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Do not order from this Company. Stay Away
This company has the worst customer service, and you will not receive your order.
PatioProductsUSA post on their website that their items are in stock and will ship out within 3 days, but when you actually call to confirm they will tell you it's 4-5 months out. Stay away!

You guys are great but the fact that we only make $30...
You guys are great but the fact that we only make $30 on the sale of these to our customers doesn't make it worth our time to receive it and deliver it. Wish you had a dealer program as I have sold several of these.

I ordered a patio umbrella on May 31
I ordered a patio umbrella on May 31. I have not received any shipping or tracking information despite answering an email asking me whether I had received the product. I responded no. Customer support is not available by phone. I tried the chat option and waited for 10 hours yesterday (not an exaggerating - I kept the laptop with me all day and evening. Got down to the #2 customer in the queue and then it went back up to #9. It was well after midnight by that time. So no, it has not been a good experience. I have contacted PayPal about getting a refund since I do not trust that I will receive the product I ordered. I will wait another 24 hours before following through on that.

The site was not working all morning
The site was not working all morning. I called twice and the sales team promised i would get the discounted rate for the heater at $593.00. The discount was never added to the cart. Please refund the discount when you can, Also is the Fire Sense charge here in order to expedite the order to 1 week? Pls confirm, thx

The website wouldn't accept the discount code that...
The website wouldn't accept the discount code that was valid for the day I ordered and there was no place to indicate it was a gift and to send only a gift receipt rather that one that has the price on it.

NOT a happy customer!
I placed an order for 2 Galtech Umbrellas on Friday July 17th, 2020 via their website (Patio Products USA), carefully selecting QuickShip items that showed as In Stock and would be with me within a week (otherwise I would get $25 back!) I got a 5% discount applied upon signing up to an account, and an additional 15% discount with a special promotion PATIO15. I was super-excited because I had been let down by Pottery Barn after a 6-week wait for a custom umbrella to match one I already had from them (it didn't match so both were returned - a separate review on that one!)
After placing my order with Patio Products USA, I received an email that the order was confirmed (payment was taken immediately, which I thought unusual, but as PatioProductsUSA had guaranteed my items would arrive within a week I let it pass.) After 72 hours I checked the Status Update via my email confirmation. It said there was a problem with payment (again, I thought this unusual as I could see my card had already been charged) so I tried to call them. I waited for 40 mins and then selected a call-back option. Of course, I missed the call but the agent left a voicemail directing me back to the same number I had called previously. Before calling back, I checked the status again. This time it had been updated to say I would receive a tracking number in 24-48 hours. Phew! It was now Wednesday and I was looking forward to the new umbrellas arriving. However, on Thursday, I received an email from Patio Products USA saying "we have received your cancellation request..." I did NOT cancel my order! So, I called them again, requesting a callback after another 15 mins of holding. I received a call from an agent about an hour or so later. She was very professional and explained to me that the email they sent needs to be updated as the reason the order was cancelled was due to the manufacturer discontinuing the product. She said I would receive a refund within 5 business days. I'll update in due time as to whether that happens as stated.
My numerous complaints include:
- item should display lead-time of non-stock item, not show as In Stock if it's not
- payment should not be taken until item is shipped
- customer service lines need to be manned appropriately for the amount of calls they get (which would be reduced if the website and emails contained the correct information - and this is not a COVID issue - look up previous reviews on here and on pre-COVID)
- a refund should not take 5 business days (if they can take a payment immediately, they should be able to issue a refund immediately!)

I believe this could be a good company if they improved their website to reflect honest inventory information about their products, and if their email communications accurately described what was happening with an order. They appear to carry quality products but do not offer a quality service.

It is February 2,2021... I ordered 2 pieces on Oct. 2,2020. Received 1 of them in December. This company will not send the remaining piece, nor refund me the money I paid. What a FRICKIN JOKE of a company. DO NOT TRUST THEM!

Site is pretty much complete garbage on mobile
Site is pretty much complete garbage on mobile. Checkout was awful, search and sidebar didn't work at all, got multiple potential PayPal charges emails that I might have to dispute, coupon never got applied. It is not hard to make an ecommerce website (I know as a developer), but you guys really jacked it up.

Great customer service!
Great customer service! Jeremy Coane was so helpful and patient. The quote was emailed to me in a timely manner, and when I phoned to ask a question, Jeremy remembered me and was able to help. Thank you!

I ordered an item then got an email saying "we got...
I ordered an item then got an email saying "we got your cancellation" 4 days later. I never asked to cancel it. Took me 4 days to get Tech Support because the chat was a 90m wait time. Tech support said the item has been discontinued, which is not what the email said (that should be rewritten to more correctly reflect what happened". AND, now I still see the item on the website showing up as if it's for sale!

Furniture still not here, customer service is super busy but helpful once you get ahold of them.
I ordered some chairs and PatioProductsUSA have bumped back the date of which it is supposed to be back in stock. I didn't know what was going on and customer service took a while to get ahold of because they are busier than usual (as is all customer service during this pandemic) But once I got ahold of them, they have been in contact through Facebook messenger, email, and by phone. I still don't have my chairs but at least I know what is going on and feel confident in this company.

I placed an order on May 24th~ informed 2 weeks later it was on back order until June 8th. I called customer service and he said I would need to wait until a June 8th. I was not able to change my order with customer service representative. I sent a message on chat as recommended informing them I wanted someone to contact me as the product was already charged to my credit card & "still on back order". One week later received an email indicating it was assigned a number. Still no response. I realize the Covid pandemic affected many businesses, but if you are not able to provide the product, do not charge to my credit card. This has been an awful experience & will be disputing these charges to my credit card.

Kristina was very helpful in determining what I needed...
Kristina was very helpful in determining what I needed for my space when I first spoke to her in May. Now it is July and Kristina was able to rewrite my quote as it had expired. I have placed my order. Kristina could not have made this process any easier. Thank you!

A bit confusing as far as delivery time
A bit confusing as far as delivery time. The main page stated that the item will ship within 3 days, but then there is another statement that due to Covid19 this may be delayed. I guess I'll wait and see

You said that there would be a 15% off memorial day...
You said that there would be a 15% off memorial day coupon and that there would be a 20% off nighttime coupon and then when PatioProductsUSA were applied it only took off like 7% and after I called customer service they said that the coupons were up to those percentages off and you couldn't even hardly noticed that up to so I feel extremely mislead.

Discounts didn't work properly, unable to contact anyone...
Discounts didn't work properly, unable to contact anyone as it was after hours, so waited until the next day. Was able to either wait possibly a day via email or wait online on chat, which i choose. An extreme wait on chat, but finally spoke with someone. Even chatting, it was a long wait between replies. Turns out the item i purchased doesn't even qualify for either discount advertised. Not the best experience. Hopefully from here out it will improve.

Run, don't Walk Away From This Company
Order has been back ordered 3 times. Call to cancel results in 30 minute or more wait on hold. Then, PatioProductsUSA won't cancel order and return payment.

I've had some bad experiences with suppliers, but never anything a bad as this. Their philosophy is, "What are you going to do? Sue us... go ahead."

If you do business with them, you may as well just throw your money in the trash can because you will never see it, or the product you ordered again.

Think Twice Before Ordering
Recently purchased two Galtech umbrellas to replace ones that I have had for 10 years. Upon receipt found that PatioProductsUSA were much less quality than the ones I had and I should have purchased Deluxe. Had to ship them back at MY cost of $160.

Waiting and waiting to talk to a real person
Waiting and waiting to talk to a real person. (21 minutes so far.) I wondered if this was the right umbrella cover for my new 9' umbrella which is in the hole in my patio table. I wanted to know if it's tight at the bottom to keep out rain and bird. Got tired of waiting and was going to order from Walmart for a few dollars less, but was hoping you had faster shipping.

Poorest Customer Service I have Ever Received
Bought and paid for a grill I'd been watching for a while. The website said it was in stock and there was a 10% off discount. The website would not apply the 10% discount but I wanted the grill so I ordered it. Within a couple of days I received an email from them saying it was going to be delayed due to Civid-19 and manufacturer delays. Originally it was like a two week delay so I was fine. As soon as the date came around for it to be shipped according to their update, I received another email saying it was going t be delayed longer. All in all, I got six different notifications of the delivery being delayed inside 2 months. I was however receiving tons of emails for promotions from them. I did call early on in the process and waited about 40 minutes before I decided to just get a call back from them. I took about 5 hours before PatioProductsUSA got back to me. I was then informed by the person I spoke with that not all of their grills qualify for the 10% off even though there was no obvious disclaimer on their website when I ordered. She did get the 10% discount applied but that was the best it even got. After the sixth email saying things were delayed I called and asked to speak to a supervisor. The first supervisor I spoke with couldn't do anything for me and kept putting the blame on the manufacturer for the delays. I bet their manufacturers would be glad to know that the blame is placed solely on them and not on Patio Products USA not being able to keep their web site updated accordingly. I was informed that they only update their website about out of stock products every 24 hours or so. Great, so I ordered when it said in stock and apparently I should have been ordering when it said out of stock or something... Anyways, I asked to speak to her boss who of course wasn't available at the time. I have worked in sales and customer service most of my life so I do understand that. He was supposed to call me back in about two hours which ended up closer to four hours. Fine, I was simply looking for an actual shipping date and maybe a little bit of understanding from a customer's perspective on how frustrating this has been. I originally ordered this grill as a birthday present for myself a full month before my birthday. The way it was going, I would probably not have seen it arrive before the beginning of the new year even though they had my money up front. I finally get a call back from J. R. who is supposed to be the manager of the customer service department. J. R. Could not give me any kind of actual delivery time and again blamed it on the manufacturer. When I asked if he could look into possibly upgrading me to the next level of the grill or offer me a discount for my troubles I was told flat out that they were already taking a loss at the price they were selling the grill for. Are you kidding me! No way you are taking a loss! Every other website that has this grill on their site offers it at the same cost. J. R. Then decided to try putting the blame on Covid-19 as the reason for some of these issues saying that they have been so overwhelmed by everyone wanting to update their backyards as well as some other non-sense about hotels updating things etc... which again he ultimately brought back to the manufacturers not being able to keep up and deliver on time. Sorry J. R. but I am not buying that either. I have purchased other outdoor items this summer and have never had an issue with delayed delivery etc... Time for your company, Patio Products USA / Bellamie Commerce to stop hiding behind Covid-19 and the manufacturers. In addition, when I mentioned I might decide to file complaints with the BBB and my credit card company, J. R. was quick to speak up and state - "Then you want to cancel you order." I did not say that as I informed him, I said I was going to file complaints and he reiterated about canceling my order. Needless to say, J. R., who wouldn't provide his last name or email address nor his bosses name and email address so I could take this further up the chain of command, simply said he would pass my information along to his boss and surprise surprise, I have heard nothing back for almost a week. J. R. Was not willing to help in any way and actually was more so encouraging me to cancel my order so I would go away. Well, he did get art of his wish, I did choose to cancel the order for the grill I had wanted so much but, I can not in good conscience purchase from a company that has the following bit on their website but does not follow through.

Our Culture
We're real humans.
Our management team has built a customer first culture and instilled it into each of our team members. We promise to take care of you! So, if a problem ever arises with your order, we will do everything in our power to make it right and have you leave with a smile.

Guess what J. R., I am not smiling. I hope the top level of your business sees this post and the other postings I will be making and decides that maybe you are not the right person for the job but, based off other postings I have read from people who sound like they spoke to you directly, I suspect that they won't. Your culture motto seems nothing more than words to make yourselves feel good. Oh, and I found it absolutely great that if I wanted to speak to a sales person, I could get through almost immediately but, if I wanted to speak to customer service, good luck, hope your phone is fully charged... You website also leaves a lot to be desired with no real way to contact customer service without going through a bunch of crap that gets you the answer you already had. And, the email address I was sent by your company when I received the delay notifications, that was a gem. It got kicked back to me stating that email address was no longer being monitored... which again leaves a person with one choice of waiting on hold for a very long time while your company appears to hope that the person gives up and hangs up the phone. Kudos for living up to your motto! ZERO STARS AND YOU DESERVE EVEN FEWER!

Phones were not answered because they were in a meeting,...
Phones were not answered because PatioProductsUSA were in a meeting, no option to leave a message either but they did say they would return your call (not sure how this is possible). Flash10 code says it gives you up to 10% off, I got a little over 2% off.

I placed an order on May 24th~ informed 2 weeks later...
I placed an order on May 24th~ informed 2 weeks later it was on back order until June 8th. I called customer service and he said I would need to wait until a June 8th. I was not able to change my order with customer service representative. I sent a message on chat as recommended informing them I wanted someone to contact me as the product was already charged to my credit card & "still on back order". One week later received an email indicating it was assigned a number. Still no response. I realize the Covid pandemic affected many businesses, but if you are not able to provide the product, do not charge to my credit card. This has been an awful experience & will be disputing these charges to my credit card.

Customer service by chat was great
Customer service by chat was great. Wait time was short, my question was answered in a very reasonable amount of time and I was able to correct a mistake in a previous purchase (forgot to buy some needed parts for installation). Rep was able to match the right part for me, and send the link to the item via chat. I was able to order it directly, right then.

I ordered a hammock that was supposed to be shipped...
I ordered a hammock that was supposed to be shipped by Father's Day for a gift. After receiving no updates at all, I received an e-mail a week later that it was out of stock and wouldn't be shipped until the end of August. I waited for three hours on hold with customer service and finally left my number. I am not hopeful I will get a call-back.

Terrible Customer Service
Terrible customer service. Seems like PatioProductsUSA outsource to another group who then calls them after you call the service company and they can't get answers. I ordered heaters 12 days ago. No tracking number and it looks like the control switches are back ordered and I can't get any information on when they are expecting those back in or if there are alternative control options that are not back ordered. I would not recommend Patio Products USA.

I placed an order on 7/2 and later found out it PatioProductsUSA had none in inventory. Product as to ship 9/1. Reached out several times but stuck on hold for 2 days. Currently on hold for over two hours. Please whomever is reading this refund money as I can't get anyone on the phone or status of my two month old order. Think live been scammed and this company is fraudulent. Do not order from them!

Jeremy Coane was an awesome rep
Jeremy Coane was an awesome rep. Answered my questions. Sent me the quote immediately. When I asked for it to be revised with a new product, he sent it ASAP again and answered all questions again. And the website is very easy to navigate and very user friendly and informative.

I tried twice to get craftsman but the quote came back...
I tried twice to get craftsman but the quote came back meditarraen. So instead of accepting the quote from the representative, I went on-line to do my own purchase - BUT then, did not get the same discount as buying over the phone. A

Evelyn was exceptional
Evelyn was exceptional. She was professional, courteous, and very knowledgeable regarding my desired products. Evelyn is an excellent listener, problem solved my issues and recommended the best products for my project. My first time shopping with Patio Products and will not be the last because of Evelyn's expertise and demeanor.

Take a look at Google Reviews, where Patio Products USA has a 1.5 star rating. Patio Products USA sent me 1 of the 5 pieces owed me, then sent me another incomplete delivery. Their customer service is awful... be prepared to hold for an hour or more. Leaving a message is worthless. It's been almost 6 weeks and I'm still waiting for my order. SCAMMERS!

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