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Great Platform
My experience has been great on payoneer, just i gave 4 stars due to the fees Payoneer charge, it is not clearly mentioned to a customer who search it and does not find clearly until the transaction occurred then I saw the payoneer charges

Rest transactions occur fast in my bank, withdrawals are smooth, pretty good done within 3 days no problem there
Only one problem of charges not being clearly mentioned for an average user
I do not have problems with the charges, just that they are not been clearly mentioned in some settings thats it.
Thank you

Excellent Customer Service
The Customer Service Rep. That assist me is very considerate and helpful. This month, I did not meet the minimum threshold amount of money to be able to transfer funds on my bank account. As a solution, he adjust my Payoneer funds a little bit for me to be able to transfer it on my bank account. I thought it will be deducted on my future client payments but he assure me it will not be deducted. I'm very grateful for this excellent customer service. Thank you, Payoneer.

I attempted to verify my account a few times and called customer support thrice.It was disappointing when the representative said that all my documents should be alright but then l received an email saying that your document is not accepted. Submitting a document when you are living outside your country is a bit confusing but l figure it out.
I am happy that my account already been approved.
Just a suggestion, if your customers has many declined attempts to complete their requirements, a courtesy call maybe very helpful other than that Satisfied customer here.

Best Payment processor
I had an issue with Pending payment and called Payoneer. Paulo answered my call and helped me through the process. What made me more happy was the fact that he called me back after my airtime exhausted to assist me with the issue and in less than 2 minutes it was resolved even though he told me it would take 2hrs. Thanks a lot. You guys are better than PayPal by far. Please, I was not paid to post this. I was just too happy with the way I was treated. It's a pleasant experience tbh

Verification process was very slow
I was waiting about 15 days for account verification. In that time I spoke few times with customer care, each time girls were very polite, but Payoneer could not do nothing to speed up the process.

Also one time I was 15minutes on call stand by and after that I got an information that there are not available operators, so I will get an phone call from your side, but that never happend.

My general experience until now is on low level, I hope you will be better in the future

Best Global Payment Option!
As an independent contractor living in Belize, it's hard finding a global payment platform that actually works due to regional blocks. However Payoneer allows easy payment from clients all over the world within days from Business accounts and Hours from Payoneer to Payoneer accounts. When travelling I can just top up my card with the relevant currency and use as needed. No need to call the bank to open my card for travel (eg local credit cards). I can have access to my funds at any ATM worldwide that accepts MasterCard. Was the best choice I made joining the Payoneer family!

Customer service
First of all I was very happy how quickly Payoneer picked up my call. Some companies I am on hold for hours but within 60 seconds a real representative picked up the phone. The customer service agent that dealt with me, Wendy, was very friendly and resolved my issue very quickly, efficiently and in a simple manner. After I hung up the phone within 60 seconds I had the email I needed. I wish all customer service agents and companies were like this!

Resolved all my troubles
My problem was that I couldn't recover my password. The email just didn't appear in my inbox. I got a call later the day from customer support and we went through the problem step-by-step. Turns out I accidentally created a bunch of different accounts that needed closure. Sufficed to say, the support rep closed all my accounts and resolved my concerns, all in less than 30 mins. By the end, I managed to get my accounts back. Thanks again!

Payment stuck in Payoneer for 3 days.
The account opening procedure was swift and i had no issues. However, after reading reviews of some old users of Payoneer i figured its usual that Payoneer take longer to approve payments. I finally got through to talk to a customer service representative and my fear of completely losing my money ended. I do recommend Payoneer as a service for businesses but only if you can fulfil your customers order on time keeping in mind each payment will be delayed for a week.

Lack of actions
My experience wasn't that good, but I appreciate Abby for assisting me with my concern. I am sending a lot of emails since I was waiting for my pay. It's almost a week now but I have to call for my concern to get resolve. I'm waiting for an email and tell me why my pay is still on processed for how many days but haven't got any answers. What if I didn't call, how long do I have to wait? I badly need the money so I was wondering for how may days, why I am not getting any information about my account. I feel so bad about it.

Privately payoneer sucks maybe with it going public it will give a better over all service.
Trouble for your account to get paid even if it's from local banks. I wanted to activate my account to send my money to another payoneer and couldn't until I meet set parameters which I don't understand as it is my money and not yours. Systems doesn't allow more then one document to be sent and without calling or chatting, issues never get resolved other wise. Hope there is some change as it will not benefit me but the company and the people who relay on your services to get paid from abroad.

Chris is amazing!
I called Payoneer customer service to ask if I can receive money from any type of Payoneer account and what kind of information does the sender of money see about me the recipient.

I got Chris as my support, who was awesome!

He answered both questions quickly, politely and he kindly asked me to verify some information before he did that.

I am very satisfied with Payoneer and especially Chris the support genius.

Thank you Chris, you are awesome buddy^_^

Request to reactivate my payoneer account
I decided to deal with my payoneer account again after a long time. Then I try to login my payoneer account but, My Payoneer account was temporarily suspended due to an extended period of inactivity. Finally I informed the customer Care service to draw your attention to the reactivation of my account. I got a very positive reply to it and my problem was solved quickly. I'm very happy about that and Thank you so much for your fast response.

An Amazing Experience
Last night was truly an amazing experience having Ms. Honnee from the other line! She was so great and very responsive. I am truly grateful with the service that she provided! My account was pending since July 2019 and yet, she was able to come up with a resolution to fix my problem. I hope that you will give her this commendation. Please tap her back and give her a raise because she deserve it! Kudos to you girl! Thank you Payoneer and God bless!

Merci Thomas
After much frustration, I was trying to find out why my purchase orders from Amazon had not been completed.
Thomas walked me through the process of checking my account and payments made to it. Then he explained that the problem happened because I had not downloaded money to my new card. He explained how I should do it, and it worked, then he showed me how to make sure the problem never occurs again.
Speaking with Thomas was a real pleasure and he brought light on a stormy, rainy day in Kingston.
Sending my THANKS in his language: Merci Mil Fois, Thomas!
And in my Jamaican way: ONE LOVE!

Pyoneer custommer care a lotery
I would give 2,5 stars but i do not have the option. First agent that handled my case was not able after 10 min to understand and solve my ishues. A simple double charge by an Atm from a foreign country. After 10 min of explaining i was feeling exhausted. Then she even hang up on me. The second agent handled the situation super fast and professionally. What can i say about customer care? I have really mixed feelings (fire and ice like). On the other hand Payoneer bank services are really good.

Finally a global solution
I have been looking for ways to get paid from Amazon, and I should say after trying so hard to get a verified account with Payoneer, I finally did. The entire verification process was tedious, but once I got the global payment services activated on my account, Payoneer is now a darling. I should say there is still more room for improvement on Payoneer's end. I look forward to a feature where Payoneer can facilitate a standing order (where funds will be withdrawn to a local bank account).

Open an account with Payoneer
Got a feeling that your customer service people are very eager to help. The key problem was at the step of getting a verifying code via mobile phone. My personal experience was that "30 seconds" was too short for someone who's inexperience and not smart enough like me, in particular when the authorized mobile phone is not belong to me, and waiting for message to come has already taken some 10 seconds! Wonder if such timing could be modified a bit!

Wanted a EURO Currency Receiving Account - Excellent Customer Service
I wanted to have EURO Currency Receiving Account added to my Payoneer profile. To do so, I got in touch with the Customer Service Representative through one of their helpline numbers. Tony Rose who assisted me with my issue was very professional and very polite, the qualities that a customer would expect of a Support professional. Payoneer were very clear in understanding my issue and assisted my fully in next 2 minutes. I am very very delighted with this GREAT customer service. Thanks Payoneer team for such an excellent service

Thank you
That each time for the same issue I will be connected to a different call center is not comfortable. The time will be wasted till I explain from the beginning and the new call center checks all the info, too. If Payoneer can not solve the issue in one day, I appreciate it that they tell us how long we have to really wait. Telling us the fake waiting time, make us nervous.
But I am satisfied at the moment because finally the last person named Sarah could help me. Thank you Sarah..

Telephone conversation with Customer Care
Today I had a problem I was finding difficult to resolve online myself so I decided to try to speak to someone. After waiting a couple of minutes I was through to a very professional, helpful lady (Eana). She listened patiently as I explained the issue and was able to help me sort the problem out within a few minutes. A very happy experience ……the likes of which is rare these days. Thankyou to her and to payoneer for providing great service!

I received my new card and activated it on the11th of august 2021 but funds on my old card and the new payments was not transfered to my new card till i called payoneer U: K: customer service. Lady at the phone fixed my issue right away wh, ch was great but although i received an email from payoneer notifying that transfer will be done why did i had to call? And if i hadn't how long more would i have to waite? Therefor 3 star at this time.

Empty Promises
Ok, so, I am STRUGGLING to find any payment gateway since I am from Serbia, living in Trinidad & Tobago, and my company is registered in the USA.
I came across Payoneer and know few friends that have received cards without a SINGLE problem. I opened the account, provided all the documents, received payment more than USD 100 so I can be eligible and then the ordering process was stuck. Spent several hours with customer service, and every and each time the solution was found ON THE PHONE, after which as soon as I hung up, the issue STILL persisted. This is an ongoing process for around 2 months now and PROMISED TIME is 3 days.
So, if the platform is amazing, yes. If it is SELECTIVE, YES 100%. You shouldn't put all the countries you "support" if you TRULY DON'T.

I have been working from home for years now and this has been my preferred method of payment. Payoneer is hassle free I can withdraw to my local bank account without any nuisance of waiting weeks on end for a check even until this day the competitors just can not compare I recommend any and everyone internationally to utilize this service. Customer service is prompt and always has the right solution. I have two accounts with Payoneer a personal and now a business I hope the same smoothie process will apply to my business account with them.

The customer care is so effective and reliable.
I just moved from Istanbul to Kenya a week ago. Upon arrival, I changed my phone number to a local one but now I can't locate where my Turkish sim card... so i couldn't do my two-step verification associated with this registered sim card... I tried to reset the password to gain access but to no avail, I didn't know I could actually call Payooner Customer Desk for help... when I finally did, it was so effective, Payoneer asked my security questions and other details for verifications and problem solved. Am grateful. Regards

Terrible Service
I've sent countless emails and requests to payoneer but not one person responded I've been waiting for 6 days for my bank account to be approved so I can make a withdrawal but by the looks of it, they're not interested in keep their customers satisfied or providing good customer service. If Payoneer don't sort out this issue I'm going back to Paypal. It extremely disappointing that I work hard for my money and I when I want to withdraw I can't. I trusted the company believing that they're trustworthy by they're clearly not.

Payoneer account transactions account number deleted by Payoneer representative
Actually I am new account holder in Payoneer
I have 6 transactions made
I have little delays
But today I was shock that
Payoneer representative say your bank account has been deleted because of payment been reversed back. Some time it's bank holidays
Specially Saturday or Sundays are cloves
Or bank has the problems of link down
Why do Payoneer transactions team has to delete the my personal account which has been given on the online application.
I am bit disappointed by this action
I have receive email of processing of my payment at 8 October
Today 12 October
It's still not been receive in my account
My transactions number: 334369870
Kindly help me out to resolve this issue
Thank you
Customer I'd

Good service, but hard to get hold of help easily
I've been recievjbg mk way the platform, I am on as a travel host for three years with out any issues. With my latest payment on 26 September 2021, I was asked to provide additional information. One being who the payment is for, which was a silly question as it was coming to me then Payoneer asked for an invoice, which I provided. Then they asked for a contract fir that particular transaction. I am a freelancer on a platform that hosts me, they handle all payments and admin. I do not have a contract with them. It was very difficult to find a solution or any place to email as the options on the customer service email does not have an option for documents that cannot be provided and the reason for it. I called customer service and explained and then was told it would be explained to verification centre why I cannot send a contract as I do not have one. Its freelance work. I am only a provider on their platform. I hope this does not happen again and I am still waiting to see if it will be accepted. I've been receiving payments from the same company for more than two years without s problem, why now.

Great Service & Truly professional Customer Support
I am new to Payoneer but i have received world-class service and customer support from them. No matter what Payoneer are with you to help you to succeed. I am currently using their platform to withdraw my freelance earnings to my local bank account. I am getting a good conversion rate compared to other companies and i must say their customer service is top-notch. I am so satisfied with Payoneer and definitely recommend their services to anyone without hesitation.

Payoneer provides Options
At some point in the past, Payoneer was the only way I could get my freelancing money, wire transfer was an option but it would cost me a lot of money to do that. I got Payoneer card and I could withdraw anywhere. Up until today, I still withdraw through Payoneer and I am planning to use it to make purchases and save money! The best thing is that Payoneer is constantly upgrading, most recently, there is the Digital Card to make purchases, it sounds appealing to me and I am considering it.
I would say Payoneer customer service excels as well, I don't remember a single time my issue was not resolved, nor delayed, nor ignored nor I had to contact them a thousand times to resolve. It is either resolved on the spot or within a few days because there is a process to follow. I am grateful to Payoneer, rather our family is, father and brother withdrew from their funding sources to my Payoneer account. Payoneer helped an entire family here. Thank you

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Description: Since 2005, Payoneer’s cross-border payments platform has empowered millions of entrepreneurs and businesses anywhere in the world – from Cairo to California, Buenos Aires to Bangalore and Tel Aviv to Tokyo – to expand beyond their borders and grow successful, sustainable businesses. Thousands of leading companies and marketplaces rely on Payoneer’s services to send funds to their merchants worldwide.


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