do you not have any pride in the quality of your products who in the world has The audacity to send a product out to a customer after destroying it and trying to relate it by TAPING It! I want my money back right away! Now after reading some of these reviews Im not even sure if Ill get my money one customer said PinkBlush Maternity sent their product back a year a ago and never got the money! The meat you can do it send me a new robe tie. Im am beyond blown away and disgusted, it sucks too because I was going to buy more dresses and now I will never shop here again.

Awful brand
When I first found out I was pregnant I was so excited to purchase from pinkblush because I thought PinkBlush Maternity had very cute clothes. I bought 2 dresses, both smalls, at six weeks. I am an XS-S in every maternity and non maternity brand. Pre pregnancy weight 112 pounds. I could not zip one dress at 6 weeks. The other was a flowy maxi and fit fine. I haven't had a chance to wear it until now at 21 weeks. My belly now pulls the fabric. There is zero stretch. How can clothing be listed as maternity, if they do not accommodate for a belly? Where literally every pregnant woman gets bigger. Maternity clothes are supposed to make you look good when you don't feel like it. Their clothes run very small it's demoralizing.
Not to mention the fabric is very cheap. They are not as expensive as pea in the pod, but I honestly think old navy has better quality clothes.

Elegant maternity shoot dress- just like the pictures
This dress is exactly what I expected. The length with my 1 inches heels fits perfectly. I was impressed how their was room in the shoulders and arms even with the chiffon fabric (I have wide shoulders and often I have to size up for them). I bought my pre-pregnancy size and it fit as expected. The arms are a little short, but not unfashionably. It also seems very post-bump friendly, so I plan to wear it to a wedding next year. 4 stars for quality because I have to trim some loose threads and 4 stars for value because I did wait to buy it on sale before I thought the price was fair.

Heads up this dress does not have a zipper, so you'll have to pull it over your head (noting this for anyone using this dress for a photoshoot).

Soooo rude! Do not buy
Sooo disappointed with customer service!. First time customer are asked to sign up and get 10% off their first purchase. Once you sign up there are TONS of exclusions leaving me unable to buy anything. Called customer service to ask about the 10% off coupon and exclusions, service lady was unbelievable rude basically saying "too bad". This left me so update I refused to buy anything because I do not trust if there is issues in the future PinkBlush Maternity will be handled approprietly.

Dress arrived damaged
Ordered dress for my baby shower. Dress arrived with a hole in the seam. I contacted customer service and was told I would be sent a replacement "if PinkBlush Maternity had it in stock" and was asked for a picture which I sent immediately. Never heard back from them again. Followed up 3 different times over 3 weeks. I took the dress to my local seamstress to repair the hole. On the day of my shower, the zipper completely came away from the dress and wouldn't do up as the teeth had separated. Awful customer service. Nice dress but not worth the hassle and stress.

Over Night Shipping is a FLUKE
I live in Alabama, and pink blush is in California. I ordered a dress and a shirt, and PinkBlush Maternity were supposed to be at my house on Wednesday. It's now saying it'll be here Friday. I understand ordering something last minute isn't their fault, BUT don't make me pay $30 for overnight shipping if it's gonna take 3 days to get here. DO NOT do it if you live far away from their warehouse! I haven't gotten the clothes yet so I can't rate them, but as far as shopping goes, from now on I'd do the standard for free. This is ridiculous.

Need to make more dresses
Many of the dresses on this site look very cute, but the customer service here is poor. PinkBlush Maternity also don't make nearly enough dresses, as it seems that every time I go to buy a dress, it is either out of stock or only available in one size (usually Small). It's very frustrating to waste time looking for a dress, only to be told that the dress is out of stock when you try to actually buy it. I've visited this site a number of the times over the past few months, and I am still yet to successfully buy a dress!

Customer service/returns are terrible
I have spent roughly $1000 dollars on clothes from pinkblush throughout my pregnancy. It's sort of hit or miss. Some of the dresses have a cheap material, and some are much better. The real issue I have is with their wonky return policy. Nothing is stated on their website and then PinkBlush Maternity want to hold you accountable. Not to mention the first time I returned, it cost me over $20 to send It. A couple weeks later, they started letting you print return labels for 5 dollars, but each dress (from different orders, made 1 day apart) have to be sent in 2 different packages. Why? And why isn't this specifically stated anywhere on their site? They now gave me a hard time as if I am the one that did something wrong!

My favorite for maternity clothes!
I was skeptical to order from here at first. I wasn't sure on sizing, shipping, or returns. And you never know how quality will be when you order online. But I have been SO impressed with my orders (and there have been multiple). Orders ship quickly through UPS, quality is great, and returns are SO simple. Most clothes fit in my usual size. There are SO many cute options, and PinkBlush Maternity send out discount often. I am much happier with the pieces purchased from here than I am with anything from anwhere else! Thank you PinkBlush!

I love this robe!!
I bought a maternity robe from Pinkblush and I love this robe!! Was worried the sizes would run small but was happily surprised when I tried it on and it was actually more loose on me than anything! I am pregnant and have been looking for something for the hospital that I can wear when baby arrives so I can look cute without being fully dressed AND be able to easily breastfeed!! I love it so much though that I've already started wearing it around the house!!

Overpriced and Worst Quality
Yeah their stuff is cute, just don't ever plan on wearing it more than once, let alone washing it. I wish I would have read reviews before purchasing. The quality is atrocious. I can't believe PinkBlush Maternity charge a premium for this garbage. Every shirt and dress I bought is this super thin overly stretchy material that shrunk in weird places AND every single sweater (also thin) balled up on the first wash. And it gets worst is their cardigans. I bought a plaid one that literally came out of the first wash WITH HOLES. I'm not even kidding! And the other cardigan is apparently made out of some horrible smelling plastic/polyester threading that I've washed THREE times and STILL can't get the smell out. I haven't even worn it because I don't want to smell it all day especially while I'm pregnant. I did return pants because their sizing is WAY off. I made sure to document my order and read the directions carefully made everything as simple as possible for them so they didn't try to rip me off, and I STILL had to contact them for my refund. Do not buy this crap!

Empty Envelope
So I mailed back 2 shirts that were simply too tight on me. I went through and printed out the return address label, folded the shirts and neatly stuffed them in an envelope that I sealed and then applied another layer of packing tape. I had a tracking number and realized that PinkBlush Maternity had received my package yet I had not received a refund after 2weeks. So I sent an email to see what the hold up was and I was told that they received the envelope, but that it was empty inside. Ummm empty?!?! She then proceeded to tell me that when they opened it there was nothing inside and that the envelope did not appear to be tampered with. Ummm then where are my shirts? I asked them to send a picture of the envelope as proof to both me and Fedex so that I could file a claim. I was then told that they do not take pictures. Ummm Im sorry, but if I received an empty envelope I would take pictures as proof! That was $100 that I will never get back and the lady was so rude and said it wasnt their fault and blah blah blah. I will never order from them again!

Highly recommended
I never write reviews on products but I was so happy with this purchase I had to share my thoughts. I ordered a dress from pink blush on a whim last minute since the weather was going to be unusually cold the day of my baby shower and I didn't want to wear the summery cooler dress I had picked out earlier. I was expecting a maxi dress type cotton material but was very happy that it was a thicker higher quality dress than I was expecting. It was true to size, and worked great on my shorter 5'3 stature - no dragging material on the floor! The thicker fabric also made it very flattering over all of those pregnant curves and my baby bump. I felt great in that dress and was so thankful it turned out that way because I never buy clothes online, let alone at the last minute. I got tons of compliments on how beautiful the dress was. Highly recommended and I will definitely be ordering from pink blush now that I know the quality is there!

Terrible customer service
Was excited to find a cute Maternity dress for my Baby Shower. I couldn't decide on one so I purchased two. Unfortunately there was a glitch in their system and the 25% off code CRAVING25 wouldn't work. I then tried to get the 10% coupon code for signing up for email but within several hours and trying with two email addresses it too didn't show up. I went ahead and ordered the dresses and tried to call the help line however PinkBlush Maternity were closed. I wrote two emails and finally decided to just call them back today.
I asked the lady on the phone if they could honor the BLACKFRIDAY special that happened less than 9 hours after my order where the initial special wouldn't work, she said no but she would honor the 25%. I then asked her to cancel my order and I would just reorder it even though it would just save them shipping if she could just honor the deal instead of me sending it back. She said "no, your order should be there on Wednesday and you can just follow the instructions for a return and just reorder it at that point if you want to."
I asked to speak with a manager and she said no one was available.
No sorry, no thank you for your order, no real care for much. I've worked in customer service for years and I feel this could have been handled much better and with more care. I will be removing the items placed on my registry and change them up for a different maternity store. Unfortunate.

Amazing quality & super fast shipping
I had placed my order on a Monday and received my order by the next day. I live in Ontario so I figured this order would take at least a couple weeks and was happily surprised when I showed up from work and my order had already been there. It would have given me a chance to return or look elsewhere for the item I was looking for. I ordered three dresses, one for my baby shower, one for my maternity photos, and another for Christmas Eve dinner. All dresses turned out to be better then I had expected. The prices were amazing for the quality and the stress free shipping. I actually placed another order after this one.

Amazing Quality
We received our order very quickly, within 2 days of the online purchase. My daughter loves the quality and style of every item we purchased however a pair of jeans and overalls have had to be returned as PinkBlush Maternity are too small. The size chart indicated to order your regular size but this wasn't the case for these items and we need to order at least one size up. We will definitely be purchasing different sizes of the same items.

So Stinky
This is my second order from PinkBlush Maternity. The clothes again smell so bad when you take them out of the wrap. I don't know why PinkBlush Maternity have always smelled super chemically when you open them. The smell goes away after a FEW washes and letting them air out. Doesn't seem so safe for pregnant women. I will have to return the overalls I purchased seeing as they probably might've just barely fit me before my pregnancy. But with my second trimester bump, there was no way I could bottom the sides up.

Well made and super cute
I love the clothes so much! PinkBlush Maternity are all well made and so much cuter than other maternity clothes companies.

I am an 8-10, so I ordered L in shirts, and they all fit great! Got the 28 in skinny jeans, and I need tonorder up a size. They are true denim and have no stretch. I just wasn't sure, since other jeans I've gotten from different companies not only smelled funny, but were way too big! I haven't done the exchange yet to rate service or returns just yet.

Low quality bad return policy
I bought 5 items from this site thinking I would be able to return anything that does not fit. I knew I would have to swallow the price of shipping but what PinkBlush Maternity don't tell you on their website is that they charge a restocking fee of $5/item! I wouldn't have bought here had I known that! One of the dresses I have worn 2x and it is already pilled up. The clothing all feels thin and poorly constructed. Not buying here again.

Bad quality; maternity clothes are not true maternity.
Early on in my pregnancy, I ordered a bunch of items from pink blush and I was so excited to be able to use them. Once I was far enough along to need maternity clothes, I found that the leggings I purchased began to literally fall apart at the seams upon the third time I wore them. Unfortunately, the return window had closed.
Additionally, I ordered four or five maternity jumpers that I was really excited about. PinkBlush Maternity were pretty roomy before my bump was present. Unfortunately, there is literally no room for my baby bump because the jumpers cause front and back wedgies when I tried to wear them at 7 months pregnant. Imagine that; maternity clothes that don't work for a pregnant person. The clothing is either poorly made, badly designed, or both.

It was good but cmon
If you want reviews don't make it so hard, you guys were great and I will be coming back for my wife. But if you want reviews you're making people do too much. PinkBlush Maternity are annoying enough to get around to, opening the email, selecting a star level, etc. those extra things and the "I am not a robot" things are too much. I almost went with my instincts and exited, but I'm drunk and I thought I would be nice and fill you in. I bet you would get twice as much reviews if you simplified it.

Returns are a JOKE
I had bought a pair of pants for my friend on July 2nd for her baby shower that was on August 5th. I reached out to them on August 11th (after my friend had tried them on and found PinkBlush Maternity didn't fit) and asked them how I would do a return. I was told that I couldn't return the item for a refund as it had been 30 days from the shipping date. I have never heard of such a short return period from a clothing company and now will not be able to get ANY of my money back. I obviously still had to get my friend something that would work and ended up losing $77 because of it, not to mention the additional money I spent on a REAL clothing company with a decent return policy. NEVER SHOP HERE.

Returned items still no refund
So I returned items to them since my baby shower was canceled due to covid-19. PinkBlush Maternity have had the returned product for over two weeks I called 3x about my refund that claims on their website it takes 5-7 days am they tell me I will be getting it tomorrow everytime still no refund. Had to buy my own package slip because they said they were sending to my email which never did. I will be calling my bank soon and claiming fraud on them they have the returned product within th correct time frame and still haven't returned my money. Don't order from here unless you wanna get robbed!

Everything is made for people with no butts
I am returning the jeans and items I ordered because my rear end sticks out when I wear the jeans. PinkBlush Maternity are quite a bit loose on my legs, too... so I don't think sizing up would help.

It seems like that's how most of your jeans are designed. I've ordered and returned 16+ pairs of jeans from pink blush. They are all SO CUTE and I'd love to fit into them, but for some reason, the jeans seems to be way too short, too wide of legs, and only go halfway up my rear end.

I have finally kept one pair of jeans that I just wear a long shirt with so as not to show my rear end when I bend over, ha!

The clothes are beautiful and of good quality. PinkBlush Maternity also gave great sales and the shipping is always pretty fast but the sizing is so inconsistent. I have smalls the fit like larges and larges that I can barely squeeze into. I have learned that everything generally fits rather small. Pre pregnancy I was a small and ordered accordingly but still had fit issues. As I'm now in the middle of my pregnancy and have gained a little, I just buy everything in a large unless the reviews skew differently for the item.

Great Products. Great Service
Ordered a couple dresses and a robe from here. Was delivered right on time, and packaged nicely so it didn't matter that the mailman left it in the rain! PinkBlush Maternity were all made of soft and sturdy material and the patterns are adorable. I had to return two of the dresses because one was a duplicate that I accidentally made, and the other was a size too big. The process was so easy and they were very understanding!
Will defiantly be getting nursing clothes through them!

Fake Business
I made my first order and upon receipt one item was too small. I have called every number I can find and PinkBlush Maternity either are not working numbers or go straight to someone's personal cell phone voicemail. There is no easy way to return or print a label. Even on the packing slip, they direct one to a shady website which is questionable has no license, and asks for personal information while your computer security goes crazy. I am so disappointed.

Adorable maternity dresses
I ordered a few dresses from PinkBlush. The dresses were for my niece and she loved them all. As a matter of fact there was no card, and she thought she had ordered them herself and forgot. She had been looking at these dresses herself. Apparently PinkBlush is her favorite retailer for maternity clothes, and I had no idea. I just saw some really cute dresses I thought would look nice on her. We had a really good laugh over the whole thing. She looks adorable in them all.

Best maternity clothes sight I've found
I read a lot of really negative reviews on here about this sight & it honestly really surprised me. I've ordered from here a lot since being pregnant & everything has been perfect. I always click the cheapest shipping (5-7 day) & it usually arrives after 3 days. There's always a 20% coupon (or more) to use & the clothes are super cute. Fitting I would say runs a tad small so I always size up but I love Pinkblush Maternity.

Terrible Return Policy
The return policy is a rip off. Who has a 30 day return policy these days? More specifically, why would a company in this particular retail niche have such a policy? Pregnant women have very difficult time finding clothing that fits well. PinkBlush allows little time to assess the fit before revoking the return privileges. It's very poor customer service. I won't be purchasing anything else from PinkBlush and will discourage others from doing so.

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