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My part arrived as if it was dropped from a 13th floor...
My part arrived as if it was dropped from a 13th floor bldg. So that had to be returned immediately, right? Wrong! It took a week to get an RMA from them and another week for a Fedex label. It took a total of a month and a half to finally receive my full refund and It was not an easy task. All inquiries are processed through a ticketing system which PartsGeek pick up about a day later if you're lucky. They respond with more questions that have already been answered in their template in the ticket, thus further delaying the process. I believe this is purposely done to give them more time. You will then have to wait another 2+ days to get a response back. Keep in mind that the vehicle that needs the parts will be decommissioned while all these B. S. go on and on. Anyway, my only vehicle needed to be fixed right away, so I just went to a local parts store and got everything right the first time and my vehicle was fixed the same day. I had to pay more, but no headaches in the end.

I'll give the 2 stars for site's ease of use and prices. Negative stars for customer support.

This store can be good If they can get their crap together with customer service; Immediate response times, returns and exchanges like most online shops!

Buyers Beware!
This company doesn't deserve a single star, but in order to comment I had to select it. I ordered an alternator for my 2013 Volvo S60. I entered all the information correctly on the website; however, PartsGeek still managed to send me a part that A) looked nothing like the one in the photo and B) did not fit my car. It was guaranteed to fit my exact car. Anyways, I went to the customer service tab on the website to get some direction on how to return. Under that tab, I learn that the return process is a hassle, which requires you to enter your information and wait for a confirmation email along with a return number in order to process. I also learned that Parts Geek does not cover return shipping costs regardless of the circumstances! 4 days passed after I requested a return number, and I still didn't hear a word, so I decided to call. It took an act of Congress to get someone on the phone. When I finally was able to speak to someone, she rudely informed me that they would not pay the return shipping costs (although it was an error on their end) and that the policy is clearly stated on the website. The policy is under the customer service tab. It is not clearly stated throughout the purchasing process. Shame on me for not reviewing the return policy before purchasing; however, a decent company would have paid for their mistake! I expressed my feelings to the customer service rep and told her that I would never make another purchase from them and that o would warn everyone I know (including social media family and friends) what a horrible return policy Parts Geek has. At that time the customer service rep laughed at me and said. "Ok!" YesX you heard me right- the CUSTOMER SERVICE REP LAUGHED AT ME AND SAID "OK!" Unbelievable and unacceptable! So readers, please please please be aware of this before purchasing from Parts Geek! Oh and BTW, they require you to insure the package, so it's going to cost me roughly $50 to send the wrong alternator that they sent back for a refund! And one more thing- PartsGeek chooses which reviews/comments are posted on their website. That's why you see only 4 & 5 stars!

1.) Order cancellations are never accepted; regardless of the circumstances.

2.) Customer requested "returns" must include an RMA (return merchandise authorization) number. This can take several business days to receive from Parts Geek, or, may in fact never be issued.

3.) The shipping charges for "returns" are to be paid for by the customer even if the merchandise within the order is "defective" or has "missing assembly parts." What this means "in practice" is that if return freight charges EXCEED the cost of the order, the customer will "give up" and allow Parts Geek to cheat them out of their money.

4.) Even with an RMA (return) number issued by Parts Geek, the customer may never receive a "credit" in his or her Bank Account for the cost of the merchandise. For two recent orders I placed with Parts Geek, then "tried to cancel," I only got my money back by filing "claims" against the Parts Geek through PayPal and through CHASE BANK.

5.) "Parts Geek" and "autopartsgeek" on E-bay are one in the same company; legally established under the name "Parts Geek LLC." Neither of these two entities has a formal "customer service department" with employees dedicated to the task of helping customers resolve issues and answer questions. The company employs only 25 workers nationwide and has annual gross sales of about FOUR MILLION DOLLARS. And, frankly the owners and managers care more about "sales" than about "service." PartsGeek ask customers to "send in e-mails" with questions; then assign "sales representatives" to reply "when" they get the opportunity. All of this "service responsibility" gets a low priority as "sales pressure" for more sales is "hammered home" daily" through threats of "sales worker job terminations." Concerning the two orders I placed, "autopartsgeek" on E-bay never answered any of my 15 e-mails asking for a "refund." And, "sales order taker" representatives who answer the phones at "Parts Geek" constantly "lied" to me about getting my two refunds for merchandise "shipped" and "refused at delivery by me." Parts Geek "refused" my cancellations so I "refused" their deliveries and avoided getting stuck with return shipping charges.

6.) Parts Geek" does not voluntarily issue "refunds" under any circumstances. Only "forced refunds" through your Bank or through PayPal are effective and get results. "Parts Geek" is an unprofessional organization controlled by corrupt and deceitful owners and managers.

Worst company ever!
I called to order a timing chain and water pump set for a Chrysler Sebring. The young man I spoke to on the phone was very polite, and said don't buy that cheap Chinese crap, he said let me sell you a good American-made set. He said it is a bit more money, but it has a far better guarantee and is made of much better materials. I agreed, and I ordered the more expensive American made set. I had a customer car waiting for the parts and a customer that had to go on a trip. The parts came in, I looked at the boxes, and the Cloyes timing chain set was made in taiwan, and the Gates water pump in mainland china! Needless to say, both the customer and I were very upset. I had to put the pieces on the car because the customer had to leave town the next day. I tried to call partsgeekcom which is a joke, so I emailed them with my frustration and unhappiness with their lying, deceitful sales practices. They've sent me 11 garbage emails, because apparently their customer support is overseas and PartsGeek do not understand simple plain English. All I have been asking for is the difference in what the man told me the price was, and that I paid, for the supposedly American-made parts, and the cheap chinese crap. I have received at least five emails asking me to send the parts back. I have explained at least five times that the parts are on the car, and the car is out of my shop. PartsGeek will never get one more Penny from me, and I will be certain that every one of my customers knows not to buy from this deceitful, lying company. I hope thousands of people read these reviews Tama and take them to heart. This is a terrible company, the worst that I have seen in over 40 years in the automobile repair business.

Mixed Feelings About This Company
The first time I dealt with Partsgeek a couple of weeks ago, I was extremely happy with the item I ordered, the delivery time and especially the price. Now I have ordered and received a part for my other vehicle but it is incorrect.

The first item was a very expensive rearview mirror for my Ram 2500. It was $537 at the dealer but got a aftermarket from partsgeek for only $110. The guy on the phone was extremely nice and helpful. Came quickly, looked virtually identical to the original and was installed with no problem. Saved me a ton of money.

This time I have received a window regulator for my Sebring and the shop says it's the wrong one. Don't know why because their website shows it should be correct. Now I have to ship back the regulator at my cost and getting an RMA wasn't terribly difficult. I don't like the idea of having to pay shipping costs on a wrong part plus the hassle of boxing it up and taking it somewhere to be shipped. I would prefer getting a "pick up" tag so that UPS or whoever could just pick it up from my house. Now I'm afraid to order another one and have my money tied up for 2 regulators at the same time.

I will probably deal with this company in the future but order only by phone, not use the website. If a part is listed, PartsGeek need to be a bit more clear as to what model it fits.

Edit: I returned the incorrect window regulator and received a credit immediately on the day they received it. Despite costing me $12 (and the inconvenience) to ship, I will continue to use this company for my parts. I've always been treated well on the phone and they have saved me an incredible amount of money.

I would strongly suggest calling to order a part rather than trusting the website.

Take your business elsewhere!
This is the worse online shopping experience I ever had. I ordered a tail light for my car, immediately upon delivery, I opened up the box and found it to be completely different than what I ordered. I looked for a phone number to call and report the error but there isn't one clearly marked on the website or email. There were instructions to submit a ticket, it was down all day. Finally, when it was up and running I submitted my complaint. I included a screenshot of the product I ordered from the website and a photo of what came in the box. Please note the box wasn't sealed properly nor included an invoice. I was worried the correct product fell out!
In response, the company stated PartsGeek shipped the right part, and the picture wasn't a representation. I was to read the notes on the side. The pictured tail light was the outer portion of the tail light. They sent me the inner. This company is shady. There are a lot of fine prints. I have lost money because they shipped me the wrong part, and I am paying $20 to send it back. That makes $30 in total for shipping. The least they could have done was to pay for return shipping instead they are pretty defiant and feel that its ethical to falsely advertise to consumers.
I am writing to prevent other people from doing business with PartsGeek, please support other businesses. This was a waste of time and money.

Parts need a lot of alteration to make them work
I was very disappointed with the grill i bought i spent over and hour and a 1/2 with a dermal tool and a bench grinder and numerous tries to get it to fit, the slots for the bolts had so much residue on them i used the dermal file and utility knife to get the bolts to go into the slots. The bolts PartsGeek give you are to thick to fit into the slot. I had to use the originals but when i went to put the grill in only 1/2 would line up. I had to grind those down to make them go all the way to the end of the slot so they would line up with the holes, I got those lined up but, only half of the studs laid in the hood enough to get nuts on them. I looked at the grill in the hood and 1 side was not laying into the crease for the hood. I then had to take the grill out and sand down the outer edge so it would lay properly in the hood. After numerous tries i was able to get it to lay properly but could only get 6 of the 7 nuts. I spent an hour and 1/2 of my life that i'll never get back. Remember you get what you pay for so pay a lot. Its amazing that to me that the sellers of this crap don't raise there standards. I restored my 69 Camaro and it was the same storey everything had to be altered to make it fit. The car has 182k on it otherwise ill buy original parts. If Toyota used these parts it would take them 2 days to build a car. I would not recommend these parts

Update:: victim help
Partsgeek sells online only. This is their way of avoiding accountability. PartsGeek basically hide behind their computer. And they sell to out of state consumers usually so as to create physical distance from all their customers to avoid personal encounters because they know full well that they are not acting in good faith and risk a ass whoopin if they encounter a pro active dude with a temper. They are very protective of their physical address so as to avoid actual physical confrontations. I offer my suggestions to avoid scammers like this. First, dont assume that just because a website pops up while you are shopping for that car part that it is a reputable company. Check for a phone number and then call it and pay attention to their responses when you ask for sales dept., ask about their return policy, refunds, name of mgr, or name of owner. They should have professional responses to all. This is where partsgeek miserably fails. The best thing you've got going for you is your credit card. Unfortunately for partsgeek they are a hostage to the very credit card that is their lifeblood. Credit cards, as a rule, do not hold their cardmembers responsible in cases of fraud or gross customer dissatisfation. The bank doesnt make this wellknown, but if you buy using your card, and you are treated like partsgeek treats people, then go through the simple process that the bank requires and start your bankcard refund process. It takes some time to write your reasons out and fill out their form and get them what they need. But they then will request some satisfaction from partsgeek which they wont get and you will then get credited for the sales amount. It takes a few weeks. I did this at my bank, compass, and they complied and issued my refund. I think most all bankcards have this policy. If not, change banks. Later, the bank goes after partsgeek for their reimbursement. Good luck to you, im sorry you got tangled up with these bad apples. Be diligent.

BEWARE! Does not honor parts catalog description. Terrible service.
First, let me just start with saying PartsGeek sent incomplete tracking numbers for 5 packages. I only received 2 in a shipment marked "2 pieces" and couldn't not track the rest with Fed Ex because ALL of the packages had the exact same tracking number that was emailed to me from PartsGeek shipping.

If you have a question, you can only fill out an online form. ONLY ONCE. (they link it to your email address) You cannot talk to a human.

I ordered, among other things, control arms with ball joints for my Element. (They arrived 2 days later - Fri nite before my Saturday install appointment)
PartsGeek catalog clearly states "Features: ball joints and bushings included for a complete installation, saving time and labor (where applicable).
Guess what? No ball joints! I was already at the shop for scheduled repair and had to pay for ball joints. Was totally stuck with car half apart.

Parts Geek response:
"None of the control arms for your vehicle come with ball joints as the vehicle manufacturer only sells the ball joints separate so that is how they come in the aftermarket. The listing stated with ball joint and bushing(where applicable) but it's not applicable for your vehicle since they are not sold that way."

Say what?!?! "Not applicable"? NOWHERE on the description or website is there a list of applicable vehicles. Honda Elements really DO have ball joints. I promise!

You can go look up the part yourselves:
2003-2011 Honda Element Control Arm #W*******636. It clearly states "With Ball Joints"

What a bunch of SUMBAGS!

Wrong Part Delivered, Hung Up On Twice, Lied To, Extremely Unprofessional
I ordered control arms for my 98 Chevy 3500, I searched for the item on their site and the ones I ordered showed up as a direct fit. When PartsGeek arrived the control arms were 4 inches to small width wise and 3 inches too long length wise. Also in 98 Chevy 2500's and 3500's had torsion bars that slide into a hole in the lower control arms, the control arms that I received were set up for springs which were not an option in 98 for the heavy gvwr models.

I called to return the part and spoke with "John" who told me on the phone numerous times that when he went into and put in my truck information a different part # showed up and that I would have to pay to have them shipped back since it was user error. I had already paid $50+ to have them 2 day shipped despite that fact that it still took a week and a half to arrive so I did not agree with this. I asked to speak with a supervisor. "John" put me on hold and then came back on the phone pretending to be someone else, the "supervisor". When I said you are the exact same person that I was just speaking with the background exploded with laughter and this person hung up on me.

I called back and immediately asked to speak with a supervisor. I was forwarded to "Adam". I started off by telling him what happened on the previous call, I said I don't know what kind of operation you are running over there but that is very unprofessional. Adam replied "You want to know what kind of operation we are running over here? We have been in business for 14 years, ship out over 10,000 parts per year, and have an international customer base. Good day sir" and hung up on me as well!

This company is very unprofessional and is run by a bunch of rude child acting employees. Paid extra for fast shipping arrived slower than ground service from any other company, wrong part delivered, will not back up their mistakes, rude employees across the board. Avoid at all costs

Parts - Geek. Not a good choice for automobile parts!
Recently, I had to upgrade my automobile air conditioning system from R12 to R134a. Getting AC parts for a 1991 Nissan is no easy task. After some research on the Net, I happened upon Parts Geek which seemed to have exactly what I needed at reasonable prices.

I did most of the AC work on my own car, flushing the lines, installing a new compressor, o-rings, etc. I ordered a new Filter-Drier from Parts Geek and it arrived promptly, now note their return policy:

We have a 30 day return policy. We must be contacted within 30 days of receipt for an RMA number. We will not accept any returns after 30 days, no exceptions. All returns including cores require an RMA number. You MUST fill out a support ticket on our website for an RMA number. We will NOT accept return requests via phone. DO NOT send back any parts without first obtaining an RMA number via e-mail, or else your credit will be delayed significantly. Please visit our website and click on Customer Service for further details."

I installed the new filter-drier and pulled down the system to 29 inches of mercury but the AC system began to leak as soon as the vacuum pump shut off. I checked the system for leaks but couldn't identify any even though the system had green dye in the PAG oil and had been run briefly.

I had to put my car in a local Kansas AC shop and PartsGeek called to tell me the new Filter-Drier was defective, leaking around the sight glass. The shop replaced the filter drier, pumped it down and charged the system with R134a. It then worked fine.

Now instead of being able to repair and upgrade my auto AC system for less than $200, I wound up paying over $500 because of that defective drier not to mention the time and aggravation I experienced getting an approved RMA number to get the defective part returned for credit. And then they wouldn't pay the shipping for me to return their defective part!

You get a confirming email from Parts-Geek on any order which contains the customer order number, if you don't have that number they won't assist you. They have no other way to identify your order. And Parts Geek has no telephone contact number on their website, I had to do a separate search to acquire their 800 number. When you call, you get their automated menu so they can screen customers by the type of part ordered. Parts-Geek customer representatives are rude, not very knowledgeable and like to make you keep repeating the order number as you attempt to resolve a parts issue.

Here is their order policy:

"Please do not reply to this message. This e-mail was sent from a notification-only e-mail address that cannot accept incoming e-mail. If you need to contact Customer Service, please open a support ticket on our Customer Service page.

To track your package, please visit the carriers website and simply input the tracking number. All UPS tracking numbers begin with 1Z, (e.g., 1Z69R2R*******544) All FedEx numbers are 15 digits long and do not include any letters (e.g., *******8048715). All US MAIL tracking numbers are 20 digits long and do not include any letters (e.g., 0123 4567 8910 1112).

* Please note that ALL tracking information may not be available immediately or at the same time. Please allow 24 hours after receiving the tracking number for the shipping carrier to update their web site.

* As indicated on our website, we do not offer weekend or holiday delivery. Therefore, any overnight or second day orders placed on Friday will not arrive until the following business day.

* If you receive a damaged package, do not accept the package. You can either refuse the package or contact the shipping carrier to refuse the package. You have 24 hours to refuse the package. We will not be responsible for the return of carrier damaged products.

* We have a 30 day return policy. No returns are accepted without a return authorization number. We must be contacted within 30 days of receipt for an RMA number. We will not accept any returns after 30 days, no exceptions."

How would you get an RMA for a carrier damaged package? The answer: You wouldn't and if that carrier turned out to be UPS, you'd likely be out the entire cost of whatever you bought. I had to get an approved RMA to return the defective filter-drier. I included an email from my local AC Shop indicating the filter-drier was I wasn't certain they'd take my word for it. I also had to pay to ship back the defective filter-drier; they refuse to pay any return shipping charges no matter what the circumstances. Here are some further testimonies to Parts Geek's crappy service, there are plenty of other complaints.

I was asked to rate Parts Geek on Trust Pilot: Click here to rate us on Trustpilot />
I gave them one star out of five because that was as low as the system would let me go. Here was the Parts-Geek credit response on the defective filter-drier I returned.

"Please DO NOT REPLY to this message. (we will not receive it) To contact us you MUST open a support ticket on our Customer Service page.

This is to inform you that your credit was processed today.

Invoice Number: 15-xxxxxxxx
Shipping: $9.95
Parts: $12.08
Total Credit: $22.03"

UPDATE ***** Bank ledger entries show the following credits from Parts-Geek. Same order. Same carrier. Same destination

CREDIT 1831 PARTS GEEK, LLC *******352, NJ $9.95

CREDIT 1834 PARTS GEEK, LLC *******352, NJ $22.03

But on the second filter-drier I inadvertently ordered I only received $9.95 credit. When I asked the customer rep why I didn't get the full amount of $12.08, he hung up on me. The next time I called, I asked why is there a difference in shipping charges, i. E. (1st - drier) $22.03 - $12.08 = $9.95 and (2nd Drier) $12.08 - 9.95 = $2.13? He claims I had to pay return shipping on an order that I refused delivery on. This makes no sense! You can also read my complaints on />
During the 2nd call to Parts-Geek, the customer rep said he needed to put me on hold while he checks into the shipping discrepancy and then after about 10+ minutes on hold, listening to their endless repetitive elevator music, the connection was terminated. Both of these identical parts traveled via the same carrier to the same location, so the refund should have been the same. The order refund was INTENTIONALLY shorted, there is no other plausible explanation. No doubt, it's how they limit their expenses on damaged or defective items.

Parts-Geek also overcharges you on the shipping, I spent $9.02 USPS charges to use the same carrier as Part-Geek to return a defective filter-drier to the same location that I was charged $9.95 to have it shipped to me originally from a commercial business. It's not a lot of money to be out for sure but if this is done on small orders what might you expect on a large one when returning a defective item?

Apparently, Parts Geek doesn't bother checking anything before it ships out, What's quality control? Basically you get whatever is on the shelf in whatever condition it is at the time. Who cares? They already got your money. And, they'll probably put your item right back on the shelf when they receive it and then ship it out to someone else.

Second Update: I can see why Parts Geek is not a member of the Better Business Bureau but I went ahead and added my complaint to the New Jersey affiliate anyway, complaint ID 11568737. I'd say the following complaints pretty much characterize Parts Geek practices, i. E. problems with Product/Service.

"This business is not BBB accredited.
Customer Complaints Summary Read complaint details:" />
628 complaints closed with BBB in last 3 years | 201 closed in last 12 months

Complaint Type Total Closed Complaints
Advertising/Sales Issues 59
Billing/Collection Issues: 31
Delivery Issues: 104
Guarantee/Warranty Issues: 20
Problems with Product/Service: 414
Total Closed Complaints: 628

As long as there are no consequences to their business the customer abuses at Parts Geek will continue. Firing inept and/or rude representatives will not accomplish anything, Parts-Geek will simply train new inept and rude ones to take their place,

UPDATE final CREDIT 1803 07/20/16 74948702 PARTS $12.08
GEEK, LLC *******352

After this article posted on with its BBB Parts Geek complaint history, the company finally saw the error of their ways and repaid me for the expenses of returning the defective filter-drier and the shipping costs associated with refusing a second filter-drier. Now that's properly serving your customers, just as J. C. Whitney and other great companies do without having to be forced through bad publicity. Apparently, Parts Geek had to learn the hard way!

Words cannot describe the hideous, vulgar attitude...
Words cannot describe the hideous, vulgar attitude of this company toward its customers. I didn't know that companies like this still existed in America. Maybe only in New Jersey. PartsGeek have a BBB rating of "F". They don't have a phone number for customer service and the only way you can reach them is via a cumbersome and slow online 'ticket.' You can't change an order. You can't cancel an order. The written correspondence you get from them, in response to your 'ticket', is bizarre - often unrelated to the nature of your issues, written in fractured bits of sentences, impolite, rude, hopeless. And, if you have a shipping address that includes an apartment number or other details, those details will not be included in the shipping address that UPS or USPS gets. That results in undelivered packages, or extensive delays. They often designate a UPS package as "no address changes allowed," which means if you call UPS about an undelivered package and provide your apartment number or other important address detail that is missing and has made delivery impossible, UPS won't add that to the delivery address because Parts Geek has disallowed it. Why? Just to be dirty and mean. The only way to resolve the issue is a 'ticket', since you can't reach these people by phone. That takes time and if it's Friday afternoon you'll be waiting well into the following week to get a reply. If you are able to receive some merchandise from them it will probably look like it was dragged behind the UPS truck for a few hundred miles. Want to complain? You can't! At Parts Geek the customer is always wrong! Any dollars you might save by ordering from this hellish place will never be worth the risk. Hopefully this company will soon collapse into its own cesspool and management will truly get to enjoy the 'fruits' of their labors.

Consumers need to be forewarned
I purchased a front bumper cover online and waited 2 weeks for it to arrive via over-sized freight. Prior to this, the company sent a few follow-up e-mails. One warned to check the condition of the merchandise. Nothing directed or forewarned me about their protocol regarding mistakes their warehouses make when pulling and shipping parts. The bumper did not remotely match the model or style I purchased so I contacted the company to seek redress. That's when I discovered that the company expected me to re-ship the item at my expense. I took it to UPS and the shipping cost far-exceeded the original purchase price ($332+). I feel scammed. Afterwards I contacted the company via e-mail and by phone and PartsGeek were not willing to fairly and sensibly resolve the issue. I researched them thru the BBB and discovered a host of similar complaint lodged by consumers. Most companies provide a shipping label when they make mistakes as a matter of proper business practice. I feel that this problem should be pursued via class-action injunctive relief to protect the American consumer from losing hard-earned money and alert them to these hidden disclaimers. Had I immediately seen one during the check-out process I would've been reluctant to gamble with my money and spent it elsewhere. Incidentally, they claim to cover the cost of shipping returned items if orders are made thru their customer service representatives when the company makes these kinds of mistakes... not sure why someone choosing to expeditiously order parts online are discriminated against or treated any differently. It adds insult to injury which contravenes customer retention goals."




So, I bought a 2017 ford fusion headlight assembly from them, and when I got it in the mail, I received Tail lights instead of the Headlights I requested. I call to tell them about the mix up, and PartsGeek told me to return it to them. I asked them who'd be handling the return shipping fees and the representative told me I would. I asked to speak to a manager because why should I pay extra, for their mess up?

Manager (Didi) tells me to email her my info and as well as screenshots of the part and she'll send me the RMA which'll include the return shipping fee. I sent the info, and it took her about 2 days of pestering calls and emails for her to send it.

I then ship it back to them as soon as I get the chance to, and I wait. I tracked the order to know when the Taillights reached their warehouse so I could call them and have them work on sending me a replacement ASAP. The manager (Didi) is always busy and refuses to come to the phone, so I tell the representative about my issue. He tells me that I won't be getting a replacement, but a refund instead as soon as they verify that they've recieved it and it'sin mint condition. After that, I'd have to repurchase the part.

Takes about two weeks for me to get the refund, and when I do, I go online to mske the purchase only to find the part no longer available. I call customer support and he's completely and utterly useless and only offers me 1 solution, which is to buy a similar part worth $190 more than what I bought it for. I tell him to pass me to a manager, and as always he tells me they're busy and if I'd like to leave a message.

I told him I'd wait on hold till they can come to the phone, cuz I've already waited 5 weeks, whats 1-2 hours on the phone compared to that? Guess what he does, he instantly hangs up on me!

I call back multiple times, and no one is taking my calls anymore!

Have Some Integrity and Accountability Before Calling Yourself A Business.
I ordered a remanufactured starter for my 08 Duramax. Obviously, I don't expect a remanufactured part to come all shiny and brand new looking BUT I don't expect that part to come rusted, corroded, and with a broken terminal. I filed the return and got my RMA number from them the same day I received the part. I had paid 100 for the part and then told them I wanted a pre paid shipping label to return because I had nothing to do with their mistake. After a few emails I caved and just shipped it back myself. Id rather have my full part cost than spend my time arguing over the shipping. In an email PartsGeek asked for my tracking number so they could verify shipment and then refund my card. AFTER saying that, they THEN asked for a picture of the item, I complied. I included the picture in this review, you can clearly see the part is still inside the box with the original packing paper and shipping slip. This is where they lost all integrity for me. They then proceed to tell me that they didn't send me that part, that I took off my installed starter, sent a picture of that, boxed it up, paid the return shipping fee, and I'm claiming my old starter is what they shipped me. They now have the part and are "examining" it but will likely not refund me because they "would not ship a part in that condition". Accountability and integrity are what makes a business. I understand that people make mistakes and that's ok, but own it and correct it. Problem solved. WORST customer service I have ever experienced and will NEVER give them my business again and NEVER recommend them to anyone.

Bad service, bad quality. Just bad
I had to buy a new rear windshield wiper motor for my SUV, and after looking around on the internet I found that was $27 cheaper than on other sites, for the same exact part, numbers matching and all. Not thinking about searching reviews first, I went ahead and ordered it. The next day I wanted to see how long it would take so I did a search to find out where PartsGeek were located, since their website is very vague. That's when I saw the reviews from previous customers, on numerous review sites, almost all bad saying they are scammers and the parts were junk. I became understandably worried. But it was too late and they don't allow cancellations, so I had no choice but to ride it out and see what happens. A few days later the part arrived, pretty good shipping time, and it was the right part and was brand new. Everything seemed fine. Installing this part takes about 20 minutes total, and that's including removing the old motor, it's seriously bolted in by two screws and there's 4 more to get to it. Very easy. Everything went fine, it fit in like it should, I had no issues. I started feeling relieved because I was originally worried after reading all the reviews, but everything was ok. And then... as I was putting the last two nuts back on, the threading on the part of the wiper arm just snapped completely off. I put no torque on it, I didn't have a socket bit large enough so I used an old pair of pliers at an awkward angle, so there's no way I could even grip it enough to break it. So it just broke very easily. Here's some pics: http :// s300. Photobucket. Com/user/funkdrstrange/library/Parts%20Geek%20Broke%20Wiper%20Motor
I took the part off, put my old one back on to keep rainwater from getting in. Then the dreaded return process I had read so much about started. First, they will not help you with this over the phone, and that's if you can actually get a hold of them, and they are very rude. So you have to submit a claim ticket on their website that can only be done between business hours, which makes no sense, and wait a few days for them to send you a "RMA Number" with return instructions. YOU HAVE TO PAY THE RETURN SHIPPING no matter what the case is. Even if they send you the completely wrong order, you still pay for it, no exceptions. It cost me $15 to return a defective part, that was their fault. And they say once they receive it, it will take 2-4 weeks to issue a refund, and there's a chance they will charge me a 15% restocking fee. So in the end I will be paying more than if I had bought it from a more reputable website, and I still have to wait up to a month before I can even buy another, because they do not exchange parts, only issue refunds for some reason. Of course they emailed me asking if I'd like to buy another, before they even sent me the RMA number to return the broke one, like I'd ever do business with them again after this. Completely shady "company" who I will never spend a dime on again. It would be one thing if they replaced the part and paid the return shipping on the broke one, I mean stuff happens and sometimes things are defective, I get that, but they should care more for their customers and own up to it instead of making them the ones responsible. DO NOT SPEND MONEY WITH THIS COMPANY! They are cheaper in the beginning, but you will end up paying more in the end, trust me.

I am a former employee of READ CAREFULLY!
I am a former employee of READ CAREFULLY!

My name is Travis I worked for for 2 months. PartsGeek offer 2 days of training to sit with someone and throw you on a computer to make sales. Misleading the customers there computer are NOT SAFE! They SAVE credit card information in (firefox, chrome) we all know both browsers do, DO YOU FEEL SAFE? They are all about sales and don't bother trying to call before 12pm we were instructed NOT to take the phones until 12pm despite the fact management and employees are in the office by 8am Monday-Friday and 9am-3pm on Saturdays. They are a shady deceiving company the owners are "Buster" and "Cheryl". The managers names are Brian and also Kyle in the office. I will make sure it it know through every company and website that there site is FRAUD. If you receive a part that is damaged they will make you pay to ship it back that is the truth how unprofessional also TAKE IT FROM ME AS I WORKED THERE, If your package is lost FORGET ABOUT IT! They say they will file a claim and they have a 30 day wait period I had NUMEROUS "CLAIMS" for missing items or $#*! being shipping to the wrong states and address that has gone beyond 60 days! Do not be fooled! You are a idiot if you give these people your money, You have been warned and I have seen all the insides and outs of the company whether they have realized it or not. We will not stand for this this, they do not stand to there policys, there catalog is misleading and A LOT of FALSE advertising, which is illegal, and "customer support agents" THERE IS NOT ANY CUSTOMER SUPPORT AGENTS EVERY AGENT IS A SALES AGENT! This company NEEDS to be STOPPED and they need to treat there customers as well as employees MUCH better. If you need ANY information on this company, PLEASE do not hesitate to contact me at ******* I know the book, in and outs of there bull$#*! and can tell you anything they tell you if it is bull$#*! or not and also warn you about other events that could affect your finances. One example is if your package is lost you will have to wait "30 days" for a claim to be filed and done to receive your money back which in most cases it takes even longer and they WILL NOT under any circumstance credit you back for there warehouse or shippers error. I will not fall down to there unprofessional level and curse and scream at them however I will stand and fight informing the public and company that this is by far the WORST business to work for be affiliated with and purchase items from! They will tell you ANYTHING and I mean ANYTHING to make a sale, if they don't meet a certain criteria of sales each day its the managers ass so what is priority you may ask? NOT the customer, NOT the employees, its the managers and owners they want there money the easy way do not spend you hard earned money giving it to unmoral people. TO & owners, open your minds and observe the inconvenient truth of your company, realize you are making a hardship on family's with your bull$#*! policy's and procedures which half of them are not listed and holding peoples money and/or not returning it upon your poor business ethics. You CAN NOT CONTINUE TO TAKE FROM PEOPLES HAND AND HAND THEM $#*! IN RETURN. This is not a business the owners are professional con artists, yes you may receive parts however they are in no quality nor handled with care by there people. Your parts are worthless to them during shipping and warehouse storage please customers of please tell me when you have EVER ordered a part from them and not receive a box that looks like it has been to the core or the earth and back? My statement has been clarified these people need to be stopped and I will rebel, I will stand and not stop until something is done about there people. Take away a mans food for his children, a man will expose the ugliness behind the mask, the truth buried in the back of the yard. Let it be known I am not in any intentions writing this because I am angry at the fact I got discharged without having any write ups, exceeding sales requirements and always being at work 20 mins before anyone else, never late or missed a day, shaking my head, I am writing this because the entire time I worked there I felt like A PHONEY and felt bad for the customers I spoke with.

Thank you,

Travis. P


This company is the epitome of all the things that...
This company is the epitome of all the things that people fear when shopping online from false advertising to negligent customer service.

I purchased a mirror for my car and when I received it I realized that it was not the correct mirror--not that I was sent a completely different mirror, but that the mirror was close to the original manufacturer mirror but didn't come close to fitting properly as the base was bigger.

I contacted customer service several times and not one time did PartsGeek resolve the situation. The tickets I opened were either completely ignored, the questions weren't answered and I was directed back to square one, or I was asked for my vin number and part number and when I provided the info I never heard from the rep again. Each of these incidences happened more than once. I had to open a number of tickets and no one helped me. ALSO, you have to have an RMA to return a part. I requested several times for an RMA and no one provided me one nor did they reply. I also called their customer service number, put it on speaker and let it sit for over ten minutes. No one answered.

I finally had to call my bank to dispute the charge to get my money back. Shame on me for not reading the reviews on this company before making the purchase. Thereafter I read dozens of similar experiences from this company on other review sites. This company doesn't even deserve one star.

They falsely advertise, they do not respond to ticket claims. Read their shipping policy very carefully. That alone should make one suspicious of the quality of this company. The Better Business Bureau also has a number of claims against this company.

Parts Geek experience was a real eye-opener, and not in a positive way!
Recently, I ordered a cat-back exhaust/muffler, downstream oxygen sensor and a water pump/timing belt kit from Parts Geek for my 2002 Toyota Tacoma. The Bosal exhaust (only $10 S/H) came in quickly (within 2 days) and I was very happy with the quality and fitment. Everything else went downhill after that... The oxygen sensor ("free S/H and in stock") took 4 days to come in separately and it was not correct (the part number matched, but the O2 sensor did not come with the flange that was shown on their website description picture, nor did it have the rubber grommet necessary for the wires to enter the floorboard... and this was quoted as "exact fit"). So, I requested a return authorization number and sent the item back, no big deal. However, I was expecting Parts Geek to reimburse the shipping charges, since it was completely their fault I received the wrong item - their customer service reply was "no, we do not cover return freight, regardless of who's fault it is"... if that is not terrible customer service, I don't know what is. So, it cost me $11 to send an item back to Parts Geek that PartsGeek should not have sent in the first place. Manner of fact, all of the correspondence I had with their customer service dept was short and unfriendly replies. I would have accepted store credit for the shipping charge as well, but they were curt. As if this was not enough, I had been in touch with them since receiving the tracking number on the water pump/timing belt kit (a 3rd shipment that my order was broken down in to and a necessary repair, as my water pump had developed a bad leak and my truck was stranded in my garage)... This kit was on their website as "in stock" and "free shipping". The tracking number stated that FedEx would need 13 days to deliver from Arizona to Maryland! I was shocked - I could drive my car across country to AZ and back in less than 3 days, so I was really confused why it would take triple that amount of time for a shipping company to deliver one-way! I emailed back and forth with Parts Geek cust service and they blamed this long shipping process on FedEx. I spoke with FedEx on the phone, they said it was Parts Geek who chose this uber-slow shipping option to save money and that FedEx would have it to Hagerstown, MD in only 3 days... MEANING IT WOULD TAKE 10 DAYS TO TRAVEL 100 MILES FROM HAGERSTOWN TO MY DOOR! FedEx stated that because of the Parts Geek's shipping preference, FedEx would have to let USPS pick it up in Hagerstown and deliver to me! What kind of crap is that! Since when does FedEx only ship a portion of the distance and then let USPS take it the rest of the way!? Is it 1988!?... that's the last time I can remember mail-ordering something and it would take two weeks to travel across the country to me! I contacted Parts Geek customer service one last time asking for a manager to please call me... I still have not received that call... or even an email from a manager. And you wonder why Amazon is doing so well!?... They take responsibility for their mistakes, have fast shipping with no craziness, offer free return shipping and have accurate website descriptions. Parts Geek should include a warning on their website stating, "While this item may be in stock, it is going to take weeks for you to receive. Please control your frustrations and do not order item if you need it quickly... we don't work that way!" Needless to say, unless Parts Geek makes this situation right, I will never order from Parts Geek again!

Parts Geek never responded with RMA # for Core Return & Phone # Disconnected
I have over the past 7 years been dealing with Parts Geek foe some of my parts for a 7 series BMW that is 21 years old, so it needs a lot of repairs. Lately PartsGeek have been rude over the phone for just simple questions and they did send me the wrong part of which I had trouble sending back. I had also purchased a alternator 2 years ago of which it stopped working so I had to purchase another one and when I emailed them requesting an RMA number so I would be able to return the old core so I can receive my deposit back they never responded as I have sent 2 more emails and tried to call them, but, their phone is now disconnected.
I will never do anymore business with them again and will do whatever it takes to get the word out to try to shut them down and contact whatever government officials there are to make it happen.

I just wanted to add that everyone needs to take action against company's like this now days because times are very tough and expensive. I lost my job last year due to COVID, it took me a couple years to get it because I am disabled and am unable to just get any job, so now my car is breaking down a lot and companies like this are selling defective parts, wrong parts and will not refund money that is yours while they continue to get richer... I had an interview coming up that I could not get to because the alternator that I purchased from Parts Geek stop working on my way to the interview and now I am still looking for work again.

Ron Carter

I just wanted to add

Horrible customer service
Good morning Julian,
I talked to someone else yesterday about how Partsgeek needed my tracking numbers so PartsGeek could process my refund quicker.
I also sent pictures to them showing the tracking number returns and pictures asked of me from the return of the parts. Then they asked me for the tracking numbers again, which shows me NO ONE IS READING MY EMAILS! Does your company take the time to understand what the customer even needs or is trying to do? Since you are a different rep from yesterday, did you just get this passed off to you to respond to me?
After all of this talking to customer service, nothing different has been done, which was the point I was trying to drive home in the first place. This has nothing to do with you, as you are a different rep from who I talked to yesterday. But, Partsgeek as a whole is terrible with their customer service. I work in customer service, and I would hang my head in shame if this is the level I gave someone else when talking to them.
I will NEVER order from this company ever again. No one I know will ever order from this company again. I am going to copy/paste this entire email into the Facebook page to give a big "customer beware" from ordering from you.
I understand that my return to the company has to be on my own dime because that is what it states on the ordering page of your website, but $77 in return shipping for parts I can not use because of reasons beyond my control is ludicrous. That would make anyone second guess from ordering from you because if the part needs to go back, return shipping makes it not worth returning the part, which may be what you're going for anyways, I don't know. Judging from this mess I've had to deal with, it sure feels like it. Consumers should feel that buying from you is a "trust" between them and you and anything they need will be taken care of from a reputable company, which this does not feel like.
Again Julian, this is not a rant aimed at you. You have done nothing wrong except being passed another customers ticket that goes against what the last person said he/she would do for me. I am left at square one with NOTHING being done for me again.
I am completely unsatisfied with all of this and my purchase. The way all of this has been handled makes me just shake my head. Unacceptable Unacceptable.

I can't even begin to tell you the whoops these people send you through when PartsGeek SCREW UP! 14 DAYS!
A simple 7 piece a/c kit. Everything came except an expansion valve and the condenser.
The first hoop. Once you get someone on the phone they just ask the problem and then tell you to WAIT 24 TO 48 HOURS, GET THIS, FOR TEXT INSTRUCTIONS ON WHAT TO DO.
I'm going with UAC through rock this time.
I've never gone through so much crap to do business with someone. Honestly I don't think I'll get my money back. They sent me a damaged part but in their instructions they say it must be returned in sellable condition. REALLY? The line on top is the old line and the one on the bottom the one they sent me. Look at the packaging. They actually want ME TO DO A BETTER JOB PACKING THIS UP THAN THEY DID! THEY'LL GET IT JUST LIKE THEY SENT IT TO ME. I'LL LET YOU KNOW IF THEY RETURN MY MONEY.

Poor Customer Service
I ordered twice from I called Customer Service and was given all kinds of options to go online and fill out a support form. After many tries and guesses. I wanted a copy of the full bill (shipping, insurance and taxes) for the first order as I was not able to locate it. I finally got to a human who was eventually able to send me an email with the total amount. I will not be ordering from them again because if I had a more significant issue - not being able to get a hold of a person except by filling out a form is unacceptable.

Also, PartsGeek gave me coupon code for $5 off next order of $200 or more, but when I placed the order (for $275) there was not place to enter the coupon code. I don't think it is smart to generate bad-will over such a small amount; Don't offer a coupon code if you have no intention of honoring it. Yes, I did call to discuss this as well and they insist there was a place to enter the code. If so, it was well hidden. Subsequent to posting my original review, I received an email from their "customer support" indicating the only coupon they had was for $15 for orders over $300. I forwarded them the email they sent with the coupon code indicating it was for orders over $200(which mine was, before shipping, taxes, etc).

After putting me through the ringer, PartsGeek finally did the right thing.
So, for some reason, PartsGeek had a change of heart and provided me a full refund for the wiper blades including shipping. As in my title, PartsGeek really put me through the ringer first, however. They said I got exactly what I ordered even though Bosch Icon was in the title. The lesser quality Bosch Clear Advantage was in the notes. I didn't even know what a Clear Advantage was. I reviewed top rated wipers and the Icons is almost always at the top of the list. Anyway, I took them to the post office to return and shipping would have been $15. So, to cut my losses, I decided I would keep them and let PartsGeek know to go ahead and charge me for them. They had already issued the refund. I wasn't looking for something for nothing... Anyway, they got back to me and said the ticket is already closed so consider them a gift. What's funny is that when I checked the items on their form of what I was returning, the parts were still listed as Bosch Icon wiper blades! So, based on reviews, I guess I was lucky. I wish this would be a turning point in their customer service, but I won't hold my breath. It's sad to see a company with potential lose customer base over such idiotic business practices. Not sure why they took care of me after their initial "my fault" response, but based on this experience, I won't use them again. I'm a standup guy, but based on this experience, I don't want to go through this again. In all fairness, I just want people to know, they did come through for me after putting me through the ringer. If they would have done this in the first place and sent a return shipping label like every other eCommerce company I deal with, it wouldn't have been an issue. I don't want revenge or anything like that, just wanted to make my fellow gearheads aware of this... Thanks

Inadequately described part
Parts Geek made it right. This morning I received a prepaid return label for the part I am returning. I am pleased with their response.

I ordered a dual mask fly wheel from Parts Geek. The fly wheel turned out to be an incorrect part for my car. Although the year make and model of the vehicle was correct and even the correct type of engine (BRM). So what was the problem? The fly wheel was for a standard transmission and not an automatic. The description on the Parts Geek website didn't state whether the fly wheel (part # dmf072) is for a standard or automatic transmission. But there is a picture of the fly wheel in which you can see that it is probably not for an automatic transmission if you are familiar with VW parts. I can't understand why PartsGeek didn't simply describe (part # dmf072) is for the standard transmission like they described (part # dmf092) is for the automatic transmission. If you don't work on the VW engines on a regular basis, you may do what I did and order the wrong part. I have no problem admitting when I make a mistake. But what I don't understand is why Parts Geek did not adequately describe this particular part so that their customer(s) isn't stuck with return shipping cost. I would like to think that satisfied customers are the reason businesses exist.

Inconvenient, unprofessional, and overall unsatisfied!
So I bought from this website once before(I have not even received my first order) but anyhow, I bought again. These parts where ordered by my dad who is a mechanic and I helped him with his online shopping. On the second order, I decided to ship the part directly to his mechanic shop instead of to me ( for obvious reasons). Somehow parts and geeks did not like that and sent me an email requesting MY Identification because the billing and the shipping address were not the same when I placed the order( YEAH ITS CALLED BILLING AND SHIPPING ADDRESS FOR A REASON, MEANING I CAN SEND IT WHEREVER I WANT BECAUSE I BOUGHT IT). Anyway I still responded politely with my ID and in my email I stated that my billing address was not on my ID because my ID is old and I moved this year. In the same email I said that I wanted it shipped elsewhere(not on my ID and not my billing address, BUT THE ADRESS I TYPED IN WHEN I PLACED THE ORDER, my dads mechanical shop). After another day ( my credit card already charged DAYS PRIOR and the item was not only NOT shipping but PartsGeek wanted more paperwork proving the shipping address. I AM PISSED! How fast can you take money but not PROVIDE THE SERVICE IN WHICH YOU CHARGED!? Days have passed my dad needs his part to finish his job and at the end of the day I didn't get a part and I still was charded! COMPLETELY UNSATISFIED DO NOT BUY FROM THIS SITE!

Stay Away!
I ordered a part from Parts Geek, a part that does not fit my vehicle arrived. After doing some further investigation I found out that PartsGeek does not pay return shipping even is the Fault is theirs. I called customer service to let them know that this policy is costing them customers and that I would be purchasing from elsewhere. The response I got was an "oh well" attitude and a hurried attempt to get me off the phone. When I called back to complain about this customer service experience I asked for a supervisor. The supervisor was even more rude than the first customer service person that I spoke with. I asked who these customer service complaints are reported to, he said in my case since it was my fault nothing would be done. Even though I ordered the part their website recommended for my vehicle. When I asked for his name and his bosses number he was very rude, refused and hung up on me. My complaint Im sure was never even filed, and how is anything to get accomplished when the person giving bad service refuses to give you their bosses information? No accountability, horrible experience. Now Partsgeek refuses to do anything for me and I am stuck with a part that does me no good. Will have to reorder elswhere. Save yourself the headache buy elsewhere!

This company is terrible! Stay away!
Purchased a $1700 driveshaft, supplied vin number to get right part. Spoke with Ken who assured me it was right. PartsGeek sent wrong part. Called to speak with customer service who said to send it back asap they could not get correct part. Sent the wrong part back as instructed, asap. Sent Ken email stating all this, he said to send a picture of wrong part to get a refund for shipping. Which I did before shipping it. He swore it was correct part according to vin but it wasn't. Sent a picture of wrong part with a picture of old correct part. Clearly it was the wrong part. 3 days later he sent a label to send part back but as I stated the part was already sent back as per the company's instructions. Called customer service, was put on hold 22 min, call was then disconnected. Called back, put on hold again, then transferred to a manager who stated she was standing next to Ken when we spoke and would not be reimbursed for the shipping even though it was their fault sending wrong part and they sent the return label after I already stated the part was shipped back, never spoke with Ken (spoke with another representative) on the phone only through emails, she put me on hold for another 20 minutes. Call disconnected. This company is horrible. It cost me $222 out of my own pocket to return the part that was clearly wrong. I have numerous emails going back and forth trying to get this matter solved with no luck. Stay away. Horrible! Horrible! Horrible!

PartsGeek is incompetent, non-responsive and NOT customer...
PartsGeek is incompetent, non-responsive and NOT customer oriented. I ordered shocks and struts for a 2007 Hyundai. PartsGeek sent the correct rear shocks, but sent two left front struts and no right front strut. I emailed them and asked them to pick up the wrong strut and deliver the correct one at the same time. They would not do it, and only communicated by one-way email, so when they responded, I could not email them back. When I called, they put me on hold for over an hour and would not pick up. Their email said I had to return the wrong strut at my cost. After many tries, I just gave up and deleted their charge from my credit card. They responded by saying that they had provided me with a return ticket, but they never did. Instead, they had FedEx email me without reference to PartsGeek. I went back in my deleted emails and found it. I had to pack it and arrange for shipping even though this was all their fault. When I emailed them to replace the strut with free shipping, they told me to call them. I again called, was on hold for over an hour, and nobody picked up. This entire transaction was a nightmare and cost me hours of time to straighten out. I WILL NEVER DEAL WITH THEM AGAIN, AND I SUGGEST THAT YOU NEVER DEAL WITH THEM EITHER.

DO NOT ORDER FROM THIS COMPANY! DO NOT BELIEVE THE "CAPA CERTIFIED" FOR THE SAME PART WITH HIGHER PRICE THAT SAYS THE PART WILL FIT. In short, I'm stuck with a part that I paid $37 for and it doesn't fit. I ordered a bumper cover for my vehicle and then came back to the website to order the grille that needs to accompany the bumper. I was not sure what part would fit so I called and a sales rep ensured me that the bumper grille I was viewing online was the correct fit for my bumper cover I ordered from them previously. I had provided my VIN, the bumper cover part# to make sure I was getting the right grille for my vehicle. Now I have a grille that does not fit. Remember both parts came from I requested to return the item. I got the instructions on how to return for a refund. I went to the UPS Store to ship the item and that's when things got HORRIBLE! I paid $21.95 + S&H($37.81 total). UPS Store told me $57 to return the item. THIS MAKES NO SENSE. I called and PartsGeek asked me to show them pictures that the part did not fit so I can get a prepaid shipping label. They also asked for my VIN. I also showed them a screen shot of my previous order for the Bumper Cover. They said there was nothing they can do. They wasted my time. This is horrible service! There was no need for the back and forth emails with pictures after I had provided the order and part numbers to them letting them know it did not fit. It's like they didn't believe me and when I actually took the time to find a friend to hold the part up to my car to take the picture as requested for evidence... it got me no where. I live on my own so it was not fun to knock on my neighbor's door to ask to hold a part to my vehicle that doesn't fit so I can get a refund.

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