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Great shoe is sizing was correct based on sizing offered
These shoes look great and would be very comfortable is Omega Walk weren't too small. On the website if offers half sizes but the are not half sizes available. I had a previous order in a size 6 which was a little small so I ordered a 6.5 for two additional pairs. When they came they were a 6. In doing more research, it appears they only have full sizes. It would be suggested that they only offer full sizes so the customer knows what they are getting. Now I have 3 pairs of sneakers that are too small.

I reached out to customer service asking for a refund as the shoes are not comfortable and one of the shoes was damaged goods. Omega Walk are giving me all kinds of options but won't take the merchandise back and expect me to pay for the shipping which is not even local so I would end up paying more in the shipping cost as I need to ship it back to China. Very frustrated and would never buy anything from the site.

I won't recommend buying it from the site as the shoe came in damaged and when I reached out to the customer service they expect me to send the items back to china so the cost in the shipping would be more than the shoes themselves. The shoe does not fit comfortably so won't recommend buying from the site.

Will Buy Again!
Had a few problems initially trying to place my order but after a few days of trying and contacting Susan for help, I was able to get it done. Then there was a very long delay on receiving my tracking info, but it too eventually came and my shoes came less than (2) two weeks after that. Once I got my order had a problem with one pair being defective, so I uploaded the pics and it was taken care of promptly! All in all, I am sure I will shop here again and I've already told several people about the site!

One pair of shoes was not properly sewn and stitched together and were promptly replaced.

I received my shoes today and when I opened the bag I could smell a slight chemical smell. I ordered 9.5 but Omega Walk are very snug with no toe room. One shoe was missing the stitching design on one side and there was a slight chip to the color which makes me think the color will eventually erode. There is no shoe size on the shoes at all, so there is no way to tell if they are the correct size. The return policy does not make it worth my while to return. It has to within 7 days of delivery with proof of purchase. On top of the high cost to return them and a 15% restock fee, I will keep them as a lessoned learned. I'm displaying 3 photos.One with the chip on the edge of the shoe, and the other two showing how that stitching should be on both sides, and what the stitching looked on the other side. I gave them two stars for cuteness..

I ordered a pair of these shoes yesterday and after...
I ordered a pair of these shoes yesterday and after I placed the order a screen popped up with another color of the shoe and I inadvertently tapped the order button. Well then I saw that it was a size 5 and I wear a 10.5 so I really didn't want the second pair but I didn't see anywhere to stop the order. The today I got an email about my order and there was a place for comments. I explained my predicament and got an answer back that Omega Walk were checking on it. Later I got an email that the second pair had been removed from my order. That is good customer service. I sure hope I like the shoes because I will probably order more.

These shoes are junk. Omega Walk look worn and cheap. They are way too small and very poorly made. There are loose strings all over! The soles of my shoes were essentially bent cardboard. The clear plastic on the bottom heal was only clear on one shoe. The insoles are very cheap and not supportive at all! I will not buy again.

No where during the buying process was I told that there would be a restocking fee or that I'd have to pay for my own shipping to China! Of the $45 I paid I was refunded $12. So I'm out $30 and have a pair of shoes I can't use!

Poor quality, terrible customer service
This company is a rip off. Omega Walk say free returns like they're Amazon but when the shoe don't fit its "pay to return them to China international shipping charges, which takes 2-3 months and you pay a 15% restocking fee, or exchange for a different size, or 30% refund." But that's "clearly" stated in their terms of service. On top of their poor customer service, the shoes are very poor quality. The insoles that I bought from them were absolutely terrible. You can get better insoles at the drugstore. Quality is definitely not their thing. The shoes were sized too small and very uncomfortable.

Bad experience
I cannot believe I still do not have my order, where is his order coming from its ridiculous how you take my money right away but I have to wait over a month to get my tennis shoes come on now, I will never purchase shoes from this company ever again, then received shoes not a good fit, insoles don't help either, I am on my feet walking all night and my feet hurt so bad because this shoe is not made for walking

received nothing but a bad offer, I am not waiting 2 to 3 months for a reimbursement thats ridictulous

I place an order in September with my correct address...
I place an order in September with my correct address I see where the package was sent back to the sender but Omega Walk will not refund me money back for the product I never received,. This is not feasible cause I spend my hard earn money but I don't get the product not unless I pay another shipping fee, I just want my refund back. I will get my lawyer involve in this issue cause this is unfair to y'all customer, so how many customer has yall done like this. Quit advertising what your comany is about when you not meeting customer need and concerns.

I don't recall the exact date of my order
I don't recall the exact date of my order --- about 3 weeks ago, I think. Still do not have the shoes. My Order Number is INV74001 -- Over the years I have purchased numerous pairs of shoes and other items from Zappos, Sierra Trading Post and 6PM just to name a few. The absolute longest I've ever waited is a week. Your Delivery System needs some serious work. I will probably never shop with you again, but I wanted you to know my reasoning. I guess I'll just continue to wait for my order. I was hoping to have them for my wife's B-Day on 10/24/20 --- You can email any response you may have or my cell is *******399

Terrible Experience
Customer Service was slow to respond and only offered a $10.40 credit for the incorrect size of shoe being sent. The return policy - because it's a foreign company is beyond acceptable. So I got the credit and will never do business with them again.

emails that said size wasn't wrong but the tag on the shoe was not the size I ordered. basically offered a small credit and said I could keep the shoes- Omega Walk are too small so what am I going to do with them?? Gave them away. The CS is one person via email and they are very SLOW to respond.

I ordered a pair of Omega Walk shoes. The first pair was to small. Omega Walk agreed to send me another pair for $12. I agreed but made it clear that if the shoes stretch after wearing them the I would need a size 6. Your chart makes it difficult to choose the right size when the chart shows two sizes for the length of my foot. Again I reordered the the same shoe and now Omega Walk are too big.

I told customer service what the issue was then asked if the shoes stretched after wearing them for a while that question was not answered so I asked for my regular shoe size.

Super slow Shipping and not true to size, cheap materials & poor customer service
I ordered the Women's Hiking & Trekking Sneaker on Dec 28,2020, Omega Walk did not arrive until Jan 23,2021. I was instantly disappointed when I opened them and saw how cheaply they were made. The website stated these were made of a leather suede upper but they are definitely not, instead a plastic or synthetic material was used. They also had a tacky stamp that read "FASHION" on the front toe area instead of the brand name. These honestly looked like something you would buy at Payless shoe source or Walmart for about $15.00, not the $45.00 I shelled out. Then when I tried them on they were very tight and too small. I ordered a size 8.5 according to my foot measurements and the website's sizing guide. When I looked at the size on tougue of shoe it read US 7. I emailed the company that night about the issue of them sending me the wrong size. They responded 24 hours later and asked for a pic of the size on shoe. I replied back with the pic, they then replied that was the right size as these are unisex shoes and the size listed is a Men's US 7 which is a Women's Size 8.5. These are black with hot pink accents and definitely not Unisex not are they listed on their site as Unisex but as Womens shoes, they did not fit me and I was also disappointed in the quality and would like to return them for a refund. The reply was that I would have to ship back at my own expense and it would take up to 3 months for a refund and they would charge me a 15% restocking fee, or I could keep the shoes and they would refund me 30% immediately. I was not happy with the offer and replied back telling them this was deceptive business practice and if they truly wanted to make it right they would give me a full refund. After a few days, they responded back saying they were sorry I was not happy and the best they could offer was a 50% refund and they would send me another pair of shoes if I paid the shipping of $14.99. After realizing that I was getting nowhere with the CS rep, I contacted my credit card company and they reversed the charge for now. I had to mail in the emails from them and pics from the website and shoes, hopefully, they will side with me and the credit will stand. I would not advise doing business with this company to anyone.

I LOVE shoes!
I LOVE shoes!
I happened to stumble upon this site and when I saw the pages of shoes that are available in my size!, I was very impressed. The price, the style & the details of the comfort caught my attention. I'm a 5 1/2 US, sneaker so it's very difficult finding all those qualities in 1 shoe. I bought 3 pairs and applied 2 discounts to my total price of (almost) 200$ but the discounts brought it down (closer)to 100$. I hope my shoes are as comfy as Omega Walk look. I can't wait to see them

Website very easy to use and navigate
Website very easy to use and navigate. The discount offered was amazing. Pray, pray, pray I'm not disappointed. Pics are just Cute and Omega Walk do look very Comfortable.

Just hope the size is right. 8.5-9.

What does that mean? That your 8.5 and size 9 is the same? I hope not.

My regular size is 8. But I need the extra have size up for width. Plus I like to wear socks/footies to keep inside shoe from getting dirty, and to also compensate for work out swelling when you got's to git to the Gym and get it... IN.

It's hard finding (cute) women's sneakers in red. Saw your other colors and thought I would try them out.

Your reviews had no dates on them. So they could be staged. But It's a risk I'm willing to take for the super reasonable Cost you're offering.

Excellent Customer Service!
Excellent Customer Service! Susan Brown is awesome! I ordered my true size, but it was a bit snug. So, I was offered a new pair in a larger size. I really like these Sneakers. They're stylish and upon trying them on, my feet felt good in them even though Omega Walk were a little small. Suggestion: Order a half size to one size bigger than your true size as these are cut small. Measure your feet as suggested in the size chart. Delivery took a while, but was packaged beautifully. The free insoles and a dust bag were included. Overall, great experience with Customer Service. I will definitely keep doing business with OMEGA WALK.

My experience with Omega Walk Products..
Keep up the good work... Making shoes is not an easy feat/ skill or job. SO. When we shop from our friends and relatives from other overseas and other countries purchased products be prepared for that hiccup. Online. Cute and pretty... In person, you maybe disappointed and wished you'd did better researching for your online sneakers/ walking shoes purchases

Omega Walk offered me the women's size 11, (2 - pair) .. red and purple ankle boots, instead of me returning the women's size 10 sneakers/ walking shoes .. I thought, not bad .. !!! .. And was ONLY more than pleased and happy too pay the $24.00 for overseas shipping and handling

Read Fine Print Before Purchasing
My shoes don't fit, nor do I find them comfortable, so I emailed the company. There's no simple solution, but here are the three that were given to me: 1) keep the shoes that don't fit and pay to have new ones shipped 2) pay to ship back to China, wait 2-3 months, then pay for a 15% restocking fee or 3) don't send shoes back and get a 30% refund.

You've been warned. I wish I'd read a review like this before purchasing, but all I read were rave reviews about the shoes and company, which I now find insanely odd.

I bought my shoes based on reviews
I bought my shoes based on reviews. One person said that Omega Walk worked good for hiking so I thought they would work good for hours that I'm on my feet and miles a day I walk. If you can hike in them I figured they must have tuff soles and would work on asphalt. After the first few days they seemed like a good choice very comfortable but after a month my toes hurt not from being to small because they fit good and the soles are already wearing out. About a month from now I'll have to buy another pair of shoes!

Quite a selection of support and colors!
Quite a selection of support and colors! I'm counting on the reviews to be accurate; if Omega Walk are on target for my feet, I'll be back. The only reasons for a 4 are: Haven't actually worn them yet; and, I wish there were more easy slide-in shoes. Because of back issues, my pain management PA, neurosurgeon PA, and Physical Therapist all strongly advise slip-ons, so that I don't have to bend over to tie my shoes. I'm going to chance it that I can open them enough to slip into, the. Bring my feet into my lap to tighten and tie.

I am extremely unhappy and your advertisement is untrue
I am extremely unhappy and your advertisement is untrue. It states it takes 2 business days to process the order HOWEVER, it does not say that it is comeing from overseas AND it does not tell you that you will have to pay a foreign transaction fee. The moneys were withdrawn from my account on 9-16-20. I got them yesterday. That is 20 days to get to me. Then the darn things are way too small. Not tight, TOO SMALL. So I go to your return policy and find out how horrible the policy is. I pay for shipping, a 15% restocking fee. OMG. I am outraged.

I still have not received my shoes and if they aren't...
I still have not received my shoes and if Omega Walk aren't going to make it i would like my money back. Everytime i ask about them i get the same copy paste response. Then i get daily emails for me to purchase more shoes. Why would i buy more shoes when i cant even get the pair i have already purchased. I dont get any updates from you unless i send another email to you. I understand that its the holiday's i work for ups but something i bought and had shipped from another company same country took only 3 weeks. It showed up already

The barrage of marketing emails following my order...
The barrage of marketing emails following my order is unnecessary, as was all of the add-on promos before/after submitting my order--this verged on the type of marketing employed by less than scrupulous internet companies. Also, wish the shoes came in all the colors shown in the photos on the website. Purple and olive green shown--would have loved both of those--but only black and pink available. Otherwise, experience was good. I had Achilles surgery--twice--earlier this year on the same heel, and am going to the beach next month. I need something more stable than a sandal/flip flop to wear on the sand, and am hoping these do the trick.

Bad Sizing
First pair did not fit because I used their sizing chart. I wear a USA 10. So after sending additional money to them to send me a USA 12 I received them and Omega Walk were narrower than the 10. And no room for the intersole that was included with them. They are not worth the price, the time involved or the aggravation. I want my money back.

They said I was limited by the purchase agreement. I just wanted to return them. They said keep them and send money shipping and we will send another size. I explained that the size chart they show on there site was incorrect. They said it was not. So I was stuck ordering that second pair.

Shoe bottoms are slippery
I was excited to get my shoes because I have issues with my feet hurting and once I saw them I thought Omega Walk would be good. I immediately thought the bottoms felt hard like plastic but I thought they would break in. I wore them to work and the very first day I slipped and almost fell. I wore them two more times and slipped again the 3rd day. I have stopped wearing them now for my safety. Unfortunately I threw away the original insert to put in the free ones that came with them so I cannot return them.

I love these sneakers, but they do not stand by their...
I love these sneakers, but Omega Walk do not stand by their return policy. I brought a pair of sneakers in my normal size, and they run very small. When I ask about a return all they offer me was a 15% discount on a new pair. No offer of returning the first pair. So now I am stuck with a pair of sneakers that I cannot wear and had to buy a new pair. I didn't even use their offer of 15% because I had a coupon for 30% off. I brought a new pair, but I probably will not buy anything from this company again. I do not when a company tells you their return policy and do not stick with it.

I'll start with OmegaWalk has great customer service
I'll start with OmegaWalk has great customer service. Many reviews say that and should have been a red flag for me. Why do so many ppl have to deal with customer service? Omega Walk don't use US standard sizing. I ordered a US woman's size 7.5 bc the reviews said they run small. They were too small and the shoe said US 6. They insisted they sent the right size bc size 6 is standard men's size and converts to women's US 7.5. For real? I get to keep the wrong size but the correct size will only cost $10 more. The other return options were so unappealing I went with this one. So doing the math, I get 2 pair for just under $60. But only 1 pair fit. My opinion is this is a calculated marketing strategy. Their cost is worth it to them. Be aware the shoes run very small. They said they'll send me an 8.5. Yes CS is good. They respond quickly. Didn't wait long for the wrong shoe. When the next pair arrive, I'll update review. But be aware this purchase was a hassle. Do you like to gamble? Roll the dice or keep shopping.

You should inform customers that product is made in...
You should inform customers that product is made in China BEFORE you order - the same size 9 that I've been wearing all my life were too small - now I have another long wait for the shoes AND I get to pay extra shipping - Omega seemingly represents itself differently from what it actually is - I've been to China and seen first hand how their factories are run - and if I did want to get refund for shoes, Omega Walk charge you for that too - hardly worth the trouble - won't recommend this company unless more honesty is shown - Cathleen Ketcham Howard

Seller shipped the goods fairly promptly, and Omega Walk arrived in good condition. But the quality was much lower than the reviews and ads led me to believe. Also, I made an enquiry via the website which was never responded to.
Further, the item description said to order a half size bigger than usual, which I did, but the shoes were still too small. I feel though that the correct length would be too wide. They are a very stubby shoe.

I asked about returns. I was told I could return them but I'd have to pay postage plus a restocking fee!
To their credit they did offer a second pair of my choice of their shoes for just the cost of postage, and not to worry about returning my purchase. I had no confidence that the other shoes would be any better though, so I declined.

Cost an arm and a leg to return/exchange
Never order from them! Omega Walk charge you astronomical prices to return/exchange! I don't care how comfortable they claim to be. It's hard ordering shoes online. I based my size on reviews I read and the shoes are swimming on me. No way I could ever wear them. And they are saying I can keep them and they'll refund me 30% or I can send them back and pay international shipping fees and lose 15% restocking fee?!?!? That should have been clearly marked on their website and if so I would've never ordered them. From now on it's Amazon or nothing! Do NOT order from these people.

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