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Overpriced hospital food
Coffee tastes like stomach acid, and the Mac and cheese is always hard and stuck together. I know Panera Bread microwave it, and I could care less but lately they have been so lazy to fully even cook the thing. One day I walked in the Panera at noon, the doors were wide open, and there were no employees inside. I searched the establishment and realized that they somehow left the door wide open for me to walk into, kept all the lights on, as well as kept the cash register out in the open for anyone to easily steal. I walk out, and realize that all of the teen workers were screwing around smoking cigarettes on the patio. The food quality is disgusting and they hire the laziest workers.

Poor service, stale bread and watered down salad dressing
We have been regular customers at Panera for years! One of our favorites has always been the Green Goddess Cobb Salad. We went today after a year and a half ( because of Covid) and were excited to be back and enjoy our salad and fresh bread. We went to the one on Daniels road, here in Ft. Myers, Florida. We always sit on the outdoor patio. Upon getting our table we noticed none of the fans were going. I went inside to see if Panera Bread could turn them on, only to be told by the manager that they haven't been working for over a year! When I asked why they hadn't been fixed, her reply was " I Don't Know". Not the least apologetic or I will see what I can do.
We then ordered the Cobb salad ( green goddess). They gave me a pager. I sat it in the middle of the table as we always have, at which time the servers would bring our food out. Well today it flashed, I took it
Inside and asked why it was flashing.& was told we needed to go and get our order. I said oh they don't bring it to you anymore? And she said no, because of Covid. Well it seems like it would've safer for the server to bring it outside so all the customers aren't running inside. Upon getting my salad, I noticed that they now put tomatoes on it. I asked for extra dressing & put t it on and mixed my salad. The tomatoes did not compliment this salad at all. So I picked them out. The dressing tasted very different, diluted with something. And the bread was old, not fresh at all. We were VERY disappointed and will not be returning. They have lost our family of customers!

Bad customer service to a kidd
I am 13 and my dad was here but i ordered and got my sandwhich which was thrown on the plate touching the table and pushed towads me without even looking. Panera Bread also made it twice but still after i said no avacodos they still put them in. When my dad and his friend got the same thing is was nicley done. Mine was quickley tossed together. No sause. Barley any chicken and alot of avacodoes which i said not to put. They also said give it to that KID. I have been fasting for a whole month and this is how my first breakfeast in while is? Disrespect. I gave u 1 star. Just because im a kid doesnt me i dont like my food GOOD. I will BRING YOUR BUSINESS DOWN EVEN THO I WENT HERE ALOT BEFORE RAMMADAN. EID MUBBARAK. U BAD PEOPLE. My dad is the president

Somerset NJ - Can't Get An Order Right
I wish I could rate less than 1 star - pathetic!

2nd time - order was missing items (What's with the Somerset NJ store?). Poor delivery guy went back to recover missing items... he came back - we gave a tip in addition to the delivery charge — we get the whole support needed for restaurants during COVID. He said, "I'll add a free desert for you inconvenience". Well, Panera Bread charged $3.99 for the supposed free desert. Fred (the alleged manager) gave me the customer service number. I'm still on hold 25 mins later. Bottom line: 1/2 turkey sandwich, medium tea and Cinnabon costed over $18 - NEVER AGAIN COVID THIEVES. If $3.99 is all it takes for your greedy company to exhibit poor customer service and think it's ok, keep the $$$.

NEVER AGAIN! Let that sink in, because we loyally ordered 5-6 times a month.

Absolute misrepresentation of their supposed Grilled Cheese sandwich.
Monday, June 22nd, 2020 12:09pm I ordered their supposed Grilled Cheese sandwich along with a coffee at the facility on Market Street in Boardman, Ohio. The coffee was good but the sandwich first of all "was not" Grilled as I watched the employee take it out of some type upright oven. When I got to my table I found it was soggy, limp and seriously tasteless... since I was on a time constraint I left after eating (chewing) about 1/2 the sandwich... I should have stayed with what I know Panera Bread have that is editable "pastries"! I and my wife have eaten at Panera's before and I should have known. The coffee was good and the employees were polite and professional... the alleged Grilled Cheese was uh, let's say "terrible!"

Rude people in drive thru
I went to the Panera in Inverness Florida. I had placed my order on line and went to pick it up. Not knowing to ask at the intercom where you place the order and let them know i had already ordered. When i did get to the window the girl was very nice and went to get my order. Another girl came to the window and started yelling at me because i had not stopped at the intercom. When i asker her why she is yelling, she said because she had a headset on. Poor excuse of a person. Perhaps she is in the wrong profession dealing with the public. And side note THERE WAS NOONE IN LINE BUT ME AT THE TIME... I will let everyone know perhaps Panera Bread need to choose another location. As your staff is very unprofessional

Betryal of the customer
I am Panera bread client for almost 20 years... Which is saying I was most of the times satisfied and kept coming back, but you guys lost me now.! My last two orders were curbside - portions of my first order comparing what I used to get while dining in the store was a joke and I said to myself I am never going to do it again, but because Corona is getting bad I did make second curbside order, which was family feast - I clicked on the email offer and followed description of the family feast by the picture and also text: one full Greek salad, one full Caesar salad, sup and baguette, all described as family feast for 4-6 people for $23 plus tax... I saw that amount for the offer it was fine, so I clicked on it and ordered... when we got home with the order, we realized we got one salad, sup and baguette - missing another salad we called the store and spoke to manager who very coldly said that he can't do anything about it and keep saying "I'll give you a number for corporate"... SO corporate - betraying clients this way is so LOW.! You offering family feast for $23 - I got one small salad and quart of the soup and baguette for it.! Are you delusional.?!?!?!?!? You have no heart to betray clients this way... yes I saw later on the receipt was for 1salad, but this is very well thought through, when you seeing in "details" during making order - two salads, soup and baguette/ showing picture of two salads soup and baguette, make your choice step is showing checked boxes for Greek salad, Caesar salad, sup and baguette... when you're checking out, then you don't look at the details anymore (you saw them already three times) - you look at the price what you about to pay, because when I was making order I saw already 3 times that I am ordering two salads, soup and baguette...! You take people for fools saying you get full Salad and I got "full salad" which was size of the half salad what you get with Upick2 (which is half off your regular salad.!) Do you think people are idiots...? Would you feed your family of four to six with small salad and one quart of the soup and baguette.?
We feel betrayed paying almost $25 for small salad, quart of the sup with the bread... Not just because of that, also because of the way we were treated, and because you think you can trick and betray your customers this way - you are losing two of your customers of 20 years...!
I am sure we are not only ones feeling this way. I see your reviews and I am going to add another very very very bad one everywhere I can.!

Very disturbing
I go to the panera in lightfoot Virginia but wont be returning my reason why is that there is a Gentleman who I'm sure has mental health issues but I was eating my lunch and he not only was talking to himself he also started to shout that he would kill everyone in restraunt and Jews Blacks etc. I brought my complaint to manager and he was escorted out well few days later I tried one more time because it's close job and I went into the restroom and the same gentlemen was bathing and shaving in the sink. I find this very disturbing and do not understand why Management has not dealt with this Gentleman,,, I myself dont want to eat in a place where my life is in danger. I hope this will be resolved quickly.

Not even worth your time
I have so many complaints about this place, Panera is not worth the price. I ordered a danish because I had a free birthday pastry, and though it said it on the receipt, it did not come. When I tried to tell the hostess, she was too busy singing "Jeremiah was a bullfrog" at the top of her lungs to listen to me. Another time I went, my friend had an incorrect order and took it to the front. Panera Bread corrected it, but denied her the "free treat" that they promise on the receipt if your order is not right! A meal for two is $25 and service is horrible all they do is bring you your plate. That is the only interaction I have with the servers.

I was celebrating my birthday weekend and a co worker gave me a Panera Bread gift card so after an appointment i had in Bellmore NY i decided to have lunch at the location on merrick road and what an amazing service i received from the front registrar but i want to mention an extraordinary young man at pick up by the name of Charleston
What a wonderful example of customer service ever. It was my first experience at this location but it will not be my last i will tell my friends and family that just as i was treated Panera Bread will absolutely feel the same and again Charleston even though it was very busy made me feel as though every question or request was important he was professional, polite and extremely patient just awesome that is why i gave them 5 stars

Food was OK. But...
The food was OK and so were the drinks. But after we ordered our food, the drinks took at least 10 mins to get to us and then another 5 mins for large chicken noodle soup. Also because the food took so long only the chicken noodle soup was hot. My bagel and my parents scones were cold. Also the reason that the chicken noodle soup took so long was because the guy that was taking the order DIDN'T put the order in so Panera Bread weren't even working on it! The drinks took so long because no one was working the drinks! At least 6 other people (who ordered AFTER us) got their drinks before we did! Also I overheard some severs complaining that the customers were complaining that they didn't have their food. They said that the reason for that was because they were under-staffed. Those same girls were chatting separately with the same man for at least 10 mins each! It will be awhile before I take my family here again.

Terrible Service
Visited the Panera in Enfield, Ct yesterday with my husband. Drive through associate was unfriendly and not apologetic at all. We ordered a sandwich and yogurt. Received the sandwich and had to ask for my yogurt. Also had to ask for napkins. The yogurt had maybe 4 bites in it. Paid 4.79 and the amount in it was ridiculous. My husband did not like the sandwich either. The girl at the window had no emotion at all. Didn't even say sorry for not giving us our whole order. Terrible customer service. I am a manger and this would not be allowed if you worked for me. I had to tell her to have a pleasant day. Sad because I love Panera!

My gf and i were out to breakfast at Boynton Beach diner.It was a hour wait so we went in the same parking lot to panera bread.we were told by 2 people in a stern voice (NOT NICE)when Panera Bread found out were wanted breakfast that one said ur 5 minutes late and the other said ur 8 minutes late. U woiuld think since it was sunday and the other place was full they would expend the hours of breakfast foods to take care of the 50 people that came in after us for breakfast and was told not and went down the street to Cracker Barrel. I spoke to mngr about it she said to write a letter so here it is. YOU lost a ton of business because no breakfast after 12. Brucnh should got to 3 on weekends! FOOD WAS EXCELLENT

What's All The Fuss about?
I have to shamefully admit that in the 5 years Panera has been in my town (Groton Ct) I've never been there so when my sister (who's gaga over it) asked me to lunch it's a perfect chance to try this place! My sister ordered their tomato soup and chicken salad I ordered a bread bowl with cream of broccoli cheese soup. First of all I was surprised that Panera Bread ask for a tip when you pay for your order but they actually don't do anything it's all self service! So on to the food I was expecting a chorus of angels singing as I took my first spoonful of soup it was bland and not really hot I like my soup volcanically hot. My sister raved about her soup and chicken salad half sandwich which really looked like a tablespoon of salad on bread! So to wrap this up maybe I'll try Panera again but seriously folks, very overpriced snacking I left there and hit Wendy's on my way home!

Burnt sandwich
I ordered the new teriyaki chicken sandwich and soup to go, when passing by the 7165 Kingery Hwy, willowbrook, IL location. After waiting 35 minutes I finally got my order. While waiting I saw them open the oven door but not take out what was in, and it appeared to be burning - this was around 1:50pm on 7/16/2020 so Panera Bread can look at their cameras. I thought that was thrown away - I did not know that they wrapped it for me and someother unfortunate customer.
I finished a couple of errands and drove home to find my sandwich burnt and black on the edges and one side. There was hardly any filling.Not sure what chicken it was - definitely not teriyaki (on my receipt). They did not even check the sandwich type on the packaging.
And like some of the others have noted - the soup is tiny. I wish I had seen the reviews before going there.
Subway is very much better, twice the size (footlong), a lot more filling, toasted light brown, not burnt and costs less. This was $7.40 for 5", subway is 6:99 for a footlong, and often on sale for $5.
I tried to call but there is a message going on non-stop, and does not accept the input 5 to speak to someone.
So I called the catering and they said a manager would call me back - no one has called back for over 5 hours.
So when I go back that way, I will let everyone know.

Poor management
I worked for Panera for two years old managers we the best. Then got new management and the store went to hell. The lobby is hardly ever open because the can not keep staff. The new GM is running this store into the ground. Lost a lot of our regular guests stoped even coming in. This store used to be great to work for. Until the new management team ran it to hell and back. Then it seems that the corporate don't even care whats going on in this store. It has been broughr to there attention several times. This store is losing so much money it's not funny. When i was a Gm for another store we were tought your sells are what keeps a company going. Are guests always came first. At this Panera Panera Bread open lobby when they want the never open at the same time and they wonder why guests no longer want to come in. If corporate don't step in and do something soon i see this store going under. They keep used soups longer then they should and after two days with there meat that should go in the trash they just rebag it into another bag. They need to get there old managers and staff back from when i first started. Because one thing is for sure the old Gm would pull this store right back up to where it was because she cared about her staff and store. CORPORATE YOU NEED TO REALLY STEP UP AND TAKE CONTROL.

It's shocking how a good bakery/cafe could go all the way downstairs to less than zero in 15 years. OH, THAT'S RIGHT, Panera's was sold to a European family who made all their money by working slaves to death in Nazi Germany. Panera Bread also own Krispy Kream, etc. The bakery items are now total junk. The menus got rid of all good items. There is nothing to do at Panera's but refuse to walk in the door, or if in the door, walk out. The place no longer smells good. There is nothing there there. The moment this horrific family bought in and took over, the place went down hill. None of the employees can get more than 15 hours or so as the owners won't pay one penny of benefits. They keep hiring new employees hoping they'll hang out for a few weeks. Boycott.

Disgusting meal
On our way home from an afternoon at Atlantic Beach NC we stopped for a meal at Panera Bread. Wife ordered a "Pick Two" Half a sandwich and a half salad $15.00, I ordered a bowl of Corn Chowder. $6.00. For $21.00 I could NOT believe the meal my wife received. The tomatoes on the sandwich looked like Panera Bread were picked out of the trash can that is in 95 degree sunshine, The salad? OMG the lettuce was black, gooey, and made me gag. The cherry tomatoes were picked out of the same trash as the sliced ones. What a piss poor excuse for "fresh" "clean" veggies. Yes they refunded our money but come on, WHY would they try to serve the garbage? Because most everyone does drive thru and probably won't turn around and go back. I DID! Never will I eat there again, NEVER.

Not doordash friendly
I had a door dash delivery from Panera today. I went through the drive through and Panera Bread told me they could not give me my order through the drive through. I had to wait in line behind several cars to get out of the drive through, all while my time to deliver was running out. When i reached the window, I explained my predicament, but they still refused to hand me my order. I had to pull around and go in. Upon delivery, I realized my order was missing items. I was already late. Panera has NO INTRUCTIONS for Door dashers as to where to pick up their deliveries. I had no way of knowing I could not pick up through the drive through, but of coarse it is my fault that items were missing and the order was late. I will never accept another delivery from Panera on door dash, nor will I eat there myself. That is all.

Horrible customer service!
The customer care and management team are a joke! I visited Panera in Easton, PA on 2/24/2021 and placed an order using the kiosk for dine-in. When I took my elderly father to find a seat, it was all closed off. I ask for a refund and a manager said the refund would be on my card immediately. Instead she charged my card $2 more than what the refund was suppose to be. I'll add that all of the employees could care less about any of the customers. A bunch of kids. When I saw the money come out of my account, I called "customer care". I'm told I need to wait 30 days for my card to be refunded. I got no food and no service but am out over $50. I get one refund 10 days later (the lesser amount) and wait an addition 15 days before calling and am now told it's 30 BUSINESS days. Why does it take them so long to issue a refund? Panera Bread have my money and I got no food or service. I have spent so much time fighting for my money back. Out of 5 people I spoke to, only one representative treated me like a valued customer. Everyone else had a deal with it attitude.
Horrible experience all around and I'm still out my money!

Order was a hot mess
Placed an itemized order for a business meeting for ~33 people at Panera in Paducah KY. Placed the order 4 days in advance and added a couple of orders the day before. Went to pick up the order - order was not ready and had to wait 30 minutes. Unacceptable for a corporate meeting. When we got the food to the meeting room (late) you could not even tell what was in the bags, who the order was for. The bags should have had, at a minimum, the item that was in the bag or the person's name to coincide with the bag. It took us an additional 10-15 minutes to figure out the order. Items were missing - it was a hot mess. Won't use them again!

This is not a reputable company
I wish I could give this place 0 stars. I was totally amazed at the treatment I just received at this so called establishment. I placed an order for lunch... rather large order for delivery on their site... like always when we received our order it was wrong. Now I paid a delivery fee on THE PANERA website for them to deliver my food. Today the order was missing soup. I called the café and reached a... person... named Peyton. This was the rudest nasty person I have ever spoken to. He spoke over me was nasty rude and obviously was not a professional. Basically I was told that it was my problem and if I wanted the over priced soup that I PAID FOR AND PAID TO HAVE DELIVERED THAT I NEEDED TO COME AND GET IT. He then hung up on me... not surprised from an obvious person of this class. I called back and he picked up the phone and hung up on me 4-5 times. I called customer service and was told in a nicer manner that this was my problem and again if I wanted the soup I could go pick it up. I then ask for the managers info and was told Panera Bread have no Idea who that is. OMG what kind of company is this. I will make certain that this information is circulated through out the internet as people need to be aware of the type of companies that they support. We are a very large company and this was for a business meeting of executives and they were all in the room when this happened. I was glad to hear that they all wanted this review in an email so that we were able to send it to all 6 companies distribution list reaching thousands of individuals so that more people can be aware of exactly how important Panera thinks their customers are... I am asking you to rethink spending your money at this company but especially not at this particular location because obviously they allow people like... Peyton... to represent them and you may or may not get the food you pay for and just because you pay a fee for delivery it is still your problem if you don't get your food. Really... WOW.

The general manager is awful
She makes associates train other new hires without promoting the associates to trainer (because that comes with a 50 cent hourly raise which they're too stingy to give.) my friend hasn't been reimbursed even though he got promoted to trainer and had been training people for over a month and now that he put his two weeks in she says there is no way he's getting the money he earned from training. Panera Bread still pay him the associate wage which is lower. Panera only cares about drive thru times and treats their employees awfully which is why everyone quits after a couple months. Horrible management here.

WOW! Absolutely Phenomenal!
I am just leaving the Jordan Creek Town-center Panera in absolute aw! No rating is high enough for the outstanding service I not only had to myself, but witnessed with the customers surrounding me.

I was greeted with a friendly smile and a warm welcome as Keith held the door for me. He also did the same with a sweet elderly couple. Our orders were taken and our meals promptly made. The meals alone were phenomenal and so fresh!

What warmed my heart the most was when Keith helped this elderly couple find the best meal to fit their taste pallet, help them to a seat, and walk around to see how everyone was enjoying their food.

If it were possible I would give a 12/5 star rating! A 45 minute drive will never stop me from visiting to enjoy a delicious meal. Thank you to the staff and especially Keith for making this such an enjoyable experience! I will see you again soon

Panera on 237 S Battlefield Blvd S, Chesapeake, VA 23322
This store has very bad customer service and manager I talked today (Darris) was no help. We love Panera but this store on Battlefield has issues. My order came within the time of delivery which was reasonable but was jammed into one small bag. The bag had 4 hot items, 2 bakery items and cold yogurt. The yogurt was warm and on its side, so I called asking for a new one to be sent. Manager said that is how the are suppose to pack it so nothing is left behind and that he had no way of sending me a new one. I told him that it was crazy to put dairy with warm items but he acted like he did not care. I suggest not ordering from this store, Panera Bread don't care if they make a customer sick as long as they get the order delivered.

Bad service, rude employees and disregard of covid and cleanliness
We went to the Panera restaurant on Bagley Rd. I Middleburg Hts., Ohio at 5:10pm on September 23,2021. The cashier was not knowledgeable regarding what was in the teriyaki, white or dark meat. She shouted to another employee who didn't know either. So she just stands there looking at me. I said "so nobody knows then" to which she responded no, nobody knows. So I ordered a BOWL of soup and so did my son. While waiting for our food a blond haired girl comes out of the back with gloves on and takes a rubberband and gives herself a ponytail. I made sure she wasn't going to be handling our food. I don't know the names of any of the employees I dealt with as none of them including (I'm assuming) the manager wore name tags. We take our food to the table and I told my son that it looked more like a cup of soup rather than the bowl I had ordered (no receipt was given to me) and compared the container mine was in to my son's. Mine was a cup. I went back to the counter and the young man making the orders (he had hair past his chin and no hairnet) looked up my order and said I ordered a cup (which I never order) and and then the "manager" basically called me a liar. I was at this point very angry and told them I ordered a BOWL and it wasn't my fault that the girl who took my order put it in wrong. Panera Bread finally gave me what I ordered. I will never go back and will take this further for health violations. Nasty people working there both attitude wise and ignorant.

My Panera rewards
My Panera account is not working. I attempt to reset the password, but never received the email with my temporary password. I know my email works since Panera Bread spam that account everyday with ads. Their unsubscripe button does not work - which is a violation of federal lawn. I try to use my Panera card and it tells me the number is invalid. So every time I try to order pickup I have to log in as guest. I logged in 5 minutes after 2 different stores opened and they were already out of bagels. I called customer care and never got through to a human. Using the Contact us button on the website gives a 404 error.

Unbelievably Bad Customer Service
Recently stopped here for a Saturday breakfast because I was craving their sausage/egg/cheese/brioche sandwich. After a 25 min. Drive, we arrived at 9:30 only to learn Panera Bread were out of Brioche. Disappointed, I ordered a cinnamon crunch bagel w/cream cheese instead. Watched the employee select my bagel and told her yes, I wanted it toasted and sliced when she asked me.
When I picked up my order at the counter, there was only my husband's sandwich. I had to ask twice about the bagel only to finally be told I had to go up front again-no explanation. When I went up front, I was told, "Yeah, we only had one left so we put that one in another order."... no apologies, no asking if I wanted anything else-nothing!
After returning to my table without any food, I decided to go up front to let them know this wasn't ok and request a refund on my bagel. I explained to another employee who walked over to help me, that their service was going downhill- that I received no apologies, wasn't offered any compensation-nothing! The employee asked, "Well, what do you want?"
With that, I just said that I wanted a refund-if you have to ask for anything else when it's not offered, to me- it's just not worth it.
Refund was given and when I returned to my table and looked at the receipt, I had still been charged for the cream cheese that I never got... avoid Panera if you want an efficient, enjoyable, top notch customer service focused experience. It doesn't exist-so sad to see this one (our favorite Panera) fall so far so fast. Thoroughly and completely disappointed.

Poor service
College Station TX has very poor morning service -- only time I go there. Poor service comes from the back. I ask for a toasted bagel. It is always delivered cold. Today I watched. Run through the toaster and left there. I asked the trainer if he knew why I wanted it toasted. He didn't know... I explained I wanted it warm. I also explained I could nuke it but microwave is too small for the plates. So he toasted it again--black. I have a pic. I could list many more instances. Never again at this location. In all fairness, I gave eaten at many other Panera's and been happy with the service.

Wow. These folks really tricked me. I guess I wanted to believe that there was a company in the US who really did want to make food better, as Panera Bread say. Their prices are 1/3 to twice as high as other locations, and I attributed higher prices to allegedly better quality. Turns out Panera is no better than Wal Mart, just more deceitful advertising, and their hypocrisy extends to the despicable way they treat many employees. Like Wal Mart, it's all Short hours making it hard to make a living, etc. Not surprising as the controlling interest of Panera's is a foreign company that profited by working concentration camp dissidents and Jews in their chemical factories during WWII. Then, there is the despicable anti-American bias. If you are an illegal and cannot speak English, you have a better chance of being employed. Panera's openly discriminates against older Americans. They don't want to know if you have a complaint. All BS. All Phony.
Very disgusted with this company. Total hypocrites.

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