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Easy to use site - careful of the fine details
I found their site very easy and intuitive to use. Within 1 min I was able to locate my dishwasher make and model, then from the exploded picture view select the area of the dishwasher I needed a replacement part for. From there each part was available as a picture with a number. That number correlated to the specific part in a list below with additional details and pricing. It was super easy to find the part I needed without knowing what to call it.

The part I have problems with is the claim that the door seal I ordered was an exact replacement for my Bosch dishwasher. I think it may have been a generic part as it was 3" shorter from the original I was replacing. It fit perfectly which was the problem. The door seal is supposed to have slack, 3" that curls at the base of the door. While the part works I don't think it's OEM replacement as stated. I have used it but I'm now searching for a real OEM replacement elsewhere.

Given that it's a $20 part, it's not worth my time calling to debate this with the company... unfortunately I'm jaded and feel my time is better spent searching for an OEM replacement elsewhere.

Whirlpool refrigerator
Our Whirlpool combo fridge/freezer is 17 years old. Thanks to PartSelect we've kept it alive that long. Recently replaced the ice maker (2nd time in its life), the capacitor (2nd time in its life) shortly after the ice maker and just today the thermostat (1st time) control. There would be no way to accomplish this without their videos since I am not in the repair business, but their website has helped me diagnose and order the right part over the years. Still much less than a new one. This past time ti was one thing after another over a 3 month period, but back up and running, hopefully for another 5-10 years. The thermostat was the most challenging 45 minutes, capacitor less than 10, ice maker 20-25 minutes. Also, at one time replaced the water controller - don't remember how long that took, but fairly easy.

Not Worthy Of Even One Star
I made my first order for a replace cooktop on my range on January 4th. When I received it, I didn't even open it. I could tell it was completely shattered. I called them, PartSelect refunded the order and placed a new order for what was supposed to be the correct one. I was supposed to dispose of the shattered cooktop. I received the new part in one piece but when I opened it, it was white. My range is black. I called partselect to advise them of this and they had me call Whirlpool to make sure it was the right part. Here is what happened, I ordered the right part, W10719620, and they sent me the wrong part, W10719621. They send me a label to ship that part back to them which I did and they advised me I would get the right part shipped to me. I got a phone call about a week and a half ago advising me they had shipped my part. I still hadn't gotten it so I called them to see where it was. I was just advised today, Feb 5th, that the warehouse never sent it and supposedly gave me credit for the order. Does that mean I'm not getting it? After a month of dealing with these jokers, I just have multiple charges on my credit cards, a range I can't cook anything on, and apparently I'm back at square one. I would NEVER EVER deal with these people again. I can't believe the service was so horrible and there is such a disconnect between customer service, the warehouse, and the customer. This is completely unacceptable

Crazy fast delivery
When my dishwasher's water inlet valve went out on a Tuesday night, I discovered that none of the local repair shops carried the part. I started searching online, and was initially looking at a certain online retailer with whom I have a subscription for "free" two-day shipping on most orders. Well, said retailer had the part, but even with the two-day shipping option, the delivery estimate was placed well after the coming weekend, and PartSelect didn't give any sort of expedited option for the part.

Since I wanted the part ASAP, I went with PartSelect and sprang for next-day shipping. I ordered after hours on the 3rd and had the part by the afternoon of the 5th. It was the correct replacement part, it was on time, and it fixed my issue. I also liked that the product page had a troubleshooting guide that more or less confirmed that this was the part that I needed, although I can't speak to its usefulness for general diagnosis. And to be fair, a water inlet valve is kind of a single point of failure item.

The next time one of my appliances breaks, I will look at PartSelect first if I need the part in a hurry.

Reassuring place to order from
I'm happy to write this review because I found the company representative who I spoke to so helpful. I had originally ordered a replacement part for my refrigerator from Amazon- but the part that I received was the wrong piece- it didn't fit. So I did a search and found PartSelect. All I had to give the person I spoke with was the model number of my refrigerator and a description of the piece that had broken. He immediately knew exactly what piece I needed and told me it was guaranteed to be the right part- if it didn't fit PartSelect would happily take it back-but it wouldn't be a problem he said. He was right. I received the part a few days later, installed it without a problem (actually my 12 year old son did, in a manner of minutes) and problem solved. I was actually just thinking that I wish I remembered the guy's name so I could put a good word in.

Re-engineer your shipping boxes
I ordered one bulb for my refrigerator it came in a very large box with a smaller box inside it The space between the large box and the small box was questioned with air bubble plastic things but the bulb was in the small box with no cushioning of any kind and was allowed to bounce around about a foot in all directions so i when it got to me the bulb wouldn't work
So I ordered three bulbs thinking one of them might make it through the packaging well all three arrived PartSelect were package the same way as the first package with plenty of room to bounce around in the small box on the inside and nothing there to stop them but the ball does work and I'm grateful for that and now I have two spare bulbs that I haven't tried but I assume they will work also

Great experience with
I ordered a top rack dishwasher repair kit from It was my first order through this website. The order process was simple and easy. I called customer service to make sure I was ordering the correct parts because the new parts looked different then what I had. It turns out that PartSelect were actually improved over than the originals. I received a follow up email with a delivery update and a video to help me change out the old parts. When I opened the box I noticed that their were no instructions so I went to the video and it walked me through a step by step process. It was much better then trying to follow some of the instructions that you get with todays products. I had a great experience and would use PartSelect again.

Terrible customer service!
I ordered 2 times before with decent shipment. This last time I ordered a part that is showing still in stock, and PartSelect will not ship. It has been over 3 weeks now and still has not shipped. I have tried to contact company. 2 emails sent and all I got was the automatic response both times telling me how to check for shipment. I HAVE checked... that's why I was contacting. So tried to call a couple of times. Both times telling me they were not taking calls due to the COVID. This is October 1 and I ordered September 8. Money cleared my bank on Sept 9. Not happy. The parts they sell are usually for appliances desperately needed such as refrigerators. My part is for my freezer. Can't buy new freezers anywhere so trying to fix the one I have. It is sitting useless.

Excellent company. Site is user friendly, prices good, good help. Shipping needs review.
I was very pleased with PartSelect in every way with the exception of shipping. Granted there are some issues with shipping due to the whole COVID issue. However, normal average delivery for this part is quoted as 1.8 days. When I ordered and the tracking #'s came through it was 12 days. Ended up actually being 9. My frustration, and this is a FedEx issue, although PS chose FedEx, is the parts shipped from Louisville, KY, 2.5 hrs from my house. PartSelect went to Greenwood, IN, 1 hr from my house. Then to Chicago, 4.5 hrs. Then to Indianapolis, 1 hr (Greenwood is like 10 min South of Indy). Then to Champaign, IL. Then to Indianapolis again. Then to Terre Haute, IN, 15 mi from my house. To Brazil, IN.

If I'd known this awesome shipping plan I could have driven to Greenwood and had my parts in two days instead of having my dryer disassembled for 10 days.

Dryer Bearing replacement
My Gibson dryer wouldn't tumble. I have repaired problems with this dryer before so it wasn't a big deal to pull it apart and diagnose the problem. The metal bearing was pretty worn and the grease had turned to coke. The front wear strip had worn down and lost its plastic strips. The drive belt had snapped, but I had a spare from the last time I worked on it. Our local appliance dealer almost never has the parts I need for my stuff so I decided to use an online service. PartSelect has a good website with lots of how-to vids and all that and recommended parts for your appliance model AND good prices. That is the good part. PartSelect also claim quick service with 30 warehouses throughout the country and an average of around 2 days shipping. I live in northeast PA and figured they have a warehouse somewhere in the east like PA or NY or NJ so I bought the parts. And they shipped from Utah. 5 business days later I had the parts and they fit perfectly and I am happy with the repair. The long shipping time wasn't a big deal, we didn't have a dryer for a week, big whoop. Overall, I am pleased with the experience and will use PartSelect again for the next appliance that goes on the fritz.

Great site and service
The site is so easy to navigate and to find the parts you need by section of the dishwasher. I was still hesitant, so I called and spoke to a rep who confirmed I had the right part and took my order over the phone. Once we opened up the dishwasher, we had to replace a rusted plate and screws before we could put the new soap dispenser in. Again, I went back to the corresponding part section for the dispenser, and everything I needed was right there to order. We had excellent tracking of the parts which came from 3 different places. One part was back ordered and we received multiple emails keeping us apprised of the status until the part finally shipped. Dishwasher is running again and we would only use this seller going forward. Very pleased with the whole experience.

Very Shady company, BEWARE!
I ordered a part for my freezer. Took the part out and compared it to what I had but found out it was a part of a bigger issue. Ended up repackaging the part and shipping it back to them for a refund. PartSelect received my part of the 18th of October. I tried to inquiry about my refund and their customer service told me to wait 7-10 business days for a refund. I waited 11 business days before contacting them again and saying there has been no refund or update given at all. They responded again saying they will email the refund department and that it will take another 3 days to get a response. That was 4 days ago! I still have not heard any update pertaining to my refund. I really wish I would of looked up this company and read the reviews before purchasing anything from them. BE CAUTIOUS when dealing with this company. They can be VERY shady.

Very helpful site sells parts for different types and makes of appliances. There is a space to type in your model number and it will show the parts available for it. You can also keep scrolling down and there is a list of "symptoms" your appliance has with the parts needed to fix it displayed next to it. There are also video tutorials showing how to do repairs yourself.

The types of payments accepted are most major credit cards and PayPal.

I was having trouble with a clothes dryer. Since it's about 20 years old I thought it would have to be replaced altogether. Luckily I found this site and realized I could fix it myself. I had no problems placing my order and received the items promptly. I plan on using this site again the next time an appliance starts doing weird things.

Fixed non-working oven, with the installation of a new igniter.
I have never fixed an oven before, bc I've never had to. My GE Profile, which I purchased in 1999, has never needed a thing (and I am an avid cook). So, when my oven wouldn't heat up, I went to PartSelect and read the comments of other diy'ers and felt reasonably sure that a new igniter would do the trick... if it hadn't, I would have done a more thorough exploration of the problem. A few years ago I fixed my KitchenAid refrigerator, also purchased in 1999, which stopped being cold. Again, with a $40 part from PartSelect, it was fixed with 15 minutes of effort. I can't thank PartSelect and their customers enough for helping me diagnose the problem and steering me towards the correct part. (Note: I also use the internet to confirm that I'm on the right track, though, as not all symptoms result in the same problem.). Thank you again PartSelect - you've saved me from having to buy new appliances, which I understand to be much less reliable than my current ones!

Moved into a new home recently and the prior owner had either removed or damaged the kick plate grill on our Whirlpool dishwasher. Having all the wires exposed like that didn't seem like a good idea. Plus it looked bad. Figured out what part I needed online and saw that PartSelect carried it in stock. Called to order and this is when I realized how thorough PartSelect were. The customer service rep asked what I was looking for and before I could give her the part number, she wanted to be sure that it was the correct part for our model #. After providing the model number I gave her the part I was looking for and she confirmed that it was the correct part. Even asked me if I needed the screws that attach the plate to the dishwasher. Love that when it arrived, it fit and installed in 30 secs and I didn't need to mess around with returns or exchanges. Would use them again in a heartbeat.

Be sure to read the description thoroughly, the pictures might be misleading...
All I wanted was a replacement silverware basket for my dishwasher, and having already gotten parts for a similarly aged dryer several years ago I thought PartSelect would be the people to go for the replacement basket for my 16 year old dishwasher. The only picture that was posted for the part was an image from the book, it matched the book for my dishwasher (always keep your paperwork! It helps in the long run!) so I figure it was all good. Reviews seemed all good for it being what I needed, thought I was good!
I can't fault the time it took to actually get the basket, it shipped in the time stated. However if I'd known that it was shipping FedEx I would have taken the gamble with Amazon and gotten in A LOT quicker! The initial six day ship time I think was fifteen in the end. The e-mail I sent to seller about this (granted I knew what they would probably say) was never responded to.
Needless to say, the basket that I thought I was ordering was NOT what I thought I was getting. It wasn't until I went back to find out what the deal was that I noticed the small blurb about a manufacturer "redesign". In short, it's not the same size and only passingly resembles the original in the fact that it's a basket with two lids. Redesign in the case is a nice way of saying it's smaller, made cheaper, but you're still paying the same price. I had to remove one of the snap off baskets from the old piece and wedge it at the end of the new one to keep it from moving around in the dishwasher.
For what I paid with tax and shipping I could have gotten the exact same basket off of Amazon and gotten a whole lot quicker, and the apparent laissez faire attitude when it comes to keeping item pictures up to date seriously makes me leary of purchasing again.

Worst Company
On Thursday evening December 29,2016 I called and ordered a part for our refrigerator. I explained our refrigerator was not cooling and needed the ASAP and offered to pay for expedited shipping and was told it would still take 5-6 because of the New Years holiday.
So I called the manufacture of our frig and was told PartSelect could have me the part by Saturday 01/01. So I ordered the part from them and immediately called PartSelect and canceled the order seeing as how it wasn't going to ship until the next day.
The customer serv rep said she understood and would cancel the order.
The following day 13/30/2016 I received an e-mail stating they had shipped my part. ( I WAS SHOCKED).
So I immediately called and the serv rep ( Joshua) answered and I told him I was upset and wanted to speak with supervisor.
Must be hiding for a good reason.
They don't deserve the 1 star

Parts do not fit
We own a GE range (model # JHP97GOW1AD) and recently purchased from PartSelect 8 inch and 6 inch Burner Elements and Drip Bowls. The PartSelect online Model Cross Reference states that these parts work with GE range model numbers beginning with JHP97G*W1. The drip bowls we ordered are listed under the Related Parts for each burner we ordered.
The bottom of the burner elements have 3 support bars that stick out past the burner and fit into slots in the drip bowls. But the drip bowls we received do not have slots for these bars to fit in. We were able to use the old drip bowl for the new 6 inch burner. But the slots in the old 8 inch drip bowl do lot line up with the new 8 inch burner.
The new drip bowls (Item Numbers PS244470 and PS244466) should not be listed under Related Parts for the burner elements we purchased for our GE range.

The worst company, I ever dealt with
The worst company, I ever dealt with. I made a purchase at, five days later I received package with a wrong part. I called customers service and after about 20 minutes of run around, PartSelect said that refund will be issued right away, but in a mean time they do not have my part in stock and suggested that I look at another website:
On that site my part was also listed as available/in stock for the same price. Without hesitation I ordered from that website. Four days later shipment arrived, to my surprise; it was a wrong part again.
I called customers service at, and after long 26 minutes on hold, a rep tells me that they do not even carry the part I ordered. When I pointed to page on their site, she simply stated it must be a mistake. I asked for refund, and was talked, that shipping charges for the box to and from customer are my responsibility to pay.
The part I ordered was $30, they charged me shipping of $7.49 and I also had to pay $37 to ship it back to Canada. I kept on waiting and waiting for refund of $30 from and now $30 from
After approximately month and a half (6 WEEKS) I received a charge back to my card from a website I never even used at all for $60, that site is
Surprised, I called the phone number listed under my credit card refund. No one picks up the phone for a while, but after 10-12 rings a man answers me call and explains that all three website are the same Canadian company that only does business United States, and as a general manager/owner of all three site he cannot guarantee of any listed items to be accurate on all three sites and it takes him a long time to process a refund because it is a one man selling operation and he simply employs a call center in Philippines to handle scripted customers service.
I cannot even describe how disappointed I was with this explanation. Realizing, that some very small Canadian outfit (perhaps one guy, in his bedroom) is cheating millions of consumers in all 50 states, hard to find words to describe.

Impressive service and DIY instructions
Our 20 year old Stacked Maytag washer would not spin and began to make horrible noises. I was able to download the complete maintenance manual and after diagnosis narrowed the problem to one of the three poles of the motor circuit not functioning correctly. Resistance checks showed all three motor poles measured identically, pointing to the motor control board as the culprit. There were no obvious burned out components such as resistor on the control board. Rather than replacing either the motor or control board individually this part included both an updated motor control board and a new motor. The price was nearly 1/2 the cost of replacing the motor and the motor control individually. Easy decision. The parts fit nicely and also required replacing the old wiring harness. It was a fairly easy repair and worked like a charm. It was wonderful to get this stacked unit working as it is perfect for the opening and more importantly allowed us to keep the right hinged washer opening in our compact room. Speed Queen was the only manufacturer that offered a stacked replacement unit with a front end washer hinged on the right, and a gas dryer. It was 10x the price of the repair parts.

45 Year Old Oven Heating Element Repair
My 90 year old Mom's 45 year old oven went out and, after a trip to Lowes, realized an oven replacement along with a major kitchen modification for the new oven would not be practical ($1500 for an oven and another $1,000 for the cabinet mod for fitting the new oven). Mom mentioned the broiler element was still working so on a hunch I went online, found PartSelect, called, provided the model number, ordered a heating element and a new broiler element. Three days later the parts arrived. I watched a three minute YouTube video on removing the old and installing the new elements. 20 minutes later both elements were installed and working like a charm! Total cost including shipping? $73! 90 year old Mom is thrilled and we didn't have to tear her home apart!

Electrolux Perfect Turkey Meat Probe
Our Electrolux oven has a Perfect Turkey feature that uses a Meat Probe. The original probe broke and I could not order a replacement from Electrolux. So searched the wed and ordered a replacement from PartSelect. The part I ordered, Meat Probe Sensor Electrolux manufacturers Part # *******202, is shown on the web site as an exact match for the one I was replacing see web site picture attached. The probe I received was a red color and the probe was over 3" shorter see comparison picture attached. I called customer service and talked with a very nice person and was told that the probe pictured on the web site was discontinued and the one I received was a direct replacement. I was offered to return for a refund but refused because it was the holidays and we needed to cook using a probe. The replacement probe didn't work; so because I used the probe a return option is not available per the Part Select web site so I'm stuck with a like new probe that doesn't work with my oven.

I'm not bashing Part Select, PartSelect seem to be a very good company with great service and offered a solution that I, unfortunately for me, refused. In general my belief is that replacement parts unless they come directly from the OEM will most likely be a "generic" almost fits/works replacement part that unsuspecting consumer's like me are forced to order online and try with the hope that it matches the original.
I give 3 stars for the website misrepresentation.
And 5 stars for customer service.

Appliance Repair Parts
I have an LG dishwasher and the two line connectors broke which hold the springs in place on the sides of the loading door. This caused the door to drop to the floor. I went on line and found the Part Select website and found the part that I needed. I was amazed how simple it was to find the part I needed. All I had to do was key in the model number then scroll down until I saw the part. Then you click on the part and a schematic of the dishwasher comes up and you can verify the part and how it connects to the spring. I could have reused the springs but the dishwasher is 13 years old so I ordered two new springs as well as two new line connectors. This way everything would be new. I couldn't believe how reasonable the prices were an the parts shipped in 2 days. I will use Parts Select again for parts to repair my appliances.


I love this place because I was faced with a broken...
I love this place because I was faced with a broken dishwasher and not a clue what to do about it. Finally, after weeks of handwashing the dishes, I got on the net and looked to see how much replacement parts would cost.

PartSelect have a database of major appliances that is searchable by part or model number. I keyed in my model number and clicked on one of several diagrams of my dishwasher. I knew what parts I needed, but I didn't know how they fit together. The diagram was helpful for this part too. The only thing I needed to do was click on the number of the corresponding part and proceed to checkout.

Shipping was fast and cheap. They actually charge you for postage instead of some made-up flat rate charge. I promptly received notification when the order was placed and shipped.

Next time you have an appliance on the fritz, give them a look-see. You never know what you can do. Okay, I got to go... My dryer isn't heating properly.

Terrible company and shouldn't be allowed to be in business
I ordered a replacement bin on August 28th for my refrigerator. My credit card was immediately charged. Several days later I contacted the company regarding shipping information. Item was on backorder but was supposed to be shipped shortly. No shipment information again. I must have called a half a dozen times, each time on hold 5 full minutes while researched. I noticed my original order# had been changed to a new number, clearly having not processed the first one. Many attempts to get this resolved were not met with satisfaction and I cancelled the order, firstly putting a dispute on the charge with my credit card company. I have never been billed for a purchase that isn't enroute and I have to question the ethics of this company. This issue was over a time frame of 23 days. Totally unacceptable. I placed an order with another company. Credit card charged in 24 hours and product on my doorstep in 48 hours. See the difference. This company needs to be red flagged.

Disappointing (and Costly) Return Experience
"I ordered parts for a fridge icemaker kit from Ultimately, PartSelect were not what was needed and were returned (unused, untouched even) using their packaging and following their Customer Service phone representative's instructions exactly (though I had to call multiple times and wait on hold for lengthy amounts to ultimately connect with said human). My package was allegedly never received. Turns out it goes straight to their vendor. Now, I take the blame for misplacing the tracking number, but find it HIGHLY suspicious that $402.17 in brand-new parts have simply vanished off the face of the earth, while all of the other packages I sent to various addresses that same post office trip made it to theirs in a timely fashion just fine. Nearly two months have passed and I have received (again) spotty Customer Service response... and no refund to show. A confusing, frustrating, and very expensive experience, to say the least. "

Delivery Never Happened, Customer Service was worse
Shouldn't you ask for a review after the product is received. No, not this company. PartSelect ask for a review without confirming that the item has been received. When calling customer service, you get met with someone that is rude. I gave them an order number that started with a "11" and she promptly said that all orders start with "4." I had to convince her to type in the number that I had, and what do you know, the order popped up. Then she said, you need to call the United Postal Service.

I just bought a $200 microwave door, and I didn't buy a $11 part that I didn't need, so I place the order for an $11 part with $10 shipping that still didn't come. Now I have a microwave door sitting on my floor and they refused to send me another one and that the USPS will "find" it for me even though it has been 10 days without a tracking update.

Merry Christmas Bosch!

Managed to make it work
So... I ordered two rear drive wheels for my Troybilt mower (model# 12AI839F011) from you folks and it was geared wrong. From the picture on your website, I thought the gear on the drive wheel was plastic, so I kept my old drive gears in case I needed to swap them out (mine are metal). Good thing I did because the gear on the replacement drive wheel was smaller. My old drive gear has 42 "teeth" and the new one that I ordered from you only has 40 and it is slightly smaller in diameter. This causes the gears to not "engage" properly and thus "grind". Fortunately, the gear is held in place on the wheel by three screws and both gears had the same inner diameter so PartSelect could be interchanged.
You should make corrections to your website to show that this wheel does not fit this model, or at least warn people to keep their old drive gear so it can be installed on the new drive wheel.

No instructions. Part missing. Lousy service
I ordered a replacement door from my microwave (called a "Door Gross Sub Assembly"). It was the most expensive Door 'package' on the list at $261. When it arrived, there were no instructions whatsoever. Since my microwave had been professionally installed inside custom cabinets, I wanted at least a clue as to how to start. Nothing. I called customer service. The nice lady looked at her book and said, "That part doesn't come with instructions." After a few local calls, I was able to get some hints from my local hardware store (McLendon's spent 20 minutes on the phone with me, took my phone number, then called me back! Just for the sake of goodwill!) So, as I started to install the door, I realized that an interior bezel was missing. Once again, I called PartSelect and told them a part was missing. The woman looked at her book and said, "Instead of paying $261 for the GROSS Subassembly ("gross" implying ALL of it!), you should have purchased this other "Door Assembly" that includes the bezel. THAT door assembly was only $225! When I pointed out how absurd it was that the GROSS assembly cost more, but DIDN'T include that part that the cheaper "Door Assembly" included, I was told that I would have to buy the bezel separately for an additional $63, but (out of the kindness of their hearts) PartSelect would waive the shipping cost. That would mean that I would end up paying $325 for something that would have cost me only $225... all because PartSelect goofed! I will NEVER order anything from this company again!

Well done, so far.
I'm a fairly recent customer of PartSelect, having ordered only two parts from them during the last couple of months. So far, the parts have worked very well, but time will tell over the next few years. PartSelect's performance is very good. The ordering process is straightforward. The web site does a very good job of helping to ensure I'm ordering the right part; and the ordering process is easy. PartSelect shipped the parts within a day or two and without exorbitant shipping fees. The parts arrived in good time and good condition. Their videos on how to install the parts was a major factor in my decision to buy from them. They were exceptionally helpful.

If I had to nit-pick something to criticize, it's that the how-to videos and the model number database for parts matching appear to be just a little bit dated. There were some differences between how the video said to do things versus how my particular appliance is constructed. Also, my exact appliance model numbers were not in their database. But both were close enough that I was able to get the job done. I can understand that keeping up with the flood of new models can be daunting.

PartSelect will definitely be my first stop the next time I need an appliance part.

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Description: Save when you repair your appliance with PartSelect appliance parts. Same-day shipping, return any part, 100s of installation videos, installation help and the Instant Repairman to help you repair your appliance fast.

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