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DO NOT order from them! Do not buy membership!
I purchased a membership due to a promised much lower cost for my pets medications... little did I know that with all of the " extra discounts" of a few $ here and there - the actual cost of the meds were MUCH higher than any other online pharmacy PLUS the cost of the damn membership!?! I demanded my $$ back once I realized that there "wholesale " is really a bloated or inflated retail cost!?! PetCareRx lie and scam to get you to buy from them - AND my pets meds were in torn packaging and from several different pharmacies across the country ( bid style perhaps?!). I was promised that I'd receive in 4-5 days - did not receive for 2 weeks and had to buy larger dose from vet and break up into tiny pieces! Soooo annoyed by this company - they are liars and scam artists - DO yourself a favor and stay far far away!

Order cancelled, they kept my money!
I had been buying items for my pets from PetCareRx for several months, using PayPal to pay, with no issues. I placed this last order in the amount of $55.64 on Jan 30,2021. On Feb 1,2021, I received an email from them stating that the order had shipped. Then, on Feb 2,2021, I received an email stating that while trying to process the order for shipping, the method of payment on file has declined. I checked my PayPal account, and the payment shows as being completed on Feb 1,2021. I also checked my bank account, and the money has been removed from my account by PayPal, before PetCareRx sent it to PetCareRx. I called PetCareRx, as instructed in the email, and spoke with a rep (I will be polite & not mention the name here). She claimed that the PayPal payment was declined and that they do not have payment. Even though I explained to her that it shows on my PayPal account as paid, she says that they cannot ship it without payment. I then cancelled the order, since they were not going to send it anyway, which she agreed to. I asked for a cancellation confirmation number, but she said it was not ready yet, it would be emailed. I never got that email & ended up having to look my order up on the website to see that it had really been cancelled. I also insisted that my money be refunded, but she said I'd have to check into that myself with PayPal.

Looks like I will end up having to file a dispute against PetCareRx with PayPal, and of course that takes time on their part.

I sent PetCareRx an email on Feb 7,2021, inquiring about my refund. I finally received a response 2 days later. This time the rep did confess that on Feb 2nd, my cancellation was approved by a supervisor & the refund was approved by accounting. This rep said I'd have to get my refund from PayPal myself. Why should I have to do that when PayPal does not have my money, because PetCareRx has it? Even PayPal says PetCareRx has my money!

A customer should NEVER have to do this much follow up to get a refund for items that PetCareRx refused to ship even though it WAS PAID IN FULL when placing the order! This whole situation is shameful & PetCareRx has lost this customer. I want my stolen money back in my account NOW. It is starting to look as if PetCareRx is using various tactics to hang onto money that belongs to someone else. If this goes on a little longer, next step is a claim with the Better Business Bureau.

After this happened, I have ordered the items for my pets from other companies, also using PayPal, with no problems at all.

Update as of March 2021: PayPal has determined that PetCareRx was in the wrong for keeping my money. PayPal took the money back from PetCareRx and put it back into my account. So, thanks to PayPal, I have my money now. I will NEVER purchase from PetCareRx again.

This is not the first time that I've written a review for pecare RX. I've been using them probably since 2005 if not before and PetCareRx have never disappointed me with regard to anything I've ever purchased from them. They are an excellent company and their customer service representatives are outstanding. It means a lot when you have a dog that is aging and sick and they can relate to you when you speak to them and they actually understand how quickly you need the medication for a dog that lives on it. Without mentioning names, I ordered canine adequan from "another company" and they are very unreliable and after an ongoing problem with them which lasted about a week, I have decided to get this product from Only from Pet Care RX. I just literally got off the phone with the representative Ayesha and she was genuinely nice and caring and I can't thank her enough for her outstanding customer service. The item that I needed was in stock (as it always is) from their company and she was nice enough to even ask me if I would have enough to get me through until my dogs next injection. When you have a pet that is ill, getting his medication on time is imperative. Speaking to Ayesha was like a breath of fresh air as is all of the customer service representatives that work at this company. They take pride in offering the most outstanding service and I cannot thank them enough. Keep up the good work. We APPRECIATE YOU! More than you can imagine.

Outstanding customer service
As a petcarerx member, I have been using this company for most of my pets meds for some time. PetCareRx always have great customer service, but today, I had EXCEPTIONAL service from Theresa Robinson. She was helpful, efficient, friendly, professional and the connection was crystal clear. I felt so valued, it was unreal. Great job!
Petcarerx membership has been an affordable solution to purchase the meds our allergy-prone German Shepherd requires. The only thing that could be improved is the speed of shipping. As a member, it is free, but usually takes a full week. I would love to see 3 day shipping included with membership. Otherwise I have been pleased with petcarerx and although the annual membership is $99/yr, we save more than that annually. If you are just needing heartworm and flea/tick meds, I believe it is more cost-effective to pass on membership. Also, we do have to purchase our Duoxo shampoo elsewhere. Petcarerx does not carry every item we rely on. Yet. All in all, I highly recommend petcarerx.

In November 2013, I clicked on the cat tab, then on...
In November 2013, I clicked on the cat tab, then on the flea and tick line. This brought up Advantage II among others. We have four cats and I knew we would need to be prepared for ticks in the spring when they're at their worst. PetCareRx had a good deal on the 12 pack, so I spent the $109 for it. When I took out the package in spring I saw that it only mentioned fleas. Our problem for our four cats is mainly ticks, so this was really of little use. When I called and asked to exchange it for something that would work on ticks, I was told:"No, we have a 30 day return policy, so we can't accept it." Obviously they do not have a deceptive ad policy, so I am out $109 and will not deal with them again. Obviously I was foolish to do so in the first place and will share my experience with others.

I have buyer's remorse. Very underwhelmed and dissatisfied. Behind the times with customer service.
PetCareRx didn't notify me that they were unable to get my vet to respond to their requests for a prescription. For a week, while my dog suffered in pain, I was thinking her pain meds order was in process. I had to call PetCareRX to check the status of my order, which is when I found out that my vet had not responded to them. PetCareRX could've informed me, especially as I had signed up with their PetPlus memberhip ($99).

Ordered ear mite and worming tablets on March 2. It's now March 20 and I'm still waiting for them to arrive. Tracking details tell me eta is March 23. I don't expect Amazon-like shipping speed, but if something is going to take the best part of a month to get to me, I believe they should inform me. They didn't. I've had to go buy ear mite/dog worming tablets from Pet Smart, which is what I should've done in the first place. Now, I have products arriving from PetCareRX that I no longer need, because THEY forced me into a situation where I had to find an alternative solution because they couldn't get product to me in less than 21 days.

Horrible experience. I regret signing up for their Membership. Don't do it, until you've had a good experience from them first, would be my advice.

I know I can kiss goodbye to my $99, but that's the price I have to pay for trusting what they said.

It just isn't worth the savings.
I had an issue a few months ago- called three times within a 2 week period. Every time I called, I was told a manager would call me back and I never received a call back, hence calling in 3 times. I ended up giving up, but I'm sure that's their plan- I doubt PetCareRx even have managers there- just people who are told to tell us that there's nothing they can do and a manager will call. Well, I came into another issue last week- I called in and am told the same thing. 6 days later I call back and wait 42 minutes to even speak with someone- I spend another 30-40 minutes on the phone with this girl- same thing, but promises I'll receive an email with a return label today- it's midnight and I've received nothing. I pay $180/year for the membership and they don't deserve my business or anyone else's. I'm canceling the membership, even though it's saved me a bit overtime- just not worth the hassle and stress.

My vet called Jan 29th to check on delivery time for...
My vet called Jan 29th to check on delivery time for a critical prescription for my 3 1/2 year old German Shepherd and was told I would have the prescription in a few days. I called on the 30th to finalize the order. Despite my vet having called, on the 2nd PetCareRx asked for a faxed prescription, which they received on the 2nd per an email confirmation to me. They mailed the non-critical prescription on the 2nd and sent me an email indicating that "my prescription has shipped." The shipment arrived, and to my dismay, the critical prescription was no in the package. I called to learn that the critical prescription had been approved and sent to the pharmacy to be filled, but that "something had happened," and it hadn't been filled. I was then told that there was an issue with my having the prescription sent to a PO Box. They said they couldn't guarantee a quick shipment to the PO Box and needed a physical address. Apparently, because of a fear of a delay, they delayed the order FOR OVER TEN DAYS! They did not contact me via email. They did not contact my vet. In the mean time, my beautiful has suffered! I will never order from this completely irresponsible company again, and you should not trust them!

Waste of Time / Horrible Customer Service
Ordered prescription food for our cat 2 weeks ago (14 days). PetCareRX called our cat's vet the same day to confirm the scrip, and immediately after, our vet called us to confirm PetCareRx approved the order.

Two weeks later, we're wondering where the food is. We received no emails, no phone calls. After emailing customer support (because they only have EST office hours, and we're on the West Coast), support tells us that they called our vet and the vet declined confirmation, and they supposedly emailed me to tell me this.

I point out to them that (a) after calling our vet again, they had the confirmation on file, (b) I received no such email, (c) they shouldn't be able to just charge my card and make no further attempts to contact us, and (d) I'd like to see a copy of the email they claimed they sent me along with header information.

There was no reply -- just an automated phone call made to us from a 877 number (which we always screen). Now it's too late to order because their office is closed.

Just emailed them to cancel the order, ordered it on, and already got confirmation from our vet (5 MINUTES LATER).

PetCareRX sucks! Stay away.

I'm a new. Customer in May I ordered meds for my dog was approved by vet and it took 2 1/2 weeks to rec the meds! Called, wrote, nothing! No call back no email response! But I did rec a call to get me to buy their savings plan! Ok last week I decided to give these ppl another chance! But this time I wanted to pick up the meds from the pharmacy, three times I confirmed this with the sales person! Today I get an email it's in the mail! Omg really I call these ppl again! I was told flat out I never told them to call the pharmacy! Wtf! I even had the Acct number to show the pharmacy that I already pd! The girl couldn't believe why I was so nasty! I'm a new customer, you talked me into taking your savings plan! And both orders you screwed up! I'm done with this company! Chewy is my new friend! Btw it just cost me more money at the pharmacy for pills that I all ready paid for! Beware ppl! And always get persona name on other end!

Great customer service but frustrating online ordering
My dog has a chronic condition that requires long-term medication and I prefer to place my orders online because of cash back promotions. One medication only comes in a week's worth of dosage so I have to order 4 boxes at a time if I want a month's supply. Each box is processed as a separate item so my vet gets one notification of a refill, okays it, then gets 3 more which PetCareRx usually decline because they just approved the first one. I have to call and tell them - no it's just because PetCareRx makes each box go through individually rather than grouping it into an order of 4 boxes like I requested.
When I've called PetCareRx, I usually talk to Peggy who is so nice and helpful. That's the only positive to come out of my frustration with the online ordering process.

Do not order from these idiots
I ordered a prescription from PetcareRx. I called the company and was told that PetCareRx would reach out to my vet and get the prescription sent to them. After 4 days of waiting I called this company and they said that they don't do this and to mail the prescription to them. So here goes the first week. WE called them again 9-11-17 and they said that they would have to go through over 300 mailed in prescriptions and would find, process, and call me back to let me know that this was taken care of. Of course no call back. We called them again on 9-14-17 and was told that the product shipped and we should receive no later than 9-18-17. On 9-19-17 my credit card was charged and I received an email stating that the product was shipped. We are now 3 weeks into this disaster. The customer service people could have not had any less concern. WE got an "oh well" you should get it this week. In the mean time my dog is without pain medicine. I don't care how cheap this company is on the prescriptions. I will never use them again Nothing but untrained customer service people that lie to you.

Poor telephone customer service
I placed an order and realized that I bought the wrong kind and needed to cancel the order. I called and was greeted by a recording stating that PetCareRx had a high volume calls and that if I leave my call back number, the next available agent will call me back. I waited for almost an hour and no one called me, so I call PetCareRx back. Finally a person answers the call and I told her I needed to cancel my order. She proceeded by saying that I can not cancel anymore because the order has just been filled and is shipped out. I was besides myself. I told her I had called in about an hour ago and no one called me back. I asked her why would they have a call back system if they weren't going to call people back. And then to put salt on the wound, she clams that another girl had called me back. Now, if there was a call back phone call, why was I unaware of that call? I never talked to anyone. So are their agents liars now? I am canceling my membership and returning my order. Good riddance PetCareRX

Medication always out of stock
I am very disappoint with PetCareRx because I payed membership to have my dog medication every month with a good price and auto delivery but it isn't happen! My dog medication to heart is vetmedin 2.5mg (because my dog use 1.25mg in the morning and 1.25mg in the night) but always is out of stock and the PetCareRx never let me know! Autoship is to be delivered every month, but this isn't happen and I no have any messenger about the medication is out of stock. Sometimes vetmedin 1.25 mg is available but I can buy only 30 pills in the PetCareXR (but I need 60 in the month because my dog use 2.5mg in the day and Always I need call to customer service (20 min in the line or more to someone talk with me) and I pay $20 extra for this medication than normally. When PetCareRx release, because they often don't release and I have to buy every 15 days, when it's in stock). I went back to paying twice the price buying at my dog's vet, but with the certainty that my dog will not be without medicine!
I am not satisfied with this situation!

On my second order PetCareRx increased the price 30% after stating via email that this order would be the same price as the first. I attempted to speak with a supervisor and this was not an option, I was told a request to do so would be made and I would be put in a "queue" with a 2 to 3 day call back. I won't go into details on the Petplus membership as I paid for it and cancelled it 2 weeks later without getting a refund on it. BUYER BEWARE - you may believe you are getting a good deal but you will likely run into the same problems I did and pay significantly more than other sites. Most concerning is the fact that they are charging my credit cared $98 more than agreed upon. I filed a complaint with the BBB (first time in my life) and will be contacting my credit company to dispute this unauthorized charge.

Prices are really reasonable even with paying the annual membership fee
Have been ordering prescriptions from petcareRx for several years now. I think even with paying the annual membership fee, you still save a decent amount of money on buying prescriptions here vs at the Vet's office.
The only negative feedback I'll state is, when you order online you're given an option if you want them to call your vet to verify the prescription or if you're going to mail in the written prescription. Well, my vet won't authorize phone prescriptions, so I always mail them in. Typically, I place the order online, mail the prescription in with the order number and once PetCareRx receive it then my order gets processed. Well, I selected I'm MAILING the written script, but I just got an email saying they called my vet but they only authorized part of my prescription. Well... the reason why is because my dog lost weight so her tick/flea medication requires a totally different prescription from whatvi had on my previous orders (which they were going by when they called my vet). Why give the option on how to verify the prescription if they're going to call the vet anyways when I told them I'm mailing it?

Phenomenal Customer Service!
Miss Peggie Johnson's customer service is unparalleled! She answered the phone upbeat & with a smile on her face! Her energy was electric! Her sunny personality equaled her product knowledge & compassionate care she has for the customers she serves! Her kindness, love, & joy she brings to work should be the standard in customer service everywhere regardless of industry! WOW! Keep up the great work Miss Peggie Johnson ~ you are a true inspiration!

As for the reason of my call: We rescued/adopted a sweet 2 year old chihuahua a few months back & the foster mom had the shelter vet order all her pet meds through PetCareRx. Today was my first time calling to set up my own account & add our own vet info etc. Miss Peggie Johnson was extremely patient & even asked if I wanted to save 75% off my order by joining as a member. She presented the offer without any added pressure ~ SO refreshing! I'm a numbers gal, so it was a total no brainer when the membership + the meds I needed to order was LESS than the full-price of just the meds. BONUS: My membership status lasts for a year so all future meds needed in the 12 months are at a 75% off rate! Yay!

Team PetCareRx: You have an incredible employee in Miss Peggie Johnson! NEVER take her for granted!

Miss Peggie Johnson: Keep on being your amazing, stellar, & awesome self! The world is better because of YOU!

Mislead/ outright dishonest
My dog is on a medication for heart failure that is out of stock. I called several pet pharmacies and was told "out of stock, not sure when...". When I talked with a pharmacist (or represented herself to be on) from PetCare RX she assured me the medication in the dose my dog is prescribed was even in stock! So I ordered, joined the membership, and called my vet to tell her where her other patients could find the med. The pharmacists told me when I could expect to receive the UPS order and that she would even wave the shipping fee. The med did not arrive today so I logged in to the website for this company and there it was, 'out of stock'. I have requested the $139.00 charge be cancelled. I WAS TOLD BY THE COMPANY "sORRY FOR YOUR INCONVENIENCE". If you consider a medication for heart failure not being given for 3 days now an inconvenience, you do not understand the pharmacy side of your business.

Pet Plus plan lacks transparency
In general, the service representatives are polite and nice. The company cancelled my Pet Plus enrollment and my order at my request without an argument, except to assert PetCareRx had no intention to deceive me. Hah! The representative even apologized. That is rare. However, the enrollment in the Pet Plus plan, which is the only way to get a decent discount on the outrageous prices for worm and tick/flea medications, severely lacks transparency. They do not upfront ever tell you the cost of the plan. Instead there is a marketing pitch that the average customer saves $200 above the cost of enrollment with no mention of the actual cost of enrollment. Suffice it to say, my savings did not even cover my enrollment fee so today they offered to discount my enrollment fee. I don't want to be charged for a service that didn't cost anything when I first enrolled two years ago, I don't want to be subject to an automatic enrollment without notification especially when the cost of the service changes and goes up, I don't want to be charged for something that does not appear on any of my order invoices. There are benefits to the plan but not for me. The deceptive way the website sucks you into agreeing to the plan makes its legitimacy sorely suspect. The cost is never disclosed until after you have agreed to the discounted price for medications. Evil marketing. Any plan that is worthwhile should stand up to basic scrutiny and using discounted prices to lure you blindly into a plan that does not deliver the promised savings is deceptive. I can get discounts at other pharmacies, maybe not as large but as least they are not trying to hoodwink me. All told, the price I paid elsewhere was $250 rather than $225 I would have paid to PetCareRX with the discount from the Pet Plus plan. That doesn't offset a $170 enrollment fee for my two dogs, even when I need to purchase these medications twice a year.

They don't care about pets
Today has really shaken me up! Almost two weeks ago, I purchased a prescription refill for my baby. I waited and waited and finally called to find out the status since the pills were close to finishing. Being that this is heart medication, this was a potentially serious circumstance. After a lengthy conversation, the rep said his boss said PetCareRx would send a temporary portion out just to close that gap of uncertainty. I paid for more meds but they sent this extra portion through UPS 2 day delivery. My baby missed a pill because this company was too cheap to send the meds via overnight. The supervisor is AWFUL! He was officious and uncaring, at the very least. This company keeps employees who don't care. I even said to this man that he was focused on saving $10.00 and willing to put my baby in peril. This reflects very poorly on this company.

Observe all the negative comments before mine and make your own decision. They lost me as a customer. I'm completely disgusted by their lack of professionalism and heart.

Andrew was the best!
We are having construction done on our home, but for some reason, USPS will not deliver packages to our home (Although PetCareRx are happy to continue to deliver mail and no other service has any problems delivering) Well our Pup's Heartworm medicine was at first taken by UPS then handed off to USPS- and you guessed it- they returned to sender. Andrew was fantastic in helping me get a refund for my old order and placing a new one. It was not their fault at all but the customer service I received was beyond helpful and efficient. We have been using PetCare for our heartworm meds for almost a year and have not regretted it! We have saved so much on their prescriptions (And with 3 dogs that adds up!) I have only had great experiences with them, and would suggest to all my friends and family.

RELENTLESS SOLICITATION to purchase petplus plan
During the past week, I placed an order for Trifexis. A customer representative by the name of Christiana Terborg called me shortly after I placed the order; however, I missed the call. She also emailed me letting me know that she tried to reach me because she had "some questions" regarding my order. I called her back on her direct # she provided but she was unavailable so I replied back to her email requesting that she ask her questions via email due to limited signal. She replied asking what breed and age my dog is and to ask if I'd be interested in the petplus plan. She explained the benefits of joining the petplus plan and the potential savings if I were to join. I responded to her email answering her breed and age inquiry and politely declined the offer for the petplus plan as I am not interested. From this point, she sent 2 additional emails relentlessly soliciting the petplus plan and not taking no for an answer. I felt harassed, to say the least and I eventually asked her to cancel my order completely.

I've ordered with petcarerx multiple times before and never had such an awful customer service experience. Customers should never get harassed into purchasing something that PetCareRx have already declined.

Slow shipping, misleading "discounts"
I have a dog with diabetes who requires a lot of expensive food, meds, supplies, etc., so I'm constantly searching for the best bargain on these items. I thought I'd found a good deal with PetCareRx, and I paid for the annual membership to get extra discounts. 1) PetCareRx inflate the "original" price of products to make it SEEM like you're getting a much bigger discount than you actually are; 2) There seems to almost always be a huge sale going on (e.g., 25% off your whole purchase) that is available to NON-members but not members, so you'd be getting almost the same price without having paid for the expensive annual membership. The real deal-breaker for me is 3) the shipping is SO SO SLOW! Three times now I've had to buy dog food or medicine from another vendor and pay for express shipping because my PetCareRx order didn't ship for ages then was going to take most of a week to get to me. One of those times, they claimed to have difficulty getting a prescription approved by my vet, but they never let me know that in email or by phone. Overall I never feel confident about my orders with them and can't wait to finish out the year with this expensive membership. I won't be shopping with them after that.

If I could give "0" stars to PetCareRx, I would!
This company has got to be a scam. After ordering heartworm preventive medication online I received a call and email from them saying my Vet's phone numbers were wrong. I contacted my Vet and the numbers I gave them were correct. I called Jasmin at PetCareRx back and left a message and also emailed that the numbers were correct. After not hearing from them I cancelled my order via email and ordered from a reputable company. I also requested that my Vet not authorize any Rx for PetCareRx. Well, after emailing FOUR times to cancel my order and send confirmation, I receive a call asking for the correct phone number for my Vet so PetCareRx can fulfill the order.
I wish I had read the other bad reviews before I placed the order.
DO NOT order from them - you will be sorry.

Unauthorized charges

This is a horrible, horrible, horrible place
This company is a shady scam and PetCareRx don't care about their customers or their pets. I ordered this product on January 10,2019. I had been assured by customer service it would be shipped over night, despite stating it was free shipping. It did not arrive. Days passed and I heard nothing. I reached out to customer service and they said it was out of stock and that they usually have something in place to contact people when that happened, but they checked and for some reason I was not contacted. I was given an in stock date of the 22nd of January. My elderly cat in renal failure was already going without her pills by then but I was hopeful the 22nd would not be too late. 22nd came and went and I was told a date of the 28th. They offered no compensation and even more delightfully, they've deleted my account. I can still check the status of my order with the order number and my last name, so I don't know what they're trying to accomplish. They are condescending and rude in their customer service emails and very obviously just want me to go away. DO NOT ORDER HERE. It is worth it to pay a few more dollars for your precious pets and not support people who do not treat human beings and their pets with any sort of respect.

They say you subscribe even though we didn't
In reviewing our recent billing statement, we noticed a $108.16 charge on March 1,2020 by PETCARERX INC. that was neither familiar nor authorized by us.

We made a direct phone call to Pet Care Rx Inc. The company informed us that the charge was an annual subscription fee since 2016 to receive discount pricing. We explained:
We never signed up for, or authorized, any such subscription by phone, email, in writing or otherwise;
Our last pet past away a few years ago and nothing has been ordered since;
We only purchased the standard heart and flea meds for dogs that we shopped around for pricing each time from various companies.
We would definitely remember authorizing any such recurring charge because we are quite adversed to the practice of authorizing any recurring credit card charges.

Pet Care responded by stating PetCareRx would reverse the March 1,2020 charge and "cancel the subscription" without any acknowledgement or care to the fact we insisted that we never subscribed or authorized this or several previous years' charges. We noticed this year because the annual charge was increase approximately 100% from $54 to $108. Previous years' charges of $54 went unnoticed by us due to the myriad of charges we use on our Citi Visa Card.

Even though we explained Pet Care had subscribed our Citi Visa Card to recurring charges without any authorization and voiced concern for this seemingly poor and fraudulent-like practice, they would not refund or reverse the previous annual charges. We were so unsettled and disillusioned with this occurrence and conversation with Pet Care, we did some research and have since learned this is a common complaint against Pet Care Rx Inc. to the extent of being reported to the Better Business Bureau.

As customers of Citi Visa Cards, we are asking for your assistance to find a way to have Pet Care reverse or refund these previous years' ill-gotten charges.

March 1,2016 $54.38
March 1,2017 $54.26
March 1,2018 $54.51
March 3,2019 $54.64 (a final phone call to Pet Care indicated they would refund this amount by mail because we did not utilize the subscription)

Outstanding Customer Service!
My little pup was recently diagnosed with Congestive Heart Failure and I needed 2 Rxs (Vetmedin and Furosemide). I searched another company's website and their Vetmedin was out of stock. My pup had only enough meds given at the vet office to last a week, so I needed these meds ASAP. Upon a quick online search I found PetCareRx and was pleased to see PetCareRx had the meds in stock.

I placed the order and also joined the PetPlus program as it surely appears to offer future savings. Each representative I spoke with was very knowledgeable, professional and above all else... courteous. I also had a detailed question about the Rxs, storing temperatures, etc. Since I became a PetPlus member, they put me in touch with their "Ask a Vet" department and my questions were answered efficiently and effectively.

I believe good customer service is incredibly important and PetCare Rx representatives were all top notch. My most recent communication was with Peggie Johnson and she was outstanding! Thank you PetCareRx for offering excellent products, pricing and customer service!

**Update: Took my pup to the cardiologist today and she added 2 more Rxs to our regimen. Called PetCareRx and spoke to Aaliya and she informed me that since the new medications are available at human pharmacies that I could take the paper scripts right to my regular pharmacy and it would be billed directly through my PetPlus program. What a convenience! Once again... OUTSTANDING customer service today while speaking with Aaliya!

Hallelujah (Peggie Johnson is AWESOME!)
I called at the end of the day to get an order for the last refill of Metronidazole processed and shipped for our dog.
Knowing the virus likely has the employees working from home or laid off, I expected a bit of a wait. I think my wait was about 4 mins. But as the saying goes, "Good Things Come to Those Who Wait." And it was good, because I was connected with a very professional, courteous, sincere and friendly service person in Peggie Johnson. She got right down to business checking the system for my account, outstanding scripts and did her due diligence to get me to consider a membership without being too pushy. If I owned a business, I would want this person working for me. SHE is an asset and makes PetCareRx look awesome. I will say my past experience has been fine, but not as pleasant or professional. So kudos for the great service and care I received. And yes, I did purchase a membership.

They won't stop calling despite MULTIPLE requests
After my last online pet meds store, Drs Fosters and Smith, was bought by Petco I went looking for a new supplier. I found these guys. I generally found them acceptable. Good prices. Nice people on the phone. BUT problems started right away. Confirmation of the prescription wasn't made and order didn't ship. Then I'm solicited to purchase this subscription plan. Then I start receiving robo calls to get my scrip renewal. I call and email MULTIPLE times to stop getting these robocalls. I get acknowledgements it will stop. It doesn't. SO, I'm stopping all business with these folks. I'm sharing this review more places and I'll advocate this place -- despite being staffed with very nice people -- is not an acceptable vendor. Bummer. Sorry you all couldn't just sell me pet meds and not be an annoyance.

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Description: Get the top-selling pet meds and pet supplies. With high-quality pet medications, food and more, PetCareRx is your personalized answer for happier, healthier pets.

Address: 52 Merton Avenue, 11563


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