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A STELLAR book promotion company! is a STELLAR book promotion company! I used them for a "book of the day" promotion, and I am truly impressed by the way treated my book as if it was their own book project! They have a very well-oiled social media team! With their collective efforts, my book rocketed to #1 in it's category on Amazon and even made it into the top 100 overall in Amazon's kindle store! With the "book of the day" promotion, I was hoping to have my book downloaded 200 times. So, I was utterly shocked by the fact that it was downloaded 1,267 times IN ONE DAY! I also use Onlinebookclub's daily social media post program and their team sends me a daily email to update me as to how and where they have posted about my book. They even customize each of their posts so that customers do not see the same repetitive blurbs. I am even able to email directly to my own personal promotion manager whenever I need changes or to update them about price promotions, etc. I have worked with other promotion companies in the past and they did not even come close to the detail and effort that Onlinebookclub puts into their promotions! The 2nd place promotion company was not even in the same galaxy! My book is in line for the "Book of the Month" promotion. There is a waiting list a year long to be book of the month! But now I understand why! People clearly know that the projects they've worked so hard on will be treated with kid gloves! With as much success as I've had with the book of the DAY promotion, I am soooo looking forward to my book being book of the MONTH. I have no doubt that Onlinebookclub will treat my book like gold all over again! I think it goes without saying that I HIGHLY RECOMMEND this company if you need your book promoted! I have much respect for Scott Hughes and his entire team at He has built an AMAZING company!

4 out of 4 excellent amazing
There is no Priest, no lightning. He smiles gently at her,
Grateful for her presence. Where am I? Where are we?
She joins him. are on the edge of something
Important. For weeks she has been having the same dream
Over and over again, and somehow it involved this place.
This exhibit where her father had brought her to explain his
"You fool, do not reveal the Inner Secrets!" Jeff yells at the
Priest who has adjusted the power volumes.
The dull glass cabinets explain what was once so important
To her father. They hold the answer to the mystery that she
Knows is alive between Jeff and herself. She sees in his
Reaction to it all that she is right, but she needs to hear it
From him. To find out what it is all about. Who is the inner
Priest? Where does he come from? She must find out.
"I wasn't wrong to bring you here but I was afraid to tell you
Why." She wants him to understand her past.
"You ignorant fool you are tampering and dealing in
Mysteries you can never understand!" Jeff tries again to
Capture the attention of the Priest.

Incredibly happy
I did some research before committing to requesting a review from There were a ton of complaints from past users, but what I found refreshing were that were responded to by the founder. There was a lot of complaining about communication and so forth and so on. When you've put so much work into a manuscript and are gratified with having it published, you want to know that when you're paying for high quality, honest reviews, that you're money is going towards that quality.

And mine was.

I was initially 99.9% happy with the review of my novel, A Dangerous Man. The reviewer referred to it as "amusing" towards the end - meaning entertaining and such - but the term simply didn't fit the narrative she published. That being said, her review was stellar otherwise, and you can't sweat the small stuff. I honestly expected as much.

And, when I inquired about whether the term mentioned above was intentional or a mistake, I received great communication from the site's service. (Kudos to Monica!) Online Book Club delivered. I had no prior knowledge of their existence and influence, and I saw immediate action after the review was posted in the movement of sales. This discovery has been a great experience and I look forward to working with them again in the future when I release my next novel.

So, after airing out my dirty laundry setting ego aside, I'm 100% satisfied. Online Book Club has my vote and I highly recommend their services for any author looking to have their book professionally reviewed. They're going to be honest and that's the best response you can ask for, and I'm grateful for stumbling upon their service.

- J. L. Engel

My experience@ OnlineBookClub
I joined the reviewer team of Onlinebookclub last year and that has been the best decision of my life. Working for Onlinebookclub is such a pleasure. What is better than being paid for something you love? I live to read, and working as a reviewer at OnlineBookClub means getting amazing books free of cost and writing your reviews about it. Flexible working hours, amazing stories, no boss choking your neck to get work done, healthy work environment, and awesome reviewing rates makes this site the best place to work at. The best thing about the site is that it never forces the reviewers to review a book which may not like, the reviewers have freedom to chose from numerous options available. All the reviews posted are genuine. Am so happy to be a part of this organisation.

Modern Day Cowboy
My reviewer was excellent and if I can get her every time, I will. She took the time to tell me what was wrong and write it down. When you send in a book to an agent, reject you and you'll never know why. I get the overwhelming number of submissions, but you don't have a clue until someone tells you what's wrong. I also appreciate the fact that Onlinebookclub cared enough to respond to my questions with courtesy, went the extra mile to put me on that reviewer's list and re-advertise my book under a different category for sales when they realized the first one wasn't working because of it being a niche genre. They put forth an effort, that's why I am glad to do this review. Normally, I ignore things like this.

Short novel,
Short novel, long story or novelette. Adorno and his two ghosts, in a narrative exercise, a tur de force, which leads us through a seventies Paris, marked by post-existentialism and drawn by the presence of Latin Americans who populate its bohemian neighborhoods: young students, exiled guerrillas and renowned artists and writers.
Manelick de la Parra a gifted cat stands as the main characters that structure this fascinating narrative -in the sense that it enchants, enchants and dazzles-: its textual journey fulfills the main purpose of a genre novel: it does not let go of the reader, and it also allows you to obtain a very particular interpretation of your reading. Adorno and the Two Ghosts of Him is a dialogical work that leads the reader through the streets, cafes and buildings of the beautiful city of Paris, to culminate in an enigmatic library, which we all would like to know.
Adorno, like any good cat, has not one, but many lives; different facets, like this novel. Non-fiction is a subgenre of narrative literature, and it bets on provoking in its participants (author, reader and characters), a series of questions and crises, regarding the relationships that fiction sustains with reality. On the other hand, autofiction is the integration of fictional discourse in autobiographical discourse, and this self-referentiality implies the superposition of lived reality on imagined reality.
The author dialogues with himself, and internalizing himself in his own conscience allows him to look at himself, as if he were the other. This recognition, this self-observation is not an easy task. For this reason, in this work both the reader, the author and the characters discover, together, the hidden meanings of their own lives. And tackle, in a leap, what is plausible and true that exists, both in the life lived and in the life dreamed of. You remain, dear readers, in good company: together with Monsieur Manelick, the clueless Maribel, the Citröen, in Chablis, Balzac, Claudette, Borges, the Pére-Lachaise cemetery, la Piaf.

Raúl Casamadrid.

A forum / location for book lovers
The site/forum has many different opportunities for both writers and readers alike. Through the "Review Team", book reviewers are given the opportunity to read up and coming books, for free (and sometimes for a monetary reward), in exchange for a comprehensive and honest review. On the flip side of this, authors are given the opportunity to have an honest review made of their book in order to either gain publicity for their work, or know what is required in order to make it better.

I have been a part of the "Review team" technically for about 4 years, but I have only been very active over the last few months. I have come to realise that OBC takes its reviews and its review team very seriously. Paid (especially higher paid) opportunities are not just given out to any available reviewer but rather earned through a system of reliability and carefully vetted prior reviews. Similarly, every effort to ensure that a review chooses a book that interests them is made and subsequently, that a quality review is written. In order to maintain access to these paid opportunities, the OBC tries to ensure that the member is an active participator in the myriad of forums.

As in any community, I'm sure there are members that try and take advantage of the system. Those that will put the minimum of effort in order to simply make a couple of dollars. This, however, will always remain the minority. Most of the community are dedicated readers who have always grown up with that passion. For these people, using the OBC to discover new authors/books, read brand-new fiction/non-fiction, and potentially help a budding author get their first steps, is what this site is all about.

I will continue to participate in this site as long as it exists as a reviewer and have already suggested this site to family members of mine.

Amazing Platform
The is a warm and exciting platform for book lovers - writers and readers alike.
Asides the option to read books and be a part of the review team, I find the different discussion forums enlightening and engaging. Then, there's the book of the day announcements, as well as forum discussions and voting on books of the month and year.
These are just to mention a few of the exciting things about my experience here. I also find the feedback on reviews quite enlightening and objective. The last few months since I joined this platform has been of immense value and development to me
I'd sure recommend the to anyone looking to read books, learn from others and also earn in the process.
Great job!

As a reviewer...
Looking over some of the reviews here it seems that reviewers have a high rating for OBC, while authors have a lesser view. I have never tried to engage with OBC as an author, so I cannot speak to that system or process. I can speak to my personal experience as a reviewer and what that looks like (at least for me).

I am not an indie writer or author of any kind. I am an avid reader and fairly decent essay writer. I joined OBC because it gave me a chance to read new books and provide feedback on them. In the beginning, I couldn't even get paid reviews. Every review I completed was for free. As I established my name as a reliable, quality reviewer, I earned paying opportunities.

Free or paid, the process is the same:
First, I look at a list of opportunities. This list gives basic information about each opportunity including, title, author, genre, and payout. I am able to click on opportunities to learn more about the book, like a plot summary, and any other specifics. Based on my reading preferences, I select a book that I think I would enjoy reading. We are discouraged from selecting books outside of our normal preferences. However, there is no system in place that says that I am "qualified" to review one genre over the other.
Once I have selected and downloaded the book, I am given up to approx. 1 month to read the book and write my review. My written review is submitted to the review team for approval. At least one other editor reads my review and grades it. If it meets their expectations, it is approved and posted. For paid reviews, I am also required to submit a paragraph about my opinion of the ending of the book. I also take this opportunity to leave personal feedback to the author that is more than I can put in the review. Once the author has seen my feedback (not my review), my review is accepted and I receive payment.

In regards to the content of the review, we have a 4 star rating system. We have been directed that a book that lacks editing (i. E. contains grammatical errors, typos, technical errors, etc.) generally should not get 4 stars. Outside of that, the star rating is based on the writing style, plot, character development, etc. As with all rating systems, this is somewhat subjective. We are not allowed to detract points simply because we did not like the story (again why we are encouraged to select books within our genre). I have read and reviewed multiple books within my genre that I did not like, but still gave high reviews to because there was nothing wrong with the book, I just didn't like it.

I do not participate in the Book of the Day promotion, so I can't speak to getting compensation for purchasing and reviewing the selected book each day. I do not get Amazon gift cards for reviews or any other perks. I have always assumed the payout for reviewing a given book was set by the author, but I really have no idea how that process works.

For reviewers: I think OBC is a great place to go to earn a little extra cash and to read some really great (and not so great) books.
For authors: I really don't know what your experience is like, so I can't say if it is the best place to go to have your book reviewed or the worst place to go.

Review of is a online website that is for all of the book lovers out there who love to read! One of the best things about this website is the fact that it's 100% free!. This is absolutely fantastic for my fellow book readers. offer a wide variety of genres to choose from so that there's no reason you can't find something that suits your needs. The sign up process is one of the easiest and once you have signed up they will send you an email with a link to verify. Once you have been verified you must read the following guidelines for the things they expect from you while enjoying this site. The extra bonus about all of this is that you can also earn money once you complete the book and give your honest reviews. Now I don't know about you all but with all of those easy and yet rewarding opportunities who wouldn't love to join in on this hidden gem!

Challie Hungloe's Greatest Challenge
Writing a book review of the adventure book: "Charlie Hungloe's Greatest Challenge" can consist of several steps: a brief summary of the book, point out most important aspects of the book, some examples of quotes from the book and a conclusion that summarizes the book, just to mention a few. However, the one thing reviewer Donaghy and Online Book Club missed is looking out of the window, not just starring to the inside of the window. There is more than one way to view this book. Try viewing it as you would if you were inside the window looking out. Maybe this is were the strengths of the story lie and perhaps the allegories will become more clear. I'm giving reviewer Donaghy and Online Book Club 4 out of 5 stars for not seeing beyond and looking outside the box (window in this case).

Dreams Matter
With ‘Northern Chaos Gods' Demonaz and Horgh deliver the absolute strongest Immortal record in two decades and claim back the throne as Norwegian‘s leading black metal band again."
LORDS OF METAL (NL), Dennis Van Det Hoofd

"AMAZING! The marriage between "Pure Holocaust" and "At the Heart Of Winter". The best IMMORTAL album in years!"
ROCK HARD (IT), Nicola Vitale

„IMMORTAL delivers! This is a majestic comeback that will impress old and new fans!" (Album of the month)
SCREAM (NO), Stig Odegaard

The gates of Blashyrkh have opened again!
Today, IMMORTAL releases their first album in 9 years, titled »Northern Chaos Gods«, and deliver a raw piece of Norwegian black metal that takes the band right back to its early sound. With the previously released singles ‘Northern Chaos Gods' and ‘Mighty Ravendark', IMMORTAL

Best book review site
I came across Online book club by chance and I have since enjoyed being part of this wonderful community. I have been able to get numerous reviews on books that I want to read and also identify new titles by indie authors. The best part of Online book club besides the community, is the free giveaways. Three times I have won $20 Amazon gift cards that have enabled me get more books.

Scott Hughes and everyone at Online book club are very supportive and professional. You can also earn from reviewing books and taking part in the social rewards platform. I would highly recommend Online book club to indie authors and avid readers.

Great Site for Reviewers, Readers, and Authors
I have been part of the team for almost 6 months. I have read many books that I otherwise would have not heard of without Scott Hughes, founder, is strict when it comes to rules, guidelines, and deadlines for the reviewers, editors, and authors. Therefore, only the best reviews are accepted and published. I am paid for my honest reviews. No reviewer is paid to write a review a certain way or to give a certain rating. Yes, we are offered rewards to share the Book of the Day. This helps get the word out about the book and the reward is just our incentive for taking time to do it every day. The books are shared on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and LinkedIn. Everyone on the team works hard to provide an honest and well-written review while promoting the books.

Book of the Day promotion on
A large number of people made postings on Facebook and tweets on Twitter about my novel. Nearly all of them understood the context of the plot and social setting, and nearly all of them were positive. While I consider myself to be a good writer, I am a terrible salesman. OnlineBookClub "Book of the Day" enabled a large number of people to know that my book even existed, and that many liked, something that my sales ineptitude could never have achieved. Writers who lack expertise in salesmanship (and this includes most writers) usually find their books buried deep in the dungeons of Amazon where nobody will ever know about them. OnlineBookClub offers public exposure to their achievements. I heartily recommend "Book of the Day" to all of these good people.

Balanced Novel Assessments
I've found having a book reviewed arguably one of the toughest things to achieve when you're an unknown author. Also, obtaining a review that is actually helpful in letting the author know where could have done better is another big plus. My first book in a series with MC Leo Priest has, thanks to this review, highlighted how easy it can be to lose some of the momentum in regards emotional content first mentioned. As this was a hook to capture a reader's attention I will diligently focus on this aspect in Book 2. I really don't think it matters who you are, as a writer you need quality feedback which is what I received. Well worth while.

Charge $ 97 or more for book review and this review site will not post this!
I did not have a problem with when my book was first reviewed, as it received a good review and was given for "free," although I was a little miffed that I needed to buy a "promotion package" to get the review bumped up for quicker posting on the site.

But since the time my review was posted and I paid the nominal fee for entry, the site owner has escalated the costs of reviews (saying are competing with Kirkus Reviews, which is, at best, a major stretch) as follows, which I thought might sway authors looking for a review site for their books:

For $ 297 you can get a review of your book in one month.
For $ 199 you can be interviewed for the website!
And you could spend thousands on reviews or other "promotion packages" if you wish! (Eg., a 3 month social media Book of the Month campaign for a mere $ 8600!)

Info from the website

Level 1 review - $97
Includes 1 week featured status
Entry into 2017 Book of the Year Contest!
Average turnaround: 4 mos

Level 2 review - $148
Includes 2 weeks featured status
Entry into 2017 Book of the Year Contest!
Average turnaround: 3 months

Level 3 Review - $197
Includes 1 month featured status
1 week homepage link to review
Entry into 2017 Book of the Year Contest!
Average turnaround: 2 months

Level 4 review - (best value) - $297
Includes 2 months featured status
2 week homepage link to review
Guaranteed to get one of a few top-level reviewers
Entry into 2017 Book of the Year Contest!
Average turnaround: 1 month

Great place for book news!
I have been a member of for quite awhile and active in for about 6 months. There is always new books to look at and purchase for either free or a discounted price. Mr. Hughes is always professional and there if you need to ask him questions, plus he is always nice and prompt in helping in whatever I need.

The website is huge but there are a lot of resources to help maneuver around the site. It is amazing how many resources there are on the site and I love what was done to the website recently. There is so much to do on the website, reading reviews, and participating in forums to discuss a wide range of topics, mostly book related. The daily giveaway and the tweet reward programs are also another nice feature of the club. I look forward to visiting the site on a daily basis! Great job!

Does what it says but not as easy to use as it could be
This site absolutely does what it says. If you invest your time, you can read some great books for free while meeting some wonderful book-lovers. If you join the review team and follow instructions, you absolutely can access the benefits promised (including financial benefits). I made $50 reviewing books in February and I enjoyed it! I also was lucky enough to win one of their $20 Amazon daily drawings on top of that. None of these financial benefits were offered in exchange for this review, which was freely and voluntarily given with absolutely no incentives of any kind. The site isn't easy or intuitive to use, however, so it takes time, trial and error, and a little bit of resilience to get to the best parts of the site as well as to begin earning those financial benefits. It's enjoyable enough to be worth it for me, and I would encourage those interested to check it out.

A sigh of relief
The first online firm that gave me a fresh start in freelance writing. I had applied to innumerable online writing platforms. All turned me down except one. ONLINE BOOK CLUB offered to give an opportunity that was free of any redundant complications. Would you believe that I got in by the simple virtue of using just my e-mail? That's how breezy it is. And the best part, I got paid to do what I love, So if you're looking for a legitimate way to earn money while writing, I would gladly recommend ONLINE BOOK CLUB for you aspiring writers out there. Who knows, this may well be the start of your much-coveted career in freelance writing.

You get to read, write, and get paid!
I enjoy being a book reviewer for I get to choose which book I want to read. Then I write a review on it, which is simply telling what it is about and what I liked or didn't like about it. I am honest about whether it was good or not, you aren't supposed to be favorable if that isn't how you feel. read your review and then give you positive and negative criticism to help you become a better writer. Then later you get paid by Paypal. You always know before you choose the book how much you will get paid. You can read a lot, or take a couple of weeks to read it. You just need to keep them informed and meet the deadlines. An interesting way to make some money!

Summer of the Second Coming made Book of the Day, January 24th
I appreciated the promotion on OnlineBookClub.Org, especially the survey of 20 people that gave Summer of the Second Coming a respectable score of 24%.
I have also published two other titles, Other Times Other Places and Dark Enough to Dance. Both were well reviewed but lacked the services that the OnlineBookClub is able to provide. Summer of the Second Coming had already garnered a substantial award from the Ontario Arts Council and good reviews but I feel that getting a 4 star review and being featured as Book of the Day by OnlineBookClub.Org will provide the publicity that is necessary to boost sales of my book. Thanks again.

Great site
I am a member of this site as a reader and reviewer. My experience has been nothing but positive. There are lots of book discussions not only about books that are officially reviewed on the site but other books too. As a reviewer, I'm able to select books based on genre, book synopsis and author bio. This allows me to ignore books that I know I wouldn't enjoy and give an honest review. Honesty in reviews is encouraged. The review system is transparent and easy to understand. I have always been paid promptly and exactly with no issue. I'm not an overly active poster and don't participate in all of the social media bonus point activities but I'm still able to get paid for reviews. It's a small amount but it was very clear up front that reviews pay in the range of $5 to $80 per review. This is accurate in my experience. I do it for the love of reading and exposure to books I wouldn't otherwise get to read. Hopefully I get to help out an author by providing a little bit of exposure. Love the site and everything seems up front to me.

Banning Beggars across the world
If we notice about how harmful act and prostitution exist in beggars life this is irritated, as results of begging, millions of children's and widows became nuisance criminal across the globe, think about three squere meal in a day, and shelter, it's the hardest thing for them to get it, hungry is something dangerous which can lead to any criminal act, you woke up hungrily no way to get a meal, this is simple way to persuade you on everything if you can get food to eat, there is nothing that you can't do on it, shalter issues too is dangerous beggars no have a certain place to sleep, some will be on the street side, some in incomplete building some in motor park this is dangerous places for a beggars to go, can learn alot of criminal act, such as an smoking, stealing, snatching, thugry, because they get no one to look after they life, some beggars have parents but they are illiterate, they blief end up in when they children's are close to them they can't study well, they prefer to send them some away distance, without not know how they turn too, if we talk about upbringing, nowadays children's are too stubborn and constantly disobey they parent, how about those who are not living with parents this is the creation of insecurity in societies

The best book site ever
I am an OBC member for over 4 years and very happy with the site. I read a lot, and also write reviews when I see a book to my like. I do it for fun and not for the payout (which isn't that high anyway). The reviewers are readers who love to read and give their opinion about the books, so their reviews are more believable. are required to carefully read the description of the book before selecting to review a book, so they will choose only a book that is a good fit for them. The site guarantees honest reviews, not positive ones, and has strict (but fair) rules to keep it orderly and prevent spam and advertising. OBC isn't a scam and it grows every day. Yes, there are giveaways, but they are for fun and not for any dark purposes. I love the BOTD program and got some very good books through it (I bought quite a few of them). The program gives me an exposure to books I wouldn't know about otherwise. Do yourself a favor and join the site! It is one of the best book sites around and has a lot of traffic. The community on this website is very friendly we all get along splendidly unlike some other sites.

A great platform for first-time authors who need to get their titles out there is an affordable platform for first-time authors to stir awareness of their books and get their titles out there in the market. It provides an opportunity and the much-needed push for new authors in a very crowded publishing industry. It is open to a wide range of books which are fun, entertaining, informative and helpful, especially books that promote positive values, thoughts and actions. Like all businesses, the platform can still be improved further. But its growth over the years attests to its viability as a promotional platform for new authors. I hope it gets to help more authors and gets to address whatever challenges it faces in expanding its reach and influence.

OnlineBookClub is a Great Author Resource
Spencer Anderson has a trilogy of warbird novels. As his wife and business manager, together we picked one of the books to "advertise" thru OnlineBookClub. The books have been published in paperback, hardback, audiobooks, and digital media, but our publisher went out of business so we've been on our own to get them out to the public. We have successfully sold over 7000 books in the past 5 years just vending at air shows, but in order to increase our market without quite so much effort, we turned to OnlineBookClub and their Book of the Day promotion. It was wonderful. The majority of the reviews were awesome, and we really appreciated the editing suggestions for the errant spelling or grammar errors that got thru our editing. Those few reviews that were critical helped us to formulate changes and ideas for the digital and audio media that could be altered if need be. We have now submitted another book of the trilogy for Book of the Day and look forward to the helpful hints of the OnlineBookClub readers.

Experience from Jasyn Turley of Turleybookinn
I was overall satisfied with my experience with ', both my devu novel and it's sequel receiving a three out of four start review is both humbling and encouraging. The feedback being both insightful and a good point of reference from others who are outside of the box or my circle of friends and family to offer unbiased thoughts critique.

Though I found some discrepancies on part of the reviewers of my books: being that I indicated strong use of profanity in my books and being a point of contention upon a review, and the fact that a reviewer found my characters to be a complete mystery in my sequel novel (without reading the first book, I thought it went without saying).

But all in all a good experience in which I can't complain too much on.

No Regrets!
I joined OBC in May of 2017. Since then, I have won the $20-Amazon GC eleven times. I have received hundreds of free books through the daily giveaways and have earned a reasonable sum for reviewing books of my choice from the wide selection offered. Most of the books available from the site are written by new authors, but you will be surprised that there are a number of good ones.

Scott, the webmaster, is easy to talk to. Which website doesn't have glitches now and then? Scott addresses the issues in no time at all. He is also proactive in instituting changes for the better.

When I joined, we were 150,000-member strong. We now have over a million members. Let the figures talk.

I uploaded a book onto the Online book club and had it reviewed by someone who pointed out eight grammatical errors. I fixed those errors, then republished my book on Amazon. When I told Scott the $300 (NZ) amount for the review I received was unjustified, and that I wanted my book removed from their site, Scott started threatening me with nasty e-mails. I sent those e-mails to my bank who got my money back.

Then Sarah Creeley (one of Scott's reviewers) posted the below review on my book. She didn't even read my book.

Sarah Creeley
3.0 out of 5 stars Good collection of short stories but needs work
Reviewed in the United States on December 2,2019

This is a collection of darker fairy tales where the historical inspiration is shared with the reader at the end. It has a bit of everything from evil step-mothers to vampires, so there will be something for all. However, I wish the stories had been developed further. There were also a number of grammatical errors that needed revising. Still, this is worth a read if you're looking for quick tales of evil with a historical basis.

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