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Filigree Tear
I purchased 4 filigree Tear pendants with chains 1 for me and 1 for my sister and 1 for each of my daughters when my Mother passed away. PerfectMemorials were more beautiful in person than in the picture, I think my Mother would have loved them, so now we will forever have her with us! The quality of the pendant and chain far exceeded my expectations! I would highly recommend this to anyone, and they were shipped very fast! Thank you Perfect Memorials for such an elegant Piece!

Stunning wooden urn
Losing my grandma has been and will remain the hardest thing I've ever endured. I am happy to say that I am beyond happy & grateful for this product. It took me a very long time to order anything like this because I was honestly afraid of the emotions that came with transitioning her ashes... but with the love and care that went into this product, the tears were absolutely worth it. I do wish there could be more characters allowed for each line, but for the cost and absolute quality of this product I have no complaints. I would provide a photo, but I do want to keep this personal between myself and my family.

Quality has changed - very poor.
I have purchased several solid oak urns from Perfect Memorials over the years and I have always been pleased until now. The engraving on my most recent purchase was unacceptable. It was barely legible. When I asked the company to redo it, PerfectMemorials said their engraving process had changed so it was likely to produce the same results. Why would a company change their engraving process if it produced negative results? I returned the urn for a full refund and purchased another one from another company. I won't be purchasing from Perfect Memorials again.

Love! Love! Love the keepsake jewelery I purchased. It is beautiful.
I love my keepsake jewelery so much I decided to purchase two additional items to put remains in. One for my self and one for my sister. The site was a bit confusing at first but dealing with a loss of a loved one everything was. Once I was able to gain my composure I was able to add to my keepsake heart with rubies the way I wanted. Wasn't expensive at all very reasonable. When it arrived a few days late but that was due to the post office lack of staff due to COVID-19. Anyway, I love it.

Turned out Beautiful
I searched and searched for an Urn for my sister. After coming across PerfectMemorials I found exactly what was fitting for my sister's taste. We purchased a Medium for Mom and 2 small for Myself and brother. The engraving was beautiful and the Tree of Life was just beautiful. I will say that I actually liked the smaller ones versus the bigger one for Mom because the engraving didn't show up as well on the larger one. I think it was possibly a different type of metal. However, we are very pleased with this product. Thank you so much.

Cheap look
In May 2019 I bought a Small Pewter Paw Print Cremation Urn for my doggie Benji. The urn was perfect the finish on the metal were great. Unfortunately om August 2020 I lost another of my babies and I ordered the same Urn for him. When I received the second one I noticed the metal material wasn't the same quality also looks like it's been paint to look like silver and additional to that I paid $13 more for the same product. Company replied me before PerfectMemorials were using brass and now they are using aluminum. The aluminum looks really ugly and over that Perfect Memorial is charging more this cheap material. I was amazed for the quality of their product and how it looks now not anymore. Also, they told was slightly different in color and it's not slightly different is a huge different(on the pic left one brass, right one aluminum). They offer me to return it but I have to pay for the return shipping and would not get my money for the engrave. It's a shame that such a good company compromise their quality and cosmetic look of their products to save come money which it's not make sense because they charge pretty well. I know I am only one of customer but hope someone on the operation management read this and considere to go back to brass urn which were great quality item.

Really nicely done
I searched for quite a while to find the perfect thing for my momma. The weeping angel urn caught my eye and I ordered one for me and my sister. When it came it was as lovely or possibly better than I hoped. The detail is fantastic, the only snafu we had is that our plaques got switched. Thankfully we live close so it wasn't a huge deal. I would definitely recommend! I also saw another review saying it took so long to receive. We literally had our angels days after ordering.

Perfect little sachets for holding precious cremains
I've purchased five of these over the last two years for my small companion animals (rat). It is a nice option to be able to personalize with an embroidery of your choice. I like that I was able to add the names of each of my boys, along w/ year of birth - year of death. It's also wonderful to have the option to add an embroidered symbol, to which I chose The Tree of Life. Being able to personalize these little satchels had a therapeutic feel. Creating these for each of my boys helped me to smile, regardless of the Incredibly sad circumstances, because I was able to memorialize each of them in such a special way.

Site is user friendly, very self-explanatory, items delivered on time and quality is PERFECT! I ordered a urn charm that included the chain and I added an additional charm. Prices were very reasonable compared to other sites and again, the quality is top notch. I never thought I would buying said items for my older brother, my best friend, my world but the universe has its plans for everyone and everything. Thank you so much for the beautiful pieces.

Side note - the treble cleft was ordered from a different site.

Continues to travel with me
I purchased the rainbow bridge heart ornament in memory of a friends dog. The porcelain ornament is a perfect heart shaped size to hang from her car mirror. Benny will be with her as he always did when travelling. The personalized picture was perfect. On the back were 2 hearts with "Gone, yet forgotten Although we are apart Your spirit lives within me Forever in my heart" Perfect gift for anyone that has lost a beloved pet. Customer service was excellent. Kasey provided me with great customer service.

Zero Stars! We ordered an adult picture frame urn with engraved nameplate on May 18,2019. PerfectMemorials debited my account on May 19. On May 24 we received the nameplate only. We did not receive the urn. I emailed the co. On June 2. On June 3 they replied via email, incorrectly stating we had received the urn. I called the co. On June 3 after receiving their email & they said they made a mistake & that they would be shipping the urn, to be received no later than June 6. We did not receive the urn. I called the co. On June 7 & they said they would ship the urn on the next business day. I requested 2 day shipping & they said they would do it "just this one time", as if they were doing me a favor. On June 12 we received the incorrect urn. I have emailed a request for a RMA and refund of my full payment, including shipping. I'll be interested to see if they can get that right. We have been waiting nearly 4 weeks for an urn for my father's ashes. This should have taken 4 days at the most. This company is inept. Save yourself the stress during an already stressful time. Do not use them.

Revised review
Just received my jewelry after having it sent directly to the place where my mother's remains were, so PerfectMemorials could be filled. Imagine my surprise when only one out of five pieces was engraved. Been crying ever since. Will never order from this incompetent company again.

I added a star because this company gave me a prompt, full refund on my order. Although I would much rather have the jewelry the way I ordered it, I appreciate that they refunded my money.

IRRATE- UNethical! Bait & Switch! DISHONEST! DO NOT BUY!
I placed an order on May 23rd!... sent in the payment by mail because the on-line site was not allowing me to use PAYPAL or Credit Card (customer service was no help)... Just received a notice in the mail stating that the item I ordered is out of stock along with the return of my payment... HOW!? I placed an order- where did it go? How could you sell something I had already ordered and sent in payment for!? I HATE this place and will NEVER order anything from here OR recommend it to anyone EVER! I should of known to expect this as the last urn I ordered was DEFECTIVE.

Great customer service!
I had ordered an extra small tree of life urn for my kitty's remains (order ID 1273645). I received it in a very timely manner, but the inscription was wrong – there was a birth/death date entered that I hadn't requested. I called them, and the customer service rep was very friendly and helpful. When I asked if I should send back the original, she said that wouldn't be necessary, and that she'd ship out a replacement right away with the correct inscription. I received it within only a couple of days, and it is lovely.

Very disappointed
I've purchased items from them before and it didn't take nearly as long for me to receive my order as it did this time. On top of that I paid for the 3-4 day shipping and that totally was not honored whatsoever. I never received a refund or anything due to the fact PerfectMemorials could not honor the shipping. I contacted customer service and only received very vague responses from them and one response was a bit sarcastic. Let's just say, with this experience I won't be using them again.

Quality Product; Engraving quality poor
I purchased two beautiful pieces.
1. Oval Celtic Infinity Sterling Silver Cremation Jewelry (PM8146) & 24" Snake Chain
2. Infinity Inlay Heart Sterling Silver Memorial Jewelry-Engravable (PM10600) & 24" Twist Chain

Although the jewelry is beautiful, the engraving is less to be desired. I wish the engraving was bolder and defined. To see the print a little clearer I have to use a well lit magnifying glass. This was a special gift purchase for my mother. She is not able to read/see any evidence of the Engraved message with or without the well lit magnifying glass.

Perfect for my hunter husband.
During this time, its so hard to know what you want for your loved one. Just knew I didn't want the usual urn. When I saw the buck standing by the tree, I knew it was perfect. My husband always hunted with a longbow, and I feel he would love this urn. The man at the funeral home commented on the high quality of this urn, and will be looking into possibly doing business with Perfect Memorials. I have shown a picture of this urn to multiple friends and all are impressed.

Beautiful memorial pieces
I purchased 3 beautiful urns for my mother and grandmother. PerfectMemorials arrived fast, were beautifully and well made, and literally was the most perfect memorial pieces I could have picked for the most important women in my life. I also ordered a cremation necklace for myself and 5 year old daughter. Mine is gorgeous I get compliments on it all the time. My daughters is perfect and dainty and beautifully engraved. I also recommended them to a friend who lost her mother and she was also very happy with her products. This company answers all your questions, they call you quickly with any errors, and they help you even after you receive your items. In such a dark time it's nice to find a company who is so compassionate! Thank you perfect memorials for being so wonderful!

Thank you!
These aren't "happy" items to shop for, at least the experience can be straightforward and reliable. I'd decided that my dad needed something beyond the standard, plastic cremations bag to hold him within his final vessel. At Perfect Memorials I was able to locate a very nice double layer velvet bag in his memorial color (a certain football teams signature burgundy!) which I was able to easily and reasonably personalize. The price was fair, and it arrived at my door a handful of days later. The information provided on the site assisted me in choosing the right size for our needs, and the product along with its embroidered monogram is nice and attractive; we are pleased to have dad in something much nicer than just a plastic bag!
These are the final gestures you can make for a loved one, based on my experience I definitely recommend them for these important items. I will most likely be returning to Perfect Memorials for my piece of memorial jewelry and I have recommended that my siblings also browse their large selection of cremations jewelry for their pieces.
Thank you, Perfect Memorials.

I've have purchased several wood cylinders over the years. All are beautiful. This last purchase is the 50,000 years old ancient Kauri wood. This is exquisite and is perfect for my beloved Dachshund's remains. The engraving was done exceptionally well considering the lengthy name - thank you! The customer service is excellent and very much appreciated. Perfect Memorials provides such a variety of items but my favorites are the wooden cylinders; it's always difficult to make a decision as to which one to purchase.

Not Impressed
Exactly what i was looking for however the quality was very poor for the money that was paid. There are heat marks all over the one piece i purchased and the other purchase, part of the necklace that we ordered was missing it's hoop and we can't wear it. When i contacted customer service, and showed them pictures of what we received and told them that the hoop was missing from the clasp, PerfectMemorials denied that they would ever do something like that and refused to believe the pictures I sent. Why would anyone lie about something like that? I told them i wasn't asking for a new necklace, just a hoop for the clasp. Finally after calling and refusing to talk to the same person, they spoke with a supervisor and said "This ONE time only we will replace it for you but don't bother asking for something else after". What kind of customer service does that for something so near and dear and sensitive to one's heart? They don't show compassion or accept that they too can make mistakes.

Beautiful and affordable Irv
I've purchased from perfect memorials twice since 2018. Both times, I was very happy with the entire experience. The website is easy to use, with a guide to help direct you to the memorial that best suits your needs. The urns are very affordable, beautiful and made of high quality material. The shipping was very quick, with receipt in just a few days after ordering. The urns come with simple instructions and tips for using them. I would highly recommend this website for anyone looking for and affordable and yet beautiful memorial for a loved one (or even pet).

Nice Urn; Photo engraving it light
I had the unfortunate task of ordering an urn for my soulmate and his picture is a little too light to see it except at certain angles. I love the Egyptian Hieroglyphic pattern and it was on sale so the price was right! I'm pleased with the products I received, despite the circumstances. This was the first time in my life that I've had to order memorial products and had no idea where to begin. I googled and found this site and after some trepidation, I took the plunge and placed the order. I was satisfied with the process and with the products, aside from the photo engraving. Even that is tolerable though.

High quality jewelry, NOT FOR CREMAINS
After losing the love of my life, I ordered a cremains necklace from Perfect Memorial. Delivery was eh,. But I wasn't in a rush. I ordered the Celtic Knot Infinity with dog paw print in center. I received it,. Admired the weight and craftsmanship of it, and was quite pleased, showing it off to the throngs of people who loved her. HOWEVER, I go to fill it and it won't take the cremains. I try multiple times, following directions to a T, it won't take them. I then try to sprinkle dust in it and it only takes 10-15 particles before filling so much you can't screw the lid on. I call customer service to explain this, and that I'd gladly pay for shipping for a new one, and was told repeatedly PerfectMemorials only hold a cubic inch. Trying to explain to the woman that it won't hold a needlespoon- I'd be delighted with a quarter cubic inch (the size of the necklace), all she could offer was a refund and a tube selection. If I wanted a tube, I'd order it from a glass maker using my dogs cremains. I wanted a silver necklace; something that would hold my dogs cremains. If I kept this, I'd do better to roll the locket in her remains everyday- to get more dust on it than in it. Thanks for the jab. As if I don't hurt enough.

Taking advantage of an Eighty One year old woman.
My mother ordered an urn for when it's her time. She is in her eighties. She doesn't always remember what she orders and she ordered four additional urns for a total of five. The company never questioned the orders even thought PerfectMemorials were all the same urn with the exact same inscription. They charged my mom and shipped all of them.
When my brother started getting all these boxes, he contacted the company and they said in a nutshell. Too bad, tough luck. They are inscribed so you're stuck with them. I cannot believe that Imperfect Memorials is such a large business that they did not notice the duplicate orders, especially when there were so many ordered.
The lack of sympathy and unwillingness to help is unreasonable and unprofessional.
Terrible company morals taking advantage of an 81 year old woman like that.

Perfect Memorials is Awesome!
My mother recently passed. Her grands and great-grand kids wanted to wear some of her ashes. The selections PerfectMemorials made were phenomenal and they are proud to wear them in her remembrance. They promptly mailed the items to the funeral home and the Director put the ashes in each piece of jewelry. The assistance I received in making selections and contact from PM Staff was awesome and eased some of the anxiety I felt. One of the items would have required engraving (longer shipping time). However, a PM Rep assisted me in selecting the same item (without engraving) and refunded the extra shipping charge for that item as my order was going out the very next day to the same location. Thank you so very much for everything!

Ocean box urn
I bought an ocean box urn for my fathers ashes, the quality was awesome, true to size, fits perfectly, had a question PerfectMemorials were vary prompt with responding and helpful, easy to open and close the screws are snug, the only thing I didn't like is that the only colors for writing are white that I am aware of and the white against the ocean background is hard to read unless your close up. But still beautifully done. Heaven forbid but I will be ordering again. Thank you so much for your service!

The best service I could have received
My family had a rough time with the passing of our beloved Lolita... I ordered a custom urn as her final resting place. I couldn't have asked for anything better in regards to quality, price and expediency. It was better than I imagined, spelling was perfect, considering it was in Spanish. PerfectMemorials shipped the next day even though I didn't pay for the expedited shipping. It was a small kindness that was truly appreciated. I'm thankful to this company in our time of need. Would highly recommend.

Gdogs urn
PerfectMemorials have great customer service. I was having a braje down as I was wrighting the information that was going on the urn and had miss spelled a couple things. I noticed that I miss spelled those words after I had allready paid and ordered. When I called the gentleman on the other end of the phone noticed I also put the commas in wrong spots on the dates as well. He fixed all the mistakes I made and sent me a know confermation email showing the corretions that been made. And I thank him again for that. The urn I order come way faster than there site said it would arrive. And looks amazing. I would definitely recommend useing them and there services.

The best company ever
I was in search for a urn for my dad I went to alot of different sites until I found perfect memorials I was so confused with all the other sites perfect memorials website is very informative I was able to pick from a beautiful array of urns I wasn't sure on the size but perfect memorials had the information about which size to pick no other site did and I got a pindent with his picture it was beautiful, it was all what I expected everything was on time in a timely manner. I wish I could give them 10 stars and FedEx even called me when PerfectMemorials delivered

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