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• Aug 08, 2023

The company is a joke! I amd OUTRAGED at this point! The worst customer service. As a consumer it is our right to be able to purchase and return items if unsatisfied. I ordered multiple pieces that did not fit my body shape. The policy is to contact customer service for a return, which I did. Now after 4 emails back and forth - I have been offered to keep everything at 1/3 cost, then at 1/2 cost, offered a "discount" gift card of $173 to keep everything and order more. I want my REFUND! THIS IS UNACCEPTABLE! The clothes do not fit! It seems like their ploy is to keep stringing you along until you are past the 30-day mark to get anything at all! I would very much push for a lawsuit (like someone else that posted). DO NOT ORDER FROM THIS COMPANY!

Sent damaged dresses! SCAM WEBSITE!
Be warned! If I could give ZERO stars, I would. They sent dresses that were torn, with the insides fraying, and with NO HANG TAGS! "Customer service" then claimed that "some batches of dresses do not have hang tags' and then said I would have to pay (AGAIN? I HAD PAID SHIPPING!) to send the dresses back so that they could be inspected - and then proceeded to add, in a later email, that if the dresses didn't have hang tags, they wouldn't be "accepted" back. They can't even keep their lies straight.Obviously they planned to have me send back dresses and then claim that I damaged them. They are criminals and belong in jail. Do not purchase from this website.


Received a dress that did not fit. Three months of e-mails, now they "can't find" my return.
I lost a lot of money. Anybody interested in a class-action suit?


I needed a dress last minute for my friends wedding
I needed a dress last minute for my friends wedding. I hope it comes on time. This dress is beautiful. I hope it fits. The shopping experience was a 4/5 l. I wanted a pink floral dress but Petallush didn't have any.

I have placed an order, but it was very difficult to...
I have placed an order, but it was very difficult to select a size. When the return policy is on our dollar, there should be more help when selecting a size. The size guides are confusing. I did address this with customer service and the sizing on one garment was changed as it was incorrect, but when I asked what size I should get based on measurements, I was not given a suggested size. I was advised to read the size guides carefully. Perhaps giving he models measurements and what size Petallush are wearing would be helpful. Or have guests list their measurements and what size they ordered. Or adjust the size guides themselves so there are 2 - one for the garment sizes and one with body measurements. Customer service is quick to respond. Just wanted more guidance. Do appreciate that the sizes on one of the dresses was corrected.


Very pretty
I was a little nervous once I realized it was coming from China! It arrived a lot sooner than I thought it would. I want to say it only took about a week? The dress is gorgeous, and fit my daughter perfectly, another thing I was worried about. It fits very true to size. She's normally a size 8-10 and she chose a medium and it fits nicely. The only thing that you need to know is it is VERY see through! She needs to wear a full length slip under it. But, with the slip, it looks like part of the dress and it's perfect!

The dresses were cute and the website easy to use,...
The dresses were cute and the website easy to use, but I was annoyed that the sizing chart kept changing depending on the dress. Perhaps you could have a page just for juniors and a page just for women's, but I found three different sizing charts and it made it difficult to know if a dress would fit right.

I like the clothes that you have but wish you had more...
I like the clothes that you have but wish you had more information about the model's size, what size she's wearing, etc. I'm also nervous that this isn't a legit site and might have just lost $73.

Loved looking thru the dress and love that there is...
Loved looking thru the dress and love that there is a size chart for each dress. But the check put process was difficult. Atempted to check out multiple times and would not allow me to put in the credit card info. Once it completed the order with out me finalizing the order and had not put the card info in yet and then I couldn't cancel or update the order with a credit card. Other then that I really love what I see and was adamant about make the purchase. Finally got it to word on my mobile.

I really enjoyed shopping this site
I really enjoyed shopping this site. The Spring Sale code at the top of the page are helpful reminders prior to check-out. I have not received the dresses yet, and am unable to provide information, but I like that you list the material in the description.

Cute Clothes, but odd sizing. Returned!
Shopping was easy and I got the clothes in record time. Typically I am a 4/6 and a S/M, I ordered a size large denim skirt (bc i didn't want it to be too short) and I can't even get it on. I also ordered loose and flowy pants, and Petallush are disgustingly tight, lol. Not keeping anything and unfortunately probably won't come back because 100% of the items I tried didn't work, especially when I sized up.

Misleading company
I used the company's sizing chart, and I sized up. ALL the clothes I ordered were TOOO small. Most I couldn't even get past my chest. I ordered a shirt, Petallush advertised as gray... It came to me Tan. I sent all the items back, and I had to pay shipping. This company descripts are VERY deceiving. I will NEVER order from them again. If you order from them... you better be a small Asian woman

Payment method failed twice
Payment method failed twice. I first tried to pay with my debit card and received an error message. Second time I tried to use PayPal after inputting my information, it wouldn't process my payment. I finally was able to submit my order on the third try.

The choice of clothes available on Petallush is just...
The choice of clothes available on Petallush is just wonderful. I would just say Petallush should work more on improving the site performance, I felt the site responds too slow to any action.

I had to enter my order six or seven times before it...
I had to enter my order six or seven times before it gave me an order number. It just kept taking me back to the pay now screen. I may haver ordered the dress that many times. If so, please on charge me for one and only send one. Also, I wrote a note and sent it, but I kept getting sent back to the write a note now screen, so I don't know if that went through either.

The dresses on the website look cute
The dresses on the website look cute. I hope the quality is okay. The prices are really low and I am hoping that the fabric and workmanship is not shoddy. This is my first time shopping this site. I was hoping for a better discount code. I'll give more feedback once I wash and wear my darling dresses.

My discount only covered the cost of shipping
My discount only covered the cost of shipping. And you only have a 15 day return policy. I ordered 2 sizes of the 2 dresses I purchased. I hope 15 days is enough to make the decision on which size fits best. But 15 days is ridiculous! If I hadn't found the 2 dresses I liked only on your site, I would have bought something elsewhere.

Payment was very difficult to make unless you have...
Payment was very difficult to make unless you have a paypal account. I tried twice to pay with just a credit card and could never tell if the payment went through or not. I hope I didn't purchase this 3 times.

We have tried to reach someone all day with several...
We have tried to reach someone all day with several emails sent because we can't find a phone number. We have had to order 3 dresses because we can't find them and Petallush haven't been delivered. Please call *******841 so we can resolve the other two dresses. It's for my daughters graduation next week. We just paid $20 to ship it quicker and we are praying it gets here in time.

Lovely clothes
Very nice selection of pretty but modest women's dresses. I ordered them sent priority and received my order in a very timely manner. The clothing is just as pictured on the web site. One of the dresses is too small in the bust but the others are fine (XL).

I contacted their customer service to ask them where my order was as I had not received any information after I placed my order. Petallush responded quickly to say the order would be on it's way and then I received my order 3 days later.

I would love it if there were more model measurements...
I would love it if there were more model measurements or more specific measurements for the dresses. In sizes it seemed like I should be a small but usually that's what the model wear and I'm a little bigger then them so I usually ordered a medium.

Customer Service
This company has the worse customer service I have ever dealt with. I recently received an order and 3 of the 5 items ordered were huge. I typically order a small or a medium and 3 items from my order were much larger than a medium. When I contacted customer service, J (first initial of rep) proceeded to tell me that each item on their website has a size guide. What! Then when I informed J. That I was returning the items she replied "if you INSIST on returning the items". What do you mean insist! I reviewed the return policy prior to placing my order, so of course I am going to return the items that did not fit. Why would I keep items that do not fit me and the items are not a typical medium.


The fact that every time you click on an image it opens...
The fact that every time you click on an image it opens a new tab is a little confusing to the shopping cart but other than that it was good. Also, when you spend so much you'd think there would be no shipping charges.

I'm rating items below that I have never seen or tried on which seems a little sketchy...

System keeps switching my shipping away from the free...
System keeps switching my shipping away from the free shipping option. Doesn't sit well that a company offers free shipping after spending so much but tries to trick you into not using it.

This is my first time ordering from Petal Lush
This is my first time ordering from Petal Lush.
- Product descriptions could be better. For example: Under
- Some product reviews don't match the product. Sketchy.
- Nice selection of dresses. Would have gotten more if I could be more certain about the fit. In some cases, there were no waist or hip measurements and I'm pear shaped. Took a chance on Cream Short Sleeve V-neck Natural Cotton Midi Dress With Pocket (SKU: BRL093).

Consistent quality and value
I've ordered a few dresses and a sweater from Petallush this year and I love them all! They're so comfortable and beautiful, and a lot of the dresses have pockets! The sizing charts are very useful in finding the right size and have never led me astray. My Black Friday order had a much longer delivery time than usual but it was likely just because of so many packages being shipped around Christmastime.

It was easier on the computer than on my mobile phone
It was easier on the computer than on my mobile phone. The true test will be to see how quickly the company can get my purchase to shipping... I am curious where this company is based...


I've just bought one online
I've just bought one online. The product not arrived yet so I don't know how good is the product and other services if needed. This survey popped up on payment process or I can't finish purchase...
and it needs more charaters or I couldnt complete the transaction...

You should include the return address on your return...
You should include the return address on your return policy page. That would give me greater confidence as your about page only includes the company address in China. I don't want to return items to China.
Also, your products have review stars, but links to the review don't work. I would like to read the reviews. Also, some size charts really aren't size charts. Petallush have length info, but not bust and waist size info for correct fit.


Faulty Product / No Free Return
I bought a dress for my wedding shower event. I went to try it on and the zipper is completely broken and will not zip down. I worked and worked to get it to go down and it is faulty. I physically cannot wear it. I contacted the company and Petallush stated they are unable to offer me a free return. I explained that I paid $40 for the dress plus $10 shipping. It will cost me another $10 to send it back because of their error, and It was not that I did not like it. It's that I can not wear it because it is broken. They again stated they would not give me a free return, but they will give me $10 ($10 on a $40 broken dress). Very disappointed with the integrity of this store. I have never wrote a review on any store before, but I am a huge review reader before I purchase online. I hope this review helps someone!

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