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Terrrrrrible time to be shopping with Paint Plot. Hopefully it's better in non-pandemic times(?), but it's been 4 months since I placed my order and it still hasn't come through. I didn't get a confirmation email that my order was even in the beginning stages of being processed until 1 MONTH after I placed the order. And it's coming from China. On top of that, Paint Plot require me to pay more than the kit cost to return it when it does finally arrive in order to get a refund. Despite being quoted a 5-15 business day shipping process (I'm on business day 80 now and still waiting), they refuse to accommodate for their slow service. I get that the pandemic is hard on businesses right now, but honestly, if what you want is to paint a nice picture, shop elsewhere. Otherwise you won't be painting for a long time yet.

4 weeks and items still not received
I ordered 2 kits on Dec 2. After 3 weeks inquired as to when I would receive. On Christmas Day I finally received notification that Paint Plot were just shipped that day. I emailed customer service to complain (they were both supposed to be Christmas gifts). They have been claiming ‘it's on the way' and ‘it's delayed' although the tracking number has never worked so nothing can be tracked. I said to cancel the order and wanted a refund and they refused. I will be contacting my bank to dispute the transaction. Their website claims that that orders to the US and I'll be received in 3-8 business days. We are long past that time frame.

They take advantage of unsuspecting artists.
Paint Plot roam the online Art Malls luring hopeful creatives into "exclusive licensing" of their works. In other words, the way they word the contracts, exclusive in this case means the artists NO LONGER have rights to their own works any longer. It's not uncommon for companies to search for qualified art that will be used for various products, and that is both legal and normal. However, in this case, it's an attempt to extract the art and in essence, become sole owners of the artworks at bargain basement pricing! When artists request further information from "Paint Plot" such as "How much are you willing to pay me for exclusivity", or "over what period of time are you requesting", Paint Plot does NOT follow up with the creator of the art and just moves on to easier prey.

Terrible Customer Service
I ordered a kit and it took almost a month to ship. That was fine; but, it never arrived. I was given three tracking numbers - one from a chinese shipper, one from FedEx, and one from USPS. I received a confirmation email that it arrived, but it did not. No package was delivered (I have cameras). I contacted USPS - Paint Plot never responded. I contacted Paint Plot and they told me too bad. No help, no offer of solutions. Instead, they told me it was my problem now. Like USPS was going to pay me for a error in delivery. So, now I have no kit, and no hope of any resolution. The email exchange with PaintPlot kept telling me it was delivered - and that it was basically my problem now. If you want a customer service experience that will be helpful when things go wrong - this is not the company for you.

Wish I could give 0 stars
Most of the other reviews have stated the same complaints that I have. Shipping took well over a month, close to two actually. Meanwhile I was bombarded with useless emails from the company. It took so long to get here I emailed halfway through requesting to just cancel the order all together. I got a reply saying "oops its already shipped! You'll have to return it to us once it arrives." Finally it arrives and I unroll this canvas like material to find its oddly bunched up or wrinkled the entire length of the painting. I can't comment on the quality of the paint or brushes because I've been so unimpressed I don't know if I even want to use it. I do not recommend. Spend your money else where.

Ordered in APRIL (it's now June) and have not received anything or any accurate shipping information. When emailed them inquiring, Paint Plot said it was in customs (does it really take over a month to get through customs?) and they coincidentally updated my tracking information when I said they gave me an inaccurate one. The new tracking hasnt been updated since they changed it. I order a lot of stuff online and never had something take this long and never had this problem with receiving accurate tracking information. DON'T ORDER FROM THIS COMPANY.

Horrible Customer Service and Experience
Paint Plot advertises delivery to the USA in 3-8 business days. My order took days to even ship and still never arrived 2 months later.

The tracking via USPS showed delivered with a timestamp that was verified by my video doorbell to not be true. So likely it was lost out of the delivery truck, delivered to the wrong address, or lost somewhere else in delivery. As this happens all the time in Ecommerce almost all companies offer refunds, especially for a $28 order like mine. Or Paint Plot offer shipping insurance at checkout or signature confirmation, which Paint Plot does not.

I've had to file a chargeback to get my $28 back for this non-delivery order and their customer service department is telling me to kick sand.

Avoid this company like the plague it is, there are tons of better paint by numbers companies out there who actually care about their customers.

Still hasn't shown up
I wish that I could give a review of the product, but I can't do that. I ordered two paint by numbers on March 27th. It is now April 16th and there have been no updates. Paint Plot "shipped" my package on April 1st, and the tracking info hasn't been updated since. The website claims it takes anywhere from 5-15 business days to ship to the US. It has been 12 so far and there have been 0 updates on information. I have said that I will give them the full 15 days before calling and asking why it still isn't here. With the tracking info it also looks like it is being shipped to the wrong location. I've called and sent several emails regarding this for them to return it almost 2 full days later. They claim to have fixed the issue, but it's hard to tell at this point since there are no updates with the tracking info. And all the while I've been waiting for some good news on my package, I've been getting emails from the company telling me about the deals they have and "30% off your next purchase". I will never be purchasing from this company ever again. I am two days away from calling them to cancel my order and to demand for my money back so that I can purchase from a more reliable company. Unless you feel like waiting a ridiculously long amount of time for their products DO NOT ORDER FROM THEM! Unless this company can actually meet their shipping time frame, I will never, ever recommend this company to anyone!

Still waiting
I ordered one on 4/1/20. It allegedly shipped 4/8 and the tracking number showed it in China awaiting shipping for weeks. I emailed asking why there was no movement and the person blamed it on the USPS and assured me it was on the way. I emailed on 5/2 to cancel the order because at this point, I'm not sure it's really coming. Paint Plot replied that they couldn't cancel or refund but if I wanted to return it when I got it, they'd issue a refund. The day they replied, the tracking showed movement. It got to LA and has been there doing nothing for 7 days. It's been 6 weeks since I ordered... this is ridiculous.

Never Showed
I received an email the product shipped and was told it would take a few days to clear customs, but it's almost a month since I received this email and the tracking order is still not active, nor has the package reached me. I also realized that their idea of a frame is the wood to stretch a canvass not the the frame that actually goes around the painting. Unfortunately, that means I would been unable to stretch the frame once it reached me due to the poor wording and display of the order.

What a scam. No product. Not even a tracking number
OK it's now May 12. I ordered a Paint Plot kit on April 26 for my daughter's birthday on May 8.
Obviously it didn't make her birthday and I still can't find a tracking number online.
Which can only lead me to believe that Paint Plot has basically stolen money from me and not shipped anything to me.
If only I had read the plethora of negative reviews for this company online before I placed the order.
You can be sure I will be reporting this company as well as posting bad reviews online.
What a scam. Paint Plot is scamming people and the owners should be ashamed of themselves.

How Do You Review Something You Never Received?
I placed my order more than 6 weeks ago and I haven't received so much as a tracking number. Paint Plot were, however, definitely very timely in charging my card. And filling my inbox with junk emails about how to use the product I haven't received. I've emailed Rebecca Tecson in customer support for status updates and first was told that my order was caught up in customs (note - this is NOT an American company, which isn't disclosed anywhere on their website). On my second follow up, weeks later, she just blew me off. When I asked for a refund she offered a promo code for another painting, which is laughable because I will never buy anything from this company again. And neither should you. You've been warned.

Fantastic service and products.
I have purchased 6 paintings so far and have loved each one. Each order has arrived within a week (I reside in Geelong, Victoria) of my ordering them and the quality of each painting has been fantastic. I recently ordered some of the fine detail brushes and when I received the order one of the brushes was broken. I emailed Paintplot and Michelle was most helpful. She organised a replacement brush and I received it in under a week. I also bought a painting for my sister and one of the pots was empty. Again Michelle organised a replacement which my sister received within a few days. I highly rate this company for its service and products and recommend them to all my friends and family. 5 star for me!

Paint by numbers
This was the first pa8nt by numbers site I found when I started googling for a new hobby. I love the easy to use website and the quick delivery. One of the best things I've found I'd the kind and supportive people on its Facebook page. I now have a lovely stash of paintings that will see me into retirementand probably beyond. I enjoy supporting an Aussie based business that has stock on hand rather than having to wait for it to come from overseas. The support of the team if I have questions is excellent. I especially love the mystery paintings.

Great New Hobby
I'm still working my way through my first one but am loving it so far! I also ordered the aluminium easel which is really sturdy and makes painting easier. I wasn't sure how I would like it at first but I find it really relaxing and strangely addictive! The canvas and paints appear to be of good quality, although it would be better if the picture that is sent through with the painting was a wee bit bigger - although that's not really a problem as you can email Paint Plot and Paint Plot will email a larger PDF!
There is also an entire friendly Paint Plot online community on FB to provide support and encouragement - some of the tips have been so useful.
I did find that my first order (October 2020) took a few weeks to arrive - but everything was slow then, given COVID and Christmas - and I live in regional WA! My next order was super quick and I just placed another!

Package never arrived, won't issue refund
A friend ordered from this company and loved his painting so I ordered a painting in April. From time to time I would check the status of my package, and it hadn't shipped. Finally at the end of July I got an e-mail to say my package had shipped from China and provided tracking information, which said that my package had arrived on June 25th (I get a shipping email a MONTH after supposed arrival?). I notified customer service that my package had never arrived and requested a refund. Paint Plot refused.

DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY on this company. They will not try to make things right or give you your money back.

Never Delivered
I ordered twice from this company (mistake!). First order was placed on April 8th. It shipped a week later... but now the tracking numbers on BOTH of my packages have become invalid! I emailed customer service and it took them 6 days to reply, saying that my package was held up in customs. It has now been 11 days since Paint Plot had a valid tracking number and over 6 weeks since I ordered. They keep giving me the run around, insisting that cancelling my order is not possible and asking for my patience. I have been patient!

Try literally any other company.

Everything to love
I have had nothing but excellent service from paint plot. I have had fast deliveries and their range of paintings is wonderful.
I love that Paint Plot have a social media page where we can ask questions and show our paintings and paint plot themselves take part in helping anyone so in my experience their customer service is excellent.
When covid first appeared I ordered some pbn from an overseas seller... they took over six months to arrive and never once did I get a reply to my many numerous emails.
I also love that each week paint plot send out an email with possible future paintings and ask us to vote on them.

Find a Different Company
I thought I was supporting a small business, but the product is made in and ships from China. Normally this might not be a problem, but right now (COVID) I will be surprised if it comes at all. I expect shipping delays in a pandemic, but it has been 2 months since I placed my order and I paid a premium in USD for something that I thought was made in, and coming from, North America.
I have emailed twice and the message I get back is: "we're doing our best" and "it's coming"... neither of which addresses what I've asked for: Which is my money back (or at very least a voucher for a free painting as an apology for the frustration). Also - interestingly, you can't leave a review ON THEIR WEBSITE - Paint Plot only post the positive ones there. Had I found these reviews, I never would have ordered from them.
They can't control a pandemic, but they should be prepared to offer some customer service and not flog being a small, family owned business if they're outsourcing their material like this.

Drop Shipping Scam
I saw paint plot online and was excited to get something relaxing during this pandemic. Paint Plot sent a message they had shipped fairly quickly and I was excited. Except it hadn't shipped. They claimed via messages that it was held up in customs from shipping from overseas. I got an update on the shipping today that it had JUST shipped from China. That means it won't be here until more than two months after ordering. Also, I went onto aliexpress and found the EXACT same paint by numbers at half the cost after I had already ordered. In fact, all of their "exclusive" designs are across multiple websites and all available on aliexpress. Drop the middle man and order straight from China at half the cost.

Awful customer service and ship times
I ordered on March 30. Today is June 23. I have not received my package. I have reached out to customer service many times and Paint Plot told me many times it was shipping. Recently, I spoke to another customer service representative and he said it had not shipped. I asked if I could cancel my order because I am MOVING across the country and was expecting these frickin paintings not to take 4 months to come and he said he couldn't cancel it. Don't buy from them unless you want your package to come literally at least 3 months from your order date and don't expect anything from customer service. Will certainly never be supporting them again and genuinely wish I could cancel my order.

Great product and service
I have bought many paintings from Paint Plot and couldn't be happier with the quality, speed of delivery and customer service. When I had the wrong numbers on paints for a mystery paint, the service was amazing and a replacement painting was sent really quickly. Every other one of my orders have been perfect. I love the Facebook community which is always positive and the collaboration paint plot has with customers in relation. To future painting through weekly surveys. Great company run by great people and I couldn't recommend highly enough.

Highly recommended
I saw a PBN that a friend did. I wasn't sure that I could do it as I have no artistic ability. It wasn't difficult at all. I loved all the tips and tricks that were available to me from Paint Plot. It took me a while so I'll have a break. I will definitely order another in the future from Paint Plot. I loved the service that Paint Plot provided me from the welcoming email to the extra paint they had to send me, I think I was a little heavy handed. An enjoyable experience and I highly recommend them to anyone.

Still waiting...
Buyer Beware! I've been waiting on my order for almost 2 months, and it's just being shipped now. I placed an order on June 17, and still have not received it. Apparently it was not processed and no one noticed or cared. I've reached out to them several times over the last couple of months. Paint Plot told me don't worry, it's on the way, be patient, there are shipping delays. Several weeks later I reached out again, and it was, I'm sorry, it appears your order was never processed. I requested a refund, and they tell me they can't. It's more like they won't. I don't even want it anymore. It was supposed to be a gift for my daughter to give her something to do over the summer & quarantine. Now she is heading back to school... What a horrible experience, with lousy customer service.

Fantastic Australian Company
Ordered 1 painting, and it was fantastic. There was heaps of paint (so often other companies don't send enough), and clear communication across the process. Due to COVID-19 there was a bit of a postage delay of about 10 days, but the company always kept in contact. It was a bit more expensive than others that come from China, but to support a small Australian company I thought was worth it. By comparison, I ordered a PBN through an international company and waited 5 months for the parcel. I'll take Paint Plot anyday!

Great Business to deal with!
I have completed 1 Paint Plot paint by number kit so far and am half way through my second. The quality of materials is great - canvas, paint and brushes all good. I have had no problem with ordering or delivery, even in these Covid times.
I suspect that the negative reviews on this site do NOT relate to Paint Plot but other companies (of which there are many not so reliable as this one).
I recommend Paint Plot wholeheartedly. My wife and I have another 3 kits each to paint in our stash!
Well done Paint Plot.

Australian store? Perfect business
Mike and Tova at Paint Plot Australia are wonderful. Speedy processing and delivery(around 1 week within Australia, even during a pandemic), great service. Did you use too much paint? They'll send you another little pot. Not sure what that number is? They'll identify it. Got a problem? They'll solve it. Got some ideas? They'll have it enacted soon. Want to have some say in what kind of designs to see in the future? They'll ask you regularly what your thoughts are on upcoming designs. Want a discount? Get 25% off by buying 3 and get one free. Or give some comments about what designs you'd be interested in buying. Or share a review.
Cannot fault them at all, will buy again; will probably continue to buy so many I can't complete them all.
Thank you PPA, Mike and Tova.

Do not waste your time...
I ordered my paint plot on april 21st and it's may 14th and it still hasn't even shipped. It is coming from China I believe and it's complete bull$#*! when Paint Plot say they are a small family owned business... don't waste your time or money on them... they also like to price gouge! They won't tell you in the beginning that the frame will double the price until you're ready to check out and that $25 painting is costing you $43 out of nowhere. I get having to pay more but for a few pieces of wood... that seems a bit much... I'll be going top lowes to get the pieces to stretch the canvas over... at least I'm guessing that's what they mean by frame. They never tell you if it's to shape the canvas or go around the outside of it.

Never Got It
I ordered a painting back on 4/21, I emailed them about how it had not arrived and that I wanted a refund. I got a "i'm sorry we will send it out as soon as we can" response. I emailed them back saying that I wanted a refund. It had been over a month at this point. The next day I get an email that it has been shipped... then an email saying since it is shipped I can't get a refund. Even though it has been "shipped" I still have not gotten it. Emailed them again and I am still am waiting...

This company is a joke
I ordered my painting in April it is now middle of June. I could have used that money to use for a different project. Their customer service is awful. Paint Plot do not respond with an actual customer service representative and send just a generic email saying someone would contact me. I will go to my back tomorrow and see if they can give me my money back. I will let my bank know that this is a fraudulent company. I will never order from them again and I also will never recommend this company to anyone either. This is very upsetting.

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