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They are sweet at the beginning and then they will steal your money
I had two papers done, no problem. Third paper, oh boy, so. Many. Issues.
I submitted my order a week ahead, and I asked for a rough draft because my professor demands one before we turn in the paper. I wasn't even picky. I told the writer anything would be good, it could be one paragraph. The writer REFUSED TO TURN IT IN. He submitted an old paper of mine for the third paper (wtf?). Customer service refused to help, Paper Help told me to wait up until midnight for the rough draft. And I told him, since I clearly won't get one, I want a discount. They basically told me to go to hell, wait until midnight and if I still didn't get one to message them, lol. I had to work the next day at 6 a.m.

Listen kids, you get into sketchy activities, and you get sketchy results. Ordering with these guys is like flipping a coin, you might get a good paper but oh trust me, when it's bad, it is bad!

I was very satisfied
Great experience with this site. Cost was very reasonable. Service and advice during the order was excellent, Paper Help helped me make the best choices
The web site is easy to understand. And their customer service is EXCELLENT also
Their product is high quality and customer service is unbeatable. Bookmark this page for all your writing needs
I was very satisfied with the results of my essay

Did not work for me :(
I did order a paper for my Ethics class. I submitted a specific number of instructions and I even gave the material from the class book. I ended up receiving an F. The teacher said the paper is a transcript of the book so I sent it back for a review and Paper Help supposed to correct it, I submitted again still got an F. This writer what he did was copy paste fragments of the textbook, did not follow any of the instructions provided. I did order in the past which was ok but this time it did not work, so I guess is just matter of luck but be prepared you will lose money and time and receive a bad grade!

Impossible to receive refund!
I ordered a paper on March 19,2020 but due to an error about single space and double spaced paper, the price went up over $600 so I decided to cancel the order. That part was easy but actually getting the refund has been a big pain in the butt. I contacted support and Paper Help said that they gave me the refund but when I looked at my bank statement, they had refunded me then taken the money out again plus an international exchange fee of $2.03 all on the same day. So, basically trying to trick me into thinking I received a refund when actually I didn't, which I told to their support agent with a screenshot explaining my statement and how the totals prove they never refunded me. It is now April 13,2020 and they said on April 2,2020 that my refund would take 3-5 business days and if not then to contact my bank, I still have received nothing! Why would it be my bank's fault that I haven't received the refund back when it was proven that they are able to refund me but have chosen not to. They are a bunch of scammers and I didn't even actually use the service and they still won't give me my $200 back.
BEWARE! SKETCHY! Be prepared to lose money and potentially never get it back!

It was all right I'm sure it's made to...
It was all right I'm sure it's made to do on a desktop or laptop but I did it on my iPhone and it seemed very complicated and I couldn't see the description of my paper and I think you should add another way of sizing papers I think that if u made paragraphs a choice not just pages and words and just make a flat amount of words per paragraph because I know the size can very between topic, words and or sentences because I need 5 paragraphs but I had to google an estimate of how many words were in 5 paragraphs and also if possible if you read this before the essay is done can u make it 5 paragraphs i don't know just an idea about another way to size the papers for ordering

Terrible Quality Paper!
Their writers are terrible. Paper Help always deliver poor quality papers that I have to spend more time correcting it that what I would have if I wrote it my self. Their papers are full of fluff, grammar mistakes and $#*! irrelevant to your topic. Their "any writer" option means "crappy paper". They do this so you can use the so called "Top 10 writers" which also means "better crappy paper". Their costs are unreasonable compared to their $#*!ty service. If you have to, look for another website or ask your friend.

Stay away!
I spent 125 dollars on a rhetorical essay on a political ad for college Eng 101, that a senior in high school could have done better. The essay is poorly written, and Paper Help do not use the basic concepts on how to write a college paper. There is no thesis statement in the intro, and no topic sentences on the body paragraphs. They just ramble on and do not have any structure in their paragraphs. DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME and MONEY! You are better off spending some time and doing it yourself. The writers do not seem advance, and from my experience, English is not their first language.

I have earned some rewards and I also had a discount...
I have earned some rewards and I also had a discount code. I should be able to use both, in my opinion. I am a loyal customer and use this service frequently. Also, when I went to try and use a different code, it completely erased my order and I had to start over, which delayed my order submission. I really like this service but I feel like I should be able to use the Discounts I have earned, along with the normal discounts. Thank you!

I submitted for 2 papers, costing approx $800.1 paper was returned with a grade of 18%, and the other returned with a grade of 28%.
Trying to deal with customer service was useless as Paper Help just decided to have their own conversations rather than actually listening to my feedback. They offered me credit bak, but based on both papers, why would i risk that again when its already brought my grades down so much to almost fail. They offered me $100 as a refund which is completely unacceptable.
Never again

Guys trust your own experience only!
So many different reviews are given here that I would get lost in taking decision trust or not. I accept that each of those satisfied or frustrated customers had their personal experience and individual situations and you never know who was right indeed company or customer. Here's why I judge by own experience with any of the services I ever used, and it's not only about writing services as well.

This service provides me with a good-quality of papers, always on-time and without plagiarism. Here's why I find it absolutely trustworthy. The choice is your too trust all of the review in the Internet or trust yourself only! Good luck!

Very unresponsive bad service
I was a loyal customer to until Paper Help got me failed in my essay. I asked them to rewrite it and they refused as revision was only available for 7 days they also said they don't guarantee getting good grades when I contacted about my problem! Overall now I will have to rewrite it and I will have to pay another £100 for some other company to do my essay! Don't use this company as really customer is in the last place for them. You will get ripped off for nothing and end up failing...

Stay away, bare minimum effort
Dont be deceived, just because the order interface is quite nice but the problem is the effort and quality that was put in for my order,

I paid $120 for one page. I provided all the info and what I got in return for my money was at the level of a first grader. The writer answered the question technically but the writing was awkward and I could tell that all Paper Help were doing was the bare minimum. Yes it was english but they obviously Theres no way the work (even after 2 revisions) was even adequate for submission.
Stay away

Good Customer Service, Excellent Papers but can be Hit or Miss
From the orders i've placed the assignments I've received have been good for the most part. There was only one paper out of four that was not well written at all but otherwise all the others have surpassed my expectations. The VIP service is a good choice as their customer service has been excellent for the most part.

There were a series of orders, however, which I had a terrible experience with. One order in particular was one which I feel as though I was charged far too much for a simple editing/revision of an assignment from a previous order ($132 USD). I ended up paying nearly $700 USD in total for a single second year university paper for three orders regarding this paper. In the most recent editing/revision order, it took the support team nearly four days for them to find me a writer who would do the work for less money than Paper Help were requesting (an additional $162 USD), despite me repeatedly asking the support team to find for me a low to medium level writer instead of a "top" level writer to edit the assignment, plus allowing 4 extra days for the assignment to be completed than I stated in the original order which could have also contributed to a reduction in additional cost they were asking for. After four days of failing to find such a writer (when typically they find you a writer is found within hours) I had no choice but to pay the $162 they were asking for in the first place as I couldn't afford to lose more time, so I ended up paying far too much and losing four days worth of time as well all for editing a paper they didn't get right the first time. All I was given in that order as compensation was a 10% off coupon, which was for another issue i had with the order as well - a 35% coupon code that did not work when initially placing the order, that I had to argue with them for days to get -this was not not pertaining to the writer issue. If a PaperHelp employee reads this, I am referring to orders: #332297406 - the problematic revision/editing order, #329914234 - the original order I had to create a new order for to be revised, and order #329914907 - the order mentioned earlier that was a second version of this paper I opted to pay for, that was not written well at all. Despite my repeated requests for compensation, their support team on the last revision/editing order kept denying providing any, making me consider looking into other paper writing services who will treat customers better and don't leave an impression of greed and that they only care about charging as much money as possible from the customer, as in this situation I felt as though they were set on forcing me into paying the original additional amount, lying and not even trying to find another writer who would do the work for less money.

Other than the terrible experience with that one paper, my other orders and experiences with VIP support, writers, and the finished assignments I've received have been excellent so far. In the good experiences I've had I've always had my assignments completed and given to me far before the deadline I requested. Although I do have a hunch that this might be a ploy to get more money out of people, but it may just be them making sure nothing is left until the last minute to be completed by the writers, but don't even think about asking for money back if you want to extend the due date you originally requested, you won't get that money back no matter how much more time you give them. Some writers are very courteous and amazing, others seem greedy and/or lazy. How your order turns out really is hit or miss, but thankfully I've mostly had great experiences.

I would continue to use their service for the writers I've had great experiences with and noted their ID, and for papers that I have lots of time to have completed before submission is due so the cost will be low. Overall, PaperHelp is a great service to use if you have the money to spare and need an assignment in a pinch, have lots of time before the assignment is due, and if the assignment you are requesting is not too complex. If it is complex, make sure you have extra money to give them if they request it after placing the order and/or and extra sources/help to provide for the writers so they can complete the assignment properly.

All in all, for the most part they have helped me out a lot tremendously, but at times can be greedy in the amount they demand. I would and have recommended their services to friends who have had mostly positive experiences with their orders, but I will also be looking at reviews for other paper writing services. However, PaperHelp has helped me out tremendously in the past, and I will continue to use and recommend their services and certain writers I've had good experiences with for now.

UPDATE: As stated, PaperHelp's service did kindly offer me a discount code of 35% off to use on a future order. I have continued to use their services and have had great experiences so far. I would recommend anyone to give them a try.

I had the WORST experience with these people. If you're unhappy with the product theirs no way you can get money back, if you "revise" the information you have to pay even more money. I paid OVER 600 dollars for a horrible paper. I felt the person who wrote the paper was NOT experienced on the subject. After going back and forth with these people, and being completely UNSATISFIED with all of it, Paper Help still told me I had to pay because I wasn't "clear" on my instructions, when simply I was stating what I was unhappy about. For every revision you get back they try and charge you, even if you're being nice about what you don't like they insult you about you not "knowing" what you're talking about. I placed my order early February, and mind you it took TWO weeks to get back and TWO writers who constantly complained about me critiquing their work. I'm sorry but anyone who has paid over 600 for an "advanced" essay would do the same. I STILL WANT A REFUND AND THEY REFUSE TO DO SO! The work is so mediocre. I beg anyone to go else where.

Lost my money, time, grade
It was the worst experience ever I had face in my life!
I completed my dissertation and my supervisor requested for some changes. Before I placed the order with paperhelp, I chatted and Paper Help confirmed its in their capacity to develop my dissertation according to my needs. I paid almost 1200 for these changes. The order submission proposed to be within 40 days. Anyhow, after that The support team keep asked for extensions. I reached to 7 months. Then, they delivered something which in not related to my request.! I complained and asked for refund! Till this moment I got 0! And I failed in my project! Please be carful with such website. Do the work yourself!

Irrelevant work
It took me a few days to realize what I was dealing with but then the deadline had passed. I mean seriously. Okay if you are not able to complete the task I have assigned, just tell me straight away. What kind of mature person behaves so carelessly? The guys at Paperhelp didn't even feel important to tell me the progress on my paper despite my insistence and completely messed it up.

Complete waste of money
You will pay top dollar for a substandard paper written by a non-english speaker. When you point out their poor grammar or incomplete sentences, Paper Help will say "everything looks good". At this point you will have to highlight every single mistake they made in hopes that they can figure out how to correct it themselves... they can't. Eventually, you will grow so tired (3 days after the original deadline) of coaching their "advanced writers" through a paper, that you will simply give up. Here I am spending hours of my time editing the entire paper I paid top dollar for in hopes that I can make it appear that is was written by someone who understands the English language. DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY.


All my money went into drain!
These guys charged me $40 for a simple university essay on an urgent order basis. I didn’t know that Paper Help were charging me a lot at first, but then I searched for other writing services, and to my surprise, Paperhelp was charging way more than other writing services. Upon receiving the order, I felt like banging my head against the wall. It was such a childish sounding essay. All my money went into drain!

Terrible customer service/paper quality
The writer provided me with a subpar 6 page paper filled with redundancy and fluff sentences. After asking for, and receiving, a revision, I was told I need to pay an additional $100 to acquire the finished product.

The additional amount was not introduced to me until after I had accepted the paper. Which was a problem all on its own because since I'd approved it, I was not allowed to have a refund or receive the original paper in its place to stop the building headache.

Waste of time
I just had a baby and fell completely behind on my assignment so I thought I would get some help. So paid to have a paper completed in 3 days, It took them 5 days I wasn't offered a discount or anything. On the fourth day when I asked for a refund Paper Help replied 8 hrs later stating they sent me the paper hours ago, mean while I just ended up writing the paper myself. Moral of the story just do it yourself, I wasted 45 dollars on a paper I didn't even use that's not even better than the paper I wrote.

It's hard to know if the support and writer understand...
It's hard to know if the support and writer understand that this is a Dissertation and the paper has to be put on hold throughout the process. That is because the college takes a while to give us feedback, so it may take longer than 7 days to get a response from the teacher. Paper Help had previously allowed me to place the order on hold to allow me to get feedback from the teacher. I apologize for the poor organization with this college program. Please continue to work with me.

Waste of time and money
I am getting an advanced STEM degree. Recently, I was assigned a research paper and due to the fact that I have not written a paper in years, this was a bit daunting. I had a moment of weakness and ordered a paper through their service. It took considerably longer than expected to receive anything and when I finally received something resembling a paper it turned out to be unusable garbage. Which shouldn't have been the case since I used their "professional" option. It was a waste of money and more importantly a waste of time I could have used writing the paper myself. Luckily after only a couple of wasted days I came to my senses and wrote the paper myself. Although, my paper wasn't great it was better than the nonsense Paper Help sent.

Lack of effort
Unfortunately due to time restraints, I had to use this service a few times. However, the last paper that was done was a total waste of money. Redundant, redundant... was all the paper was. Not only that, but the author plagiarized on several occasions within the paper. The author also used citations that were non existent such as citing a page of 400 when the source only had 250 pages as well as using sources that were totally not within the subject. This went on throughout the paper. I had to redo the whole paper within 48 hours, and this was 20 pages. Basically, I paid for NOTHING! This happened once before and I thought I would give them another chance. Bad decision!

Really Bad Writers
Gave them all the instructions and information, written work was so bad I couldn't use it, had charts with simple maths that were completely wrong, so embarrassed when my results arrived. When you ask them to fix it, Paper Help just ask for more money for work they have already quoted. Super unhappy with their quality and customer service. Be prepared you will lose money, time and receive a bad grade! SMNT

Good quality of Term paper!
This web service happened to be very useful although I've never trusted such services. My friends started to use several different essay writing websites when we were seniors and Paper Help became 'addicts'.
I didn't want to follow their path so I kept writing all the papers myself. But recently I started working and I have no time for papers, so I gave up and used I am not proud of it but to be honest I am more than satisfied. So I would say, it's a good team and you can rely on them. Also they gave me a discount code for 10%, which you can also use - 8f951529cd

Processed a refund, excellent management team.
I have to write my personal experience with the management of, this might be helpful to other users.
Yes I did have arguments with the writer and the customer service (Live chat) on the unaccomplished/incorrect paper work that I received after the deadline. However, I reached out to the management via email and explained to them what happened in an email. They've investigated the issue, and returned to me the next day with an apology and a refund option (90% refund of the payment to my card or 150% refund as a store credit for future use). Because I was so pleased with their care toward their customers I have chosen not to judge them on a one-time experience, I have asked for a store credit.
Some advises for those who want to deal with PaperHelp, please note that only if you have a strong case with evidences Paper Help will be very fair with you. They have a proper well-documented refund policy on their website. Please go through it carefully. Yes, refund is difficult to get, but some people might take advantage if tough rules were not there.
Your personal experience could be very different from others of course based on the writer that will handle your case. They are dealing with thousands of writers, in case you have any observations or dissatisfaction I believe they can assign another writer to you. You have three stages of review before the product is considered delivered. Once you receive the final product, you cannot argue for a refund as they have also paid the person who spent some time on your paper – not fair.
Be aware of delay, it happens in real life a lot, so they might ask you for an extension to the deadline. Do not expect perfection, not even in the paper you will receive. You will have to go through it by yourself and maybe add/adjust to what you see appropriate.
I have to say this; you might face a problem dealing with customer service operator (Live Chat) as I did. They were somewhat mean to me, however do not worry you can address this directly by sending an email to the management. They won't let you down.
Be realistic, patient, and accept imperfections.

$#*!e Paper
Like others, I have also received a $#*!ty paper after ordering an advanced writer. Extremely redundant and almost half-assed. Did not read the instructions or sources I provided enough to actually do the paper correctly. Cited one of the authors as a "he" when she is a woman. Goes to show these are just people that speed through these papers without taking the proper time to look at the instructions provided. These are clearly writers from India and not the countries that Paper Help say they are from.

IF I COULD GIVE THEM ZERO STARS I WOULD! This company has the worst customer service! My orders have been submitted to me late sometimes or if you need to make corrections or ask for revisions Paper Help are so quick to nickle and dime you for more money. I dont understand what happened to the customer is always right? My last order was not in the correct format and received and zero grade and they returned the product to me a day after the due date. Upon receiving my grade I contacted them for a revision even though the paper was returned to me late and they told me it was past the 7 day revision policy, like I have control on when the teacher grades the paper! I feel that anyone wants a quality paper and good customer service USE SOMEONE ELSE! I basically wasted money on a scam company who does nothing but provide excuses to the consumer, instead of solutions! I basically paid money for ZERO grade!

***UPDATE***** I was contacted by a customer service representative on 12 May 17 asling for the order number, which I provided but havent heard from them since that date! PLEASE DONT WASTE YOUR MONEY!

Lost my grade, money, and time
I had a really bad experience with this order number 236119326, Paper Help have taken 5 days to find the writer, and I ordered in only 3 days. I lost my time to contact with support over the phone and massages, but for nothing. They keep me waiting for nothing, every time I contacted with them, they asked my more time to find the writer, I have given them two days more, but for nothing. I lost my grade because the deadline, and my time because they keep me waiting for nothing, and I also lost my money too. I don't think I will order from this website again.

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Description: Welcome to our custom writing service! Get help with any kind of assignment – from a high school essay to a PhD dissertation. We can:
* Write from scratch according to your instructions. Plagiarism free papers, 100% guarantee!
* Edit and proofread your paper.

The price for our written assignment depends on:

1. The number of pages
2. Deadline
3. Academic level offers top-notch quality of service at quite an affordable price. Although it may seem rather low, we understand the importance of client-oriented pricing.

Making An Order Is Very Easy:

- Fill in our online order form providing all the details.
- Proceed with a safe online payment.
- An email notification will be sent to you once your order has been delivered. Go to the website to review it.
- Preview, approve and download the paper. Now it is yours!

The order process is done online via this website. This also includes communication with your writer via the messaging system in your personal control panel.

If you have any questions regarding the order process, feel free to contact our Customer Support Representatives. We will gladly assist you!

Address: 75 South Clinton Avenue, Suite 510, 14604


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