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Pepper Fry_damage product_worst return policy
The worst online experience i ever had or will have. We ordered dinning table from pepper fry, just after one day of installation from carpenter chair got broke. Luckily by god grace my husband sitting on chair didnt get injured because of support of wall.
Immediately i raised return request, Can you imagine these pepper fry stupid customer care idiots mailed us "This is wear and tear case so cant be considered as return product.
We called these idiots multiple times and told we are ready to pay more please replace at least chairs because its not safe to sit on them.
I got the same answer from these idiots.
Can anybody make me understand how a product (furniture) can be used in one day by customer and make it fail.
What kind of disgusting policies these people have to cheat people.
It really disgraceful. I warned them i have to take juridical action, PepperFry told they know the consequences.
Please if some one can suggest whom to approach. Whether consumer forum would be the right place?
Its not about few bugs, its about our rights and about their FRAUD market. I really appreciate amazon and flipkart in this regard, at least they provide quality product

Absolutely pathetic service. Very bad designs. Home Center and other ones are much much better.
Wrong suggestions are shown in terms of dimensions. And PepperFry cheat customers by not allowing returns. Very bad experience. I would say this is easily FURNITURE MAFIA looting people. Its a huge eye wash. Go for Home center, Urban Ladder - Both are much better in quality and customer service.
Peppperfry cheated us with wrong dimesnions Matress only because we came to know that that dimensoin matress wasnt getting sold. Very bad experience of being cheated under the veil of "Branding".

Waste of time and money - better stay away
1. PepperFry take eternal time to delivery the product. Be it furniture to small clock / towel.

2. No cancellation policy even for non-furniture items. I agree for furniture this makes some sense as they would have started the work. For towels, metal shoe box it make no sense. When the same product is available with return / exchange policy in Amazon, Flipkart.

3. Furnitures are not upto the mark. They will send a carpenter to inspect when you raise a claim and disappear after that. Making multiple follows on these will fall on deaf ears.

4. The delivery has gone worse now. Earlier atleast they used to send information about who will deliver the product and contact details. Now they have offloaded it to Delhivery. We need to followup with them to get it delivered properly.

Beware of this site - High price items, no cancellations and returns - worst customer service
I have ordered a small piece of organising shelf but to my dismay I discovered that the actual delivery service time is actually the outer limit of the range mentioned at the time of order placing. When I requested cancellation, twice I received the same word to word reply, hiding behind and outdated and archaic policy that PepperFry do not entertain cancellation once the order is placed. There are hundreds of websites doing online sale just like this site and none of them have such spacious argument like the one they have. All of them have a policy of order cancellation any time before the shipment and even returns after the supply not only in case of defects but even in case the customer is not satisfied with the quality or any other aspect of the supply. This website does not understand that this is an online platform and the customers have not actually checked the goods nor have the inspected the same. All that a customer has is the description in words and photographs, which in most cases are not conclusive or that much reliable. In spite of such a limitation, the customer is willing to go for online shopping because in almost all cases there is a very good cancellation and return policy.

I am really surprised to note that this website is hiding behind the policy for the inefficiency and deficient service on you part. Such a policy is not going to lead them anywhere in this competitive market. Me for sure, is not going to ever visit this website, nor buy from it and for sure I am going to put adverse reviews and worst possible ranking for you wherever I can. As for my order, it's a small amount and although I am also very well aware of the laws of the land and can force them to refund my money, even if unwillingly, given the costs and amount I am not resorting to it.

It is solely up to their organisation as too how it looks at its customers and also its future because the customer are their future.

Worst shopping experience ever
I placed an order for 24 plates on 30th March, I got the delivery on 18th April that is after 20 days. I called pepper fry to help me with the return and the customer service person tells me once sold it cannot be returned. PepperFry dont have a return policy unless it is damaged. I told him that the product is not as per what i expected and also it was delayed by 20 days so i had to purchase it from somewhere else as i needed it early.

He has blankly refused to take return and when i told him i will take this to consumer court, he in return is telling me no use coz they will just take your complaint and close the case.

I have been forced to keep a product that i do not want.

Such ridiculous company... I will never ever recommend anyone to purchase from pepperfry, coz if you did and you didnt like the product once its delivery they will not take it back and you will be stuck with the product.

Great way of fooling people and making money.

Pepperfry Bad Review - Do not Buy!
Buyer beware! Pepperfry advertises hassle free returns however PepperFry do not allow for returns of any sort. You may or may not get the right product and it may or may not have the right parts. I strongly recommend that you do not order anything from Pepperfry. Safer to go to the local stores and pick out what you want so you know what you are getting.

Also, customer service is very bad they do not care about the customer only the bottom line of making money. Please keep away and pass the message along to your friends.


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Segur Solid Wood Chest Of Drawer in Provincial Teak Finish Order No. 304946025
I bought this solid wood chest for 20k plus INR. After 6 months of usage the door of chest got neatly broke in two pieces. PepperFry had made a door by using an adhesive and attached two small parts of solid wood. Two other doors also came off on their own within 3 months. Such workmanship in carpentry is unacceptable and deserves a severe action against the company, which is fleecing the customers. Their site has no option for writing reviews, no option to provide feedback. If you try and write a complaint, there server will keep signing you off. In the complaint box poor quality or defected item is not even an option. It starts pointing you towards return policy. They deserve zero rating. Never buy anything from pepperfry. Save your money.

Please do not buy anything from pepperfry. This is the worst online furniture site and you are deceived once you pay for the product. I purchased MIMI shoe rack from Mintwud thru pepperfry and the carpenter was unable to do the assembly due to manufacturing defect but however he forcibly fitted the part through hammering. After assembly I found that the doors are misaligned and scratching with the body base. Please go for Godrej Interio or Zuari or Kurl On or Nilkamal directly through their sales outlet.

Please refrain buying from pepperfry, it's a fraud company
All the Users, please refrain from using pepperfry. You have better options available like amazon, flipkart, fwd and others. Pepperfry is a trap. PepperFry will show you different stuff on site and send other. I have ordered Beige color sofa order# 305049613that suits my interior but they have sent dark yellow one
With one cushion missing and when I called them they keep arguing thats its beige. And were told thay cant do anything. Their customer care and personnel are really pathetic and have no. Customer sense.

I really request you all to not fall in trap with discount or offers as product is not worthy.

WORST SERVICE EVER! Looting customers
I ordered a bed from Pepperfry on 15th of May and PepperFry told me that the order will be delivered by 31May - 2June. Firstly they placed a wrong order against my order Id, due to which my order was delayed by 6 days and then they did not have any courtesy to let me know about the same. When i called to check the status of the same, they told me that the product I ordered was was a hometown product, hence i will have to check with them for delivery and any kind assembly. These people take the orders and forward them to vendors with no responsibility of theirs. These people give all sorts of wrong information about the product and the delivery. Please do not buy any product online from PEPPERFRY as it is a total loss. Loss of your money, time, effort and most importantly PEACE>

Worst Policies of Pepperfry, which are not useful to the customer
Recently purchased one Ergonomic chair from Pepperfry, I received the product, which is not fit for me. I thought to return the same, but Pepperfry is saying many rules for the return and not accepting the Return or Refund option. Now am unable to adjust with the chair or can't return back the chair either. Its very worst policies of Pepperfry, which are not in favor of its customers. Please please please don't buy any products from Pepperfry, if you book the product then you are enough stuck there, you can't cancel or return if you are not satisfied with the product.

Most hopeless website
It was an absolute disaster ordering from them. Will never make this mistake ever again. First PepperFry delivered the wrong product and informed me that the assembly will be done in 2 hours. There was no sign of any assembly person even after 24 hours. When I raised a return request for the incorrect product, they sent me a message saying the pickup will be done the next day. When I called on the number for the reverse pickup, the person said he won't be coming. Next, I received a mail saying the pickup couldn't be done as "I was unavailable at the location". Pepperfry is not a furniture website. It's a scam, a bloody joke run by a group of fraudsters.

Please do not go with Pepperfry
Welcome to Pepperfry! Please give us 10 seconds to connect with you.
Please do not click on the "x" button at the end of the chat. Click on "End Chat & Leave Feedback" and fill the survey to help us do better:)
You are now chatting with 'Jamil'
Jamil: Hello, Welcome to Pepperfry. How are you doing today?
Jamil: How may I help you today?
Venkat: Hi
Venkat: Can you make option 'Return this Item'available for order: 301214696 (i have got product yesterday)
Venkat: though i got product, its not enabled still
Jamil: May i know the reason?
Venkat: its not adequate
Jamil: Is the same product which you order?
Venkat: i could see some mismatch
Venkat: If you open that
Venkat: you will see
Venkat: Weight: 1.5 Kg
Venkat: but its not
Venkat: very very less
Venkat: and compact...
Jamil: Please wait for 2 to 3 minutes while I check this for you.
Venkat: inadequate
Venkat: ok
Jamil: Am sorry the size is mention on the website that is exactly you get the same product.
Venkat: What do you mean?
Jamil: Product is standard we wont be able to take the return request in this case.
Venkat: How come
Venkat: Can you give me single reason
Venkat: The mentioned details are not exactly same
Jamil: It's the same size which is mention on the website.
Venkat: Wat abt the Weight
Venkat: Do you want me to keep some 1.5 Kg Stone inside
Venkat: Yesterday i spoke to one of your representattive
Venkat: PepperFry aggreed for that
Venkat: and Quality also not that great
Jamil: Am sorry nothing can be done in this case.
Venkat: Whats the hell Man
Venkat: Can you give some proper reason
Venkat: at least people should satisfy with your products right
Venkat: See here
Jamil: Am sorry they product is the same which you order so we wont be able to take the return request.
Venkat: am clearly showing you the proof
Venkat: Man
Venkat: give me proper reason
Venkat: You claimed 1.5 Kg
Venkat: but its not
Venkat: What else you want... for considering your product
Venkat: its not my fault right
Venkat: If you feel the fault is on my side
Venkat: then fine
Venkat: i accept
Venkat: but its not
Venkat: If still you dis-agree. Leave it. I know how to handle it
Venkat: Atlest you should have provided me, what mentioned on the Site
Jamil: Sir this product is standard product am really so sorry i wont be able to take the request.
Venkat: Hey Man
Venkat: Please dont mention Sorry
Venkat: Give me one Reason
Venkat: Why there is mismatch in the given details in site and product
Jamil: Sir i wont be able to take the request as money back policy only applicable on damage product.
Venkat: You haven't delivered me the right product Sir... if it has been of 1.5 Kg i would have considered rite
Venkat: i am looking for Weight here
Venkat: Take back the Product and give me Same product with mentioned
Venkat: Weight
Venkat: no offence here
Jamil: Am sorry sir there is no possibility.
Venkat: Do you think its my mistake
Jamil: No sir that's not your mistake.
Jamil: However am sorry i wont be bale to take that return request.
Venkat: Ok. Atleast Take back the order with Free of Cost and don't cheat other people Atleast...
Venkat: Anyways its great experience with Pepperfry... i do not want to continue anymore

PepperFry duping customers and bad customer service
I have purchased a Bed Side Table and King Size Bed from Pepperfry on 8th August 2017, which I received on 31st August. As one of the main part for King Size Bed was missing and it cannot be made available by Pepperfry, I had to initiate a return and since the bed side table was of the same design, I had to return the complete order(Order No. 303282878). The Pickup was scheduled on 8th September and it was successfully done. I received the Refund for the King Size Bed (for which I had to call 10 times) but the refund for the Bed Side table was not processed. I have been calling there customer service for past 2 weeks and everytime I get the same response that its in process and PepperFry wil confirm with Warehouse.The Case Manager Gaytri is not coming on call and everytime I get same response from Customer care, that they will call back and they never call back.
E-Commerce companies in India like Pepperfry have stooped so low that they are tricking customer even when they receive funding of millions of dollars. They actually dont have any after sale process and their case managers are as much ignorant as one can be. They dont care about Customers hard earned money and want to loot then in any possible way.
I am going to take legal action against the company and if possible file a case of mental harassment.

Never buy any furniture from Pepperfry - worst quality items
I have ordered an engineered wood book shelf from pepper fry this January (6months back). The shelves inside is bent and doesnt seem to be of good quality. I have requested for a resolution since the warranty is of 3 years. However the customer care executive told me its wear and tear issue and denied the replacement / refund for the item.the initial reason PepperFry have told me was that its was due to monsoon its showing the damage when I questioned it they have changed their answer to wrong usage I questioned that as well saying bookshelfs are meant to hold books and it should do that properly they changed the answer to wear and tear and hence warranty is void
Such a stupid customer care and after sales team along with sub standard poor quality items gives the customer a night mare and absolute headache! Worst experience Order # 303639095

Poor quality bunk bed
I have ordered bunk bed with storage and trudle for my kids and it was broke in 7 days. It is so unsafe to buy products from pepperfry. My bunk bed costs 34k and PepperFry have used lower quality. Customer care is supportive and ready to pick up product with full refund but what about safety of kids.
I highly not recommend for pepperfry products. They sell products with name of MDF bit all parts are not MDF. Its better to go to carpenter to make customized bed.

Completely disappointed
I ordered a sideboard worth 20000 on sept 23. After a lot of reminders I got the delivery around 6th Nov. The product that was delivered was horrible. It was supposed to be an industrial finish one but was barely colored, it had termite holes fixed with a fixture, the door had cracks. And was broken. I had a lot of patience as the delivery was late but was very excited as I had liked the product on the website, but this was a complete disappointment. Finally PepperFry simply refunded me. But I dearly wanted the product and not the refund. The product was from Bohemiana. This vendor is horrible as they were forcing us to keep the product and was not giving any replacement even if we had not accepted their damaged delivery... total disappointment. I have got a lot of products from Pepperfry and they were simply good, on time delivery, good quality. But this particular vendor Bohemiana shows good product images online but are terrible at delivering it.

I Don't care attitude
True to its reviews which I just happened to notice due to my frustrating experience pre-sales, Pepperfey is not at all customer oriented. PepperFry seem to take customers for granted and seemingly any feedback given is not even bothered to be mentioned by them but simply close the case with very off handed answers not even pertaining to the issue raised. Fortunately I did not yet purchase any thing yet from them and would not do so now after looking at their shabby customer reviews. Highly avoid thi site.




Return policy sucks. Never trust pepperfry.
I've ordered a cotton XXXL bean bag worth 3500/- for my husband as a surprise gift but size is bit smaller for him and fabric is rough. I wanted to return but PepperFry directly said we are unable to help you regarding this issue. Atleast they could have given me some suggestion or replacement to bigger size or they can trasfer the money in my wallet after returning the product so that i can buy something else but the man on the phone is simply refusing to help me. They just don't care about customer after they deliver there $#*!ty products.

After so long we finally got the item but one door stopper is missing and it's not the same item that we ordered. The delivery person just left in hast without doing a proper check and said you can contact pepperfry support for further action. POOR DELIVERY, FAULTY ITEM AGAIN... ORDER NO. *******630. If you cannot fix this time I need a full refund back in my bank account and not in pepperfry account as credits. Wrote an email to customer service but PepperFry don't bother to reply even after 3 weeks of reporting and calling and writing repeated emails. See pictures original versus what was delivered

Disappointed with product booking and delivery during Covid 19 period
I booked a table and chair on 2nd May, 2020. These were promised to get delivered by 16th May, 2020 and 22nd May, 2020, which subsequently didn't happen. My question is I understand Covid 19 situation, but I want to know why the order was accepted, if this cannot be delivered within specified time. If done on speculation that Lockdown will be dropped by Government where Maharashtra is having highest of infection and Government being precautious will extend the Lockdown period. Next even I cannot cancel my order and get my prepaid payment refunded to my card.

Poor experience at the Pepperfry Studio@ Mumbai
My daughter and me happened to visit the Pepperfry Studio (opp Phoenix Mills, Lower Parel, Mumbai) for a first-hand look at some of the furniture items available for a work-from-home use... there was no one available to attend to us... there was a group of five huddled around a table and watching a TV screen... none of them bothered to ask what we were there for... after 10 agonising minutes wait, I went to ask them can we be helped? A lady made a sign - wait for 5 minutes... after another 10 mins, we decided to just walk-off... and none of the staff present, even bothered to come and ask us why we were there... of all of them, guard at the door was the most active with a hand-temp check and indicating that we wait for some more time... this will be my first and last visit to Pepperfry... lousy people and lousier service... came home and decided to buy from Godrej Interio... I am sure will mean more to Pepperfry than the ₹ 40k of purchase I made not from them!

Worst quality and really bad customer service
Ordered wall shelfs with pepperfry(order id - 305665339)- 4 Tier Ladder Wall Shelf in Orange & Brown Finish and 305541007. Both times I got damaged product and worst is their customer service. PepperFry are always too harsh and dont give proper solution. Atleast first time I managed to get refund. But second time as I was out of town couldn't open pack and later found out it was damaged too. This time they told I raised issue late so no return or refund And they way they conveyed was like simply I am calling without any job. I really felt ashamed with they way the talked and felt bad to order with such website who dont have respect for their customers. If both times I got damaged product think how their quality of products. I hope this review will help people to decide not to buy with them and loose peace of mind by worst customer service and bad quality of products.

India's most fraud online shopping cart
I bought one carpet recently, in website it shows images are different quality but when I got the item it's entirely different. I have raised request for return and I provided all requested images and proofs even PepperFry are not ready to take my return item.
Please be aware of this type of fraud.My suggestion to avoid this shopping cart to purchase anything. Please be carefull with this fraud pepperfry. Even can check in consumer complaint there are many complaints on pepperfry.

Don't waste your hard money
We have very bad experience with service lady named Sonia. She just cheated with us. She did not tell us all main policies clearly. She just has to sale the product and earn some bonus. After placing the order, we came to know dangerous policy. Though we pay full money, we can not expect good service as everything will go as per their policies only. No value for customer opinion or expectations. Wallet usage policy is just radiculus. First time in life, we came to know in case of usage of wallet balance in % type. That is pepperfry inappropriate policy. Also if we place order, we don't have have any choice to cancel the order(aftet 1 hour also, just disgusting)
Please you don't make such mistakes by purchasing furniture from pepperfry

Pepperfry is the WORST online store I have ever purchased from. I bought an expensive TV unit from them and asked for installation a couple of weeks after the delivery since my house was under renovation.

When the Pepperfry carpenter came for assembly, he found that 3 panels were damaged. When I called up Pepperfry, PepperFry told me that it has been more than a week since delivery so they would not be able to accept the return. I WAS NOT TOLD ABOUT THIS AT THE TIME OF DELIVERY. They sold me a damaged product and refused to accept a return. Customer care also does NOT know how to talk politely. They must have been recruited from some village and paid low wages, because they do not understand the concept of customer service.

I had no choice but to go ahead and ask the carpenter to assemble the product even though 3 panels were damaged, because I had paid a large amount. The carpenter (Mukesh Thakur) was not able to complete the assembly on Saturday, because my apartment does not allow workers beyond 6 PM. He had promised me on the phone that he would reach my house at 3 PM, but finally showed up at 5:30 PM. Horrible!

He informed me that he would come on Monday morning and complete the installation. I asked him FOUR times for confirmation and told him that I would be applying leave from work on Monday just for this and he assured me that he would come on Monday. I again called him on Sunday evening to confirm and he assured me that he would come in the morning.

Monday morning he does not show up. When I called him, he told me that he is in some other place and I have to call customer care. He did not even bother calling me. He is cheap, unprofessional and rude. Then he gave me another number to call but that person never answered the call. Thereafter, Mukesh Thakur kept cancelling my calls. These guys should be fired from their job.

5. When I called up customer care, they were not even bothered. They just told that they would take another request and there was nothing else they could do. When I explained how I was harassed by this man Mukesh Thakur, they were not even bothered. The customer care representative then started raising his voice telling me not to complain and then started shouting at me, telling me that I should not complain and that I should just wait.

I really hope this company Pepperfry shuts down. They sold me a damaged product, refused to take it back, their carpenter was cheap and unprofessional and rude, their customer care is rude and horrible and not bothered. I wasted a day of leave because of these people. I really want to go to the consumer court and file a case against Pepperfry.

DO NOT BUY FROM PEPPERFRY. You will be harassed and tortured by their customer care and their carpenters. I'm praying to God that their company shuts down, because this kind of pathetic service is not acceptable.

I had a much better experience from UrbanLadder, they are professional and customer oriented. Pepperfry is like a local road side shop with cheap products, cheap people and have no idea how to talk to customers.


Pathetic Online shopping service
Given an option I would even rate 0.0000 star to this so called luxury brands online shopping service. Ordered some key holder pepper fly worth Rs. 1k but not received till now. Always says will let u knw... where is ur product let me check once bla blaa blaaa... We kept on calling the customer service and PepperFry kept on royally dodging us with 24 hours and 48 hours reply's for only giving an update about the order.
Such ridiculous company... I will never ever recommend anyone to purchase from pepperfry,
Fraud people... even its show in the app delivered but didn't received yet...

No re-polish, replacement or refund for incorrect finish of TV unit
We wanted wooden TV unit, so we visited PepperFry showroom at Kandivali West. We have seen finish / colour of Siramika Honey Oak Bar Unit and we found it matching with rest of my wooden furniture. We ordered Siramika Honey Oak TV Unit on 23-Jan and received it on 6-Feb. To my surprise, we have received dark TV unit (below) which is not at all what we have seen in showroom or on website. We requested Pepperfry to do re-polish. PepperFry have sent their carpenter (Shabbir Shaikh) and he too agreed that it is too dark and cannot be made light without removing dark polish.

Now started my painful follow-ups. Their resolution team manager "Sarvesh S" denied that their carpenter has agreed that TV unit is dark and insisted that it is same as shown on website and showroom. He refused to do re-polish, or replace or give refund. I was also told that I cannot modify polish or else my warranty will lapse! I have again spoken to carpenter, he confirmed that he has told his team that TV unit is dark. So, where is the integrity of "Team Pepperfry"? Since then I'm almost following up on daily basis to get it re-polished or get replacement or refund.

After all these days, I have understood that Pepperfry model is completely different from Amazon or Flipkart, where you can easily return products. Your ratings and feedback do not appear on product page.

Do we as customer have to accept whatever they deliver to us, whether we like it or not?

Worst online shopping company Pepperfry
I have ordered a product of 2 quantity and the product quality is is having termites infestation. I have raise a request to return both the quantity as it comes under same order but PepperFry refused to take it. And the discussion is stll going on from past 10 days.the customer service people are of no use. They dont listen to customer. Customers call will be kept on hold and will get auto response over phone call. They will just drop an email as formality but will not repky to customers email.the post sale service of company is worst. I suggest no one should buy from these cheap company.its waste of hard earned money, time and effort. I feel urban ladder is much better than pepperfry. Pepperfry is cheater.

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