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Let me down in time of need, for a product they pushed on me.
P. C. Richards pushed me into buying a Samsung Washer Dryer from them. While doing so advised best if had installed by P. C. Richard "Authorized" service personel, since (1) the units are being stacked, and (2) Gas is involed. I might void the warrenty. This is fine, it turns out the cost worked out well with the extended service contract. Low and behold, less then 6 months later the washer devolps a drainage clog. I performed all recomended troubleshooting. Nope, this is a real clog. Call PC Rich. PC Richard & Son can't help (Yet) Advised me to call Samsung direct. Samsung, although very nice (Overly, FAKE nice) advises that I, me the cosumer, must unstack unit (involves disconnecting the gas) and have unit in open, "Servicable" condition. Yeah, and i will serve cookis and milk and the service person can take a nap after. This, somehow does not void the warreny. Go figure. Two take aways: P. C. Richards really does not care about the consumer. They want your money only. It is all about sales and nothing more. Really, don't kid yourselves. And, Sumsung appliance are JUNK and their service is worse. STAY AWAY FROM THE JUNK. I am so sorry i ever got involved with this SAMSUNG (DAMN - DUNG) product. I am seriously considering putting it to the curb and take the $1900. 00 loss. No joke! Absoluly dissapointed in both companies. (One star given becuase NO STARS is not a choice)

The company won't repare their GE Product saying no parts
Purchased a GE washer in late Oct. 2020. It was delivered on 10/21/2020. It stopped working a half year later. Only a half year. GE products usually lasts more than 10 years or more. Called the service. There's only one number for service. The wait time is a hour long. Online register is asking for tons of numbers. The service is slow and bad. The 3rd party repair company contracted with PC Richards is very rude. The lady answering phone is rude and doesn't want do any work so don't even worry about any service. Finally, the service person coming and said he's goig to order a part. 3 weeks passed. He said he has no GE part for repair. Then he said PC Ricahrd doesn't repair GE product. Really bad customer service and warrenty doesn't cover GE product and PC Richard & Son don't tell you ahead of time. I'm still waiting for them.


Shipping leaves a whole lot to be desired
I received my "new" Yeti cooler via UPS and was astounded to see that it wasn't even sent in a box. PC Richard & Son stuck the mailing ID information right on top. As you would expect, it is covered in scratches and already looks a couple years old. I will never order from this company again and would advise you not to as well. Buyer beware!

Horrible this company is a scam I don't recommend anyone buy from this company I just bought new refrigerator it's almost $3000 and it was defective and PC Richard & Son tried to call them and send me someone to fix it and he said we missing part and the part is going to come after one month and he doesn't want to replace the refrigerator or exchange it or do anything for me and the customer service is horrible and professional people I don't recommend anyone spend a penny for this company

Delivery/ Regional Sales Manager
It's situations like this that harm hard working sales people. Managenent will then complain because sales people don't meet their required sales numbers. What a mess!

Re: PC Richard:
Text message to my PC Richard Sales Manager Who Has Worked Hard To Accomdate Me Over The Years.
Neither I nor the employee at the condo office have received the certificate of insurance needed from the delivery department. Local appliance vendors have certificates of insurance on file at the condominium office. It's apparent that the warehouse will not send the certificate on time. There's been clear and ongoing disfunction with the delivery department over the years. It creates a lot of time waste and frustration for me. Your district sales managers mouth and attitude are certainly not what any customer will accept. Its obvious that he's comfortable speaking with disrespect to customers. His mouth and the delivery departments disfunction appear to reflect the culture of PC Richard because it's permitted. In addition, it now has been made very difficult to speak with your executive office. I know that you try very hard to help me whenever possible, but you can't dictate and control the perception of your employer's culture. Please cancel my order and refund my deposit.

Long wait and damaged.
My history with PC Richard and Son. A few years ago I ordered a stove. It arrived with a damaged handle. We excepted the stove and the technician said he would replace the handle. Long story short the handle never came and PC Richard and Son wanted to charge us for installation and a new handle. Face forward to March 2021 I ordered a refrigerator and a Freezer chest. After waiting a month for delivery the freezer chest Arrived with the top of it caved in damaged beyond repair and I sent it back. When the refrigerator arrived at the end of the week I took the box off and it look like a forklift went through the top of the refrigerator And that got sent back as well. I would never deal with PC Richard and Son ever again. Very unprofessional

Very very bad costumer service!
Purchased a washer/ dryer two weeks ago, the installation is still pending. After making multiple phone calls to the store at Yonkers, NewYork to speak with the manger, have not been able to get through to them or for them to make a call back after being told PC Richard & Son will call back. Only expect some clarity on the situation. A nightmare and the worst experience after staying on hold for hours and still not been able to get any answers.

Worst business company ever!
I put an order for three laptops on 8/14/2020 Order #*******994. PC Richard & Son cancelled my order without noticing me, I found it out after a month when I was trying to check on the status. PC Richard & Son claim that they don't have Billing info in their system, but it is showing in my order detail web page. What's more crazy is that it's been almost 3 month, PC Richard still haven't returned my $500 giftcard which I used in this purchase. I've been calling for almost 10 times to them. They always say they will call me back or they will send me an email. But it turns out that they just ignore you. Their online chatting system is another joke. Whenever you try to talk with them with their only system, they just give you a phone number, then back to step one... My very first experience with P. C. Richard and Son is this bad, I just don't understand how they feel about their slogan "111 years of honesty, integrity, reliability". This is ironic. Don't ever do business with P. C. Richard!

I just bought Pentax K5 from there and so far they...
I just bought Pentax K5 from there and so far PC Richard & Son sold me an extended battery for $45.00 instead of the advertised price of $89.00. They never pushed for insurance or tried to up the handling/shipping charges. I bought it on Sunday 9/18/11, they shipped it 9/20/11, and UPS tracking has it coming tomorrow 9/22/11,700 miles from NY. We will see tomorrow if I did or did not receive exactly what I ordered, ie a new Pentax K5 with 18-55mm lens. Will keep you informed.

Paramus NJ PC Richards
I love this location and the managers and salesman. Specificly Albert and Charlie. PC Richard & Son are knowledgeable and definitely understand the customers needs. I have made many purchases over the years at the Paramus NJ store, and only had one minor problem with one of the items I bought. They wasted no time doing what needed to be done to correct the problem... I would recommend this store and PC Richards to anyone. Keep up the great work.

Never again
I called for service on a expensive dryer. PC Richard & Son sent a technician that turned on the dryer and felt the vent and put his hand in the dryer after 2 minutes max and said it's getting hot. Wow! What a way to diagnose that the dryer is not dryer as it used to. I will never use the company for anything again in my lifetime!

Poor customer service
Had an issue with my new Beko refrigerator regarding the handles upon installation of fridge and paid for a 5 yr warranty
Had to call PC Richards several times since PC Richard & Son never return your call and frustrated trying to get a service call scheduled by PC Richards. I called a made a complaint with customer service whom never followed up. I did speak with the store manager who scheduled an appt and they actually did come and fix the issue had to jump through hoops!
Great customer service at Beko, I called the refrigerator company directly and the regional manager called me back within 24 hrs and scheduled a service call at my convenience ( which I didn't wind up needing)
My purchase and delivery went smoothly but the follow up PC Richards regarding issues is horrendous!

Terrible repair service
I purchased all new appliances a little over a year ago. The ice maker for my LG refrigerator has been replaced twice. Currently there is a an error code that means the fan for the ice maker needs to be replaced. I bought the extended warranty. It has been 6 weeks since I called them, the tech came to diagnose the problem and finally replace it today. Tech arrived and the box was mislabeled so he left. I was on the phone with customer service and got a lot of words but PC Richard & Son never called me back. Buyer beware.

A wonderful salesman
My husband and I went to P. C. Richard on Saturday to purchase a washer and then again on Monday we purchased a refrigerator. Our salesman, Joseph, from the Riverhead Store was an exceptional, professional, friendly and helpful person for the purchases we made. He will be our personal salesman from now on.

I have had a PC card for awhile now. The payments were never late, and payments paid off mostly immediately. Zero Balance due on card. Went to make a purchase and got declined. Call in to customer service and PC Richard & Son tell me account was closed. Why I ask I was never notified. Told me my credit rating changed. OK #1 never received notice, #2 As stated my record with the card was impeccable, and 3 most embarrassing. They should have better customer service and notify people they are or will close an account. This is just Wrong. Never again PC R.

Horrendous Customer Service
While it is understandable that orders may be delayed due to shipping limitations with COVID, upon consultation with both their online and telephone customer services, they're explicitly lying about items being delayed despite being past the scheduled arrival date, in addition to not even providing a valid tracking number. Furthermore, the original confirmation email explicitly states that customers have the option to cancel orders if PC Richard & Son do not arrive on time, yet once again the customer service is denying such claims, even when being told the rules laid out by their company verbatim. Even if the customer service at least showed a bit of compassion or even owning up to the delays could this be understandable. However, by instead denying any fault and if anything laying blame on the customer for not being relaxed enough to not care when their package arrives is simply inexcusable.

Excellent sales rep at PC Lawrenceville
We wish to compliment Lois Toal at Lawrenceville for her impeccable people skills. Bought a 55 flatscreen from her for our den. We felt comfortable with her know how about TVs and cables needed for an incredible viewing experience. She's an asset to this store and to PC Richard.

Awful customer service and warranty policies
Do not buy from here!
I'm on my third LG fridge from PC Richards in 6 years... this 3rd is still under the warranty and the compressor on this one has now broken just like the first two.
PC Richard & Son will not allow an exchange for a different brand — even though there is a recent LG class action settlement re: cooling defect and "non cooling events" that includes the model is have (and had). Even if they did allow an exchange, they won't allow for replacement of what the current model is, only what was paid...

Not only will they not stand by their customers, they won't even call me to discuss and keep having the associate play a game of telephone relay. Some "family" business...

Is there a ZERO star?!
Is there a ZERO star?! It's been 3 1/2 weeks since I placed my order and still nothing. PC Richard & Son originally noted 1-2 days to ship, now they are out of stock and said 2 weeks. It's been over the 2 weeks and they said 2 more weeks, then he said they didn't know when they would be in, but they would "email me when they arrive". It sounded as if he had no idea when/and/if they would ever be getting them. I noticed the price went up on their website an additional $30, so I hate to cancel my order now. I just want my camcorder people! Geez, I'm missing all of my baby's "first's" because of this.
Probably worth the extra $ to just buy elsewhere. Oh, I did get the call from them originally saying they had to speak with me to verify the order before it could ship, and nothing was mentioned of it being out of stock... it was basically a call to try and sell me the accessories. When I declined, I feel like he got kind of rude with me. Same guy answers every time.
Just don't even bother with these people, they don't deserve our $, and we don't deserve their cr*ppy service and frustration.

Omar K, Manager at Broadway store
I called Pc Richards for service on my refrigerator, and stove. I was told that after three service calls that I was eligible for Exchange I was excited. I was put in contact with Omar K, one of the managers at the Broadway store he is an impeccable person. With great empathy. He took care of my every need.he made sure I got what I wanted.He always came to the phone when I called. And believe me I called a few times. LOL, If I wanted to change something he changed it To the best of his ability.the reason for this review is that I have never experienced such a compassionate person who is willing to go above and beyond for me. When I was pushed around from person to person on the past. When I got to him. Everything was taken care of I'm writing this because when you walk into the store this is the type of customer service experience everyone should expect. Omar k is the best. Hands down! There is nothing like impeccable customer service. So A special thank you Omar k. Broadway store... you rock.! Thank you Loyal customer R. C

No Service
PC Richard & Son came to service unit 3 weeks later for a repair didn't come with parts for repair just looked at unit and said have to order parts 3 to 5 days. Got a call it will be another 3 weeks before they come back. They should just tell you the truth from the beginning. Parts are taking months to get with Covid just tell us that.

Nothing worked out
Worse company. I bought a washer/dryer and made it very clear, what I need (frontload, 110 voltage etc.) I even have it written down on the receipt. And hauling away the old machine. I received a top load with 230 voltage. The PC Richard installer drove away without even taking the old machine with them. I had to call customer service more than 10 times before someone took care of my situation. PC Richard & Son had no washer/dryer in the warehouse. But I was told that they would receive a delivery of 10 machines and that I would receive one. I waited and waited. I called again. After several tries to get customer service on the phone I was told that there is no delivery for me scheduled because this machine is damaged. If I wouldn't have called I would have waited all day. Then they offered me a demonstration model. But they can't give me a delivery day and time because they have no time slots available!
This is going on for a week now. PC Richards has all my money (I paid for the first machine completely when I made the purchase) and is neither able to provide me with a new machine nor do I get my money back!

It seems very unfair I have to give this seller even...
It seems very unfair I have to give this seller even 1 star. Horrible does not begin to describe my experience. A short run down of our transaction so far.

1. My wife ordered a camera on Wednesday. On Friday she recieved a call to confirm the order. At that time she was confronted with pushy upsales for various accessories. (strike 1) Then PC Richard & Son told her there would be an additional $20 "handling and insurance" fee added to the order. The website listed a 2.99 shipping fee, and said nothing about this extra $20, which actually made them more expensive then other sites. (strike 2)

The order was not actually shipped until the following Wednesday. Why it took a week to put a camera in a box and ship is beyond me. (strike 3).

A week later, the camera arrives. My wife is sitting on our couch, and opens the box. She starts to play with it, and it doesn't work. Once the zoom is extended, it will not retract unless you remove the batteries. So we put it back in the box and ship it back the next day.

2 days after they receive the camera back, they call us. They tell us the camera has a scratch on the body near the lens, and we must have dropped it. The only place we could have dropped it was on the couch, and there was no scratch on it when we mailed it. They said they would send it to the manufacturer, but in there opinion we had damaged it and most likely the manufacturer would send us back the broken camera.

Good Service at the Wayne Store
We were waited on by Dawn at the Wayne Store. She was extremely knowledge able and helpful. We felt confidant in our selections because Dawn knew the merchandise and directed us to what suited our needs.
Our experience with Dawn was extremely positive and you should consider her a valued employee.

Woefully bad price creep
We have been P. C. Richards customers through the lives of many appliances and have returned repeatedly because the value, service and reliability was always as promised. And we always believed that the prices were the best possible.

Now we have our doubts. In fact, I feel price gouged.

In 2014 we purchased a 1.9 CuFt GE (1100 watts) over the range microwave with all the bells and whistles—we mostly needed the large size as well as the high wattage for fast heating. Now, seven years later, we've had to replace that unit with its replacement model because the original microwave intermittently fails to heat. So it's $300 or $400 to trouble shoot and repair the older unit and we paid $239 for it back in 2014 so we thought it was reasonable to just replace it.

We did and do expect price creep nowadays but we never expected to have to pay a bottom line difference of $177.27 for the replacement microwave. And not a deal breaker, but the new unit offers fewer features and benefits. It has 100 fewer watts of heating, no accommodation for a second rack, a single surface light bulb, a considerably louder operation and a button layout that miserably failes to improve on the prior design while offering exactly the same control features. The door construction and materials must be inferior to its predecessor since when you open and close it, it sounds like a used car that you'd walk away from.

In the past, we liked that P. C. Richards had their own trucks and delivery people. Not that our guys today weren't terrific, it's just that P. C. now charges $30 to remove the old unit which wasn't the case where PC Richard & Son had their own employees running delivery and installation. Now, It's farmed out.

So I was disappointed in the net VALUE that we've been used to. The price creep has compromised the benefits of shopping there.

But in all fairness, I didn't see much difference in pricing structure initially, when shopping around before the purchase.

In July I went out looking for a 55" Samsung SmartTV...
In July I went out looking for a 55" Samsung SmartTV no 3D. I looked in Sears and other places and then decided to go to P C Richards. A friend of mine told me all about them and the deals he got. We went to P C Richards and looked around and started to leave, at the door PC Richard & Son stopped us and asked us what they could do to make us happy. Well, we bargained back and forth and before long I got the Samsung and the mount for the wall for a very good price. I will continue to deal with them for now on. They treated us right. Try them, you'll like them. Bye Bye for now. Stuart

I place an order for a Nikon d7000 camera body took...
I place an order for a Nikon d7000 camera body took advatage of there promotions with memory card upgrade and warrranty. I am not sure why everyone else is bashing the site but PC Richard & Son seem to be more legit then most of the other scam sites that are out there just give them a chance sell products they really don't have sell products PC Richard & Son really don't have. They get all your personal and credit card information and then they cancel your order when you call them for your order tree weeks later. They can not be trusted at all. You'd better to watch your credit card bill. I never gona order anything from them any more!

Great prices
I have now purchased two items online from PC Richards. Both arrived faster than promised. The printer was highly recommended by top online reviewers. But I couldn't find any that were priced under $200, most didn't even have any in stock. PC Richards had it in stock and sold it to me for $137 and with free shipping. Very happy with our online purchases.

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Description: Shop for kitchen appliances and so much more at P. C. Richard and Son. We have air conditioners, TVs, laptops, you name it, and all at superior prices!

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