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Bad customer service at Panda in Eastpoint 22411 Gratiot Ave
Panda Express are predudice and horrible customer service. They do not put customer first. I called and told them i was bringing my food back because i easnt satisfied with it and i wasnt paying $10 for it. I had not ate anything out if it. When i got there the lady said no i only brought ut back because i tried to steel a cookie. Mind u i am a business owner myself also in eastpoint. I nev tried to steel a cookie, oncre the man said they were not free i immediately put it back because i never wanted a cookie anyway. I wanted my money back and she eas very rude and disrespectful. If u have morals do not eat here. They serve blacks but distespect us behind our back

Worst experience
Today I called panda to ensure that my condiments and sauces would be included in the bag. Previously We have ordered and were missing items such as teriyaki sauce for chicken, sweet and sour sauce for ragoons, and so forth. When I called the last time the nice manager advised me to call the next time I place an Uber eats order and the staff will make sure all necessary items are included in the bag. So this time when we ordered we made sure to call once i placed the order with Uber Eats. The young lady that I got on the phone assured me that she would make sure the everything was included. When the order arrived we discovered there was no teriyaki sauce to go with the 3 orders of teriyaki chicken that we ordered, the sweet and sour and plum sauce that I requested. My kids ages 5 & 6 had their tonsils and adenoids removed on Tuesday and are just now able to eat things like soft chicken. Panda is what Panda Express requested as their first real meal. When I called I asked to speak with a manager and Louise came to the phone. I explained to him what had happened and that I had called earlier to try and avoid this. He then told me to screenshot where i asked for these items. I then reiterated that I had called following instructions from another manager. He then went on to try and tell me why it was my fault and not his. Not 1 time did he apologize for the inconvenience, or attempt to make my order right. I tried to explain that my kids will not eat the chicken without it, he talked over me the entire time. I then asked to speak with another manager and he stated there was no one else. I advised him I would contact corporate and he said, "go ahead, good, goodbye." When I called back I got the sweet young lady that I had previously spoken with today. She tried to get Louise back on the phone and he refused to come to the phone. He continued to attempt to argue with me through the young lady on the phone. She didn't know what to do so I just told her it was ok and that i would send my husband up there to get sauce because my kids wont eat it without it. How is it that we spent 48.00 and we are wrong? My husband had to come all the way up there for items that I had previously tried to make sure would be included in our order. When my husband arrive Louise would not come to the register. The young lady whom i had spoken with apologized to my husband since Louise did not. This experience was awful. I am a training and development manger by profession and I train in customer service. There were so many things wrong with the customer service provided to me and my family on today. We have been going to this panda faithfully for almost 3 years, and we order from here at least 3 times a month. Sometime we stop in on our way home or we use uber eats. I am so disgusted with this experience that we will now go out of our way and got to the Loganville location from now on.

Didn't eat this concentration camp garbage.THE WORST, THE PLACE IS RUN BY CHILDREN. I thought that there was an age limit, or a law about underage kids working. Panda Express were RUDE to top it all off. WASTE OF MONEY! WHY DO PEOPLE WAIT IN LINE FOR THIS CRAP! If I could give them a negative -100 I would! WARNING WARNING WARNING---- STAY AWAY FROM THIS PLACE!

Last chance
Panda Express never have their menu. Something is always missing. Even if you order and pay ahead of time. The manager doesn't call you back even after being left a message. This is the second time showing up and we came early and they said to me this is it for the night. We were here well before closing. The last time really left a bad taste in my mouth, where I ordered and payed for the food before getting to the location which is about 25 mins from my house. I really am disappointed. I don't think we will be back to the Apopka location. The nearest one after that is 40 minutes away. So our two to three times a month with be slim to none. Hopefully some changes are made at this location because business isn't going to get better with menu items always missing.

The Sheldon Rd., Sacramento Ca. Location has horrible service and a bad manager.
I used a buy 1 bowl get 1 bowl free coupon. The cashier didnt put the code in and charged 17 dollars. I mentioned she forgot the code and she got the manager. The manager refused to refund the price of the 2nd bowl or cancel the order and re-ring up the transaction. Instead she said keep the coupon and use it next time. She handed us a second coupon. The manager stated it was too complicated to refund the money and didnt know how to do it. Instead she said sorry, use the coupon next time and have a nice day. That was very rude. She refused to do her job and made me feel like these coupons are a scam to lure in customers. Never will I go there again.

I need my refund!
Your employees at the Savannah location treat people like crap and expect them to patronize your business. Panda Express took my order, made me pay, did not explain anything to me and expected me to be a mind reader to know that it will take longer than 10 mins for the food to be ready. The entire time that I was just standing there waiting for some explanation for the delay/for my food to be given to me, they were attending to others in line but just ignored me. I then demanded for a refund, and I was told (by these employees with attitude problem) that I will get the refund on my card. When I asked how long it will take for the refund to appear, I was told it will it will take awhile. It has been 3 months, and you are yet to issue a refund. Instead I was asked to call a 1-800 number, and they now claim I should have made a complaint for my refund. Well I was not told that I needed to make a formal complain for my refund. As a matter of fact no store/fast food has ever done that. I do not care if it is $13.86, I still want my refund. You don't get paid for not issuing a customer her food, for having an attitude with the customer, and above all, disregarding that said customer.

Very disappointed
We used to be very good customers of FDL Panda, but not anymore. We went through the drive thru and were asked to pull ahead because Panda Express were busy. After 25min and seeing the other cars get there food and many people come out with food i went to see the problem. I got inside and she said its just done. I said I didnt want it anymore after that amount of time and I want a refund. They were refusing to give a refund and no supervisor was on. I finally got my money and then the girl told me never to come back to their store. What the heck, we are trying to support our local business and this is how we get treated. Because of that employee, they will never see our family there again. She took the receipt so I don't have that proof.

Job offer, stating join our team Panda Express
Saw the ad in Panda Express asking people to join the team.
When interviewed, after two days. Denied.
Reason lack of experience.
Now I have five years of experience as crew in Mcdonalds.
And five years of experience as shift manager in McDonald's and still continuing as full time.
So what experience Panda Express need to join as a part time crew in Panda Express in Bolingbrook Illinois.
Every one first joins as part time and then if they like to continue they leave the other full time job. No one leaves a well set full time job.

Costumer Service
Hi I'm wondering if Panda still hiring for new people because it seems like Panda Express need to replace some of them. The food is great! But the customer service is NOT! I went to drive thru one time and I will never forget the face and the name JUVY. I'm still adding some orders that I forgot to mention but she roll her eyes and close the window! That is not acceptable! I meant to tell her something but since I'm on hurry I just left. Hope you do some actions regarding this matter.

Ordered via doordash. Panda did not fulfill the order. Missing both requested sauces. Missing half of the sides. Ridiculous when such a large portion of the order is missing. The drivers cannot check the order right now due to Covid-19. It is the restaurant's responsibility to ensure the order is proper.
When calling to notify, an offer a discount, or comp would be appreciated. Not just an apology and refer me to doordash.

Hungry for Chinese food? Avoid Panda Express
I pulled up to the Panda Express Drive-thru at 1 pm and when I gave my order (bowl with fried rice and Teriyaki Chicken), I was infomed Panda Express were out of fried rice. Seriously? A Chinese fast food restaurant out of fried rice? Isn't that like Wattaburger running out of beef? So, after sitting behind two other cars waiting for their food and getting attitude from the cashier, I had a salad at Panera. It was delicious. This isn't the first time this has happened, and I'm not at all surprised Panda Express has less than two stars. Want Chinese? Try Panera. Your chances are better.

Drive thru 30 mins
Went to the Panda Express by Lambeau in GB yest. We ordered kung pao chicken and shrimp via the drive thru. Panda Express asked us to pull around to park for a small wait on the kung pao after we had paid. After 20 mins and seeing many ppl go in to order (and eating in vehicles next to us), we went in to ask about it. After 30 mins, they came out and asked if we wanted a free small drink due to our wait. We asked to just get any order we were tired of waiting and they said nope the kung pao is made. So what's the delay? The shrimp now! Needless to say, we waited 35 mins for a drive thru order in which they could've told us about before we ordered and the food was flavorless! Never again!

Don't waste your money and Time here
My purpose of this feedback is to let customers and PANDA management know that I am VERY upset with a family order I made on Friday 04/17/2020 at the Coral Springs location. There was a promotion of family meal that feeds 4-6 people for $20. The first time I bought this package was 04/11/2020, where the food came in the typical red boxes. We really enjoyed it and it really feed 4 people. This was the MAIN reason we ordered again on 04/17 and unfortunately it was not the same. First, instead of these typical red boxes, my food was served in little black boxes (which is smaller than the red ones). Second, the same people that ate the previous order were the same people who ate this time, and it didn't feed us at all. It was definitely short and NOT enough for four people.
I am kindly called and requested least a credit because I don't think it is fair to provide less food for the same amount of money. THAT IS NOT CONSIDERED A PROMOTION. The assistant manager mentioned there is nothing to do which is awful. PANDA TEAM: Please don't rob money to customers.

Bad customer service
Went to location on Hollywood Blvd and 441,
It was 9:06pm, read on line that Panda Express close at 9:30pm. They had main door closed and side door semi opened, went in and was told that restaurant was closed and it was only opened for side curb pick up and said that for this time they were going to serve me.
They did not have the teriyaki chicken on the front so I asked if they could check on the window buffet, manager rapidly said we do not have more, that's all we have without even making an effort to go and check, window buffet section is 2 steps away all she had to do is turn around and look.
Panda you need to teach your representatives to be more efficient and give people a little more respect.
And I am not going to tell you about cashier's attitude, that would be another page.

Panda express / charging same price for half the food.
Went to panda express tonight for dinner only to find out that their menu had changed.
Also their prices went up 100% same price for a container half the size of the old ones.
No Chicken egg rolls and Who no what else was missing from their usually wide variety of food to choose from.
I think the managers must be spending the money for running the restraunt gabbling or who knows.
This is a fairly new panda express #0596@ 9795 W. Charleston Blvd. Las Vegas Nv. 89117

Sincerely confused in Las Vegas

Best Chinese food Ever.
I can't say anything about other's experiences with this food chain, however the one were I live out in Calgary AB is phenomenal. Well managed, good staff, and most importantly good food. U know it's the only Chinese restaurant locally that gives out discounts & special promo's to get they're customer base back, & Panda Express try really hard to ensure that everything is stocked full at all hr's of the day, so I respect that. Either way I'm not really phased if they run out of a dish I wanted as all their food is great so I just pick something else instead, no big deal right?

Anyway you get good portions here like probably double of what you would get anywhere else & the prices are very reasonable. I compare them to Costco's food court. Staff's great too they're like family to me.

Worst food experience
We live in Edmonton Canada. Thought of giving panda Express another chance thinking the food will be good. The first time we ate it was good food. The second time we found hair in our food (yikes) and tio much salt. So we returned the food. Third time thinking it will be good came back to try. But this time the steamed vegetables smelled rotten fish (yikes again) and rice was undercooked (omg). Threw up after eating their food. Please have a better checking of the food being served.

Pulled from the trash "PANDA EXPRESS" in Eagle River Alaska
My Wife ordered food from the Panda Express at the Location: 12520 Old Glenn Hwy, Eagle River, AK 99577 and what I found once she got home was a meal that was half eaten and I mentioned she must have been pretty hungry, she said "what" and I showed her the meal. She was taken aback. It looked like someone had discarded the meal in the trash and then sold it to her.
I contacted Panda Express and the on duty manger said "oh" we must have put the wrong food into your order. She added she looked a video and said that's what she saw. I asked her for a replace and I drove 35 mile back to the Panda express (round trip 70 miles or so) And by the way we have one 10 miles from our home, and since my wife was in Anchorage she stop at the one on the way home. The manager told me when I said I was going to complain that she won't replace our meal. I then said ok find give me the replacement. NOT A GOOD way to welcome a current customer. Not happy at all, since I felt completely insulted by the lack of attention to a simple thing like "toss the trash in the can" don't resell it. I can say we now have a bad taste in our mouth and in our pocket book over this Stupid behavior. By the way I took a picture of the food she sold us. Her excuse was "well we are really busy" my wife no there were not busy. Over all Not good at all.

Online ordering doesn't work
Online ordering doesn't work... ever. If I say I need it ready by noon that doesn't mean make it when I get there. And that doesn't mean set it aside when something isn't available and make me wait 15 mins for an item I "reserved" through the app an hour before. Maybe Panda Express can stop helping everyone in line first and ask me if I want a substitute? Not treat me like an inconvenience for ordering online. I was a repeat customer for a long time but I think that has ended.

Retrain your managers and staff
On 2/2/18, I went to your store #2769 on 86th street in Bay Ridge Brooklyn NY 11209 and placed my order with your server, and part of my order was cheese Rangoon. As there were none in the showcase tray I had to wait for a batch to be cooked. After waiting several minutes, a tray of Rangoon's were brought out and Panda Express were burnt. One of the cooking staff in the kitchen told the server that they burned and gave them to her to put in the case. I told the server I did not want burnt food and she asked the manager Rhona about them and she instructed her to put the burnt Rangoons in the case. I refused them. Panda Express needs to educate Rhona as a manager that if she can't supervise the quality of food that's being cooked in your kitchen and being served to your customers the restaurant will lose customers.
I am a foodie and eat out at least 5X a week and I must tell you I am not going there again. Not only because of the audacity of the manager not willing to making another batch for the showcase but instructing her server to put them out so other customers buy the burnt ones. I also want to add that the angus beef was rubbery and the orange chicken I found a lot of small pieces of fried orange batter with no chicken in my order. I'm paying for chicken not fried batter. As a newer restaurant and a restaurant in the area, I would expect only the best food preparation, customer service and quality.

Be careful when your on a tight schedule because online ordering is a BUST!
I was in a hurry and on a tight schedule today so I thought I'd order lunch through their website. I ordered from the Fowler and Herndon location in Clovis at 11:33 a.m. and my order said it would be ready in 12 minutes. I was stoked as I would be able to make my lunch apt and be back at work on time! I got to the restaurant at 11:44 a.m. but did not see the mobile order waiting for me. Panda Express seemed to be very busy helping all the inside customers and there was a line. However, when my order was checked on it seems they were out of one of my entree items so they put the entire order aside and forgot about it! They were sorry for the mistake and promised my order would be ready in five minutes to go. My order was not ready in five but I had to wait another 15 minutes in the store and was late going back to work and was not offered any sort of compensation for the waste of my time so be careful when your on a tight schedule.

Not going back
I could have gone to any number of Chinese restaurant buffets for the same price and had anything I wanted for all you could eat. The problem with Panda is Panda Express control the serving spoon and portion. I ordered a bowl of Shanghai Angus Steak that of course came with a side of rice. Received two large scoops of rice in the bowl which almost filled it up and one small scoop of Steak, four small pieces of meat and all onions and green beans, etc. Basically $9.00 for a bowl of rice, not going back.

Dissatisfied Customer
I was in Inglewood today taken care of some business. I decided to stop into the Panda Express located at 4940 W Century Blvd, Inglewood, CA 90304, and try the food because Ive driven by it lots of times. The interior is nice enough, clean, and no issues. I waited in line for about 20-minuets before my order taken (there was only one person fulfilling the orders and there shouldve been two). I got the two entrees for one side (double teriyaki chicken and chow mein), the teriyaki chicken was okay but nothing to write home about (Ive had much better). However, the price Panda Express charge for portion size is not worth me going back for the second time.

Ordered shrimp fried rice with chicken and broccoli combo with an order of crab ragoons. EVERYTHING was absolutely horrible. Shrimp fried rice and the chicken and broccoli had a sour taste like it's been sitting out for hours. Food tasted disgusting. Crab ragoons were undercooked and filled with a big blob of cream cheese. Taking a bite of undercooked wonton with a cold center of hard cream cheese, no crab. Asked for a refund or fresh cooked food and Panda Express told me "No, you get what you order." I'm also 8 months pregnant. Horrible tasting food with horrible customer service.

Panda EXPRESS- Very disrespectful and spiteful employee & manager
The whole employee demographic has changed and impacted customer service and a truly negative fashion. From the order window to the drive thru window. (William of Blvd in port orange, Fl) used to be the most pleasant and professional people who demonstrated kindness as well as caring for us as customers. As of August last week and today the 12th, we've gone to unresponsive person at the order window to a rude and disrespectful person at the pick up window. We ordered a meal and specified a bottle of Coke. Which we always do. At the window, I was handed a fountain Coke, which time I said I wanted a bottle of Coke I can't drink fountain soda, waited a few seconds and tried to hand it to me again. I said it's not want I ordered. Individual looked at me with a snarl face which was very noticeable with a mask on and made me wait. He came back and handed me a warm bottle of coke and closed the window and walked away. I was left at the window in my car with a warm bottle of coke. The person in the vehicle with me looked at me and said that's not right. It appears he did it out of spite. So we headed home the more I thought about it, the more I got irritated over the disrespect that I experienced a panda express. So I called panda express in Port Orange and ask to speak to the manager. The same voice that took my order, and she said I am the manager. I explain to you back I adopted so much you know and then it should be addressed. She said you can come back I will give you a cold one. I said I'm already on the highway headed home so that won't be an option. She said so what do you want me to do and I said I think it needs to be addressed with you on that. Really? I find it hard to believe that this is the new culture of panda express and has to be an exception. But it does need to be addressed and rectified. It's a true injustice to panda express!

Poor customer service
Simple confusion at the drive through window, and comments from an attendant led to angry words exchanged.

The attendant could hear both myself and the passenger conversing about the order and continually kept trying to respond to the both of us.

If she could not discern the difference between our voices I completely understand. However the asinine attitude she took has guaranteed I will never be eating at panda again.

It is far more convenient to cook a better or even worse product to enjoy, than it is to deal with a drive through attendant who can't slow down and listen to those ordering.

Poor Service, Even worse food
I ordered food for my family and the beef and broccoli was so tough I couldn't eat it. The broccoli was just stringy stalks, no pieces of the head of broccoli. I paid extra for a large portion for son and it was the same amount of food as the smaller portion for my grandaughter. I asked twice for sweet and sour sauce and cashier finally rudely responded. "Look in the bag". When I got home there wasn't even 1 packet of sweet and sour. I won't be getting food at the Pflugerville, Texas location again! Their whole staff is rude and non-caring!

Worse place to eat chinese food
I went to this location because I heard good thing about it. New location but their food bad.

1210 E Southern Ave Mesa AZ 85204

I ordered bigger plate consists lo mein, honey chicken, teriyaki chicken and beijing beef. These were dried out, teriyaki chicken still bloody in the mddle, the lo mein mostly cabbage very little noodle.

The clerk always put upside down my teriyaki chicken so when you pick it up, the meat fell out. Bad place to eat there and the employees are rude.

I got my food and it tasted like Panda Express poured an entire salt shaker on my rice and noodles. The noodles were thin and tasted like roman noodles same spice as beef ramon. My chicken was burnt and hard. My shrimp was soggy and tasted like it was left in grease. The picture of the crab rangoon's speaks for itself! NOT ENJOYABLE FOR 12.00! Can I please get this flavor out of my mouth already? Happy they gave me my money back when I called the corporate office.

Bad Panda Express Employees and Manager
So on 8. 27. 19 at 12am, I enter the Panda Express on 2828 Figueroa St., Los Angeles, CA. Long story short, after waiting a short while, when the Black customers got to the head of the line, the non-Black manager acted as if she did not care about the customers. She stopped helping me, said nothing and just walked away.

Then when I bring it up to her, all these employee are huddled around like I am a threat. If only Panda Express had all acted with that much care and concern to help their Black customer. I have been trained in social bias and they clearly treated me different.

Next time, I video tape them secretly and release the proof over the Internet. I'm out to prove that Panda Express Employees bigots and does not care. I could be wrong but after several complaints, it seems just as bad.

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Description: Welcome to our Chinese kitchen. Panda Express prepares American Chinese food fresh from the wok, from our signature Orange Chicken to bold limited time offerings.

Address: P.O. Box 1159, 91770


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