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Frankly, this site "PatPat" is one of the best sites that I dealt with by purchasing, and when I encountered some problems, PatPat provided me with quick solutions and positive responses until the matter ended well. I would like to thank those in charge of the site, and I would like to thank Rachel very much for solving the problem of the delay in the arrival of the goods, which I am waiting for after several days. From experience, I recommend buying from them because dealing with them is easy and comfortable and without any problems, so I wish them more progress and prosperity in this beautiful project and I thank them for this excellent and wonderful effort.
My best greetings

Impossible Returns
The clothes we received were on time and cute, but the sizes are way off. Clothes much bigger than US equivalents, except for shoes which are much smaller. Wanted to exchange but their policy is making it so difficult we might just give the shoes away and keep the clothes for another year for our child to grow into them. First to initiate a review you have to email them, nothing can be done online in their website. After PatPat received our email they asked for SKU numbers, as if they can't see our order? There are no SKU numbers on the website or in the order, so we have to literally grab the plastic bags they arrived in, get a magnifying glass and type every one into an email. Ridiculous. We didn't even make it that far, clearly a policy to deter exchanges and refunds. Also they don't supply shipping labels, not the end of the world but obviously we'd have to pay full price retail for the shipping, where business shipping when provided by a company is usually about half that price. It was also difficult to understand what the return process is from their website. Again, I think they're just making it difficult to initiate returns. Just not worth the headache for the $100 we spent, since most items will be usable sometime in the future. But we'll never shop here again and can't recommend this company because of the return policy.

Still have not received my products, it's been 3 months!
I ordered my outfits for my daughter in April. I still have not received them. I'm always checking to see if their is any updates on the shipping and nothing. I've reached out to the company itself and all PatPat say is thank you for being patient we are doing everything we can. Usually I'm very understanding when it comes to longer wait periods, but 3+ months? My daughter will be outgrown in some of the outfits i ordered (if I ever actually get them). This is extremely disappointing. I do not recommend using this site unless you're willing to wait months for you clothes.

Everything Arrived Perfect!
I'm so excited that our family matching outfits for 4th of July and vacation arrived early! I ordered outfits and swimsuits for us on June 25 and it was my first time ordering from Patpat. It got sent out in three days and it arrived on July 1. People told me it take them weeks to get it. When I placed the order PatPat said it will get here by July 16 and then July 6. It came way earlier which is perfect for 4th of July and our vacation this week.

Heinz addresses my concern with quick and amazing response. Patpat have very great customer service, fast shipping, cute clothing, great quality and great prices. I'm placing another order today. I'm their loyal customer from now on.

Thank you for your help Heinz!

Patpat is just Awesome.!
What an impressive shopping website it is.!
You get n number of things for newborns and for mothers. Very nice quality and the rates are super awesome. PatPat say the shipment will arrive in 18-22 days, but it's always fast, way before the promised dates.
I am really really impressed with their customer service, this is the actual customer service. They never ant their customers to face any kind of inconvenience. The person named Arrdev is really so so humble and polite and on top to help with any queries or issues.
You get shopping points or coupons after every successful order which is just amazing. I and my wife just love to shop on Patpat and highly recommend it.

Terrible DO NOT Buy PatPat (Updated)
Update: PatPat's Customer service contacted me and I was able to resolve the issue to my satisfaction. Because of their quick response and receiving a full refund I have I updated my review to a two star.

I'll start by saying I wasn't expecting the best items, but I was expecting wearable. Absolutely the worst quality clothing I have ever purchased, very disappointed. The sizing was off on 2/3 items (I did
Measure and read all available sizing information) and the cheap fabric on the dresses was very see through. You would not be able to wear these cloths outside of the house. Thankfully each item wasn't too expensive (this should have been my warning), but I did waste $50 and had to wait 3 weeks for the package to arrive. Save yourself the money, hassle and disappointment and DO NOT buy from PatPat!

New Loyal Customer
I am so happy I gave PatPat a try! PatPat have a large selection of cute clothing and specifically maternity/nursing clothes. The delivery was fairly quick and they provide a tracking number to make it easy to know where your order is and when to expect it. The part that has made me a new loyal customer though, is their customer service! It was absolutely phenomenal. I had two items that were delivered correctly, they just didn't fit my body how I was hoping and usually I dread dealing with returns or the headache of customer service, but their rep Susie B. Responded to me the same day and made it all so easy!
I am very happy with PatPat and am looking forward to ordering more cute clothes from them!

2nd time order. Worst shipping policies
I placed my order 35 days ago it's 12th Jan night and I'm still waiting for the Christmas Pyjamas I ordered for my kids. Will most give or throw them away as it will not fit my growing kids next Christmas! Had to buy last min from Marks & Spencer (thank God) PatPat were open.
Wrote to customer service to request up date no reply, sent a chaser and got standard reply to wait and then wait some more. Sucks that I just wasted my time and money hoping they have changed.
Hope they spend as much money on upgrading shipping method that they do on advertising and duping EU market users

Matching dress
I have always been happy with all the otems I bought. Some "oh so cute" dress for my baby girl and matching t-shorts for my boy and my husband. Always a good quality, fast shipping and great communication. Last time I bought matching dress for me and my daughter. Her fits perfectly, it is very cute, good quality, nice colors. Mine doesn't fit unfortunately. I decided to return it as I can't wear it. I contacted the community service and all was done very quickly. Thank you for that Kristin.
I recommend pat pat to everyone. I am myself just about to go and shop there again.

Customer Service Champ (MEAH)
I recently made a purchase on the PatPat website for my baby girl. Their selection is huge with endless options to select from. Being a mother, I went ahead and ordered X amount of items to be shipped to my house. The package came in nicely packed and boy I had the joy unpacking these goodies. Everything came in as planned minus a couple of items that did not fit properly. I reached out to PatPat and my angel MEAH at PatPat assisted me with the return process immediately. The way how she guided me through the process was painless! She's the epitome of customer service!

Pissed Customer
The worst company I have ever had to deal with. PatPat are constantly changing the delivery date. I order things that they had on their website. Then took my money and never told me that they didn't have the items in stock. When they finally got them items. They told me I would receive my items in a week. I ordered the items in mid April. I'm still waiting on my items. Only thing they keep giving me is new dates. I'm one pissed Customer... On May 23, I finally received my things. Which had been smashed and the shield looked as if it had been used because it had nasty stuff on the window of it. So, afraid to use because of what has been going on...

PatPat is the best!
We absolutely love PatPat! I just recently ordered a few items for my daughters for them to match. Not only are the items great quality but the prices are incredible. I got three matching outfits for them and two dresses for myself for about $55! I get compliments anywhere that we go when they're in their outfits from PatPat and I absolutely love the amount of choices that PatPat have available on their website! The items are unique and I don't see a other kids in items I purchased from PatPat; unlike when you purchase from big box retailers. We will definitely be buying more items and I may even ask for family members to buy us items from the website for the upcoming holidays as gifts.

I changed my mind about them!
So those of you who had similar problem with mine such as long delivery, please contact with the customer service and wait for their response. Probably needless to say that you can track via post company website. I did the same but for some reason started doubting about everything once the time crossed one months frame! Also I ordered things for special occasion. This all affected my patience and I started contacting customer service team. PatPat tried their best to support me. Anyway, today I had received my parcel and was very glad. So now I have no doubt they are NO SCAM. I think the customs clearance took long time. Maybe due to current border issues. I hope this will be sorted soon. And yes, I was quite satisfied with the quality of the clothes. Everything is just the way they are on PatPat app.

Quality and service
I am an one month old mum. I saw advertisement of Patpat first on facebook when i was pregnant. It attracted me first because of their unique and cute baby boy suit design as i was expecting a boy. When i have received my first order i was amazed because of the product quality. Later on browsing on Patpat site become one of my favourite things to do. Maternity product is excellent. How much good their products are you will never get to know unless you experience it. Go for one i am 100% sure will buy again and again. Also PatPat process a refund within three working days and they didnt even ask to return the product. A very big thanks to JAMES for this help. Their customer care is outstanding. A big thumbs up to PATPAT

Its a Scam
It was a Horrible experience! I have placed 2 orders and PatPat never came in! Try to contact them and they would say we will contact you but they don't call and when they email they don't solve anything! They said my order was at the USPS because of wrong address and when i called the USPS they said there is no packages for me! So I disputed the charges and at the end they emailed me telling me we will refund! That's so funny because I was the one that refunded my money! Worst company ever! They promised to compensate me with the orders again and they didn't! They don't keep their words! Worst experience ever!

Always satisfied with my purchases from PatPat
I have made several purchases on PatPat since my daughter was born last August, and I have no complaints for anything I've purchased. The prices are always really good, there seem to be sales every day, and I've now started buying baby accessories from PatPat too, because PatPat have some things I'd never seen before but have made mom life so much easier. The products all have a lot of reviews, and there are a lot of thorough reviews discussing pros and cons of the items. I have included two pictures - one is a collage of my favorite non-clothing items from PatPat, and the second is my daughter in the cutest romper! Although I took about 15 pictures, this was the best balance between a blurry face or blurry body.

Beautiful clothes of your children
I love this virtual store to buy clothes for my baby girl, it has a lot of variety of clothes and accessories, with very good quality and comfortable prices, the orders have arrived in a maximum of 10 days, it seems very fast to be shipped from Asia I also had the opportunity to test the customer service for some products that my local post office had delivery failures and my advisor Karmi answered all my questions and solved my order in a very coordinated way. I am very satisfied with my purchases and without a doubt I will continue shopping there because PatPat give me security in my purchases.

A happy new customer :)
I'm a new customer and I've placed 2 orders with PatPat over the last month and was very pleasantly surprised by how fast I received my orders considering PatPat come from very far. I received both within 10 days from placing the order. They have so many nice things, I decorated my daughter's room with a few things from them like the woodland wall stickers pictured below. The products are very good value for money and my daughter loved all the cute things she got. The floor socks (pictured) are especially handy for creche! I've also had to deal with their customer service(Angelica was very helpful!) as one of the items was damaged in transit (a wall sticker bent) and they were fast in dealing with that also. I just submitted a photo, my comments and they gave me a refund with no questions asked. These 2 things give me great confidence to buy from them again.

Clothes & Boots
Where do I start... I mean the clothes are super cute. The quality was really good. PatPat fit true to size. I definitely did not expect the quality to be so great with prices being so inexpensive. My daughter loves the clothes. I love the clothes. She can't wait to wear some of the other outfits we got her. The boots were true to size, really awesome quality and she wears them ALL the time. She has never complained about her feet hurting or anything. Thank you PatPat for such great quality clothing and a fraction of the cost. In the picture, the jeans and boots are PatPats.

Low quality items, horrible return policy, and FALSE REVIEWS?
Ordered quite some items from this company only to find out that PatPat were cheap quality and not true to size. My true problem, however, deals with two specific items. One item was not true to the advertised color at all (a dull gray-green rather than dark green as shown on the website). The other item -- a breastfeeding top -- doesn't even cover my breasts when worn normally!

To make matters worse, I have tried filing a product quality complaint using their website but the page never submits. Lastly, I have noticed that some enthusiastic reviewers on this site and others have used the same very specific wording, which has made me question their positive experience, and in agreeing to write this review I got a message from ReviewFeeder stating that this company has been known to offer "discounts, coupons or other compensation in exchange for reviews." Do not trust that your experience will be better than mine!

Clothing great / customer service, not so much
The reason I have to rate a 4 has nothing to do with the shipping or quality of the clothing. It has to do with customer support. I screenshotted the number of times I have ordered because my status wasn't showing the correct status. I was told that it was due to purchasing via the web not the mobil app. I explained that when I tried purchasing via the app, it was glitching and because I needed the order before Christmas, I purchased it on the web browser. Patpat did not honor the 2 purchases. I spent a lot and given the circumstances, I believe PatPat should have honored it. I love their clothing and will continue buying from them but it's unfortunate that they don't help their customers. I have promoted their brand on my social media platforms and always tag them to get them out there.

I love all of my items. I purchased a few sets of mommy and me dresses for my four year old and I as well as a couple of baby body suits for my 3 mo old. The clothes are high quality and adorable. I wear a M and it was true to size. My daughter wears size 5 and I usually buy her size 6 so she can grow into clothes a bit I bought her size 4-5 because the next size was 6-7 and I felt that May have been TOO big. Next time I purchase I will def get size 6-7,4-5 fit her JUST right. I also had a couple of small issues with my order and customer service was super quick and responsive when I reached out. Love PatPat!

Great deals & prices, Outstanding customer service!
As if PatPat wasn't already wonderful enough, with an easy to use app and amazing deals and prices... the kind of customer care provided is unmatched and is a big part of what keeps me coming back!
Heinz Paul is a true professional with outstanding customer service skills. I received responses within 24 hours of emailing/reaching out. My dilemma was resolved quickly without any issues. I am more than pleased with the result of reaching out to PatPat Customer Service. My case was handled with a sense of care and priority, and that kind of service is very hard to find. Thank you, again, for going above and beyond to assist me Heinz Paul. I highly recommend PatPat!

I can see that some customers experienced some difficulties with customer services & delivery. I live in Canada and since last year I have made some purchases. Pat Pat is shipping from China and it could be the difficulty some customers have to deal with, but in my experience, Pat Pat is delivered on time, my expectations are to be delivered in 3 weeks or a month maximum. I feel happy to do business with this company, I believed their strong business is based on clothes for babies and toddlers. Those are cute, cheap in comparison and good quality, also under my experience Customer Services is the best I been to deal with.
Thank you Pat Pat.

PatPat is taking advantage of parents and covid by purposely delaying shipment for over a month and half now... claiming that PatPat have issues with covid. What online order takes more than a month and half to deliver... and mind you I AM STILL WAITING ON THIS ORDER! THEY ARE SCAMMERS and refusing to return my money saying that I NEEd to wait for it to deliver. FEMALE DOG, THEN FORKING DELIVER MY POOP!

PLEASE FAMILIES! DO NOT BUY FROM THIS COMPANY! IF they have issues in their delivery service, they need to change their policy on the website but they are refusing to do that because they want to scam you of the money! THE original email confirmation said 3-7 days. I was expecting maybe a two week delay because I have done online ordering from others places but over a forking month is ridiculous and there has not been any change of ups except that fact thats its sitting in a California building and not being shipped to forking ILLINOIS!

Great selection and quality products!
I like to shop for clothing that's a little different than what I would normally find in your average department store. PatPat has such a big selection and some great sale prices that makes putting my son in trendy clothing SO much easier. I had mistakenly ordered a few duplicate items with my last purchase and upon reaching out to the company, was put in contact with Pearl B, who offered great costumer service and was able to get me a full refund without having to return the items. I'm super thankful for the quick, consistent responses and how easily my mistake was fixed! If definitely recommend PatPat for the quality items AND customer service!

Affordable, cute baby and mommy stuff!
I am a mom of three with a new little one. I found Patpat on Facebook and decided to give it a try because the items looked affordable and cute. I was not disappointed! I have made several orders with Patpat and have enjoyed my items. The quality has been better than expected. This last time one pair of footed pajamas had a broken zipper from the moment I put it on baby. I was disappointed but after contacting customer service for the return, PHOEBE was super helpful. She allowed me to not bother returning the item and refunded me in full. I will definitely keep buying from Patpat after that great customer service experience.

Perfect Customer Service!
I was trying to return some of my purchase cause it didn't meet my expectations. Customer service is very prompt in answering all my questions and he/she didn't want me to get through the hassle of returning the items and paying the shipping fee so he just refunded the money and let me keep the items. This is my second time purchasing products from Patpat and I love the quality. I highly recommend Patpat not just for the products but also for having an outstanding customer service that seriously understands customers needs and are willing to help. Thank you!

Chela Sardovia

Very Good service
I wrote a message to Pat Pat because my maternity clothes in my order were too bigger for me, even if it was the smallest. I was surprised about their service after sale because PatPat offer me to be refund completely or to have a credit. I had the choice.It's a wonderful and fast service that I received. Also, on this order, I had baby clothes and it's full quality and looks like the website. It's sure I will buy some baby clothes soon again.

You can be safe to buy on Pat Pat. :) It's a good company. Thank to JONALYN for the good services. ** Sorry my mistakes I'm French.

Nice products, excellent service
I was very satisfied not only with the products themselves (nice colours, material,… etc) but the service from PatPat team was exclusive. I ordered a few clothes for my baby, but the jumpsuit was too small. So I asked if it would be possible to exchange it. As PatPat did not have a bigger number, they were so kind to offer me a full price refund without wanting me to send the jumpsuit back.
The communication with the service team was extraordinary and they responded quickly and organised everything as they have promised.
Especially Rahmel was very helpful, but also the rest of the team did their job very well.
Thank you for the nice products and thank you for the good service, PatPat!
I will definitely order from you again!

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