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Pink Lily

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Wonderful service!
I love Pink Lily, the clothes & accessories Pink Lily offer and the wonderful service they provide. I have been a customer and Pink Perks member (please revamp this program) for a few years now and the few times when I have had a question or concern, I received a prompt response. Once items ship from the warehouse, it gets to me pretty quickly but it can be a tad frustrating to get a shipment notification (label printed!) but the package sits for several days sometimes until their bulk shipment is picked up. The clothes and service make it worth the wait though! I would love to see more (or actual) perks for Magenta tier members. I accumulate points but a $20 coupon does nothing for me when a 15 or 20% code that everyone has will always save me more and I can't combine the two. I'm a big fan as are many others but I believe in being rewarded for being loyal to a company.

Wrong size
Hi guys I want to say how impressed I am with the customer service I received. I ordered a hoodie in a medium, on Black Friday! When I picked the color I wanted, I must have not picked my size again. So The next morning I saw that I had ordered it in a small. I emailed them and Pink Lily corrected it within 12hrs without needing anymore information from me! My hoodie is on its way In the correct size! && I have no worries about it! Thanks Pink Lily! I'm so excited to get my hoodie!

Great customer service
I love there items. I recently got item that had small defect in it, and there customer was awesome. I received a defective product and Pink Lily were amazing and offered me refund or credit since item was sold out. I chose the credit since I'll be shopping for fall items soon. They were so great and issued credit in like 5 minutes. They were great. I can't say that for all companies because many out there right now give customers a hard time for returns. They def were so helpful.

Misleading Policy
I purchased 3 tops from this site and Pink Lily did not fit well. 2 were marked "clearance", so when I tried to return I received a message that they were "Final Sale". At no time was I informed that " clearance" is "final sale" when finalizing my transaction which most stores will do. This is misleading at the very least. It was listed in a disclaimer, so I have no action to take. You can only make a return for credit AND pay for return shipping.

Great Customer Service
I've ordered from Pink Lily 6 times now. My most recent ordered I place on 12.31.2020. I never really created an account, just always checked out as a guest. For some reason I decided to go ahead and create an account for a login after I had placed my order. I saw that there was a Pink Perks Reward Program, if you earned 3000 Pink Perks by 12.31.2020 you would get Magenta Status for the whole year. The order from the 31st was double points or something like that, but I ended up with 2130 Pink Perks. So, I emailed customer support asking if it was possible to go back and give me credit for the other 3 orders I had placed that month.(I went a bit "ham" on the AMAZING sales Pink Lily kept having all month.) They replied back that same day thanking me for shopping with them, and that they updated my points for those orders. Now I have 5,254 points and Magenta status for the year. So thanks Pink Lily!

Very unhappy
I ordered 4 shirts from the site. One was a sweater which I will say does fit perfectly. However the other 3 were dressy tops Pink Lily were all very small and cheap feeling material but didn't cost cheap. When it comes to returns you are only allowed store credit, well I used a coupon offered for my first time shopping they said if you use discounts you can't get your money back on the items for the store credit. Wish I would have known that before using it.

Save your money
I have bought several items from pinklily and I was new to online boutique shopping the clothes looked so cute I jumped right in started buying all kinds of stuff but it was a different story when I received my items the Large tops never fit right and the dresses to I was concerned and thought maybe Pink Lily sewed a medium tag in my clothing sounds crazy right well I went online and some other girls were having the same problem tops not fitting then I go on tbe facebook page and you see all these happy pinklily shoppers in their new outfits but they are saying how much they weigh and their size and you really have to read the description of the item their large is really a medium and Tori even made a comment that plus size models just didn't work out on her site well what does she consider plus size? So I found other boutiques and ordered from several the Tennessee Jane. Nanamacs. Tarah Sutton and Drop the walls many more their large all fit and one dress actually i bought from pinklily squeezed my boobs and bought the same exact dress from a different boutique and their large fit please do your research there is other boutiques

Great customer service
I recently ordered 2 sweaters from the $20 sale and I knew when I purchased them that it was final sale since it was a promotion. The first day I wore one of the sweaters I noticed a big hole in the collar. I was disappointed but I took a picture and contacted customer service and I got a quick response the following Monday (I emailed over the weekend). I was hoping for a replacement but wasn't sure if that was something Pink Lily offered. To my surprise I was offered a replacement sweater or store credit. I happily took the replacement sweater and they shipped it the next day! I know that the material is probably more fragil than I thought when purchasing but it was so cute and soft! Pink Lily offered me great customer service. I've ordered from them before and I have loved all their stuff! To people saying they couldn't return sale items, I don't know how you couldn't see because it has always been clear to me on the site! LOVE Pink Lily and will continue supporting them!

Terrible customer service.
I ordered a sweater in my usual size but wanted to exchange it because it was HUGE. Pink Lily would not process an exchange and when I went to reorder it it was gone. I had to pay for delivery as well as for the return. They would not refund me for the sweater but gave me a store credit instead. When I went to use my store credit, my debit card on record was charged instead. I contacted them immediately via e-mail ( I couldn't reach them by phone) and they said they'd cancel the order but they didn't. The next thing I knew, I had receieved an e-mail stating my order was being shipped. When I emailed again to ask them to use my store credit instead they refused. The quality of the item I received was not great either. I will stick with companies like Amazon and Nordstrom with free shipping and receptive customer service.

Exceeds all expectations!
I have always loved everything I've ordered from Pink Lily. Fortunately for me, I've never had to interact with their customer service until just recently. Not even 10 minutes after I placed an order, I received a push message with a code for a site wide discount. I couldn't believe my bad timing. I emailed them to see if it were a possibility to cancel my order and reorder with the code. Not only did Pink Lily refund the code's percentage, they did it in less than 20 minutes from me reaching out. I personally thought it was a shot in the dark asking, but they were so kind and gracious about it. It's nice to know how much they value their customers. That's hard to find!

Great Customer Service & Quality Products
Love my Pink Lily clothes... great quality, unique, and so cute! During Black Friday weekend Pink Lily had 10s of thousands of orders come in (which is definitely stressful). I placed two orders during that weekend sale, and things were getting sold out quick. Nevertheless, my two full orders all went through (about 9 items total). I got confirmation emails that everything "shipped out", but then I got follow up emails later on that said two items were actually out of stock and I would get a refund for them. I was really confused, as they told me previously that everything had shipped. I reached out to customer service and asked to purchase one of the same tops that was suddenly "out of stock" in a different size (which was in stock) for the same price I did on Black Friday, and at first, the representative couldn't do much for me. Once I explained the situation further, she was so helpful and issued me a discount code that covered the shipping charge I would incur and the discount I previously received, making the top the same price as it was when I ordered it. Great customer service! Only docked them a star because the initial situation was super confusing and they shouldn't have said it shipped out if it didn't!

Wonderful Products & Customer Service
I have ordered from this company a few times now and each time I have received my items quickly (within a couple days usually) using the standard free shipping. I have loved everything I ordered despite some sizing issues which I will explain further. Everything has been wonderful quality and for the most part looks just like advertised. The sizing issues I have found are out of 6 tops or sweaters I've ordered every top/sweater has run a bit bigger than the sizes the models are shown to wear as well as the sizing chart. Per the models heights, weights, the sizes Pink Lily are shown wearing, and the Pink Lily size chart listed - I should be an XL (which is what I usually wear in other brands) however from Pink Lily I really could have ordered Large in everything. I have still made them work and they still look very nice on, but they do appear big/baggy when some of the tops were not meant to be as they were to be form fitting. I still have received many compliments though as everyone thought the tops were meant to be a comfort fit style and actually liked the way it looked but for me I personally would have preferred the form fit as that was the reasoning I purchase them. I was not able to return anything I've purchased thus far due to them all being "Sale" items. In the return policy it states "no returns on Final Sale merchandise", however only one item was listed as "Final Sale", but I later found out anything listed as a "Sale" item is also considered to be "Final Sale" item. So that was why I didn't return for a smaller size. I wish they would allow "Sale" and "Final Sale" items to at least be exchanged for a different size if available. I understand maybe not offering refunds if someone just changes their mind but it is a little frustrating to not be able to exchange the size. The very first purchase I made I had purchased a sweater listed as "Final Sale", which ended up it was too big so I contacted them about trying to exchange for a smaller size, which they explained their policy. However, they did offer to issue me a one time courtesy store credit upon return of the sweater and said I could then use the store credit to reorder the sweater in a smaller size, but they would not refund the shipping fees for the initial order, the shipping fees to return the sweater, nor credit/wave the shipping fees if I were to reorder the sweater therefore I chose to not return the sweater as I would not be out all the shipping fees. To their credit they did try to work with me a little despite their policy clearly stated that sweater as a no return item. During one of my other purchases I had an issue with my discount code not taking and not receiving a free item so I contacted customer service in which they promptly credited my account the difference so that I received the proper discount as well as gave me a store credit for lack of the free item. So, for my experience with customer service they have been great both times for the issues I've had or have attempted to accommodate me as best as they could. On a side FYI: I do want to state that I have noticed ALL of the products I have purchased thus far have all been hand wash and line dry only items, so I highly recommend you take that into consideration when making your purchase.

My favorite place to shop!
I've been buying clothes from Pink Lily for a year now, this boutique is very addictive, I've spent lots of money on a regular basis, the afterpay is a great thing. I never have issues with my orders, I get them relatively quick except around Christmas time which is understandable. I accidentally put one of my sweaters in the dryer and tore it up badly and it was sold out but Pink Lily gave me store credit for it when Pink Lily didnt have to with it being my mess up. The customer service team was very prompt, kind and professional. I will never stop buying from this Boutique, you rock Pink Lily and Thank you for the cute clothes that I am always getting complimented on. I always tell people where I get my cute clothes from because people always ask.

Great clothes and awesome customer service
I've been ordering from Pink Lily for about 4 months now and I absolutely love everything I've purchased. Pink Lily also have great customer service and are very helpful. I've ordered from a lot of boutiques, and this is by far my favorite one. They have the best selection of clothes and shoes. I always get a lot of compliments when I wear something I bought from them. I will continue to order from them regularly and also highly recommend this boutique to anyone looking for amazing clothes.

On Point Customer Service!
This was my first time ordering from Pink Lily and it's been a great experience! I've always been skeptical of ordering clothes online from a retailer that I've never bought from before, but I love that Pink Lily show their clothes on all different body styles and give their measurements :) That helped me so much! I received my order today and realized that I ordered a mismatch bikini top and bottom... My fault all around! But the customer service through the chat was really quick and I love that you're chatting with an actual person! The only thing I wish I could do was a simple exchange of bikini tops (for the one I meant to get to match my bottoms...), but it's okay! I'm glad I got my order fast (with 2-day shipping) so I could correct my error and order the correct top in time for Memorial Day weekend :) I'll definitely be ordering again from Pink Lily!

Incredibly Helpful
I just LOVE Pink Lily! Their clothes have always been of quality and arrive so quickly after ordering. The only time I ever had something be lost in transit, Pink Lily promptly offered me options and ultimately refunded me. Their responses were very kind and immediate. I appreciate the business as a whole and will definitely continue shopping with them! Also, the amount of compliments I have received from my purchases is just an added bonus :)

Superior Customer Service
I made a typo on my shipping address which I didn't realize until the day of delivery, USPS ended up sending my order back to Pink Lily and after contacting them and speaking with Ashley, Pink Lily quickly resent my order with my corrected address. They were kind and courteous and fast with their response time. I will definitely be ordering again and letting my friends and family know how great Pink Lily is!

The best!
My all time favorite boutique! The quality of their clothing and prices can't be beat! Recently I got an email that a certain thing I'd been eyeing was on sale for a certain price, when I added it to my cart it was $8 over what the email said. I went ahead and purchased it (still a great price) but emailed them, so they'd know the prices weren't equaling. Cassie immediately messaged back asking for my order number and refunded the $8. She was so polite! I've never had customer service like that - even from small, small boutiques. SO impressed! Love this store even more now!

I recently purchased two hats from them. I completely understand that delivery will be delayed due to COVID. However, USPS have lost my packages in the mail the past few times, which I have noticed a pattern. I reached out to them and asked how long should I wait since my package hasn't moved or updated for 7 days. Pink Lily responded passively with their generic email they probably send to everyone. I emailed back explaining the situation and pretty much told me it's my problem now that they shipped the item out. If I need anything then I should go and contact USPS to find out where my package is. I AM SO SHOCKED and upset. I've never had any retail company/store big or small said that to a customer. I HIGHLY do not recommend shopping here. They don't care about their customers.

Great customer service
Love the customer service with Pink Lilly. Very responsive. I do wish though that instead of store credit we could get a full refund. My most recent purchase I returned all items. I ordered a bathing suit top and the bag it was in was labeled top but the actual product was bottoms. No fault to whoever was pulling the inventory. The 2 tanks and the shirts I ordered, I didn't love the material. I will order again from Pink Lilly but wishing I had a refund instead of the credit! Thanks for then quick response with the customer service team!

Total Scam
If I could give less than one star I would. I ordered quite a few things and literally none of them were good quality and the sizes were all over the place. I reached out for a refund and learned that Pink Lily will only give store credit and of course I have to pay to ship what I got back to them. I have zero interest in trying any of their other products. How can you justify a store credit only return policy when you are an online boutique and people cannot try things on first?! This policy is listed on the website, but have fun scrolling to try to find it. Do not give them your money.

Do not order
Terrible return policy. I ordered 2 items, that took 20 days to get. Both items did not fit and Pink Lily said I can't return because they are sale items. One item was not a sale item and the other one said sale. However they said in their policy any sale items you can't return. The company needs to make that clear to the buyer that it's a FINAL sale item not just a sale item. I will never order again. There are much better companies out there!

Love this Boutique
Not sure how Pink Lily has such a low rating - but I am obsessed with this shop. Pink Lily are quick with their returns and shipping out their items. They also now have models in each size so you can see how the item fits your size instead of how it looks on someone who is a size 0-2 like most places. They also do SO many giveaways and have so many discount codes that make shopping there very affordable.

To read these other bad reviews is confusing to me because I had an awesome experience. My sister buys all of her clothing from Pink Lily and is obsessed. I loved how the clothing was all different and things I do not see at the store. In one of the sweaters I ordered, the knitting started to come undone. I asked them to send me another without my receipt or anything; Pink Lily were very understanding. My clothes came in quickly and customer service was great. The only downside of this company is how expensive the clothes are. I feel that the prices are unreasonable and unnecessary.

Great Customer Service
I have always had great experiences with Pink Lily's customer service team. Anytime I have either had a general question or needed something resolved, I have dealt with nothing but excellent courtesy. Pink Lily respond quickly and professionally, but also make me feel like more than just a numbered customer. Every piece of clothing I have ever purchased has been exceptional quality. And if it comes in Pink-you have my heart! Can't say enough good things about this boutique.

Purchased priority shipping and my order is well beyond the guaranteed arrival date!
Customer service doesn't do much when you contact them. Pink Lily take days to respond and finally when they do, they suggest the obvious, to track your order using the system tracking.
I have been doing this and my order is beyond days of guaranteed arrival still not yet received.
I had an event to wear my items to this weekend and paid the extra cost for shipping which was not cheap and apparently my items haven't even yet left the city they were coming from yet. Very disappointing, I was not offered any compensation for paying the cost for shipping either.
Unless you have an event months and months away and have excessive time to wait, do not bother ordering from this company. I just hope my stuff fits and all is good with the product because they dont seem to have very good customer service.

A good place for experience, but not worth recommending.
You are always being threatened with a write up in inbound. That's how the morning meeting starts. You are under constant loaded gun here. Fun environment, please... give me a break. The managers definitely have their favorites so prepare for a double standard too. Hard work is not rewarded or recognized here. Pink Lily are in the middle of changing their racking or whatever, and no one has confidence that the "new" system is going to work. No one. But I'm sure the lowly employees will get blamed for that too (not management). The hardest part of this is you can't even voice a complaint or concern without it being noted in your personal file that you are being belligerent or noncompliant. The most enjoyable part of the day is when you get to clock out. No joy in inbound. A good place to start however if you need experience. If you can remind yourself that "I am going to leave a soon as I can", then you can treat this as an "in-between" job experience.

Great customer service!
I ordered the wrong size and e-mailed customer service to cancel my order. Within an hour, I received a response back letting me know my order was cancelled and that a refund was being worked. I was refunded within 24 hours. I rarely experience great customer service from online boutiques, and I found Pink Lily's service to be exceptional. I've always loved their clothes and now I know I love the people behind the scenes too!

Fantastic service!
I was incredibly thank you for how helpful the Pink Lily team was! My mom had ordered a few things for me for Christmas around Thanksgiving. She did not give me any of the items until Christmas and did not take anything out of the packaging. One of my sweaters had a hole in it when I finally did open it. Even though their policy states items with defects must be claimed within 3 days, the team was super helpful and understanding of the situation and helped me out. I am grateful for them!

Outstanding customer service
I was placing an order and meant ti entered a promo code but hit submit order instead and had no time to cancel. I was not promoted to a review order before it was placed. I online chatted with customer service and said I wanted to cancel my order. It was handled so fast since I was in panic mode! I was very impressed with the quick response and Pink Lily handled my problem without delay! My credit care was immediately credited! So thankful!

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