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Working Experience with Picoworkers is a marketplace where one can earn by microjobs who has general web surfing knowledge. One can earn and also hire freelancer for to do work in same place. Picoworkers work with people all over the world. So job and workers ready for all-time. And one more Important ting most of the reliable withdrawal method includes in

Report to and ASAP if you are victimized by this site
Make a report to OR OR for Scam and Fraudulence activities.
Account Ban without any reason. Fraudulent activities by the site owner.
Make a report to ICANN for banning request and make scam or fraud report to
There are lots of people victimized by this scam site.
So please make a complaint to ICANN for banning request of this scam site and make a police report to Santa Barbara because the address mentioned on their site is 27 W. Anapamu St. #140
Santa Barbara, CA 93101. But there is no any kradstreet, inc named or llc named registered company in this place. Police ensured me on the 1st of December 2020 over phone. However everyone should make a complaint to the mentioned police department because the address is written on their site illegally and police has to know that lots of people around the world are victimized by this scam site. Additionally everyone can send a scam or fraud report to OR Alternatively make awareness among the job posters or advertisers so that Picoworkers avoid this scam site to invest and post jobs in the future.
Message to the job poster, Please avoid posting job and invest on this scam and fraudulent site otherwise you will be victimized like others and will loss your money like thousands of people worldwide.

Best way to eanr money with picoworkers
I am try to defferent tipes of online jobs but this is easist and trustest way earn real money. Done easy task daily get my owne job
Can access any contries workers
Picoworkes is best for me
Earn amount will depending your spending time but lot more types task and small jobes are very easy can do anyone any time be honest with your job
Good work and goodluck picoworkes comiunity

Another time wasting site...
Picoworkers site is just giving you microjobs that really pays you so little and the work to be done is so critical. You need to watch small ads and do small jobs to earn little.
You are just wasting time and according to many users their account were blocked when you are going to withdraw the amount.
Now its on your hand whether you want to use this time wasting site or do your own bussiness and earn big amount.

I think they're Scammers
I've always worked honestly on the platform and already managed to withdraw some money there.

However, I was working normally and suddenly my account was suspended for an unfair reason. I always did the tasks correctly, my success rate was 99%.

I went to see picoworkers reddit and many workers have had the same problem of having their accounts suspended and losing all the money Picoworkers had for some time.

It's disgusting because it takes a long time to raise money on the platform and suddenly your account is suspended and the picoworkers team ignores you. This leads me to believe that they scamming some workers. I don't recommend it anymore.

Great way to earn with micro tasks
My name is Adriana and I am Brazilian; I've been looking for a long time for a way to earn some money on the internet, when I found picoworkers, I couldn't believe it, in the videos I watched, about micro tasks, when I started working, aki and to my surprise I'm loving this job, I'm getting it pay some bills. I have multiple sclerosis, so I can't work out, and picoworkers, it's been a blessing for me, hope these jobs stay for many, many years, I highly recommend it to everyone. I just really have to thank. Thank you, picoworkers.

Best way to earn good cash without any skill
Picoworkers is the one of best way that I have found recently to earn extra money. Workers in this site do not need any skills, no matter how broke you are you will surely earn some free cash from this site. And if you are ready to register or for who are finding it difficult to register? I will leave a link, you can use this to start your registration and start earning free bucks from microjobs now

How you can earn simply by being a picoworker Worker.
I have been a Member of Picoworkers team and have really appreciated the kind of Transparency that exists in the platform. All my earnings from May 2020 upto now have been Confirmed and I have get Paid for. Picoworkers is a legit online platform that come generate you reasonable income by doing simple small tasks. I would like to recommend all those doubting to try and appreciate the outcome.

Picoworkers é otimo / Picoworkers is over the top!
Site de microtarefas simples, no começo apanhei um pouco, mas o suporte do site me ajudou muito, em especial com algumas dicas sobre como evitar spam ou provas duplicadas. Recomendo pra quem quer uma grana extra. Só não espere ficar rico sem suar. // Simple micro-task site, at first I got a little trouble with some proofs, but the site support helped me a lot, especially with some tips on how to avoid spam or duplicate proof. I recommend it to anyone who wants some extra money. Just don't expect to get rich without breaking a sweat, lol.

Picoworkers efficiency
I've been on this site for a few months and honestly it's amazing.
It's easy to navigate and to earn
This is simply the best microworking site I've ever seen.
Support is fast and reliable
Withdrawal is.
The only drawback is the fees and spread involved in withdrawals but overall you can't find a better microworking site like picoworkers

I love Picoworkers!
I really like picoworkers, it is a page where you can earn money, depending on what you work, such as constructive criticism, I just would like them to improve in time, sometimes I do not finish finishing the tasks and other people have already done them sent, and also the commissions seem a bit high for withdrawing money, outside of that it is an excellent page, hopefully Picoworkers can improve those couple of little things

''Picoworkers '' website of microwork.
Guys you need to buildup a app. App is very easy to use either website browsing.
I am happy, for you guys now i can handle my pocket money.
Few month ago the Withdrawals fee were lower.
But now its fee is too much, like uper then 20%.
You have do something now about withdrawals fee.
I thik you need reduce the fee minimun 5%.

Yeah 20% fee not also so much.
Also thanks to 'Picoworkers' you give us a good opportunity to earn money.
Thank you so much.
(Worker: forid77)

Very good opportunity to earn from online work.
Picoworker is doing really great in providing online work. Payment is quick and timely. Picoworkers work on improving the system and it has done really in terms of improving the user experience. Customer support is also very nice and prompt. The not only solves queries but also take suggestions positively. Hope they will work on fees soon also.

Bad experience with
This site has many problems, including:
* The process of registering a new user, the site does not send a confirmation code in the user's email most of the time.
* The user may travel a lot between countries, and this site bans the user's account in the belief that the user is using a VPN, and in fact, the user's IP changes as a result of his travel between countries.
* Support When you tell them a specific problem, Picoworkers often don't answer the problems the user is facing.
* The site does not give the task executors their right, as many task owners defraud the task executors, and when the task executor reports this to support the site, the site support does not take the necessary measures against the fraudsters.

I think that this site is the best in his field
And that for reasons of course
Starting with the first, in the worker side there, s a lot of works many
You will work until you will get bored.
Second, with picoworkers you can also be an employer and post your works to the people and it will be completed fast.
And last, best of all, the payment is really done fast
I request a payment and within 15 hours exactly the payment was completed and i got my money into paypal and there, s also other methods of paymentof course.

Picoworkers super site for microworking
Of all the Microworking sites I do, Picoworkers went to the first place. Why? Ever since I've been working Picoworkers they've been constantly improving, and doing so very well. Earnings are solid, and within a few hours Picoworkers transfer to the account. The site is very transparent, and very clear and understandable. I would recommend it to anyone who needs extra earnings. Many greetings to the team Picoworkers.

Excellent small job site
I work on this site since 2017 and earned 900 USD. Picoworkers pay within 1 day and their service is excellent, there are so many experts workers and employers here. The job will be complete instantly perfectly, the support team is very cordial and authentic. I very much recommended PICOWORKER and request 1 more visit to this site you will get proof of my words, thanks.

A few months ago this was one of the best sites in its category, but now Picoworkers are charging ridiculous fees. When we need a review on some work they don't analyze and don't respond, even with the evidence we send showing that our work is correct they keep the employee's wrong decision. Unfortunately the site is in bad shape.

Picoworkers acting like spammer
Picoworkers tell us about 24/7 service but in reality they don't take their work seriosly. They ask for verification after 2 or 3 withdrawals and keep us waiting for almost 2 months to verify. And that's why workers looses spirit for working. What kind of 24/7 service is this if we can't take our payment out when we need it?
And why should we pay 26% extra vat? Make it like before or you can increase 5% instead. Or else that decision is going to make regret picoworkers. Everybody will lQuit.

An well site to Earn & Easy and Fast withdraw process
Hello, I have written about the site before and shared how fantastic and friendly their support is. Today I will talk about their withdrawal process. You may have several choices here. The most fantastic thing is that though Picoworkers said that withdrawal may take up to 10 business day but in reality it takes less than two hours only. Just Fantastic.
Thanks Picoworkers.

Picoworkers one of the most trust site.
Picoworkers is a very good and trustworthy site. This site I working for more than 2 years and more than earn 500$. But Picoworkers are no bad problems and others with me. I am really satisfied with their service. And I recommend every employee and seller working with Picoworkers. Picoworkers change my lifestyle. So, thankfully Picoworkers. Thanks, everyone.

Excellent Microjobs Platform for both workers and employers
I have been working at Picoworkers about one month.My one months experience is awesome. There's nothing to worry about. Picoworkers has the most user-friendly interface I have ever used. Most of the employers are friendly and give good payment for tasks. Sometimes Jobs get reduced. I don't know exact reason for that. But it may be due to the site fees for putting jobs by employers or may be due to increase workers.Jobs get vanished as soon as Picoworkers put. I suggest the administrators of Picoworkers to lower the site fees for the employers.It will be helpful for both employers and administrators get more profit. Many employers will get attracted to this site due to low cost and It also minimise the completion for jobs in workers cause we have many jobs to do.My overall experience is great. I wish Picoworkers in my wholehearted "The best of Luck" and also "May the Picoworkers get success on each and every single step, May famous more and more in the future"

"The fastest and easiest way to earn money"
Small gigs give big results. That is true. Picoworkers is the best website I ever had for small gigs. We can do the small tasks and earn money. Picoworkers are giving very fast withdrawal to Skrill, litecoin, PayPal.if you are doing more satisfying jobs your level going up and after that, you can do the highest paying jobs also. I'm also earning good money from pico. Thanks to the picoworkers team and admin.

Picoworkers is one of the best site.
Picoworkers is one of the best site. Picoworkers is 100% trusted and legit website for earning money. Honestly Picoworkers is one of best site for doing micro jobs of all site. I have been working on the picoworkers site for a few months now. And I am very happy that I have been able to earn here in a very simple and honest way. Picoworkers is a great site that you can do many tasks in a record time many tasks and it is also an honest and reliable site in terms of withdrawals.

Excellent and reliable online micro jobs platform
I have been a user since 1 year ago and the truth is I give faithful testimony in relation to the quality and seriousness of the service, 24/7 support, punctual payments and through: Paypal, Skrill, LTC and AirTM. I am a Venezuelan user and thanks to this platform I can compensate for the low wages here in my country and move on. Thank you for existing and for that my sincere support.

Great Site For Starters, Fast Payment..
I started working on pico on 27th September doing very simple Jobes on Twitter, Reddit, Facebook, YouTube, and I was collected around $12.83 in one month and every job cost me just 1 minute to do it and I withdraw the money via PayPal and it takes around 12 hours to paper in my account
My only imperfection about pico the high fees because the total money that arrived in my PayPal account is $ 10.26 but in general it's such a great and honest site for starters to work on it and spend time on it.

My evaluations and privileges I received at Pickworkers over the course of a month.
I'm worked on several mini job sites for years but there is no other website as close to me as PickoWorkers. Used to spend about five minutes a day working on it, but now I spend about an hour a day on it. I like it because it has a very easy interface and a good help center.
Also, you can get jobs related to the social media Reddit Facebook and YouTube websites cheaply here, especially web traffic. There are as many employees as you need. Come and see.
You can also make money from it and do your work with that money. Here is the most successful micro website.

Overcome frustration and financial problems.
I am a student from Bangladesh. In the Corona situation, my financial situation became very bad. I was looking for a place of confidence through which I could solve my financial problem. Then I can learn about Picoworkers from any medium, now I can make a good income from here.
Thanks Pico, for overcoming the problems of so many like me

Picoworkers is a really wonder full site website to earn money.
I have earned $6.34 my 1st payment from Picoworkers and attached my withdrawal amount proof. I will recommend to everyone for this earning site. Because its the one of the best earning site. Where we can easily earn money. Its a trusted site. I love working with Picoworkers
Dear Folks Don't miss this opportunity Go to this link

I love this site is the best and but honest
I love this site it's the best and but honest that work Picoworkers pay very fast and they are excellent in the work rates and every year they improve their site and desgner so we can have more results i have been 1 year on picoworks and every month i get more satisfied keep it up this is an excellent opportunity to promote your company or work on tasks thank you picoworks!

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