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Only wanted to sell products won't stand behind them
I am an automotive technician I bought a radio from partzilla (450 dollars) for my Kawasaki Teryx so since I am certified in 12V electrical I installed it now after 1 day of install of a 3" waterproof radio it has moisture behind the screen I understand it happens even though I have not exposed it to any water so I called partzilla and Partzilla will not warranty it because I did not have it installed by a kawasaki dealer so now I have to drive 1 hour to a Kawasaki to see if they will warranty this has been the worst experience I have ever had with any online site and I order atleast 5 times a week if I could give negative stars I would and next time I will pay the extra money and order from a different site DO NOT ORDER FROM PARTZILLA!

I ordered a "gear" for my Great-grandson's dirt bike. Website says it was in stock... paid for it... however 3 charges were taken out of my bank account. I called customer service the next morning... Partzilla reversed 2 of the charges. Order was supposed to be "available for shipping 0n 4/4/... I contacted customer service on 4/6, because it had not shipped... I was informed "their dist. Put a "no date available for shipping" was entered into their system and I would be "getting an e-mail letting me know when it would be available to ship". Well, NOBODY had notified me that the part was "backordered"... I called today, asking for an update... still no "availability date available". I cancelled the order... she said nothing about charging for cancelling. I wish I had read more "reviews" for this company. Very sad, having to tell my Great-grandson this story, because of a company that does not have the forthcoming to say "out of stock" if it was out of stock... or "backordered" and let you have the choice of whether you wanted to wait an indefinite time for delivery. The first customer service lady I talked to about the triple charge... was very nice... I had refund in 2 business days.
The customer service lady I talked to today was very nice. The 2nd lady in customer service I talked to on the phone, was very "rude"... she needs to remember "customers are her paycheck"..

Service went downhill?
I have ordered hundreds of dollars in parts from partzilla. Their prices are usually the best. There are only a few other sites that are comparable I think the shipping times need to be worked on though. People want their parts QUICK! Partzilla dont want to wait a week or two when their toys are down. My last order took 5 days with expedited shipping. $10 for a few ounce envelope. Thats Georgia ( I assume thats where it came from) to NY which is not far. I could get parts from my dealer in 3 days. Sometimes, depending on what and how much you order its better to just get it locally. I usually order online if im getting more than a couple items. The expedited shipping is a joke as mentioned here. I know its only a couple dollars but its the principle. You can get stuff on ebay faster with 2- 3 day shipping. The parts showing as "in stock" when they are not has happened to me before. Its either in stock or its not. When I go on the website I want to know if it is physically in stock THERE and will be shipped as soon as I order. No ifs ands or buts. I dont care how many parts the company deals with. Thats what computers are for. Excuses are not acceptable. Also, The images of the part that use to show next to the part was a great addition to the web site. You dont see that often (if at all). They got rid of that. Why? It was very beneficial to have sometimes so you know exactly what the part looks like. I asked on their youtube channel and got a (deceiving?) response saying its in the works. The link is below. Im Chrisc. I think if they fix the 3 things I mentioned they would be untouchable. It would make me a customer for life instead of comparison shopping.

Same complaint as most others had with false in stock status.
My parts haven't even shipped yet and I got to thinking that I could have sworn that it was indicated that all my parts were in stock. I would have checked other suppliers if there was any indication of not in stock and I sure wouldn't have paid for expedited shipping. The time until shipping is approximately what was explained by Partzilla in reply to a previous review that complained of less than honest or upfront detailed explanations of the terms used and their definitions as defined by Partszilla so there wouldn't be all these poor reviews. The prices were noticeably lower than other popular parts suppliers. But I am feeling like somehow Partzilla are being intentionally deceptive because they haven't corrected the issue. The correction would be to have a disclosure type page that is a simple and complete break down and explanation of how the shipping times are calculated and what IN STOCK means or indicates and when expedited shipping takes place...

Bad customer service and timeliness
I ordered twice in the same day.(June 23rd)The first shipment came in and everything was fine. The second held at accepted at the originating post office. I wait two weeks and call to ask if Partzilla shipped and they said they did so I wait one more week. Nothing. So I call back on the following Monday and ask them to have it here by the weekend or I'm cancelling and ordering from elsewhere. The guy said not a problem. That weekend came and went with no parts. I call back on the following Tuesday to cancel my order because I ordered the parts from Rocky Mountain(which was cheaper, customer service was better and my parts showed up when they should of) and the lady said okay well I see they didn't process it so I'll go ahead and do that. No I want a refund. I got my parts from Rocky Mountain and still waiting on these crooks to give me my money back.
Long story long. If you want to wait on parts and not ride choose partzilla. If you want to have terrible customer service and lose money on parts these are your guys.

What a joke.
Ordered a CV guard on 3/9 and 3/10 get an email that part will ship 3/12. Emailed twice and called with no answer. 3/15 reviews them on Trust pilot and emailed *******, suddenly get a response that Partzilla will ship on 3/20, then a phone e call that they would refund and still ship part. Refund did happen but 3/20 came and gone. Emailed again just to be a smart ass and get a reply that part won't be available until 3/27. I've ordered part from China that didn't take this long. If you don't believe me just read all the other reviews, they all read the same. Side not I found the part thru walmart of all places and the part has already shipped with tracking number and will be here on 3/23 and I ordered it on 3/21. I do t know how this place stays in business with all the customers they have run off.

One of the worst customer service.
I have placed an order with these guys and it said it would ship in 2-3 business days after 2-3 business days, I get an email saying the order is delayed for another 2-3 business days, then another delay email saying it is delayed again... I wrote down to the customer service and as expected it was the worst response you can get, Partzilla straight away say that they cannot ship unless they have it in stock and they have like 15 million parts which they cant track... this is ridiculous... if they cannot ship it they shouldn't lie before ordering, and more than a week, it hasn't even been shipped yet and forget it there is no courtesy upgraded shipping for your troubles... I dont even know if they are ever going to ship. I am repenting placing order with them and I would suggest you DO NOT ORDER FROM THEM. Order from any other place but this.

Sent mislabeled packages
Ordered an air filter for my FJ-09 (1RC-E41D0-V0-00). When I got my package the sticker on the box said it was an 1RC-E41D0-V0-00. A month later, after I had spent the morning taking my bike apart and had the old air filter out did I realized after opening up my new air filter that what I got was NOT an 1RC-E41D0-V0-00, but instead a 2HC-E41C0-V0 for a YXZ1000. I have no idea how the air filters got swapped.

Also my package came with the bottom 1/3 of the box soaked in blue air filter oil. Shipping to Canada I got hit with boarder crossing duties. Really, the shipping and duties coast as much air filter, so have that in mind if you are thinking of getting anything from Partzilla shipped to Canada.

In a nutshell, my experience from partzilla is mislabeled products, poor quality and extra costs oh shipments to canada.

I'm waiting for a reply from them and will see what Partzilla do to try to fix this problem.

Partzilla customer service got back to me right away and offered to send a new replacement, but that it'd be coming from the manufacturer because they were out of stock. I ended up picking up a filter local so opted for a refund instead which Partzilla promptly did. Customer service was good to deal with. Increased rating for good customer service.

Shipped Canceled Order Month Later
I placed an order on line said Partzilla had the left and right splash guard, get an e-mail saying they are back ordered. So I call them and ask them how long it will be, they tell me they don't know and not even sure if they will ever get them. So I cancel my order, and find the parts available from A month later partzilla ships me the left splash guard, I call them to have it returned and they tell me they will only refund me the cost of the part, not the shipping and I have to pay for the return shipping. They say they show no record that I canceled the order, but they also only show that I ordered the left splash guard. So they did delete part of my order from there system but not all of it and now I'm stuck with a part I don't need. Been doing business with them for years, will never do business with them again. FYI, you can find most atv parts on amazon for a lot less than what they charge.

Great prices, but lies about onhand items - acts as middle man
Here's why I'm legitimately upset: their estimated delivery window changes *after* the checkout process is completed. I contacted them and Partzilla said they carried parts on-hand. As expected, they didn't have them - the parts are order from a supplier after the customer pays. The same issue happens when ordering aftermarket parts from them.

I've placed five orders with Partzilla in the past 6 weeks. The first order (OEM) arrived quickly. Second and third items (OEM) arrived at the end of the promised window. Fourth order (OEM) arrived before the third order. My fifth order (aftermarket) was lost in transit at the UPS handoff in Jacksonville. I only live 137 miles from these guys.

When I called and asked what was taking so long with my orders, they said, "For future reference, we don't really carry OEM parts onhand." Also, "For future reference, we don't carry *any* aftermarket parts on hand."

I really don't get it. If they're going to special-order any/all items for a customer, this should be clearly state on their website. I gave them 2 stars only because their prices are good. I'm still waiting on 1 part right now - the one in the fifth order - and I've already ordered from someone else because my moto can't run without it.

Scam! Do not buy from them!
I want to share with you a recent very bad experience I had with Partzilla:
After looking for Suzuki OEM parts in the web, I have reached to Partzilla, and after checking a few reviews and their website, I decided to make a big purchase.
I bought about 20 items, and only a few days after I received a massage saying one part will be delayed (the most important part for me, and the most expensive).
I am not from the U. S so I am not sure about the all the rules over there, but I know that if I buy 20 items, I am supposed to be get a package with all 20 items, unless the customer specifically approve to split the package. I am using an external shipping company in the U. S that sends the package to me once received in their warehouse, so sending 2 packages means I need to pay double shipping, which is a lot of money to send to my country.
I have contacted Partzilla customer service (was not easy to get to them at all- try by yourself to contact them through the website and see what happens…), and specifically told them I will not accept any partially shipped package with less than all the 20 items I have already paid for. This was their answer: "Hello, I am happy to assist you with your request. Your order is now in the Shipping Process. Therefore, I am unable to modify this order. Once shipped, you will receive an email with your assigned tracking number. It may take 1 business days to ship."
I did not give up and contacted their chat in that same night, where I specifically said I will not accept less than all the 20 items, and if it's not possible I want a full refund.
Surprisingly, the guy from the chat told me that all the 20 items are there, and even when I told him to double check it, the answer was the same… happy and confused I went to sleep. Day after I got this message: "Your order has been partially shipped. The backorder will ship Thursday, May 14,2015." So basically the guy from the chat lied to me (or got confused), anyway, the result is the same- I am going to get a partially shipped package that I cannot refuse to accept since I am using the external shipping company, and it will cost me more money to ship it back to Partzilla and to pay for all the handling of the external company.
In the end, I was forced to accept the package, very disappointed.
I am sorry for this long story but I had to show you how this Partzilla company conduct business- in the end Partzilla forced me to accept their partly shipped package, after I specifically told them a few times not to ship it partially. I guess for them it doesn't matter since they got some of the money, and they understood that if they don't have the last part I will want a full refund.
Bottom line- I am doing a lot of shopping in the internet all over the world, and I have never came across something like this- it feels like a big scam to take as much money as they can from the customer, without listening to the customer needs (and they $#*!ing won.).
I am very sorry for the day I came across this company and will recommend anyone with a common sense to stay very very far from them.

Slow shipping time
Partzilla provides excellent service in every aspect except arguably one of the most important aspects which is delivery time and accuracy. I've ordered from here multiple times because the pricing is fair and competitive. However, everytime it takes at least 3-4 days if not close to a week for them to ship parts out. Then of course you also have to wait for the shipping company delivery time. They're always waiting on stock which I find hilarious and not in a good way, considering that they're supposed to be a parts warehouse. Why am I constantly waiting for you to have stock on very simple items. Not too mention after emailing me the details on when you'll have stock available, all too often you guys decide to change the date on me and push it out even further from what you originally quoted. I guess if you're willing to wait almost two weeks everytime you order parts from a warehouse that borders your home state, partzilla is your prime choice. At this point I'm almost willing to go to babbits online even though they're more costly, just so I can get my friggin parts in a reasonable amount of time.

Pros and Cons
I have been a customer for 9 years now, for my ATV Repair shop. PZ is a go-to one-stop shop for OEM parts, that, often, I can't get anywhere else. Partzilla cannot compete in aftermarket parts, and they don't try to.
Their downside is definitely shipping, and you can see that all over in the other reviews. Obviously they can't stock every item for every piece of equipment, so available parts are ordered by them from the manufacturer. By the time PZ gets a part, and ships it to rural South Dakota, often, 10 days has passed. No shop can operate like that. We need parts fast. REALLY fast. PZ would do well to look at Amazon Prime, and see how they can get parts to me in 1-2 days. PZ should consider a program where they search dealerships, or even repair shops like mine, nationwide for parts that are just sitting on shelves, to sell to customers that are far away like me, or for obscure parts. We have old stock that we would love to move at cost.

Go with a competitor (FortNine or BikeBandit) if you can, especially if you're Canadian
My most recent purchase was not my first but is probably my last. I ordered several parts for my bike and had them sent to a PO box near the broader. The parts arrived on time except for one bolt; it was delayed for a period longer than I could accept simply because I was passing through earlier. I sent an e-mail twice asking them to cancel that part of the order but heard no reply. The bolt arrived and now I am being charged a daily fee by the mail office until I pick it up.
For the parts I ordered, there was a mistake made on a fairing for my bike. I followed the web site directions to receive a return number. A week went by no reply. I resent it. No reply after 2 days. Then I went to the "contact us" and wrote a brief letter and a copy of my return request. No reply. I should point out that during all this time, I bought the correct part and had it sent directly to me instead of a holding house (an extra $65 too).

Finally, I called them direct. So far, Ive managed to write this entire thing during the time I've been on hold.

"Matt" finally picked up on their end. He was very courteous and also told me their e-mail staff is "waaaaaay" behind. He waived the 15% restocking fee but I still have to mail this back at my own expense.

My experiences with Amazon and FortNine have been SO much easier. Click "return item" and Partzilla give you a label to print that includes postage and drop it off at a courier or arrange for a pick-up. The moment it is scanned, you're refunded.

My go-to place for OEM parts
I have a motorcycle and powersports restoration biz specializing in vintage and antique machines and use Partzilla quite often. After reading some of these other reviews, maybe Partzilla has a bit of work to do still, but people need to understand Partzilla are providing parts that sometimes, take a long time to get. Some parts are rarer than others, some less popular, they can't stock everything. Your local powersports dealer doesn't stock 1/10th of what PZ does, I can guarantee that. What I'm reading in these reviews is an unfamiliarity with how the powersports parts business, especially for vintage and antique, works. PZ is an entryway of sorts, to score the parts you need. They sometimes have to ship stuff into them and that takes time. Like I said, your dealer would have to do the exact same thing. Sure, sometimes they goof and are a bit lacking in the communications area, but overall, I'm going to keep working with them.

Good parts selection, but shipping and inventory management need an overhaul
I restore quote a few motorcycles every year. I like using partzilla because I can try to get everything in one place. And Partzilla do carry most of the honda parts imaginable. A t least the ones Honda still makes. Prices are very reasonable. Customer service is also very good the few times I have needed it.

The real gripe I have is with their inventory control system and shipping management system. When I go to a website and fill an order and all the items in my cart say they are IN STOCK, to me that means you have them all there, in one warehouse, ready for somebody to go put them in a box and ship on the next business day. And I think to most people that is what is reasonably expected when they see "in stock". Not that the parts are strewn amongst 5 warehouses, or some are sitting in other affiliate dealers warehouses and will take 3-4 days of couriering and tracking down to get them together in one place into a box to ship. I think this is what sets up the bad customer experiences you read about here. Is partzilla is not adequately explaining what "in stock" means in a clear manner and is not setting customer expectations correctly up front. At best it is an honest oversight. At worst a customer feels gypped into buying something advertised as in stock when it clearly wasn't. At least in the way they were led to believe.

Now imagine this same scenario when customer ostensibly buys 8 parts listed as "in stock" and pays extra for expedited shipping thinking they will get their parts in 2-3 days. Only to find out later it will be expedited 5 days from now when all the parts they ordered are in one location together to ship. It can cause even the most patient people to become irate and unhappy.

I have had this happen to me several times. Parts listed as in stock turned out not to be. And the orders were held up. Requiring me to call to get the rest of the order shipped and to pay additional shipping for the split shipment. Parts saying ships in 24 hours not shipping for several days. Paying for expedited shipping to receive items a week or more later.

Really what partzilla needs to do is fx the website so it acurately displays how long it will take for an item to ship to your door once an order is put together. It is ok if it takes a week. Just SAY THAT. BEFORE I CHOOSE EXPEDITED SHIPPING! Clearly state that expedited shipping means it will ship in 5 days once we have everything in one place. And arrive at my door 7 days later instead of 12 days later. That way I know what I am getting for the extra money.

The reviews here are very clear this is a problem for them. I hope they fix it. So for the time being they get 3 stars from me.

I ordered a part 0455254-453 that Partzilla's website has labeled ASM-CAB, FRONT, 110 W/DECALS (Polaris) $221.43. ****PLEASE NOTE***** in the description it states "W/DECALS. When the part arrived it did NOT have the decals with the part. Upon calling in, I was told by the rep that Partzilla didn't know why it was shipped without decals and he would reorder the part. He sent me a return authorization, I packed up the part and shipped it back and awaited delivery of the new part again. When the new part arrived it was received the exact same way the first delivery was received, WITHOUT DECALS. My husband called in and he was told again, the rep didn't understand why they continue to ship the wrong part, and it was agreed that the rep would just ship the decals separately. When the decals did arrive, there should have been 4 to complete the look of the part. Two fender decals (a right and left) and two Polaris decals (a right and a left). The RIGHT Polaris decal was not sent. On 1/19/18, upon /calling in to "customer service" for a THIRD time, I was told by the rep named John, that after looking into this, the decals the description refers to is the warning label and not the colorful decals to complete the look of the part. He said he was sorry but there was nothing he could do. I told him that it was not my fault that Partzilla's website is not clear on their description and that this should have been discovered in the other numerous calls that I had made to customer service in the past 6 weeks to resolve this matter. I told him that I wanted the last sticker sent; he said I would have to pay for it. I said I was not paying for the part and I then asked to speak to a supervisor. A "supervisor" Tim came on the line and proceeded to tell me that Partzilla was not able to order the "right" Polaris sticker, that it wasn't available. I stated "you're telling me that you won't order the correct sticker from Polaris like you did the other parts?" He stated he couldn't and offered a return auth to be emailed. I stated that the information on hold states that Partzilla's number one priority is to provide quality customer service and asked him if he thought that goal was met over the last 6 weeks of problems that I have had and now he's stating there is nothing he can do to rectify the problem. He said if there was he would; all I can do is return the item. I told him to send me the return authorization and he said he would and thanked me and hung up before I could say another word. To date, 1/21/18, I have not received the return authorization. Customer Service at Partzilla is far from quality and I honestly don't know how a company such as this stays in business. After reading many reviews on the company, 99% of them feel the same way as I do and I wish I had read the reviews before I placed the initial order.

It seems like nothing is accurate. When I first starting using them to buy one parts there's was a guy that was rude to me. I called to check inventory on a product and he stated why don't you use the website it would show you what we have availabile. So I then order more stuff and it took forever to come. I called asked for a manager and got with Matthew Brown which is an assistant manager. He corrected for me and all. This week I ordered parts do that I can work on my bike and a client bike. I order clutch for a client which Partzilla was all in stock two days ago and they yet to still have gone out and I have paid for expedited shipping smfh. I also put I. My order which everything said it was in stock just got shipped out yesterday due to there was a part not in stock and mind you I placed my order on Monday and I paid for expedited shipping. I didn't get a call about a part not in stock etc this will be my last time using them though

Tech guys have no clue nor do they tell the truth...
I looked up a part on (windshield for my motorcycle), which did not have a picture. So, I called their customer service to ask what all came in the kit. I was transferred to a tech guy and I asked him the same question. He said, "Let me look it up to make sure". He asked what it is I'm trying verify that was in the kit. I said, "I am trying to find out if I need to order anything else to mount the windshield". He said he was looking at the picture and it looks like everything comes with it. I asked if fork mounts were in the kit also. He then described the mounts to me and said sure looks like Partzilla are in there. With that, I went ahead and ordered the kit.

Not feeling super confident about the mounts being in there, I called the local Yamaha dealer to ask them. They said it can be ordered both ways. So, I needed to call them back to verify. So I called Partzilla back and asked for their tech support. The tech guy came on the phone and I told him I was trying to verify for the order that I placed a couple days prior, if the fork mounts are included in the Kit, because I am planning a motorcycle trip this coming weekend and needed to know if I needed to order the mounts if they are not in there. He, just like the first tech guy looked up the picture. He said it looks like they come it, but let me check. He put me on hold for about ten minutes and came back on the phone and said, "everything that is needed to mount it should be in there".

Today the windshield was delivered and guess what was NOT in the kit. The fork mounts. I called Partzilla to speak with their customer service. In the process of trying to explain the situation, I was hung up on, transferred to a busy signal and left on hold for about fifteen minutes (three different times calling back). I was finally connected to someone and was able to explain it all. The customer service person said, "I'm pretty sure those don't ever come in the kit, but let me ask one of the tech guys and asked me to hold". I think it's pretty bad that she was certain that they do not come in the kit, but the tech guys had no clue. She came back on the phone and said she was not sure and that the supplier was not open for her to ask. Then she said she would not be able to find out until Monday and if the mounts are supposed to be in there they would send them to me. I then explained that I had to have them for this coming weekend. She said, "IF I can get approval I will have them sent out expedited, but I will not know until Monday". So, here I sit waiting for Monday and by Monday it will be too late to order the mounts from somewhere else unless I pay for rush delivery. Not cool! I will make sure every motorcycle person I come across to let them know not to buy from Partzilla!

Never shipped as promised on the web site, untrustworthy business.
Placed several orders for OEM parts for about $1.5k. Availability for 80% of ordered parts was badly incorrect.

Translation from PartZilla speak for most parts in my orders:
"In stock" --> "maybe it will be available to ship within a week"
"Available in 2-3 days" --> "available to ship in 2-3 weeks, we will keep changing expected availability date by three days every time you call us"
"Available in 3-4 days" --> "A deep back-order, we do not know when it is available"

I have cancelled all my orders, re-ordered from other places who are honest about 1-3 weeks lead time or when parts are on a back order and not really available any time soon.

One star for a nice and user friendly web site and the ability cancel orders. Use it to find proper part numbers, cancel and re-order elsewhere if "in stock" parts are not shipped "within 24 hours" as promised. Even better, just never order -- you will be disappointed.

Lies, lies, lies
It's been over 2 weeks since I placed my order (2/15), with all parts showing in stock or "1 to 3 days" availability. One week after the order and it hasn't shipped. I look around on the Internet and find out that for a Internet based company, Partzilla are terrible and have TONS of customer complaints about slow shipping. Ok, duly noted. So I call them on 2/22 to find out what happened, and to get them to ship the parts now. The rep on the phone tells me that the parts wouldn't be available until 2/27 - and one part was on back order and would be a couple more weeks. This contradicted the email I received from them that day that said the parts would be available on 2/25. Which is significantly different than the 1 to 3 days the site showed when I ordered the parts. I asked why he is telling me the parts wouldn't be available until the 27th when I have an email stating they would be available on the 25th, and he simply said "I can only tell you what the system tells me." Nice. Anyway, as of today, March 4th, they still haven't shipped the parts. I called and the rep said that the customer notes stated that I requested the parts don't ship until they are all ready! I can deal with incompetence, but to actually lie about my request in the notes and cause a delay of another week is absolutely terrible! Stay away from this site. They don't get how to sell over the Internet, and have absolutely terrible customer service. To sum up, Partzilla lied about the parts availability when I ordered and they lied about my request to have the parts delivered. What else are they lying about?

Partzilla is more like Sucks Zilla
I ordered a part that Partzilla claimed to have in stock. The order stayed in "Preparing Order" status for three days even though I paid for expedited shipping. When I called to see what the problem was, I had to wait for a call back. An hour later I received a call back. The rep said she was limited as to what she could do but would send an email to shipping. I said I paid for expedited shipping but was not getting expedited service. The rep asked..."Would you like to cancel the order or what? I said yes let's cancel. Then the rep said she could not cancel the order but would send an email to shipping. This was a very bad experience with both ordering and customer support. I will not order again from Partzilla.

Yeah, your customer service rep cancels my order but doesn't issue a refund, what a joke. I had to call back and request a refund. Now the rep tells my it will take some time, could be up to 15 biz days she said. I wish I had never heard of partzilla but I will do my best to ensure others don't suffer from your poor customer service. I am post on every review site that I can find and on social media. STAY AWAY FROM PARTZILLA. actually came thru!
I initially posted a negative review of but after the supervisor Chris reached out to me and offered a refund and sent the right part expedited, i decided to give them another try. I am a repair shop them so its really important to save money. Partzilla also offered me a commercial discount which is easy to apply for and now i save 20% off additional. I think the reason a lot of people are upset is that the estimated ship time is not clear. It says ships in 2-4 business days but that is when the part leaves, and then you have to allow extra time for the carrier. Its worded confusingly. Plus the cart empties a lot, but they said they are fixing that. This time I got my parts on time, and all was as expected. I will be giving them another try soon.

Don't waste your time, buy from anywhere else
Partzilla has sent me six emails asking me to review them on this website so they've asked for this. DO NOT BUY PARTS HERE. I understand getting one or even two orders messed up but when literally every single one of my orders has a problem its not even worth it.
1. Never have I had one order arrive on time, these aren't small delays I am willing to look over. These are parts that are preventing my machine from running but arrive two weeks after the estimated "arrival date"
2. Partzilla are dishonest about what they have in stock. It will say they have a certain part in stock and it will arrive on a specific date but OH WAIT you just checked out giving them your hard earned money and they now suddenly don't have it ready to ship and it will take a month to get back in stock telling you only AFTER you paid.
3. Any potential cost savings are lost with shipping and taxes, for the love of all that is holy if you value your money buy ANYWHERE ELSE.

This company spams your email to give them reviews, so here is your review. This website sucks, go literally anywhere else.

Little good lot bad
I own an ATV business. Partzilla has a wide verity of parts which is good. Now the bad! Poor customer service almost everytime I call. Shipping rates and times are deceiving. Partzilla say 2 day shipping or you can expidite for more money. However if you order today at noon won't ship till next day which ends up being 3 days. Website may show item in stock so should arrive in two days but after you order you find out website was incorrect so part is 3-5 days to get to their warehouse then another 2 days to get to you. Partzilla will not split an order so you can go ahead and get what's in stock to keep working with out paying a $5 fee. Free shipping on items over $150 where others are at $75 for free shipping. Change some of these issues and will be great place.

Bad inventories, bad order fulfillment, slow shipping, indifferent customer service
I needed a list of OEM Honda parts. Time mattered. Partzilla and two other competitors came up with almost identical pricing. I went with Partzilla over geographic proximity and Partzilla indicated all parts were on hand. I paid for expedited shipping.

A week later, no delivered parts, no word from Partzilla. Order hasn't been picked or manifested. Seven of eight items are ready to go, one item is on back order for another six weeks. Despite paying for expedited shipping. They don't ship the 7/8 parts on hand, they don't send delay of shipment notice, they don't send back order notice to the customer.

Fail, fail, fail. This one's not worth another try. There are too many other competitors willing to do business right, or even go the extra mile. Partzilla won't even get out of bed to go to work. Other businesses will get my money in the future.

Still waiting
I ordered a reverse motor for my sled when I ordered my part it said I would have my part quicker then anyone else then Partzilla kept moving the arrival date up I ordered on the first of January it is now the 9th and shipping has just started I could have ordered this part from anyone else and had it in my hands the part was free shipping and for 2 more dollars I could get it in 1 to 3 days so 9 days later they tell me it will be here by the 16th this is the worst company I have ever ordered from and this will not be the only review I leave there wording when you order is nothing but lies I will not recommend them to anyone nor will i ever do business with them again I say they are a no star company but I have to pick 1 if you need parts fast go somewhere else

Run, not worth the issues
Ordered, 2k worth of parts during order process 90% of the parts said in stock ship in 2-3 days, paid for extra shipping that was supposed to ship as parts came in if any unavailable, First shipment was three small parts, two weeks later I check the site it says 90% of parts are in stock still no shipping. Call Partzilla tell me they wont ship till all parts are in estimate end of November, when I stressed my concern lady says she will cancel order, I reply I just want the parts with the special shipping I paid for, she says she understands and will have them shipped next day, still nothing, seriously not worth it if you expect to get your parts in any realistic time frame. I have a trip that I needed these parts it was 6 weeks from order date will have to cancel trip unless I can source locally. Checked site again before writing this 90% parts all show in stock.

Price gouging
Purchased and paid 350.00 for parts over phone with partzilla phone service. 9 days later I receive email from partzilla telling me Partzilla will extract additional 160.00 for shipping from my original payment source... really? I refused to pay more and they cancelled my order. 3 weeks later still no refund received
I spoke to you on the phone Todd you made my order you set the price you made the mistake so don't give me the I should've read the fine print bull... when I called you 7 days after the fact asking about my shipment you responded it will ship tomorrow. You didn't even have the balls to tell me over the phone about YOUR mistake that YOU made on my order. Instead you canceled my order the next day. And no I did not receive my refund yet

Coaching Needed
This company has a great website and also a lot of inventory with great pictures available.

However once you make a purchase and items are not all available that is when Partzilla need to coach the staff.

Made a purchase and they missed picked an item. I contacted them to mention the item was missing. I also noted that there were extra parts needed so I mentioned to please add the exact number of items I needed.

I received a package from them fairly quickly and thought they redeemed themselves. It was only wishful thinking. When I opened that package again items were missing. I contacted them a third time to mention that the items were missing.

They then blamed me and stated I did not order the correct quantity. In fact on the second contact they are the ones that put the order in. When I brought that to their attention I did not receive a timely response.

The company should probably have a look into the online ordering department and see if there are areas for improvement.

Other than that a good company but needs top pay attention to the details.

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Description: Genuine OEM parts shipped direct from a dealer. Find Yamaha, Kawasaki, Suzuki & Honda motorcycle parts, Polaris ATV parts, PWC parts, and more!

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