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Don't expect much information
Biggest rip off ever. I have recently met someone online and was looking for information one way or the other regarding this person. The only thing you seem to find is his name and birthdate which I already know. You should not be advertising that you can give people information for $27.99 when once you click on this, you need to pay more money to perhaps receive more information or maybe not. I would like my money back for the scam you are running.

Lots of info but a lot incorrect!
A lot of wrong information, incorrect addresses and relatives, no twitter accts too much info that is on other people with same name listed under me. It is misleading.

First of my own information is all wrong
First of my own information is all wrong. You would think before you charge people a fee at least you could have the correct information. That's so wrong this information could cause me many problems not mention if someone got this information like a employer it would cost me my job. Matter of fact I'm going to start asking employers is the reason Ithat i didnt get hired is due this report there will be problem because I'm not taking one for the team.

Great service to use very helpful answering my questions about my own personal background
I noticed that it has many names under the name that is looked up, but I don't like that part because I was hoping to use this report for my own personal job needs and to provide proof to a old friend I've lost contact with due to her believing that I had charges of child molestation on my record from a social worker only showing her a report that was made not the actual court records of myself being charged for anything of that type.

Outrageous price for information I already knew because...
Outrageous price for information I already knew because I'm not dumb and can use the internet and find this kind of information easily on my own. Pay more for an upgraded report? Are you kidding me and what's the guarantee that would give me anything I couldn't find on my own! Actually pathetic, it didn't even give the most recent phone number. Claims it would take weeks to compile this report on your own. It took me 1 day. Very unsatisfied!

You advertised marriage / divorce records, licensing,...
You advertised marriage / divorce records, licensing, you said there were social media accounts and some information that was offensive. After I purchased, none of this information came up and now you want me to pay you an additional $20 for information I was to have already received. What a scam. I'm calling my credit card company and cancelling this payment

Total waste of money
Not as advertised. Peoplewhiz did not have marriage or divorce records which I easily found on County website. Did not list known Facebook account which should have been easy along with Snapchat and Tinder. After paying $28 for one month you have to pay more to upgrade to a premium account. I called customer service and told them that PeopleWhiz missed obvious information and asked for a refund or an upgrade and got no compensation in any way. Total waste of money

Rip off
If I could give this company minus star I would! The worst ever, the information I got there was completely in accurate the only thing PeopleWhiz can get right is maybe your name and birthdate everything else that comes up is not even true, I googled my own sister which I know she has three criminal records and that never showed up.! False information, I would never ever ever ever use this again a waste of time and money, when I called to cancel my membership and I asked the rep Why is the information so not accurate she hung up on me…

Divorce and marriage records are not usually reported...
Divorce and marriage records are not usually reported though PeopleWhiz exist! It makes one question if your search is missing other items in regards of criminal records. Also, many have professional licenses: MD, DC, RN, PT — All would have licenses on record by state licensing bureau but none are ever reported. Why have the categories when you are so inconsistent in producing documents.

Generally, a pleasant query
Long and drawn out; final report may change this. And it has. Once the ball got rolling, everything I was atteempting to accomplish fell right into line. Thanks!

Massively incomplete Work History ( NONE) and other Relevant Data
Quick and somewhat comprehensive.!
Totally unknown Information on
Work ( Career) and as subject is 69, that is a glaring omission!
The living locations were expected, comparing the Dates, making the TOTAL LACK OF CAREER info unbelievable.
The subject had 4 AKA's and even those were believable as most people change a lot of their signature's middle name as an Initial or spelled out.

I think you people go through pretty harrowing times...
I think you people go through pretty harrowing times inputting the droves of data for every known individual on this planet and I certainly have alot of respect for you. I think you're doing a bang up job. I've already gotten some of my friends to utilize your app. PeopleWhiz love it, too. Thank you very much for all you do.

I don't like the fact that you offer unlimited reports...
I don't like the fact that you offer unlimited reports for $1 and your giving the basics. If you released the full report I probably would purchase this for 6 month offer. I get tired of these sites getting even though it's just a $1. I will not trust these sites because we don't even know the information you provide is even truthful. I know the info you provide on individuals isn't completely the truth. How can you be legit if you give false information

Mostly fluff, not much filler
I keep giving this service another try with the same lackluster information. We get buried by your ads for what report has changed. This is criminal in its false representation. I even bought a Premium Report which was ridiculous for the price. The report left out a divorce from about 9 years ago, then a remarriage of long duration. Very disappointing.

Not liking the dirt I'm finding on someone but better...
Not liking the dirt I'm finding on someone but better reading it than telling it. Thank you so much everyone at people whiz... If it weren't for you and all your hard work I think it's safe to say I'd be dating yet ANOTHER dirt bag... Your updates are very much appreciated as well! Thx a million... U guys rawk

Pretty cool and damn accurate!
Pretty cool and damn accurate! Thank u so much this helps take out all the dumb yrs I could have spent with someone I didn't need to be with...

I was a little disappointed. Initial statements made me think there was more info than actually included. Pricey. You can get the same info for cheaper price.

Bait and Switch
I ran a search on myself. PeopleWhiz don't tell you any of the costs up front.
To get a one month membership it is $27.99. That report does not contain any of the juicy information. You need to upgrade to a Premium account for $19.95 for that information. I'm not sure if that covers just the report or the whole month. I'm not throwing good money after bad.
Some of their info was suspect-a phone number I don't recognize and a relative I've never heard of.
I need to make sure they aren't going to continue my subscription without my permission.

Misrepresentation by company
I pulled myself, and many times it gave you teasers like guaranteed criminal record please keep going and I'll look kind of stuff and when we finally got to my actual report there were so many errors PeopleWhiz were basic things that were not included like my Facebook, it was an absolutely worthless report. On tickets and things like that I put every Colleen Moore on the planet on there what a complete waste. I will make sure I tell all my clients and friends never to use this service

Not as complete as advertised
Not as complete as advertised. I ran my ex-son in law and the report said no criminal records. He was convicted of solicitation for murder and served 7 years in Federal prison.

I just got to the report and other than nothing was...
I just got to the report and other than nothing was ever mentioned about a having to pay for the information until you put your info in it's alright so far

Well I'm constantly getting an email that tells me...
Well I'm constantly getting an email that tells me there's new information added to his report & that's the only reason I've logged back in, but there's never anything new on it.

John Everett Handy
I found very little info about ME. The report was mostly about other people, none of them had my whole name. It was not accurate about my marriages or divorces. This report has very little value to anyone. At first you wanted $27 for one month and even more for more months. Gals I decided not to do that. Then I was offered the report for only $1.00, at that price I wanted to that a look. It was disappointed.

You make the claim to expose all this information but...
You make the claim to expose all this information but your search shows much less than any of the other sites who claim to be able to provide certain information. I mean you didn't even find the Facebook or Instagram accounts that I know this person has.
No Wonder You Don't Offer A With A Money BACK guarantee. If you did I would certainly ask for it. $27 and you provide way less than peoplefinder.Com

Exact info through 38 yrs marriage
Very happy with the ease in navigating research on my family and friends. So far, I found out about a neighbor whom I was leery about, so I feel safer as an elderly citizen. Thanks PEOPLE WHIZ..

I used this service once and did not subscribe to anything. It was supposed to be a single inquiry. All of a sudden, I find myself being billed $27.99 a month for a subscription, so mind your checking account, especially if you have a debit card attached to it. I'm finding all kinds of fraud on my account this morning coming from Great Britain, The Netherlands, etc. It's a crazy world.

Job well done!
I paid 4 or 5 different websites to find out someone's name then their info, people wiz was the only one I had success with and now I know everything I needed to! Thank you

I'm nervous to find out about my ex
I'm nervous to find out about my ex. But I'll feel so much freedom from finally finding out the truth about his alternative life he never shared with me.

Does ok for the most part
Does ok for the most part. Little confusing for example i keep finding the same person multiple times age ranging from 20 to 120. Miser off the time in different states but ironically their assocites and family all have very familiar similar names. Oh! And the 120 year old person when same name has multiple hidden dating profiles. Lmao. I wonder if she is the great great great grandmother of the unamed person? Ha ha

Somewhat scares me while I ck on a Love one or a...
Somewhat scares me while I ck on a Love one or a friend that's been feeding me so much BS how PeopleWhiz went to court for a DUI and said the judge told him was only a first time and whare you were pulled over for not using your blinker in your own Driveway so I will give you this break because you have a CDL and we need these drivers today Ken! Isn't that BS?

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